Nico sits down with Psychic medium MaryAnn DiMarco to discuss all things team spirit, growing up empathic, meditation, and the power of healing energy.   






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00:00:00the following is an at-will presentation
00:00:22I can probably
00:00:51dear God I ask only this that I find love in myself for a lifetime of list it is with that moment that I accept myself and understand that love science greatest help all around I will extend an outstretched and open my heart to my fellow man when it comes time for my heart's true mate I will allow them in Loudon in with little debate when I find love within my system and understand life isn't power or wealth I release myself to your loving well and With Your Love by heart Marcel so I thank and give myself to others as friends sisters and brothers will all the apart of what I have learned that my love is more than free my love is more than free is gratefully earned is rightfully earned
00:01:52this is a conversation with a human I love named to Marianne
00:02:08okay this week's episode we have world renowned psychic medium Maryann DiMarco as a gift in medium she's known for using her years of experience to connect with her clients team of guides Angels ancestors and lost loved ones to channel the guidance and advice they need to live a happier more satisfying life her signature mind body and soul Focus readings are as empowering as they are comforting as a spiritual teacher she's known for teaching clients how to develop those connections and intuition on their own and helping them to help themselves break free from spiritual emotional and real-world obstacles she is the author of believe ask act Divine steps to raise your intuition create change and discover happiness a guide to trusting your intuition and plugging into the wisdom of the universe
00:03:02more importantly she's become a friend and very quickly with feels like a family member
00:03:08now before this episode starts with a heavy heart I have to tell you that this will be the final episode of The Love bomb not just of the season but of the entire series
00:03:20she love is a word love is a noun Love Is A Verb love is an adjective love is the feeling love is the sole reason love is the remedy cure and weapon love is the bomb the love bomb love is the podcast breathe
00:03:41I have come to the conclusion that the love bomb the heart and soul of my entire existence the digital audio diary that has smeared my life with more Flair than all the other things is ready to pass this exploration of Love gender-bending spoken word itch flourish put sayonara hydrogen explosion full effect catastrophic is the oxygen replenishes the most beautiful battle forfeited the interview White Flags blasted and white light the only casualties being in our own selves selves wildly realized intrinsically therapy double Baker's Dozen episodic spanning twins seasons will forever thrive in The Ether of the internet's blasted into conscious and subconscious if anyone that Tunes in tuned in the prayers prayed and answered answering the greatest lesson learned
00:04:41far the tarot death card drawn in that some must die in order for new tuberous and I may just be pregnant
00:04:50you see now the real work begins not just the birthing but the everyday nurturing the change of pace the power of Buzz and numbers the pollination from recorder to listener to recorder to grow growth the call-to-action so at the end of this episode I will read one last final spoken word of the love bomb and leave you all with a call to action so be sure to listen to this and its entirety I love you all unconditionally unapologetically
00:05:23This Is The Love bomb
00:05:27to get nervous TV makes me nervous yeah but I'm getting used to it so today I did much the problem I think it's the energy that wakes me up because I'm I was like pretty, and I was oh no wait I woke up every hour on the hour I couldn't sleep either you flying last night last night I literally could not sleep all night long is making me up all night and I usually find some such a great sleeper can have to get down Eco absolutely float yeah what does that mean you're like a strong you know you're like me out there taking flight you should have fun with it or so
00:06:26wait like like not fall like dance moves right but I have like a full jig that's going on and like it'll just like find out where projection like just in my feet you know my fingertips my time on my hands are I've always been on fire across the world go to kind of like deeper places and allow yourself to take you there because you can certainly fly through meditation and have just so much fun with it I think that's why this pigeon has been living on my balcony telling you to fly I told you I have the dogs right then Smokes on that says crazy my last name means that I didn't tell you this but my mom's
00:07:13last name is patchy which means fish Dove and fish Genesis 121 lot of stuff going on it's so much fun I love it we're going sweetly and say and that I'm telling you these dubs I wish my husband was here they are following that they like one was in my gutters I thought it was like to see some I have to go up there and cut the cord. And it was now it's like messages all over the place there next to all over my house I don't know we'll go babies okay let's start with you Mary and Marco I can't I mean I feel like I've had you in here before but you haven't been here before
00:08:12I want to start this episode by surprising the people that are listening to this and let everyone know this is
00:08:23a difficult thing to say right now but this is going to be the last love bomb episode ever not just of the season but of the whole series I have decided that in Tarot when the death card is pulled it means that some things have to die in our life in order for new things to birth and the time has come for this podcast to just pass and this realization came to me a few weeks ago a few weeks ago and Marianne and I had our our our paths have crossed energetically through we we share a book agent and
00:09:15when I made this decision it just completely made sense to me that Mary Ann would be the last episode I love them and I am so honored completely honored and flattered to be here with him so thank you for having me have course who are you
00:09:32yeah right I know that question always is all right with all of the parts wow I'm a psychic medium I'm a mother I'm a life psychic medium two different things your medium you are automatically psychic so mediums are raising their vibration to be able to speak with energies on the other side loved ones family members friends I mean in a psychic doesn't so much concentrate on where the information is coming from but he's able to talk about your life and life path still on the other side but solely really focusing on that part of it so I do both and I'm also spiritual intuitive and that means I can see your Spirit guides I'll look at your own gifts your own path as far as being a lightworker and spreading light around the world and so I often channel that information in my readings my readings are very mind body and soul Beast so their balance about balance in your life and how long have you been doing
00:10:32Sears now and I love it changed my life you've met Pat long ago and she's wonderful and she changed my life and I grew up with her mother who encouraged me to speak my truth about what I was seeing and she didn't think it was odd that I was seeing people that have passed and dreaming about them and having Hunters about others in their lives in the decisions that they were making I now know that was all psychic and medium abilities that I had and I was meditating at a very young age and learning about higher levels of consciousness and different guiding Masters on the other side and that's how I was raised so to me this was just natural transition but I had to go through a lot to get to that point to be ready to use my gift horse both parents and grandparents she was like a whole family situation yeah I mean I'm Italian so everybody knows that says so but my grandmother my great-grandmother all in my mother's side
00:11:32family my dad you know God love him he's wonderful but he keeps it all in check he doesn't really see too much but my I think his mom had a wonderful way of looking at her face and and believing in a higher power and she gave me that was there any work with him like in the house I mean I kids I shouldn't have to tell if we put the pepper in her car I mean we've yeah yeah yeah there's a lot of that but it wasn't I ever fear you're protected that's the way it is you grasp onto your face and keep plugging phone I can't believe I told you this or not but I called my grandma last week or two weeks ago and asked her if there was any witchcraft in the family at all that she knew I tell you this now and she was like we talked about Witchcraft and no Witchcraft and she was like oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah my dad
00:12:32the thing with the egg yolk in there and the curse and he killed somebody want sounds like Grandpa what are you talking about
00:12:44but yeah so there's that there's definitely in my family I would say that the the the power that gift has always been used in like a knot in the best light and it's been my life's Mission growing up in that family from day one to like shed light on to the whole situation as much as I possibly could and let me tell you it has not been easy and it's still a struggle to this day it's hard I think when you're when it's ingrained in you to see it a certain way it's difficult to see the other side of things and people often ask me if I've seen scary things or if I have felt heaviness around me and him and you see all of that type of stuff but my mother really Tommy too kind of work at that higher vibration to see it as light and that these were your loved ones coming through and Pat just confirmed all of that as I got older and I've always wanted to use this gift in a teaching way actually thought
