The Ringer’s Chris Ryan and Justin Verrier are joined by Haley O’Shaughnessy, Jason Concepcion, and Paolo Uggetti to react to the night’s quadruple header and answer a few mailbag questions.

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00:00:23Everybody Hates Chris Ryan you're about to listen to the ringer NBA show group chat we recorded this Wednesday night as the Thunder climb back into their series with the Jazz we watch that quadruple header on Wednesday night and talked all about LeBron his game-winning shot Russell Westbrook and playoff P coming back we also talked a lot about the Sixers huge surprise we will be doing these group Chats on Wednesday nights you can watch live on Twitter on a various video platforms and then you can also listen to it late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning however you get down check out the ringer NBA show all week to just answer any playoff question query you have will be there for you and without further Ado here's the ringer NBA show group chat
00:01:08basketball is very good
00:01:12you would make the finals in the East Ben Simmons doesn't need a jumper
00:01:17Terry Rozier is more clutch than Kyrie basketball is very good hello and welcome to 6 coffee shop wrap earlier LeBron James LeBron James all over the Pacers we're going to talk about everything that happened tonight everything is going on in the playoffs I just want to take a quick sip of all the haters tears
00:01:54take that where everybody seems to just want the Thunder out of here as fast as possible they want PG-13 out of there as fast as possible Melo to be in his 28 million dollars sarcophagus in Oklahoma City can you explain to me before we get to the general turn against the Thunder is first of all mellow was not playing in the game and that seemed to spark a little bit of something with this under team then obviously rosters just unconscious
00:02:54playing pretty sound defense results determine range jumpers and that really is you just got to keep your hat to him
00:03:19James River important so far the most important or is that just like a basketball Twitter thing and it's actually like for the most part people still love Ross and people to see the Thunder more than they want to watch Regular cycle of a NBA player you know when a player is younger and the stakes are a lot of fun I think Sunday is a joke and he's never got to the conference center at the sky it's a similar Dynamic it plays one of the most exciting players if not the most exciting player in the league the athleticism is thrilling his will to win is like truly inspiring and at the same time like you got to balance that with the cancer
00:04:19the hard fit with a winning basketball team at the highest again but also what is a lightning rod he's doing sometimes he's a jerk he's just a very loud bison for that reason but you can have it mean you can do the whole Advanced analytics thing and his usage rate and everything but I also
00:04:51we've seen before how we just going to like stops at the perimeter after he gives the ball out and that's very much like just the eye test what you think also like the I think you were talking to you about this earlier about where think part of it is rather than giving the Jazz the credit and some of the players on the Jazz like Ricky and Diamond the credit they deserve world like more obsessed with how they put together the wrong pieces on the Thunder
00:05:21sing about mellow was like nobody really thought that he would fit there in the first place and so I think it's just everyone thought that the pieces where we're going to fit in the first place and they still do about Paul George saying because I thought that they would come back pretty early although I thought they were dead for a while but then I thought they looked like they just had a little bit of momentum and it was way too early and went over there got in foul trouble obviously go Bears the series he stops Danny wrote about this go stops everything the Thunder want to do which is that Relentless push towards the basket and then kicking it out to Shooters
00:06:07how long do I have to run most of it a lot of it has to do with Russell sort of caring the water for the mistakes of the franchise itself so whether it's hardened whether it's Durant walking whether it's Preston gilding the lily a little bit for take and getting mellow when he would you rather have Jesus by Jeremy Grant is playing in the series if that's all they have him last series when they couldn't play in the inverse of the Thunder Supporting Cast maybe not being up to par. Scores really kind of want to down the stretch that is something I know he was saying and I think that's the problem you have with his team yeah they have the defense that can support them to stain them for three wins in the series
00:07:07too kind of a tit-for-tat sort of scoring fast and they don't have a guy that can turn to Mitchell's try to just didn't seem like he had that is like the first game that we watch night which was Pacers Cavs which is like a really cool Dynamic young team who has a lot of interesting players were still earlier than element with the end of the day none of them are named LeBron Victor Oladipo is having a rough game that you can't turn to Myles Turner happening or anybody who I can't believe I'm saying this in person amazing that was also to me that 360 Black
