The non-broadcast pilot for Ricky's new series of radio shows on Sirius XM which commences late October '17 on Sirius XM. Joining Ricky in this edition are Sam Roberts and Mike Birbiglia.
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00:00:00testing testing this is Ricky device on Sirius XM The Old Company okay for serious but maybe come Sirius XM Sirius XM is that important I feel like they were there at one point okay on Sirius XM is the non broadcast pie that so you can't hear it so I don't know why I'm talking to you well maybe put an hour if it goes well so it's me testing the war was saying if I if I if I'm still called it to do an occasional radio show maybe a podcast so I'm just going to talk for an hour or so with my chime Sam say hello hello who's just helping me out please help me out so I'm not just talkin to myself I know I'm talking to you but you're not listening cuz you can't hear this cuz this is me bro cost unless it is at the moment
00:00:59show we don't know once a month maybe once a week maybe I'll stole them up and do it it will say or is that like on the TV that's right I got season 5 specials when you can colon fighting yeah I'm so what's it about what is really big issues are we what we talked about what was on TV last night I want to be quiet time is not to topical with with did with the biggest shoes what's the meaning of life right tonight tomorrow from the headlines for me science comedy and music which is perfect right it wasn't it you can talk about them for a long time we endlessly will talk about why we're here where do we come from Watson pool and they'll be jokes that be discussions I don't know if I some of my favorite music I hope there's a reverend discussions cuz right now it sounds very heady
00:02:00hey this is great I have them they come in different sizes I should we should save that they do come in different sizes yeah they compare and contrast thing doesn't work in your favor right I'd be sitting here naked and there was just the one that's not the penis envy smaller exactly right right now you have a certain if you are show you have a certain amount of authority but if you were naked it would be we would know that's that's really unfortunate nestled onto plums so comfortable is comfortable so this is the sort of quality you can expect from the show
00:03:00getting ready I'm looking to buy as you probably know me as a cry or something. The office next isn't Derek and some of my stand up by starving right here I still love the medium and that was my first glimpse of anything to do with show business I was born guests from England I was born and if I scoop with the estate in Reading I studied science is growing up I went universities do sciences but that was too hot so I changed to philosophy and then I got as a file pop star and then I got a new job in an office for 10 years which is what the office is by Stone and I got my first break in the local radio station for Alexa family London it about 1997-98 and I've always loved by there so that's why I'm here to see if it's still good at these guys in the internet and everything
00:03:59testicles oh yeah you can say yeah what's your CEO of irreverent Road slang word in the testicles balls yeah looks Americans are good with using words the way Brits are like we like bollocks it means testicles but it means you say bollocks in a ton of different context but she's very last load of bollocks we don't care if you did see a huge pile of decapitated testicles right you wouldn't just go later Pollock's you wouldn't go load of bollocks you go to the police across a huge pile of decapitated testicles somewhere and it wasn't a hospital it wasn't a
00:04:59a sex change hospital if you if you still want to open door and you went into a basement of a house and in one corner that was a huge pile of human testicles right and a bloody Stein some of that were radios and sort of like rotting away and there was a fresh path still sore like beating I don't think testicles bait but you know I'm saying they throb a little and there's some groaning and the door why you know there's a man that holding his growing with no testicles where they've just been dropped off coupon it wouldn't you go what she's going on I panic on to read levels number one that this was going on under my nose cuz it's obviously in your hometown number to the Thousand men have walked around with no testicles and you had no idea well no but he's probably killed them off to shut the hose off and put on a Pisces Trophy and then he's killed them but that's one blow dry it was still chained up right and he's got no balls he should be priced right
00:05:59is not to change anything while I could help this guy inside of him but what if the killer comes back of the big knife and a ski mask going to cut your balls off oh yeah thinking about your life being over your thinking about your balls getting cut out juice Nyan trying to do the change
00:06:22right inside this guy right but the risk of your iron bowl was laid off and then there's no way he's already got his balls cut off so what's a sloppy cereal can a y g leave the door open to his house smells like balls
