It is a time of change at RKO.

Val Lewton's horror movie unit is being widely imitated by Hollywood at large, all hoping to attract the kinds of audiences flocking to Lewton's modern brand of horror. But Lewton himself is facing an insurmountable problem: how to create RKO's first "Monster Rally".

The answer will come from the most unlikely of places: the Lewton family's private collection of letters...

At the same time, RKO boss Charles Koerner is demanding an interim movie, a horror set upon the seas to be called 'The Ghost Ship'. In order to bring it to life, Lewton will have to circumvent the attentions of an uncompromising new supervisor, as well as survive the eccentric excesses of his new technical advisor...

Meanwhile, at the Pasadena Playhouse, two writers have just staged an original play that will have a devastating effect on Lewton's career...

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A very special thanks to the peerless Mark Gatiss, and to Brook Darnell of the Library Of Congress for her tireless research into the private papers of Val Lewton.

United Kingdom


00:00:06once upon a time a grandfather took his grandson to the forest to chuck wood
00:00:12on the way they met a stranger if you could accompany them
00:00:17grandfather instantly felt suspicious of the stranger who was something in his eyes that seemed on Kenny so he would touched by the moon no the strangest sang his way out on the Forest Road and chatted call grandson on Serious Mass as the grandfather determined to keep a watchful eye in case event should take a darker tan throughout the morning the three men worked at the trees Trump hacking logs for the pound by the time that they were done the Embrace of the often and son I posted on the ink Twilight begin to spread across the sky before we journey back to town The Stranger said why should we all three not rest while asleep for his phone to work already are bones are weird Mondays work
00:01:04grandfather and his grandson agreed and all three men killed up at the foot of an oak and close their eyes but in truth it was only the grandson who truly gave himself over to sleep for the grandfather and he pretended to size
00:01:18presently he saw his eyelids which were open just a crack the stranger Who Rose took off his belt before The Grandfather's eyes a stranger begin to twisted snap in half and is very skin and long shopping teeth was told that we had between his lips until he become a wolf
00:01:39raising his nose to be sniffed and I left the way it's what are young horses grazing savagely the strangest set up on the horse and tore it to shreds devouring every last inch of its flash bones in a type of head
00:01:56satisfied with his meal The Stranger return to the Oak and slipped on his belt and she did so the teeth between these lips began to retract the hair upon his skin begin to draw back into the he was a man again
00:02:10silently you lay down next to the grandfather and grandson and fell to sleep
00:02:20Blazer when they have roused themselves they made their way back to all the town the grandfather watch The Stranger tote one small with his grandson so normally it's likely that the grandfather begin to wonder how it could be in that such a Savage creature resigned in the man's hidden places as I reach the outskirts of the village The Stranger suddenly clutched his stomach and grown I have a belly ache reason why
00:02:47grandfather Lenten close to the man's ear and said something I can well believe you have a belly ache for you are a man whose stomach now contains the flesh bones higher than head of a horse
00:03:00a brief moment a crazed light flashed upon the Man's eyes and he licked his lips
00:03:07it is fortunate for you you said that you waited until now to tell me that you know my secret
00:03:15if you had done so before we left the forest I would have told you and your grandson to shreds
00:03:23and with that the strange attended flat back to the safety of the Dark Forest where all creatures are touched by the moon
00:03:32from time to time
00:03:38the captain's hand reached up towards the knife but it was too late
00:03:45is haunted Felts to buy to the blade and it's slim pumps were grind am I began to flutter
00:03:54Islam to the floor of the cabin clutching at the bit a cavity in his chest dizzily his eyes rolled in his head as he felt the life slip out between his fingers and down to the floor
00:04:09last flourish he thought to himself and then would come then
00:04:18he reached up towards the dark before him a final breath that carried opponents in indistinctly perhaps for Marcy
00:04:28the captain's hand crash to the floor leaving behind the silence the linger little too long
00:04:39Collective Bratz Drew themselves into novice chest and how tight that the lights began to dissolve from opposite ends of the stage the Swiss shoe heavy cartons the delighted in a mess each other with the center and then it came the nervous Ripple of I'm sure Applause from the audience that built slowly
00:05:01the cousins related to send it to reveal the cast of this drama including the family dead Captain the stain of stage blood still watching his lips who Smiles with half mask disappointment at the Scatterfield theater before him a little too heavily buy empty seats and let his fellow actors in The bazin's dialing dramatically is the echo the floor was riddled around
00:05:28the cousins close once more and almost as soon as they had the Applause outside by the way to nothing by muted Mama's of patrons picking their way from the uncomfortable seats
00:05:40one testicle cable voice from the cast my kids Nativity got three
00:05:49they shuffled off not even attempting to keep that Voices Love remembering that is made to each other and trying too hard not to meet the eyes of the two men at the wings who spoke hopefully is eating and pasta you were great out there and wonderful job will match with indifference
00:06:12by the time five minutes it past the two men have been left in silence staring out onto the stage
00:06:20is a good place and said one of them replied it needs a chance but that's all you can't judge these things on the previews funny thing no but said he's been so long raising these things from paper to Performance just for one night so many pegs to put in holes and also you can sell half of seats the folks you don't like so that they can sleep through the best lines Sam looks down and just watch 10in mitered the bars are still open want to grab a drink nobody checked his own watches that we didn't quite believe him 10 would you look at that and you think just three hours ago there existed such hope he chuckled to himself drink everything maybe the hope will return
00:07:15they stepped out onto a snowy El Molino Avenue and walked in crunches down the sidewalk coated with sugary Frost
00:07:23so what now no but I'll ask do you think we can open in a different theater depends on what the reviews are like Sam said something tells me they're not going to be that enthusiastic too bad signal but I kind of wanted to half-decent notice to stick on my Christmas cards this year he squinted at the lights of a passing car
00:07:47I still say would make a much better movie than a play
00:07:52Soundside maybe you're right I have to admit it's crossed my mind in the last few weeks changa Del can a lot of attention probably want to change all the names as long as they pay us a king's Ransom then who cares said no but they reach the door of a bob find which sang the muted need live a gramophone along with a low cocktail of men's voices complaining about the chill in the California area
00:08:21Newbridge pool open the door and they were greeted by the side of a brightly lit room full of men
00:08:28the coat rack near the door was empty even alcohol could not warm the man inside enough to make them want to lose their coats
00:08:38they slid onto two stools in order to glasses of Christmas cheer
00:08:43seriously Sam let's just send it along to all the folks we know it can't hurt I'm almost dizzy with trying to think of ways to make this story pay and like you say it would make a great movie
00:08:58we'll run up a few copies and start sending it out tomorrow Sam smile he held up his glass nobody's touched it with his own
00:09:07to a man and his shadow said Sam
00:09:12a man and his shadow know but agreed
00:09:33among the RKO contract plays volition have become something of a legend
00:09:40character actors who have seen their fortunes fade throughout the thirties and who's being assigned to supporting roles and big pots with the onset of the forties was suddenly sing that considerable experience being put to good use
00:09:55zulubet do I have until now has been cast as, criminals in film such as shadow of the Thin Man and Butch Minds the baby 2 days short stature and thick of an accent found himself being sore from all dramatic after repairing is the ill-fated Mr August the private detective investigates a den of Greenwich Village devil worshippers in Newton's the seventh victim
00:10:22Ben bought it began life in Vaudeville enjoying the 1920s and being considered one of Hollywood's brightest iPhone coming. It's deciding that his skills is an active could be of more use behind the camera in front of it it open the band box drama school in Hollywood hoping to notch a young actors Kingdom that cry
00:10:43by the end of the 13th however the school was broke and Ben Boggs career as an act that was almost forgotten a role in Newtons the leopard man is police chief Robles and in the seventh victim is Miss the Broom the leading Satan worshiper other verses for teens to such an extent that he would find himself re-evaluated by the Hollywood industry you would eventually become the head of the new Talent Department the 20th Century Fox Studios and the band Bob drama school with find itself reopened two greatest success
00:11:18the RKO B-movie Division 1 spin the place where Korea's went to die but under Valuta misguidance a career in its Twilight years could find new energy faces often Glimpse in the backgrounds of, diesel pulp Thrillers moving brought to the front of the action will being given their own close-ups and moments of importance these actors were being allowed to act being cold out the star in the valley Lutheran film was it came to being cost in Shakespeare
00:11:51rival Studios will buy now convinced that they cracked the so-called lutein formula and will be getting to reach that takes on Lutheran's horror movies hoping to emulate the profits being scored by a case you don't like this please and I don't like this place would be waiting to find out soon enough
00:12:25you want to see the cash in on the success of I walked with a zombie and released revenge of the zombies which began promising with the scientist preserving his deceased wife as a zombie butts the creative minds of monogram could not resist sleeping in the most Sensational fatty liver the course of its running time the film slowly transforms into a pope Thrilla including Nazi agents since the sevens and comic sidekicks
00:13:00Columbia goes a little closer to the legion formula with dad died or thriller Cry Of The Werewolf Witch season remedy princess trying to protect the burial location of her ancestor by employing her cuss the bility to transform into a wolf the film contain all the main ingredients of Newton's cat people but use them in a file more Sensational story which suffered it's resolved
00:13:24Paramount Pictures seem to get closest to the legion for me they would that Supernatural Thriller The Uninvited starring Raymond and is a composer who takes up residence in an abandoned house on the coast of Cornwall only to find that it's haunted by malevolence.
