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00:00:09save it save it for when the podcast starts so I decided it was probably a lot more of those patch Bernie Ryan hello last batch last time I introduce myself on this iteration of the patch the last time I mentioned it to my last Internet working another one at that this is a very very suitable topic for the last episode of the patch because I kind of feel like bringing some fucking Bridges because I so the Assassin's Creed movie review skating across the board
00:01:09like the the only one that was even remotely positive was polygon and they were like he does some Parkour so I guess that's cool guy watching it they were they were like we really wanted this to work so they gave it a brake pads probably also like hey we really remember dinner date and I don't want you guys yelling at us cuz we didn't like something video games related on rolls because they thought that someone else is not going to give like a New York daily news or variety or something like that polygons got a kind of an obligation to try to make it work the same thing you know I'm going to get this video game movie on a different level than other people that watch it because I've played Assassin's Creed I played many iterations of Assassin's Creed
00:02:09but yeah I'm in this like just the summary you know you get those that we look at Rotten Tomatoes which is another thing by the way is the number of people who think that Rotten Tomatoes is a review site that does its own reviews it's not it's an aggregate score electric like yeah but Rotten Tomatoes is biased against Warner Brothers owned by that right it would go the other way if anything Rotten Tomatoes gave him a score right looked on their website until I go see it was at I think 17% stealth no I thank you to our sponsor Blue Apron it's never too salty
00:03:09it's entirely possible that we might spoil some of the things in Assassin's Creed by 2% on the tomatometer a little bit 18% here are some of the excerpts that would give you like some sort of indication like his come with RBC
00:03:39A1 video game adaptation revolving around some Knights Templar nonsense yeah they made about as much sense as to the games as well I don't see a movie of sprawling awfulness this is all very dumb that the film doesn't know it's Agony so obviously I'm going to have to people who watch adult great Ugly movie that takes too long hours to tell a very thin store I want a lot of people that watch the show this last version of the show they like the Assassin's Creed franchise very much and they're very much I should point out a personal bias that I have which is I love the Assassin's Creed games I've always loved the Assassin's Creed games I have always hated the abstergo and his part of that narrative where I just want to play as the pirate I just want to play the Assassin I don't
00:04:39go back and forth to this near future world and pretend like everything that I'm doing and I'm invested in isn't real or is it like it's some kind of like holographic contract from a memory is not the real story was that it reduces the steaks which I was hoping they would Hollywood got hold of it they were like oh this is okay but we're just going to make a movie about you know a. Piece about really cool action and everything like that it's it's it goes all-in with the abstergo points 70% mostly talked about that before he seemed to be where they were going with it I don't know why they chose to do that but maybe it's probably a lot cheaper I imagine they doing the entire thing is sort of a. Piece interesting you would say that because this movie I hope you go see it and if anyone goes to see it play a game with yourself I want to share the agony
00:05:39video game of fans wear now I'm upset why can't they make a good video game movie why can't they do it what is the whole what is the whole bag is it I get it interactive I get when I when I play as Master Chief I had the experience of Master Chief and seeing him will be different on a screen like trying to show up a Superman movie Thule roof Will Clark Kent's but somebody's got to be able to do it right so do you think there's a conceit in the people that they go about constructing these movies and writing them that they are better storytellers than the video game storytellers and I agree with you I do think there is that and I was hoping that that would finally work in our favor where they would go like we're not going to do all this like real world stuff in the corporation convoluted clean story or two hours and three years according to what it felt like
00:06:39hang it on the cheap is the first 20 minutes a movie and then you just keep going try to find when you go see the movie try to go find the first shot in his movie that doesn't have smoke in it there's smoke and lens flare to this whole movie. To Ashley and I Rick I think I ruined it for you that point cuz I was like so much smoke over everything like when they show the city like the high like Eagle Eagle eye view of the two hours about 15 minutes to spend just watching an eagle fly from the game was a cool little Eagles right okay so this is your thing so I mean
00:07:30I took I don't want to spoil the ending but I got the ending ending ending but like you know the third week I think it's like oh but no no it's our Lord of the Rings Rose like oh but wait then they're going to go to the west and then here's hobbiton super weird like they were all the things they decided to be really really loyal to in the video games for like watching Eagles Fly was not one that I would have picked up at like the movie they're going to do stuff that like said oh look weird you know we get it and then with the way they handle it's like you please don't do that
00:08:30ichigo's Bowman happens in the movie ya like oh God it's beautiful I looked a lot of pictures straight up doesn't make sense like they just put a bunch of words together and really cool some guys are fighting in this war against things that are coming out of the ground and one of them turns other goes it's like more tears excuses to stay like the Assassin's Creed as possible
