Craig Carton, Corey Parson, and Michelle Serpico go from controversy to comedy in the second hour of Carton and Friends. First, Dak Prescott made controversial comments relating to the protests occuring during the national anthem, and Corey has something to say about the QB on his favorite team. Mia Khalifa also found herself in some trouble after attending a Stanley cup final game between the Caps and Golden Knights. 

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00:00:53sports network you'll find us there enjoy the show and thanks for listening thanks for the update carton in front it's chrissy bones major league baseball tomorrow's the nonwaiver trade trade deadline tomorrow for pm saturday the yankees traded left handed pitcher chasen shreve and right handed pitcher figures on
00:01:12diego's yeah let's honor care mystery's gone i mean you got i never liked treat anyway to me he was always uh always a pitcher way for me to gasoline can sew at that's fine with me i agree with them listen happens had his one start was great Um
00:01:28you know britain again all good i'm trying to figure you out though if i just very quickly you always come up here with a di coke and a water and i can't i haven't i haven't asked you about but no sin every day and what i make you
00:01:42feel better about the diaco because i feel bad about it well i want to hydrate you right so you have to like get hydrated you're like europe here for five coach gives me a kick the water i need to be but for five minutes that you're here i
00:01:52wanted why both i want to go through the trouble of having asked about all the things you do on a daily basis you can but right now i'm asking you why the diet coke on the water's all master it's just my thing you got your thing i told
00:02:04my six bagels and warren tanna i one thing with cream cheese this morning i have one lip balm for my lips you have two drinks i'm just wondering why you bring two drinks here that's a fair question michelle's got one drink while i usually have seo i finish
00:02:22my coffee or you coming for your coffee throw it out and then you go to your water i don't have any drinks i drank mine earlier i'm just it's it's not a knock i'm just asked me this a plausible reason have two drinks at all times reporters got
00:02:32mike moose stock is from the royals and on friday the mets traded an infielder asdrubal cabrera to the phillies they also at what strange that make a deal the phillies and i guess the phillips could youjust infielder i didn't feel that good play every position i suppose sorry
00:02:47who got mike moustakas because that's why i picked friday no no we know that but who got i mean what happened three days ago dear home working figured out yourself don't you just say no sorry that's the guy you picked to play on your team you'd like to
00:02:59think that three days there you would have fought up with presentation this week by the nfl referees on the new helmet rules call is frustration and confusion among players during the nearly hour long presentation players were shown clips what are now considered illegal hits some of which appear
00:03:14to be routine tackles under the new rule players would penalized fifteen yards and potentially find a rejected for lowering their heads to initiate and make contact with his helmet and a lot of players were confused by it afterwards i think a lot of the league officials frankly are
00:03:28confused by the other notion is it seems very basic you can't put your head down and he lead with the crown of your helmet on for obvious reasons but you watch any nfl game are you talking about these are the best in the world at some point a
00:03:43guy's putting his head down you look they said malcolm jenkins hit on brandin cooks and civil ball would have been it would be illegal here which that was a clean hit her hard hit us all so there's still running backs they don't want running back to putting a
00:03:57head down to initiate contact either and running back to like what yeah you know you listen the most natural thing to dio it's a lower your head and go forward uh with you and you have the ball i think it's much more different for running back not to
00:04:10do it that they ask a defensive player not to do it but you know once you have something about launch yourself into a player you know frankly to be fair about it it's it reared its ugly head and the guy whiffed on everything and change the whole playoffs
00:04:26you're right about that right I mean that's i mean that i would just show that exactly if he would have came in for a clean tackle you know what i'm saying say we did it all with you right He put his money on champions and he was going
00:04:37for a spot there's nobody that's what maur good cancer news following the jim kelly diagnosis this time for the new york giants is gm dave gettleman announced friday that his cancer is in complete remission Gettleman said quote i had this crazy idea to do what the doctors told
00:04:51me and i feel great the sixty seven year old gentleman diagnosed with lymphoma in june remains in chemotherapy joined the giants in december after four years with the panthers that's great obviously it's now a lifetime of worry and checking your blood and all that stuff but that's great
00:05:05news and not good for him and his family national shortstop trade turner the latest plato have racist and homophobic old tweet three service re service dating back to twenty eleven twenty twelve and he was a teenager it's weird about outside a million times when they hated thing happen
00:05:18ifyou're i'll say this about turner and about nuke um you know you have to know that eight years ago you said we were riding the same stuff so i'd have been to my locket that same day i have been in my locker like delete you how do you
00:05:32remember though i want to remember you you remember did i don't remember if someone said if this guy hater who's on the national stage is an all star is ah implicated in writing very specifically when he was seventeen in high school you have to think back and go
00:05:50did i ever write anything when i was seventeen or eighteen high school you know if you listen all right i guess i just don't think it's gonna happen you wrote the n word at some point in your life said it more lower doing f word homosexual men or