00:13:40the film director Luis Island seems completely in tune with luton's game plan setting history in a relatively contemporary world and then slowly from the edges instead of declaring eats shark with a crash of thunder in a stab of fiercely orchestrated music
00:13:58Best Buy hops the most surprising of all was the reaction from Universal Studios who had in the preceding decade introduce the horror movie too mainstream Cinema perfected it as a standalone and then gradually diluted it almost to the point of parody
00:14:16the 19 thirties that seen them in Creative overload with movies such as Frankenstein Dracula the Invisible Man The Mummy the black cat and the Bride of Frankenstein defining and we defining the rules of horror Cinema since the departure of the Studio's found a colony in 1936 however the standard set during the early days of gradually began to Snip-Its movies that began to be made by committee the monsters of the Glory Days will now being hard and it's a numerous equals and so cold monster Rally's the first of which Frankenstein meets The Wolfman the being released a huge box office even if a critical response and subsequent word of mouth and being less than kind for Universal it was by now impossible to deny the impacted volitans brand of horror was having up on the wild stumbling beasts and foggy North was looking dated next to Lutheran's modern cities overcast by Shadows besides which
00:15:16the cost of Gothic sets in hours in a makeup chair will be coming prohibitive for a series of horror features that was sometimes barely scraping back that budgets that response was the purchase the squeem rights to the popular inner sanctum stories a line of Pope mystery sometimes with Supernatural over X the living gun imprint on the Simon & Schuster how much it translated with great success the radio since 1941 these were quiet today or less reliant on how many monsters and more dependent on Sinister riddles that they're singing
00:15:55the strange fantastic World control by Massive living
00:16:04lion and it destroys the stalk creates monsters
00:16:16leaving you without knowing
00:16:20can you commit murder
00:16:26the first of these movies calling dr. Death Star universals biggest star of the time Lon Chaney jr. as a neurologist who may or may not be responsible for the murder of his fake that's why after suffering a mental blackout under the direction of Reginald laborg one of the universals popia talents the film's do it quite apart from that car inspected monster sequel by employment at IDOC little mystery surrounding a rather gruesome murder and featuring Annie tttttt series of stylish touches such as a first-person sequence and a persistent in a monologue from Jamie's. Use the little too often in order to establish doubt in your mind that the audience
00:17:16I got the house
00:17:20I crawl
00:17:22call the resulting movie was hardly worthy of being held up against lutens Artistry by the walls if nothing else a brave attempt to legitimize horror Cinema within the Bulls if Universal by string a little closer to the Lutheran formula it was followed by five more movies in the series weird woman Dead Man's eyes the Frozen ghost strange confession and last but certainly not least the gloriously titled hello of death by which time the effort being pulled into the film storylines was almost equal to the efforts being pulled into dreaming up their titles and the inner sanctum films disappeared Into Obscurity
00:18:03it was strange then the despite the Hollywood industry at large being so family setup on the course of imitating the style of Val lewton that he should have been over with ordered by his boss do Australian damn it take that most ridiculous Universal Zara categories the monster rally the projects proposed was they Creep by Night film the promise that heavy blend of cat people zombies leopard Man Batman and blood Cutlass by the Dozen
00:18:35it might have little to Australia at the cat people in Luzon Philippines subbing immigrants struggling against the cars that sold them transform only if they gave into that sexual desires
00:18:47the zombies in I walked with a zombie and being completely dependent on the Winds of the home fault codes on the island of San Sebastian
00:18:55that's the only actual leopard man in the film of the same name was assigned your Entertainer name is Charlie and that they'd never being a Batman or Amanda Bynes in any Lutheran film so far
00:19:08in the face of such ignorance 1120 Faust Road actually even seen the film The Dead resurrected his Studio
00:19:17but such concerns with AT&T Lou Australia a man to whom all that mattered was the Maca team
00:19:24Heat attempted to steal Luton towards the Universal horror formula for x by supplying him with Pope titles for his films and her being supported each time of the Ingenuity of lutein and his team returned the trash is the titles in the brooding Chile's of infinite damp but they Creep by night it seems as though all Stromae have finally games the other hand
00:19:51the rumors the fortnite Ruth losing had watched her husband throw himself against the idea in the vain hope that he could once again turn something hopeless into something wonderful
00:20:02but each time the concept of beating him into surrender
00:20:08she regarded him as he stumbled wants more out of his office is face loose and milk to color
00:20:16Nina and Val Junior in set up an art studio episodes of the kitchen table without the play outside while the sun was still up
00:20:25they left behind the battlefield of paper crayons and paints milk stains drinking glasses
00:20:33Bruce began to shuffle them into some sort of order and then gave up in the sky
00:20:42husband was slumped in his arm chair in frowning through closed eyes the look of the man that he was in deep throat or wrestling with a headache the soft Grande in the winds told her that it was more likely the latter
00:20:56do you need an aspirin she said he's going to the game and shook his head why don't you sleep right while you were sleep ground. Ride from your dad later she said you can smile
00:21:11it's in here somewhere he said tapping his head
00:21:15it's like staring into and trying to see old fish at once wait long enough and all the little ideas swim up toward each other this is the worst I've ever heard we said seriously I didn't realize things have gotten so desperate the last few days of open like this and grunted the one that you have a headache she said do you want to drink it shook his head do you want a story his eyes open what kind of story you could use it for a horror movie
00:21:56Ruth Grande and folded her arms
00:22:00it's 1927 East New York Grand Central and Skidmore college golf round and then smile what's the name of this story Roots Mac it's called A letter the author stop an idiot you wouldn't know a smile to gain any Scenic features nothing but Ruthie's sweetly pointed little knows she said with the twinkle anyway picture boy for loan and lonely in his college room probably near that he hasn't eaten because he's too much in love and sound like any college boys I've ever met the author very sad and having to part with his beloved awaits anxiously the time when he may have gained see her before she is very lovely and blushed he designs to write a longer it's necessary
00:23:00funny sports 6 page synopsis of the temple NADA book so down he fell asleep 4 times while attempting to read it
00:23:10Dixon stuff from the chair and took roof in his arms the author shows his dearly beloved sweetheart of his continued lock he said something in a PostScript to your game shows Arby's live and tells I have very beautiful she seems to him
00:23:26a series of Curious cross like hieroglyphics holiday signature
00:23:33he smiled and kissed the lips twice
00:23:36not suitable for motion picture she whispered a sensia and she hesitated and then giggled
00:23:46Lingham massage you open two small drawer in the desk near the Woodland Opera moments eyes Drew from at the yellow paper which she opened Kathleen
00:23:57a sincere and moving love letter she read aloud for the laugh older brief and poorly written the oldest knowledge of spelling could be better
00:24:07I can't believe you kept that thing he said I keep them all he smiled dropping his cavity back into the drawer the little pieces of you that's arrive in the mail
00:24:19the letters from Val listen to his wife and become less frequent in recent years these days she have to make do we don't need 5 or so a week back in his college days and sometimes up to three letters add a to Ruthie nap much to the Chagrin of her parents all these that is being Captain filed along with the new editions which still arrive with such frequency good Val himself sometime and scoop them up from the doormat and handed them to his wife along with prospective new story ideas including the aforementioned tell if a writer composing a letter about Ruthie sweetly pointed nose the desk drawers were filled with multi-page left his specialty composed poetry dedicated to Ruth's name to each part of a body to have voice lengthy sonnets declaring an iambic pentameter the depths of his feelings when considering his love for
00:25:12when it came to composing scripts and stories Newton times with sometimes. Still much as they have done that stay good when it came to transcribing his innermost feelings for roof is Pat never ran dry
00:25:29there is truth in the three days that you have been gone spring has come to touching car
00:25:36walking toward well today I found a crocus info like a globular butter scene so gold and yellow the new green of the grass
00:25:49even as I write this with the window wide open and Robin punched in the biggest Elm trees tentatively experimenting with a few vinyl chaps he will not burst into full song until you are home
00:26:09my dearest Ruth whose brown hair is like a scarf of silk brought from the rulers of Cafe and when that scarf is wrapped about my eyes the Glamour and Discord of this after I talk to me and I dwell in the Piece of Heaven
00:26:28dearest Ruthie and you are so very very dear to me this is Lincoln's Birthday sweetheart and I'm scared to death but I won't be able to buy a special delivery stamp
00:26:46darling the minstrel Val / long return from the courts of Fairyland side of his old charger and Battery Plymouth like an anchorite devoting his day to labor Exchange in his Loot and prose for quill pen and too high he writes these letters
00:27:12return to me who loves you Ruth
00:27:19I love you little foxy face
00:27:25your most devoted lover
00:27:32missile speed to Hawaii 10
00:27:41they watched his Nina sped off the door just the nearest flash of her followed by the brief side of Val Junior growling like a bad she's too much like you said why she never does what she's told my roof plus she hates asparagus she does have my blood while said this really instinctively he felt a memory pain in the crook of his arm and saw the side of his blood traveling slowly down a tube to water gasping baby on a trolley you record the relief you felt that she began to cry for the first time
00:28:18remember the letter she wrote to your mother Ruth said she opened the different drawing shuffle through it for a moment she returned with a piece of paper and handed it to him it was typed but signed the both of my Nina's six-year-old handwriting Kathleen Eaton sloping down towards the bottom right of the page
00:28:37gameloot it began
00:28:40it's so nice out here that I wish you would be here I swimmed in the deep water and I swimmed in the waves I ride on the ponies and on the merry-go-round
00:28:51I go to school at mrs. Buckley's house Holly and Sophie and Isabella on my friends I like school very much icons done any French
00:29:01there was some more friends Sandy and Grady and Billy and Donald
00:29:07Roxbury Avenue is where Sandy lives love to gamma
00:29:14why didn't we have a send this to Mother by Al Green don't you remember you said you told her what about the magic post box in the tree when you were little boy and she tried it too we didn't find the letter there until the year has gone by