00:06:56supposedly and onions and I sweating through the Bold is baby powder Market is huge friend for by adults and it's because I got a powder you know under their shorts because they're little talks hippos I mean it's a big American thing you got to ask around about this out of your balls so so eloquent call Papa Roach you get yes would be the answer I'll bet I'll bet even if you would like if you went downstairs to one of the executives offices and you ask them do you powder your balls because you're you there probably tell you the truth
00:07:56play the official gets picked up maybe you could do that was the first episode right migori ground SiriusXM office ASAP. I started off saying we'll be talking about the big issues but the stereo get a new stumbling about this guy do you save this man chained up with both missing I would absolutely right away place so you don't you don't I call the police far away today the truth I wouldn't do it immediately I would run far because in my mind I'd look at this guy he's already got his testicles cut off most likely he'll bleed out before long anyway when you lose your testicles might be it might be so Crossing his legs and sociology the flower
00:08:56you think he's I just hope to God I mean it's a really slow way to go as long as we speak. No sounds not Bulldogs I know he's he's he's Ricky gervais's friend if you just had him sit in on the show so
00:09:29right so I'm going to play some music is why I was so I don't have a place in my favorite tracks of all time with all this talk about bulls what can I play oh what about Bones by Radiohead Paranoid favorite songs of all time I'm Radiohead the bends is one of my favorite albums of all time and I still listen to it once a week I know it's 20 years old now but it's fantastic and Bones is one of my favorite songs as a lesson lyrics in that I used to fly like Peter Pan and it just it just saw his beautiful this is Bones by Radiohead on my TV right now because this is an important part of that might be broadcast it's not live so we can't do a traditional phone in because they can't tell him to call in Eatontown I'll be listening listening pocket still I could tweet the number to say cold in between the shop and they would not so what I thought do is I'll go on Facebook live and say I'm doing a colon and then it looked like they were listening
00:10:29Facebook account Facebook live I'm in New York and I'm in the Sirius XM headquarters and I'm doing it for a radio show and hey everybody is helping me out eventually I want to do phone into with people so I'll be talking about on my favorite subjects like science the music, they will be joking about the the big issues life Etc what's the point and within that if I don't know the answer myself I might phone experts on my phone and I Wichita Kansas Lawrence Krauss oh you know one of those guys but you don't have to be a genius to get on the show cuz I'll be talking to you morons too
00:11:28I just wanted you want to be a little more inclusive sure right for everybody is valuable to me and I'll tell you why qualifying okay cuz it's people like Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss and all those guys I'm not very bright right but these guys might be seem small I see that's why I like these fucking is Casey you want to limit the experts and get as many toys and me and my moron if you go to the glasses to call at 866-472-9364 and I'll tell you what we talkin about
00:12:28I started doing this party and I said I was going to be able to go outside and everything and then for some reason we gone to testicle tonight we did right as tends to happen yeah time if he if he if he was walking down the street right and there's a lot of the house you see a door open and you might have grown into something and you go and you guys aren't you a basement and there is a big pile of decapitated testicle was I thought a thousand testicle with a big and it's not like the fries England an angel beside Publix and it cost as much as I was allowed to buy it would be freaky wouldn't it so you can always have a big pile of human testicles ripped out some of the back of a vessel in a way and I got my goat song I'm going to spend some of the front of pressure and there's One Pilots still short like throbbing away and and then you looked and there's a guy chained up with his balls cut off and you know the serial killers going to come back in a minute do you want
00:13:28that guy at the risk of your own bows getting cut off or do you leave him and run away that's the question says it fits the number playlist the Netherlands is anyone there what the hell is I got myself into huge testicles yeah why was of pairs of testicle so Cornelia show your work wedgie wedgie live for you and I'm too damn I'm near Amsterdam Street in your town is a door open your hair grow now
00:14:10and you go what's that and you got to dance