00:06:04women in public you know that you did it you guys both write both of their agents Anyone's agent after the all star game should've went back into every course So i guess i guess it was the all star game were targeted because of that Do you have happened
00:06:18parents do you have siblings At some point they should say to you son did you ever do that exactly You better go get lost in braves pitcher sean knew comes old tweets hey came one strike away from throwing the first braves no hitter in twenty four years j
00:06:34p hit it real quick So much for setting the scene It's a much of a call Um no not at all Bodily it's lost it all frank that's Why its story Because he almost threw a no hitter later Gentlemen gentlemen gentlemen now that carton in friends your friends
00:07:05My man What you're doing No you know one of the other this's the card and friends by the way Great great great Yes it is great having you here roy Did one of the uh one of the stories i'm just checking twitter or correct make sure there's nothing
00:07:32there um let's see rob before inviting me to the show it's very nice i'm going to come through maneer august for that's a saturday what time gramercy theatre uh you you're busy down in d c were you draft i didn't get back in time and you can't get
00:07:49back in time i want to go now then how will you know long that drafts going tell you sure jake still doing that draft yeah i just got the one percent i just got the invite to the flicks you should go with him i got the second i
00:08:00got a second pick i can't i can't tell it's a qualm barclay no i'm taking i'm taking sick if he's dear homer the homers and never land a homer you got the second pick the whole thrust of well win if he goes one i'm taking left belle second
00:08:14the homers never win night i'm just put out their don't go where you go go yet at heart i don't drive of my heart you know your heart i don't draft my heart if i'm in the middle of drafting sake warren is there ah hop on him and
00:08:25take his video work outpost himself don't go You have a good season Let me uh let me say this one of the other stories that happened over the weekend which when i saw i said to myself you know what that's a guy that gets that's a guy who
00:08:42uh is his own man that's a guy who understands the reality of what's going on in the world what's going on in his profession who's also frankly respectful of the men that they pay him and also sensitive to a very important issue on that's dak prescott who now
00:09:03finds himself on the receiving end of disliking hatred from other players I mean let me just set the scene cory and i feel strongly about on the other side of may that was his boy back fresh scott said this and i want to quote it okay i never
00:09:17protest i never protest during the anthem and i don't think that's the time or the venue to do so the game of football has always brought me such peace i think it does the same for a lot of people a lot of people playing the game a lot
00:09:29of people watching the game ah lot of people have any impact of the game so you bring such controversial to the state to the field to the game it takes away it takes away from that it takes away from the joint love that football brings a lot of
00:09:44people and then the nfl reacted and then he had a tremendous comments ghetto of it and cory's comments as well did you know that you could listen to this show live on the award winning fancy sports radio network Listen on i heart radio at tuning radio app download
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00:10:37You're free Fancy source twenty four hours a day I feel like i'm giving that i like him i said thank you get all sensitive so prescott later said he respects the decision of the players should you protest matter that he's more about action as opposed to silent protests
00:10:58all right tahir whitehead who's on the raiders i believe he was very upset with look dad press get out to say and this is the first time this is the first time that you now have some infighting probably amongst players in the nfl whitehead said sounds like dad
00:11:19i don't want to lose that campbell's chunky soup deal this he's right i like probably doesn't wear also true so ezekiel elliott also backed up dak prescott said look we're stand for the anthem to an extent stand for the anthem that's what we're going to d'oh ah that
00:11:38being said if the players start fighting about it then you got you got a little problem it looks like a parlay was a parliament of locker room last year also is dead kind of alluded to that and it's twitter storm over the weekend tack you can't do this
00:11:50dad you cannot shuck and jive for jerry jones i mean i mean i wasn't shocked sitting up there watching deck at the podium dancing like that understands the contract yet jack understanding stuff i'd rather you don't say nothing but you came out there took that stands which listen
00:12:08you had that opinion that right but then you double down and went after the players saying i'm about i'm not about ah protest i'm about action you don't do nothing you don't do nothing that what actually are you about I've never seen dad do nothing dak prescott who's
00:12:24had his own run ins with the law when he was going through a tough time in his life after his mother died i was so so hurt with that prescott just going out there and then just i felt like jeffrey jones wrote that for him that's how bad
00:12:38it looked with that prescott did i'm attacked press guy god that's my quarterback i still love him but dak prescott you have to do better than that son i'd rather you not say nothing i'm going to come out there and shuck and jobs and dance for jerry joe
00:12:52devil's advocate where that terry fields i don't think that feels like that i really don't it sounded sincere you do it's understand see it coming from you every job and playing to the two the future contracts so he's not going to eat you want to rock the boat
00:13:06exactly wants to be the good guy quote unquote they can count on so they know they never have any on hardship from him i hope be a team first team spokesman type of deal on whatever jerry jones says he'll be the mouthpiece of jerry jones there you go
00:13:22right what But but what if in his life experience or wherever case maybe he uh says you know what i'd rather you not do during the anthem if you wanted to do some good oh yeah okay that you could come out and say here's the thing this is
