Zach talks to ESPN's Royce Young about the Thunder's offseason, and then Chris Herring of 538 (35:00) about the Rockets, Carmelo Anthony, and much more.
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00:00:35on vacation but my daughter got a fever right before we went to the airport edition of the low post podcast it's I don't even know what day it is all the days I started to blend into one another in the low household but this delay to my vacation
00:00:51is allowed me to talk about a couple teams I was kind of interested in talking about anyway and that made an interesting trade and to talk about the funder end of it are okay see insider all around great guy Royce young how you doing I am actually that
00:01:05I couldn't be more honored that %HESITATION that I ended up falling into this just haphazardly by all the unfortunate issues that have befallen your family I get to take advantage of it by joining local so it's an incredible honor children they don't tell you these things in television
00:01:22shows and movies that that like you what they tell you that they get viruses and stuff but we were we would like she woke up from a nap is today Tuesday today's Tuesday and Wednesday we're supposed to fly to Zurich and stay in %HESITATION what Katie Nolan just
00:01:39described to me just another hotels like to see is that is there a dole Pat adult bass hotel room somewhere not being used that's that's exactly what's happening and she had a fever and you can't fly with the kid that has a fever you just can't it's not
00:01:52good for the kid and it's not good for the passengers is just not good and the fever wouldn't go away if you it is your kid ever had %HESITATION Rosie ola this virus Rosie ola I never I never even heard of that one he had some viruses but
00:02:05he Rosedale I've never heard of that apparently this one and the the whole fin mouth disease or the foot and mouth disease which sounds like it should have been a radic kidded by penicillin like a hundred years ago are going around my neighborhood so that's always she's fine
00:02:18now but we're really only a ten foot mount that's the same thing all other different but there's there's there's there's separate strip their separate virus comes in but they there get you get a fever and then the fever lasts and then you get a rash and then the
00:02:32rash goes away we're in the rash going away segment of a right also a fun bonus %HESITATION one of the symptoms of Rosie all as I get I guess is probably the symptom of many dizzy of of many viruses for children is that they become extremely irritable I'm
00:02:48frightened of my daughter I this is not going to be the first time in in like I think in every phase of life they're gonna be periods were having a daughter is like she frightens me like teenage arrived at which is a teenager I'm like a hundred percent
00:03:00can be frightened for no question %HESITATION she's like she's growling at me like a dog almost like right ask when Asker did like this is on pleasant you're being on place anyway %HESITATION it well I would say irritability Zack is also a symptom of a of a close
00:03:15cousin of all this which is called toddlers so it it's it's very it's very hard to decipher between toddler ism and because that's also a symptom of when you when they get irritable she told me %HESITATION I offered to help her get dressed this morning and she told
00:03:31me you will never ever help me again and great I was like that's a really mean I said you heard these feelings you heard that is that is really sad and it's Ralph like some sort of like a badger or something it was very unpleasant anyway bundle your
00:03:48flight desert them that's the lie that burden falls on mommy but the %HESITATION anyway it'll be fun weird ability Carmelo Anthony that's what we're going to talk about so we we have a three way trade that I haven't really gotten a chance to talk about yet I think
00:04:05people know the price of it now Carmelo Anthony joins Rasheed Wallace in the illustrious hawks hall of fame and will soon be a Houston rocket according to best actually everyone and very interestingly the thunder rather than stretch Carmelo Anthony found a trade partner for him and found someone
00:04:24they want to take back and that's Dennis Schroder another point guard who needs the ball a lot with the shaky jump shot I think this is going to be really interesting he's obviously gonna come off the bench I believe it was reported that they were able to meet
00:04:36with him before doing the trade so that was discussed he appears to have been amenable to that %HESITATION I think it's I have to give Sam Presti credit in this sense he keeps spinning these distressed is the wrong word but like not super valuable assets into other stuff
00:04:58like like Reggie Jackson about to get paid became an S. Kantor right became Carmelo Anthony became Dennis Schroder at some point it feels like the music has to stop and this will this they will end up with a complete lemon and maybe that's what's happened here but I
00:05:13think this is a really interesting move what what is what is your sort of feel for this roster right now as we approach that this actually the end of team building for the summer what a great discussion of Jack I mean if that really is kind of a
00:05:26press clipping houses right maybe needs yeah you got it just eat it distressed asset is one way to look at it and that's that's really what happened here with this trade is that you know in the interim the summer going to save more money if they were stretching
00:05:40weight criminal in but they really they've essentially decided we are okay paying Dennis shooter was six million dollars a year that's a difference right salary and what would what Carmelo's cap it would have been had destruction I know some people don't buy that math %HESITATION or don't view
00:05:56that is the proper way to value a trade like as I happen to think in this case it's it's convincing to me that that's that's a fair way to look at paying Dennis Schroder and it's also the the other aspect to that that I think my get overlooked
00:06:10a little bit is that it that that five and six million dollars there is a light asset that can also now be flipped again whether that's you know whether you just have to get off the contract %HESITATION whether you maybe denture played really well and %HESITATION called the
00:06:24city buys in this role was to be started again somebody wants us you know what a point guard and you can move shooter into %HESITATION somebody else's roster and wall if you were to stretch Carmelo Anthony again you say more money today on the surface of it all
00:06:39but now you've got a nine point three million dollar debt cap hit over three years to just stick with you and you can't do anything about it so nowadays so what they you know they they like sure that's the reason that you know they looked at all the
00:06:50options that they they looked at a number of different moves to take back you know %HESITATION is a player that they would have you know kind of %HESITATION stretching waved at a lower number that they could find out today there was a lot of different things what they
00:07:02settled on it they might get a shooter is a twenty four year old starting point guard the NBA it comes with the package comes with issues and that's the reason he was available for Carmelo Anthony and he protected first round pick in this book as a good basketball
00:07:15player but his trade value %HESITATION was chopped down because of %HESITATION some some off the court issues and in the locker room issues %HESITATION and you know there there's a lot of spin coming out of work on the city the daily Donovan has met and talked with them
00:07:28same prestige talk with him in it there's gonna be some buy in there with his role name vision the guy as you know a six man and and you mentioned Reggie Jackson but if they really are trying to kind of recreate that position that they had with Reggie
00:07:41Jackson and then of course with the all time %HESITATION of James harden but Reggie Jackson kind of a more similar fit there us what more similar comparison in that yet done sure it well not a great catch issue guide but you can play them off the ball and
00:07:54you can play alongside Russell was because that's what they envision that they they don't see this as a backup point guard situation basically says a twenty to twenty five minute ignite guy that can finishing closing line ups with Russell Westbrook which is something that they want and they
00:08:06also or trying to solve the perpetual issue in Oklahoma City which is this team just completely diving off a cliff with Russell Westbrook said it was an issue again last season and and made and it was it obvious in issue your before that think they have tried to
00:08:20figure out a way to this team to be good when Russell Westbrook goes to the bench and just simply staggering Paul George and and Russell Westbrook that wasn't the solution so you know I might be able to alleviate some of that %HESITATION how might that my daughter is
00:08:33a restaurant how do you break out and any sort of involuntary %HESITATION either like a rash or some sort of physical or verbal reaction when the when the words some some magic Kristen is said to immediately like to something happened to your body's you know speaking of when
00:08:48they completely collapse without Russell web that to play in the playoffs yeah well it went very badly %HESITATION well let's let's start simple because you're you're a hundred percent right that part of the selling process was shooter where you're going to play crunch time a lot so if
00:09:06if crunch time includes Schlueter Westbrook George probably Adams I don't know who the fifth guy is if it's Robert John that means Roberson is essentially playing the four so started that we can talk about that or we can talk about it I I don't recall with great well
00:09:23I don't know who the who the four star the for the fifth starter is gonna be who's gonna start at power forward for it for the fight well are we going to stop who who's going to be the you know like Westbrook Roberson George Adams I think are
00:09:35going to be planners who it was the fifth one I would say to Patrick Patterson I would agree that that is the leading candidate right now he he he was the guy that was going to he was going to start when they sign in the summer ago and
00:09:48then they traded for Carmelo Anthony and things change quickly %HESITATION on that front door Donovan loves Patrick Patterson recruited the guy knows him well knows them %HESITATION before you know Patterson came to Oklahoma City and in Paterson really fits a lot of the %HESITATION check a lot of
00:10:04boxes that Billy Donovan once in the starting power forward in a lot of the ways that come only to be wasn't able to which is personal Patterson when you're playing off when you played heavy minutes alongside Russell Westbrook and Paul George you're not gonna see a lot of
00:10:17shots and you have to be okay with the fact that you might take my play twenty two minutes and take for shop in the game and for Billy Donovan as long as all for those shots or threes or even better corner threes and that's something Patrick Patterson is
00:10:30pretty good at that's fine but Patterson is a very good ball mover he can catch it he can you know take wonderful handed off moved to the other side of the floor you know he's a he's a it it's been adequate control defender so we can do a
00:10:43lot of simple things any any can kind of get the thunder into what they really want Jack which is kind of the rotations in the gap and and they can kind of plug and play with different line of space because that's what sympathies really always been trying to
