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Sorry for the long hiatus, but between moving and work, life hasd been a bit more crazy than usual.  We are back though, and with a new lines of interviews that we'll be bringing to you this summer. 

In this episode we sit down with Karl Sanford, Founder of Manhattan Project Beer Company.  We sat down with Karl a little over a month ago to discuss the company. We hit upon many different topics such as how they've been brewering out of Bitters Sisters Brewery for the last year, their new space which will eventually be opening up in East Dallas near Trinity Groves and for some werid reason, the different flavors that were in the jelly bean bags in the Harry Potter films. 

With that said and like always, grab yopurself a cold one, hit the play button and enjoy!!!


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00:00:19Good evening kids This is leroy and kyle and we're here with carl sanford the founder of manhattan project blue ink is it just men and project brewing or the manhattan project It's manhattan project beer company company yeah but yeah it is most time gets shortened to manhattan project
00:00:37or even manhattan so and you know i'll talk about it in a little bit if i say we're here with men hand project that has a different connotation typically yeah so we're here actually we're recording in the clubhouse of your apartment and we'll get into that in a
00:00:53little bit yeah are very is under construction at the moment so if i'm right really right behind your isn't it yeah yeah so it's i mean it's literally just across the street from from here so so give us ah it was a quick history of how you guys
00:01:10started and what you're what you're doing at the moment ok men if you don't mind i was always that i'm going to interrupt you we have to introduce the beers oh yeah wakely forgot the star of the show it's been it's been a few months since i've we've
00:01:26done record so we're drinking i think we're all have the same thing at the moment we're drink ready plutonium two three nine which is the coconut porter yes yeah so it's um so i mean it's it's i mean truly a porter it's it's not super heavy i'm trying
00:01:43think of the a b v is what Six point two on this beer so good good medium malt character a steak get a lot of chocolate in the in the mall and a little bit of a little bit of roasting nous and then you get really the kind
00:01:59of coconut on the on the finish and coconut also kind of gives like a creamy mouth feel that z this pre delicious as well so coconuts one of my least favorite flavors of all time but but it rules in beer for some reason i don't understand i hate
00:02:16coconut but every time i have a coconut beer or i mix like a coconut something in a beer it's just amazing good yeah for some reason yeah it does it works really well on beer and you know we've done it and we've done in two beers and two
00:02:30almost completely opposite ends of the spectrum beer where we have plutonium here which is you know it's dark it's a little bit sweet it's roasty and we've also done it in atomic alliance which is a pina colada type a so you know kind of a lot drier you
00:02:48know hoppy he's got a little bit of hot bitterness to it and everything so so yeah i mean and it's worked in is worked in both styles so which by the way if anyone's wondering the atomic alliance will be out in a about three weeks so very cold
00:03:05on the verge of being relating shipped out yeah so yeah okay now let's get the get the quick history the quick start up history then well we'll go into more interesting questions ok Yeah so um as it is now the company is three of us three founders it's
00:03:22myself and misty who happens to be my wife is well and jeremy so man the three of us started um we made our first beer together back in two thousand eleven it was actually a beer we're making for um we for when missing our plan our wedding and
00:03:41that's kind of the time you know jeremy was home brewing i had never brewed beer before in my life and we just reached out to him and said hey man can you ah can you make this beer for our for our wedding He said yes so that's that's
00:03:53how we got started and it turned out good that's actually that beer still in our lineup it's called inception and were and we we've brood small amounts of it so far but it's it's really it's a difficult beer teo teo to make um without some kind of different
00:04:11things that are set up and when we get into one gettinto our space because we haven't talked about this yet but right now we're we're not we'd actually don't own our own uh well we own a building but we're not in our own brewery right now so we
00:04:25get our space we'll make exceptional bit more um but yeah we just started making some more beers start entering amateur competition started winning some awards here and there and kind of the rest is history So so you guys have a really great theme um manhattan project beer company
00:04:44and all of your beers maybe with the exception of inception because that was that was that was something i was created before but everything that you guys have is atomic or nuclear themed yeah like they have ah have a beer you know called hopping heimer and of course
00:05:02oppenheimer is the father of the atomic bond yeah bomb yet and you have ah sour called bikini atoll and kyle can you tell the audience what mckenna told us No i cannot let you know where they did the initial atomic testing Okay but yes an island yeah so
00:05:20so yeah we yeah inception was a little we kind of stepped outside of the theme on that one but it sounded you know inception sounds kind of like science e and you know if if you were like kyle and then it have ah knowledge of science you probably
00:05:36would think that it went with the rest of the team well i mean i know about the riddle manhattan project so so so why did you come up with the name the theme Um man we were just we were just hanging out we're actually on a bier trip
00:05:50in in san diego and ah and you know we're just we're a couple beers in and and said man you would be a cool name for a brew and this is like long before we ever even you know decided tio tio brew to brew beer together and we
00:06:06said you know manhattan project i mean think about all the cool different names obviously you've mentioned oppenheimer you know we've got plutonium that were drinking right now if you have the beer's black matter we have we have names that we don't even have beers for yet sure And
00:06:19so that kind of became like you know we'd sit around and talk about you know like as we're sitting there drinking beer and we come up with a new beer name that would kind of work for this concept and once again before we even started and then you
00:06:31know and then when we started you know entering festivals and competitions and stuff we needed it a name right we need like a name of our club or wherever you want to call it and so so you know we talked about the manhattan project and he said you
00:06:45know it really kind of makes a lot of sense like if you look at you know first of all there's there's three founders which is is not necessary the norm rightto have like kind of three founders and and i feel like you know and we all kind of
00:06:58feel like we all bring it's kind of a unique aspect in a skill set to the table which you know jeremy's very like engineer minded and so he brings that to the brew inside and miss he's very creative and then i'm kind of somewhere in between so i
00:07:15think between the three of our skill sets we really have kind of what it what we feel like it takes tio tio accomplish what what it is we're trying to do so great and you guys are classified as a microbrewery correct um i don't i don't know by
00:07:30whose by by whose standards so you know i was i was looked just checked in one of the beers on tap and it had ulises on my yeah i would say so i mean right now our productions really limited i'm sure you know on a good month if
00:07:44the timing all works out well we can get maybe fifty barrels out well so and if i'm correct you guys our contract brewing through somebody is that correct So very very close um technically what we're doing is called an alternate proprietorship okay And so yeah in the basically
00:08:04in the state of texas if if you want if you don't have your own place and you wantto make beer you have two options and that's contract brain which is essentially where you pay somebody to make the beer for you giving the recipe you worked with him but
00:08:18it's it's them and they're responsible for it and they pay the taxes on it and you know and then there's all tame proprietorship which is where um it's very similar but essentially you go in and make the beer and and really um you know a lot of this
00:08:34is kind of legal stuff of who's responsible for what but you know getting into this business we obviously wanted the experience of making the beer and understanding the you know the equipment going from small scale the commercial scale we wanted to kind of have that understanding so it's
00:08:50been beneficial obviously to get in there um but yeah those air kind of young say texas tbc doesn't make things simple and i would be very no it doesn't and when you guys officially start so we are launch was november eleventh of sixteen okay so about a year