00:13:35what jack should have said that would have been like myself and my teammates dallas cowboys we're not going to have that situation but i can understand but other players are on the league come from and leave it at that for him to say oh that's not the place
00:13:48for it that's not venue for it i'm about action do toto nothing sucks you're not some kind of freelancer part like lebron james if he wasn't out there with colin kaepernick eric reid and malcolm jenkins you just reap the rewards of being a dallas cowboys cornerback but now
00:14:01you got the audacity to do this i had to literally dispose of a deck plus got players shirt because i can't wear it no i can't wear it no more you know it's not dramatic i can't wear it no more i can't represent you can see this guy
00:14:15should protest anthem no because you need to stand up here to understand it's a part of a za part of the talented tim that prescott is a voice for voiceless people He can't make those comments in public with him believes and back up jerry jones but what if
00:14:29he believes that I doubt he believes that what we can't say well you have to play the argument i every senator specter you're saying what if in his opinion if he believe i don't want i'd rather god is not doing out other guys go out and do what
00:14:40they got to dio he's creating a further divide by doing that that's why you got to stay so that's why he has remained silent on that you so if someone says some dak prescott i was the leader and captain of the dallas cowboys ah what's your take on
00:14:52the anthem you'd rather you say i'd rather not comment on it i want concert and football or draw they'd be really give you an answer whether you liked that answer or not i rather i rather him not make it any worse by dividing people dak prescott has been
00:15:05has been getting attacked all weekend yeah my case rightfully so he should not have came out there and taking that stance against the players like that he is a profession he's a football player do you understand it's going to guys in that locker room down looking at him
00:15:18like your dog what are you doing And i understand that prescott and he needs to get his big contract and stuff like that and he wants to be a face of a franchise have guy but you can do that without throwing don't place under the bus that out
00:15:30there working for social and just oversight saying that because he's i guess and he's half black right his mom was a drinker mexican i think latin american white whatever whatever the case may be you both its parents not african american you know there's some grass may look weird
00:15:44because of that what is that it's always i don't put words in your mouth but those of you saying hey as a black ball player you better not talk like that you can't do that you are saying that i'm saying that you can't do that listen here's the
00:15:57deal when you come in when it when what what was it actually about his being bi racial yep his rookie year his mom who passed away a few years ago i was not black yes so he said listen i like it because i could be a unifier because
00:16:12you know i could interact you know non racially but all the guys in the locker room and i think that's a good thing to win it now it's time to get paid that went out the window because he knows when he says this he may have not known
00:16:25it was going to be to this extent but you got people little legit dallas cowboy fans that love him as much as i love this team writing dak prescott off right now section did that i actually i respected because because he put himself in the line of fire
00:16:40of getting this kind of feedback i think it takes a bigger man talk you say what you feel and if that's going to be popular amongst the rank and file players even more credit the dak prescott who grew up in amount of that very few of his nfl
00:16:54brethren have grown up remember when he told us today that you stole his white grandparent's house cross serero tracks how this black gram on on that side ah we've english teacher's on my white side my grandpas of principal you're the other side i have relatives who've been in
00:17:09jail i've been in all different situations i've been in situations where i was the only black guy we're in a time now we're nobody wants to see that but it so happens when and where you come from through the wipe that clean see and live both sides it's
00:17:22who i am and it allows me to connect with everyone so now i'm not stupid after it i think he also doesn't get the politics of it he knows who his owner is his own and more than any other owner has been very clear publicly and say hey
00:17:38if you play for my team you stand in respect anson quote unquote yes you told the line so he understands who he's working for two and i get that i think he has a responsibility to anybody but himself to say what you think i get that but but
00:17:53he has to understand he got to be conscious enough to be like okay i cannot go out here shuck and jive you feel what i'm saying i know i would not accuse him of doing that he can't do that that has to be more practice leigh away of
00:18:08what he's doing in that spot and we represent as the quarterback for the dallas cowboys tony roma would not have done this yeah whatever paranormal tony rome or too said the same thing we're not i don't know what it is about respect for the players that were doing
00:18:19what they had to do i don't think that line of i don't think that disrespecting the players myself stat line of this is not the venue for it take i'm not about protests about taking action that's that right there is that right there came from the jeffrey jones
00:18:35script and i had the highlight yellow highlights make sure you say this you want that one hundred million dollars and eight months from now there is something to say about you guys talk about doing things sometimes do things on that's no any walk in like that those who
00:18:49nothing but there there there are people that like to talk about you know social inequities in the exam and then don't do anything well popping bottles they mean kneeling on sunday popping bottles sunday night you know what i'm saying I don't really know because carmelo anthony is very