00:14:18and there's a big pile of thousand pairs of decapitated testicles in in various degrees of like this and I age right and there's one fresh pad on the top just still sliding down the pile what I've been festy go off and throw it on there and then you see a guy chained up bleeding from his groin again probably know this guy before the serial killer comes back yeah yeah you got Robin near you cause flight or fight you thought you got mad cuz I was cut off and then being murdered out and call the place when you're a safe distance absolutely no testicles question is the ultimate test of whether you care about yourself or humankind
00:15:18extreme you can't blame people for running away even if it's coming on my God that guy is going to be killed now or tongue can't blame them but these people cannot then go forward and say no no no I put I care about people before I care about myself no cuz if your balls were on the line you would care about your science today Sam said that the galley wouldn't live long anyway because he's bleed out to quit the I don't think you would please files from the bowls I didn't eat what I think it would be so like I take it why was Nixon while shaving
00:15:58play survive we got lucky we really got to shave his balls and making them why you shaving your balls Canadians just would like just cuz it's absolutely so what you showed them with that you if you got no Clipper or you just like love them out and do it with a so of a normal psoa Riser dedicated razor you have bull Rises on face Rises you don't get those two stuff occasionally but not often movie villain when he goes I have dedicated racist yes
00:16:50Canadian do you listen to Sirius or do you follow me on Facebook why do you know me or serious or both both but I was watching your your Facebook lies and I just dialed the number as soon as you mentioned it but it occasional show on this cuz I want your opinion of mine amount amount of the time who has dedicated bull Rises I want his opinion on whether I should take a jump hey what do you think I would say absolutely in Glenside listen thank you very much thanks for calling in I'm going to do it now I'll leave the door
00:17:41that was good that's great Cornelius is a good guy I think we should cut our losses yeah I think we could thanks for everyone to cold in but maybe we should just do one phone call I think I got why we could have been scary or Worse boring but only Dias I think I nailed it ain't you pose whipped often and keeping them groomed I think April come she will by Simon and Garfunkel that sounds great sure sweet names a few months of the year and I I get physically compared to Garfunkel on an almost daily basis fun code young Bob Dylan about you as well as bad but the problem is with these folk singers in the sixties and seventies were not known for being physically attractive
00:18:41it was more just about the art adonis's it don't like that I went track stars right and unfortunately I don't have the artistic ability who would spend you know the first 15 years in that bedroom learning three chords and then but now I just have the first part unfortunately without all the scale right exactly right right up until 8:15 or so and then we part ways Simon and Garfunkel in April come she will
00:19:20that was April come she will by Simon and Garfunkel and wild that was playing little chops popped in for that will talk Avenue what's your name my name is comedian Mike Birbiglia and what you doing then wait why I came by because you invited me I heard yeah I know you're in town and thrilled to chat with you some of my favorite comedians thank you I've seen him live a couple of times what the first time was a big benefit for Michael J fox Foundation I didn't know you I love your style and then we got to chat and you sent me a movie about your jewelry life is a yeah so you can ask but Malden and just I thought it was I thought was fantastic one of my favorite films about yeah thank you I was it was it was up late so what you doing now are you off I'm on tour
00:20:20going to 25 American cities in in the fall the shows called the new one and and it's it's you know I don't really I actually don't talk about what it's about cuz I like to have it be like you know the movie get out yeah I would say like the nicest thing as my favorite movie this year the nicest thing I can do is just tell all my friends and just say like to see this movie don't watch the trailer don't read reviews and so that's how I say to people when they ask me what the showtime like it's the it's in it's a new show if you like Sleepwalk with me if you like my girlfriend's boyfriend thank God for joke you'll really like it like I put my heart into it if you don't like those things don't come yeah there's two other things though a movie trailer is the movie I know it's ridiculous all the good jokes the turns story points
00:21:20name of people who they know would like this film I know they let them know that happens is that the same experience of weeks and You by Stacey the same rom-com of the same superhero movie the signs I just you know they changed the names and had that with my movie Don't Think Twice I summer came out and it's Abby knows about this group of best friends and improv group or somebody get cast on like a Saturday Night Live type of show and then the rest of them don't and I had to try to convince the trailer Cutters don't reveal who gets on Saturday Night Live you're taking away from people's experience of the movie and they they couldn't cut and somehow they couldn't cut a trailer without indicating it in some way it drove me nuts I don't know how much trailers work are there because the old old to try to decide now is this is a bit like a film you like last week