00:13:44it's going to be a teacher throwing up and now I am and I understand why these they take you on this life path and yeah they want you to preach the positive about it and I think that's sometimes that people miss that they're in control of that just by their thought in their energy and what they can put out into the world they kind of forget that they're able to do that and that's what I'm so excited with the work that you were doing the work that I get to do and he's wonderful mediums and psychics that I know through life that I've been meeting for all kind of being turned on to that positivity in a time where can really feel heavy from chaos right now the real spiritual awakening I don't think we've ever lived in a darker time at least In Our Lifetime night and made him probably our parents lifetimes but at the same time I've never felt more liberating and connected to
00:14:35the light and to never known more people that are working and positivity than I do right now it's like that balance right that you in the Yang really soon as one goes all the way up the other one has to go all the way up at the same time it's really beautiful it is beautiful when I first started doing this work I was afraid to tell people that I was medium I didn't I was afraid you might have judgement on me I was afraid of what people would say what they would think of me but the more I owned that truth the more I was finding the people really very interested and always curious about it themselves and and wanted to understand how it all works and how they themselves to make connection of so encouraging and such a relief so somebody asked you to explain how it works what's your go-to answer for me I see hear and feel spirit I often explain it as if you're trying to tune into a different type of frequency so Spirit on the other side works at a higher vibration than we do we're kind of a little lower
00:15:35my job is to raise my vibration and meet them in the middle that's why it's a medium that kind of a thing I pay attention like I said though all of my senses because I find it gives a better reading I think when people are trying to hear Spirit they forget that you can see it you should smell it you can taste it exactly so it's come to kind of have this well-rounded way of allowing Spirit into my life and that's really how it works I sit I listen my job is not to filter I deliver the message that they want me to their steer just using me to do this work and I'm happy to do it hey we're not not the source the conduit people really have a hard time understanding that cuz them in the world is full of Skeptics right I'm not just mediumship astrology or healing benefits or what I mean Skeptics to anything conspiracy theorist across the board and says that it's not always easy right
00:16:35kids 18 or 18 I have an 18 year old daughter and I have a 16 year old son and I have a 15 year old step-son well as a blessing and a curse I guess you're right I can pick up on things when I first started to tell them about it it was easier because meetings on television computer on television and I had seen John Hubbard you don't even know I love John Edward and I had made it a very open discussion in my home so they kind of just accepted it they always knew that I was like that and they're pretty open children I think they got a little nervous you know what their school friends and you know but it's all been a very positive experience for them so I hate totally Demarco
00:17:35can I use my Spidey senses like what are you doing at 11:30 on Friday night
00:17:43yeah and I don't know why I feel like my mom was the head that's what he says about ever realizing it she knows on steroids into and everything yeah I love when Pat said last night that all moms are healers I thought that was like such a beautiful it's the truth it is it's the truth and if you can tap into that intuition and that ability throughout your life if your mom or not then you're just realizing the most precious and wonderful tool that the universe is giving you and that's your intuition if somebody were to ask you who or what is God how would you answer that
00:18:19well for me it's a beautiful light source of love it is not so much a being as it is and a large massive light source for me that's kind of how I see the universe and then it kind of feels instructional as well you know where they're able to kind of come in and put instruction down and how we're kind of supposed to behave and what we're supposed to do in the fact that we're here to learn the Rhyme or Reason behind it I think it's part of the mystery so I don't I try not to tell too much into answers I certainly have asked but I know that we're here to learn and I know that we here to Enlighten others and turn their own light source on and for me it's a connection of energy from person to person to person and to the universe and everything in it and everything in it into nature and the animals and the talking into this microphone every single moment is a piece of Gods
00:19:19RG God's like the universe is light whatever it is that you want to call it to me it's a greater power it's just amazing know if you were talking to somebody if you were having this conversation with somebody that in one way or another was like a broken down by the church or religion growing up how do you approach the god conversation from there
00:19:39you know it's interesting because I didn't really find the church until I was older because I wasn't raised that way actually wanted to putting my children in Catholic School. Just by chance I happen to just love the preschool and then I decided to let them stay there when my daughter decided to make sure she's going to 2nd grade she was going to make communion I thought well I should really walk with her you know she can walk that walk with her because I didn't understand and I never made that so sacrifice his kid so I did that with her and I was so grateful for it because it started me on the spiritual journey this is before I was doing readings and it made me aware again it reminded me to higher power someone that I feel has been broken down by the church or broken down by organized religion I would tell them try and find a miracle that you think works for you something that represents love for you it doesn't have to be in the confines of organized religion if you don't want it to be but there are and I tell my children this there are plenty of stories out there
00:20:39are the Bible is one of them but search and find something that resonates with you and if that has stopped resonating with you let's not be angry let's ask where we're supposed to go to find more of your journey and the constant questions you should question you should be a little skeptical it makes where the journey and so I would tell them to continue on look for something that resonates with them inspires them your book believe ask act like we kind of got to believe a little bit and that was a little bit of the ass but going more into the ask you are very much so you talk a lot about Spirit guides and angels and higher powers for somebody that's never heard this bill before
00:21:22so I have channeled as I've started doing readings and I was channeling more I was realizing that I started to see energy near people that were not necessarily their family members and that's when I realized I was a spiritual intuitive and I thought I'm seeing people's guides guides are Universal team on the other side they are representations of people who used to walk this Earth who now are here to guide you we all it's kind of like this beautiful Figure 8 this infinity symbol we're all working together so our guides are there we have one that kind of assistance in a Nachos out that stays with us throughout our life and then the other ones around that change
00:22:04so that's how I started to see these Native Americans Hindus Buddhists Egyptians Grecian such as a little bit yeah hey let's do it let's do it I do see them when Spirit guides dropped their worldly cloth for me too so another words Egyptians were beautiful communicators so if I see an Egyptian around you I might say this he's here to help you communicate okay when they drop that they are pure light massive light beams I've seen them in all different types of colors and Heights the ones that stand next to me Arch over me when I read and I see them and for me I believe that they are a higher energy being there high-level being
00:22:57where they're from I don't really ask too much because they want me to get to work they really don't want me to be distracted with where they're from they just want me to listen they're much more serious in my automatic writings on the get kind of right to the point and they want me to serve but they're the ones that I set my boundaries with it in my say this is a contract that you're not going to wake me up in the middle of the night every 5 minutes then I don't want to see death and I don't want to see negativity and don't show me World fence that I can't prevent and so it's this beautiful relationship that goes on and you can do that with any of your guys on the other side of the more you ask right the more that's answered which I think is the most beautiful concept that I've been playing with right now and also like sharing with people closest to my life them the more you ask not your Spirit guides put the more you ask people in your life right I mean that transcends the spiritual realm the more questions you ask about the world does smarter you're going to be so of course that deals
