Three recent college grad friends from New Hampshire get together to talk about their discovery of life, awful dating lives, tinder nightmares, pop culture headlines, and create ideas for the entertainment industry. Only available on the Inner Circle Podcast Network and on twitter @PlungePodcast
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since June 28, 2018
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The Hunt and Riley kick it back relaxed tonight in a live unedited episode to discuss the radip movement of things changing in our lives, both good and bad. TAMPC is back and better than ever. Are clouds and fog the same? Big chips or little chips? How dense are things? Plunge Picks takes a wild turn. Enjoy! Send us proof of switching from Podcoin to be entered into our IC raffle. Join us in welcoming Failing Hollywood to the Inner Circle Podcast Network! Check out ADAM AND EVE! Get 10 FREE ITEMS using code PLUNGE at checkout to get 50% off your item, 6 free movies, free shipping, and then an extra item for him, her and both of you only on adamandeve.com Go to Ohfishl.com and use code PLUNGE at checkout for 25% off! We are one of six Flagship shows on the Inner Circle Podcast Network, follow it on all social media @InnerCirclePN RIPDAVIS RIPMACMILLER RIPOLIVERTHEDOG RIPVERNTROYER RIPGRANDPA(x2) RIPHARAMBE RIPWUTZKE RIPHERMAJESTY? RIPNOTREDAME RIPSEASON1 RIPPODCOIN Subscribe to "The Inner Circle Presents" on all streaming platforms to here Inner Circle original shows like Slimmer Circle, Comedy is Dead, and the NEW Inner Circle Sports Podcast. Visit InnercirclePN.com for more information. Listen to our outro music playlist on Spotify found as "The Plunge Playlist Beats - Volume 1" Follow us on twitter @PlungePodcast and on instagram @theplungepodcast. Available for Download on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart, RadioPublic, Listen Notes, and PodBean.  Leave a review if you liked the show
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