00:09:22and that's the other part of the movie that I thought they would kind of like right better A lot of that everything is permitted nothing is true that whole fastens do it's like they left at all in word for word and I felt like I've always felt like I was okay in the games and it could have been improved you definitely could use some cleaning up and maybe some expounding upon because it's by if you just go by the letter of it is like that's a horrible thing to live by it was written by the by three people one of them was like he's like a screenplay adaptation of Macbeth last year but and it like I've never heard of anything else he never done but the other two they were together on Allegiant so bad the day like maybe we'll just do the second part on TV
00:10:22video game movies guys like you bowl was somewhere in there too right he had to been swimming around in the background want me to box you we bowl one time you didn't answer yes to crowdfunding we had a huge success story about that kid also going to crowd funding failed miserably but he did a rant to the internet about how they don't support real movies and all that stuff and he was quit it was like all this you know they'll be proclamations he blaming everyone else for the failure of his crap funny thing is a hoax and you know selfish and no I'm not a boxer so I can try to try and get ready for this but II think I have nothing to gain from you you prove in their life
00:11:22I did not good at making movies and no one supports him but you should punch him so we learned his lesson one of those little kids from the stranger things start with the skinny guys enjoy the way up to my contacts eyeglass wear when was like yeah there was something awful there was who else Jeff Schneider from a nakul he ended up taking a technical account Jeff Schneider say he's like I thought it was just maybe like an exhibition that's like he's picking up critics before there's like a miasma poor decision-making that just sneak nudes from him
00:12:22where did the day my asthma I said I wanted this movie to be the X-Men that was going to kick off a meal Golden Era of video game movies like improved like they can be good was X-Men X-Men 2000 likes comic book movies at the time they were they were Batman to like a movie that's like kind of
00:13:12like it individually set things up for the future to be able to be where we're at with some of the movies that would be that one because Spider-Man was 2002 that really yeah and then they and then they sort of thing I would like to hold on from there it's really loud non Marvel owned property setting the stage for Marvel's huge hit by the time we got to Iron Man it was great timing ever won the the pump was already primed it was a miasma of what a pill. Locate sure man you know
00:14:12I feel like they had a Fantastic Four movie where was Captain America as human torch and they were just like no one will notice if we just move him over here is Human Torch he's like oh that's a fairly normal size Human Than Captain America he's like food so I ate you know I really hope that Assassin's Creed was going to do this for video game movies and then we would have the bioshock's and we have the last of us as we have the Uncharted Zone like the house only like they wouldn't be you know that they wouldn't be like I don't know about here we go another video game adaptation and yes we need those movies do you need an Uncharted movie does uncharted to me is enough of a cinematic experience under itself no but did I leave all the Marvel movies no but I really like them Metal Gear Solid and you said how we going to make this into a movie what can we cut out to make this movie because it's longer than your average for the kids
00:15:12most recent Metal Gear what can we add to give an ending to the movie that would be nice if I have her the argument that video games would make better TV series because you do have more time to dig into all of the material but it's also like any adaptation for a book it can be done the thing though the difference there is Comics are very different medium from movies where that's at video games already closer in that Spectrum you can say you don't need a movie that option of a comic but that's a pretty huge departure from the original Source material where is a video game these days are getting a real close they're telling so many things through cutscenes it's tough It's like well they're just it's the cutscenes together movie sorta depending on the game The Last of Us I'm dying to play Last of Us 2 other client was supposed to but they made a Last of Us movie I'd be like very very skeptical
00:16:12Warcraft was probably my last Bastion of hope that if this is this could this could work out cuz it was directed by Duncan Jones yeah and it was it was seem like a perfect storm to me it was like it was good timing the Marvel movies were all crushing it and where can I was just kind of like it might it might be just not want to support these movies and go see him know you say that but after all these reviews hit with and then they were all like all the reviews for Assassin's Creed they they had very similar criticisms like they were like across the board I'm very common themes the story is convoluted not told very well but they spend so much time trying like to be like explain how all this stuff works at there's just a lot less movie that you get out of it it's not no one looks like they're having any sort of fun the fun parts are like he only goes into the Animus like 3 or 4 times like that stuff you know it's all modern as opposed to this. Thing which was like it was
00:17:12we marketed showing love past stuff for going into the Animus they're looking for a thing. It's definitely part of the game trying to find the Assassin Creed I think which is for the players interactive for the view were watching Michael Fassbender it's interactive he was watching this is way more interactive than just laying in the bed like in the game which they have to do for the movie and I thought they did as good a job as they come with that but the Paradox of it is that he can't change anything in the past he's there to observe and follow the chain to find out where the Relic ended up but they even try to explain the fact that he can't change anything but then you're like what you doing in the machine was jumping around and buildings and stuff like that right and it also it makes it like well okay so then nothing you doing matters
00:18:12watching him be along for the ride Eagle why he has to go through these things and what it leads to is what are the state to the character if he messes up what happens and it seems like he's participating in it but the overall message that you get from everyone who's talking is that literally along for the ride isn't that what they say at one point pretty much so does he have free will in there or reply.