00:29:31the tree has been one of many on the Hutu Rock Farm belonging to Arms nazimova
00:29:36is a boy Newton have believed that any letter posted in the yawning hole in the tree's trunk would find its way by Enchanted means to the address on the envelope as to how we come to believe this fairytale himself he did not say it was perhaps one of those glimpses of folklore that he told himself so often until it to become real
00:30:01the fairytale have being exposed is just that quite early in his own youth when he posted the invitations to his sister's birthday party that
00:30:10patiently the family had waited on the chosen Saturday growing more and more heartbroken as it became clear that no guests were arriving
00:30:20the young Val had let them swapping to the hole in the tree where the stack of neatly packed party invitations was found still tied in a red ribbon
00:30:31years later it was Nina's letter to luton's mother that was discovered in the whole a little worse for wear having would still the year in the elements
00:30:42oh my God these and said quietly I think I have an idea
00:30:47tell me Bruce said loosen held up Nina's letter they want more cats he said that's what this whole thing is about the monster rally the zombie they don't care about so many leopard man wouldn't never even a thing it's all about the cats cat people was the one that made all the money cat people is the one they want a game they want more cats
00:31:16he stood up and grin
00:31:18so I'll give them what they want
00:31:22go to whack reset the Grass Pad hands and kiss on the cheek then I read about his office before you go she called the fishes in the pond I need to know the fishes in the pain below swim up together in what Newton fixes eyes on her eyes and smile how the hell should I know it's a terrible metaphor
00:31:46as it turned out Charles kind of I've been having doubts over they Creep by night anyway usually losing her taking the titles given to him and within a week if your time with the complete story on the shooting dates ready to go but it's been almost two months by now and kinda was getting worried
00:32:05it didn't help that loosens ah que hora formula seem to be working for viable Studios at that moment all the da Kao hadn't even go to horror movie in pre-production the last thing he wanted was her violations momentum to grind will hold over his Studios Horror formula to start earning win Falls for his Rivals when losing the rides at his office and told him in no uncertain terms that he couldn't make they creepvine not what he was bitterly disappointed the disappointment was lifted almost immediately when losing excitedly told him that he did however have an idea for a cat people sequel was kind of was even more surprised when losing outline the story which would pick up after the events of the first film and photo Oliver and Dallas is they raise their daughter Amy
00:32:53so will the little girl turns out to be a cat monster. Connor was it rained out of real mother that was the central issue in the first film remember right it's very difficult for pregnant without having sex at Luton I don't know if you knew that I was told by Rabbi Ginsberg so I didn't know how babies were made until I 26 so is Alex account monster no Alice isn't so who is the cat monster arena is the cat monster said loosen he began to Pace Arena will be coming back
00:33:35she died right brown color I'm thinking of the right someone that she died yes to Luton but I know how to bring her back
00:33:47this is going to be a straight sequel Sakana yes solution will be able to Market it as a sequel right yes you have to promise me that. I promise go into it right it get it moving I want the original Stars though that's a stipulation people won't believe it's a sequel unless we get Simone Simone can't Smith and Jane Randolph who's going to tell Austra the Newton I'll tell him enjoy it too much
00:34:20the month was mad and lootin immediately flew into writing the script for the film the child's kind of ignored you have to sign the title to the project happily he works for almost a week setting and place the basic outline of the story and sending what out through his secretary to the various members of his Department the next project was on the size of inspiration with dumping someone by the news it while Jane Randolph was available for filming in a few weeks time both Kent Smith and Simone small unavailable until later in the year and Smith fresh from the box office success of the cat people 1942 hugely popular Hitler's Children from January of 1943 was now in March the month is next to films will be this land is mine and three Russian girls and he would not be available until October Simone Simone I just finished Tahiti honey and was taking a break until the summer was over the news was related to Charles kind of
00:35:20loosen took his foot off the accelerator relieved that the opportunity to take his time for once but that's the feeling of relief did not last the first bullet into disruptive outlets in Savannah was the news the Furious of being overruled one too many times Bee Movie division boss new austro the Madigan's tuvalu snake last repeatedly since arriving at RKO have decided that enough was enough Australian packed up his office and was moving on to pass just knew he was taking his pet project they Creep by night with him although how he quite expected to use RKO stable of monsters in a rival Studios movies without being sued was anyone's gas in any events the movie Never materialized
00:36:05Newton was both a lighted and this might hear that is Nemesis and relocated his vision that never coincided with his own but he made every day the RKO interesting at least he was to be replaced by Cedro Joe who made his name over to Columbia on the Harry cone Luton have had nothing but good things about Roe Joe you had a reputation as a man who locked his films to come in on time and under budget but then so did losing himself II dispatch to disturb his Retreat into creativity was an Abrupt order from Charles, which arrived one morning and which red simply can't wait the whole summer waiting for stars to be available the Grass Grows long under our feet while you have 3 months to make a new movie before work begins on the cat people see
00:36:54do you want me to make a new movie while I'm waiting to make a new movie delegate like them a story and send them off to work you another one man band we can't have three months of dead at Universal is turning out the horror movie every month it's not a 5-minute process child I don't even have another idea yet is your idea you ever see a movie called Pacific liner is that the one about the ship full of disease victims right by Van Ness proglass beautiful job it's still standing reset on a boat that's scary story. Chip measure idea why do you hate me Charles you are my boyfriend you can do anything like this
00:37:55indeed if it hadn't been for the Artistry employed by famed production designer Van Nest whole days then volleys and could have found himself with Rob for a different idea off of you
00:38:06the ships had to be left standing in an RKO soundstage since 1938 when polglase it lovingly built it for Lou Landis leap ahead Pacific liner the story of a sea captain who must guide his ship to safety against all the odds after his passengers and crew I struck down by a caller I have a dummy
00:38:25despite its relatively low budget plays most famous for his work in designing the look of the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies during the thirties and created a surprisingly lavish set for the crew to work with complete with art deco trimming
00:38:41when production on Pacific Line it was over the studio couldn't bad to dismantle his wife and even though the subjective wants to do with the damn boat that come up regularly no iPad executive how to turn 8 into firewood
00:38:58losing rides with his director of choice Mark Robson and his favorite cinematographer Nicholas misuraca and spend several hours walking around the site in search of inspiration
00:39:09so what's it called the Phantom ship did misuraca the Ghost Ship losing ground pretty straightforward than right side Robson ship gets wanted by ghost you think so wouldn't you said loosen ropes in Anamosa Rock I exchanged rounds you look down to have a ghost the right person
00:39:34how can you make a movie called The Ghost Ship if you don't have a ghost said new Soraka
00:39:41Charles didn't say this film would be called the ghost on the ship with the ship with the ghost on it losing said he said he wanted the name to be the Ghost Ship
00:39:51you went to them
00:39:53you boys just have to think big guy
00:39:58is luton's idea for the story of the Ghost Ship came off you can order any preserve his so far spotless record for subverting the pope title he been given but also take a swipe at the high Rocky Buckeye oh good so far done so much the floor and covers his artistic intentions Newton's pair would not be concerned with some avenging spirit that haunted the decks of allumni ship but rather with the effects of a ship's Captain gone mad and the corrosive influence of an unsuitable mine in charge of a body of man
00:40:32it was wanting these early stages of story planning the lutherans office itself with being reorganize by his secretary of an atom Arts you become an increasingly irritated by the Labyrinth of paper sticking up floor space in noches lutens office that her own story ideas correspondence journals reviews Diaries minutes from meetings reports and accounts open accumulating for months and the situation was growing desperate across the piles of paper one more presents and wanted to know what was to be done
00:41:11mr. Luton I'm here to tell you that we are to get rid of some of this junk or we move to a nice big Warehouse somewhere come on the mess isn't that bad I'll tell you how bad she said I have to put my hiking boots on or I'll never get out for lunch if I wear heels I end up spiking voice type on them like a POC keeper you talk for a moment and looked up and throw some of it away for yourself a past Verna dearest thank you she said throwing up our hands finally a clean ship
00:41:48for the next week dictation filing and reception duties reports to one side while then at the Motts blue like a hurricane through the Lutheran trash pile that had accumulated in his office is I have reports here on expenditure for costumes on chat people who said send them two accounts. Meeting regarding casting on the seventh victim receipts for building materials on I walked with a zombie accounts
00:42:23Memo from David o'selznick use as replacement brick to hold open front door
00:42:34and this pile she said running her fingers on a pot of thick brown packages that stood almost as high as I show that she waited until he looked up at his with questioning eyes
00:42:46what is that pile then this pile mr. Luton is made up entirely of an unsolicited scripts from who from everyone to be screenwriter in God damn America Seaside rolling her eyes she took one from the top and opened it out Slater thick Sheaf of papers from when she read the title crazy Vampires by Franklin Norris Legion smiled but open the next one Lieutenant of Hell by Percy Sylvester sounds like we're lost Rose
00:43:23a man and his shadow by Samuel are Goulding and Norbit Faulkner
00:43:30sounds very high brow do they have return addresses they all do not send them all back you can minded and trouble me know father today mr. mopps I have a ship of my own to stay here
00:43:46I was later when he finished typing for the day he would look up and see for the first time in many months the rules of his own office which will no longer hidden behind piles of papers and envelopes it was a newfound atmosphere of organization in the room and the sense of peace that came only with a side of a life well ordered he made a mental note to give run to the mall to raise in salary and left for the evening feeling somewhat related it not just the orderliness if he's working environment that's all set with the progress made on the story for the Ghost Ship
00:44:20was he could not have known however is that earlier that day he had inadvertently made the costliest decision of his career