00:23:57Spirit guides to write they want to give you the information they want us to be happy they also want us to learning our worldly lessons and so I always tell people balance
00:24:09one foot in the spirituality round one foot in this world around because we are here to help and learn and serve when we are in this round then we do have to pay attention to it especially now so if you could find that balance along with them showing you and guiding you it's such a fun journey is being able to fly in the clouds but also stay grounded and it's totally possible and I think that's really one of the most magical things that I've realized is that nothing is unattainable experience in this life is to tap into these energy that are here for us that one is to be happy and wake up and see what's going on in the world it's not to say that there isn't heavy energy out there just like in the world there's good people that's bad people just having energy but the more we went in the gate that I'm in the more we raise our vibration and speaking positive terms and give love to each other the more powerful we get
00:25:06and the more you love yourself and all starts at South You Learn To Love Yourself what does it mean to love yourself I think it means that you are completely at peace with being who you are and that means in your true identity so like I had said before I had a hard time telling people I was a medium I had a hard time leaving different relationships and moving forward you want to own these labels that you've become comfortable with and when it becomes a little bit of a challenge and you start to step outside of your comfort zone you're able to get rid of that fear and really speak who you are It Changes Everything Changes Everything your relationships your career everything because you are now not allowing anyone else in your life to not see you and then you see who your real friends are what relationships are there truly going to work and your peace your peace I don't think I've ever been more myself than I am right now in my life and I hope
00:26:06in another few years I say the same thing cuz I want I want to keep learning every single I've never been in a better place I mean it it's Pure Freedom really as soon as I really started taking this conversation seriously and tapping into it it's like everything becomes accessible it in n and this idea of God right and even you talk about it in the book The Words interchangeable with light source energy word works for you is if you have a problem with the word God that's totally okay I don't have a problem with you having problems word god granted there's something for me about the weight of the word god that is like really powerful right now in my own for a bitch but Wars have been fought since the beginning of time because of the word got
00:27:06right and if that word is that powerful it has the ability to be a medicine or weapon and it's up to us to make that decision so I like the work out right now I'll tell you a story my 13 year old cousin just made his bar mitzvah and he needed to press wild so impressive people have to remember it's so impressive and he had to get up and read from the Torah part of the squirrel and the interpretation had a lot of the older gentleman in the temple not happy but what is interpretation was is that got to him was in perfect and that he was Florida made mistakes and it made him feel better because then he felt I truly am made in God's image because I'm not perfect
00:28:06that it's made him want to strive and be motivated and I thought here's this 13 year old little boy going back deep and think you meant you had a CDL to jump and shaking their head he was questioning course I was like I mean I had to like the Catholic in the back just sitting there and I went on
00:28:30but I couldn't but I was so proud of him cuz I thought that's amazing and it's so true so true and this is how these children are growing up where I'm hopefully teaching our kids to question and allow their minds to go to different places because that's where you get those magical answers I mean that there's no reason but this world isn't part of the curriculum for Education right now or education curriculum is still based off of the Industrial Revolution working like to go to work for 95 Gourmet Factory that's what we still teach kids in every state across our country like it needs to change it sounds like the real shift needs to happen it does this needs to be part of it I think as you know I'm finding that people my age and younger you know we're getting turned on you they're really starting to ask such a thoughtful questions just threw my readings there they're so curious and want to know and I'm hoping that they pass it along to their children because so many mothers and parents are coming to me saying my child see Spirit I don't know what to do what do I tell them how do I encourage this
00:29:30how do I not make it to scary and so can't be ignored anymore I don't know if I told you this but when I was little kid I definitely saw a lot of spirit and I was terrified okay and I I mean I would run upstairs as fast as I possibly could I like wouldn't look down the hallways close my door got on the blankets as soon as possible I was like like petrified scared okay I went to my family and then we would have like big family sit down and conversations once a week and I was like okay I got the table and it could not have been squashed fast enough yeah it was good there something wrong with you we need to go to a doctor if you're hearing voices that means you need to go on medication and it made everything disappear I just stopped believing that any of it exists it completely off and then you have teenagers with anxiety and you know until they're young adult with the hood dealing with anxiety because they don't know how to process that
00:30:30GM process their empathic ways and all of the stuff when I saw it I think I read about this in the book the scary thing in the window then just scared me to death and I'm crawling up the stairs to try and get away from it but my but my brother is looking saying there's nothing there and it was minutes I knew what I saw and I went up to my mother who didn't have the patience of the time but the next day she said to me she had a psychic come to the house and they cleared that energy they saw it and I am not shocked that they really saw this you know it was just so confirming for me that's what she said to me all kinds of feta cheese around you know it was just so different to grow up that way but I'm sure my friends household not so much you know I didn't go over there talking about the thing that I saw in the window crazy got to turn them on
00:31:32yes I'm taking you up and down
00:31:43where does the ACT come into play the ACT comes into play and that's really the most important step I think the fact that we are being inundated with spirituality in a beautiful way we're for getting that spirit will show you those Stepping Stones it's your job to work it to get up and do the work nobody wants to really hear that part of things and then it might not always be easy but you do have to climb a mountain to see The View and that sometimes you have to thank God for unanswered prayers and see why you're being diverted and I think that spirit is a wonderful crafty way of setting you up and if you can look at when that door opens and decide for yourself to walk through it that's when you just become more powerful gray more knowledge or you step outside of those Comfort zones on your life starts to change and then you're able to say that that's not going to happen because it does. But then you have the tools navigate through it and that's what I love when I channeled the book when they started talking about the ACT part I was like asking so many people would like
00:32:43don't understand Maryann I'm on my medication cookie cushion I didn't mean the manifestation crystals what are you doing about it they're not showing me anything and I said three people told you to take the job 3-year they can use these people are three other people told you you need to get out of this relationship will you knew when you saw the text that the guy wasn't being really ends when you start to point out all of the things that the Universe was actually showing them and that your understanding that you are free will can get in the way that's when the light bulb goes off road good stuff. Really good stuff okay so later but
00:33:29Fred f r everyone that's listen to this show the love bomb this is the 45th episode 46 episode something along those lines
00:33:39what would be your piece of advice to them
00:33:47in regards to the act with all the information that has been learned here and granted I know you haven't listened to every single episode so you don't know exactly what has been talked about totally but you understand me and I think the mission what would be your intuitive advice for them moving forward knowing that they don't have this every Tuesday do not question your intuition remember that your gut doesn't lie and if it was your first thought and your fleeting fought and you made it without fear that's the decision that you got with when we used fear-based decisions we will always find on the wrong side so you want to pay attention to that first positive thought of change take fear out of the way and allow yourself to move forward and believe that the Universe wants you to be happy so many people for me are carrying around such heaviness guilt anger things that they've experienced in the past and they don't think
