Living with PCOS doesn’t have to be a struggle! On The PCOS Revolution podcast we’ll discuss the tools that can transform your PCOS symptoms and change your life. You’ll learn the secrets of kicking PCOS to the curb as reproductive experts and fellow cysters share their wisdom so you can better understand how to break free of anxiety, depression, weight gain, fertility challenges and the dreaded hormonal ups and downs. Disclaimer: The information in this podcast is intended for general audience only and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace professional medical advice.
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How to Sync Your Cycle and Boost Your Fertility IQ with BBT Charting

Episode: “How to Sync Your Cycle and Boost Your Fertility IQ with BBT Charting” Welcome to Episode 3 of Season 3 of the The PCOS Revolution podcast. In this episode, I dive into the best ways of BBT (basal body temperature) charting to jumpstart your fertility and take charge of your cycle. As a result of going over this method with hundreds of fertility patients throughout the years to help them achieve "cycle sanity" and ultimately a healthy pregnancy, this episode goes deep into the how's and why's of BBT charting. About The Host Farrar Duro is an expert in PCOS whose accomplishments include: – Currently practicing reproductive acupuncture, Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy™ and herbal medicine at Florida Complete Wellness in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Becoming a board-certified acupuncture physician,  graduating from the Florida College of Integrative Medicine and performing her post-graduate training at Shandong University of TCM in Shandong, China – Author of “The Smart Couple’s Guide to Getting Pregnant, An Integrated Approach” – Becoming a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM) in 2008 – Specializing in the treatment of PCOS, infertility and hormonal imbalances with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for over 15 years More Information Learn more about how you can improve your results with PCOS with support from our clinic (for distance and local patients) by visiting us at www.floridacompletewellness.com. PCOS Links & Mentions From This Episode: American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (www.aborm.org) Florida Complete Wellness Facebook page PCOS Revolution Podcast Facebook page Thanks for Tuning In! Thanks so much for being with us this week. Have some feedback you’d like to share? Please leave a note in the comments section below! If you enjoyed this episode on answering your most burning questions about PCOS, please share it with your friends by using the social media buttons you see at the bottom of the post. Don’t forget to subscribe to the show on iTunes to get automatic episode updates for our “The PCOS Revolution podcast!” And, finally, please take a minute to leave us an honest review and rating on iTunes. They really help us out when it comes to the ranking of the show and I make it a point to read every single one of the reviews we get. Please leave a review right now;)  Thanks for listening!
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