Anyone can craft an engaging speech.
You have to start with something that drives you.
Whether you’re speaking to one person or a thousand, once you find your big idea you can continue with a few key steps that will guarantee to keep your audience wanting more.
You must demonstrate that you can view the world from your listener’s perspective.
Say what the consequences will be if they don’t accept your offer.
And what the reward will be if they join your movement.
For this Five Minute Friday I revisit a conversation with my good friend Michael Port, who breaks down 5 key components of speech writing and why they work.
Michael Port is a New York Times bestselling author and former professional actor having appeared in numerous films and on television. These days, Michael can be seen on MSNBC, CNBC, and PBS as an on-air expert in communication and business development and as the host of his own podcast Steal the Show with Michael Port.
From creating a powerful speech to preparing for an interview, Michael assures that including these components will win your audience over.
Learn how to write an incredible speech in Episode 807.
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