00:09:10and a half ago aren't you doing this out of better sisters in addison yes yes yes we're bringing out a bitter sisters and yes we brew so kind of you so they have a thirty barrels set up there and we're brewing about once a month on on the
00:09:24big set up and then we have ah three barrel system as well that that we you know by now put together and you know we're brewing on that i don't know we're probably doing what about four batches a month okay so we're somewhere around forty to fifty forty
00:09:44to fifty barrels a month depending on like i said out how quickly we can get back in there so to start making your beer this way was it just a matter of you know how you guys were starting or did the amount of breweries already kind of in
00:10:00the area have something to do with that Um yeah i mean so you know if so from the very beginning when we were kind of looking at this and you know just running the numbers on and look at the financials we said man that's like a really a
00:10:15big first step you know and there's there's quite a barrier to entry in the market because you know i mean originally i you know i was singing like hey what do you have to do to do this And you would think you know like let's say i'm in
00:10:29the candle business right So what i do like i'm starting my my living room right Then you know you know maybe i'll make my way out into the garage and then and then you know that and that's not really possible in in the beard space because at the
00:10:46federal level you have the t t b and that process is very long it's like i think it varies are ours took seven months that was particularly long but you know anywhere from four to six months is not unheard off and you need you need to present to
00:11:05them either proof of ownership or a lease on a space right So if like you know if i want to go out at least ten fifteen thousand square feet you know and i'm paying ten grand a month for that like you know i'm have to really work with
00:11:21the landlord to say like hey can you give me free ran for six months while i go get my license because i'm not making any money and then you know so it's it's there's quite a barrier to entry and so we said you know like once again like
00:11:33if this was a candle business like how do we kind of what's the garage version of that and so we should look into it and we saw you know contract brain and an alternate proprietorship and you know we reached out tio ah lot different berries there was something
00:11:49we didn't there's something we didn't reach out to you because we knew they were really busy and i think a great bine does a lot of contract right um they did i don't know what their current status is do you know if they're still i've heard a bunch
00:12:04of weird stuff about them over the last year so i i i think there's still contracts i think they are while um they're still there still around how much i don't know what's the brilliant dentyne money uh yeah i think armadillo is brewing through them i could be
00:12:23wrong but yeah i knew because they're they're just about to have the own face really have their own space data like yeah but yeah let's go but they're not making beer there yet you sure about that serving beer there they know that they did stop them where they
00:12:34were serving beer in this space there only serving coffee you sure about my armadillo yeah yeah i know yeah because yeah armadillo was making their beer out of there and making it a deep elem they're their first run a couple of years actually and then there was there's
00:12:48a lot there you know there's there's a whole story there that i'll get when we get them on the podcast but i think they're well i would like to hear it yeah definitely do that it's it's great from just the small bits i've heard it's it's just one
00:12:59of those things like it's amazing that they kind of finally got their feet on the ground after you know so many things but so that that's i knew great bind was doing contractors they pulled out a stores and just wanted to focus on doing their local stuff and
00:13:14the contract yeah we're on our way to turn i mean the guy that was the head brewer if i'm not mistaken the guy that was ahead burger at grave fine because they were doing contract for other people as well and i don't i don't know i don't know
00:13:29if any of this is like not public knowledge so i'm not going to know i'm not gonna name what even i know but there was like a few significant local berries that that were there were constant bigger breweries were doing additional the additional volume but i'm yeah i've
00:13:46heard that too yeah and they've got i mean they've got amazing facility there bru houses just then that four vessels system set up it means great and that a great team over there Yeah I mean i i can't I thought i mean there was an announcement on too
00:14:00long ago that they were what was another they were shutting down but they were keeping the tap room open Are all we know is they're doing Ah Eh a beer and cheese paring in the next week or two I know that Bree I work that we did a
00:14:14pairing Also in the company's doing the cheese is doing great Find brewing about one or two weeks Ok They still have some operations going Well they're always okay So they were actually the originally in farmers branch There They were really were three nations now Yeah yeah Which i
00:14:30listen to that um listened to that podcast you guys did with gavin which ah love love gavin And that makes him great Beer's over there So great group great group of guys So do you guys have roadmap for moving beyond that Are you comfortable with what you're doing
00:14:51Um yes Oh so we we purchased a warehouse way mentioned it's right across the street Um we closed on that ah couple months ago and we're in the process of um working with the city um there's There's a there's a few steps we need to go through prior
00:15:08teo building permits so the purchase we made was actually five separate lots and so we have to combine all of those lots into one which is called a re platt so we've got that in being this of super old neighborhood this neighborhood was originally laid out in the
00:15:24eighteen hundreds and so there's some sub standard street conditions and sub standard utility conditions that we have teo like rectify and so it's it's not just kind of your normal project where you just say hey i've ah of a warehouse i want to put in a bathroom and
00:15:38some offices let's go there's kind of some of these real estate aspect so we're dealing with those real estate aspects right now and and then we should be submitting for building permits pretty soon and it wants to get our permit will be you know four to six months
00:15:55billed out so we're looking at kind of the kind of late fall at this point and once again we're at the mercy of the city of course at this point so are you guys going to be primarily operating like it's a tap room brewing a brewery or are
00:16:10you just going to be are you just going to be operating it's a bruins shipping your stuff out no i mean we're going toe i mean i would say man we're doing we're doing both pretty fully like so right now we're keg only when we when we get
00:16:23into our facility will be doing cans like r our large production stuff you know half life hopping heimer will be in cans on dh there were well you know we'll be starting our barrel aging program will be starting our sour program we'll be doing some bottle conditions special
00:16:40release and well we're working towards doing a brewpub license so that i can be a prowler and crawler that stuff so we can sell directly so will have you know six packs bottles growlers all that kind of stuff and it's really um what what am i trying to
00:16:59say It's a um it's a purpose built facility that really it's not like hey we came over the brewery and then talk to tap room in the back like this is sure very specific from the start pre decent size is fifteen hundred square feet and it's not huge
00:17:16but we've got a big twenty five hundred square foot outdoor area beer garden ah very cool and there's there's just just massive like the country on side so it's really cool like tio because your face yeah i'm actually looking out the window right now and i can see
00:17:32downtown you know i can see the skyline and then like like you know when you're in this space over their sicknesses tree canopy cover it's a really interesting you know just be in the middle of city but then have trees everybody that you're in this area of like
00:17:47dallas that's kind of starting to grow and thrive i mean you have all these like restaurants like chicken scratch right over here and all these places that you know like what i've noticed a lot of berries do is they kind of get there i mean they kind of
00:17:57help support the different local business and sometimes we'll carry the beers so you're kind of like this thriving area where you might have i don't have that your plan but but where they might like the people i ke you were local berry let's carry your stuff on tap
00:18:07and so yeah you know that's a i mean interest down now how you know how in the weeds you guys want to go on this but you know when we were we were kind of looking for real estate we were having this discussion about what um what neighborhoods