00:10:55build and in again with this team is just Billy Donovan a roster with a lot of different combinations and you can figure out which one works and that a lot of trust and Donovan to do that on a nightly basis doesn't always get the mark but at least
00:11:08in terms of starting five Patterson's just kind of the guy that can kind of get you into your nightly rotation well I'm they need someone other than Paul George you can shoot threes and %HESITATION Westbrook still is not really a three point shooter you'd be able to help
00:11:24sure as hell take a lot of them %HESITATION you'll down twenty and be in a game if necessary working on a good summer I've been told he's got a big turn off even broke free what is this is tenth season or something well they wanted they wanted to
00:11:39be a lot of stress ahead what the stress act is a work on a catch and shoot become a little bit better but a catch and shoot guy but obviously %HESITATION in order to do that there needs to be a catching before the shooting and has started catcher
00:11:55from yourself yeah you don't pass it to another player who then passes it back to you as I understand it %HESITATION %HESITATION the Patterson version of that starting five the the one that you're predicting and I'm also predict me will open the season %HESITATION played eight minutes last
00:12:08season %HESITATION and Patterson Adams I thought it was quite interesting you mention the unexpected mellow acquisition Patterson in Adams barely played together and and part of that was yeah Henderson was a very good %HESITATION grant was very good and and and grant and Patterson was a pairing that
00:12:24that Billy ended up liking %HESITATION I I I wonder how much we'll see the grant version which is really there's just no shooting or than Paul George in that in that you know Ross Roberson PGA grand advised that played thirty six minutes %HESITATION I just don't know they're
00:12:40going to need somebody and I feel like we've been saying this for five years they're gonna need someone who can shoot to pop on this team and I don't know if there's any candidate that's even realistically I I actually kind of liked what I saw from Ferguson last
00:12:56year just in just in terms of a sort of a feel and %HESITATION on both ends of the floor moved I thought he moved his feet pretty well on defense and and feels the game pretty well whether he can shoot immediately this year I don't know a green
00:13:10as I just said sort of given up on a previous ever earning what I would consider a consistent trusted right on the team maybe that happens this year they just they they do not have enough shooting and and I think I think they're gonna be a really good
00:13:25team I think they're going to they're they're going to be a tough and nasty great defensive team and Russ has a history of diesel or draws in the team have a history of these line ups that don't look like they should be able to score enough points because
00:13:40sometimes literally nobody can shoot scoring enough points at least in the regular season because he's so damn good and they play with such a fury and they forced turnovers and they get out in transition and all that I don't know how well it works in the playoffs but
00:13:54I I I think the thunder gonna be better than people think maybe in the regular season that said I I just I just you know the shooting is just the sort of intractable problem that never seems to be solved right and even when they try to solve it
00:14:07with what they thought would be one of the smartest catch and shoot moves that they can make an adding Carmelo Anthony that didn't really work out either and I don't know if it's just you speak of viruses on off the fires %HESITATION call the city that you show
00:14:18up and you're unable to shoot anymore but Carmelo definitely did not fill that role in in terms of what they envision because they you know and then here's the kind of the the sad irony Zack is that last year you can make a case that was really one
00:14:30of the best shooting seasons ever in Oklahoma City because you know they they they step the their highest mark ever in the okay Sierra two threes made a game and I think they talked twice which is seventeen and with eighteen and then I think that it nineteen threes
00:14:43in the game which again when you're comparing again some of the other upper echelon shooting teams in the NBA that sounds kind of comical to say that that is good I guess but for for the thunder fourteen that's never been able to really shoot those were over kind
00:14:56of achievements in a way and but yeah I mean look that they're going to struggle with that but you mentioned exact date Russell Westbrook teams they score through attrition rate you know whether it's a kind of a just like force the ball in the basket at times in
00:15:09somehow kind of produce points even when %HESITATION it's not really pretty or %HESITATION the way that you would necessarily plan it to be but %HESITATION this is what Billy Donovan's gonna have to try to kind of figure out and I did you mention our Sabrina state they have
00:15:22this kind of fantasy that he is going to be a guy that can can kind of sit on the wing and and be able to stretch before they advertise them is this guy that could kind of bring an element that they never had which was somebody that really
00:15:33moves well without the ball and you're not necessarily in a redditor Korver way but you know he would he would kind of create gravity any move around the fort while he is not he did not live up to that he did not he does not move well without
00:15:43going into me it's not a shooting issue with our screens he can shoot you can shoot a good shot get open and and and also he he can't stand the floor because of some of the other areas well they've never been guard a bull ever when they surround
00:15:59Russ Adams with three shooters and just run spread pick and roll they've never ever been defendable they just can't get to those line ups %HESITATION in in the %HESITATION that was one of the reasons why mellow looked like he would be an okay fit there and I and
00:16:12I honestly but he didn't play well defensively he's obviously a disaster like you couldn't even hang as Utah in the playoffs let alone what the rockets are gonna ask him to do against better competition %HESITATION but I actually don't starting around December you know I I remember his
00:16:30liking isolations per game all of a sudden dove in half and is catch and shoot threes spike that has like he he didn't shoot as well as you would expect any still took some tough shots in his finishing around the rim ram you know weird the sort of
00:16:43blacks in way and I I don't think offensively maybe he wasn't happy part of this is like if if the player is grumbling are unhappy either publicly as in males case are behind the scenes that could just take a toll on the environment of the team actually don't
00:16:57think he was as terrible this like completely awful fit who was reluctant to do what was asked of him or it least drives of the execution of it %HESITATION maybe the end like I don't know what the hell he thinks is gonna happen in Houston but that's what
00:17:12he's going to be asked to be catching shoot Carmelo he doesn't appear like that very much and I think that one of the things that kind of unfortunately after Jack in kind of the wake of Carmel sounding off after the season and talking about his role and how
00:17:27he wasn't necessarily all that thrilled with what transpired in Oklahoma City is that the narrative kind of got re written on mellow here with the thunder and the reality is is that he bought a little everybody talked about militias unwillingness to change we won't do it well he
00:17:40wouldn't it I think a lot of people are kind of putting it in the box is saying that it's because he wouldn't come off the bench yeah that's a bridge too far for Carmelo Anthony and it certainly was in Oklahoma City aren't willing to take that medicine and
00:17:52goes far to do that but in terms of accepting what Billy Donovan was asking him to do he did it I mean he he really made the effort to try to become quote unquote Olympic mellow he just wasn't good at it and a lot of ways and you
00:18:05mention it I think that you know whether there's a human element here and Carmelo Anthony has spent his whole life having the ball in his hands and this is something he talked about Billy Donovan talked about is that when he'd go you know two three four minutes at
00:18:17a time without much less a shot but just a touch you know that's that's also once were small but Camillus that's Donovan solved with Paul George's fault everybody's fault but he just could not he couldn't really just stay in the kind of necessary rhythm and there was always
00:18:32this kind of forced element to when he did get a shot and I don't think colonel was ever quite comfortable but they played well at times %HESITATION they really got role in their late December early January before Roberson got hurt but you know I I think that there
00:18:46is there's kind of been this re written story about mold that he just wouldn't change in Oklahoma City and it never will work he didn't fit I think exactly fit a lot better than people think he was just never personally happy with he never he never felt great
00:18:57about any kind of accepted it through gritted teeth and all that kind of came to a head in the playoff series against the jazz when of course he erred out publicly after the season against the jazz they %HESITATION their offense fell apart they scored a hundred point seven
00:19:11points per hundred possessions which essentially is that last %HESITATION in the NBA after being a decent offense if the and that's what I that's what I could see happening to this team in the playoffs against the just a a good team and there isn't a mean anything but
00:19:25good teams in the west a good defense I the lack of shooting I it just becomes so much harder but obviously he was unplayable %HESITATION defense alley in that series to %HESITATION Russ NPG last year without mellow in about four hundred minutes a hundred ten points per hundred
00:19:41possessions ninety six allowed %HESITATION that is very encouraging thank they're gonna be a very good defensive team %HESITATION here's here's one for you what what is New Orleans no wells roles gonna be is is are we assuming he's like twelve minutes a game backup center because they didn't
00:19:59really have a traditional quote unquote backup center was sort of Patterson plus grant the combination of very great grant the center on offense playing that role anyway in Paterson often playing that role on defense like is it is it like a lock that he plays is he going
00:20:14to be penciled in as as a like as I said %HESITATION traditional backup center right off the bat I mean that's a good question and I think that what they sold him was certainly a very stable consistent role because now there's talk out there that he was offered
00:20:28more money in other places but he wanted Oklahoma City because he felt like that he would get playing time he'd get can you know consistent minutes and %HESITATION is kind of a you know organizational stability maybe that he that he and his representation were looking for hot dogs
00:20:43in the in the media are there hot dogs are you know how do they have the do hot dogs I don't have like the movie theater like rotating disgusting hot dogs and just sit there and you don't know how they don't have those good salad bar they do
00:20:56a good media salad bar so maybe you can shop and get get some croutons or something at half time I don't know but I mean I don't know what what the role I mean look that got give it to me it was if he fits the identity of
00:21:07what's impressed you're kind of trying to really hammer home which is long switch the athletic fast you know PC all these type of things that Presti is really trying to hammer home with the identity of of the of the team but look they're gonna play Steven Adams a
