Episode 3 - 9/11/2019 -
Chad Belding is not just a client of Matt's. He's a friend, mentor, father, entrepreneur and hunter. His podcast "This Life Ain't For Everybody" and TV Show "The Fowl Life" (links below) are enjoyed by millions, and his inspiring, can-do attitude is inspiring to us all.
3:30 - Developing a work ethic
5:00 - Being an entrepreneur
6:45 - The TV business
8:15 - Founding Chad's company Banded
10:30 - Energy and attitude
11:30 - Grace, gratitude, and guts
14:50 - A Collector of People
17:30 - The fear that comes with taking risks
20:00 - Maintaining your ethics
27:30 - Dealing with haters
32:30 - Put in the work, achieve your goals
42:30 - Making tough changes
47:30 - Being a parent and raising healthy kids
50:00 - The universal benefits of fitness
"This Life Ain't For Everybody" Podcast: thislifeaintforeverybody.com
"The Fowl Life" TV Show: thefowllife.com
Banded Gear: banded.com
United States


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