00:18:19made sense when everyone's didn't make sense and it's you know it's it's really tough because as a brewery you need a lot of space right But you don't want to be like in some industrial park you know right on the highway well i've been the so many breweries
00:18:33that as my wife calls it she i take it to a lot of rules that aeryn ah rape warehouses off in the middle of nowhere that is that does you know a screwed is that description is i definitely conveys a message for sure and and so you know
00:18:53within the same time you know you gotta gotta pick something you can afford it so you know we kind of we kind of looked out we had you know it's got a lot of real estate and you know we're having the discussion probably about a year ago um
00:19:07and said you know we should start looking for riel state you know just because we know that you mean it could be very good mia six months before you even find something you like and i mean like no kidding man i log on i get on loop net
00:19:22which commercial real estates you know side i do a search and i find this warehouse it's like twenty foot ceilings ten thousand square foot in really good shape like you know like not like caving in or anything with a total of three quarters of an acre of land
00:19:42which is what we've kind of figured out what we needed for parking and everything so it met all the criteria and it was in this neighbourhood that's like up and coming i mean there's mid arise apartments like just down the street and and so man we i mean
00:19:57i called him that said i want to see you today and you know we had an offer in uh you got you came think the name of the hotel right over here too It's the belmont hotel Yes right In this area we've got sylvan thirty which if you
00:20:08guys haven't been there seven thirty's got i mean he's got cheap ottavino cool little local market and why i'm here Taco delhi it's got ten rahman i mean just awesome And then yeah right across the street is belmont hotel which really beaumont was one of the original anchors
00:20:25of this area They were the first ones in and then chicken scratch was you know also very early into kind of re establish this area of dallas And then actually the department you know office that we're sitting in right now was the first really apartments in this area
00:20:42So it's um we're really excited about this area man there's just a lot of stuff happening School people Ah great spot Where you guys going Downtown Where you guys living down here already Before you found the spot It was this kind of was finding the warehouse kind of
00:20:56the movement for you guys to be in this area Okay so yeah so missing i lived just a couple miles south of here in north cliff we were close enough yeah and we decided teo sylar house it was a one hundred five year old house and if you've
00:21:12ever lived in one of those is a lot of words and we're tryingto work in the thirty year old house way got a twenty month old kid and we got this brand new brewery and so you know he was like we just really wanted to like you know
00:21:25take some some take some responsibility off our play with that house and just do a little apartment living and i mean it's somewhat coincidental that we literally ended up across the street from where the berry where the berry is going to be um but somewhat not coincidental because
00:21:42we want to bury in a cool spot we wanted to live in a cool spot and you know and so we just kind of ended up but but yeah the fact that the fact that you know we look at our window and can see the berry that that
00:21:54that was a coincidence but i have a question then so in the last couple of years you know on some of the people we've interviewed and just some of the people we've talked as we've gone to new places drinking one of the things i have notices that because
00:22:11of the amount of breweries that air just in this north texas area ah lot of new breweries that are coming up now are basically opening up and operating as like v neighborhood brewery they're not doing what you know eight years ago you'd open up and you'd have like
00:22:28an entire plan of like you know when you start making cans or balls were start shipping them out it kind of shifted in the last couple years i've noticed a little bit at least everybody stars aspiration to do everything but the initial thing is that we're going to
00:22:40be like this local areas home for people to come and have craft beer so my question is based on that the way you guys started through it's not contract but what did you call alternating proposed donating for fire ship Did you guys do did you find that starting
00:23:00out that way gave you a little more leeway when you are actually opening up the space Oh absolutely like i kind of feel like because you like it was like a half step right and like you know like every business when it grows kind of you know they
00:23:18grow incremental but then there's always these these big steps right Like opening up a new facility or expanding to a new market or whatever so these big steps so i feel like you know the alternative proprietorship whereas you know when you go straight in and get your own
00:23:33production facility i mean that's awesome You know we'll call that one step right Well let's say the altering proprietor ship is a half step and i think i feel like what that's a lot of us to do is that this next move into our into our place is
00:23:48a lot of to get to that kind of almost like a step and a half marks were able to go in there day one with a purpose built tap room and and thanks so and your names already out there yeah people know your beers people like your beer
00:24:01so it's like you know you've had enough time to establish that you guys are making great beer so that when you finally open something it's not going to be this new thing and this like kind of scary experimental like are people gonna come here you know people are
00:24:15going to show up let's point yeah no it's i mean that was i don't want to call it necessarily a proof of concept but i mean you know i mean that just just have a smart thing to do right Like i mean a breeze expensive i mean you
00:24:31could be looking at you know for for kind of the standard birds around here communities and textile projects and deep alums and us i mean you're depending on depending on you know how much you're finishing out how much your how much your equipment you're buying me you still
00:24:50what you're looking at millions of dollars two to five million dollars depending on your level of finish out and other things but um man that's just a big that's a big hunk you know when you're releasing a consumer product and you don't know how the market's going toe
00:25:04receive it yet so i'm very curious to see if anybody follows that model going for because like i said there's so many choices now it has to be a little more difficult to say we want to open up our own brewery yeah it's definitely i mean obviously people
00:25:20are still doing it and you know i mean i get this i get this question from people in and also you don't get the question but then also sometimes i get kind of more of like the naysayers right there like oh man have you seen how many in
00:25:34the typical response i say is what what business are you in i i i'm a lawyer and i got you know how many lloyd don't get me started on you you know and so to be honest we've had very few closures yeah i mean fire wheel in audacity
00:25:50audacity and then we had a record out of grapevines closed yet and that this man and i've been there recently there's still striving like i said i think they just have they're taking a different business approach there was also somewhere cober almost at a point but they were
00:26:04branded themselves and i don't think they were almost yeah i wouldn't call that like a like no church just like just like a revenue crunch that was just you know a disagreement a personnel change yeah and then you know they you know decided to kind of shift the
00:26:18focus of the brewery because everybody associate id them with the guy that left yeah and in my understanding is they didn't have access to their recipes and so it would be kind of so they're called old tell tom brew house now and they're doing really good this that
00:26:34they picked up i can't remember where they're brewer came from i'm so sorry i have talked to those guys recently aside from the here it feels like the same locality walking their insurance well that was why that was why they were adamant on continuing because they had a
00:26:45really great location that wasn't being serviced by anybody else in that field specifically so you know they actually absolutely wanted to continue so yeah they've got that and they've got a blueberry stout which makes me very happy a blueberry stout he's all about the blueberry seriously the blueberry
00:27:01come do they use an extractor They use fruit Do you know I don't know i do have plans to talk to them at some point so we'll ask him okay yeah because we've done which i love but i feel like blueberries really good in beer yeah but it
00:27:15has to be but it doesn't taste like blueberry at all depends Okay so i see i had every time we played around with it it does not come through as blueberry are you talking about blew away the fruit or blueberry the flavor Because that can be two different