00:21:22lot of minutes mean in the end and they're gonna by Jenny grant allotment and you know they're gonna they're gonna play Paul George before so %HESITATION so you know they're gonna start Patterson I think like we don't think so there's gonna be some spots for millions the world
00:21:37but I think some of it's just going to be completely based on the fact of like how well does he play and you know does he on the time that he gets so he's got to earn it if there's one thing that I'm a little bit Thursday if
00:21:49there's one thing I'm fed up with an NBA Twitter what do I sound old one of the many things I'm fed up with is this idea that like Nerlens Noel has been a good NBA player held back by his franchises all right there there he %HESITATION I do
00:22:05believe that somewhere within Nerlens Noel is a good NBA player %HESITATION we have certainly seen a quarter here a quarter they're a highlight here a highlight their %HESITATION these teams are not just like he wasn't like blackballed in Dallas for some nefarious reason he's not been the most
00:22:24reliable teammate on or off the court he does not execute the scheme defensively he's all over the place he can't shoot his passing while I think the most promising part of his game on offense or maybe other than ram running has led to weigh more turnovers than then
00:22:40teams are willing to tolerate he can't post up he wants to do more stuff on offense and is really cable doing like I I I I like he looks like he should be a good and be a player that is different than actually being a good and be
00:22:52a player that helps you consistently win he has not been that and I'm not in like I'm not sure that he's earned much more playing time we're deserved much more playing time that he's actually gotten and that's why I don't I don't assume he goes into next season
00:23:08in the rotation at the sars he's I I hope it does because I want to see him play I want to see if you can put it together but they I I just a there's this idea that he's been wronged in the NBA and I I just don't
00:23:20think that's correct right now I mean look the funders under minimum deal so they're they're on the low low %HESITATION wrist side of this themselves and you know there's there's an idea out there and didn't you know if there's one thing on a beach weather that bothers me
00:23:34is act well %HESITATION it would be that %HESITATION you know you make the assumption that the guys in a contract you're so therefore you will play wonderfully %HESITATION there's also habits that a player is built up throughout his life you mentioned some of the %HESITATION kind of grandstanding
00:23:49issues that have followed Maryland's no all around and I don't think that those things are just broken by the fact that he is in a contract here he was in a concert here last year too and you know that that didn't really go all that well for me
00:24:00either so yeah he's all prove it deal and he could show up in Oklahoma City in a contract %HESITATION himself a new contract for next year and that's up to him %HESITATION so you're earning a lot of different ways but I don't I think making just this assumption
00:24:11that yeah that that he's in the lineup but in the rotation %HESITATION and that he's going to play well just because he's in a new circumstance I think that that's greatly overstated for sure I like to to talk about %HESITATION Sam Prestes desire for length and athleticism because
00:24:26women we all have types Sam will god bless him has got a tight if you're if you're long you're at a can't really shoot like you're gonna get a shot on the thunder at some point your career yeah Rueter phrase position and and well I we could say
00:24:42the same thing about the magic I mean Jeff Altman and John Hammond have a type they want everyone to be seven feet tall and unable to shoot %HESITATION shooter %HESITATION I actually like TLC as a as a little bit of a flyer %HESITATION he's been a wildly inconsistent
00:24:58but way below average I'm sure all the he got into the low thirties from three last year and worked really really hard the Sixers coaches will rave about how hard he works I like the way he kind of a deal ill attack a close out and like he
00:25:10can he can catch in and drive like like semi productively or at least he went through a stretch in the middle last season when he was doing that %HESITATION I don't mind that as a flyer but he also %HESITATION he also fits but can I be boring and
00:25:23defend this trade for both teams yeah well that's not what you're really allowed to do especially when it comes to engage winners act but I mean I guess you can I don't mind at all out I don't mind it for the thunder I I don't think Dennis sugar
00:25:37was good last year I think that it sure has been good in the past and has interesting physical tools his locker room issues are very well known %HESITATION hopefully that will be %HESITATION %HESITATION easier to deal with on a good team a veteran team than it was when
00:25:53he was briefly the man %HESITATION in Atlanta %HESITATION I don't I don't mind it as a talent play and I've seen in including my friend bill Simmons %HESITATION ripped the hawks to shreds for this deal I don't I I'm all right with this for the hawks like Dennis
00:26:08shooter had no trade value none like they could do to do to get off a it took to get and they wanted to get rid of him I did Jeremy Lin deal which I would have done if I were them but we'll get to that in a second
00:26:20completely telegraph that they had this deal in place when they got germline they wanted to get rid of dentistry %HESITATION they are doing back flips having accomplish that without attaching one of their own picks now %HESITATION one could argue that I believe they save the thunder something like
00:26:37seventy million dollars %HESITATION write it in the in this season and one could argue that %HESITATION a lottery protected first round pick is not enough compensation for that but I think that %HESITATION it that's and that's fair but it's less fear if you view Dennis Schroder as forty
00:26:55five million dollars of money and player they two dot one on your team including fifteen point five in each of the two seasons after this one %HESITATION if you view that as an anvil then it then this is completely fine return I do think that tickets fascinating by
00:27:09the way %HESITATION it's it's old most these pics to have protection you know it's like protection the de escalates over many years this is like a one time only like it if if that's a lottery pick in twenty twenty two it doesn't it doesn't become top ten protected
00:27:23the next year is a one time only it becomes two second round picks I think it's fascinating that the thunder made a twenty twenty two I think it's fascinating that the hawks decided twenty twenty two that might be the double draft where we get the high school kids
00:27:35and the one in nine kids in the same draft and I think it signals I I mean I don't think it's controversial say it twenty twenty two is is going into the last year of Russ's contract in Iraq with the eight it's at the end of P. G.'s
00:27:48like it signals a Hey by that point who knew the home clothes were gonna be exactly it if there's kind of there's kind of a tangible window that's been opened and like and I think that when you look at it and you played out in you you understand
00:28:03that the draft Texas under have kind of got out right now that they're they they had a ten year run of incredible success in Oklahoma City the right kind of multiple areas of basketball and now they're kind of into this the prime years of Westbrook's career that got
00:28:18Paul George we signed it got Stephen Hadley got kind of this new core if they're gonna rely on for you know two to three or four years of of what they hope to be high level competitive playoff basketball and and and and symposium offenders mind if if it
00:28:33extends past twenty twenty two and it means that they you know don't does that that lottery pick %HESITATION conveys to Atlanta %HESITATION rate %HESITATION you know doesn't convey or whatever you want to tell you if you want to describe it then there's a third you know the problem
00:28:47is just look almost anything that means that they're still good and they're still competitive missile playoff team something's gone really good there and maybe Paul George's signed again maybe Russell Westbrook is playing really well and was mid thirties as storming bet for them they view it as the
00:29:03others is kind of one of opportunity here where they don't you know they know do you want to just willingly give up first round picks but if your team in Oklahoma City situation they'd much rather I think have a player that they could take a chance on in
00:29:16terms of the talented option that could fill a lot of holes in the immediate future like Dennis sooner rather than holding onto a drastic in twenty twenty two that you know may not really make much of a difference to them %HESITATION in terms of tracking in the twenties
00:29:29or the twenty five ranger whatever might be yet it's a trade that I'm not like particularly thrilled about it if I'm either team but I I I could be satisfied with it if I'm either if I'm either from either perspective in boy I I you know this is
00:29:45I I can't wait to see how how the hawks are next year and I don't mean that like they're gonna be terrible and lose a lot of games %HESITATION I can't wait to see how Trey young is because I've I've said this before %HESITATION say what you want
00:29:57about Travis Schlenk in that trade I'm not gonna pretend like I I from what little I've seen of both I would have taken dancers probably number one in the draft him and thrilled about it but I don't know much about these guys relatives NBA players but you got
00:30:10to say this that trade took enormous balls because you are first time GM and the safest thing to do is just take down church he falls to three he's the and the smart NBA fans favorite player he's the most well he's in a lot of ways more well
00:30:27known the tray on P. certainly people are more excited about him nobody thinks he's going to be a bust which some people think tray young right be the safest thing you will never get fired for taking a look at our church number three ever you will get fired
00:30:41for trading down to five and taking tray on of trade on music good and dot is awesome you will get fired it's just a matter of when if it ended they may not even matter if you nail some other stuff that will get you fired and it will
00:30:53Mar the rest of your career and that is a ballsy balls with the one thing I wanted the %HESITATION the Lynn one I would have just done like forget just do the Denver trade that the nets did like take take Denver's guys in your caspase take Denver's first
00:31:09round pick top twelve protector whatever was just like sign should as Napier as a place holder for the minimum or Shane Larkin or just name like point guard is available at the minimum and like just liked all Germans can do is accidentally when you another game or two
00:31:23next year and maybe what I can see the argument for you can't view the world in those icy cold terms like these young guys need a competent point guard but maybe more like maybe the competency gap between Jeremy Lin Enger Baz Napier is like meeting full %HESITATION it
00:31:40in in that sense of like setting up John Collins and helping all those guys developed I just would rather have the Denver first round pick that's and that's my main quibble with the hawks other than being wild the interested in how tray on turns up a boil boy
