Chicken is easy to cook, cheap, widely available and forbidden by no major religious belief system. So its popularity across India is unsurprising. However, the reality is often distasteful, as battery farmed chickens are raised in terrible conditions, and pumped with hormones and antibiotics. In this episode of The Real Food Podcast, Vikram Doctor finds out how we can access better chicken and speaks to legendary chef Ananda Solomon on a successful experiment he ran to get superior quality chickens.
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00:00:06Heights victim doctor with the real food podcast
00:00:15eating meat is highly controversial in India we always seem to be fighting about it's okay to eat meat or how the animals slaughtered what type of animal we should be eating it from cows is not banned in most parts of India some people want to buy buffalo meat as well is also problem some kitchen workers were so many restaurants avoided altogether Seafood causes problems with people stinks so they don't want an apartment blocks and Martin Vincent problems only one type of meat seems to avoid all these problems and that is chicken chicken consumption in India is soaring one estimate suggests that between 2004 to 2005 and 2011 2012
00:01:15which is just seven years chicken consumption goes by 181% open India 6% in 2015 India produced 2.2 million tons of poultry meat which is second in the world only to China new KFC chicken bucket even some chicken Indian badminton Champion what's a vegetarian before joining play Lego pictures famous badminton Academy in Hyderabad gopichand insisted that she like all the other players had to eat chicken to get enough protein and it seemed to work
00:02:19and then there's a story at the gym. Yes you heard me right Jen chicken and Jen's of course are so strict about not eating meat but they won't eat onion and garlic in case animals are killed while digging them up so I got a call asking if he could make Jane style chicken he thought they were playing a joke on him specifically that she needed to
00:03:13Scooby-Doo cakes
00:04:13Gap around the world chicken is valued for its Rich delicious flesh example be a lot of money to eat play the breast specialist Heritage chicken that has blue legs usually it's roasted absolutely playing so people can enjoy the natural flavor of Heritage breeds of chickens that are resistant killed at exactly the right age to appreciate them the best we entered all the flavors in the spices and other ingredients added to it but not for the flavor of the chicken itself this blindness is what is made chicken accepted
00:05:13so many people also means that we are not eating chicken for the flavor of chicken itself this is really ironic because India is actually the home of chickens chickens in the word descend from a bird called a red jungle fowl which is native to the jungles of North and Northeast India in the wild you would think it's an escaped chicken just one with the really Vivid feathers and the sound made by the male birds is all too familiar
00:05:49out of all the possible birds in the world could have been domesticated why was the chicken by far the most successful and Lola is an American writer why did the chicken cross the world that looks like Global success of chicken and its consequences he tells us to stand out at the biggest factor is that this is a bird that is incredibly adaptable so I'm like a lot of other pheasants is that has very specific to thrive the red jungle fowl lives in Indiana but it also lives in the Far Eastern part of Asia is very hot and steamy junglefowl have not
00:06:49they trying to stay together as a group at night when they go to sleep and they just had their own place individual this was really useful because these junglefowl really like to eat the grain that farmers were growing but the what they like were the weeds to grow up example bamboo so is a young bamboo plant with lots of fresh shoots crops were as result also creating a lot of weeds
00:07:49that was very important because the first evidence of chickens being killed for food comes from India and specifically from the Indus Valley Civilization what is surprising after that first chicken curry day isn't much more evidence of chickens being cooped in India in Ancient India examples of birds like ducks pigeons partridges even big butts like peacocks and Busters from the wild was part of them but that is just not much evidence of domestic chickens being eaten and this isn't a time with the east from India to Southeast Asia and China and wish to the Middle East and Europe and was being released and eaten in large numbers in Behavior
00:08:49if the teacher photos of India has always been obsessed with issues of cleanliness and Purity and perhaps it's east of the elites Darrell records of brahmins who could meet that I'm still being forbidden from eating chickens what will be using the chicken spot then eggs because eggs also have a history of India and it's pretty clear that people saw these birds as fighting and then eventually became more more and more more to leave home
00:09:49large parts of the world from India to South America
00:09:54lacrosse India Delhi chickens Muslims Dallas and tribal communities all have long traditions of eating the bird's butt chicken consumption in India volume and even more in Prestige with the British
00:10:13and one British institution in particular was indirectly responsible for this the post office the post office or the dark Service as it was called set up a dark Bungalows cross India to help run the Postal Service these Bungalows also became places with Travelers meaning mostly the British could find a basic accommodation mean for the night and since the British insisted on meat for the dinner the easiest solution to keep a flock of chickens that is even a recipe for duck Bungalow chicken curry we could sub all the time to the British use for. Bungle chicken curry and pack moose chickens around the world at the time of Taurus least Ronnie and tell people Nothing Like the meaty broilers of today
00:11:08these birds were developed in the USA after World War II as long as it's in his book chicken farming really grew during the two reasons first need it for the soldiers and second because the most prestigious Meats like beef and pork also and for the soldiers people back at home started eating more chicken so when the chicken industry was really wanted to cross the country and they were selling chickens like crazy. American tradition in order to keep our customers
00:12:08National Chicken in 1948 and 1949 new contacts went on across the country in the United States almost all 50 states in Arkansas where is Giants football stadium in United States California farmer up tomorrow really formed the basis of nearly every chicken in the World of Tomorrow
00:13:08as of today they have become the basis for the pork industry around the world including in India the original home of the chicken by far the bulk of the chickens that we each day comes from Broiler Farms recent conditions that are nothing like what the domestic chickens of old new leave alone the broiler chicken industry isn't all bad it does provide cheap protein to people who really need it and compare to other forms of animal racing environmentally destructive but it's still pretty bad for the chickens and really cramped conditions of hormones make them grow fast and then I'm about to stop and getting the diseases that they get together and they still taste of nothing one solution might be to get the chickens
00:14:08these are the large colorful looking bird you get from some chicken sellers at a slightly higher price usually have to buy them live and have them killed in front of you but the Ole Miss sometimes they have decent amounts of meat sometimes it just stuck threads it's hard to use them on a regular basis
00:14:29I'm in the Solomon group is one of the most highly-regarded chefs in India always try to get real traditional phlebas back into his food and this is why he was a long shift who tried to bypass the broilers and find a way to get dizzy chicken that had both good and he tells us that it's all about how the birds resist and what age it is killed over 6 weeks old not be on that why are you
00:15:29chicken artist playing sell Fried Chicken in the moment and start raising chickens. Of my Samsung day that I will buy it from them
00:16:29the neighbor
00:16:39Chef Solomon said that is initiated was so successful that many people started raising chickens folktales like he's these chickens don't seem to make it to the retail trade for some of them but the guys who sell another solution that's being developed is with Heritage breeds like the a seal which is a huge bird race primarily for cockfighting another is the correct lot which is a very unusual bird because it has black feathers and black skin and black flesh
00:17:24this chicken comes from Central India it's pretty hard to get what ships were really does have a great site junglee game taste because it's flash is said to have are you repeating properties I have no this is true but as a shift Solomon's chickens reason good conditions fed well and killed at the right age in country of the red jungle fowl that gave us all chickens it seems really sad that we have to settle for the blend
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