00:08:07Henry play it was obvious for sure because they won the game what is sort of investment in LeBron James does it the store whether the East is any good in 24 hours to take a step back here but we were talking earlier about how like the East is still LeBron and everyone else in terms of that that like kind of Morkie I grabbing Town well I am in your ears all the time if anything earlier game just thinking like why is still pretty bad for him in years to even bring that went back to the Cavs and the Pacers on the other side Victor Oladipo is pretty much shut down the entire night a lot don't have the front
00:09:07find Talent so we are the best team in the playoffs James Harden's having these weird start to games were like this is what happened last year and it was like freezing PowerShot so you're just a run on the Cavs is playing really poorly
00:10:07forever starting rotation that's like those guys are playing bit minutes they're playing like fultz minutes likes in in second and third quarters which is
00:10:35this did the shortening of the rotation in the playoffs that happens naturally every year but then there are some coaches who still find creative ways to either alleviate some plus mine and off like we might not have R Us on the floor we can't like we're going to die if we have a problem before but like the Sixers are playing a fair amount of guys and loosening up like the rotation a little bit Washington Milwaukee especially Cleveland they're just like maybe when you see like Derrick Rose in and they started the 4th quarter with
00:11:15all reserves which I think is kind of weird for tips so it's like you guys are the team is supposed to have his reputation but instead like John Wall play the entire second half just ridiculous it's okay 44 minutes he was obviously very tired I think it's a function of like just those teams just having much heavier expectations and there's a possum Brooks tabs I'm not saying like any less strong positions then like popcorn or maybe even Brett they can't decide to clean house in Washington this year you know what I mean like that's why all the questions in the Sixers and heat those much more of a chess match on a level of some of the guys that the Sixers have but there was a lot of Mickey maybe a little bit
00:12:15what is team they really just have their base line up or like we said before just one guy you have a LeBron and that's it your work life have to be so rude you have to love your job that you would put off dental surgery why are we talking about this guy just being like I'm just going to be a toothless vagrant for this entire series you there we were talking about this before we went on their contracts hour of a Molly trip. Let's open a bar in the Caymans
00:13:15I love this kid and the Cavs I don't mean this is a bit any any observations you want to share from Washington Raptors or Minnesota Houston
00:13:40think is more on the hot seat Brooks or Donovan always sure. David Mitchell he's been expressing his
00:14:04but I just forwarded to be like Russ I'm going to bench you if you don't do this or mellow you have to like see I don't think he does it like institutionally and I feel like his seat is hotter simply for the fact that the next step after either firing or not firing Donovan is like is Sam presti so I feel like the only other thing after that is people start asking like is Sam presti any bit of his yes I would like to see Billy Donovan in another team setting doesn't have a personality that kind of rules everything
00:15:04in your own system Fred Hoiberg is done pretty well with lesser guys. What's the difference between skastra and Billy Donovan and could any of these guys if you switch them walk up to Russ and be like you play my way or rent region or whatever and that's the big question because everybody always says Billy Donovan has this Allegan side sign offense but they have Ross and Russ is always going to be is it that most teams in the NBA
00:15:40also plays into it is that Popovich is very much in control of that organization where is Russ is control of the Thunder organist for the record if I had dental surgery Justin says not just in bahria but just another job what do you think I like more the thunder come back or his stat line
00:16:15just do the hands for years just like I did and then all of a sudden something happened and I know he has good teammates where the what the reason why I know he has to help everyone said he didn't have last year which is why we all voted for
00:16:48okay okay I just think it's like if you want to get real about it I bet that we find a lot more stat hunting that we actually think is out there it just so happens there was egregious about the rebound and stealing them Steven Adams when you try to tell me like Dean or incentives and their deals where it's like me the same thing it sounds like everybody's that hunting is it fact or is it fiction and let's start with one I have no real like a personal investment in the Sixers are the best team in the East proof
00:17:48give me the favorites that's. Yeah it's never bet against LeBron but there's so much more complete and he's like he's averaged this month this many minutes all season nice link 44 and he did what he did like you can't keep this up as it's not the same and this is the least he's ever had to work with so he's having to do the most so he's going to have to play Toronto probably and probably go 6-6 against Toronto or 7 against Toronto and then he gets Boston ridiculous
00:18:40I think it's fat but I'm not like I'm not a thority authoritative about it I think the Sixers of the most dangerous team in the East for sure just because like they're so young there so dangerous and they they have no pressure on them and they are the expectations are mounting where is before results found money like yeah we weren't even supposed to be in the playoffs at this point there's like there's definitely a buzz around it that's creating more pressure on the stickers my phone