00:44:41who was the third the eye of Nicholas masaryk his camera was opened under the direction of my ropes
00:44:51Luton story refined by Leah Mendler turn into a screenplay by Donald Henderson clock and Rewritten once more for good measure by Val lewton in South Atkins and everyone
00:45:05it follows the fortunes of young Tom Marion a Merchant Marine officer hard is the news. Officer on the freight ship the outer she's in bad shape you've got a Blind Man's tricks for telling what men are like but ships you can't tell about ships
00:45:27the captain of the ship will stone is at first The Guiding fatherly figure to marry me get to see to it that the men beneatha malcontented and well provided for but insisting upon the level of discipline and respect the tomb begins to manifest itself in increasingly disturbing ways remember the first day you came into my office only state to not depend on you but I have the right to do what I want with the crew because their safety does depend on me I stand ready any hour of the day or night to give my life for their safety and for the safety of his special and because I do I have certain rights of risk over them
00:46:08Captain Stern first tell Miriam not to secure a large free hanging cargo hook the fear that it will damage the new paint work if it should strike the ship when a violent storm arrives the hook begins to swing dangerously around the deck endangering the lives of the crew and causing damage to the shed
00:46:28very Miss then blamed for the damaged by Captain Stone who tells him that in this instance you should have disobeyed his old yes sir I was thinking that you know right to think that you know the responsibility is yours mine I don't see that sir I want you about that I told you twice about it you almost forced me in position where I had to show my authority even though it put me in the wrong
00:46:59one of the crew Matt Louie who complains that the captain of the ship is sailing short-handed is mysteriously logs into the anger Chambers and is crushed to death when the giant steel chain is drowning from the water suspecting the captain Stones pathological desire for unquestioning respect is driven him to Mother Louie Miriam request an inquiry into the sanity of Captain Stone what each of the crewmen oblivious to the corroding mind of that leader will testify to his good sense and soundness of mind leaving Marion in this Christ
00:47:33Mary now figuring that the captain will murder him for his insubordination quits the outside but finds himself on the ship when it puts out to sea and now the messy of the insane Captain Stone who's all thority seems absolute
00:47:54the pivotal role of Captain Stone was given to veteran actor Richard Dix one of only a handful of actors who have successfully made the jump from silent films the sound is Korea have been a long and steady one I need made appearances in North just respectable fan such as the top billed role in 1931 Best Picture Winner Cimarron but also genre had such as 1938 crimes for lab line Alibi in which is Coast I was Ice the Wonder Dog by 1943 his career was slowing with natural and dicks was spending more and more time with his ranch when he found a piece of the countryside infinitely more agreeable then does he like to call it the chaos and hassle of Hollywood considering that he's Ranch included almost 5,000 chickens and 36 dog Hollywood must have been a chaotic placing deed
00:48:49the Ghost Ship on paper standard Thriller with a low-budget nevertheless captured Dixie's waning attention enough to inspire from him one of his greatest performances is the man driven mad by his own principles
00:49:03baseball trailer Captain Stone would end up being the one for which is best remembered and rightly so
00:49:12joining him in the cost would violate some regular Edith Barrett who played the doctor and I woke up with the zombie been bad otherwise known as police chief Robles in the leopard man and returning for another song sir Lancelot is cream and belly rat you manage to sneak in among the Gloom a few welcome busts of calypso music
00:49:44filming began with LinkedIn leaving much of the day today running of the film sack to micro person so that he could concentrate on his script for the upcoming cast people sequel butts true to form the game plan found itself rudely disrupted by the RKO front office this time in the form of new B-movie division boss Cedro Joe
00:50:07Conway who was in the middle of filming the Falcon in Hollywood at the time the dropped over to the ghost chips at to visit his friends
00:50:15rules of feet he told Luton and ropes and the Falcon in Hollywood is running two days late because our director golden Douglas had the flu 2 days isn't that bad sabroson Roseville seems to think so said Conway he doesn't like films of running behind the stand across the set this morning and told the script out of pool Gardens hands then he ripped out about a quarter of it and handed it back to him that he said now you'll 2 days ahead
00:50:46Luton and ropes in with the next to feel the overbearing hand of Sid Rhodes oh you seem to materialize out of thin air 1 morning is the famous cargo hook sequence was being filmed
00:50:58Bruce capitalize he watched his thin lips past is why we arms folded as his chest as the hooks walking across the set like a pendulum the men below fainting Tara dropping to their bellies on the ship stack Lutheran watch throwed rolls eyes as they drifted from left to right falling the hook and chuckle to himself silently across the floor and let you know he said in a loud voice you look like a very grumpy fan to tennis match roseville's I swung to Big Lots down towards lutens feet and scan slowly upwards receiving his entirety with unashamed malevolence until they met his
00:51:44loosen felt himself Shiva
00:51:47how much is the scene costing us Roto ground I ran out of zeros bleach and sent from behind him somewhere I broke some cold cut on the man on the side began to drift Awards Jazz and their cigarettes they mock how much is the hook scene costing RKO 2 million or 3 million 10 million gold ropes in charging them so we can buy us house race horses remember reaching Brendan time does attention back to Roto whose face Remain the mosque of purest contempt funny guy wrote your Val lewton then and you must be Cipro Joe Lutheran said holding out hand
00:52:31Rojo's eyes Flex down in Luton Town from Ammons but his arms remain crossed I was warned about you wrote and said the man with the creative mind
00:52:42gluten-free Round Rock design
00:52:46I'm also known as the man who saved the studio from bankruptcy but my friends call me Val
00:52:53Google raise an eyebrow and glanced at the hook we should be maintained and brought to a halt the Ghost Ship Roto said I suppose the ghost is the one that makes the hook swing yes that's that's what happens
00:53:10how much do you know about psychic phenomena wrote and said not yet by I have very definite ideas about the supernatural roaches drool I do so hate to see it mopped well I shouldn't worry too much that loosen it is only a story after whole will I wouldn't want to allocate any extra budgets or time do a project which did not present the Paranormal in a serious way Road Wilson which is why they're losing we have a technical advisor coming to help us in that regard
00:53:49technical advisor Roseville set for Supernatural film he considered for a moment and then said money well spent at last I look forward to meeting him he looks the set of one more time and then walk slowly away towards the studio door
00:54:07ropes and join gluten and watched him leave everything alright I need to find a supernatural experts to act as a technical advisor for a few days any ideas ropes and thought for a moment there's a small place in Los Angeles the Church of the end of voice the guy who runs it is pretty wacko claims to be an expert on Psychic phenomena you'll do said loosen I'll try and get him here tomorrow he looks never stay at the door through which roads will I left a few moments before and said softly I may have to start wearing my favorite Thai again soon
00:54:47the following day the dispatch was sent to the Church of the invoice to ask the pastor that if he was available for a few days paid consultancy walk on the subjective Orthodontics psychic phenomena the invitation was Judy accepted and come the evening Val lewton and microbes found themselves face-to-face with their new consultant he was dressed in a black tuxedo which Bulldog's sequins along the lapels his neck a tightly knotted bow tie the force is Chin Ho totally into the air this vision of Gordie Elegance was topped off by with white blonde hair curled with Panache along his forehead theatrically the man took a bath and then extended his hand
00:55:31gentleman he said I am the pastor of the Church of the inner voice I believe you send for me
00:55:39Luton and ropes and exchange looks nice to meet you between said Mr my name is Charles Jaron King the man said with a twinkle. You may call me Criswell
00:56:01my 1943 Jeremy King otherwise known as Jared and Koenig otherwise known as Charles Criswell King with most famous wreaths
00:56:15I'm deleting call it she works for newspapers the devil in acting it worked as a write up for both Publications on for the stage and every time he was between Korea's which was often do you always returned back to the family home in Princeton Indiana to help out at the family business a funeral home that dated for the dearly departed of Princeton
00:56:37it was here that Chris well-developed is affinity for the movie even going so far as to use a particularly comfortable velvet-lined casket as his bad
00:56:49being so close to death on a daily basis hide it as he would later test unlocked some headed to unrealized part of his psyche enabling him to communicate with a plane of existence unavailable to the normal human mind
00:57:05is latest stabbing Korea part was his the self-appointed pastor of the Church of being a voice and establishment he found it in the cheapest section of Los Angeles where he held called 3 times a week, and he's small congregation that if they attended regularly and pay that use then he would open their minds to a whole new way of thinking
00:57:28during his down time he'd occupied himself by contributing psychic predictions about the future in a small section of an LA newspaper which is grounded in - celebrity status
00:57:41for the next three days grace Vel lingered at the edges of the set is chin raised his eyes cast down with hands clasped in front of him the lights from the studio Sports occasionally sending a Shema along the dock sequins on his the pals and watched intently as the title of the ghost ship was brought to life
00:58:04each time ropes and cold cut the actors would we really make that way from the set until was that seat so dressing rooms hoping that they would not be the one chosen to receive the advice of Criswell
00:58:19silently you would watch them pass before reaching out and placing a hand on the shoulder of Richard Dix or Russell wave or Lawrence Tenney or sale on Zillow and beg a few moments of that time
00:58:32exhausted they would look to Luton who owns them silently windows that flamboyant consultant and struggle through 15 minutes or so of Chris Powell's advice on how to brought an extra sensory attitude or of how to mold visibly attune themselves to visiting psychic energies around the set of which you show the mole that were meant
00:58:56finally on day 3 Sid roads are made his appearance the check on the progress of the shoot and two meats that psychic consultant Newton he was by now is fatigue by the interjections of Chris as well as anyone else on this at quickly board Rotel and Chris Brown together hustling them into a spare office on the side of the building and wishing them well in that new found acquaintance for almost 2 hours the Ghost Ship production team enjoyed its first real piece in several days Smiles of relief began to appear on the faces of the actors and three entire scenes were filmed without a hitch