00:19:12so bored and you know we we as we often do do around up of these reviews are like well people are not liking this is not a good sign and the number one feedback was I wanted to be good there for these guys probably don't play games or they don't like Assassin's Creed or they didn't play the most recent one or they just don't get it or they have a grudge against video game movies or every like all the people that want it to be good were so intent on finding a way to say that all the reviewers must be wrong because it has to be good people by the way they just wanted it to be good so hard that they were willing to immediately throw out the feedback they did they wanted to come and get the feedback but if you didn't agree with what they wanted the answer to be there ready to throw it out or try to tell people not to like this movie you should go see the movie and see if you like it but there's going to be some people who walk out and they're going to love the movie me 20% of people so significant other people they watch
00:20:12you know what they do that they walk out they're going to think that the people who didn't like it just didn't get it that's a common response off in here is evil you just didn't get it or it's not for you you know but it's just like you know people going to like different stuff I'm coming more from the aspect of I want there to be a standout hit in the video game movie genre I want that to happen but I'm not sure I want that to happen because I'm walking to the movie and I said Ashley I said I said you don't realize the course that movie is that red versus blue is the best video game movie ever made and we don't talk about that more everyone's trying to make these huge huge look up and see how much it cost to make estimated going to make my heartburn but what's 125 million / tell you right now it was all spent on Smith machines
00:21:12the future in the pit smokers for the past but just for a moment you like yeah I feel like they didn't have the kind of budget to do a lot of like really crazy fights but they had to build this 1492 Andalucia Spain and so I got a sketch of it done and then went to smoke over it how much wood burning fires existed historically that point Diamond by the smoke would be at it just means we can't see anything could also make the argument that it's the Animus and because it's memory it's fuzzy and that's why you can't see all the detail you couldn't make whatever excuses you want but it would it ended up looking like is that you just can't see what's happening outside of what about you in credit could have been the projection we saw 2
00:22:12I don't think so weird a really nice theater and it was just and I what I walked into a nosey we went to a screen last night I walked another theater and saw the shots with the exact same and I also noted the feeder was almost as empty as the one we were in there was probably 11 people opening weekend in the theater that we were in so it's just been a real word lightly on a million dollars on Wednesday smiley on this whole desaturation thing I mean that was Batman v Superman got blasted for his wealth like where did all the color go why is Superman the greatest Superman ever wonder why is that just a cover-up you think cgfx now is it helps if you take some the color out of it why do they definitely as a person whose work on movies I felt like when they show the big opening shots of Andalusia the city where they are assassins are I felt like that that's a shot from the game when you see when you climb to the top of the tower to unlock an area that shows you everything and then it was used in on the certain things that you see
00:23:12do the zooming part they just did the big wide shot and then covered everything and smoke it so I thought they probably just weren't happy with way that looks so they're all just like you know it up three Fair the original Assassin's Creed there really modeling it after Assassin's Creed 1 memory of it is it was fairly desaturated is a game like there was not a lot of strong color palette to that game color palette. It really is can't see this is this is like there's a constant lens flare when someone stalking you get out and get an idea that someone in the frame sometimes but that's it you have like a silhouette it was just it was a victim of you to be very conscious choice and ones one that once I noticed I couldn't unnoticed and I very rarely do that movies I can go to movie completely suspend disbelief like I don't know movie and I see Tom Cruise playing whatever character two minutes later he's that character even though I watch Tom Cruise jump around
00:24:12Rite Aid stuff I can be totally suspend my disbelief trailer a real fear in Hollywood to just accept the source material for what it is made a you talk about red versus blue that's one thing that's really nice about red versus blue you guys just said yes and now the highest rated video game movie by the movie I am and we just totally accepted the story of Uno as it was and decided to go forward with us we embraced it for its true Roots the highest rated movie of all time right now I think it is I think it is no reason whatsoever like 3 or 4 years where it was like a 9.4 on IMDb which one it up there with like Godfather and Shawshank Redemption at the time but we didn't have enough votes to like hit on the road
00:25:12Audi 5000 motor we had to me like five or six and five for $1,000 10000 times the budget the bunch of red roses lose 50 bucks that was the budget crazy father what is two and a half million dollar movie that's better than what they can produce with a hundred and twenty five million dollars major Hollywood actors and Source material to work from you know that it wasn't afraid of it why are they creating an original Ip so it's just nuts to me that doesn't work what are you afraid of just delivering the source material all I can think is they don't get it and they can't figure out why was excited about Warcraft is Duncan Jones was a guy fucking deliver that