00:19:04upset with united states government as well because he claims that we've forgotten about puerto rico you know a lot lot didn't go over to you you went there twice and he is puerto rican you know relatives but to me it's like you know all of a sudden like
00:19:19where is possible for everything there's a terrible storm in puerto rico the knocks power out on the island for months and months and months right yeah and suddenly that america's fault puerto rico is america craig come on porter legalism way clearly have not forgotten about porter radio wave
00:19:39people on the ground that is inclusive stay one more in powers american not how was puerto rico not american territory puerto rico is in america was washing dc is this but it's not a state it's not a state it's when i don't know enough about the puerto rico
00:19:56thing to speak the business beyond that but i don't know puerto rico is in america michelle of you on your home girls go to puerto rico to layout i did go when you get to the airport yeah they're not go after you for a passport and a mask
00:20:08that's because we were recognise we had a lot of fun there that's the way you did they got casinos in puerto rico how we've gone from space relations too it's my girlfriend here had a good time in puerto rico yeah i love you How could you not have
00:20:26a good time here Way your calls eight for foreign for three sixty eight seventy nine Alone Right after this card and friends by the way we're sam darnold Have you ever wanted to have a fantasy expert in the palm of your hand professor yet in the pocket of
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00:21:06fantasy sports radio network hack Stop being a weirdo in streaming it online get it on your phone take it with you everywhere you go One what what ten twenty five card and friends i got a bunch of calls i could take never trust a big butt and smile
00:21:26never trust a big butt and a smile sorry michelle speaking which you girlfriend mia khalifa was that the washington capitals one of those stanley cup games and as the story goes a puck when flying off the ice and hit her right in the breasts well she has fake
00:21:46breasts i don't know that ana really come on i think they look read their proportions there but they're really nice and their proportions are matty that clueless yeah i thought you know i really did i thought everything honor was natural well sorry well she went to a really
00:22:01good surgeons the the hockey puck ah pop the boob the faux job surgeon wasn't that good so she had to go shared undergo surgery on her breast yeah the adult actress who's now eh Some kind of sports presenter yes yeah should we used to do that myself whatever
00:22:19was presenting sports we used to do every may i don't know in any event she uh she popped the breast which is crazy they estimate that the puck that hitter hitter and eighty miles per hour on a ruptured an implant the good news that you got to keep
00:22:36the puck aunt i'm sure have tea was happy to sign it for you go well yeah How about that So they win the stanley cup She gets new fake boobs and a date with ah no ovechkin that's Cool Did you imagine that there's um think he's internal bleeding
00:22:55The breast was deflated That's crazy e yes that's every girl's that nightmare if you get fake boobs Yeah i guess so right either guy laying on top of a poppet Um ah hockey puck hidden Um ah baseball hitting it like for you Do you worry about that Well
00:23:11i don't know i guess if they i'd also not adult point star So true story about you being in the news anytime soon Full disclosure I'm not going to give this woman eight and a half rankin's I don't have to hit but i would give her like a
00:23:23nine but no next year hold on What was the nine What do you give her one to ten Me khalifa Body and here's a nine Come on she's hot Let me take a look I like to have a lady better she's not hot By the way we'll write
00:23:38Her body is very nice Let me see I'm going to find the best picture her she's not ugly not ugly I wouldn't throw out debate Oh i mean who would you throw out the i want michelle i like michelle get the hell out michelle go sleep on the
00:23:55couch she's on She's been looking at most point stars yeah i give that like a six and a half of seven on her body is very nice now she has a fantastic body another face yeah her and her hair's night she has nice hair good hair solid body
00:24:13that she doesn't need the fake boobs that's the problem too big you know anything they look good have you seen any for movies and of you chris anyone i am familiar with that he's one of my all time favorite i don't know why there's just something about her
00:24:26and i thought they were real too that's what any titles of rise and you ask you tell me about the one i got in trouble for doing so stuff with the burger with the headdress she's levity yeah yeah yeah yeah no three terrorists like want her for most
00:24:43is that right she's getting death threats for wearing the berg what you call it hey job what is it the head head okay burka i don't know it's one of the good burger that's right yeah i'm looking at well she didn't really is very talented person i have
00:25:02never seen her in action i dont watch those kind of movies i'm well i'm looking at a little glimpse of things right now she's really i mean she is extraordinarily tcisa amphibious you bowman yeah yeah she's good like that craig yeah you borrowed someone's computer you might want
00:25:20teo you've got like chase not looking at porn at seventeen year olds computer star ranking second okay how many video views you thinker she has like five or ten minutes video clips how many views our video's have gotten over twenty million higher bob hire bob who two hundred
00:25:43and twenty million higher above five hundred five hundred ten million nine hundred thousand videoviews why is almost six hundred thousand subscribers she's making bank food yeah and now she's new boobs but she and clearly a ford so there you go she has always liked little twenty minute thirty
00:26:02minute videos but she basis seems so if it walks she sleeps that yeah she's got no problem with that i always got two guys three guys holy cow yeah both hands or just so you're in is that much like a hallway that attractive for me though and ted
00:26:20jones part like a hallway now having sex with the living tunnel isn't a bathroom in here i think after you appoint site says let's clean your mac after video you were watching porn it's cleaning that it's cleaned up there you go deport gone now well gone no more