00:31:54because that that yeah that that that it that is not the safe pick well if we're talking about her young I'll I like all objective he to be able to discuss him in a %HESITATION recycle because I'm already I'm %HESITATION bomb all aboard I've been I've been standing
00:32:07for tray young since he was a sophomore in high school so I left the kid you could give a great young man and I I mean I'm a believer again I'm not the most objective person when it comes to talking about him but they're there if you think
00:32:20that someone like that I was a little bit no I hate to draw conclusions about summer league but I did expect them to be people off the dribble it a lot lot more regularity a lot and a lot easier than I think he hit because in college and
00:32:32%HESITATION you in the one year ago you sacked he just roasted people off the dribble even when they throw two or three bodies out of there was nobody there to stay in front of them and really what it came down for trade is that it was about shot
00:32:43selection it was about decision making and you know I think that he he kind of lost he lost contact with some of his teammates in terms of the earth the chemistry on the floor there was you know there might have been some brewing animosity in the locker room
00:32:56all those all those factors just got his start in the kind of exploded and you know you get him on an NBA team granted the hawks don't have the most talent in the world to surround him with the present moment but you get on an NBA team with
00:33:08a bunch of players that can catch in Spanish %HESITATION on a more regular basis and in the end of the qualities of Trey young will shine through %HESITATION and any I think to me that that's what you're going to see is you're going to see the best qualities
00:33:21of him with things but the flashes of just incredible playmaking potential on but the best quality to muzak about a young is I mean he has a leak vision and his ability to throw ahead and create quick easy points just based on it looks like such a simple
00:33:36play but like you know Russell Westbrook's been great at that he'll grab a rebound in and go ahead young's like already just unbelievably talented that you surround him with guys that can run the floor and he's going to create quick points we all over the place so again
00:33:50what does them take everything I just said with him with with the full acknowledgement that I am all aboard the stands for trade young %HESITATION train here but I do think it's gonna be really good I I I I I hope so and I you know look again
00:34:05I don't watch much college ball but he he had a fourth quarter in summer league or I happen to be in the big Jim at Thomas and Mack yeah it would it's the it was the best passing quarter that I've seen anyone having some really ever all it
00:34:18really is he's an unbelievable faster yeah he was thrown Steve Nash lefty righty all sorts of passes all over the place anyway so %HESITATION that's the thunder we're gonna bring in Chris hearing was in studio here to talk about the rockets and Carmelo Anthony Royce young %HESITATION hopefully
00:34:33we all get some downtime hopefully get some family time and %HESITATION you got interesting team to cover again next year my friend thanks for all your great work transaction safe travels overseas of of course thank you welcome back to low post podcast we're done with the Oklahoma City
00:34:49thunder done I'll see you in September Oklahoma City thunder and by happy coincidence Chris hearing the great Chris hearing a five thirty eight is in New York for some reason taking meeting you're always taking meetings having meetings are very important personal lives free agency it's still July they
00:35:05try meeting July thirty first agency is persisting till July thirty first you're either restricted or go to bat for Rodney hood just it's someone asked me about Rodney hood yesterday like what's happened running who what's the offer to be like oh my god run who didn't sign yet
00:35:22I forgot about Rodney hood it's been a rough year for Rodney %HESITATION Chris hearing a five thirty eight your work is always must read thanks for popping in no problem at all thanks for having me on again you're at Dodgers had yeah you Dodgers fan I you know
00:35:36what I I went to a dodgers' game as a kid I I don't know if I'd go as far as the call myself a fan I'm that guy not today not even for a reason today normally and my girlfriend tells me constantly like you you don't need to
00:35:48match your hats with your shoes and stuff while %HESITATION so I'm not matching today the hat with anything but a lots of that I buy hats like I have like mariners stuff because I've got stuff in Auckland teal %HESITATION not because I really love the mariners anything but
00:36:03because I have stuff to talk until that matches that the Dodgers is a beautiful baseball at it's it's it's a really nice baseball simple the Lou is nice LA interlocking it's and it's just a nice baseball if I were a baseball fan I mean I guess some like
00:36:18a suit %HESITATION white Sox fan that I know there you know some point though when again they one when I was in college %HESITATION the Dodgers if it weren't for the white Sox and if I actually cared enough I think the Dodgers are probably the team I root
00:36:31for they've got some fine players on the team we really find they've got a beautiful baseball stadium that you get a chance to go I've been like dying to get back there to watch a baseball game I went once many years ago I don't remember it very well
00:36:43and I was a kid yeah I was too but I still remember I guess as probably old enough to remember but %HESITATION they spend money if they put out a pretty decent product most of the time %HESITATION I don't know that that I probably would root for them
00:36:56but I don't I've been in a place where I really don't care much about baseball just sad because that's that was the closest thing to kind of my sport in high school and %HESITATION I don't know why it's just a slow sport now it's just really hard to
00:37:08watch a full game it's a good sport to have a conversation over if you go to the game because you're not going to you don't feel like you're missing anything whereas with football I don't understand how I used to have four and a half hours to watch a
00:37:19red Sox Yankees ten right slick well I'll how did I have this much time I don't understand I don't anymore and I just don't I also you watching full games anymore also used to be the guy who would try to sell baseball to whatever girl I was dating
00:37:33sued watching game and the pitcher would like throw for pick off moves in a row over to first no honey everyone of those crucial like every instead baserunner he's is back towards first absolutely crushing you don't you don't and it may I guess that's man's when I guess
00:37:49that's what the kids call man's planning now %HESITATION %HESITATION I would call it fans planing just does I don't know does matter if I'm a man and the the target of my explanations of what I'm trying to educate about baseball at that point and now I'm like well
00:38:03you just for pitch like can't we just get going it's bad I mean the fans even %HESITATION the pick up moves after a few times and even after one time if it's you know the road team but %HESITATION yeah it gets I have to stop myself from it
00:38:18I don't know my girlfriend is not the biggest past a person she knew I was coming in for the podcast today and she was like I want to do the podcast and I was like what do you know about any of the stuff that he's gonna have me
00:38:28up but she's like I know karma Anthony and I was like what team does he play for which is kind of a trick question given that he hasn't really signed anywhere yeah and %HESITATION so she was like he plays for she's not is not on the Knicks anymore
00:38:40since then she's like he plays for the Denver and just try to think of the name I was like not quite used to he did not do so at least it was in the ballpark and then she's like tell me who he plays with a like place for
00:38:52Houston issues like and I was like which players on the team cicada knew some of the stuff I was impressed she knew about Yao Ming says trails like that's good now she can come on and it's it's almost August man we lack anything anything goes going to in
00:39:04a wreck your pop anything goes into my wife's right now come on yesterday too I was I was trying last week to get a player who is in town to come on and I could not do that is he he he said no and she said well you
00:39:15know what if you need me I'll give you some time based out back to baseball played at our end she would her analysis is %HESITATION the thing is about on I've seen this stuff on Twitter I've seen you at the the one about your daughter when you're in
00:39:29the middle of the interview which is great but %HESITATION Mister pope Carlisle mystical out I was actually like legitimately gambit alike frightened for for half a second that he was gonna be upset he's he I'll be honest I tweeted sometimes about might not run ins but my instances
00:39:47of interviewing pop in a Rick Carlisle is on the list to something about the Texas coaches d'antoni's on this list as well they always make fun of my question I tend to get really great responses and it's in fun so I don't mind it but Carlisle I wrote
00:40:01a piece a couple years ago about players that lie about how tall they are %HESITATION Kevin Durant gave me this fantastic quote about how he tells women that is seven feet tall and tell the rest of us he's six foot nine news one of the more fun stories
00:40:13I've done %HESITATION I went to Dallas to talk to J. J. Barea because I'm pretty sure when he first came to leave he might still be listed this is listed at six feet tall which if you've ever not a lot of situated brats not even close I might
00:40:27be telling his not maybe five nine maybe five ten %HESITATION and he you know he was telling me how that happened and he is like I'd never told them to do that but I saw it and immediately realized it was wrong %HESITATION I ask Rick Carlisle but he's
00:40:39like why are you asking me this question and he he he and pop does have this icy stare but I think I've learned now of pop you ask him outside the box questions he actually generally responds pretty well at least to mine but Carlisle does not play that
00:40:55game very my daughter knows who lebron is now except you called them labranche show CMI two senators will brunch not lebron lebron ten lebron brushes wave %HESITATION let's talk about Carmelo because he's gonna be on the rockets now %HESITATION in less something crazy happens and it is assumed
00:41:17that he will start because he %HESITATION objected so vehemently to the idea of not starting which would make their starting lineup Chris Paul James harden Carmelo Anthony PJ Tucker cling to Pella I actually don't think it's a hundred percent guarantee that he starts %HESITATION that's interesting don't think
00:41:37it's on a percent guarantee that he starts going and start that marriage if he doesn't well look if they get there they are trying to be one team now they got to be a lot of other good teams in the west what they're trying to be one team
00:41:49and against that team when they got their best players on the court he cannot be on the court marks is not gonna happen when they have their little cute beginning of the second and fourth quarter line ups out there with you know David west or not anymore but
00:42:02whoever is going to be filling these do these roles this year he could be on the court and you can be effective but he can't be on the court when they they got their best players on the floor %HESITATION everyone is assuming and I wrote this in my
00:42:16free agency wrap up which feels like it came out a month to six and six months ago now I'd I'd just be very careful calling the rockets losers because the last time we jumped all over the rockets was when Parsons walked needing get Bosch on change teams that