00:27:29things Yeah yeah so it tastes it tastes much You get like the brute blueberry the fruit so much but you don't get that That really kind of you know when you think of a lot of blueberry thing is a lot of candy Yeah there's a lot of booze
00:27:45but now that you just mentioned fire wheel one of our unfortunate closings but they had a blueberry i pay that was awesome And it was worth the drive for me to go out there because there are quite a bit away from me but uh well um man so
00:28:02at least we have a market of one for blueberry beer that was always yeah way somebody that brewery that i really like had just put out a blueberry version of their blonde and one of the local tap growler stations near me had put it on i want to
00:28:20got like three or four fills of it when i went to the brewery recently i told was like oh man i really loved the blueberry blondies like well it was like we had to buy a lot of those kegs back oh no but he did he did reassure
00:28:33me that once they put it in the brewery they sold snap snap snap quick quick quick says like it might be a brewery only thing but yeah which man that's that's ah i mean we're really excited about that to be able to do some kind of very only
00:28:48stuff and you know i'm like you know we've got like a little ten ten gallon system too i'm like whatever man will well bruce from ten gallon matches and serve him at the at the tap room like the more that you know the more the merrier i mean
00:29:03we obviously don't have an outlet for for that right now but well that's one of things i wanted things i love about going to breweries is to get stuff that i'm not going to necessarily get somewhere else so if there are certain breweries that though if you go
00:29:18to their tap room they have the four bears that you can buy in the store shelves which is great it's nice to see their environment is nice to see their facility it's nice to get the barrel straight from the source but am i going to go back there
00:29:28not likely because i can go to another brewery we're going to have more experimental stuff we could have like more interesting stuff small batch stuff so i don't know if i'm in the norm for brewery patrons cm the solid different sometimes like i enjoy the beer and it's
00:29:45like oh i like going to the burning this experiencing many with the people the culture of the environment and sometimes that can be even even if i'm getting the same bear they have in the stories just sitting there and being away from home being out you know talking
00:29:57to people who enjoyed the same stubborn conversing with them is what i like about you know very well why why do one or the other just do both yeah but why would you travel out of your way to go back to that place if there's not if i
00:30:09had enjoyable time yeah okay that's one thing i'm being true you know it's like i mean i'm going back to fire well let's say fire will had been had been canning some of their stuff i had it had good times here so i'm going to go back and
00:30:20just because i enjoyed environment of people that were there they had a lot of experimental stuff i know i know i know but i mean but you know there are places that you like that had the same stuff on on the shelf and it's i know i can
00:30:31go buy it but again it's the environment that i like i like doing this podcast We've got to meet a lot of cool people and i've got the you know whether it's the silverman and the brewers is the owner's i've really got to enjoy them so i like
00:30:40going back and talking with them again So we should you know you find out new stories so it's like we'll share removed That's that's that's how we started this podcast is we went the brewery so often we were always talking to the people and we just don't think
00:30:51we should record this year exactly think that was the exact same things like that We're always at these bees were always having these great conversations with either the bartender or we meet with the owners is like i don't think anybody else is doing this at least not so
00:31:05like the kind of the idea that i had about so let's do it You guys are the first that we've had in that kind of on and i don't know if it offended you end up at the micro brewing like contract You know area oh yeah you know
00:31:21does it I just i was kind of almost making a joke because you know people talk about micro berries and nano berries and like what you know after what isn't craft sam adams craft i'm goingto arm wrestle you for it you know like you know what Whatever man
00:31:36you're and i'm not going i'm not going to be picky about the terms either it's it's it's no yeah like i said hey hey we make forty to fifty barrels a month you know multiply that by twelve and you know you can decide for yourself if we're a
00:31:49nano are micro r yeah whatever so so we've got we've got another poor here we've got the half life eh Yep i snuck one in and this is ah this is a new england is that with the n e is for or northeast um you know that's a
00:32:04good question because typically i don't i think it's i don't think it's settled upon and i don't think it is either because typically what i've seen and this is ah been a beer on nypd fed this year's theme new england i pay the very but then i see
00:32:17i see i see new england the west coast so that's when he said new east or north east or north east sorry but i'm and this this is not a hazy well it's it normally is we're drinking out of a sample bottle okay which you know it just
00:32:33tends to settle out in the sample bottle and i've had this bear enough that i probably should know by now but yeah it's a so you know we introduced us a year and a half ago um and it's it's on the subtle is different on the subtle side
00:32:47from a haziness and you know perspective but you know when a year and a half ago if we had put out some stuff that looked like orange juice people i mean nobody nobody would have known what it was and that there's people doing that now yeah i mean
00:33:04the market's ready for you know and we release double half life which was kind of like our when we released double half life about six months ago because we felt like the market it kind of started tio to adapt because this was the first like hazy i p
00:33:19a of this style in texas i believe you know year and a half ago and so so like yeah it's it's it is not the biggest hazy ist pillowy ist juiciest but i mean it was it was our attempt teo to introduce the dallas market to something that
00:33:40we thought was really cool which is these thes ie ppa is that are you not malt for it at all and that's why they're hazy by the way like i don't know at least it's my theory and this thousand yes so this is how we got to this
00:33:55beer right So we were one to come up with a new i p a a while back and we kind of all went to the store and kind of bought some of our favorite type a as we have some stuff from bottle shares or whatever and we lined
00:34:10them all out we went through him we tasted um what we like what we don't like and just kind of brainstorming some ideas and we got to the end of it We said missing my palate is wrecked I can't even taste these beers anymore and we're like why
00:34:23do these have to be so like why did have to be so malti and so bitter And you know can't can't we just like enjoy the flavour in the aroma of hops without having to be kicked in the teeth right And so we said let's just make like
00:34:42just ah hop aroma and flight you know so a lot of late edition hop a lot of dry hop let's let's see if we can this make a beer like that so in the first iteration you know we and we said we're going to really dial back the
00:34:55bitterness and so when we have dial back the bitterness you always have to dial back the malt or the sweetness to keep it in balance or else you know you're just gonna have a really sweet beer and so sorry about that so we um so the first iteration
00:35:13we did it just tasted very thin and watery so we said well we need more mouthfeel like teo but we don't want to bring any more sweetness and so in order to bring the in order to give it more mouthfeel we added wheat which we provides you know
00:35:29proteins which give you mouth feel so um you know in a lot of the the really hazy stuffs on the market now has it sweets and wheat and oats and loophole in powder and a bunch of different other stuff in it too but this is just just wheat
00:35:44and barley in that mouth feel kind of kind of balance to beer back out and so is that's My theory is that if you're not gonna have you know if you're going to drop your ivor used down you know thirty or forty you're gonna have to do something
00:35:59on the malt side to kind of make all that work and still taste like an idea so you guys think experimenting with that style early on and putting it out in the market here kind of gave you guys a foot up because it had it was starting to
00:36:14come into vogue and you guys were a little bit early on it Yeah i think it i think it speaks to so you know one thing is when when you know you're in this position of you know owning a brewery you know obviously you gotta you gotta decide
00:36:30what to make right And you know that's that starts is a really big list and you got you got to figure out how to narrow it down and and so you know one of the things we've talked about us to say okay well you know we gotta look