00:34:47you deserve happiness because of it know that you do allow the past be the past learn the lessons from it for yourself and forgive and move on and it's not easy it is going to be work but it's worth it is so worth it around happy all the time in a little grit I mean I thank goodness for the grid that I went through because it really has brought me to where I am in my life today I'm sure I'll go through more great at some point I don't sit around waiting for the shoe to drop you just have to live your life and live in the moment and I think that if you can establish that belief and not question it and know that you're being guided wholeheartedly you won't miss
00:35:34do you think it's possible for more Spirit guides to come into your life for your entire life like then you could have like an entire Army of Spirit guides aside from the one that kinda bothers you in and like your little Cruise director of life but I like to call them and then based on what you're going through in life and based on on how your kind of moving up to higher levels of consciousness They do change so sometimes I see archangels around people sometimes I see different figures of Faith sometimes I see more of like we would talk about Native Americans and they will change I'm so yes definitely had people say I know who my God is the Native American and usually resonates so that person is working on being more positive in their life. Oh well yeah yeah I'm working on that it always makes sense if I didn't fascinating
00:36:31yeah I feel like I'm just coming to terms with the idea of not the idea but the realization of imagery that pops in your head like very very quick right and I mean we all have this voice in her head and I love what's talked about is that Spirit Ochsner own voice right but light if you see a flash of an image of something from your past or anything you don't even really know where it comes from till like immediately but the first thing that happens in my brain now is like okay what was that why did that happen where did it come from and I start asking questions in my head and the answers just start flooding in that's right it's just so mad I train a lot of mediums and psychics and I always tell them don't forget who what where when why you know to get more information it's one thing to see someone's grandmother standing next to them and then it's silence well why is she standing next to them what does she have to say who does she want to address you no answer
00:37:31always trying to tell a psychic's to go with the image that you see that's what Pat told me you know so if I was just telling the story today I saw crumb cake they put a big crumb cake in front of me just like I was like I was in an Entenmann's we're going to like when it's bad you know they could put it right in front of me and I thought oh and I was like I have to say it so I said to the woman they put a big crumb cake in front of me and her daughter was like that you know and that was like the husband's most favorite thing that the wife baked she and they they you know was so emotional but if I didn't say crumb cake cuz to me it sounds crazy I love crumb cake it's my good tonight I think it meant so much more I think I had said I'm on a Magic Carpet Ride I have no idea what that means but I'm going to say it she said I was just telling my granddaughter this morning then I'm going to take her to see Aladdin so you know you have to play with these images and he has not cool and if you're not reading somebody so if you're not
00:38:31psychic and you're getting these images write them down and because they might make sense to you later Spirit uses our frame of reference so they coming into our minds they're using our mind like a little file cabinet and the trying to get you to pay attention so it's something that you can interpret your for yourself or for somebody else if you're a medium or psychic and you doing this work so write them down because you never know what they'll mean you can easily translate that's for dreams as well
00:38:59reading it just came to my brain is that you said to me there's going to be a bridge there going to be a bridge and you need to pay attention to the bridge and Migos apartment looks at a bridge I never understood with the bridge made sense me exercise so the fact that at the time right but the fact that it may pop that into your head and said when she said about the right now you've confirmed it for yourself so spare took that message a little bit further and said Sarah the bridge was because you were going to be here exactly in the to arrive so yeah it's that's perfect that's exactly how it works you and I so yes we got link through Sarah it was a
00:39:54a funny story on how we really started the real conversation we don't have to totally get into that right this second but my mom was going through some things and I haven't told you this my mom was going through some things I went and saw John I did his show John Edward and John had mentioned something about my mom like having to get something checked in her chest she was having a biopsy the next week and we jumped on the phone and started talking about my mom and I was like can we just get my mom on the phone we had this three-way conversation for about 20 minutes and you sent some beautiful white light to my mom and I have to tell you she just last week got the results back and she is totally clear to tell you until we were doing this because I think that she
00:40:54is a prime example of an energy that can really allows thoughts you know to get in the way specially when you going through something and so she took it with such open this too and I was so happy that she did that yeah she cried for her right and having me as it as a son I think that she's really like been through the wringer a little bit and she's constantly surprised right I think early on it was it was okay I'm going to quit playing how can I become an actor right when she like in fluids but should realize I was going to take it to this level food and dye it was like a huge part of my growing up I mean I'm in this big Italian family and I decide to go vegan in fourth grade and I was raw food it's called me and she was very difficult post high school when I start exploring sexuality and gender identity an Italian Catholic like what the fuck is going on and then come spirituality which is so far
00:41:54how far from anything that she's ever even thought possible and she actually she was the one that reached out to me it was like I want to be on Tyler Henry's my dying wish I have to be on Selena dying so dramatic right guys my dying wish to be a week and a half later that I laid the Tyler Henry production company reaches out to me and asked me if I want to do the show I mean this obviously her Spirit guides for consider vibrational match like that yes so I mean for me like if you put those things on a table right if you have like my acting career which I've obviously won the lottery with and I feel like I've been since it's been so I've been so grateful and lucky and appreciative of every opportunity I've ever been given and then if you have my active lifestyle activist lifestyle writing everything I'm doing for the community and the voice that I have right now and the boys around acceptance of love and equality and you know what just reading that like
00:42:54so lucky and so grateful and I could not be prouder of that world but then take it one step further for the spirituality world and if you put all three of those things on table for me and it was like you got to pick one to take home with you it wouldn't even be a question which one I'm taking home with me at this point and you know I think that is partially why I need this version of this podcast to to take a break for a second I think I've been putting so much energy into it and I'm so happy with everything that's come from it but I got to go do some work myself for a little bit and I think I hope people understand that I think they will I think anyone who has been on a journey in their life and knows that they have kind of Hit the ceiling in some area and that Spirit God whatever is that what you want to call if you think it's your own free will great you know deep down that it's time to move on
00:43:54it's the most beautiful example that you can give your listeners because that's what everybody should be shooting for I can break out of that glass ceiling you don't allow yourself to just go and dream and do more when you're starting to awaken the way that you are and you're in this beautiful Awakening and you going to continue to be your raising the bar for that Consciousness and Spirits going to say to you and the fact that you listened is the most powerful thing that you did because most people don't most people say no no this is my safety zone or no no I can't disappoint everybody been going I'm going to do it just sadly the ego takes over to write we can really loud beagle German as well given that any of that and that is really a true Testament to what you're learning in your spirituality and it's what everybody should do it without everybody should practice in their life from the smallest decisions to the biggest in their life take the fear of sight and go with that. And that's what you did so now bigger and better comes that's the way it works
00:44:58having now seen the light all my questions met I learned that paths often very and are never said although your soul in life may be predetermined don't think for one minute now it's all the same sermon life will cast a spell on you if you allow the power