00:19:25tomorrow I need something to like go to do and I'll give you the reasons why this is a fact I can't see anybody beating them four times in seven games in like 2 months and I'm talking about the top-line talent that can win games
00:19:44I mean Ben and Joelle are like we're not talking about Depot in Myles Turner Magic Johnson and Hakeem Olajuwon the Caymans and open the bar let's go
00:19:59fact or fiction as tyloo takes those simply because I don't know what else he has to do here he's basically playing the guys he has available George Hill like isn't available any might be what they're both best player who are the guys that they did not know what has 9 digit for the guys that they didn't play tonight I'll take a zz Thompson Kendrick and I don't have that same for Jeff green Jordan Clarkson 14 JR Smith 0.05 made field goals in 32 minutes to zero free throws
00:20:59Isabel has available to do you think that's a good point station play LeBron much as like when he does things like puts Jeff Green back out in 4th quarter I think it's coaching office in this crazy much another fact or fiction and this one was admittedly written when they're up by about 25 points in the Jazz are the new Spurs play when I was watching and they were out but I was like
00:21:49when is the new pop like Donovan is his new like players is going to like be in the system and support everything and like be all about this team even though there in Utah maybe like in 2 years did incredible. Traumatik to be the playoffs it's just incredible that they were even able to hang out last game was down to the wire even know what there's 40 still keeping the minions games I mean when is Loki impressive the next whoever the next Spurs is needs to they need to win 50 games for 10 years before anybody calls in the next person
00:22:49playing outside of a small Market in Frank Emme like surviving the exit of a franchise player which I guess this person really had to Grapple with but never really added a franchise player either outside of anything at the draft so it's it's it's really impressive last fact or fiction we haven't talked in awhile
00:23:14yeah that's fact we just I think we just forget about them in something that Justin and I have been talking about lately is that also they're kind of in the background because it hasn't been as easy for them as it should have been like if they're definitely still the major threat but it's just like okay you didn't sweep the Spurs they don't even have choir like you said like Monsters like a guy who's been bald for like a decade and a half and you're still in the sun like Steph quietly as I'd like 3 ankle injuries and it's scary and we don't even know if he's going to be back by the beginning of the next series so nothing's really been easy for them that being said I mean I solve Kevin Durant
00:24:07and the rockets kind of have an easier path which is the other kind of regular math problems for the Warriors especially stuff isn't going to be there whoever comes out of the Jazz Thunder series might have gone to six seven games now you wonder if the Thunder as we seen before getting to the east or two situations if you see the Jazz you just don't have the top level of March Madness going on in these playoffs where we're right on the precipice of Utah we've got New Orleans in the next round we can have Utah in the next round the expensive R Us more like the final and then NCAA tournament you like
00:25:00Duke and Kansas and Kentucky roster
00:25:10then some of the Eastern Conference matchups we could have some wild Western Conference
00:25:19can we find Utah very fun to watch Donovan super flashy
00:25:25show me there I think that they're very funny why don't we going to have some really really really actually and I say that the Celtics are not closer to pull start Eastern Conference things so much more if it was Sixers versus Kyrie and LeBron versus a good Raptors team and they were they were fired and then deleting their posting and then there was some either LeBron vs. Kyrie in the Eastern Conference Finals Sixers like Ben Simmons and LeBron that would have been great to be greatest the Bucks were you know
00:26:25are they giving take of it like if Detroit had like kept it together and maybe I believe for the whole season in inside this is no shots of town you would kind of processor on you are the rock the Rockets are soft and we should be worried about them that they did that the other yeah I'm somewhere in between it's very troubling to me that starts at James Harden had all those guys more than anyone in the biggest Frontline the Lee we're going to bat Clint capela and might not be available for that seriously kind of throws them off I think that's why I wouldn't go so far
00:27:21it is notable that the three major figures in that team have never gotten it done that's all I'm saying Mike D'Antoni is like to wake up every day smiling
00:27:43how to call a team software like can drive through to the red like that and we haven't seen them get tripped up yet but there's not a lot of pedaling uphill with used and they don't fight through it they they pour on these 30-point runs near as well I guess that's just where the game's over but you haven't seen them in like dog fight