00:36:44at kind of the intersection of you know sort of the vin diagram of things that we want to make things that people want to buy and you know and you know whatever that third category is but really it's it's kind of that intersection and s o so we've
00:37:02decided we'll never make a beer that that we don't we as founders operators of the company that we don't like but we're not necessarily going to make every beer we want to make because we know that that's not what people want to buy like if we just wanted
00:37:17to make beer for ourselves and we can go you know we could go brew some stuff on the ten gallon system so um so i mean you know when we kind of when this trend start coming out the northeaster hazy or new england wherever you want to call
00:37:32it um i mean i think it's legitimate like this wasn't to me this wasn't it's not hokey you know it's not glitter beer right It's not i mean it has direct shot by the way was that that's a direct shot isn't it Oh no no nothing i can
00:37:47say i know hey i love collective on that beer actually was tasty yeah they had some outside influence i hear on that one but no no no and i'm not necessarily i'm not against hokey you know like trendy fatty beers that's not that's not what i'm saying is
00:38:08i'm just saying that like when we came across this and we got there is a legitimate reason to do this we didn't say like hey we want to make a beer that's not clear we said no we want to make a beer that tastes this way has these
00:38:20certain characteristics and we went through a product development process that led us to this and and so i think there's a you know and so when when we saw we saw becoming popular were like man this is this is great we think this is this is a good
00:38:37move right We see a need for this in the market like and you know people that people that don't like i pahs people say i don't like i possess i mean they'll drink half life all day long you know if we can give robbie some of this wei
00:38:52have a friend that i pay a hater who either we have a piece of my favorite so it's the same here on my wife but she doesn't want a drink here anyways but yeah yeah um yeah because i mean it started three i abuse because i think so
00:39:05when you hear i be used is there any i've heard both i heard there's there's a reason for it i heard it's mostly a b s system that you basically in the individual khun gauge what it is yeah so so yeah i would say there's three ways to
00:39:22look at i abuse there's calculated which is you know you type it into your brewing software and it says you know how it's going to end up that's always wildly wrong completely wrong there's measured which you can't argue with measured it's correct but it doesn't know how it
00:39:38really is late and he sent it off to a lab and they i don't know i guess measure the alfa acid okay the i summarized alf acids you are or whatever i don't know the exact process on that butt and then yeah then there's what i call perceived
00:39:53sure and perceived is obviously what's important right because that's what you what you taste so yeah there's a lot of beers that i've tasted and people said no that's the lab result it's you know x amount of abuse and i say what i don't perceive it that way
00:40:08i perceive it higher lower whatever but um yeah because you know when when you talk people they say oh i don't like cops i don't like hoppy beers now out of those people which is let's call it i don't know what do you think that is how many
00:40:26people say that the population it's you know what i think it's more i think it's pretty common because like twenty five percent like a third eye to be more than that has because you think about where people generally don't come in the craft beer from the ground floor
00:40:41they're turning in from drinking other beer so let's just assume that most people are drinking you know the big macro stuff and those have a specific palate that when you an eye pa's a culture shock from that yeah huge huge culture shock from that yeah but i would
00:40:59say out of those people that say i don't like hoppy beers my experience and just you know i haven't liked tracked it and done the data analysis on anything but mike's my experience tells me that at least nine out of ten of those people don't like bitterness it's
00:41:16not that they're against hops right Like they they're not necessarily against a hop aroma and flavor but everyone somewhat like one out of ten of them doesn't like the hop they're like it tastes like flowers or it taste like so rex so what did you say that if
00:41:32i've got a couple friends of earwax earwax not me i don't know i've never tasted sameer way another vice i feel like my my palate you know is like missing an education like think there's i think there's a bag of joke jelly beans that might have that flavor
00:41:49in it of what of joke oh yeah everybody harry potter one thinks that i have actually had an ear wax those were they didn't have like booger flavor black pepper yeah those were awesome that's one word for it yeah i mean i just got appreciate someone who's got
00:42:08like just like could you imagine putting that product on the market without that joy enormous franchise tio i know i just i would love to be in the i would love to be in the room where they're like all right guys we're going to launch this new product
00:42:24here's the jelly beans here's their flavors we've got year wax We've got bugger like they had to get out imagine this they had to get that past some like big corporate like approval process so i don't think there was an approval process They said harry potter yes but
00:42:39still if they did that without the license they would like you guys are insane but still had how did at it I don't know Yeah i don't know how they ever got that approved that's harry potter it was like a zillion dollar franchise I know when the movie
00:42:53first came out and you're watching them eat those jellybeans on the film You do realize that It's a marketing franchise right there waiting to happen Ok so those jelly bean flavors were in the movie Yeah also yeah yeah flavors were but the code that they were there was
00:43:06there was that remember the scene i think was earwax basically when a tangent yeah Perry's at the barre and he's getting woke up in the hunger talking about flavor it's all good and double door comes in he goes oh i've never been looking with the takes one goes
00:43:18huh Your wax that's where it was your ex yeah that came over the great comedian he's talking about like the chocolate hearts and he's like yeah it's always like a crapshoot like when you get like the heart that's got the chocolates in it and you take a bite
00:43:35you're like oh man i got the one with toothpaste and there's some of those flavors that i just don't i mean everyone's just going for the caramel one exactly exactly i'm going for the pierre dark chocolate yeah yeah that too So let allow i'll try toe put this
00:43:51train back on track I think so i you know we have an apple some people use the app to kind of track what beers or drinking it's like a social media and my very first check in on this my very first barry checked in was four corners l
00:44:08ching gone which is the epa and my comment on it was i don't like i pays but this one is good okay so now i'm obsessed with ideas like okay five or so years five or so years later it's it's like you say you know i'm the guy
00:44:24that's give me west coast hops like give me the crazy bitter over hop stuff yes so do you like so i kind of think of like west coast is being a little bit little bit drier not his mom forward whereas i think of l ching gone is being
00:44:40a very mall for danielle shingen's different from what i like but i was just kind of relaying okay relaying that my very first check in on the social media app is that i don't like ideas and now i'm obsessed that that's that's hilarious yeah that's a great that's
00:44:54a great story man yeah well shingen is not hop forward but i still love it and they just released a double version of it masking gun what is it called machin gun oh momus yeah mama's must tingle yeah um i think that's hilarious that that they actually got
00:45:14label approval on that beer and apparently twice um so speaking of pip's being culture shock and because you guys make one another culture shock beer is a sour yeah um so what do you what do you want to know about sours So we've asked we've talked to a
00:45:37few people about this on dh the so you guys are going through the contracting system the alternating proprietorship ridership so the facility that you're using were they prepared for you to make that um no we've actually so have you met yet Yeah that was the bikini atoll yeah
00:46:00so that someone i have not had unfortunately yeah so we've we've actually had we've had a lot of issues bikini a toll like i think we're like one for three every time we try to brew it with just you know so we've actually we've actually put that aside
00:46:16and we're going to pick it back up but yeah you know the normally you don't really have to worry about um you know you really don't know i have to worry about sanitation sanitation on the hot side right Which is what we call like the brew house like
