The story revolves around two people, Will Traynor, a rich-but-dejected London man who is living a life of pain and solitude as a quadriplegic, and Louisa, aka "Lou", a chatty and free-spirited woman hired take care of Will's basic needs as well as to lift her spirits with her effervescent company. The problem is that the pain Will is in is not just physical; he misses his old life as an athletic, globe-hopping man of adventure, only to lose it all when being struck by a speeding motorcycle, so being stuck in a chair as an observer to life is particularly torturous. In short, Will wants to die, and Louisa soon realizes that her employment rests on changing his mind. However, to do that, she will first have to melt that thick, icy exterior of his, which proves nearly impossible given his distraught mind-state.
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00:00:19hi welcome to the quick trip to movie podcast my name is Vince Leo I am the film critic for the website qwikster dot net I've been doing film reviews for over twenty years you can read all of my written work there at that website qwikster dot net Q.
00:00:31W. I. P. S. T. R. dot net today's film is one that I've had to kind of catch up on this is not a movie that was really strong on my radar anyway but it's also the kind of movie that being in a relationship it's one that I'm
00:00:46more than happy to see with my girlfriend who had an interest in seeing it it's called me before you it's a romantic drama there are some strong comedic elements as well within it it's a PD thirteen rated film for thematic elements and some suggestive material the runtime is
00:01:02an hour and fifteen minutes and the main stars are a milieu Clarke and Sam Claflin with supporting roles for Janet McTeer Stephen Peacocke Charles dance Matthew Lewis Jenna Coleman and Samantha Spiro the director is the R. Shahrak and the screenplay is by Joe Joe Moyer's who also is
00:01:20adapting her own novel if I had to sum up be before you in about three words I would say it's sweet but predictable I do think that it's likely to please those among the target demographic that are predominantly consisting of women who are looking to have a few
00:01:36smiles a few laughs and ultimately cry many in this target demographic are not likely to mind that most of the emotional beats are strongly manipulated perhaps even manufacture to tug at their heart strings in just the right way and at just the right moments Joe Joe Moyer's here
00:01:53is adapting her own bestselling novel from twenty twelve many beyond that will be reminded of the works of such rom drama and by rom drum I mean romantic drama the regulars like Nicholas sparks and John green at least John green for the younger set or any of the
00:02:10rest of the author's currently working today that seek to ascend to the romance genre thrown that requires you to hold the book in one hand and a hanky in the other me before you story revolves around two people one is will trainer he's a rich but emotionally dejected
00:02:28London man who's living the life of pain and solitude as a quadriplegic and there's also Luiza also known as Lou in the film she's a chatty and free spirited woman who has been hired to take care of will's basic needs throughout the day as well as to lift
00:02:44his spirits with her effervescent company the problems that the pain that will is in is not just physical he misses his old life as an athletic globe hopping man of adventure he lost it all after being struck by a speeding motorcycle so being stuck in a chair a
00:03:02wheelchair as an observer to life is particularly torturous to somebody who plan to live his life fully through all kinds of extreme sports and being able to go wherever you want it anytime he wanted with anybody he here to be with in short now will wants to die
00:03:20and Lou soon realizes that her employment is basically resting on changing his mind however to do that Lou will have to first melt wheels thick in icy exterior which proves to be nearly impossible given his distraught mind state and his constant physical agony interestingly I would say as
00:03:39a film me before you gives lip service to the challenges that are faced by will and his quadriplegia we get a very glossed over very freshened up version of his condition where by Louise %HESITATION is mostly free from seeing will at his most low of moments the movie
00:03:59does make it a point to suggest that Lou doesn't have to help him in such things as his bathroom functions this doesn't always explain who actually does these things and when he does have a physical trainer that appears but I don't know how much time he has for
00:04:14such things Lou and will are alone on their field trip a tense throughout the movie and so certainly I would figure that she would have to help him in and out of the bathroom and to do whatever was necessary to clean them up but that you know I
00:04:29I guess he just holds it in or something until the right time I don't know the movie basically doesn't delve very deeply into the house and wise of how this choirs I relationship works Lou is seen often trying to get him to get out and to be happy
00:04:46and to enjoy life by leaving his large but mostly empty castle a state that he's come find himself in pretty much intentionally I think of the most difficult thing that Lou has to do lease that we see in this film is to occasionally prop his pillow into a
00:05:00different position whenever will makes a very discomforted facial expression the movie also being as glossy is it is it glosses over the euthanasia debate because it hardly deals with the moral and ethical implications of that decision at all will looks into ending his life at a facility that
00:05:21caters to assisted suicides in the film mostly treats this event as the thing that those who are depressed that their combined in a wheelchair can consider as a humane alternative now some viewers will find this notion troubling given that it essentially treats those with difficult disabilities as a
00:05:38burden that might as well not exist so that those who have to care for them are free to live their life to the full without them this may also be viewed as a specially insensitive given that it's mostly used here in this story as a plot device purely
00:05:53and simply it's just a count down to a climax instead of a serious subject that merits more thoughtful consideration than this superficial lease sudsy romance cares to explore the same can be said to a lesser extent about issues of fidelity because both Lou and will have to deal