00:59:34it was almost evening by the time that Sid Rhodes Olympiad from the office door followed silently by Chris Brown his chin still raise the Loft and steel clasp in front of him
00:59:46Roto on the other hand carry the expression of a man but likud
00:59:51his eyes haunted and the ghazt was that about doc psycho his cheeks Palin Halle his lips dry and stirring slightly he passed Luton swiftly and made for the door and for the bones of the Hollywood evening outside to rejuvenate his fractured soul with fresh air and the fortifying power of Silence
01:00:15satisfied the roads are good now leaving to work in peace Criswell services but quietly dispensed with and work was allowed to continue without interruption the next time the Violet Cinemark Robinson saw Chris Brown was on television in 1950 when he appeared fronting his own show on channel 13 k l a c entitled Criswell predicts is involved nothing more than the Clift Criswell they remembered seated at the desk and making predictions about the fate of humanity the series was enough of a hit to spawn a mild case of Criswell Mania in America which Sold The Eccentric psychic turning off on a variety of Chacho's to give his predictions to the public through these appearances he made predictions that included that education would be given to children in pill form
01:01:04that's 9 out of 10 dogs who feel themselves viewed as second-class Citizens when compared to pedigree dogs would rise up and demand pedigree status so as not to feel prejudiced against
01:01:18that's the establishment of homosexual only cities in Boston Des Moines Philadelphia Dallas and Miami would be quickly followed by the old ring of government-sponsored OG's bad does an aphrodisiac Elara with before the Earth between May 1st 1988 and March 30th 1999 closing Mass incest and bestiality normally conservative people that in June 1989 a fair ground in Denver Colorado would be struck by mysterious Rae from outer space which would turn the ferris wheel data resulting in huge loss of life
01:01:59that's my 1980 New York would have disappeared into the sea
01:02:05that's between November and December 1980 old males in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania would suddenly become cannibals
01:02:14and that all these things would take place very soon for the end of the world would come on August 18th 1999 the dates that the large black rainbow wooden circle the Earth and suck away all the oxygen suffocating every man woman and child then bringing to an end Life as We Know It
01:02:34as if things couldn't get weird the amazing Chris well as he was now known by now which reformer burlesque dancer named Taylor Meadows who let the hind the riddle x a large poodle that she believed was the reincarnated soul of her cousin Thomas
01:02:53I was also by now best friends with actress Mae West in fact one of his predictions regarding her face was that by 1970 she would be elected as president of the United States and live within 2 years of taking office she is well and George Liberace brother of the flamboyant German would ride in the rocket to the moon so delighted Washi at these predictions that she put the amazing Criswell on the payroll inside personal psychic recording a tribute song for him and title griswell predicts Mystic brizuela
01:03:44and then sold him a fleet of luxury cars one by one for $5 each
01:03:57but despite these fantastic predictions it was directed Edward Who provided Chris Brown with Everlasting notoriety when he gave him the task of delivering the prologue to his most famous movie Plan 9 from Outer Space a task that the amazing Criswell perform with style and we spend the rest of our lives and remember my friend such as these will affect you in the future
01:04:31you are interested in the unknown the mysterious the unexplainable that is why you are here for the first time we are bringing to you what happened on that fateful day we are giving you my friend
01:05:08my friend can your heart stand the shocking facts about grave Robbers from outer space
01:05:20incredibly the amazing Criswell did make one prediction that's not only came uncannily true there's also rejuvenated the Publix waiting patience for a man who sings more famous for getting things wrong then right in March of 1963 the amazing Chris while appeared on the jackpot program but he made the prediction that President John F Kennedy would not run for reelection in 1964 as a grave Misfortune but before him in November of 1963
01:05:53perhaps the dock expression on Sid Rojo's face. Day in the studio but being put that by talk of dogs demanding unions of the thought of his beloved Des Moines becoming the orgy capital of the United States over the prospective is turning cannibal for an entire month in 1980 maybe the prospect of her brother Ferris wheel was too much for his systematic mind to absorb but whatever the specific reason thinks these afternoon spent at the mercy of the amazing Chris Powell Cedro Jewel did not bother Valuta noise team the game for the rest of the shoot on the ghost check in that respect at least the amazing Chris while and finally gotten something right
01:06:35the Ghost Ship represent something of a shift in volitans way of thinking that people are being built upon lutens love of folklore the seventh victim and practically acted as a poem to luton's beloved Greenwich Village each of his story so far contain smaller loads the times fondly Remembered in Newton's life but there was no such love notes to be found in the ghost chip
01:07:00being constantly harassed by Lou Austra and being put on the mounting pressure by Charles, A driven Luton to turn his opinions on all thority into
01:07:12Captain Stone the master of the ship the out I was an amalgam of each frustration faced by Luton since his arrival in the movie business
01:07:22Sloan is a man who full season reasonable tasks upon his man and he refuses to accept the blame on these tasks cannot be fulfilled is a man who cannot be questioned that's crazy talk well I never felt more sand in my life than I do at this moment
01:07:43who's Crazy you who defied me and are helpless or I control your destiny in the destiny of the Altair and all the lies I'm bored I wish bounds I wish the crew could see what I see now could hear you talk you think I'm insane yes and they would too if they could see you now raving and wrapping I'm kept as long as I wear these Stripes there is no man in the group that you're believe you or help you do find them too lazy to cowardly believes religiously and his own power even to the point of being unreasonable those who defy him a subject to his revenge
01:08:28and then a sheer active Brazen Mercury Lutheran portrays Stones self belief in his own infallibility as the deciding factor in his descent into lunacy that's what I want you to learn Miriam men are worthless Apple you can't prove that to me even with a gun Captain I know people aren't that way they're good kind they help each other it's only hard to get them to understand I'll give you a chance to make them understand
01:09:04to go out there go any place you want to board ship see if you can get them to help you see if they'll stand up with you against Authority
01:09:15even your friend Sparks One help you
01:09:19shut up time to help against me cry
01:09:29the Ghost Ship for the first time in luton's RKO filmography was not built upon the dream of a more pleasant time was constructed around a veiled attack on the constraints placed upon him by the studio he'd saved from bankruptcy
01:09:44is that will carry them or mean-spirited tone than any film before
01:09:51the sense of dread is clear from the Star when a blind street musician issues the fresh-faced Marion with a warning about the ill-fated ship he's about to board
01:10:02Miriam space on board is only been made possible by the mysterious death of his predecessor his first meeting with Captain Stone seems genial enough Merriam's welcome the board by Stone in a fatherly way the captain is and Promises friendship and conversation along with a ship found it on a supported atmosphere of camaraderie but before long cracks appeared in this veneer of wounds Stone has begun to talk of his authority and alarming times
01:10:35it is awesome luton's most explicit films so far in terms of physical violence
01:10:41subtle chills and mounting tensioner here too but consider the film's for most notable set pieces and it's clear that subtleties and suggestion of being diluted by sense of mild savagery and anchor
01:10:55the first of these scenes is the famous book sequence with Amanda thrown aside and Scattered by the thrashing of the rebellious cargo hope she's being Court in the breath of a growling Stone
01:11:14put a stopper on that hook to screw
01:11:17it is perhaps Newton's first real action scene where desperate men with someone up there Whitson fling themselves again in the game by the way with danger in order to bring it under control
01:11:30with each swing of the hook a very real threat in style of the blade of a knife is being waived in the viewers fast II to be sequences to fix an emergency appendix removal at sea captain Stone holding the scalpel millimeters above a clean patch of skin is being choked through the operation buy crackle voice on the radio alternative Panama we are ready, to Walter Captain Stone will bring his right hand to the point which we have already established as the region of the appendix place the point of the scaffold exactly on this but the boat rocks from side to side
01:12:09the scalpel hovers above the skin ready to make its first incision of sweat begin to form of the captains brow
01:12:19is this what you meant earlier when he referred to having rights over the men's lives
01:12:25it is a tense queasy scene made worse by the captain's fracturing sanity around him to make the first card but find themselves slowly frightened by the captain's obvious Manning
01:12:42animal to Altair have you made the incision the sun sequence is Louie the semen who complain to the captain walking in the antechamber is the heavy chain is being lowered by shrilling winch into the room Captain Stern walked out the door outside and accidentally maybe not shuts the door on Louie and locks it
01:13:04the chain almost a foot stick and made entirely of giant steel links that form in the chamber I would have definitely begins to fill the room is Louise screens for how
01:13:16the crew on Deck oblivious to the plight of Louie do to the screaming and chain is it rushes from the sea do not realize that that come out as being slowly crushed to death below their feet it is Miriam who discovers Louie's body or what's left of it when he flings open the door and recoils in sheer Terror at the site he finds that no more no more no marks no more danger to the ship you didn't like it I didn't like him, so you shut the hatch shut the hatch
01:13:57what do you mean Miss Mary the hatch was shut and I think it was locked choose me of doing this out of spite because the man was insubordinate this is what you meant when you said you had rights over the lies that you murdered your a little Hasty was to Miriam you can expect me just to stand by and watch you kill a man what do you propose to do to me
01:14:21the corpse in the chamber remains completely hidden but lutens Dogpatch Theory directed was devastating skill by Mark Robson applies itself well through the scenes build-out we see the size of the chain we observe the violence with widgets drop to the chamber floor Louise body is not seen by the eye but it is most certainly seen by the mind
01:14:48the full sequence despising entirely new loot and Sensibility at work the film Captain Stone attempting to murder a gagged and bound Marion with a knife in his cabin before we can carry out his Grizzly killing is interrupted bipolar a mute sailor who's in the monologues of acted as a kind of narrator through the film so far in the darkness each brandishing their knives and each realizing that the only way out of the room is if one man kills the other
01:15:22the light is smashed as they fight the room is thrown into a kind of Twilight
