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00:00:06well so nineteen of the Newbold confidence podcast or does it feel good to be back I am so excited to bring this episode to you I've just had a had an amazing %HESITATION change of venue is amazing change of tools here I'm just I'm really really thrilled to
00:00:27be back with you in the past couple episodes are recorded when I was traveling and I was traveling very late and I had a very small microphone that I had with me and it was okay I mean I hooked it into my phone and I use the audio
00:00:46apple my phone and recorded and then poured that over here to finish up the rest of my editing tell you what I am really happy to be back with my good old fashioned USB Mike hopefully you are hearing a little bit different difference in the sound quality and
00:01:03I'm telling you what I am jacked up I am now set up for a period of about twenty one to twenty eight days of just full tilt production getting out there meeting people are signing up people having sales conversations with people I I I am so excited for
00:01:23this next twenty eight days that I can hardly see straight so I am ready to get out there and get going moves and really see what's what's gonna happen I mean it's this is a great time to have a business people the economy's doing well I mean this
00:01:39isn't like things were eight to ten years ago the money is flowing it's flowing very well go out there go get him cast your net wide castanet often because this is a good time to be a business owner this is a good time to be building a farm
00:01:55so with that in mind Hey episode nineteen is all about how to defeat fear again and again now I'm going to rule book and and really the next few episodes I'm going to be reviewing a book called the tools and it is written by two people one is
00:02:15Phil stops I believe is the last name and bury Michaels I believe it is berry who kind of has the intellectual property here and I believe if I've got my story straight that it is Phil who is kind of capturing all of this intellectual property into a book
00:02:32right and the the two have come to work through name in some of these mental tools is mental exercise that you use and they are really really good and I can't wait to bring several of them to you here over the next episode next few episodes so with
00:02:51that in mind before we get started if you are not already subscribed on iTunes or stitcher or Google play audio jump over there get yourself subscribe and to get your daily confidence boost sent out to you by all means please go over to renewable confidence dot com get
00:03:08yourself signed up and you'll start receiving those confidence boost right away so here we are in the episode %HESITATION you kind of the premise of the book here is that there are five tools right five kind of mental exercise that you can use to really catapult your life
00:03:24two great new possibilities now the first tool that he talks about it gives it a name here and that tool is called the reversal of desire okay what is really intriguing about this is that today I I've literally use this tool to day without knowing what it was
00:03:49called without knowing the author was going to come at it from this angle and right now today I can already see benefits in my life from using this tool and again I'm going to end up using it again tomorrow because I have some demons I need to face
00:04:02tomorrow really what this boils down to is he can describes that you know all of us you know we were kind of creatures that will seek pleasure and avoid pain but he makes the point here that our biggest growth happens not when we run away from pain it
00:04:21happens not only seek pleasure our greatest growth however really happens when we confront pain head on right and he has this great diagram of kind of in the first scenario you have a person who %HESITATION kinda starts to move out of their comfort zone sees this huge wall
00:04:40of pain doesn't want to push through it to the endless possibilities on the other side so that person doesn't you turn it goes right back into the comfort zone right in so many of us do that in so many areas of our lives that can be anything from
00:04:54a phone call that we know we need to make a a networking function we know that we should go to but don't or maybe it's buying a list and doing some kind of an outreach with this list right I mean what happens if it doesn't work right does
00:05:08that mean I I look silly you know I look foolish for spending that money so what the author does is is goes through a a pretty good set of stories to kinda unpack hate life exists on the other side of the pain run through the pain right M.
00:05:29kind of the big head fake the big aha moment here is that as you begin running towards it not just kind of eating your way towards a but as you begin to face that pain and move towards it and threw it what happens is that teen begins to
00:05:46shrink right it begins to get smaller and as you are there in the middle of it and running through it you're finding that while this thing that I am now in the middle of yeah it hurts nothing quite like what I thought would happen but wow this is
00:06:04really different had I known that it was gonna be this small were not hurt as bad I would have done this a long time ago right so and some of you can think about that experience that you had with wanting to get your own business started right once
00:06:23you start having even the first inklings of success it becomes holy cow why didn't I do this ten years ago right now why didn't I take that step when I was younger why didn't I put myself out there guys just think of where I would be today had
00:06:39I started doing this a long time ago right so anyway with that I'm sure that that all of you can come up with an example in your lives where once you you you were either forced to deal with that or chose to deal with it once you've started
00:06:54dealing with the situation there that that difficult conversation he had needed to have war paying a bill you didn't think that you could quite swallow once you faced it and got in the middle of it ha it wasn't really that big of a monster anyway right it wasn't
00:07:11that big of a monster anymore in in fact just facing and taking those first few steps was the key to getting that thing to shrink so anyway that's the first tool inside the book of the title the tools against by Phil starts and bury Michaels what what you
00:07:30do is go over to renewable confidence dot com forward slash one nine for episode nineteen so again that's renewable confidence dot com forward slash one nine what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead and put a link of the book you'll see an image down there and
00:07:48click on the book pop over to Amazon get yourself a copy this is really good reading and again I've only had I've only gone through of the first maybe fifty pages of the book were only through the first tools so there's plenty more to come on this and
00:08:04I can't wait to share more with you so listen I just want you to remember that I have my own set of tools that I've developed that I want to share with you things that are working for me very well in my world go over to makeover for
00:08:19your mind dot com that's makeover for your mind dot com subscribe to it at that three video training series completely free doesn't cost you a dime over there check it out it'll be worth your time and remember folks here at renewable confidence we are going to do everything
00:08:39we can to give you sis no more realistic confident every area of your life

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