00:42:33summer to make a result was the consolation prize turns out like now the not getting Boston cost them a first round pick in all this but like to the right like I assume that the rockets are prepared for a lot of different contingencies and will be okay I
00:42:47think Ennis James Ennis who probably only half the listeners this podcast I've even heard of it and this is a hard core NBA park as I think you'll be good for them we'll get fit hill duplicate eighty five percent of what Trevor Rees it did I think that
00:42:59potentially makes them a much better fit than mellow though and that's the that's the problem that I have is that I could see and as being a lot of game ending lineups for them more mellow and and maybe should be and a lot of game ending lives for
00:43:15them were mellow shouldn't be and that that's what I'm curious about is like if you're if you're up by five points can you leave mellow any game at this is Mike d'antoni's vengeance this is a slowly plodded like ten steps ahead we're gonna get mellow all these years
00:43:33later all these years after you'd wanna let your mailing cook and sabotage my career this is like a are gonna other we're gonna bench him for James this is the godfather where where %HESITATION Vito Corleone comes back and gets the guy that got his dad yeah this is
00:43:46this is the same thing so I I just don't I don't know I I wrote a piece on it it's funny I've I wrote a separate piece for five thirty eight out of a winners and losers column I've I've mentioned the rockets as a loser %HESITATION which may
00:44:01be maybe was a step too far I see and I had also written the piece on mellow saying if it works here's how it can work and here's why it would work but even with that there's a grain of salt in the sense that you know there's certain
00:44:12elements of it that are not going to work right well I can't see them work I don't think it's unfair to label them with a a tentative loser now because a look it's very easy to say %HESITATION Bob %HESITATION day %HESITATION is easily replaceable and but when he
00:44:26injured his shoulder he no longer could do anything right %HESITATION and and if there's a team that knows how the shoulder is and will be next year it's the rockets and they chose not to resign him and we'll get to the money in that in a second a
00:44:38reason they were just never going to pay it's just it's a hundred percent Daryl Morey's playbook to say or your three Indy wing that's thirty three and declining we can definitely get eighty five percent of you for the minimum and that's what happened now and I've written this
00:44:52before that fifteen percent can be the whole thing yeah playoffs against the best teams they can be the only thing that matters on the margins of like can you be on the floor or can you not against the best teams can be included in encapsulated by that fifteen
00:45:08percent quality difference but they're never going to go over the tax or they're going to pay multiples of the tax for terrorism is just never going to happen they are going to get another wing it's going to happen and that it is more someone that they're looking at
00:45:21what's at that I mean you you'd be better more knowledgeable about that how I don't quite see how that would work and let it I guess they have to get off of Anderson to be able to make right happen also so %HESITATION what we'll get to that but
00:45:40all this stuff %HESITATION being that Meese cautioning labeling them a loser they're trying to be one team in a reserve and Tucker and bomb %HESITATION day gave them the grit and the switch ability to have a shot at defending that team now you're only out of the fandom
00:45:54well enough to win four games in your office is so good that you only maybe have to defend them actually well by the numbers like twice right they almost did it they almost happen enable lost a lot of that identity in in those two guys going out the
00:46:09door and it's his ability to duplicate it is TV de Mello cannot do what they did you cannot say mellow switch from clay to KDE to step no it's not gonna happen you'll be dead %HESITATION he will get ankles his ankles what is left of them broken %HESITATION
00:46:23so I I they've they've lost a certain toughness and switch ability and all that I do think they'll get a wing to your point bays more was rumor today %HESITATION I think the package would be Ryan Anderson in the first and their first round pick him and Ryan
00:46:38Anderson is two years at about twenty one a pop left or something like that and bays more has two years at like eighteen and nineteen something like that is a better player and so there they'll say Hey salaries are about the same you're taking a little more is
00:46:54the twenty ninth pick or whatever it's going to be is that enough they don't kick that around I've heard they've talked to the heat he %HESITATION kicking a lot of tires I can't figure out what they're trying to do but I can see like Tyler Johnson same same
00:47:08same package same same idea two years of salary left at about the same number one guy is a better fit for the warriors one guy's not is our first round pick to a team that is out the future first round pick in Miami is that good enough I've
00:47:23heard they've kick the tires on J. R. Smith about that that be good %HESITATION boy but all of these guys are eating NBA's more I think bays Moore's actually underrated as an offense a player an overrated as a defender I think he's like he doesn't have the size
00:47:37and the toughness in the physicality of the guys they lost so it's all in perfect but this is what he can't take the perfect isn't always there like perfect isn't prime Trevor Reza is not there at at whatever price they can pay like you just said I mean
00:47:52I I understood a reason walking out the door letting him do that for that kind of money you have to bank on the fact that you've got a great executive that other teams want you know we saw the the Philly report %HESITATION that was amazing I've just ballsy
00:48:08you think of us like men let's just ignore what happened with pinky and the fact I think in more have a great relationship anyway you can't pay raise that kind of money I get it %HESITATION when you look at the fact that and by Moute is leaving for
00:48:22that kind of money that's where what you just said a few minutes ago comes into play were like you don't trust that this guy can get back to where it was physically because he had a a really solid regular season good good with a very good and that
00:48:35was kind of an under rated part of that series where he was hurt couldn't make lay ups and the series at times %HESITATION against the warriors but like at all times could could I Beilin L. all the time it was bad I mean like you and you can't
00:48:48really play a game with only four guys they can do something on offense against the warriors %HESITATION you need everybody out there you need the spacing %HESITATION to be able to attack the way that they want to with their one on one so and by the way T.
00:49:00B. D. a Venice is up to it he he's actually not shot a lot of three pointers in in his NBA career hasn't been great Adam either I think it's a little below every has one really good you're in Memphis and sixteen seventeen he's thirty eight percent from
00:49:12the corners for his career thirty two or thirty three overall yeah like you put him Tucker capella on the floor is there enough shooting is that where is that like really that demonstrably different from our reserve Tucker capellas sure not like a resize a knock down no pointers
00:49:29and okay a three point shooter %HESITATION at school we'll see I might thing and I guess getting back to the original question it is Carmelo gonna be anywhere near a knock down shooter either and I mean that's my thing is if we're talking about Ennis Elise and is
00:49:48can defend some %HESITATION you know as you know fits a north of the prototype like you said if he's eighty five percent of a reas %HESITATION fits enough of the three and the prototype that you want out there Carmel on the other hand there's not much defense to
00:50:03be had and the occasional swipe he's I I love the melos white we have not talked about that is I want to unlock the **** this white black I love that he used to %HESITATION get really upset because he he gets a lot of blocks that way that
00:50:17I don't know if those twelve thirteen the really good season he had where he won the scoring crown if it was the year after where he used that swipe all the time he gets whistled and a lot of times they would miss they would they would blow the
00:50:28whistle on him for about it he had actually hit the guy but it looks like he's Ballin someone because he's just swiping wildlife %HESITATION and and sometimes he has close cut people too and even the way he goes in and kind of rebounds and hugs people sometimes watch
00:50:42him when he's %HESITATION when he's there on the block for a free throw attempts at someone's taking any kind of just he kind of %HESITATION wrestles with people little bit he's is that he's a physical guy and it's like he doesn't it feels like it doesn't try to
00:50:56even trick rafts as the kind of what he's doing but %HESITATION there's not gonna be enough defense there if if he's just an average three point shooter like to me and you look at his numbers last year he was like below replacement level statistically it makes sense when
00:51:12you watch the way the guy gets attacked on defense and especially in the Utah series which I've I wrote a little bit about that man is not as of Utah had like this incredibly Mitchell will add some incredible games answers but it's not as if you're cycling between
00:51:27three all star ball handlers Allen a breaks you down on the pick and roll add just different guys I mean metal definitely had a field day when mellow switched on known but I mean as Alec Burks it's Ingalls it's it it's it's like pretty much take your pick
00:51:43but I looked at it and the numbers I think it was almost one and a quarter points per possession that they got when they forced mellowed a switch in that series and I think when you look at the guys that were %HESITATION you know volume shooters live scores
00:51:59for the regular season the the best score in the league efficiency wise was Durant a one point one five and so we're talking about basically someone scoring more efficiently than Durant did in the regular season every time you you get mellow and the situation was it means that
00:52:14you picked out there does mean it was mean but we got access to everything %HESITATION and I gotta I gotta come with the best and more of god but he %HESITATION he I mean he's a at I think is trying it's it's not that he's not trying sometimes
00:52:26you can you can definitely rip mellow for the effort %HESITATION you know and and sometimes you talk about the the idea of switching needlessly I don't think that's what this was there they're gonna pick and roll enough times until you get the match up you want and I'm
00:52:40mellow just wasn't really capable of stopping and sometimes help was late but %HESITATION you know I was also a much different defensive team once a las Roberson too but that that said I mean this team if they lose Tucker what do you do defensively with this team %HESITATION
00:52:54you're done that's it I know and that's that's the problem is that there was there was a little bit of depth there last year a little bit not a lot not that they I mean we saw the playoff series where they're running six and seven guys out there
00:53:06%HESITATION them by Moute goes down or is hurt you don't feel like you could use all of a sudden you're dot the shot but now it's just kind of like the players are so different in some cases mellow so different than what they had that it just feels