00:26:40porn ah there's a story a story that i want to get you before that i was handsome calls kenny's and philly on a card and friends kenny was good but it was cracking kinney yeah i didn't really write feral quick it is my duty to bring you this
00:26:55story what do you got cory cory cory man what's up anything i don't get the thing i don't get made about what the vision of what he was there with you he didn't think that the nfl with the medium for them through the protest most people just watch
00:27:18what you want to watch football but my big issue is that nowadays is that you can't disagree you have to think one way or you get it now dad went out on a loom and he put itself on a line that's what he got attacked and you think
00:27:31he would do that if you don't really feel that way so i got i got with this whole group think and you don't think this way the year and okay let's have a conversation can't wait can we just say okay we agree to disagree but what although being
00:27:46a technique of man no i said the other day it's impossible now that i hated where you can't have a disagreement just on opinion and respect that there is another side to it now i think what you said about that prescott is a good point he obviously knew
00:28:02what he was going to say was gonna ruffle feathers set it anyway which means that i think it's more likely that he feels the way you feel then the way i view that kenny was here's a young kid who while studying college was enough thought of by a
00:28:16lot of guys to be worthy wasn't picked your first round second round center he went he went where he went came in is a great success story he's the leader of the most popular team in the history of the world right Yep and that's the good story and
00:28:31here's a kid that is in love with football just wants that the story yeah but his aunt and i get what you're saying on that and i get what kennedy saying to yeah i disagree with that but i can't rep that in situations like this now when he
00:28:45goes oh then says okay there's not the place there's not the venue i'm about action you don't do nothing what did you tell him i want that is what you think that's all this my man but i'm me and i'm like looking at myself so that's what i'm
00:29:00saying and i also i really think this was heavily coming down from jerry jones now do if he feels that way i disagree i don't got no beef with that i still love i still win the will of the ball that's agreed that it feels that way you
00:29:12could say as a black man the nfl i wish you didn't say exactly what it means but i think it's candy saying you know what Good for him that he doesn't give a damn what people say about him when he gets attacked like this do you have to
00:29:24understand that's a part of it i don't think we're planning about it when people are saying yeah because he brought the cash out but i give it to you i something about mrs is saying that this is not dead prescott this is jeffrey jones saying go ahead read
00:29:37it dallas cowboys and de dag prescott knows next year this time he could very well be the highest paid quarterback in the nfl and don't get me wrong i'm not blaming you for trying to cash out but you got people that you've gotta be when you are in
00:29:48these positions that you gotta do better than that unless you really truly don't want to and if that's the case then come on deck what are we doing in two thousand eighteen you can't take the michael join your ass can't join role you asked him to do something
00:30:02that you'd be critical of what happened the other way he's not the voice of black men he's not the voice of black ballplayers he's his own voice it so leave it so i would just viewed as he's got his own voice his own opinion i have great respect
00:30:15for him that he's not worried about your black player backlash which is already getting because that's how he feels now you can interpret any way you want to know i'm not saying you're right or wrong i don't know i don't know doctor never i didn't meet him but
00:30:27i don't know and to may okay only speaks for himself like we have this notion where you know you speak from this i speak for that that press gets talking for himself no one else but us okay you you don't want to be the voice of you know
00:30:42black ballplayers black america now you're the voice of fox knows some has been i mean they were celebrating that prescott all we get on that stand and what we're doing dad with that kind of know better than that i think the fact that fox reacts to it the
00:30:56way you know they're going to i know the people react to it the way you know they're going tio doesn't change the fact that he was asked a question about how he feels about a b c d a he does this is how i feel about it so
00:31:09and what kenny's porch i agree with this all of a sudden you can't have your own opinion like that's one guy's opinion and he can't have it because it doesn't go along line of group of others i hate that okay and i and i and i can get
00:31:25what you're saying that what you're saying or net but the fact is he was acts but what do you think about the put like he doubled down like he was like oh no this is me this is who i am and then and then he made the action
00:31:37come and i was like son i immediately went to the closet got the jersey and when i was i said it that i should throw it away in that trash over there you know for optics you know what i'm saying it smells like a has been is the
00:31:50bathroom smell here i haven't going down yourself my urine smells better than the bathroom yeah well you make crab in this weekend were you drinking water uh no i don't because i didn't have my diet coke with me and we were getting together i s o i mean
00:32:04at some point throughout the program we get the full audio or someone audio what dad was saying he doubled down that was given to you happily bring jake's getting it right now so i'll give you the dagger here let me have the ice i'll give you the dak
00:32:15prescott audio coming up right after the break before michelle gets everything thank you um and listen it's it it won't go away you the story going away we keep at as the media we keep asking the players players keep talking about it but if the players start fighting