00:45:17to be turned over to all that makes you our hardships power tools instead of what holds back right the fight all you got and Conquer what you lack just made flow and hearts break but this one is for sure place your trust in God's hands and he will help you in the door you see a promise to work on sore and it's not a lonely route the universe wants us to be happy that's what it's all about take this advice today from angels on high when you think you've had enough we are here to help you try that's your side knowing your name and all that you need please remember one strong, strong point is yours and virtual State walk this is how I be at your side learning life straight
00:46:12when you think you've had enough all you can eat or Picture Me For Me raising you up giving you strength for more and when that day comes to being your face live your life with gratitude appreciate places this life is truly a trip to you to you that's common ground for all remember when you need us Thomas make hot call
00:46:46what is love depends on the day right self-love Comfort warm piece of me there's just so many ways
00:46:58that we can describe it I don't know for me it's connection I think mostly intimate connection on all levels and I think when you can find that within yourself and within somebody else you truly fortunate there's difference between a mother's love and the love that I have my husband the love that I have for my beautiful furry baby my pet you know there's all these types of different things if you can embrace it all and know that it all comes from Pure light and just share it will you really experiencing something great aren't you yeah but it could be hurt you could hurt now and then you're grateful the next time around a little bit more
00:47:36do do spirits always come to you gender specific
00:47:43I know now for sure or not I'm not human does yes so if I'm reading somebody and I'm talking to their family members yes but spirit-guides now not always sometimes Angelic figures are very androgynous me I can't really tell it's not meant to and then we talked about kind of those higher-level beings and there's nothing going on there everything I mean everything maybe it's everything kind of just some feeling in the masculine but yeah sometimes it's it's just doesn't matter cuz it was walking around in light and that's who we are and we have to embrace each other for all that we are as individuals that's like the best part of it I want you to send me some
00:48:43so I want to kind of go through not the squeaky chair but I also want to go through like a basic meditation for the listeners to bring home with them on the first try and do a meditation I think and I think I'll take them through one that I like because this cut this one kind of helps you meet your Spirit guides let's do that okay so for everybody at home what you're going to do is you going to find your self in a very peaceful place your you should be rooted and out with your feet on the ground hands up ready to receive energy
00:49:28can start with steady breath in for four counts
00:49:33through the nose
00:49:36and then hold for four counts and release out through the mouth before it counts
00:49:44and again through the nose for counts
00:49:49hold for accounts
00:49:53and out through the mouth for four counts
00:49:58decided Tatian is going to be designed for you to connect
00:50:03with your Spirit guides on the other side
00:50:07what I want you to Envision is your body your soul being lifted
00:50:15higher and higher
00:50:19do different realms
00:50:22out into space
00:50:25and allow yourself to exist above the body
00:50:31I now want you to picture a beautiful setting for yourself somewhere
00:50:39that you find yourself to be most peaceful
00:50:44maybe it's a garden
00:50:48Acadia Beach
00:50:50maybe Mountainside or Meadow
00:50:56allow yourself to walk through your environment paying attention to the sights and the sounds and the smells
00:51:08as you find yourself more peaceful still paying attention to your conscious breath I want you to please Envision two chairs
00:51:18in front of you
00:51:25still feeling at peace and ever so calm
00:51:28I want you to sit down
00:51:30in one of the chairs and allow the other to be facing you
00:51:41as you breathe deeper
00:51:44allow yourself to be filled with beautiful light
00:51:52you're now going to ask
00:51:55that your spirit guide
00:51:58or a loved one join you in the chair opposite you
00:52:11when they are sitting in front of you you may ask them a question
00:52:16you may simply embrace them
00:52:19you may Express gratitude
00:52:22whatever dialogue you want to have with your spirit guide may happen now
00:52:37allow yourself to receive the information
00:52:40all of your senses
00:52:57and when you are ready
00:53:00Express gratitude
00:53:03for having had this experience with your spirit guide
00:53:12slowly come back
00:53:17into the space above your body
00:53:23with each deep breath allow yourself to descend
00:53:28back into the space where you began Body and Soul connected
00:53:40and Simply Now by closing your hands
00:53:45opening your eyes
00:53:49returning back to consciousness
00:53:53would you meet me at the Grand Canyon
00:54:09she told me to say hi to my mom love that
00:54:15I love that why did you go far did you get to ask a question yeah I talked to 3 different people it's funny since I started doing this meditation this type the chair meditation the pace it which I'm receiving information so fast to find you get to the space a lot quicker I can close my eyes and go by meditation sometimes I have to remember when I'm doing them with others to slow it down a little bit I go right there you know I guess you send it and now I'm in the temple ever get it
00:54:57I don't have time let's go you know I exist in the moment I receive that information and then I got to go I have to get up and out so that was beautiful that was like oh so perfect but I'm also having that seem sort of like downloaded information when I'm reading different material right now like if I pick up a book it's okay like I'll read the first 10 pages something and then I can like flipped through the rest of book and I feel like I've had I had the entire book downloaded already I think I had said this to you you know you're in such a feverish Miller right now and they're allowing you to do that so all of that download is going to continue my only thing and I would say this to anybody who is is receiving so much information because even the meditation it I have heard we will download now do you mind you don't like we're getting ready to give you some information we're going to replenish you that's the important part allow yourself to replenish for you to find yourself quite fatigued you know we don't want to
00:55:57all of Archie you know we want to make sure that we are replenishing and so but then once you doing that you're keeping that balance just allow that info to come through and and sure when you're in the middle of this explosion and your have a job to do like you do because you're going to be spreading that light such a Healer so getting to the Reading part a little bit communication also on third chakra going to be balanced area for you as well because you going to be giving so much output in your communication revisions are going to start to get quite big as well and very detailed and that's going to have you fiercely writing so I know we're on one but we're going to be on two and three pretty quick and what I love is that it's going to be very unfiltered so another
00:56:44part of your identity coming forth for all to say and very well received your helping so many people and when I see all of this green light around you the people that your healing is just going to be countless with your words with how you view humans with the love that you put out this is information that people need and the fact that you're going to continue to do it with a spiritual attachment to it is just going to make it all the better so well done your very rooted so that's good you've been doing a lot of yeah that's been really good as well so you have to keep on doing that watch your joints a little bit for me okay so your knee gives me just a little bit of angst so you want to make sure that you're paying attention don't forget the body I know you real well but be careful. If you putting strain on the body too much you know you want to make sure that it's always in check everything should cut but my body
00:57:44so should look like a flat line that measures together once one resup or one lowers we want to make sure that we recheck and mac and sometimes feel like a diversion for you it's going to feel like a little bit of a distraction but allow it because we can get some when I first started reading I was so focused on reading I was feverish tree people I was reading them 5 times a week and I it was crazy and then I realized quickly quickly that that's not a way to live and it was draining myself so I had to go back and really pay attention to my schedule get out of get out of work routine make sure that I was putting healthy things into my body and they will remind you if I had my schedule to full day we cancel appointments but I would say I think they're going to cancel appointments this week on the and sure enough every single time I was too tired would be and I've had to learn how to say a really hard word which is now you know and that's difficult
00:58:44I had to learn how to do that and so you going to find yourself playing around with that word and really making sure that you're taking projects and navigating your life that are truly fulfilling to you and you're not going to waver on that because you're going to know how that feels and you're not going to deal with the repercussions if you go against it so it's good stuff your beautiful guides I heard you guys it's funny because they use the word messenger for you so have you been hearing about a lot in your writing
00:59:21yeah your they are definitely using you as a messenger remember those big white beans that I talked about