00:53:17like you're you're hoping for a lot here you're hoping for him to shoot better and that was the other thing I touch on my stories that if it works for them I think part of it is going to be because mellow shoots better he's got better passers shuttling
00:53:32the ball to him than what he had with Russell yeah that day and they are counting on that you talk to the rockets so say we have two of the four or five best patches in an ideal world they do %HESITATION and so his life is going to
00:53:43be easier on every level the ball is going to come to the pocket every time and it's gonna come on time and on target and all that how many year mellow mills played fifteen seasons the could that possibly rent settles into the rock yeah how many times using
00:53:58mellow shot for over forty percent from three Chris hearing one that's correct I've I've I've studied the numbers man I know killer okay so I've studied a lot of numbers zero two am I wrong for all seven four oh two four oh two okay forty point two percent
00:54:12in do you remember which season %HESITATION it was the thirteen fourteen season yes correct let's go his last four seasons from three since then thirty five point seven thirty five point nine thirty three point nine thirty four point one after he's just an average three point that are
00:54:29in the NBA Houston would gladly sign up for thirty six percent from three knowing that that would mean on open catch and shoot threes is probably around thirty nine or forty can going to take in some bad ones %HESITATION they would that that point point for possession that's
00:54:45totally fine yeah %HESITATION them %HESITATION he survived vents against the words no but you know I but but the %HESITATION to bomb with it clippers signed him for one year four point three million I believe is the is the number right %HESITATION that is more than the rockets
00:55:01could have offered him without dipping into their mid level exception which means they made a calculated decision we are valuing the possibility of somebody we might be able to get down the line with our mid level our tax mid level which is whatever it is %HESITATION over what
00:55:18mom would they can give us which means less or someone I'm forgetting about now they're they're thinking about who's gonna get bought out in the middle of the season and I think if they don't trade I think that there might be a couple of interesting interesting to my
00:55:32personal favorite by out for them would be demarre Carroll of like realistic yeah and that would I don't think Brooklyn's dying to buy out demarre Carroll there like a love of great locker room guy for them last year day also %HESITATION sold the idea when they acquired him
00:55:48of well yes we've paid thirty one million dollars in salary for what is going to be a bad pick came the twenty ninth pick but we we believe we can rehabilitate his trade value and flip him for positive value down the line I don't think that is going
00:56:02to happen at this point %HESITATION and I could see everyone agreeing Hey we stink again because we haven't had a traffic in seventeen years %HESITATION and %HESITATION you want to play for a contender let's let's make it happen like that that's one I could see in there a
00:56:17few others so the big bill get date one by hook or by crook and they're going to get another wing that can play passable defense and my only thing with every name you mentioned we've talked about and it's now we've talked about the idea of bays more we've
00:56:30talked about the mark Kerr who who doesn't like to mark Carol unless maybe or to run off and %HESITATION all these guys to me just sound like they probably fit better than mellow and that that's you know having watched the guy up close for that long and knowing
00:56:46how the kind of hot pursuit that the rockets were in last year of mellow and now to get him they they clearly still wanted on I mean so this is a smart organization they they know what they're doing either totally are for the most part it's just I
00:57:02don't know there's something about this that just like I said if it works I feel like it'll work partially I don't I don't see it being just a home run no I don't was issued for them and I don't know that they if they're being honest with themselves
00:57:13we consider that either I I think they see a guy who will make a make a decent open threes have quarters where he carries the offense and cooks a little bit and maybe that means you can experiment with not staggering harden and Paul quite is rigidly as you
00:57:27did last year and %HESITATION but I agree that I think it's over one thing I do think they'll do more is played the three guards together Paul harden and Gordon I think that will be a look I think they liked outlook without the security blanket over Reza who
00:57:41was like not only was he good use an Iron Man played every game he played for like thirty five minutes if you'd forty if you needed any played all the time %HESITATION regular season harden Paul Gordon which seems like it's too undersized in is a hundred and forty
00:57:56eight minutes a hundred and thirty five points per hundred possessions which is essentially just a human flame %HESITATION and a hundred and six allowed so plus a gargantuan number but it only a hundred forty minutes that's not nothing really small playoffs they played a hundred and thirty seven
00:58:12in the playoffs along while so that's clearly a lit up again part of that is what happened about mood day and and and you know do you trust your jail green to defend against good teams no you can't %HESITATION but I think that's a look that we might
00:58:24see more that that's interesting I mean they're gonna need something I mean the the thing that we didn't see as much of because of like you said he vehemently said I'm not doing this coming off the bench if he does that I mean that in some ways he
00:58:42still would probably play a decent amount with Paul because of the fact that they stagger those guys the way they do there's that there's the idea that if he still wants to kind of do is one on one thing which he does %HESITATION he could probably do that
00:58:55it probably fits a little bit better in the second may I don't know maybe if it's in the first unit sometimes too because this is a team that likes to go one on one and likes to make use of the looks at it gets but that that's the
00:59:06only thing that you know he wasn't is open to and that that's kind of where I'm at from a career perspective now is that %HESITATION you know I'd I'd love to see mellow when something significant because it I mean he's done it but not at the NBA level
00:59:20%HESITATION and to me the thing that doesn't really job particularly well he talks about not understanding why hasn't worked out for any talks about I mean I I remember the not low point but the thing that he said that I was like wow that kinda hit harder that
00:59:36was kind of deep as far as %HESITATION we talked to him in Vegas a couple years ago during %HESITATION before they went to the Olympics and he he talked about the idea that he was there in the brown wasn't because a broader decided he was done with Olympic
00:59:50stuff and Carmelo they're gonna ask you from all like why is it so important for you to do it %HESITATION you know since the bronze not here and you guys came in together now lebron's not doing anymore he's like well you know lebron kind of had a different
01:00:02trajectory to his career where he's you know he's one and he's going to the finals every single year I don't have that and so basically saying like I'm kind of stacking the accomplishments on top of each other that I can in lieu of the fact that I haven't
01:00:15reached the promised land as far as the NBA is concerned and I was like wow that's really honest that he said that the fact that you want to be the first guy to play in the Olympics four times for the for the U. S. but he's also not
01:00:27always putting himself in an ideal position like if you're gonna put your team situation and the idea of winning a title above everything else you can't be out there saying like no I know the kind of player I am and I'm not going to be a six minute
01:00:40why not another way I implied earlier that I I'm not sure it's a hundred percent said that he's gonna starting Houston I think I I don't know that anything's on a percent set %HESITATION my guess is everyone's going into this with eyes wide open if I had to
01:00:55I bet he starts right out of that I think you'll start I also don't understand why it's so hard for teams to just so you know what you're gonna starting answer but but the warriors now I get I get that you've gotta get billed lineup cohesion and all
01:01:07this but I if I had to predict I would say he starts he starts the season starting and at some point they say let's let's see what it looks like much like they did with Ryan Anderson but not banishing him okay but let let's see what it looks
01:01:22like see see what it looks like and I bet they convince him to try I mean there was a portion of the season where at it and I'm not plugged in I mean the guy you just had on with Royce he is he would know there was a
01:01:36point during the Oklahoma City season where it kind of seems like it would have made sense to try that and a lot of people felt like it was right around the time you know mellow made his first trip back to the garden %HESITATION did not have a good
01:01:47game at all did not play well %HESITATION and but a lot of people are saying okay now he's got that out of the system he's played the game where you want to have him honored before the game to start the next to the the whole nice thing forum
01:01:59%HESITATION you let him start there so that he can kind of take in the the warm this of the fans that you know that one I appreciate him after that you you pull him off the bench and you let him try to find his way there because he
01:02:10actually could be really effective there with the team that doesn't have a whole lot of binge punch you know and they didn't do it and instead you know Billy Donovan kind of made a conversation about the idea of making mellow more of %HESITATION complementary guy or supplementary guy
01:02:26as far as being catch and shoot and you know up to that point Miller was still isolating a lot was still trying to jab step is way in the baskets and then trying to get him to take the role that we all figured he was gonna take when
01:02:38he got there anyway as an Olympic mellow and so that should happen there and maybe it would be more easy to accept if it happened there %HESITATION I you know most people would take it it's kind of a humbling sort of thing that granted they have a massive
01:02:51luxury payment they're gonna have to make a massive luxury paper they're gonna have to make if Carmelo stays there he wasn't good enough to justify that it didn't seem like Carmelo was in love with the plan they have forum maybe they're gonna ask him to come off the
01:03:04bench became back it seems like that was likely %HESITATION but why not just you know like you said why don't seems to say that what I guess I understand it why don't players just accept it he's a hall of Famer he's been successful at every level is one
01:03:18of scoring crown I guess it is very difficult to accept but if you're if the trade off is that if you're going to a team that was within twelve minutes of making it to the NBA finals like what what what's the issue one out for you start and
01:03:32you get you you are a the more important version of Keith bogans was added to the fourteen minute yeah I many games earlier out after four minutes and you'll come back in for a longer stretch when the other team's benches and you don't finish again at you made