00:26:01I think I'd go right to probably make a good video game movie Scott Pilgrim he did Ant-Man or teeth Club started at man I guess I believe in. Sweden
00:26:14Freddie Wong Freddie Wong sure let me guess you got it that's why wouldn't they go out and tap Freddie Wong to make a video game movie why wouldn't they do that the guy that directed this was it's Justin kurzel and by the way I finally found out why a guy who did Macbeth worked on it is because it makes a lot of sense he worked on Macbeth with Justin kurzel who directed it last year all right well I spot Michael fassbender's fucking dope as hell he's great in everything that I had to check him but I thought you should see him he says that shows how is the smoke coming off of him is that world
00:27:14where are the people in abstergo steal weapons historical weapons out of the case and and they're going to have a access and all the stuff in their towels everything what are they grab fucking fucking smoke bomb dude I'm like you're kidding me with the goddamn smoke grenades and I hit the ground it's an all right those are supposed to smoke assassin's tools so they're everywhere that they got real crazy animus filled with smoke future you can smoke indoors using projector to project his memories or whatever on smoke so that she can watch him relive these memories they could just set up a monitor
00:28:14they said they called environment environment that's what I put it on the side then on and they do that to the light you can see the lights and some Sprite you know that you do a light show that they need to do that this was that to an extreme level just an extraordinary leader you think you could point it every light unit in that set just based off I'll probably probably CG as well yeah there's like a little weird stuff too like he's in a cell and for some reason one of the light sources is underneath his bedside table are you rooting around under there you going to make sure you can find a thumbs-up go see a movie at the park or stuff was and then when they had given it like 11 out of
00:29:14that was why I went to go see an assassin there was a horse on a roof for some reason the last a long time and stop fucking following me you haven't seen me for fucking 5 minutes. How did you even know I was headed this direction so much you are the one to give away too much it wasn't thinking that I can see a lot and it has a green I think a lot of people associate with Assassin's Creed it was bad but they never really paid off the leap of faith what do you know they really didn't write you know it depends on how you count that but I would say no they didn't want me jumping from 440 hour into a bale of hay is probably not something that even the most forgiving Hollywood Ellensburg oh and if you're huge fan of the Assassin's Creed franchise you'll be happy to see it on screen but I think most of us are going to walk away.
00:30:14the point that we have yet to make a hit video game movie someday somebody can still do it right and someday hopefully we'll figure out how they convince Michael Fassbender Marion Cotillard and Jeremy Irons to be in this thing I just like to think that it's one of those in the trenches mindset like you're down there and you don't realize what you're making like the smokes not there all the time on Sat so that's out of the Russian produced so this is like his first producer credit I just assumed that he had something on the other two she's like he's like I need you to be read the script and what you've got to be kidding me and he's like a fine
00:31:02how many takes you that goes up like delete Blue Apron
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00:32:13dot-com the patch Blue Apron a better way to cook and way better than the Assassin Creed movie smoke in your apartment then you could be like just like your this has happened with the serial Christmas in the Box there's never what's in the box if you have a microwave oven or a fucking convection oven when you read this convection oven which my way nobody owns one of those convection air of India won both my oven and my toaster oven have convection functions on them I have never used it might have convection oven convection is like the convection instructions to me you're like the abstergo parts of Assassin's Creed everybody goes to ignore everybody knows just leave it out
00:33:13read the traditional oven or read the microwave instructions and you'll be fine I mean it may be incredibly dry but it'll be fast blow dry while they were more patches in our future then we can have a good report back convection cook off the turkey turkey it's just Head to Head turkey chefs compete to see who has the most delicious turkey appropriate note to Envy Ron I suppose real high points but I don't feel like there were as many high point games as last year but maybe I'm just feeling jaded this road before this I was looking through the list of what came out this year cuz it's hard to
00:34:13it's all run together in your head all the games were good some of the sales work great then it was surprising failure party. Overall just because we had games are all sequels in in major well-known AAA franchises falling 40-50 80% I said they were still a ton of money but there are still have their numbers arguably I think the biggest story of 2016 was centered around a major failure is no man's sky was the story that just people would not let go of all year long which is funny because it probably sold more copies and some of those sequel failures right so it was it was critically panned but commercially a fairly successful game