00:32:33about it then they lose they they they don't win the players lose collectively if they're fighting about and speaking of players the browns have their quarterback you camp right cory yep do the buffalo bills of them court about he's dealing to the cardinals of their quarterback they say
00:32:49he looks real good about jets quarterback working out getting ready playing no no no no For the ravens have their guns yeah lamar jackson's killing huh Everybody's got their parent Baker mayfield hasn't thrown interception yet except for one team where's number fourteen there is a rex and why
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00:34:06carton and friends cory's got a word quickly for you before michelle's update get your season tickets a fancy glory now with two thousand eighteen over the west first exclusive edge fancy football package is not a draft kit it's a full season package that takes you from draft a
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00:34:36spot on that matthew for the twenty eighteen championship trophy promo code winner w i n n e r h out to my man all in kid jake silly i'm sure his great accuracy rankins are in their matter but i can log onto the joint right now and check
00:34:49him out so there you go right there hopefully you'll beat him in the big fantasy draft you guys have coming up this weekend yeah jake is never finished ahead of me and he's never beaten you not in the flex that i wearing together he's never come ahead maybe
00:35:01the first year he might have finished ahead of me but not in the last last two years i've been champion pension to semi final and all you know but he still you know listen he got that part of the game coming and i'm going down there this week
00:35:12and he was like you know what comes down to actual practical fantasy draft play you're saying that you have defeated him breaking breaking place is one thing you players just his thing he's invested that going on when a championship you're the best player rancor wouldn't you you think
00:35:28it stands to reason that you draft the best teams i think it may be his end season management is not as ah strong as his ah ranking skills interesting interesting is right he quotes so the bible takes on his twitter account jake sees a devout christian i did
00:35:44not know that well there you go see that you know one peter four eight means it means above all love each other deeply but you go right there there you go i wish more people would practice that i love everybody craig what are you implying yeah not your
00:35:59love everyone e d'oh quarry quarry yeah not really you know the score you told me the past you don't want everyone i love everybody does let's live recordings were not anyone you've told me i try to lure you back everybody you give off maybe i feel like you
00:36:16don't love everybody know i love everybody it's people in the comments right now for calling me all kind of this that and third everything but a child of god but the truth of the matter is i come in shake hand any friends of everybody love each other deeply
00:36:27because love covers over a multitude of sentence it does one peter for dashain yeah exactly there you go love everyone deeply what is your favorite bible verse i have many actually alright yuri the bible what happened why would you you in the eye with my i was just
00:36:43as a matter of fact i keep bible quotes on my phone all well that's cause someone sends them to know i send them to others as a matter of fact i'm very big on that well i mean i read one to you right now i have a would
00:36:55you send it you have a nap what do you have like a like a quote like a bible verse of the day app is that right yeah well i could start sending you ah do you mind I read a lot from psalms eighty four seven let's are those
00:37:08who dwell in your house there ever praising you yes there you go and the one i went with uh yesterday was avoid evil by fleeing from it now there you go right that also makes that also makes perfect sense to me why you mock me is being because
00:37:24i don't read the bible don't mean that everybody else is a heathen whatthe down to turn the show you know what i'm saying which breasts out and stuff like that you're here good holds a men like me and craig don't read the bible you know and yuri to
00:37:38ju theron amis on some jeremiah that's all so i just asked a question i didn't say i didn't know you show you really i know i think i want the bible are you well the other book song written in english i can't read them kranz not written in
00:37:53english neither is the torah so i read the one that's in english oh yeah dave ever jesus christ is your lord and savior michelle well i know i do something's actually guy there's two guys in the religious world that i actually like don't you think i can't get
00:38:07enough charles i's one of the greatest speakers i have a big fan of public speakers he is awesome joe stand is a big dude no no he's going to go on with the hair and the oh plastic surgery yeah e what you talking about i just i love
00:38:24hearing him speak is he's just a great speaker he tells good stories i like the way he speaks also very popular now when he did let the people in this church in houston last year with the hurricane yes that was a bad look there's another guy named charles
00:38:37spurgeon you never heard of him i'm sure he uh he writes a lot about religion and i find myself quoting him Ah great deals Well yes so i do that as well there you go now they're just putting out there for you that's all you know for you
00:38:52listen i tell you you say good for you like it's a negative e good for you i don't know why you feel that way I wouldn't last time you been in church maybe you need to go fund some religion lesson you had i think people downstairs you define
00:39:07some religions think you're the only one i went on christmas you know like it says in the bible if you read leviticus backstabbing is for he dns he who backstabbed his neighbor goes straight to hell I never backstab though and i said downstairs oh god Oh no What
00:39:26do we do it It also says if you've ever read the the book of deuteronomy it says he who refuses to invite a co worker to a party because of a personal agenda against a co worker Well also i'll feel the wrath of god one day when he