00:22:20and I thought I would never watch that fit with other seen that trailer oh I think you're absolutely right so they must be they must be counterproductive is well yeah I think that's the biggest record scratch sound effect your cookies in New York I just got a new apartment 11 West given up for tomorrow I mean it's close call I hear what you're saying but also you have this British like you guys do whatever you want kind of situation where like the final episode of extras is like literally one of my favorite movies you guys must have thought about that when you were cutting it of like could people watch it as a self-contained 90-minute
00:23:20I would say you know who do you think you are who do you think you are doing a team and that was it was one review that was a snotty review it one of the Posh papers are New Yorker do TV reviews but they said something like juve's bushes ambition to thaw this is sub Dickens and I was thinking that this of me a TV show TV sitcom on British talent that wasn't as good as dick in the greatest of all time I admit I'm suffocating you fell short
00:24:20but that bad episode really to me that's quintessentially what all comedy should aspire to because it makes it made me laugh and it made me cry I feel like when you when you make comedy you can do both I think you can't because I think they're the same they're very traditional sense of tragedy and comedy comedy ends with a wedding in the tragedy in nice ride home I like it but is it a comedy or twice a lot of people or just made me too sad I'm a good so what's your life yeah they both use off when you find a lump in its that's what life is it's happening all the time
00:25:20beehive movies and TV to feel like what people's lives are like and at the end there's some little teeny modicum of hope that it was that much more that's much more reward I really I always leave hope I think I hope it's saves people I hope I agree it out hope it's there is there is nothing you know because they're hard and then and then at the end there harder what is Homewood movies if you if you can make it hard and then just a little hint of hope you can give people since like I could do something like that the reason I love working in writing and gray infection is because as a we create our own heroes and villains is roleplay for the soul
00:26:20the same emotions and no one really gets hurt yeah I know hopefully I'll feelings get that come up until they would deem themselves yeah that's good and I hear it's got a little bit of satisfaction and it doesn't need to be huge it can be a tiny Victory it could be someone just feeling better about themselves out it doesn't need to be they become a rockstar you know that they are tiny bits of honor and integrity and just a smile if if someone's never smiled a smile is massive you know yeah I'm in the office is the same way it's like the whole show in through certain lens is a tragedy and then the final episode you're like oh he's going to be okay it's going to be a kite it so it's no one's dying
00:27:20worried about him for eight on 50 I'm 60 I might even a good life and all those things a message to us if you enter in the site Society like we always your first phone is dying of this situation you're not being executed the worst thing happens to your is you don't get you a white bad service or you get embarrassed so that's the things I like to eat because everyone gets eaten by mice and everyone fears getting embarrassed and everyone wants respect yeah and and that's why you that's what you make it Universal and it doesn't it's funny cuz you people I would imagine look at your life and go like he has an experience the embarrassment of sadness and frustration ice drinks cuz you're on it just plain of success that people are thinking is unimaginable. But I'm guessing the truth is your life is a lot like it was but the things are you I mean I think that's exactly why this in my stand up I'm about as a stand-up you have to somehow keep your lower status yeah you're playing the stadium they know
00:28:20wealthy they know a good life I know I do I want yeah I know that I think I know it's you know a bowl of cherries and you can't come out and tell people what great life you got it's not funny it's not interesting to somehow you have to get your lowest night is back I know I do it but I invite in the main I do it by saying what you think it's fun flying first class will look what happened to me what you think is fun meeting the queen look what I did but you know I like it. Potts you unlike you at this dinner pie did you see not only that you're pointing to what your your status is in relationship to that specific story of the joke's on the I took her I'll spoil I am and you know and things like that I'm guessing a movie projecting but but I'm guessing that no matter how much success you have you still have a sense of