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00:29:50speaking of these kinds of like obstacles that seems I will talk a little bit about what Kryptonite some of these playoff teams my face like what what's the thing that could undo one of these teams what is it about what is it for Houston is it is it a physical team that a team with a big fat lie like what's their Kryptonite I think it's the Wolves when things got a little tight you started to worry about guys I Chris Paul and like an app game one where I went down to the wire because it through where the ball at the end there I do wonder if they get into those to sort of situations if that history is going to start to mount especially with guys like Chris special you guys like James Harden
00:30:33how was Power series is raft also I think just because of like the way they're their strategy of relying so much on on free throw you just you'll see the Red Sox play outside so we're just going to the rockets and you're going to have to call some of them so I don't know it'll be interesting to see we saw a little bit of tonight slamming into Chris Paul Chris Paul Chris Paul can you put him on Till if you get in his head if you take him out of the game
00:31:21over the years or more so the Thunder given how you know crazy Russ's but I think like if you want to come and get picked up the Rock and I feel like that's the one thing you could be like that something that you could throw him out there game getting Chris Paul agitated when someone is going to have a similar problem but based on the fact that they squirt off with a black MMA black belt fighter this week and Simmons in the head with a condom in the first 2 minutes every fouls going to be as hard as possible with throwing Belinelli into the stand-on sure all the Miami fans out there were probably blue
00:32:21to be like face at all but I just Wishin so what do you think they're Kryptonite is Jason can you think of what I mean like if canonby keep this up can you play this this type of minutes what happens when somebody's like well what if I elbow and beat in the face through his mask on the plus to see like Which Wich Celtic redo that Miami I'm not sure they're four of those games are against kind of more of the upper-level team wonder if they can pull off the same thing that not only has some of the horses to go up against some of those Frontline guys at the Sixers have but they also have the playoff experience if they can meet you where is the Heat
00:33:21used to do that throughout one time with the next week I'll have a similar job that they do with Miami they're not going to know Boston such a good job of throwing these different combos of people at you the thing that you just give me what team are you most worried about
00:34:01are the Sixers the Warriors this is my been like waiting to be properly motivated putting more gravity on this issue like this was hit the ankle that almost like ruined his career so there's no to I mean if it's taking this long there's no telling if you know they're like okay be really good if you can just come back as soon as possible obviously it's the playoffs so he comes back and he's not a hundred percent
00:34:54you know I mean like that I just wonder what they're going to do when they don't have the best player in the series so we saw when they lost at finals Davis is right now play better than Kevin Durant better than Kevin would you make the argument to offensive player of the top 5 defensive player the best player the best player in the series with Rondo Andrew outweighs cabin with clay and Fremont and I think the problem is when you don't have stuff you just don't have those insurmountable numbers of those type of guys when all five of the best warriors around the court it's just almost impossible like throughout history maybe don't have a lineup to counterbalance that but when he's not out there he changes what they do a lot
00:35:54I like it in the first round of changes things easier for the Pelicans to create Advantage by being smaller than the wars being in the death lineup in the way the Warriors actually can't match up with the desk. Simmons redx have that Pistons after we won the finals vibe that some of those teams that we've seen any of the last like 15 years really are you a little bit bored with doing this like as a group or do you think it was supposed to be this infusion
00:36:40the question about whether or not there mentally engaged has been asked a lot and I think they've been forced to answer that question and Henson is become a storyline
00:36:49yes I think that's like almost like it was like challenging the offseason and he was like but it's that it's that I'm not getting like doing the right things every night and doesn't need to throw behind the pass back pass all the time yeah kind of does because he like zones out I think that that's just like the nature of that team and those guys they're just took super super super town that they can score anytime they want so they kind of zone out sometimes I'm not sure that that's an all the way bad thing you know that's a good that's part of why Draymond is so important
00:37:49tonight he as much as he does he's also risk I mean I was scheduled to go through the end of the season we have a response this but you're making the heat out to be something greater than they actually were and I do I do think the winds were impressive I don't think they played a good team yet I hear you I respect you both of those things are true
00:38:33I think the sustained amount of Excellence that they've been putting forward like this run out Paces any like over there beating up on the Mavericks in the magic in the Hawks I mean nobody wins this many games in the NBA or is not good when the Heat or The Warriors go on runs when I feel like once I have like a premature parade down Broad Street give me the Cavs I also think they compared to a lot of the Eastern Conference teams that we've been watching the heat were you know fears competitors does anybody I'm just saying like you're telling me that the Pacers look better than the Sixers or the Cavs look better than the Sixers the Sixers are playing like physically on a