00:59:29I got massive one hovering behind you and I didn't know what I was painting and I found this giant like it's probably 9 ft tall at the it's like a wooden canvas I found outside of my apartment and I painted the whole thing white and I did this whole thing I was playing with tape and then I took all the tape off and this giant figure appeared in the painting itself and its this giant white being with his giant head and hands reaching out and I don't have a curtain on my window so the cams itself is kind of see through so at night I put it in front of my window and the light shines through it and he watches over me every night when I go to sleep you have to text message me want to see that picture of you today yeah I would love that because that is what they look like and then sometimes I see them in color don't be surprised if you start to see it's kind of a teal
01:00:29sort of Crystal yes yes yes exactly and Matt's going to start to change for you and that is God shift so remember there's different forms of these massive light beings as well and so you going to want to pay attention to them as you go along your writing though I'm is going to feel feverish so just like you're taking all that information in you going to be out putting it in your own words is completely channeled and when you channel it's not going to really sound like you you know it's sort of like some writings how do I know if it's not you know if it's knee or if it's really them and I say to them do you talk like that do you talk like you know the latest of sources will be coursing through you don't like to walk around kind of cuz if you do we need to talk a little bit and then they realize that it's not
01:01:29that's going to happen as well deliver that on the show at all but I I mean I like black out for 20 minutes for the longest time I haven't had a computer I only bought a computer cuz I'm reading a book right now but for last 8 years at reading everything on my phone and I just sent all of my poetry that had my phone to Sarah and it was 56 full page on my forehead and no idea and this second we did that one week later my phone died and I lost everything in my phone do you ever write pen to paper
01:02:20give it a shot because your handwriting will change it it does change every time I write they made me write in circles you know in like Spirals and things like that and that's really the fun of it right yeah I know right he draws when he's read it a little but I think it helps you I've never met him but I wonder if it helps him filter the way helps me filter because sometimes the information is coming so fast that I'll even write a word down so I don't forget you know to get back to that message as well because the information was flowing that piece of paper it's on my fridge and I I mean obviously but in the top hand corner is the number 39 which is my number and then on the left hand side it says heeler that he wrote yeah you're such a Healer what does it mean
01:03:12well you know being a psychic and a medium I die I've done healings I usually do energy healing like for balance but you can do real Soul healing and that has a lot to do with life pass a past life things that we can carry on into this life and I don't know many healers that are doing that right now and that's for me what makes very different so I describe our soul as a thumbprint you know each lifetime making an edge in the thumbprint incredibly unique what we can carry
01:03:46I'm a past life maybe not always the positive experience that we made have we carry that from Lifetime to Lifetime what I can see you doing is really sitting with people and killing the entire soul which will have a lot to do with their past lives and that's fascinating that's so cool cuz I just channeled all that and I hadn't seen it in you before then that Deb so that's me and that really takes you as the Healer on a very different Journey physical healing is very different in a pack of grape physical here though she's a wonderful balancer I mean I love everything that she does course and then this actually takes on even more of a different path it's great I've noticed the type of questions that I ask people especially random people that come into my life
01:04:33within the past few weeks I've been attracting random people that will just sit down and start talking to me and I don't waste time I'm not liking so who are you like how are you doing today the weather right it's crazy out there like no I'm like so what's going on but it's like a mediately like I was just I was in Beacon this past weekend and this woman walks down this woman just really affected me just walking down the street and she sees me and my dog's sitting outside of the restaurant my dogs are two and a half pound Chihuahua she's ridiculous like you can't not say something so she she she has to grocery bags and she's kind of has a limp but she gets so excited when she sees the dog and she's the most self-deprecating woman I've ever met in my entire life and she's like oh I just I just fell off a cliff I broke both of my arms both of my hips are broken I just came out of surgery and I'm
01:05:33lady what are you talking about you're walking down the street with two shopping bags and you're fine what are you talking about like I and she sat down for an hour and gave me her in tight like she was talking in circles and then there was obviously something going on but I went in as far as I possibly could and put my hands on her shoulders for about 5 minutes and then I left and did you feel that he she and it's very cool and your guides will take you through where you need to send that light where you need to send that energy they'll tell you exactly where to go if it's the mind if it's the hard that sold the organs wherever it is because you know if we are having stress and emotional experience we are dealing with things that you don't really get the Mind down whatever it is it will manifest in the physical and so they're going to combine all of that for you and again don't forget the past life stuff that we carry over you're going to help clear some of that out for people as well just really kind of cool because
01:06:33don't forget that we have that imprinting you know they forget that we kind of take stuff with us and it was still supposed to learn lessons and things like that for our soul to move forward every time I hear past live two different mediums in the past have told me
01:06:47that is the first time I've ever been a man right so it's kind of a difficult thing to try to break down but I can't see it I can see it really early on though I do have you as a man very early on though I wonder if feels a lot very biblical quite honestly when you take me way back there yeah that's the interesting right now that means not make Bethany very happy but yeah I mean like in my meditations you know I mean we talked about it I am being visited by people directly from the Bible and I am being given homework and tasks and going to go
01:07:47having to look up specific versus that's why I said Genesis 1:1 earlier and then be like that verse was gifted to me in a meditation I have no idea what is was Catholic but like reformed Catholic cry like wee you know we had the Mary and Jesus everywhere we went to church every once in awhile but I didn't know anything that I was saying but then I look at Genesis 121 and it's God made all of the animals in the sea and the birds in the air and God saw that it was good it made perfect sense literally 3 days ago I'm like holy shit my last name means turtle dove and my mom's last name means fish in Italian both of them in Italian sense though I mean because what we're putting on as humans are you know 10 people think it's Lifestyles and choices and so ridiculous you know it goes back that far that God knew the Bible knew they knew that humans are humans
01:08:47Life Is Life celebrate it all it's one of the first ones and that's like one of my favorite things about it it's not the only book mrs. son that came from that time. What I find so fascinating is that all over the globe in that time. And before that right that was the first time that we had like real writings that we can go back and look at besides like hieroglyphics which are different simple but I mean yeah I mean I don't even really know the timeline of all these things but the fact that okay so if all of these books are being written around the globe at the same time more or less right then everybody was was was given different sorts of information about the planet and whether that was through some sort of meditation some sort of spiritual guide like whatever was happening everyone saw different stories based on what
01:09:47they knew em in their lives what they had right and then they pen to paper and that in that's been translated thousands of times and we not work with I don't know how many different books of mysticism and we're constantly writing more right but it's just so interesting that everyone saw something a little bit different but that doesn't mean to me that one's the right way it was not a message all the same price right I mean doesn't isn't based on love and acceptance in humans and souls and that were here created equally in all this lovely stuff and I think you're right I think translation and its interpretation you know are what they are power we talked before about wars being fought a religion and things like that and I think now with everything that's going on it can feel heavy but isn't it making for some voices to just come out Andre speak a story that should be told which is the truth of love and that we're all here to live it yeah it's incredible