01:03:46office again yeah be so star you still get your name an ounce you know hello I don't know maybe it's been too long since I played basketball you know but finishing a game seems like it would matter more to me than starting it everybody's different he's never come
01:04:02off the bench even a single time in his career I know we did during the Olympic run %HESITATION but I don't know how I let me not getting the guys had too much you know I just the thing is of winning matters most and everybody's going to say
01:04:14that it does it in a certain point don't you kind of have to spend a little bit on that if if you're joining a team that when they won sixty five games last year and it and if they're healthy eyes changes all the sea is status quo now
01:04:28they don't get another wing I still think they're the second best team in the west and it's not close neck I didn't and with the potential to will again be the first seed because the warriors or will you know do whatever they do I I guess it's just
01:04:39that they you know I like I said I called them one of the losers of the summer the other team in the Blazers probably because I felt like me and they were so close and even if they can't close the gap don't lose ground and I guess with
01:04:53this pick up I just you know losing the guys you lost I ate and this is gonna have rockets fans come after me I man I die I like we said you wouldn't keep a result that money but let's say all things were equal would you rather have
01:05:08a reserve a or just have them by Moute over mellow I don't know I I I but I don't know probably not well within the team context if you're flying him with it's not it's not crazy I've cried might do it %HESITATION Reza yes a reserve for sure
01:05:25I mean about mood today I guess with the understanding that he's going to be playing alongside Tucker and allows you to switch still but %HESITATION I don't know maybe that makes me crazy especially having covered the got clothes for that long I'm glad you called a mall favor
01:05:37though he's absolutely I mean it's people that are arguing that aren't looking at what the thresholds of then the number of all star games alone that he's but he's all favors everybody on want to score over around he wanted that you could retire right now and you'd be
01:05:52in all people don't want to you know pay attention to the fact the one that's now Idoling carried it seems like it's the basketball things out and I I do think you was overrated for almost entire with his entire career but he's all former I'd also I think
01:06:06it's very important this is very very important he was not on the banana boat that need to be made but he was not on the banana boat I keep seeing in photo shop on the banana boat talked about is if he was on the bed maybe he was
01:06:21on the banana boat at a separate time that has not been a document or he was not on the banana boat and someone Photoshop James harden that James harden is back it's just gone the banana boat banana boat is Chris Paul lebron Twain waiting game really unit that's
01:06:36the banana boat Carmelo I guess took the picture I don't know where Carmel was he was not on the banana boat in this is that it's too important the banana boat is too important to trivialize and make mistakes about it's too important piece of recent NBA history Carmelo
01:06:50is not on the banana boat it that I would get deep here for no reason that was emblematic of his career though because it's not being on the banana bowl yes because it one point I can't member where I read it I'm sure was is I'm going to
01:07:04stop you right now you should write this piece for five thirty if this is a real that how the banana boat represents Carmel I it is a real much like between this and Twitter we're at at a spouse all these ideas and then like man I really should
01:07:17the said that out loud before I wrote it but that's okay someone else will just have a really nice come up or it's already been said that whoever wrote it's already been written so I would be the first one %HESITATION lebron you that you know Brian Windhorst wrote
01:07:29this great piece before is even at ESPN I think about the fact that these conversations about the big three in Miami happened well before that ever happened %HESITATION and the idea that because they're all part of the same draft class that I think lebron and Wade both wanted
01:07:43to partner with mellow specifically but the idea that mellow who has often put money you know made money at a huge priority in his career and and you know that's his right to do that I don't have any issue with that but the idea that %HESITATION that he
01:07:59was it that he took an extension %HESITATION with their something they did with this contract was different than what weight in the Brandon with their kind longer so he went longer and in doing that might have got more money up front but they were able to hit free
01:08:11agency at a different time than he did that was kind of a shot like they they think about it there but I don't know if they would have won the two titles that they want if you have mellow instead of Bosch because there are a whole lot of
01:08:24things that defense we would've been really untenable that way I don't know maybe is younger maybe could have done it but I mean he could have he could have had a title by now if you do you know different decisions that he made %HESITATION you know the the
01:08:37Oklahoma City thing not not really gonna blame them for but you know they were gonna win a title with that team over Golden State anything but just like he I just wish he'd be a little bit more flexible with some of the stuff now you're in the you
01:08:49know kind of the twilight years of of your career the trial of your career you kind of have to bend a little bit to try to get there I don't necessarily know that being a starter is gonna matter at the end of the day if you're contributor to
01:09:01a team that won the title what difference does it make do you think you would want to had been on the banana boat I've I've hung out with them enough to know that he doesn't wear headbands when he's not playing basketball %HESITATION when he's off the court he
01:09:14does not have been so I would assume he wouldn't okay I don't think you would maybe do you think he would have taken Gabrielle's place at the front of the banana boat or do you think you would have gone into a different position on the banana boat she
01:09:27was I thought it was her and then with so I guess I had of been weighed and then CNN and the lebron was at the back lebron's anchor anchor where he would have sat I feel like I've talked to him before about where it's it's on roller coasters
01:09:41what I've talked him about a lot of stuff men like dinners and like I'm trying to think when we would have that conversation I remember I I think I've told you maybe on this podcast that my roommate %HESITATION when I lived here in New York %HESITATION ran into
01:09:54him in a video game store %HESITATION right before the hurricane there's sandy and %HESITATION and mellow what's gonna be bored so he went in to go buy a video game %HESITATION we've talked about how he likes to sleep in when the rest of his teammates like go sight
01:10:09seeing in different cities %HESITATION particularly when they have the preseason games and stuff for games in London %HESITATION I don't know we talked about a lot of weird and stuff but I can't remember if we I think we talked about roller coasters about member if you don't like
01:10:21really because you don't want to like roller coasters well I mean I act like that's not for an imminent there I don't what I'll go on there define some of them I like like when we get a what I really do not like and I mean this really
01:10:35do not like is the slow climb up I do I okay yet I just I can't handle it I like it but I could see how you let's let's see so I have your fast stuff the upside down stuff I'm cool with that it's the slow %HESITATION lime
01:10:47of years that we had in Cleveland we've had for him now %HESITATION you never went to Cedar Point during the finals on you know what that is what in the hell back at the museum it's like the muse but it's one of three things is worth actually doing
01:11:00or saying in a whole wall and I left and I lived in Cleveland I like Cleveland is a city I actually enjoyed being in Cleveland which that's going a lot farther than most people especially the Michigan along I like Cleveland okay I'd like Ohio more than most people
01:11:15I've lived there even though they're only for the record three things were doing in Ohio Dennis one of them is it what is it I stutter Cedar Point with hands down be one of the three things that must be one of the other two are I like Cleveland
01:11:27I mean I just Cleveland is one thing I don't know I mean I well let me let me think of level is too broad highlighting I like lakes okay now their lake was set on fire %HESITATION but %HESITATION not set on fire but it caught on fire %HESITATION
01:11:45but I like I I like the lake I like running there %HESITATION I'm trying to think what else they got the rock and roll hall of fame which is really cool I like music %HESITATION I do not like a house data feel like most people there would be
01:11:56very proud of that I'm a big Michigan person but %HESITATION anyway Cedar Point is basically you probably wouldn't like it because it it it's no it's a real thrill seekers out because they have a least two or three of the fence of roller coasters in the country so
01:12:12it's fast I don't mind I don't mind fast but generally speed a guy like turns to get fast you normally have to climb up I do just but can we just do we have to go up so slowly is what I'm saying you're you're enjoying the tension milking
01:12:27the tension of me of of going straight up I don't wanna kago you would like some of the ones I've got at Six Flags because they've got vertical velocity that just you start out and you literally just go up and you come back down but you you start
01:12:41at like sixty miles an hour which is really cool okay and it's very quick it's over and probably forty five seconds but it's very very I'm fine with that so you probably like that now you would like me would not like some other roller coasters there but you're
01:12:53not alone in that what I will tell you since we're on the subject of thrill seeking and I went rock climbing for the first time since my childhood on Sunday and let me tell you I did not make it more than halfway up the wall I had this
01:13:04constant fear I don't even have the biggest beat him like a size ten after eleven that my feet were not going to stay on the the blocks and you know I'm I'm sitting here like how are you not doing role because in my girlfriends and they look at
01:13:18me like how are you not able to climb up the wall so everybody's got their things I don't know how to swim we've all got our things that we either just won't try I couldn't go on the banana boat I may be probably not I probably would have
01:13:30been afraid I I tried to learn how to swim I tried very hard to learn how to swim in high school I literally took we I took us honors gym class at my school my school Saunders Jim honors jail yeah do Ajit for generalized will show up and
01:13:43if you're a varsity athlete you have to do that we have a bunch of preppy people that were like really worried about getting in the good schools which I guess is not a bad thing at all that you would worry about that but a lot of people that
01:13:53were saying that Jim was running their GPA and that they while so they because that we had a four point scale there like if I take this there's an honor skilled is worth six points are like if I take German it's just an average level class and I'm
01:14:06only going to get a four of five on the sixth scale so that they offer honors level Jim where you help you help the instructor you learn how to help the instructor be a teacher's assistant but you have to be in good physical fitness to do it and