00:39:33LeBron is like sub superhuman
00:39:45the Sixers as they have they have a play style and it fits their players and the coach is totally aligned with what the players want to do and how they want to play and they have a system that works and that's not a thing that you can say for
00:40:02every team in the East is basically like LeBron save us please every night or like looking for a thing that will work on a consistent basis the Celtics are decimated and why are we talking about
00:40:19I don't like what is it like let's actually interrogated why do we always just showers and talk about the same thing we've been doing this for 4 years now but they have time to do it
00:40:45and as we've seen in this postseason we're kind of true and I also don't like the backlash of that backlash since I call you guys just don't watch it
00:40:59best Raptors team in in the franchise history fine
00:41:07like when we are I need to see you win a series that matters music honestly because they couldn't they couldn't very well they're not going to obviously they can't be swept but they could very well be just like the Blazers where we were like oh my God they're so different there so their step up but then it's like in the playoffs or so underwhelming and I'm not saying they have been so far but you could easily see them into for me like that I hated each other as recently as 5 minutes ago and like on the verge of falling apart at any given moment some exit interviews one line Exeter use you guys have been pounding away on these basically as soon as a team week to meet Team get eliminated from playoffs like what basically their season
00:42:07so let's talk about just a couple of the eliminated teams San Antonio Spurs exit interview what do you guys think? Is enormous
00:42:19not even sitting quiet side cuz I'm thinking just like we changed the next 10 years of this franchise if they trade him what what do you what do you see for the Spurs right now I think I think the coaching question is interesting because all of their assistants are being rumored in a bunch of pop and what does that mean for the direction of the franchise do in terms of rebuilding a real thing or whatever they choose to do I think that's also good question fishing we tied to this quiet window like I think he got to the end of the Tim and Powell Tony manual Tim thing and people were like maybe I'll just go coach the MSA and then it was like
00:43:11list... Doesn't pack things a little bit early but like what other guys are able to kind of like leak out of this team and start to go. It's might be a little premature to think that's his is on the hot seat to call the season to success like okay they're in the playoffs like that's enough but honestly it's it's kind of tough all the glory goes away when you get your ass kicked and you know historic 50-point third quarter so I think that in the end it actually wasn't and I think now they're kind of realizing that they're a little bit stuck in the mud you know they have these three guys and they were supposed to build this team on in this
00:44:11Butler's up for an extension so if they offer him the Max and they offer Carl the rookie Max extension I mean obviously they have to do it at a time not sure about Butler Because by the time that that extension would start he be 30 so I'm not sure if that's at least the fourth quarter tonight you know 3 can you trade Wiggins at this point and if that one for what there's a lot of toxic assets this summer
00:45:11strikes out on every free agent is it going for him or something like that
00:45:23dump all this on you know what I mean like this summer and you're okay so first one from Twitter Vance Williams asks what Houston Philly to the ultimate Rhapsody NBA Finals Rhapsody really good question Brooklyn versus Philly has like Maury with the ghost of hinky it would be a lot of like there's a couple of players that have been traded back and forth in that Houston situation Warriors to the Bay Area
00:46:16Toronto to stop talking to John Wall and it's just like when they make him up or the mic is close to him and you hear Drake's voice I'm like it's not a great shift talking voice so you know it's not the intention With The Star Trek wants to know ya like a 1980s mobbed-up lawyer Joe prunty or Billy Donovan also has to be in there. Is the book that has all the figures in it even the count chocula hair is now
00:47:16it's just like Wire season 2 or a Galaxy I had no on my team so I know it's fine sometimes very rarely and then the rest of the time we ever was
00:47:49when I fought that Jackson was going to really make him take it take a pay cut when is really what I thought when I really thought Cloud Jackson's going to be like do you want to win or do you want to make money and then and that I thought that mellow would really be like that let's put a team together put a team together like I'm going to take a pay cut looks like really assemble the squad and make a run at it and he was like and then it was like it's 5 million less than the Max from Twitter at Colt underscore Gerdes
00:48:48character would you compare to round1 Benson it's it's it's it is round one so he's he's Robb Stark he's winning a lot of battles but we need to see let's see what apps are I mean does this guy make it to season 3 Let's see Haley Jason Justin everybody in the booth thank you for hanging out with us on a nice Wednesday night of NBA basketball Thunder forever
00:49:34basketball is very good

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