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Warren Buffett is probably the greatest investor in the world. And when we say “probably” we really mean…“is”. Sure, Buffett is estimated to be worth $US83 billion (not incl. the billions he’s already given away to charity)…… and, yep, he sure did make the majority of his wealth after his 50th birthday. The question is… HOW did he become a self-made billionaire???? …… Value-investing! In other words: he invested in stocks that were priced for LESS than their true worth. And he held onto them for the long term. That’s it. So as a very special treat for OUR 250th EPISODE… WE’VE GOT “AUSTRALIA’S WARREN BUFFET” in the house! And that brings us to today’s guest…. Roger Montgomery, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Montgomery Investment Management, which is a Sydney based specialist boutique equity manager that manages $1.5 billion on behalf of private investors, their advisors and families. Through a simple, common and time-tested philosophy, Montgomery manages several VALUE-ORIENTED FUNDS focused on the various aspects of quality to generate superior return over the very long term. Before we unpack all this completely, Roger’s 26-year background in financial markets includes Equity Analysis, Equity and Derivative Trading and Investment Banking. After founding, listing and selling a financial services business and listed investment company, Roger established his boutique investment management office.  In 2010, he published his first best-selling book, Value.able – How to Value the Best Stocks and Buy Them for Less Than They’re Worth. … the clincher, folks?? … His book, of course, sets out his three simple steps for value-investing and online trading. So. Shall we get on with it… and simply chat to Australia’s version of Warren Buffet???? … You betcha!!!   AND DON’T FORGET….. WE HAVE A 250TH EPISODE “BIRTHDAY” GIFT FOR YOU…. Yes, YOU CAN GET A COPY OF MAKE MONEY SIMPLE AGAIN FOR FREE!!! * CLICK HERE to Get The PDF Version of Make Money Simple Again Huge heads up: there’s a couple of cool surprises tucked behind it that we think we’ll blow your socks off 😉   Before we go ahead, here’s Wayne Schwass’s eulogy that Bryce mentioned in today’s show. Click here to watch it now.   THE TOP 10 HIGHLIGHTS * Everything You Need To Know About Value Investing! * When Roger was in his entry-level role, what did the Asia Pacific Partner of Pricewaterhouse say to him that he’ll never forget? * What advice was given to lottery winners? * How much of an influence has the real Warren Buffet had to Roger’s philosophy and success? * What are the TWO Most Important Frameworks you need to know? * Shares vs. Property — what does it come down to? * How can you take advantage of “booms and busts” in the share market? * Was “a fall in house prices of 40%” ever realistic? * Does investing for the long term really matter? * Where can you find value in the market now?   “Price and value are two different things. Value investing is about paying a lower price than the value received.” Roger Montgomery          
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