00:06:12with infidelity in their own ways these kinds of things are wrestled with without that kind of emotional death that would normally be warranted from the movie with much more serious things on its mind then following a formula to make audiences respond to calculated beats of whimsy and melancholy
00:06:30fears character directors yes is her first feature film she spent many years working in live theater as a director and she could have made the film as a stage play maybe a mostly a two hander that said in a confined space but she does manage to break out
00:06:45of the more intimate environs of the castle the state to showcase such things as lose family lose dealings with her feet and jock minded boyfriend who seems to be self centered but cares for her in his own way and there's a few day trips that are taken for
00:07:00will to experience the cinema and the horse races and classical music performance but yet he's a doer he's not really a watcher in these things may actually increase his frustration because he can't be out there doing these things but the two eventually form a bond from their shared
00:07:15experiences that does offer up to will the possibility of love and happiness even if he can't physically perform the way he would like whether in the relationship or outside of it and maybe he feels that a future potential partner might deserve more than what he can provide there
00:07:33Emelia Clarke of course meet most people know her from game of thrones she gets to show some pretty good range outside of her turns as her character there on game of thrones as well as playing Sarah Connor in terminator Genisys in the last year this movie showcases her
00:07:49romantic in comedic chops she facially over expresses I I believe anyway on occasion and as a character many critics always refer to the manic pixie dream girl in films like this certainly this label will apply here she's painted is too cute and idealized to be believed for instance
00:08:07she is shown wearing an endless array of colourful clothing rainbow colored sweaters and what not which I think for a woman whose family has been struggling financially for years with the patriarch not able to find a job and neither can she keep a job and they desperately need
00:08:23the money it seems selfish for her to maintain this kind of wardrobe that would probably require three or four closets to hold in eventually though her character of Lou emerges as likable as specially in the way that she contrast to that hunky Sam Claflin character that he's under
00:08:39playing as will these cold enough and checked out from life in the gets a bit cranky if he has to confront life when provoked to do so yeah me before you I don't think it's the only enjoyable movie I think that there is an audience for this they'll
00:08:53probably enjoy it but I think by and large for most people who are not susceptible to tear jerker is this is also not a very good example of one as a film even if it's effective at getting those tears out of you I do think that audiences who
00:09:08are coming into the movie in order to feel an emotional moment or two yeah they'll likely find that the tried and true formula does work as a a tear jerker even though as a story this is not original it's not really compelling at all but much of the
00:09:24entertainment value of the film does come from how attracted you might be to such things as quirk in fancy in the makers of the movie want every room every home every external and internal environment to have that clean and immaculate an adorably decorated look there's standing down every
00:09:44single trace no matter how rough of an edge of this movie to make for this move is than most candy coated pill go down easy and it has your tear ducts Welling without do seeing the burden of having to think more deeply about the myriad of heavy emotions
00:10:02these characters would have had to go through if this weren't such a determinedly commercial fantasy product I'm giving me before you two and a half stars out of four and two and a half stars out of four I might feel means that it does have the tools the
00:10:16talent here to be a good film and yet it just kind of fall straight I think that the reason why it falls short is that there's just not enough reality into this fantasy to make me feel like a lot of these formula antics actually equate to something that
00:10:31they think that those are who are not going into it for a specific reason are going to get out of it if you're coming into this movie if you are somebody who cannot stand here jerker is who you know doesn't like romance films who don't like well you
00:10:44know so called chick flicks for lack of a better term this is not going to be the movie that turns you around as to the possibility or be one of the rare exceptions that makes you overlook those things this definitely has a tiny as the audience knows what
00:10:57they're getting they're gonna get it and that's it so I can almost recommended but I I can't I do think some people will come out of it saying it was time well spent but for me there's just not enough truly original material and their characters here I do
00:11:12not identify with I feel like it's just too manufactured for me to actually give an honest recommendation so two and a half stars goes to me before you hope that you enjoy the review if you did I do encourage you to click the subscribe button as I continue
00:11:28to deliver all of these reviews downloaded into your podcast player throughout the rest of this year also if you happen to be on iTunes or stitcher or any place else that allows you to say a kind word or two if you happen to have been listening for a
00:11:41long time I definitely encourage you to do that because it helps build the audience for the show and the more the audience grows the more enthusiasm I have to keep doing this I'm not getting any money for it I do it out of my love for the movies
00:11:53and my love of podcasting and to be able to engage with other people who are like minded so if you are like minded about movies I do encourage you to also write to me you can go to my website to find my contact information as well as like
00:12:06me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter and contact me there as well you can go to quit your dot net Q. W. I. P. as C. E. R. dot net for all the details on that until next time thanks everyone for listing I hope that you enjoy
00:12:19your time anytime you get to go to the movies

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