00:46:32the hot side but with a kettle sour you do because you're actually pitching the bacteria the lacto vassilis you're actually putting that in you know into the into the before you boil and so you really have to get everything sanitary and you know we've had some we've had
00:46:50some issues with contamination on that and weave you know obviously dumped the beer you know And so so yeah we've made some considerations for our for our setup that's goingto were some situation we will seal the brill brew kettle off and so he won't have you no issues
00:47:10with that So you guys union facility you are gonna have a sour program Yeah yeah and so so i assume you guys there toe kettle sours vs you guys understand that process him with i don't know that the process but it's i love actually pretty interesting let's go
00:47:29yeah so you know that the two major steps in the two major parts of bring beers you've got the mash which is essentially where you're extracting the sugar from the grain and then you've got the boil which is we're doing several things but that's really kind of where
00:47:45you had the hops right and so um in in a kettle sour process in between those two steps you're adding bacteria lactobacillus which is the same stuff you make yogurt out of fright and um and it's called lacto vessels because it produces lactic acid and so it's going
00:48:07teo increase the city or decrease the ph and you know that's maybe like cult like a twenty four hour process so you're actually normally you would you would do the mash and the boil kind of back to back but in this case you're bringing this in between but
00:48:22it's also kind of known as like a quick sour because you know ah more traditional sour you would add you know you would add same maybe a mixed culture of of yeast and bacteria after the boil process and it would sit on you would you know would age
00:48:41for a while and it had developed a flavours and it's a much longer process so that the things like the you know bikini a toll which you know which is it goes a style or if you you know those air like it was calling kettle sour process that's
00:48:56when you're adding the lacto in the in the cattle but yeah so i mean we're going to do both we're going to cattle sours we're going todo um you know more of a traditional sour where you know you're adding like i said like a mixed culture which is
00:49:10your standard sacrum eyes sees you're adding cem you know obviously lacked a vassilis like i mentioned some pt a caucus and maybe some britannia mice is which is the wild version of yeast and then you let that stuff sit there for a while and age and develop flavor
00:49:27so yeah we'll be doing both of those i'm ready so you so you're sarah fan as well i am but it was also i will go back to what i was saying on the app the first time at a sour was i was at san antonio beer festival
00:49:43or sense of san antonio beer week a few means three or four years ago and i think it was blue star brewing was there and they had way back up i think you're burying the lead San antonio has something called beer we san antonio beer week i'm just
00:49:57i'm just kidding i've got relatives there i got it i got it like knock on santa you know you know like there's the shirts to say keep austin weird and then like dallas had the one to say keep dallas pretentious and then like i saw one in san
00:50:11antonio said keep san antonio lame just crack me up man it's just there's um there's um some good beer down there now actually i know there is here is i'm sorry i wanted one of those one of their good beers actually well i don't know if they were
00:50:24they were they were on the outside to san into new and they just they finally parked their permanent facility in the new bronzeville have you heard of five stone five sound i'm not familiar with fights there they were so new braunfels has two breweries now this three i
00:50:40think before now if it's five stone they have four yeah because holy cats be interviewed in a bronze robbery last august yeah that was there not north texas but we did a roadtrip addition because we're in the area and that those guys ruled but they were telling her
00:50:52they had to other breweries in the city So now that five stones there fuck star five stone finds out that means there's four there now yeah five stone specialized in flavored beer so they're like they have a really good strawberry blonde and you know they'll do a prickly
00:51:05pear something so they they have very much very i don't think they do any sort of standard beers everything they do is something like like fruited or adjunct yeah exactly but they're all very good i kind of like how adjunct is not a dirty word anymore right Right
00:51:25right right over how adjunct used to always refer teo lite premium you know just a corn corn and rice's here i've always been used to the word at junk for something totally different and that means part time college professor yeah and that was my job So what you're
00:51:42saying is still like a dirty word waiting in academia oh wait you're not tenured i don't start your way somewhere where this is the hopping heimer that were being poured at the moment yeah double life okay it's just it's just the west coast i p o is just
00:52:01west coast yeah i'm sorry Well then this is gonna be something i've had this before actually so kyle can you tell me what the name hopping hyman refers to There was an eye roll you guys you know i mentioned at the beginning of a podcast and it's actually
00:52:16a plan where it's because the actual word they're playing offices oppenheimer and a last name yes go for it he was the father of the atomic bomb yeah i don't know what was his official a title I don't you know i don't know if he was thie inventor
00:52:33or if he was just part of the process so he make managed thie you're saying that we searched your name of management problem named severe yeah you just look up like a list of like atomic terms um i mean i think uh think hopping heimer just kind of
00:52:53like jumps out at you know what does if you've got if you've already playing off of the theme it just makes so much sense you had something that had op innit Yeah yeah i mean you got the eight now you got to you too so oh yes okay
00:53:11Okay so you keep you keep busting his balls about now so what what is what is half life that is thie time it takes for a particle to uh get to its half life meaning like say if something about lyra he's got the general got i know i
00:53:31know it gets more it gets dirtier than i'm the uber nerd here so when i think half off i think the damn video game well it was named because he was an atomic scientist the main character gordon freeman Gosh yeah i used to play that it's always think
00:53:46it's the decay right what's that d it's thie half life of decay of a particle yeah the decay rate yeah eso que measured in in half life where yeah because there's a period of time where the number of particles decreases by half and so it's ah that would
00:54:08end up being i believe that's a log rhythmic okay i don't know aunt may i just say yes yeah we didn't mathematician physicist so you mentioned when you get your facility up in morning you do are planning a canning line yeah yeah yeah and right now we're drinking
00:54:24the beers out of bottles or these guys these air just thinks you're you're home doing or you think they're just these air we're drinking out sample bottles right now like so yeah when we go to accounts bars restaurants they want a sample so yeah we we do some
00:54:37kind of hand bottling right now just so people could you know so the count skin i can taste it but yeah so do you have a you have a thought on the bottle versus can um yeah so you know if if you ask me five years ago i
00:54:52would say that you know the that ah that you got to do bottle because of ah you had your bottle because of the just a perceived value right and then there was you know there's some people in the market you know who am i thinking of colorado the
00:55:11aschen lizzie oscar blues you know they were one of the first two cans and then some people started in cans and then you know and then that kind of that stigma around cans was really lifted which i think it's great cans are superior vessel because people like well
00:55:25i don't like drinking out of a can like we're not supposed to drink out of a can or a bottle you're supposed to pour you a glass and i didn't have a strong opinion one way or the other but one of the owners the oh not one of
00:55:36the owner of nine o three explained it to me when i was talking to him long long ago because i asked him while he was scanning us had a balinese said well cancer better it's a mini keg Yeah one hundred that saying that the best place for home
00:55:49that's the best that stop best home for a beer is a keg Yeah yeah hundred percent uv protection i mean that's really the main difference yet And then you know they're lighter they're they're actually better seal too for the most part yeah and they're and they're actually smaller
00:56:03like even though it's obviously twelve fluid ounces both ways but they don't have that empty space around the neck The environment if you're one of the more recyclable we can you know what People will still like beaches or anything but can you just not like i can't take
00:56:18a beer somewhere so yeah i mean bottles air good for bottle condition beers like if you're yeah we actually heard that who you memory we talked who talked about bottle condition was still the reason to do bottles i think it was liquid it might have been but i