00:39:44least expects it on no so that's that i don't know that's from them anyway i was just a bible saying that cory how about them else what's over the next week Then why do you think about kevin If you read further in that dude arata mi and says
00:39:57he who picks the wrong woman will burn in hell that i hope that's not me talking about a that said i get shorty eight and a half right parents right here bible core cory's over there michelle seem to show what you have so julian edelman i'm not going
00:40:16to read the whole entire thing but he posted this very lengthy instagram post and i hate when people do this because it's like instagram is pushing you read five line yeah more than a sentence it's instagram that's what pictures are for that's what twitter or facebook for okay
00:40:30anyway so he was thanking all sum it up he thanked patriots fans for their support during a crazy year which he said he is apologizing in the post but it's not exactly clear what he's apologizing for he doesn't say you know i'm sorry for something pacific and everyone
00:40:47is assuming that is for missing the first quarter of the up this upcoming exactly for upset about posing like three pictures of him he's listen you know you can't you can't appeal ten a felon win obviously ah and the notion of it i took a substance einar is
00:41:03taking or wasn't on the list of every wass he's apologizing because he's taking responsibility that he took some type of a substance that required him to be suspended so he's saying you know and by the way a veteran who's been around i'm sorry unless you told me especially
00:41:20coming off injury it was never on any list he knew it was not a list there was no threat at all then i guess out of blues and poof it's not on the list you know when guys get injured their career is now in jeopardy they become desperate
00:41:34and insecure and when there's people out there that say i got the solution for quick healing i got h gh and this is on the other thing i can't i need another contract give me something i suspect you're so big but i think your man tom brady was
00:41:49a clown from walking out that press coverage like that say that comment was ridiculous alstory rose your man your personal health advisor that's breaking apart that's new england patriot dynasty while you sit back and let him do it but somebody asks you a question about it that's ridiculous
00:42:05and you walk away tom brady you thinkyou above reproach about peeing next questions you know after the cabinet committee like what do you want to say You know obviously the guises partner maybe his best friend they opened a t v twelve ah you know performance center together by
00:42:19the way next to where they play with claps blessing of course andi no it's very simply by asking him it's almost like you're accusing him of also doing illegal crap you're not accusing my saying that but you actually what do you think about it You think it had
00:42:35anything to do with it Hey listen everything above board from what from what i know i'm not sure what julian situation is you know and i don't know what you're trying to get it but actually that question that's ridiculous next question and then they asked again you know
00:42:47you're not listen i'm forty one i've been to fifteen super bowls they're going to name the football after me at some point go f yourself i gave you but don't just walk off the podium i travel in my time working so it's a complete so entitled what are
00:43:04we doing with stomp ready i'm so ready for him to retire i really am what jeff and i don't want him to retire and i'm a jet fan and i hate him as a player you need that guy in the nfl or you're very cranky so i always
00:43:17said you need you need a you needed you know you need bad guys good guys and tom brady is good for the nfl let's hope he's plays another ten years ten years yeah sure i just don't like his over fifty one good math michelle where you got that
00:43:32you know two digit arithmetic down a nice about myself and i'm not in a bad mood even i haven't had i like your your money racist today i'll stop with the racist thing yeah well yeah with corey goes back home than ever is going you got him to
00:43:47make your video but then again my new neighbours the light what do you doing Chipper jones pre recorded his induction speak yesterday because his wife is very very pregnant He said that he thought she was going to drop any second but luckily he gave a speech She didn't
00:44:02have a kid She did have the kid right after should have kids But she did have it during the speech not during the speech but they have it Now I'm going to tell you the name of the child Ok i want you to tell me why it's really
00:44:13hot But i'm going to tell you I want you to tell me why they call the kid what they call the kid Okay All right The kid's name is cooper Why Cooper sounds look atyou on fire That michelle you go You are having well done Well done it
00:44:26for the authenticity point other than what I pronounced it correctly right Yes you are Just well i was trying to not say it wrong You're like the sri lankan kid in these filling be that took its time Yeah i got it right I've realized that's something i've been
00:44:40trying to do like take my time so i don't yeah i've been trying to snow within fifteen seconds solo ah sometimes maybe too good I played the baby oil way i punished my left hand don't think i didn't yeah what are you doing you're so good at that
00:45:00you wise embarrassing my saving me light way how dare you what else carmelo anthony opened up on his short stint with the oklahoma city thunder saying at the end of the day it wasn't a good fit everything was just so rushed going to the team for media day
00:45:16and the david for training camp them guys already has something in place and then i come along in the twenty fifth hour like oh shh dot dot mellow just came on and join us yeah well that's such a cop out he please he's been playing like a bum
00:45:34for a couple years now he is bodies all banged up give give you that he's been beaten down physically but you know when all you do is play basketball your whole life you're going to any situation tell me why just what's the spacing where do you want me
00:45:48to bay who's the point guard let's play basketball and you don't have to tell you how to play defense because the mba you playing man to man defense dispersed and houston where he's going so it's going to be trying to see eye works out once again just like