00:29:20essential dread I do and I know I'm going to die and even even like on your Twitter support animal rights and things like that where you go like no matter how much do I am experiencing look at this and salad yeah yeah you can be happier than some but that's why I think Society is Yukon Yukon enjoy everything it says terrible right it's funny you should you should say that about existential dread cuz everything I've done this like the extension I think it might be from being an atheist that I use out for you I was like yeah you had a religious upbringing right we like your mother was yeah but we know Church of England you know Jesus
00:30:20Ice Age Of The Middle's take you down for the next hour 2000 years ago in the Middle East so you know I don't know if I don't even know if she was really just thought it was but it became synonymous with respect to Villa eat light if you go to church or respectable between being religious and for all or not being released respectful this something else you know my mom is Catholic very Catholic and parents and her parents went to Latin Mass the original not even in English and
00:31:20how to play as a kid always make me feel like I was like Damien option to like jokes was in was in church because I would go between this ham that goes cross-eyed Christ
00:31:53risen Christ will come again and my brother Joe can introduce me to jokes he would do parodies of of that's not who died Christ was in prison Christ will come at 10 and we can make fun of this cuz it's kind of insane but that's what it just the best trick is not convinced a few people there was a girl that did everything is watching you and it was that you couldn't make fun of the yeah that's what's wrong with the road at the moment and it it's getting me down people think the UConn criticizing idea yeah it's ridiculous they move the goalposts you know that by saying are you hurting people's feelings by and I do that they make it sound like you're criticizing people right to shut you down so if you stop
00:32:53find Mike it personal yeah and it's not personal if you type criticizing IdeaPad know you jumped in the way of the bullet and you shouted why you shooting at me yeah hey I thought means a lot to me it seems wrong how dare you that's my sense of humor or whatever but I feel like they're sad arrest and they're taking a shot at some things and and they were killed they would literally killed and if that's where if that's how we're going to treat people who are attempting to create art then we're screwed because it said the world is getting smaller and smaller and it's anything now people trying to shut you down disrespectful or and now it's become like two tribes on the other side because everyone takes it so personally
00:33:533D art for the world is shrinking I mean the internet is making the world smaller and smaller and in you know where all this is my special but like we're all Neighbors in a certain sense it's it rated the grantley I play England is like it's not that different from the America I think I used to be a different site social media did start this outrage culture because 10 years ago if you are offended by something you saw on TV you got to get a pen and paper I will start writing it down for me to go fuck this I copy father it's not worth a letter between it means everything people being more important than being right
00:34:53Facebook it's what about like me like me retweet would let me block that one doesn't so it falls into two categories so now people worry about what side you on that don't look at the arguments will you would say you would say that you're a liberal or you would say that you are Fascist City condo in the part that you could be on the bad thing but people doing knee-jerk now right and they just said that they know that some people know that doing the DJ thing but they just want the likes from Dad gang I had one recently where I go I go you know I don't know why you'd want to bring children into the world because we're killing the Earth like we live in this New York City which is like a liberal City we barely recycle you know they the garbage in the blue bin which is basically like is this anything you know and they're all ships to Pennsylvania in the almond milk jugs and you can sleep
00:35:53pilot laser discs and someday we'll move to Blue right now and then I sat in Germany they incinerate 90% of garbage granted their history of incineration not right not just going to give but you know some I mean I don't know any how many of you know some I think that's enough to exaggerate for him that's a joke I've been doing and I had I've had people come up and be like I said the Holocaust a very sensitive subject for me and I will it's not I respect that it is a sensitive subject for you but if we don't talk about it we will make jokes about it we will forget it and that's why I didn't take any harm comes from discussing to be subject and joke is a discussion a joke is a very also brilliant they just they just do the session very very quickly and come down on one side and and an offer it to you it's a joke about about
