DO THINGS ON YOUR OWN TERMS. We all judge people. We make assumptions about what people care about and who they are based on the way they look. But people are often more than they seem. No matter what judgments people may have of you, you can break the status quo. Never let the way you look determine what you’re capable of. Keep questioning your judgements and make others question.
On today’s episode of The School of Greatness, I talk about defying people’s expectations with a couple who is much more than they seem: Lauryn and Michael Bosstick. Lauryn Evarts and Michael Bosstick host the entrepreneurial podcast, The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER, which just hit 16 million downloads. Lauryn has turned her passion for beauty, wellness and no-censor advice into one of the most distinctive blogs online today, The Skinny Confidential. Along with the blog Lauryn released her own book, The Skinny Confidential Lifestyle Guide and a BODY GUIDE, which is a monthly subscription service that includes new workouts and meal plans. Michael Bosstick is the CEO of Dear Media, founder of Bosstick Media, co-founder of Jetbed, Inc., co-host of the TSC podcast + much more. Lauryn and Michael are open about the struggles of working together while being married and what it takes to keep sex alive after ten years. So get ready to learn how to keep a relationship exciting (especially while working together) on Episode 820.
Some Questions I Ask:
What did you want in a long term partner? (7:00)
What do you guys get judged for the most? (17:00)
What’s the hardest thing about being married and working together? (19:00)
Do you ever wish you could not be so public with everything? (27:00)
Which is something you wish you were better at? (38:00)
What advice would you give to a couple who wants to go into business together? (46:00)
What’s the question you wish Lauryn would ask you that she hasn’t asked? (58:00)
In This Episode You Will Learn:
About Lauryn and Michael’s most interesting podcast guest (11:00)
A fun easy way to spice up your sex life (23:00)
Why Lauryn has been transparent about her plastic surgery (26:00)
How to build a “strategic future by design” (47:00)
How to not let outside voices affect your relationship (54:00)
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