01:15:27remember it is not clear which man has the upper hand the only other sounds of the creaking of the boat around them as it's tossed by the way the grunting of a helpless Mariana and the merry Shanty of Sir Lancelot Calypso song being sung on the deck above
01:15:47the combined elements make for disorientating :-( that culminates with Captain Stone free in his hand and about to plunge his knife into the high Paula
01:16:00the only way to prevent Stone from mud ring ham is hippolyta grab at the play is it rushes toward his hot and holding in his hand
01:16:11the act as shown in excruciating leave violence detail the blade class then follows hand slicing into the man's Flash and causing copious bleeding
01:16:24this was New Territory not just revolutum film where violence in Savage we had been really into that in previous entries but for films in general we're such focus on the details of violence will never quite so explicit people try the result is that the view is made to feel the bite of the blade is it wrenches aggressively inside the hand of polar making for a violent reaction quite unfamiliar to the cinema of lutein. Spa
01:16:53as for the film itself the story is one of the more accessible and lutens horror catalog I slowly mounting suspense drama but can be enjoyed is a standard Bee Movie Thriller Deepa a metaphorical study on the corruption of power and The Madness of entrusting absolute authority to a Chosen Few the Ghost Ship is also baps the most subversive use of a nakahara title by if I loosen each entry before this had contain the letter of explanation of its name that people have contained got people I walked with a zombie did contain a zombie with him the protagonist Johnny down to walk the leopard man did actually contain a character associated with leopards and the seventh victim seventh victim wound up being the doomed Jack and the Ghost Ship however isn't entirely metaphorical title there are no ghosts to be found here instead Newton's take on the title is explained by Edith Barrett's character to be
01:17:53vessel driven by men who have alienated themselves by insisting that the whole thority is absolute just because you made a mistake
01:18:12I didn't make a mistake I couldn't make a mistake I'm sorry I'm the captain now
01:18:20I heard it all so often it's also wrong but just like the captain time lonely I'm still giving yourself to a bloodless ghost-like existence
01:18:36and in the end it'll be only a ghost chicken come on
01:18:42one wonders if Charles gonna Hulu Australia or to a lesser extent David o'selznick watch the founder
01:18:57the phone is released the film was as equally scorned as it was loaded by American critics
01:19:04many critics pointed disparagingly the film's title noting that only half of it was true while many others made mention of the fact that the film seems more intent on creating a morbid atmosphere fuel by out of control male testosterone will be at soaked in a good deal of suspense
01:19:22film daily wrote that very much before God the Ghost Ship will have no easy time of it making Port the film would have benefited much had that mean more action unless yeah the best thing about the production is the sense of mystery that hangs over The Fray time which the story is made
01:19:41but others were more perceptive
01:19:4595 of the new Republic stated that Newton study of masculinity along with rope swings acutes Direction What fast establishing them as a creative team rifle dhoni by Luton and Jack Tone
01:19:58the notoriously hard to please Bosley Crowther the New York Times formerly outspoken critic of both Luton and his films called it a nice little package of morbidity wrapped around in gluten
01:20:14James Agee perhaps the most respected an influential film critic in America the time wrote of looting that few people in Hollywood show in that walk that they know or care as much about movies are human beings as he does
01:20:32audience response was positive in fact it would be fair to say the books of his response was nothing short of remarkable
01:20:40perhaps it was the fact that the new RKO horror had finally seen the light of day again so many rival Studio copycats
01:20:49perhaps the old belief that people love on the cob story of Christmas was true
01:20:55for whatever reason the tables at Cinemas was sent ringing wildly by the arrival of the Ghost Ship
01:21:03RKO Executives looked on in July as they loosen nineties team proud of the success that achieved in such murderous the time span
01:21:13Hopes & Spirits why the mood was one of Celebration
01:21:19Val lewton was on top of the Wild
01:21:24and then several weeks after the movie's release everything changed
01:21:33Legion found himself summon to a meeting in Charles County is office in the drive to find know it's just kind of himself that but a fleet of all kind of lawyers you did not greet him as he answered
01:21:45Newton study the Grim faces that regarded him this gives me an idea for a movie he said jury of the Damned
01:21:54sit down the kind of said I'm going to ask you a question and I want an honest answer Newton raised his eyebrows as he took his seat the last time in that sentence used was when ons nazimova question him about a broken rose bush
01:22:13okay you said shoot where did you get the story for the ghost ship for a moment he wondered if the Lord's will hold add to represent kind of himself that the underlying theme had planted in the story the insanity and incompetence of authority and somehow offended, or someone else on high but as quickly as the throat identities head so how'd it disappeared any Vega plication regarding loosens feelings towards his bosses could easily be explained the whale dismissed it came from my head and said you're sure about that I said leaning forward and fixing his eyes on Newtons
01:22:53because if that isn't true if it was in any way influenced by outside sources then now is the time to tell a smile loosen Chaco than frown he looked at each man before at the scrutiny in each pair of eyes and felt his smile disintegrate what the hell is this all about
01:23:17a few weeks after the release of the Ghost Ship the RKO legal department and received notice that they want to be sued for plagiarism by lawyers representing know but Faulkner and Samuel Goulding a pair of playwright suit submitted Solutions office back in the early 1943 a copy of that play a man in his shadow we should played in December of 1942 at the Pasadena Playhouse for single performance
01:23:44Voltaren Golding and hope that looting would see some value in that store and buy the story rights with a view to adopting it for the screen
01:23:52this statement told him how they received that script back just before the summer into being open most likely by someone at Newton's office is the right as well now just made to discover that soon after receiving it back Newton and his team is going into production on the movie called The Ghost Ship which boss startling similarities to the script date send to his offices
01:24:13it was the Viewpoint of the office and of that legal counsel that Luton in search of a Bible story idea I'd read that story and I decided to adopt it without that commission or without proper reimbursement or credit to them
01:24:28this action in the opinion of the office legal counsel constituted a clear case of plagiarism and the RKO is being sued for $50,000
01:24:40a writ how do I say been issued demanding nothing until the case was settled the ghost ship was to be pulled from theaters and prevented from exhibition
01:24:51listen listen to the charges laid against him instead of amused at the faces before this has to be a joke right no this is far from a joke Stanley this is insanity Luton sad pure Insanity you think I need a couple of hacks the mail in script ideas for me I have a billion stories up here he tapped his head. Aliens do not coming up with the stories isn't the problem it's making them interesting enough to care about it's turning them into films that I would want to watch we can make the problem go away to the lawyer nearest Econo
01:25:30he pointed to a type cheat on his desk boots and snatched it up and read it they're willing to settle he said $700 to Canada $700 I need oil goes away the Ghost Ship can stay up there cuz Life Goes On
01:25:49life will not go on we can snap people will think I'm a man who steals stories from nobody's and then pays them hush money when he's found out I have some pride gentlemen and this is extortion it's not even flattering extortion $700 for God sake you're telling me that a room full of men like you can't see when you're being black if these Hustlers had any kind of case against me then why are they selling for 70 times less you receive unsolicited scripts at the lawyer everyone receives them to the Y open them because sadly turn that is the traditional way of finding out what is inside an envelope I think we all need to come down here if you say you didn't draw ideas from that scriptures I have never laid eyes upon that script until this moment I was completely unaware of its exist ok ok Sakana
01:26:48and you don't want to settle this settling for 700 will be as bad as admitting guilt that loosen I have nothing to hide I'm there for nothing to fear let it go to court the lawyers glance between themselves
01:27:03I Believe In Justice solution and I refuse to believe that a court of law would fail to see that I am innocent & the innocent always prevail
01:27:14one of the lawyers stifle the shop back a blocked that's a very naive viewpoint kind of said if you want to fight this then okay we'll find it
01:27:25but you should know one thing. It's a lesson that you of all people should have learned through the stories you've told so far the innocent also suffer
01:27:38it was on the eve of the cold case that Nina loosen Vols mother received a letter from her son diamara a plagiarism case on the ghost ship it to be try tomorrow and order the plane tix are obviously wrong and have no marriage in that case it's the kind of racketeering which is very hard to God games that we all have to be very much on our toes in the courtroom will the case make your gangsters despite the most obvious sort of Innocence
01:28:12the studio wanted to settle out of court is the plaintiffs are suing for $50,000 but we're willing to settle for 700
01:28:21I refuse does I have a deep-seated moral feeling that such person should not be allowed to get away with that little practices even if it is much more convenient to let them get away with it it will cost the studio and myself three or four times as much to defend us to settle but I feel it's a small price to pay for a really clear name
01:28:49the following morning the case of Norbit's Faulkner and Samuel Goulding versus RKO involve losing the game to decide whether or not volitans name would be cleared or change it forever more by De Sona representing Goulding in Fulton was Harold fendler a boy is looking 40 year old with small dog eyes and whites teeth resembled the young Ronald Reagan and you took every opportunity to smile honestly at the jury on loose inside a veritable platoon Vaqueros finest legal Minds headed by guynn up and Herman Selvin to study men with receding hair and small glasses around and runs into each other in Whispers
01:29:31send Louis the 1st with dress to court
01:29:36ladies and gentlemen I'd like to tell you a story about Samuel are Goulding and nobody's fault he said motioning to the two men at these desk who wore the expressions of to widowed blood
01:29:49easy to well-established writers who collaborated in writing apply intitle the man and his shadow they know that published it no dedicated it to the public and it was not copyrighted it was produced just once at the Pasadena Playhouse that's around Christmas 1942 the life of a playwright is a Frugal one many months can be spending creating a story writing several drops of the story and then polishing it like a fine Jewel until you have something rare and precious piece of yourself in this case and in valuable piece of tumen
01:30:31for the following months these two creators what to bring that story to life for an audience 6 months work on the mass Engel night at a theater which Judah pull marketing was Ill attended