00:35:13the unusual event of the of refunds with like steam it offering refunds outside their traditional model of like 2 hours and you know we had people with 80 hours getting refunds and we were seeing the the overall owners on Steam drop some more people were returning it than buying it and that's a very very unusual thing to see what I'm bored with hating you because it's like the meme of the moment that's there's a guy who's going through that right now on YouTube this is going to disappear recorded right it smells recording there's a guy on YouTube who has a history of making fake Airline prank videos and he had like trying to get kicked off of Airline and being Arabic
00:36:13viral viral tweet ever seen something like 656000 retweets on it is an extraordinary amount and that it was a video of him getting kicked off the plane because he said I was just speaking a different language in the kidney on plane and that's what it said they were people like completely Aries about it but then anyone in the YouTube Community who just clicks on his Lincoln Twitter and goes to his page it's that's all of his other videos are social experiments on planes or things were he's actively faked things and it louder for faking things like putting himself in a suitcase and putting him through the cargo hold and then they had footage of him actually boarding the plane with his buddies the airline released it from Australia anyway the tide has definitely turned on this guy and you can see everyone starting to go after him now they want him to be held responsible which I get cuz he's using what are very serious social issues from what appears to be his own benefit if it's fake. It hasn't been proven that's fake yet but all the signs are kind of pointing you know that direction
00:37:13overall because you don't like you want to say you got to be a bad guy cuz you done bad stuff in the past but you it's hard to ignore a cry wolf start this believing anything you do just because you did several what it did to me that's yeah it's something you learn as a kid you were out you were looking list of games from this year it doesn't feel like it it's weird it's so long ago but like Uncharted 4 came out this year yeah we forgotten that that was this year Deus Ex mankind divided in the way the Human Revolution. If you're not going to check but yeah I mean OverWatch battleborn for battleborn Titanfall Simpson
00:38:13timing yeah cuz like if it came it came up he was a few weeks before and you think that would be enough space but it wasn't because I was coming out the other major beta come out the day before the other the week that the the other ones game actually came out of the OverWatch beta out at that time so I mean I mean OverWatch is a huge it's probably the biggest successful gaming Story of the Year and saying that it's turned into a major Eastport Buzzard so it's even almost argue that like it's it's the like in PS mizza Blizzard game whatever they are. They will all blow up but it is a new IP which is increasingly rare I feel like someone pulling up does not mean it will have the longevity to become you know a lot rocket League I thought and you know
00:39:13bloated and then I kind of I lost interest and I feel like everyone in general lost interest in that I saw documentary recently when developers said we don't know if there's any with the one left to sell this game to you like you might have sold it to everybody what is noclip I think I saw the noclip trailer on Rocket league in the developer was saying that in it I think I already own it on I think three platforms yeah yeah hard to find a game mode use the game around so much but it's not overbearing the business side of games very openly words like to give you free maps to give you free game modes in the pay for the cars if you want the car I don't add anything to the game skills lies but it's just little cosmetic updates which I'm more than happy to support a great developer like them all so notable stardew Valley
00:40:13yeah that's super hot was another one big one of the smaller game titles super hot now be exclusive to Oculus for VR it's really backed off on the other revive restrictions it's pretty simple to most the most games to just install revive and go ahead and put it up on your Vive Sol selling it in that Market Place
00:40:46I think in some ways maybe they
00:40:49Oculus has done the smart thing by letting that Marketplace be open because that's probably moved a lot more units of anything that's an exclusive title I'm fine I think with them allowing other hardware and having exclusive to their ecosystem titles cuz every developer does that mean said I think the super hot developers came out and said that it's there's no money in it they did not make anything off doing that PlayStation VR has more units sold than any other VR what number is so it's based on third-party analytics but as far as anyone can tell PlayStation VR sold as many units as Vive and Oculus can find some more gear VR but basically gear VR was just being given away I mean you buy a new Samsung phones like I hear you
00:41:49bored and their new one it's not card where I just call it felt but it's dream Google Google dream something like that Daydream other mobile handsets I don't feel like they're the same type of VR well they're not position so they're they're purely gimballed which is a big difference hey hey gloves are off in the last episode of the patch and how we really feel comes out yes I do miss year the witness Tsum was such a great release man I loved you you and I was talking to someone yesterday it was Eddie Eddie room or Brian who opposed to writing for the no and I'm going to have you talked to him cuz I think was Brian was saying he didn't