01:10:47I think I didn't know that I was making a podcast about love but they knew they told you for sure but like you know
01:11:07should I go we can sit in this room right back where we going after this you see for your future how much do you allow to go to see like what is spiritual me for my future very little I mean they I kind of know that I'm being tied and I know I didn't mean to sound like I don't know not what I meant I mean I don't Channel my future but I do get messages to some degree about my path and what I'm supposed to do I know that I'm supposed to serve I know that I'm supposed to do this work and I have said to them I will do this work in whatever capacity you want me to as long as my you know relationships days until my children are having protected mean those like my boundaries pretty much so as long as they keep putting me on this journey is as long as I will keep serving and that's really as far as I go I mean
01:12:07you know there's opportunities being spoken about those things being talked about where I can go and what I can do and if I meant to do that wonderful wonderful wonderful because all I want to do is to speak to more and more people and that's really what I asked for how can I touch more more people so that they can feel the way that I do as far as feeling away content in touch and hopefully they'll keep putting me on that path to do I mean you're wait-listed for what for years yeah it's a four-year weightless I know it's a nice problem to have but it makes me want to try and reach more people you know so large open gallery reading you know so I have an open gallery reading coming up in the city November 28th the Helen Hayes Theatre so that and then I'm doing a workshop you know as well tomorrow actually just so you know I just want to teach know in the city I just want to teach I just want to keep reading keep giving people messages and teaches many people as I can what
01:13:07I have within them this wonderful gift of the universe is giving us so that they can connect to and keep spreading that love and lines all that good stuff I think I might have caught most of it but I was in the car. It's a good one I love that you show me what does chippy mean stream you know at a pace that is like the information I've downloaded it is like they are so fast I have why I say one thing to them next thing you know I had said that the whole thing is done next week
01:14:07great great wonderful I love it I would love that I have hopes to do something that feels like just exactly that's like everything from the buckle your teaching people how to wake up but you know not to speak into someone's past Grandma which is wonderful a college course how do we get 90% of the college course that exists but this is missing I don't understand I mean there's like you know there's Retreats and things that you can go on but it should feel more accessible and less like
01:14:45I still think they're very much so to this world is like an idea of a face and image tied to it that's like granola and Mystic and you know that's just not the case I mean we just talked about everyone that's coming to my life in the past 6 months it's all Long Island Italian are like my family member but it is expensive it's like I'm like really like between the three of you could be my family likes all of that is so ridiculous
01:15:31I love it thank you for bringing me food I like I can talk about anything and it's a wonderful it's a wonderful combination of voices that are being put out them and I love that I always feel like it's beer kind of moving the chess pieces around you know like to meet up with me going if you guys are going to be Powerhouse and talk about this up and in the form of therapy office in a way to shorten jeans love John's at the same thing about a white T-shirt and jeans too
01:16:18how to lock the dogs up all night long to be great day playing with hair on my arms all night long and I was like please it's like I have Riri like I've read it and then I was reading it and I don't know I'm a wonderful for some reason I was like I'm have to be reading this today at Lee like this beautiful Synergy going on and I think I've said like since I've met Nico all of a sudden I'm like yes dear it is here's the next level here's where I can start to expand again cuz I was kind of like Flatline in for a little bit where I was like alright what's the next move you know I'm a little bit of a mover-and-shaker you know I kind of don't like
01:17:18B2 stagnant but I gave gratitude for the piece ever thank you I will be patient and then I met you and there's there was a chef to make okay they're just moving forward again that's fantastic the way my imagination Works in. I've been toying with the idea of what the difference is between imagination and spiritual guidance and is there a difference for me there isn't there is now all the time and I use your imagination but then that's my imagination to let you know I don't see you putting it there at you I said it still then putting it there so you know meditation you have to use your imagination anyway that's how a lot of people who feel blocked feel so
01:18:18realize I can do that through your all she might be waiting there for ever you better start using that mind in a different way to have it works when I start to paint the picture of how it's like I will paint the like I will go to the end-all extreme up the most I could possibly do and the quickest amount of time the biggest I could possibly do it right and then I have to scale it down I think that people that my guys are bringing people into my life right now to help those much bigger ideas actually happened the way that they are first imagine so I don't have to scalloptown yeah because you have to remember that it can't all be you right and so definitely they going to put a worldly team around you and there's a collaborate do this use this person they'll be open to it you know and so I find that it's amazing how people to come into my life so strategically put and I'm so grateful
01:19:18where in that continues to happen you being as an aid to be used the next one so I seriously you know Sarah and over and over and over again it's always at the perfect time and I've come to accept that perfect timing even if I thought it should have happened way sooner or you know I've done my God I know you got me so it's good it's good I mean but that's the freedom in all of this right if you believe wholeheartedly in all of this and everything is always perfect you can be cradled that's not to say that you're not going to have a tough moment a sad moment a hard moment Health moment everything happens but you always have this strength behind you this force behind you saying we're going to help you with whatever the outcome we're going to help you were going to show you different ways we're going to show you if you have to plug through it we're going to show you if you can make a massive change
01:20:18if you can believe that and really listen to them I just find it like I think we had this before so liberating and so peaceful because I know I can always say help me show me is it more powerful to say help me show me out loud that it is in your head or does it not matter depends on the moment I mean I've had moments in my life where I've been on my knees literally crying and yelling out help me show me and then it could be you know just the craziness of your day or craziest have you reached its just depends on the moment of the experience at the time but they're always listening whether you yell at or speak with in your mind
01:21:07letting them into what's happening with me but they have never even thought about this realm at all and the first thing that I would say is before you go to sleep just out loud
01:21:19give gratitude thank you I love you please help me just say it out loud before you go to sleep and you just believe that somebody's listening freshwater the feels good to do it now and it's incredibly reassuring because you're ology in the experience even for yourself you're acknowledging that somebody is there what you have been through what they've asked you to go through and you're saying thank you that really did happen and I believe in it and I want to appreciate it and then you like we said before you could shown so much more information and then you still at this beautiful domino effect of positivity healing and green so you shower and green I have to tell you though I have a lot of numbers around you as well have you been doing things with numbers and numerology or Matrix like stuff for Matrix
01:22:19can you delete downloads like the Matrix yeah that's cool I always loved math for whatever reason numbers and I mean I wasn't like a great student in high school not that I didn't want to be not that I couldn't be because I never really applied myself right but I was a great test taker and Mike never study for the ACT is once ever my entire life like a section of third graders like that about you I like the number to actually for you and I like 3 so that's interesting 3 probably cuz of Trilogy stuff that always makes me think of Trilogy and balances and two even numbers are comforting for me I don't I don't do neurology but I kind of just interpret the numbers the way I think
01:23:19entertaining to me you know and as a handful of people there what you see and what it actually means or you just creating the symbols for yourself and there are there is meaning behind each of the cards I have never done tarot cards and I think if I did ever use them in a reading I probably would interpret them the way I get what they mean for me and I think it lens for a more