00:46:02last summer some of the videos he's been putting out your with one on one game with hardened the crew he looks amazing but the regular season he looked like he walked you actually go ninety feet yeah whatever you're doing right yeah he looked walked up in a regular
00:46:15seat i think you'll see rejuvenated carmelo they don't need him to play more in twenty five minutes on he still when he wants to be in a half court offense impossible to stop now if his shots on he's not even twenty five points if a shots off will
00:46:29give you twelve on dh carmelo anthony it's still what he always wass he's a pure score nothing more nothing less that's what he is you know it's goingto see a hall of famer yeah just some point short asked me and gold medal right went teo has a gold
00:46:45medal you win a national championship he went to yet won a national championship on his shoulders he went to the western conference finals of the second year made every second we're here listen just from i believe that in basketball if you're a top ten score in the history
00:47:01of the game you know what i mean Most points in madison square going to write isn't at his thing i have to check that okay i don't know that fact you might be i don't know like to me you take jim told me at any point in his
00:47:12life was jim told me thought it was the best baseball player in baseball No but you have six hundred homeruns gets what you're going to hear in the whole fam your top ten and by the way the clock should stop the day you retire you should be judged
00:47:24based on what the league's had done up into the day you retire and i feel firmly about that in the nfl There are guys that i think should be in the whole fame based on what they did up to the point They retired the fact that a lot
00:47:38of people have passed them in the ten twenty thirty years since it is not their fault nor should they be compared to those guys I was looking at some nfl stuff this weekend You know who is going to be a hall of famer whenever tire the sean mccoy
00:47:52children he will yards wise You won't really know why he will be top six or seven right here right now not right now is approaching the top twenty get into that Have you ever wanted to have a fantasy expert in the palm of your hand Or better yet
00:48:10in the pocket of your khakis we'll check it out Now you can It's the fantasy sports radio network downloaded out your phone We promised no weird viruses no strange tracking things just twenty four hours a day seven days a week of pure fantasy knowledge dropping all over your
00:48:27head It's a fantasy sports radio network Hap stop being a weirdo in streaming it online get it on your phone take it with you everywhere you go Waiting to update on the baseball uh pool that we're all in here Let me just walk you through real quick We
00:48:47love you to send in your your your picks We have an email here right What's our e mail here is a card and friends at card and friends that what is it in forward carton friends I know they said of me because i asked about a month ago
00:49:02but i forgot what it wass took so long to visit like something like cotton show at sports grades Someone that i suspect what's email here It's your email i thought idea Yes i know They set up for the show Someone said it up maybe not under set up
00:49:17Somebody set up I asked about having a show e mail and someone set up but i remember what it wass somebody text mike and mike would know well if non jews downstairs just as not like none is on a call He's not down here anymore All right Someone
00:49:32set up an e mail does anyone have it so i should know the answer i don't remember i'll check i know for a fact that was set up i mean i'm the talent i can't do everything what do you do that i don't even have an email you
00:49:47don't have a ship that is not an employee for say you're still in a holding pattern don't ask the angry racist to do one more way i know we haven't email i just wish i could give it out to people and it's my fault i was told that
00:50:01i forgot it i'm not blaming anybody but myself here firm against all sensor rude or complaining about things i take responsibility for forgetting what email wass but i know we haven't email time saying no it's the emails on that we have in the show i mean when you
00:50:17actually i asked set up that's right i was thinking that might know what the email is mike and shoot me a text i'm sure he's listening i have won this is carton show at sports grid dot com that say i do have to be the talent and everything
00:50:31else here is cartons show and you'd get angry a card a levy on all right cartons show at sports cred dot com you pick one you pick a starting pitcher you pick one offensive player that's all you did you do it every day it's so hard though because
00:50:46it's know it's only hard for you because you don't pick players that play i mean you and you've done it twice it like oh that dirt during she makes a good point they don't send the lineups until later in the afternoon way when we pick our when we
00:50:57make our picks at noon they haven't set the lineup you're assuming too they know they don't it says you never informed me of that listen the lot of the set i just feel like rules always changed for me not like tonight goto mlb lineups it'll say tea will
00:51:13you have to do is pick a player that's actually playing it ain't that hard i've never had that problem chorus have around that problem because you two shut off that suppressed yeah let's press phillies are playing the mets august eighteenth doubleheader guys want all go see a special
00:51:29gender reveal it was really cool clip he doesn't like gender review i don't stupid hey there it's me your stomach don't hear you know the one who can talk any way i was just a yoga sesh with a few of the other stomachs and mid tree pose everyone
00:51:43started talking about subways new savory rotisserie style chicken caesar signature rap it's a mouthful to say i know but with creamy caesar dressing and double the rotisserie style chicken it's not the only thing that's bull if you know what i mean it's me I'm the one that's well
00:51:59because i'm a stomach that's Kinda what i do subway Make it what you want Double meat based on average six inch sub

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