00:42:46he started doom and he didn't get into it he said It felt to like slidy or something I said you need to talk to Bernie he feel the exact same way I played it went off it didn't enjoy it went back for a we don't iron and ended up loving it about 5 minutes and feel weird and stupid and I went back. I'll give another shot and I got totally sucked in it definitely played a lot more if it was weird getting used to things like not having to reload school once very Doom it felt like a they made a modern version of Doom 2 it played very much like that except for jumping yeah I have mostly in all those Glory kills and stuff they put up laters DLC and let you go. Multipliers by getting streaks and killing things of the kill timer and everything so it's a lot of fun even after all these decades
00:43:48that's a lie even the multiplier to that was fun. I don't think it got a lot of traction probably the most underrated edit functionality in any game is the Doom snap system that they have for building levels and the way they have to distribute those within the game it's really incredible you can build some amazing stuff in that I mean the thing that really unfortunately sets them apart a little bit as it's kind of limited in its game mode so forward you can build a lot of other game type yes because the mechanic you can tweak the same for GTA you can really make a lot of things in those builders for Doom I feel like you're still going to be stuck with of death match so but it's essentially it does more than 2 Deathmatch and power-ups in weapons and it worked
00:44:48been kind of a big Trend this year especially for PC deliverables well maybe I'll the Box let's give it a week or two to see if anything gets better the following week one sales are just a sign of a larger Trend that it's been a very vocal don't pre-order movement going on for a while now but I wonder if the silent majority his kind of all turns the corner of once on that like to do this because preorder sales are all counted with that day 1 week 1 Sales I wear you typically the vast majority of the game sales are I wonder and I did some degree I kind of do credit no man's sky with this because so many people got excited and then went you know if I'd waited like 2 days I would have known not to buy this and so I wonder how many people just quiet very quietly they're not the people on on message boards are invited her on Twitter getting a
00:45:48they just very quietly go and do that again and then to stop pre order delivery killed pre-order the issues you were like why like if I don't pre-order it I'm not going to get one right for until they restock and you don't know when that is still applies to Hardware also All Digital and now you're going to get like some crazy cool you know giant map or shirt or tchotchkes or whatever they're always used to make copies in a lot of pain still have statues in addition to go that's not like a that's like a pre-order bonus necessarily that's like a whole addition of a game and it feels like that's more where that direction of physical stuff is going is like really high-end stuff and preorders are all digital now everything is like you can unlock a different outfit in your game
00:46:48up to the day of or sometimes the day after the game has released after a month just unlock for everybody or just somewhere down the line if you feel like it you know there's two bucks and they're kind of Under Pressure not to make it anything that is game on balancing right so it's not going to be anything that's like if only I pre-ordered right on what's better a killer digital item at your member that did that when I was remember if you ordered if you pre-ordered Left 4 Dead 2 from Gamestop you got a baseball bat and then like after 3 weeks or like
00:47:37yeah it was the Xbox One S this year was it released this year I think it will be you know glossed over as one of the cool things of 2016 I think I think it's great the Xbox One S I don't have a PlayStation Pro so I can't really talk about that but does seem like on a pugilistic regular and what he has to say doesn't seem that excited about it you just calling the PS4 Pro smaller increase the storage I just feel like the power button physical power button yeah I feel like it's an overall just that everything they did was an improvement everything was additives you know and it's great like I used to do a lot of digital games as I've said previously on the patch bad going back all the way to the pilot to the patch
00:48:37why were you wrong about the digital when I talked about digital delivery of games on the very first patch are the very like the first three or four I got hammered as not understand how much people wanted to keep physical media and there are a guy recognize people to still keep asking me to Eddie in the know he's one of those people that just he wants to buy every single game the physical a little bit of digital now his determination is largely how long am I going to keep playing this game if I'm just going to play once through it and then I'm done I'll probably get a physically because I can sell it and put it towards something else if it's a game that he has any intention of replaying or multiplayer or like it's going to be around for a while he's not going to get you to the economics of being able to trade games by can make sense then I just replay games so much or I visit games you know 6 months later where it's like they come out and then I'm playing them on a 6 month delay sometimes a game.