00:36:53Hickory Point because they think that being fair I don't think what show am I looking for any thought into it all jokes are just throw it away they just leave columnist we spend years on what we're writing and him before he leaves his special I do three four years in a row and a picture of a people I get feedback from people because I've gone I've got facts wrong absolutely by I just it I ready this is do not true selection and how many my best safest most honest I didn't say fist in terms of being cautious I mean size that I know I put the research into it than most
00:37:53journalist we've also I mean like it takes so little to be labeled a shock comic by somebody right like your your joke just then you can say my previously and he's blocked shot comic Mike Birbiglia which doesn't but no journalist no matter what the headline-grabbing thing that they put up there that has nothing to do with their column or what they're writing has ever been labeled a Chop Shop the number of times I even the New York Times is clickbait adopted her dog that she adopted like New York Times, that's not a news story I think it's some very responsible because it does affect people's lives and not quite 5 6 & 9 minutes and the number of time I think it's time now and accountable I think it's time now for journalists to have more on there than I've ever had so yeah because
00:38:53fightnews Witch season 2 in this this this attack on the media by the most powerful man in the world why shouldn't I shouldn't fight fire with fire they should be more conscientious cuz that's when that that's when the truth those with the truth will win I think eventually we will have sauna if I don't think most people I think we're to fold to the truth will out please if you take every work of fiction including every holy book ever written and you destroy them all and then you check every reference book and science book and Destroy them all in a thousand years time those science books and Records but will be back exactly the same and look at the sign test would provide the same observations yeah the fiction and the holy books would never be quite the same or never return at all and I think I think of that outlet site I think eventually we will find the truth Yahoo be honored more than the nonsense and the fight lies and I just think everyone with Integrity as got have more integrity
00:39:53not fight fire with fire but have more on a ton more Integrity cuz that eventually will win will I agree and if we don't destroy yourselves before the thousand years ago well that's the other problem that people think that this global warming is going to know I know they came up half a degree does unfathomable imagine the effect it has on microbes we're already running out of antibiotics for degree we will all be dying of things that we thought we read the kite and worse because the speed of the Revolution but that's what that's why the religious stuff and and I have a lot of respect for religious people my parents and my mother is religious my father so religious I don't disrespect religion but I also feel like I do but I will say this if you are religious if your Christian wouldn't you be
00:40:53leave by your own principles that you should we should take care of the earth that God gave us is our God made them on Tuesday morning why you want to come out Tuesday was a big morning there's a man who's never let me down this is Neil Young and old man. It is you can listen to recordings of him doing it recently and he is an old man in when he recorded the first time I think it was in his 30s I need it kind of mind-boggling that he had the wisdom at that age yeah he he did
00:41:53I'll come back at 7 and seen the first time he performed at 1971 I just tell the stories just one of the great things of the world I think it's my favorite start to fall in the toilet I'm actually in Toronto in September it's not a great time I love, it was it was just fantastic and he's from he's from Ontario this is a new one comes out like well it it's arconic he's a he's a real a real artist do you think about your age a lot cuz I feel I find myself
00:42:53sneakerama call 5656 you don't maybe I hate you at the age when you have these the first mature thought so I don't hurt I'm probably 25 26 in my head oh yeah and then I walked past the mirror I see. I've never I've never had a thought you had a moment you don't have that scare that thing about missing things though billion years before I was born like that I'm 39 I'm hopeful
00:43:53Luigi inside voice I'm like oh I think that it might be about to happen where I guess because you're not going to talk to the other things earlier and I think I was being I hit the ground running with the office cuz I was about real you know I studied sitcom and that it was it was in May you how old are you in the office came out so at 9:40 I like that that's what I like to hear why I really I really found the voice under the things that I've been thinking about for 15 years they come out easy to me but some people I've been thinking about those things for 15 years that it's it's like new to them yes and it's come out for the formed and so it's it's having a voice I think I think of is now that you have to have a voice years and also