01:30:47both lost money it was Christmas and after almost a year of what all the two men at the show for that 1942 was a hole in their bank accounts and the prospect of my Frugal 1943
01:31:02in desperation they made a plan they would send their story a man and his shadow to a few movie studios in Hollywood in the hopes the day year would not have been spent in
01:31:15send labetti slept in France empathetically over to the two men whose eyes were down cost
01:31:24not wanting to prevent milia staging script they both spent yet another month of their lives transforming their story into a screenplay supposed to say the Studio's a little time now one of the Studio's they submitted to was Iko radio pictures onto Val lewton the producer that Newton retain the money script for about 6 weeks at that time according to the evidence we shall present Newton was looking for a story with the action on board a ship in order to utilize an old movie set which was available and standing empty now I'll admit access to the play in that a copy of it was in the custody of lutein for some time now that's important he held up a finger met each of the jurors eyes
01:32:12I intend to prove to you today that Val lewton on behalf of RKO used without permission the story sent in by my clients he did this willingly and no
01:32:25not just that but he failed shamefully to credit reimburse my clients for that 13 months of what I know that once we presented our case you will
01:32:39he smiled at them knowing that the judge and then return to his seat
01:32:43the squad figure of Hammond Selvin squinting through small round glasses Rose from his seat inside as he approached the jury ladies and gentlemen removing his glasses and put his handkerchief no evidence that the respondents presented they will be able to convince anyone of plagiarism because plagiarism in this case kind of possibly exist deplane Tipsy I have developed an unpredictable plot into as they believe and original play entitled to protection under copyright law deprotection Extenze however I only chose details sequence of events and manner of expression treatment I refer to the case of Basha versus metric man would you like to such a ruling that for even if the respondents do manage to come instead of Miss diluting took the play then he's taking nothing of its expression and development to which alone plaintiff's can claim Superior right thank you
01:33:33Sullivan Kaufman days fist squinted of the jury in Amble back to seat Newton watching from his seat frowned he watched ventolin across the his clients and say something in a low voice that seem to make them both smile
01:33:50over the course of the next few hours the play a man and his shadow was read line-by-line to the jury it's told the tale of a pleasure Cruise which is blinded by the unhinged actions of the ship's Captain to win the finals that is revealed to be an imposter who killed the real Captain before they set sail
01:34:09one of the ship's passengers suspects the truth and they stalked and threatened by the insane captain
01:34:16when this was done a portable screen was erected at the front of the cauldron the cousins were drawn the lights were put out and the Ghost Ship was screen for this most attentive of audiences
01:34:29micro person sitting next to Luton lean the crosses the film ended must be at two different stories what the hell is this case even about how could they have to win
01:34:40doesn't matter what the outcome is Luton said if they win they get paid if we win that they will be notorious every producer in the country will want it it's easy to gamble everything on the role of a dice when you have nothing to lose
01:34:57endless Road confidently to the front of the courtroom fixing his audience with his most confident smile well he said I don't think that can be seriously I need out of the sing the film and hearing the play. The similarities are startling let's consider the mole show me that both said on boats whisper grubson that's about it the action of each takes place on a ship things up again only one person aboard the ship suspects the captain of being a mother in both stories this man accuses the captain who not to admit or denies the accusation the captain Shore his forms the accuser that he's free to try and convince anyone on board ship of the truth of his suspicions
01:35:39the passenger tells you stories of the first mate and two others on the ship but they refused to believe him and instead suspect the passenger of hallucinations omaddis
01:35:50finally however the captain becomes aware that he is suspected by at least one other person and he threatens to kill or does kill that person as an intimate Le
01:36:00knowledge that his murders are about to be uncovered and brings about his own undoing and death
01:36:10fendler how did the floors Selvin so that he could present reply
01:36:15last off valve inside the action of mr. Luton script takes place on a pleasure cruise but a freighter that significant gluten-free around and waited for selvin's reasoning which did not come what you have to remember here ladies and gentlemen is that we are making a very unreasonable comparison between these two properties will standing alongside each other in order to find similarity of course they'll be similarities in some instances they both know if dissection of a story's elements rather than observation is necessary to determine how similar they are then copyright infringement is unwarranted
01:36:58Luton felt himself breathe the point was a good one but further than that he wanted Selvin to press the point that he was not aware of that story in the first place but Selvin is it was done for the moment and took EC Twins Mall
01:37:15Samuel golden was cool to testify first even counted first the work that led up to the sending of the plate Illusions office miss the Goulding have you ever met volitan yes I have to go there he glanced up at Luton who looked at ropes in an alarm
01:37:36I've never met him in my life so gluten where was this that's the RKO commissary golden lunch one afternoon with a view to finding out what he thought about story and would you mind relating Venza continue the details of the conversation you had with Mr Luton Herman Selvin and the RKO Laura has turned around to go on to loosen who shook his head in horror this is bullshit he said a little too loudly the judge struck is Gavin which Santa shop snap around the walls of the car there will be no outbursts during testimony by Rachel time
01:38:18please continue with the golden vendor said well I asked him if he thought a man and he shot it was any good for one of his pictures I even suggested that it wouldn't have to take place on the pleasure yard I suggested that if he wanted to he could relocate the story to Ephrata and have an ordinary Captain Heading an ordinary crew he responded by saying that all that mattered was the captain this is Al I said under his breath he clenched his fist in his lap so by the contents of this conversation itself and it was pretty clear that mr. Luton had read your reply yes that's right to Golden he glanced for a second Lutheran that could not keep his eyes then thank you mr. golden said family
01:39:06Norbit full can I took the stand it was asked about the meeting in the RKO commissary he stated that the meeting is taking place as Goulding I described it did the matter of buying your play as a come up then yes before we left mr. golden ask mr. Layton if you'd like to buy a play and what was mr. lutens reply Newton felt himself Stephanie seat for can I fix These Eyes Upon A man unlike his partner did not look away is he spoke
01:39:38mr. Lincoln said well Goulding I don't have to buy my stories I don't have to lay out money for Originals
01:39:47I guess my ID and I called him a couple of right is on the lot and I make my stories that way we took this to mean that he wasn't going to pay us a penny for the play
01:39:57Lutheran shook his head and covered his mouth with his hands inside his chest his heart began to speed like a drum roll and how soon afterwards did you receive back you opened manuscript send last it was about 3 Days Later Focus dated
01:40:15thank you mr. Falker you may take your seat ones Mall
01:40:20over the next day Luton I waited his chance to refute the claims of the argument in the courtroom raged is it been proved conclusively that's Pokemon Gold in script to being sent to RKO and letting it being open then retire this along with the supposedly conversation held between the three men in the RKO commissary
01:40:44Sullivan argued valiantly the proof of access to the script proved opportunity to copy rather than actual copying itself but for each stone cost by lueken's defense team fendley would cost back to more along with that confident smile which seem to relish this chance the grandstand on so prominent the platform
01:41:06the story elements of the Ghost Ship match told what exactly would that a man and his shadow Luton had access to the script according to the plaintiffs the conversation of being held in which Newton admitted reading that play and had no intention of reimbursing him for it against this evidence Selvin was powerless is only remaining option was the cold Lutsen to answer the charges personally
01:41:32he made his way to the witness stand his pulse almost blood is breath coming in shop stops at the stand he took the oath and seated himself and watch this home and Selvin approached grimacing through his coin size spectacles and how many unsolicited scripts do you receive each day I have no idea to loosen gas
01:41:55I literally have no idea I don't tend to read my mail and why is that because I'm too busy thank you that's Alvin you are too busy see mr. fendler seems to be under the impression that are producers wrapped up in his work as you has it several hours each day during which he opens on reads the hourly every piece of mail sent to his office how often do you read your mail comes to loosen I never read an email who does that for you my secretary. She also read the unsolicited scripts sent to your office now she does not and why is that we salute Newton stats Pokemon Goulding because she's under strict instructions to keep my office free from trash objection Goldfinger is through insinuation attempting to disparage the work of my clients this thing called the judge Newton Shrugged mr. Lucci said something how did you come up with the story for the Ghost Ship
01:42:55my boss Charles kind of told me to write a story set on a ship because we had a spare ships at that wasn't being used he also supplied me with the title The Ghost Ship mr. loosen do you remember receiving a script known as a man and his shadow by Samuel Ogle thing on Noble to Faulkner no solution I do not well then do you remember meeting mr. No mr. golden as they stated that the RKO commissary no I've never met these men in my life itself and smile and so are you saying that the conversation they claims to place that never happened
01:43:36I'm saying exactly that you can said I've never spoken to these men about anything
01:43:43salvy noted
01:43:45thank you
01:43:48he returned to his seat and began to confer with his team endless do it slowly and approach than that he did so he began to smile mr. Lisa I'm curious about your creative process you said you say that you were given the film's title before you started writing the story is that right correct the Ghost Ship fendley said dramatically conjures up the image of a haunted vessel on the Seas doesn't it almost like the Flying Dutchman Shrugged
01:44:19I was just curious. Venta to Cheba Hut's explain why seeing as how you were given a title like the Ghost Ship you created a script about the Madras captain and not want to buy the haunted ship Newton glanced at ropes you smile I tend to do that to Luton my superiors seem to think that a title should come first and have in the past attempted to influence the story of the film. I'm about to make by supplying me with a title designed to govern the plaza right I like to suck but whenever possible endless round and prostate desk CPS down at the piece of paper running a finger along a line of text