00:49:37to get around playing games on my Xbox One to have a car drives that were like connected cuz like I said I want to go to access these things quickly and so the Xbox One S just like condenses all of that they just passed Christmas right we are one of the things were getting to the boys are they get to customize your own controllers that's one of the casting for the Xbox lab troll song Titties is going to be the worst understated and take his will just be like Obama to color options selected actually surprised that Xbox didn't do that where they went out and got people to design controllers like influencers in gaming and stuff like that till like have cutie pie does not get it I just didn't notice it but it be cool if they like had a gallery of other people's designs just like on there that you can see that I even got into the business at all I mean there's so many good competitors in that field that it kind of games attraction so
00:50:36if given the choice I absolutely prefer for the party controller firewatch was this year was and so much to be this year's going home absolutely you're like something really crazy is going to happen and then nothing happens that game of those titles and they were searching for that experience and weren't able to find it before and they did so they're so relieved that they have finally this amazing game to me yeah I'm with you I wasn't looking for that experience so it didn't resonate with me the way you did with that
00:51:36yeah I knew this was a pretty good example of the series it's got a lot of replayability on each individual map it's a nice big open maps the it was that odd stage release you know the incremental release which was it worked out okay it kept you coming back to the game you like alright this game is around the next mission mission of the time they're just going to make sure they didn't they release the game you bought it full price but you didn't get the whole game and they get away with that one definitely what kind of impact that hung herself because it was a very confusing release model and it changed like the way they can you buy the game and then would like we release the episodes but it's not Apostolic because I can get the whole game and then it's just like overly releasing the story a little bit at a time and it was so it was kind of a weird proposition and
00:52:36wonder how many people besides myself a put off but the ones from earlier in the year just because I mean years of War Call of Duty and you know a lot of the more recent titles the division at Sparta forget that one Cowboy came out this year inside those are both really good little straighten yeah but independent games did really really well too I think it was when I played that I really enjoyed that don't think many people ended up Ever playing it's a game called tharsis where you're on a spaceship heading towards Mars and it's kind of like that's going across to him like Gravity the movie Gravity and everything goes really super dark and things to draw together
00:53:36is that a guy space game like you physically or digitally I should say roll dice in the game and then assign the Daiso it like it doesn't abstract that part of it actually makes the dice part part of the game The Phantom RNG you have it right there on for in your face you actually do get to see the dice and then you can assign the dice and do you know what the strategy that it's fun it was a it was Tarsus was a really great game another great through that a lot all the individual characters powers and all that apply like bonuses within the game itself and then another independent title that I thought did really well this year was just thinking about this 7 Days to Die. Have a great Xbox release
00:54:34directly over I mean the most of the features that are or I may even be on parody pretty much with PC but yeah I just did snot will I see my how things have changed that's the place to play in absolutely you are talking about the Xbox version of well it's cuz I'm the rest of my office is like an anchor around my neck but it's okay we got them on the PC version we did a week 7 days to die and it was all PC so we're good are you up to now I've got my Fortress to the point where it's there they're not getting it so it is the truth I had a rocket launcher got like 12 Rockets never used it and I've got an SMG that I just can't find fucking SMG Parts anywhere did you get that game I got a little bit but I just found that I was
00:55:34when I was going to get other stuff I would end up getting Stone results you know it's the most of the eventually you'll start clearing off all the service Rock but I mean most your major Metals you can just find above ground right Lil deposits layer and her like a room down there so that if anything goes wrong up top I'm right use the church I don't know how you are with them at the church in the dead center of the current map this is build 15 and I use that that's my Fortress wrong you down to the bottom of the church and do the my mind and then I had to say I'm good initially when I first tried one of those out I put one up as like this is stupid this is the worst way to look at it and then I figured out you can flip it around yeah
00:56:34now that you got the moves like a concave area and I had my life zombies zombies in space but then when I slipped it around because one of your comments I was reading about 7 days I can only try that. That's the way it doesn't work at all and I mean every time I put you before you started like the Wasteland and I would get killed in 5 seconds and now it's a good kind of like help people for that first night we got me about with Minecraft as well I saw a first night tutorial on how to get to your first day and survive and I just thought I'd try this instance like fun in Minecraft I fell down that fucking hole
00:57:34yeah I know I do. I still love the game I'm glad that it's still being actively supported I wanted still in Alpha I mean I'm curious to see when they're going to go beta with it do you think that should be sold on the Xbox
00:57:47you think that are just like it should Early Access just not be on Console or you can just this game was a bad idea of the time I will say that they've recently patched it a little bit on the Xbox to slightly improved framerate I think it's a vicious that they're trying to to working on two platforms now maybe even three I don't know if it's on PS4 Early Access as well but I'd rather than focus and get a really refine product I think but that's commentary on the developer not necessarily on early access to the concept but they're smaller development team so I would I would like them to really nail it down on one platform and then I'll work on getting it to another money will help that the hopefully they said they saw a pretty decent boost in sales from going to that extra platform but I hope it didn't turn people against them on that platform
00:58:46the patch coffee