00:44:53it takes I think being honest with your cell on this day is hard to do Neil Seinfeld's enemy sometimes it goes it takes 10 he says one of those interviews from when you started from the 80s it's like it takes 7 to 10 years to even figure out who you are I agree on stay with me because it's about stand up it's about attitude yeah they have to know what they're watching it why you're saying things and so you set the out with your life first I heard the more I know you the better is just just like at the more you know a friend or your bacon say one line and it's the 12th it's it's just the only you get everything because everything's invested so it works both ways I think the more the older you know you the more you can hit the ground running and I need. It does no sent out it's funny cuz that's what I said when people ask me what the new one tore my new show is about as I go well with any luck it's about everything that's what I think I want the show to be
00:45:53everything I want my stand that we have everything I want to sit come to be a pie with everything because everything's about everything that's right it's about friendship is not being alive it's about friendship wanting to be seen all of those things at once it's about his people from together trying to start it out and do something that's sometimes I don't need you to yeah sometimes I think it's people looking for things they don't need they just think they do and that's why I want to be famous I think it's a shortcut to happiness yeah it's not just go straight to happiness then I have to go just took a shower, I did hear I mean it it's like her I'm happy cuz I'm doing my thing but I always did want to bring up I want to borrow money from you this is Mike I don't know when when do I bring this up in the
00:46:53interviewed you were telling me that I should bring it up at the beginning and I was like I should bring it up at the end
00:46:59what they meet Richard Branson I'm just telling you what the new one. Com has my has my top 25 cities and then hopefully won't answer another $0.25 to Chicago La you know St Louis San Francisco I'm all over the place the place but the only place you can get a ticket for just going on sale now is New York on the 25th and I lie on the 1st November still tickets available where you play New York that's cool yeah I love it it's great it's it's it's huge but that's not it feels it feels like a big thing that I will be in LA
00:47:59fantastic Jimmy Webb my favorite version of Galveston he's been on with his career she's been amazing I like if it was a real conversation yes I mean this is there no charge shows anymore american-us Chacho's it's now a couple of actors plug in a clip from the film and then playing underwater ping-pong for a 2 minute clip on YouTube I don't know what it's for and even even longer. Like podcast it's usually Five Guys shouting over each other it's just nice to have a normal conversation do not know stuff like we've all been conned into believing that social media numbers are a thing like all know but it does great on YouTube if you do this and nobody really breaks down like what is that I understand that you can get money on your YouTube page for me
00:48:59window again I want to hear back by this window man shot every afternoon but the internet is empty and I'll draw rival window is slightly just you tend to the drawer of a Windows outside in the pavement published it it's a wife finally got her husband's cheating on her jump jump in his drawer out the window. I'm weak on to what we talkin about Alex as well well eventually we will we get into things we don't know about and then I can cold experts, and not just
00:49:59flight from Amsterdam we shaved his Bulls expert at something but you mean like experts on things like science quantum physics right people who actually have the answers to these questions that all of us just assume it's okay to just theorize about evolutionary biology right eventually get all these things off my chest and my dying wish is what I want people to understand what the burden of proof is you don't mean that's one thing I want a people to understand what scientific theory means by it doesn't mean a hunch Eeveelution just a theory but you don't fucking floating around are you Siri doesn't mean the same as when you sound off a real threat because you shaved your boy was we left on Eeveelutions in fact it snow
00:50:59get off my chest and we will probably make the world a bad price but until then let's have another song that we are one of the greatest rock and roll songs of all time I mean more relevant now than it was for years ago public this is The Who and Won't Get Fooled Again by The Who Won't Get Fooled Again listen this is being Ricky Giovanni's on Sirius XM sounds when help me I'm just borrowing him I can't have him so I need lots of things I know I need the all guests may be a regular all eventually find a full night I just I just kind of iPads we just try it if you think it's got potential let me know and I'll do a few more if you think it was rubbish tell me and I won't I mean I guess if you enjoy it I've enjoyed it but if you enjoy it and there's nobody else for it I'll do some more I need to think of a title something pompous I think
