IN CHARM WE TRUST. How do you enroll people in your vision? How do you ask for more than what your limiting beliefs think you deserve? How do you accomplish dreams even though you feel unprepared? It’s all about pushing past what you think you can do. You have to ask. And you need to surround yourself with people who will help you accomplish the impossible. The School of Greatness wouldn’t be what it is today without the help of my executive team. On today’s episode of The School of Greatness, I talk about the journey of The School of Greatness with my friend and COO Cesar and my amazing assistant: Sarah Livingstone. Sarah Livingstone has been my assistant for the last six years and is now moving on. She doesn’t love the spotlight, but I wanted to stretch her by having her as a guest on The School of Greatness. She says the keys to being a great assistant are thinking three steps ahead of others and believing in the message.
So get ready to learn more about Sarah and how The School of Greatness has become what it is today on Episode 821.
Some Questions I Ask:
What’s been the biggest lesson from the last four years? (11:00)
What was the highlight of the second your for you? (29:00)
What advice do you have about being a great team player? (35:30)
Who was your favorite guest on The School of Greatness? (43:00)
Was there ever a time you wanted to quit? (46:00)
What advice do you have for me moving forward? (56:00)
In This Episode You Will Learn:
The story of how Sarah and I met (15:00)
About the “champagne” story (19:00)
Sarah’s highlight of the six years (24:00)
About the evolution of Sarah’s mindset (40:00)
What’s next for Sarah (1:00:00)
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