00:58:52yes there's a mechanic that I noticed more this year that I am really sick of in the division is what is a big end of the come up in a lot of games recently is I am tired of having to hold down buttons to do shit just let me hit next to pick something up I don't want to go ex okay now that implies also get the whole day texting ex has some other functionality as well and I develop over use the same buttons again again I don't want X & Y to be every fucking thing and then a that one function of these people over use it to open the door but it's kind of a side of the building it's that mean it's it's okay I understand there's a limited number of buttons and you have to apply the menu when I use the easily accessible buttons more frequently but yeah no end and don't make me wait all the time don't add a layer of over the course of me
00:59:52in the game I just would hate to see the statistic of how much time I wasted waiting for the button to decide that I pushed it right right stop it developers how about you to be less of a thing you know just games to come out a little bit more polish I think we're not in no man's sky is a victim of that you know where it's not the victim obviously they were the architects of their own demise but I just think that you know some games get a pass world Early Access into build and then some other ones like it man I mean hit man came out and it didn't have all the missions in it and they were shipping the mission separately so you know no man's Sky front about that they're like that's how it's going to come out right that's a big no man's Sky they over the the impression is that people have is at the over-promise what they were going to but they delivered on and you know but there are people who say oh the update for No Man's sky made the game a lot better so I mean
01:00:51in some ways I like to see the the audience in the the marketplace get a little bit more patient but at the same time I don't want developers to take advantage of that kind of stuff I also want to see anybody looking when you get like eight years every game that comes with the season pass which if you want to get it day one it's like very well discern the six-yard game to a $90 game
01:01:14but it's you do Bank on not wanting that DLC or and I also feel kind of burned as a consumer sometimes because I don't know like how good those bonuses are going to be or how critical are going to be me and my game place. It's like oh you'll get $500 of in-game cash it's like I don't I don't know how much stuff last night game so it's like I don't know it's like this $500 in cash to the campaign you know that much faster the last grain of sand
01:01:44that's it I think our glasses served us well better for it made it all the way through to the new office I think it just finally got thrown away he was going to make an appearance to throw something one last time at the set but I guess he didn't I would like day one patches to not be it I would like it very much if games I just feel like we're like plenty like releasing a game like I'm planning for it to not be finish things like oh but will like make it playable with the day one patch because there are still people who use physical who don't have like that in and out here like maybe they've got like a total limit on their bandwidth or it's slow and it just takes the completely ruined
01:02:44experience and I just wish that
01:02:49you finish your game especially in the digital slider patch for the digital version it's like this you should have updated the digital version to include this patch and either
01:03:13I don't know finish their games before they go gold and then have the stuff you like minor things not like we're taking it from unplayable to like it's fine now
01:03:24or are you looking forward to in 2017 I just finished I love any game has a bow and arrow in I really knew I'd like a genuinely like games have boat bow and arrow bow and arrow anybody go back and Gears of War the torque bow been constantly I think I know already probably go to be my Game of the Year I hope it's multiplayer hold up but less already came out you and your last Guardian I enjoyed burnt dog cat saves little boy that the boys can go fuck himself
01:04:24I liked inside but I like the Amorphis block I didn't like the kid cuz you're the kid most of the time and you just going to do a little something more of his blob you know when I thought I've got into poop before I'm I'm not going to get into it again right now
01:04:44I can assure you be free all really the same thing I have a fire watch like I got into the game late and then it writes are gone and I have the end of the app games like whatever Mike all right and then other things came up so I'm like halfway through 3 now it's backwards compatible though so maybe I should finally go finish it with the peripheral to blow smoke in your face and shines a bright light in your eyes entire time you play movies
01:05:34I'm hoping for a new year of better be our titles to I want to make it yeah it's going to drag a while but it's going to make it I think it may have to consolidate down a little bit I don't know how many crazy different headsets the market can support right now split the market by making titles exclusive or try to do that yep and they have had you know movement element is a thing that can develop one platform but like super hot going to Oculus and I'll be available yet at this moment on by you know to say they're going to just going to fragment the marketplace and I think the VR headsets going to be like connects and we still going to be the most prolific piece of Hardware that gathers dust and everybody's house it's a weird breeds Innovation was so it's nice to have a little heads up on the other like oh what do I get in then what games do I have to give up and then like no one who's paying $800 for a peripheral wants to know that they're not getting everything
01:06:34and unfortunately the the easiest the most accessible and the most comfortable by far is the Sony's solution PlayStation VR but it's also arguably the worst functioning but like it doesn't fairly decent job of keeping up with your head
01:07:02this is where things go wrong really beautiful headset to honestly out of the three at the best-looking it's been the last patch if we hadn't talked about it yet so we really had to like bring that one it for the patch last time we'll see this set ever it might appear in some random stuff here there but the pet set you served as well as tired of taper well common host of the patch is it more episodes anybody else
01:08:00that just wanted people in the company can talk about things in the industry and you know we know that these are very opinionated topics and people have very very strong feelings about them and it's always been great to have that conversation with the audience and I think that who knows what the future brings video game podcast for Rooster Teeth podcast it down for an hour every we can just chat about video games was going on what we think about them you know we'll do our best to to retool and put it together in a way that can be a successful production me off so it can support itself but let us know if you know what you what you love about the patch with you and it's about the patch what was you trying to patch on whatever comes next to that we didn't do on the patch I guess and then we'll take all that into account
01:09:00when we talk about making more things where we talk about stuff right supported you've been a wonderful audience will see you on the next iteration are those burnt down

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