01:45:05cat people was your first movie at RKO is that right yes a film about a woman who turns into a cat a cat person that's correct
01:45:17this was followed by I walked with a zombie now tell me did that film include a zombie and did it also include a scene where a character walks with a zombie
01:45:27yes it did we land man from the side did last film container leopard-man well technically that was the stage name given to one of the Meineke Car yes or no mr. Luther
01:45:42yes and the seventh victim good movie I sort myself did the film revolves around a character who was to become the seventh victim of a group of devil worshippers
01:45:53Newton looks to Boris Diaw can lawyers who each War haunted expression
01:45:59that is correct he said fendler rolled his eyes so in actual fact you haven't really supported much of anything when it comes to movie titles until now you are asking us to believe that one of my clients script was lying in your office a script that contained a story about the captain of a ship who goes insane and from its mother you were coincidentally coming up with the same idea based on the type of the Ghost Ship my story is about a man who sense of authority corrupt simple yes-or-no mr. Luton yes losing snap I never read your client script
01:46:41wendla grin broadly thank you he said I have nothing further
01:46:50he walks slowly back to his seat and whispered the Goulding you smile
01:46:55the judge dismissed Luton it took him a moment to collect himself before he rose and walked back to his seat his body shaking from the unfamiliar cocktail of anger and adrenaline with rushed around his veins
01:47:09he dropped into his seat in South ropes in his hand on my shoulder
01:47:14Herman Selvin argued passionately in his summation up on the Folly of punishing a creative mind it was apparent that both stories with similar but the premise itself was a hack need one anyway if you too must be punished for having come up with the story of a ship's Captain gone mad then surely Fulton and golden should be punished also for the premise of the Risen first in the story of Captain Bligh in Mutiny on the Bounty I need wolf Larsen & Country van waiting in the sea wolf DND by pointing out once again the glaring differences in each story plot and concluded with the statement I can see nothing bus difference is there for plagiarism cannot possibly exist
01:47:53Friendly's closing statement was more concise this was not a case to decide who made best use of the Mad Captain Trope it was mainly to decide if Val lewton had stolen the idea submitted to him by his clients it was to expose the fact that he neither giving them credit no offered reimbursement for that time that is why the case of being cold
01:48:17you had my client stated mr. lewton how the conversation in which he acknowledged receipt of that story and refused to buy it having full knowledge of the stories details he then went on to produce the film based on the same price mr. Luton says that this is not true do you believe it's up to you but let me once again state the known facts facts that are Undisputed on both sides
01:48:44my clients were the story called a man and his shadow all about a ship's Captain who goes mad
01:48:51the story was definitely sense to miss delusions office the story was sent back to my clients having being opened
01:48:58a few months later mister Lutheran produces a film called the Ghost Ship which tells an almost identical story these are the facts they are Undisputed know I asked you to draw your own conclusions based on this evidence and I hope that you will help me to give this Rod a tragic story and a happy ending
01:49:26it's took the jewelry just one hour to reach the unanimous verdict in their opinion violation hot indeed stolen the story from Faulkner and Goulding and older the two plots did not match entirely a clear case of plagiarism had taken place
01:49:44okay I will order to pay the legal costs about $25,000 plus damages to Goulding and Fulton in the amount of $25,000 to be withdrawn immediately from Elise old future booking residuals butthole silenced along with the rights to sell the film for airing on television
01:50:06because of the plagiarism suit the Ghost Ship would not be seen by audiences for the next 50 years when the copyright to the film finally ran out and attended the public domain where the arguments about its Heritage no longer matter to audiences several Generations away from a Los Angeles courtroom where once upon a time a man's heart was broken for all the while
01:50:37it has since been called lutens forgotten Masterpiece by modern critics accessibility on the uneven waves is the Dock of the ocean beneath the ship begins to slowly grow like Ivy across the hearts of the man who sale upon her
01:50:59it is very sleeping describe does cinematic Revelation a nightmarish walk into madness and containing a depth of artistry not usually seen in cinema
01:51:15as a vowel Legion retrospective how did West Houston Street Manhattan in 1993 such was the furor a created by the first screening of the film in 50 years but it ended up being exhibited 42 times in one week I walked with a zombie being screened at the same event was shown and Mia 10 times while cat people was shown only eight
01:51:39that's despite today's reverential appraisal of the found the valve loosen the thought of his Adventure Run to the waters was a source of pain as golden filter in fendler celebrated the Court's decision Roe person who spent the last several minutes stand by the news turn to loosen don't need to find his seat empty
01:52:05for the next few weeks Val lewton was simply unreachable cools to his home I answered by roof who told inquiring minds that I husband was not available coolest to his door including close friends that is Mark Robson and Alan Napier will held at the threshold and told that I don't need some time
01:52:26even Charles Conner always desperate for Luton and his team to be walking on something gave Lutheran his space the Court's decision had sent shockwaves through the studio nobody that I believe for a moment that Val lewton a man seemingly born to the Earth with a god-given gift for Conjuring stories would have needed to steal one from a pile of envelopes even RKO is Rivals among the mutants former boss David o'selznick would not believe that Lutheran was a thief in response to the legion court case well knock knock This Confidential would be opened by its mail room before it was distributed to its various departments unsolicited scripts were destroyed without being read and notices were sent actively discouraging would be right is from sending in there what
01:53:17and so an uneasy few weeks past while the dust settled and wild a fractured heart valve loosen slowly said about its own repair in silence
01:53:28it would perhaps of taking a little longer than usual how did not been for a visitor to the house
01:53:39the door to his office was open when I have to noon whether visited found him silently regarding the keys of his typewriter
01:53:48Vladimir citizens nazimova
01:53:51he looks slowly up and smile but it was an empty smile one in which is eyes remained drone in dark
01:54:00you may need to stand up but she motioned for him to stay seated no sit down she said family I want to ask you a question I want honest answer you know the last time you said that I just broke in the rosebush he wiped his eyes and side seems like I'll never stop being 10 years old
01:54:22did you copy this man story that happened to Rangoli what do you think I am asking you the question she said did you copy this man story no of course I didn't then why are you acting like a guilty man she said sitting in here as though you have been scolded as though you have been found out I'm not acting like a guilty man I'm acting like a man who's had his pocket picked by a couple of crooks I'm acting like a man whose dignity and reputation is in tatters so go back to work and show the world that you are not a man who needs to steal stupid story from stupid Crooks money doesn't matter Vladimir these men they have made a pocket full of money but it will not bring them joy and the only way to stop your reputation from being dragged along in the mud is to go back to work and punch the knows of anyone who calls you a liar
01:55:23Newton clenched his jaw and ran his fingers along the keys of his typewriter
01:55:29everytime I write a story now people will think I stole it nazim of a lot of things such a thing of yours looks Africa she said cupping his face with a hand no one in Hollywood has the imagination of you go back and write your stories and do not make them less Vladimir make them more like Mia make stories that are more like me and less Hollywood
01:56:06then the world will know who writes the stories
01:56:11he looked up at a dog eyes and felt himself begin to smile and this time his eyes lit up with something like the old twinkle she leans down and kissed his cheek then in one swift move custom across the back of the head
01:56:28and that is for my rose bush
01:56:37since completing directorial duties on the Ghost Ship microbes and I've been left wondering exactly what to do next Edward dmytryk you had a succession of hits including Hitler's Children and behind the Rising Sun animals that begin directing is social commentary story of juvenile delinquency which was ripped straight from the headlines but the success of his two latest films are the elevated him to that I listed RKO and he being reassigned to Tender comrade of all time story of women left behind while their husbands are away in the fight this freed up the director seat in the juvenile delinquency feel we should then being offered to Robson with no Val lewton around to assign him to another project ropes and that accepted even further delighted to learn to the screen lighter assigned to him for the film was to be Aldo Ray Hunan finished work on her entry for the Falcon series
01:57:31it was as he was leaving the studio that evening but he happened to glance up at lutens corner office and see that the light was on
01:57:41Curious you walked over to the building and made his way up to the office which was old but is that he found Luton at his desk reading through a thick script bearing his trademark scribbles on the front
01:57:53Mark he said his ropes and ended I heard about the juvie job congratulations
01:58:00how are you Seth Rogen
01:58:02bruised smile Newton very bruised but not entirely beaten
01:58:10you know that No One Believes It Right Said Robeson even Lou austro then she would double crossed
01:58:17dear old Lulu smile please
01:58:22it was like them
01:58:24ropes and pointed to the script
01:58:27is that the next one
01:58:30I finished it last night that losing turning it in his hands more cats people lick needs now is a terrible name
01:58:40ropes and life into the seat I want to know everything about
01:58:45you know said loosen you going to be busy on your own film for a while I'm going to have to do this one without you
01:58:53I know it's a drunk person
01:58:56but tell me anyway
01:58:59I like your stories
01:59:15crowdfunding he's such an ugly was it implies that you are some kind of noisy and onimus crowd which is why I like to credits all the wonderful people who helped monthly to make these shows happened as Monaco produces if you look at the show notes for this episode you'll see a little link for the credits and if you use that link you'll see them every single person whose taking the time to sign up to become a patron of this show is right there as they should be as the shows of grown in ambition so to have they grown in expense I'm not exaggerating when I say that I literally could not make these shows without you guys so if you are the patron yet as you feel like spending 2 minutes to sign up and spread a little joy in the world then I can make these shows better and even faster and I will give you all kinds of rewards for doing so and you'll be an official co-producer and it starts from just $1 a month and I'll buy you an ice cream
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