00:56:34think we recorded that not what we do we did i thought it was more recent than that Well you know what Okay yeah Yeah so so you know like i like that the i like that people are moving towards it cans towards cans yeah i think i mean
00:56:50it's let's fight like once again you should be drinking your beer out of a glass sure and and i'm not being a snob about this i'm talking like when i go like when i'm with him on a boat or like i'm at the pool or something like pour
00:57:03it into a dixie cap like whatever like you should you should be able to smell yeah the beer when you're drinking it um yeah this is much more my style than the half of the half life is awesome by the way but this is more my style So
00:57:17what is it more of like the kind of the camera leam alters it just a little bit more bitterness Or do you like more of the west coast style it's kind of yeah like the more will you get a little more citrusy and floral floral out of it
00:57:30okay so less of like yeah let's have like the kind of like juicy tropical more of like the kind of dank piney yeah yeah exactly But it's just me and i know it's the style is now very aggressively moving towards the northeast tile yeah i think there's always
00:57:48going to be i mean there's always going to be a place for west coast i sure nobody's going toe nobody's gonna top stone at what they do Yeah well russian river wait just had this conversation we're talking look on the california was like we want to go north
00:58:02or south They depended on whether we want to go to russian over a stone Uh i mean you got to do you've got do both man's got seven seven have our driver think between the two you know i'm not necessarily the same time but you do have todo
00:58:16both Yeah i've actually not i is russian river in san fran or i think it's southern california is russian rivers north of san francisco Santa rosa so yeah we had actually had your lager needs is on the way Oh yes actually my wife and i want a colorado
00:58:33a couple years ago and there is a bar there that gets flown in a kegs of pliny the elder every friday and annoying my wife very much I was like i need to go to this bar on friday because of this and we go there and it was
00:58:45the one time they didn't get their keg and like oh yeah well i have not yet i only know the legend okay yeah eso so my wife and i were going to seattle and this is when were first getting a craft beer I like say groomers first really
00:59:04get into it like two thousand ten i don't think i was going to ask what was your introduction to craft beer Like what kind of get you up in this area I mean you said brood for the wedding but i mean what kind of getting started in this
00:59:14craft beer in just in general i'll tell the quick version because i think i've told a couple times before but you know the mai mai first like when the light bulb first went off was when i was in college and i was at a bar and i wasn't
00:59:31twenty one yet in a friend of mine Hello hello sorry about that Ah friend of mine a man like he was twenty one is like hey can i can i get you beer so he bought me a couple of shiner bock beers and that was my savior same
00:59:51here yeah and and so like i drink the first one you know tastes like shiner bock and then i went to go drink the second one and you know like i was expecting oh it's warm it's not going to taste good now well you know like i tasted
01:00:07it and it was actually tasted pretty decent so i was like oh so not all beer tastes bad when it's warm and so that was kind of like the first light bulb went off my head and then we had ah want a and m for college and we
01:00:19had ah we had ah was it fox yeah fox and down yeah yeah yeah So fox and hound had there two dollars you know anything pint nights on thursday now susan was it tuesday and now it's tuesday okay so but yeah i mean it was like i think
01:00:38by the time i graduated went up to two dollars and twenty five cents but you could pick anything about their you know sony seventy taps for me but it was a saucer The phone is also in addison's what like you know yeah i went with a couple friends
01:00:50same concept you know exactly yeah but i want you as an oktoberfest We want the place weeks to go drinking we go there like holy crap there's a place that has over a hundred different beers on tap you know for me it was like you know you start
01:01:01off with the main you know the main four five and then i kind of found shiner and heineken but then you see all these steps like you know just you realized it was a whole genre of other beers from other states and countries out there that you know
01:01:11and then if you're o c d you kind of feel like you have to taste all of that exactly like why am i like i have to taste all of them right exactly so yeah yeah so you start going through him and you're like this is fun and
01:01:23so yeah i think that's that's definitely how i definitely how i got into it but we we were on yeah i was actually i was i was asked going read somewhere yeah i was going into when you guys you mentioned that you were going to start can and
01:01:38are you guys How what Your feelings on getting into stores because there's a lot of shelving space there's been a lot debated whether or not you know the fact that there is a not a research but a freak in a survey done the fact that like this the
01:01:58show valli for like the actual craft breweries is kind of dwindling a bit you know and the fact like you know i was more referring to getting his beer on the shelf because there's there's so they get the real estate yeah well something i think it's been good
01:02:12is it I kind of feel like it started with whole foods maybe is work this way into like central market and honestly i don't know a lot about the retail game we've never been in the retail game and it's definitely somewhere going tto learn but you know from
01:02:30what i understand and just known what i do know about it is that some of these folks like like whole foods they they've um they've really empowered their local kind of regional people to be buyers and so i think i think that kind of puts that kind of
01:02:48puts the the ball back in our court they they have a lot of these new whole foods have the bars in there where you can grab a craft beer and they were talking about they were talking about the cans though i know i know but bring credit spring
01:03:00whole foods in a place that's helping bring them no but i mean yeah so this is an interesting on me for people who aren't familiar with this you know what we call like on prim and in off prem or you know retail and inbar whatever you want to
01:03:16call it so basically you know are you so in six packs to go Are you selling You know you know pints right And so so we do you know we do sell it and whole foods but on ly kegs and only like you know for growlers and pints
01:03:31and stuff right on dso retail's a completed from market Now you like you're in the grocery business right And so the grocery business is like cutthroat it's you know you gotta merchandise your own stuff like you know everything so it's a completely different area But you know you
01:03:46know we've got a distributor you know full clip that they were working with and they really know that that side of things but but yeah i mean at that point you really got to get real estate and and what's good about it is it's a little bit more
01:03:59permanent than a tap handle right You go silly keg that keg blows your may lose that happened when you got to go re sell it So um yeah you know and i think once he once again it comes back Teo you know kind of what we you know
01:04:14we talked about earlier kind of kind of before the before we start recording here is that you know yeah there's a lot of berries there's a lot of beers but um man you just got to kind of do your thing and do well and um and you know
01:04:28if you believe in it and and it really is worth what you think it's worth and then people are gonna be interested in they're going to buy it and you know and so you'll get that shelf space so yeah you were right about the hair so we're going
01:04:43to start wrapping up so except we have a game we need to play do this Oh yes okay so we're going to dio a game This is facebook even a thing anymore Yes but unfortunately it's just not me it's just me Then you've heard the game I haven't
01:04:58deleted my facebook neither have i so i saw either for it but i'm such a loser I still have a facebook can i haven't touched mine in like ten years I might i think i wanted to delete mine but my wife didn't want me to because she said
01:05:10it would be weird if like no it's so convenient it's so convenient like it's like that intermediate thing were like you meet somebody and you're like hey we know each other but not really that well not well enough to exchange personal phone numbers but let's reach out on
01:05:25facebook facebook came even still relevant okay okay no no no you know folk mary kilis you choose like like like oh yes yes it's way over there were some commas in there that i missed yeah got they are important so we have a building it was like i