01:14:18so they can actually grade you on your ability to to run a certain time to be able to do certain things and and so swimming was one of them and I was like oh this is great because I'm gonna have to learn how to swim otherwise I'm going
01:14:30to fail the class so I was pushing myself to learn how to swim as a junior senior high school and I literally my gym instructor was literally the swimming and diving coach and I I tried for three weeks and could not do it they given put the flippers
01:14:44on me and everything I could not get to the other in the pool so I don't know I try and fill out the %HESITATION decent aptly I was a decent athlete in high school but not not so much with certain things I guess you wanna hear an interesting
01:14:54tidbit about the rockets what's here if they traded their first round pick as we're speculating they might now be five first round picks in a row they've treated there that their history it's that I think is them I I remember I was working on a piece about the
01:15:08next at one point when I was on the beat about how they never make use of their picture that you know they trade there probably whatever they did it correctly like the built the team they they traded a bunch of pics to it and and young players to
01:15:21get James harden then they use their picks and then they got even better now it's now they're in the phase of we're trying to win know exactly so it's them and basically what I was saying is that when I thought that the next would be the team that
01:15:32like never keeps their picks and does that more than anyone it was actually the rockets and I think the Mavericks hello right now is the most recent rockets first round pick on the roster and he's been Lee what your daughter's fourteen draft the F. fifteen pick they traded
01:15:46to dump dump land member that dumb plan to open up cap space for by was a crazy didn't work out yeah now they got Sam Dekker they got the pick that became Sam Dekker from the pelicans in the ashik a reserve three way deal so that kind of
01:16:00counts %HESITATION sixteen pick if you can remember who they traded the two thousand sixteen first round pick I will I will applaud you this isn't a mellow statistics I don't have it memorized as well I did I had to go back and check you said twenty six twenty
01:16:14sixteen pick who they traded to a to a no twenty sixteen whatever they ended up pick whatever wherever they ended up picking they traded that pick for somebody two thousand seventeen they traded for Lou Williams two thousand eighteen the trade for Chris Paul two thousand sixteen was the
01:16:29one I had to go back and check I'm not going to think of who is out of the league right now of %HESITATION that's really not going to help I'm not going to go with Ty Lawson wow wow I forgot about that yeah they I mean it what
01:16:43I'm AT and that's the thing I mean Daryl's taken a fair amount of criticism for it the idea that you just bring in these stars are these these players that have been good in on a past career %HESITATION without regard for fit which I think is a little
01:16:57bit unfair %HESITATION but also you need stars to win and at this point I don't mind them going all in at this point because let's be real if you don't get it done in the next this is it I mean Chris Paul has may be another good year
01:17:10two left I would think to where he's at this level and even then I mean the injuries we've already seen them creep and several times in his career you gotta go for it now %HESITATION so I don't I don't mind it not what I will say and every
01:17:22time I've said this people kind of been like are you serious you know someone for Tina I'm a little bit surprised at how how seemingly afraid of the luxury tax they better not obviously a Reza you working to do that %HESITATION I I guess I've had to think
01:17:39about a little bit more since you've talked about by Moute the idea that maybe that's just you know fundamentally we don't know that he has a lot laughter we don't know these going to be totally right with the shoulder thing but I don't know I I I guess
01:17:51to me it when he bought that team maybe as a spoiled from the previous owner and the fact that you know Alexander is always gonna pay what he had to %HESITATION I I just keep hearing that maybe someone for T. does not necessarily that way winced knowing how
01:18:06much money has surprises me just a little bit well you know they're they're already at one thirty seven anti %HESITATION now the capellas back on a good deal %HESITATION although I think that deal is is being framed as a steel for the rockets and I do think it
01:18:21five years eighty with incentives to ninety it's a good deal for the rockets but I think give give in the market for centers now and that he was restricted in what the market for centers figures in the next year good deals with it all right yeah I find
01:18:34for Clint capella don't keep thinking too with that because I kept thinking something like am I missing something here %HESITATION god forbid something happen to harden I mean like we we part of the reason he was gonna get more than what he got is the idea that like
01:18:48this fit for him is ideal it is literally perfect in a way that other teams probably wouldn't provide for him like I said god forbid something happen to harden I mean he's he's still in a decent player but he's not of the same value at that point if
01:19:05anything happens to harden if Paul doesn't eight do you know if he does start to slow down which at some point he will %HESITATION if he's not as effective on offense as he has been I mean defensively he's good he's not great defensively he's he's good and and
01:19:20if you take away some of the factors that make him very good at times and I just don't know that he's worth even what they gave I don't know what I was saying %HESITATION there a hundred thirty seven million %HESITATION so they're they're something like thirteen over the
01:19:37tax so you you took a reserve at at that number is going to cost them lots and lots of multiples of his salary I've said this before like I just don't think they're going to beat the warriors without a lot of Clint capella minutes I just think that
01:19:52they're not gonna out they're not gonna out five out the warriors there they need is rim protection it's something that no one else on their team can duplicate in the warriors for as many threes they should go to the rim and in the mid range and and in
01:20:03a fair bit I just think that's a dimension that they need he made some plays in that series I mean he he he obviously got beat sometimes too but %HESITATION some place that's here is where he was trouble for durable with staff and I don't know if he
01:20:16he poked the ball away from stuff a couple times are just kind of got in on the shot but played really good defense I mean both ways %HESITATION both teams gonna had you know I was impressed with the veil of kind of the way it seemed like he
01:20:27was bothering lebron just sometimes you kind of a play real like I didn't know that guy was capable that and I watch the rockets a these about very early on I think they're a lot of analysts kind of in our shoes that said you know the rockets when
01:20:38they're this good on defense they can push the warriors they obviously did that part of the reason they were able to do is just because capella capella has a lot of town %HESITATION you could just replace them easily at all %HESITATION you know I know the rockets have
01:20:51been good at identifying guys I think yeah I obviously some of what he does is is very dependent on those two guards but %HESITATION but yeah you I was surprised it was dragging out as long as it was once it became very clear that's just the rockets and
01:21:04compel at this point there's nobody else that really can make a play here %HESITATION but I think the deal was fair I don't you know I didn't think that is gonna get way more than that and I think of the gone way less than that you know anything
01:21:13less than eighty eight then you know then there would have been a a fair crack to have for him yeah %HESITATION gate downtime and traveling coming up a bachelor party in Mexico with which %HESITATION yeah we'll we'll see how that goes but it's a senior you've now that
01:21:29you're done writing for five thirty and I know one time back in Mexico it may not %HESITATION but I've it's it's should be I don't I don't drink the most so it shouldn't be too too bad but well this pack has gone on long but no I'm I'm
01:21:42out now for vacation so good is is what you would already been on vacation or that you had already at least %HESITATION it's a long story I was supposed to %HESITATION maybe I've got like even editors and coworkers like yes acts on vacation next week so I have
01:21:56a lot of time to talk about this this and this and that and I still see you pumping out shaming the hell out of all of us with like stories about %HESITATION pregnancies and stories about the bulls no of course we've talked about this before the jealousy that
01:22:09have that you get to a story one or two days before I do granted with a ton more reporting than I have %HESITATION you know it's just so you need to go on vacation I'm gone so I can write and so the right I don't care this podcast
01:22:20is an hour and twenty five because I'm not doing anymore for awhile and I'm not doing any from there and less I run into %HESITATION some sort of Croatian athlete I mean well hello Howard back in let's see vacation with Kerr I saw him run in the Steve
01:22:34Kerr and I really don't think they vacationed together I don't think they do either but the fact that they saw each other arranged to meet up there I'm like don't all have let me know if you mess with it %HESITATION we all have families it is hang out
01:22:46with like we all have stuff that you can do this does is about it this is the first year and now several years were there to my knowledge there are no NBA people rolling through the rough neck while I'm there every year there's really is NBA people coming
01:22:59on vacation and I end up going out to drink Sir dinners with four five scouts are from really able because everyone was going to Croatia now do you go to your your wife's family still over there %HESITATION the extended family okay extent if we as you would get
01:23:11tired of like really got another NBA person have a similar like can't we get away from this but any country but you notice there's something different about when you hang out with someone in a foreign country your relationship changes is his day there's something about like we're both
01:23:27in this on for now Croatia familiar for me now but they were both in this unfamiliar place and we're together and like wow word drinking a beer and wherever and you know it is so you to so it's it's so it's like it's that's true it's good to
01:23:39do that except basketball conversations every country exactly the same yeah when you're running into people that are not your family where the relationship is rooted in basketball I I can just see you guys here in the states well I should go home now and have my daughter yell
01:23:52at me before she goes to bed to do very irritable lately us earlier and you don't want to going out of a case Chris herring %HESITATION look at your look at all this stuff at five thirty eight years had recent pieces on Kawhi Leonard who we remarkably did
01:24:03not talk about it all in Carmelo Anthony and many other things work is always top notch thank you Sir thank you for I mean I was always when it comes to hiring you don't have time to waste you need help getting to your short list of qualified candidates
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