00:51:59ossip on know what about Ricky Gervais is deadly serious cuz then we can you know me mucking around telling jokes just talkin nonsense in like a performance chip I do want to get to know to real conversations yeah Andre sky as you want but as long as we are serious about it then the joke's come you know so maybe yeah but your eyes is deadly Sirius Sirius would you serious I don't know what my demographic if they got that really care right to meet them so I will probably get the dregs of society the only show that they can set of targeting a demographic ages quantify it after the shows on listen don't get that I was listening to I don't care I don't care if it's
00:52:59yeah I don't want that to be any serial killers in the world if there are some listening and I'm not going to say I'm not going to cancel the subscription subscription dollars are subscription dollars but yeah I'd rather I'd rather no one mode of anyone his spot yeah I know that's actually great stance to take but yeah I guess you're willing to accept subscription dollars if you are nice or criminal or Davion know right just let that be yeah wow if you get caught I don't think you can bring the Sirius Radio to jail like I don't think they have that to the site that I just did not actually maybe want to kill we yeah I hope it Ricky's rice wine English accent it might be want to go and fucking kill someone and I like who me in like when they're cold in
00:53:59code in the devil worshipping backwards playing thing on that it was Judas Priest you folks did not your voice I got nothing to do with me so it wouldn't make you be like I may be I don't want to do this show if that's the influence because that's not what your lunch it's I said this doesn't lie good people to this show turns people into serial killers that still isn't my fault right voice makes people go fucking psycho and Scott stabbing people and cutting Publix off I go and the author is Kay InTouch stop the show okay why do serial killers not smart right to be great if you did that cuz half the audience would be like yeah damn the man and then the other half will be Weatherby serial killers
00:54:59half the people would become serial killers and they kill the other half right so it'll be me and you in the room talking to no one cuz everyone would be that the Syracuse but then stop giving themselves let me know when else to kill cuz he done it all and I still say I still want to play some Bob Dylan and that you're right that is my right yeah if my voice could think you could just think I and someone would die okay right okay I got it I guess if you can think somebody into dying. Fucking plugs hot and because he has a heart attack right be careful what you saw but if I said all I kill people by thinking it could do the come put me in jail cuz they charge I think about them at night. I owe God that maybe I'd be a major superpower yeah
00:55:59record and you be looking at the judge and you'd look at the judge that y'all are you wondering what I'm thinking right now but I could if I said all we got you got sneak up on him and shoot him cuz I haven't I haven't got like set alarm for sure trying to kill me get here then they just the house wouldn't i f f l f f i knew I bet there after I go someplace for someone who can tell by the fire was mine yeah, Kill by the power of my mind although I would say that would night course you could kill by the benefit yeah so this thing could they could bomb you you're right about that they could they could bomb you
00:56:59you are out there listening and you just seen someone fall down having heart attack with nothing to do with me that would have happened anyway just like if you are being murdered right now it's not my fault cuz if you murdered right now they haven't even heard this show yet so it couldn't be the show you right now it couldn't be so this is the sort of quality conversation that we could be having right from serial killer serial killer we started and we've ended with serial killers right. It's the fun entertainment show. Any idea what show is all you do your own Jingles let them do their own so send me some not fucking this is Cornelius
00:57:54serious they could use all that audio to turn into something great I mean you just did it for him
00:58:03internet wizard. That might can go send it to Sirius FM exam what is it that you want SiriusXM so yeah if you actually want to do a jingle send it to deadly Sirius XM at gmail.com deadly serious sxm at gmail.com and it's serious like serious like the radio if you see her say Hello by Bob Dylan one of my favorite tracks once right I was interviewed by a newspaper really great news and I love them if you see her say Hello by Bob Dylan and I don't know if it was like I was recording device always cry when it came out it was printed my favorite song was bumped it in
00:59:03if you see SI te I mean what if you see a sailor so it might be easier if you see her say hello

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