01:05:42was so wrong with me mary why are you torturing mary so badly s so we have ah beer version called drink cellar poor so drink seller cellar and poor poor so basically you pick a beer that she would be it would be your your go to day today
01:06:00beer okay that would that would be the ah and now agis to fuck then you pick a beer that you would sell her and that's the beer you're essentially going to marry okay and then of course we all know what a drain porous so of your beers you
01:06:15have to pick when you would drink seller and poor okay drink sylar pour out of it has to be from our port from your portfolio we don't this to everybody is not it's not like we just pick on you we make everybody got it so even even even
01:06:31if it's not something you hate if you had to choose out of all the beers you just had to take sophie's choice yeah okay well i think i need a little bit more parameters around this because like what why would i have to pour beer if it was
01:06:43just you had to choose one that had to get the poor for the no why do you have to choose fuck marry kill thing was your idea for the game and went well with giving the explanation okay so it's a facebook game is really so so i have
01:06:59still not legally but really not a lot of our beers i'm gonna start a cellar because not a lot of our beers you don't have a lot of our beers are just are really supposed to be fresh right so don't think of this as at don't think of
01:07:15it as actually sell a ring a bear think of it is one that you would want to marry for your life okay they'll never give up ok and so eso so i'm supposed to like mary a beard does have a fling with a beer and then i'm supposed
01:07:28to like kick a beer yeah exactly okay i think i understand the parameters um so i had to marry a beer um which is ways that celery yeah yes oh this is thisa analogy is so confusing i know but you know what i came up with this idea
01:07:49after i had drink a lot one night and and everybody said i should do it did you smoke a cz will i don't like i don't like the mix you know You don't make sense Okay well i'm going to give too ok So if i was going toe
01:08:02if if i was going to marry a beer i would i would marry half life Okay um but i would actually cellar inception if i were truly to like pick a bear to cellar Um because i've actually done in a um have you guys sent that one over
01:08:18Two taps and caps We've made so very little Yeah i think they've had it at some point but no actually Okay so this is kind of a cool story So you know like a lot of people and they get married They have their wedding cake and they take
01:08:35the top of it and they put in the freezer and they eat it on their one year anniversary Well missing I took a bottle of inception way cellar did it and we drank it on our one year anniversary and it was fantastic That's awesome So i know that
01:08:51beer So what type of fare was it so that its inception is we call it a belgian brown hole in And because it's not really to a particular style from um which we could get in a whole style discussion but that's about as close is like that's a
01:09:08pretty good descriptor i mean it sze made with belgian ese it's it's brown it has a lot of the kind of nutty biscuit e sort of bready qualities you want in a in a brown ale so but um um okay if we're talking of fleeing who are like
01:09:28a fling a beer i'll have to go with black matter okay Because it's like hire a b v a lot of flavor gotta i don't know if i would wantto drink it night after night and then pour you gotta pick one it doesn't mean you actually hate it
01:09:48just means you get one you're going to choose that sophie's choice yeah that's what nazis have a gun to your head oh my goodness oh my goodness but see see like you know when your when your partner's game you pick three you think also i think your portfolio
01:10:09is you've got what six or seven beers I think we've actually had ten in the market okay Yeah well might be a little bit harder because you don't have like a can you don't have like a candy kate sour thatyou made that failed that you can usually so
01:10:25this is actually this is actually this is good a good time tio this is a good time to talk about this beer because this is like one of those like he's got a printout of everything he's got a print out of like all the ingredients in this stuff
01:10:42she brought some science kids and someone's like hey would hop sir in that like i don't know what hops ernest out no but okay so we made a beer last summer called reaction which is a it's a cezanne with nelson sobbing which i love this beer is beer
01:11:00is amazing but it's one of those like not we'll call it not commercially successful beers all right now there's lot taproom exclusive taproom exclusive like it but yeah i mean like look it up on on tapped reaction not exactly our high street but i'm telling you it's fantastic
01:11:18beer so so if i had to pick one if i had to have a reason i say from from like a business or commercial perspective i'm going to pour out reaction but it's allowed you know i have tio hate that's the question but you said it was a
01:11:32cezanne mixed with what so so is that cezanne but it was dry hop to with nelson solvent Okay okay so if you guys heard of the nelson sovereign no actually it's a variety of hop okay it gets the name nelson sob in because it has the characteristics of
01:11:47a summon young blanc grapes oh like the wine i won't try this oh man it's so good that there's some single look for a single hop i pay that had marked house i think martin how amazing did they but they might almost you almost have to combine the
01:12:04nelson sovereign with the cezanne because it's something about the yeast and the the fruity esters and how they like how they like combined how they pair with the nelson solvent that just makes it like out of this world but is i think it's one of the most amazing
01:12:21beer styles like i said i mean it's not that we had any trouble selling it's just no but it was just didn't market as well as some of the other ones yeah but that was amazing definite and so good taproom exclusive it will be in the tapper awesome
01:12:37so that's what that's what i want to go down there and make it myself it'll be there that's what i was going to close out with so so give everybody all the information so these guys are awesome there there bears are great if you have not had them
01:12:49yet then make sure to come out to their their space when they opened So give those details to your best estimate i suppose yeah so i mean we'll call it a hard fall late this year you were called late this year you know like i say we're somewhat
01:13:03at the mercy of if diversity of the yes the gods of the city of dallas or yeah so we're working that system right now but but yeah i mean in the in the meantime i mean we're we're all over town so look for us a little tip um
01:13:22if you guys you know obviously untapped the the app on your phone um if you wantto that's actually a really great way to to find out where we're at sure is going tapped you know goto manhattan project beer company and see where we're checking in and your local
01:13:40area and find a place or men reach out to us on facebook just make those details yeah messages on facebook so just search manhattan project beer company so if you if you type in mahan project beer she should come out our website is mahan project dot beer um
01:14:01and yeah if you hit us up on facebook messenger that's usually the best way to get hold of us and say hey i'm in plano i mean arlington i'm in fort worth looking for your beer where can i get it and we'll help you out you know where
01:14:15i will say this the taps and caps and lewisville usually has something almost you almost always have something because we're up there all the time so he usually they at least have half life on tap if not something else get rickets rickson bricks of fan rex a greek
01:14:34he was starting out he was our first episode was it Yeah it was very specific like when we started this idea i was insistent was like rick has to be able so one because we're up to everything fucking week yeah good dudes over there walker roman brick weigh
01:14:53like kamal and jacob wanted to give a shout out to was jeremy you're whose other you missed a way were just up there if we met there before we came up here So it's a jacob wanted to give a shout out to johnny cool alright any final words
01:15:13no i mean i just want to thank you guys for for inviting us to have this deal sorry for if you know your listeners theirs been some background this's this is interesting because one of the things we like about doing this podcast is we get it's so different
01:15:29each time we go somewhere and because we know this is the first time we've done somebody where you're doing the contract brewing are not an improviser ship its race but it's a very specific terminal so it's very good we've just say ap ap but we've done we've done
01:15:51an interview with somebody who was still building their brewery we've we've done it's so it's so interesting to do these different versions of the interview different stations The life of the burial how you starting off Are you with that other types of ruiz Yeah so it was very
01:16:08it was a pleasure to talk to you all right and enjoy the guys Thank you and we will be back shortly Thank you guys will get you soon Bye bye

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