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00:00:00this is the Memory Palace from need to mail
00:00:04Edward lukmire wasn't expecting the $10,000 he was in the import-export business European textiles so he would surely Grumble about paying them but still they hadn't prevented him from becoming a millionaire many times over there in the early 1870s when being a millionaire many times over really meant something but in those times not long after the Civil War and just before Mark Twain would look around taking those times with his writers I Proclaim them the Gilded Age
00:00:34and those times in back Gilded Age the government they collected those taxes and set those terrorists seem determined to silence even the most necessary grumbles of America's multi-millionaires I got to check it every other time you just paid the tax codes are canals or sanitation or social welfare would have you know is that it's something to change policy wise and who is he to complain and with such a windfall what does a man who had many millions do with 10,000 extra dollars in 1873 when the average man unloading crates of his Scottish wool in The Damp in the cold at the Docks 12 14 hours a day
00:01:21earned about $0.75 for that day's work
00:01:2673 people Bejeweled women top headed men walked into the dining room of Delmonico's on 14th Street that all been there before the restaurant had been a Mainstay of high society almost since the day it opened up the store and some 40 years before dinner at Delmonico's was one of New York's must have experiences for visitors like Charles Dickens the opera singer Jenny Lind Abraham Lincoln Napoleon the third in after the war became V place to throw a costume baller coming out party just about every day you could find Bankers in Railroad Man and War profiteer still flashing diversifying at lavish lunches splashing about money new and old but 4 days prior to this dinner party on this evening in 1873 no one had eaten there at all the place it been closed as the staff at Delmonico's prepared for this one event paid for by Edward lochmire with his $10,000 to give the restaurant free rein
00:02:21you made one request spend all of it
00:02:26they built a massive table in nearly filled the room leaving just enough space for the 73 diners and for waitstaff to maneuver as they serve them 8 courses each paired with the finest wine because when you are spending the equivalent of 200000 contemporary dollars on a single dinner you get the finest wines
00:02:46and you get a pond 30 feet across in the center of the table upon which four Swans taken from a pond in Prospect Park to swim around in one in the center of the table while humans ate duck and Goose right before the palate-cleansing sorbet and then the duo of beef and lamb and on and on between the pond in the center in the plates at the edge of the table was turned into some sort of Sylvan Fairyland landscape with Rolling Hills grape with moss brought up in the freight trains from the south because that's where you get your Moss apparently there were flowers live violets miniature fields of them yellow roses more than 400 of them bought at a dollar stem each stem cost more than the average man or woman in Manhattan then we get for a day spent stitching napkins polishing silver a bundling roses for sanding and staining the legs of chairs upon which 73 people might sit as they 8 + 8 + 8 + 8
00:03:43in the glasses each time with a helium balloon just invented then but your Marvel man and toasted to President Grant into this is a quote our country the land of liberty in The Refuge of the oppressed it in the spirit of true Liberty many Dinars free those balloons and tied them from their glasses and delighted as they floated up among and above the golden cages Tiffany cages that hung from the ceiling in which song bird sang
00:04:13most of them exploded the balloons. The birds as they floated to close to the gas lamps in the popping startled the swans trapped beneath their own gilded cage the 1.2 Swan spawn in another point to Schwan's trying to fornicate in at that point it was reported for women fainted at the sight of the mating swans
00:04:34there was it performative prudery or was it course it's an 8 courses in eight glasses of wine and smoking cigars in the cacophony of Diner is 8 courses and eight glasses in shouting over the noise
00:04:48what event helped the waiters in bussers the singer who sang the staff in the kitchen the inflators of balloons who'd seen other spectacles seen access seen the wealthy act wealthy singing evenings we're on when people got sloppy and sentimental and crafts and entitled and glassy-eyed just loud but they never seen swans swimming after work place I never seen $10,000 spent on a single meal
00:05:16what is the swans
00:05:19it is sent swans the Ducks to but the ducks in this story were served before the survey it is said of swans that they are the picture of Grace above the water
00:05:29but underneath the surface they are furiously paddling
00:05:34so how would the swans receive these creatures on the outside of the cage
00:05:40call Furious flapping on the surface
00:05:43nothing underneath
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