01:23:53intimate relationship with Spirit if you're trying to deliver message you know I think it helps Spirit get through you a little bit better because you're not thinking about what does that mean and in a more standard way you can easily just pick it out of your own brain but I mean it's like in the great scientists of our time like if you take Einstein for example and I'm not going to quote this properly but even he reached a point where he was like okay they're like it has to be to God so much that's right yeah I remember taking a philosophy class in high school and the teacher really just post one question and I was like what do you think was here before us and it actually scared me you know a little bit to kind of allow my mind to go that deep and I often reflect on that question in the feeling that it gave me and now it just excites me because I thought so cool you know where did
01:24:53all of this start and there has to be some sort of Miracle going on that we can someday see and I just said with everything that I have seen on the other side and I've seen so many ways that people pass and and the types of lives that they have lived and the beauty that they show me on the other side it just makes it all worth it to me it's incredibly comforting I'm not afraid to die I don't know how I'm going to get there at 1 but you know I just love the idea of knowing that life goes on and that there is a mission on that other side and that we on this Earthly around the part of that mission and that we have to bring ourselves into one with the universe to make it happen in a positive way it's important it's work interesting things right so let me let me know what he's saying dancing for itself that none of us matter that we are not real
01:25:54that we are just balls of tetrahedron just crashing into each other are not real thing I can maybe tap into the fact that we are energy and so he wants to interpret it that way he can you know what that's his reality that's his experience at this moment and I'm sure what he's saying is purposeful and meaning to him and so in that regard you saying it for a reason which to me makes it very real you are speaking words for reason might as well on them speaking on the idea that we are all Just Energy right that our energy is not from here I'm from this planet and we long time ago when we were traveling through space we found a planet that was able to grow a body a machine for us to live in and we just planted here and that's all the time
01:26:54I mean isn't it like you know Universal troubleshooting you know I kind of feel like there was some troubleshooting going on with your figure out how we can do this and then we got it right I mean we have dinosaurs that didn't quite work and we were like it if we could do better Evolution has something to do with all of this and we will honor that as humans why we are here because right now you know it needs to be honored in the highest degree but it's not my voice is like yourself who are Awakening people to think differently and expand their minds such a gift such a gift have to keep giving it to you or how do you make everything that's going on in this planet that's it seems so dark right how do you make it okay in your head well I trust
01:27:51I trust in the universe that's that's the first thing I trust that we are being
01:27:58that we've been putting this moment for a reason and then when I see voices rising and people standing in unity and people using their platform in a positive way not to condemn but to
01:28:16preach more of that love and of things and to show a way out to show a different way of thinking I think this is a rising that's what this is this is a rising and sometimes you have to see the dark to be able to preach the light into really come to the light and I think that you're going to start to see more and more of that a collective voice speaking of that might not always be yeah and it's going to be happening more and more and it might not always feel positive you might not always agree with how it's done but it's loud and it's making a message and that I have to kind of celebrate don't you have celebrate that so although it can feel heavy and scary I just feel like it's it's a means to really positive
01:29:03and Anna in a more positive outcome to bring people together because it's time isn't it I mean really it's just time
01:29:13how much work to do it's a ton of work and I don't know that we'll see it at least I don't know what else you to my lifetime I don't know but I know that it's happening and I know that it feels like a revolt and I don't know if that's always negative thing I think that you know politics and and society and you know it's time to wake up that we are a society that changes were civilization that changes and we need to keep up with the times that I think my children are learning that and that to me is so inspiring. I definitely think that Generations older than them take them for granted and think that they are less than or love less than they used to because of the given social landscape and dating and accessibility mean a connectivity to everything but I think they're going to be so much smarter than us I think that we have to understand that just like we were talking about Evolution we haven't new Evolution of of humans coming
01:30:13into this world now yeah and with or with the voices they're saying a lot I can say that about myself so I can tell somebody how I feel about who I am I didn't know that and so I just went all over the planet knows what each other are doing and it's harder for older Generations I think the grass that are understand that and I understand that too because that was their upbringing but you can't deny any more you know sort of what's coming forward and I just think it's beautiful I would suggest anybody to just try not give give fear it's voice I think that's the biggest thing that we can the biggest mistake we can make is to speak out of fear because that just creates more fear and so that's why I talk me watch the news because it's so fear base base is one thing give me the fax cuz you have to be in the now but then I do turn off the news in social media and try to get myself a break because I want to think positive way and get positive to the Earth right I know my Emily laughing at me because they keep putting my social media down and she wants me to build I know
01:31:14good morning meme so are you know I'm I'm trying to let you know as speak off my social media and give off this light but my guides keep telling me to put the social media down from it and give it a break so we keep laughing about is driving you crazy what what are you posting on Facebook Instagram Instagram Instagram Facebook yeah you know Twitter whatever is your question in the evolving soul with Pat you said something about poetry rhyming automatic writing in rhyming because I have that conversation all the time yes it came out as poetry and it was raining and I was like oh and I said to them out loud with the rhyming really and they were like they answered
01:32:14Prime right on time sweetie you know we don't like when you rhyme on a dime and it makes like box to me
01:32:25you know I am if I see time from water with my guys and yes I often when I was in the book that that match the chapters and I but when I with those serious guides though they don't run instructional and you know lots of like be prepared and then instruction to follow that and yeah you know like this will happen no thanks like that it's an old movie called Defending Your Life Has anyone ever seen this so it have you seen Defending Your Life it's an old movie with Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep and my mother made me watch it when I was a kid
01:33:18so trust me you're going to love it it's so funny and it's about these two individuals who died and they go to judgment City and judgments that you go to the Past Ice Pavilion you can eat whatever you want you know anyways and they have bronchitis and they do have Life review which a lot of Psychics talk about I'm eating chocolate when you pass it to a Life review based on that Life review you can either move forward or you have to go back or message that was too overcome fear and I find that to be really a lot of my messages that I receive payments done in a really funny way Meryl Streep you crack me up in that movie I love it but it says it's this overwhelming sense of fear that we can have in the idea is to kind of live without that and mean we all have it but we don't let it control us don't let it control your decisions and
01:34:18I find that that's one of the major lessons also so that's really more life lesson stuff and why we're here but as a medium seeing things the sixth sense I thought was really cool that was one of the ones that I thought it's the new chill standing of the hair on your back mean that poor little boy saw those WC now. But so much for me yeah and when he understood how to use this gift though that he was able to help the souls in and help the people around him so is fake then go back and watch that it's such a good one I always tell people yes I do see Debbie did you see that Amy Adams won about extraterrestrials that came out the arrivals at what it's called so good really cool with the big things to listen to any of the hip hop
01:35:14you do right yes okay cool have you listen to Logics new album at all
01:35:21Harmony embarrass my children he is a genius scan so tuned in and there's a conversation in the first song and halfway through the album that he has with God
01:35:45state of Arkansas do anything else every time I listen to it listen to it
01:36:04Marianne I love you from the bottom of my heart this is obviously just the beginning of a lifetime of work together you and me thank you so much for coming on the show and it's an honor to have you as the final guest of Love by everyone please go follow Mary Ann on Instagram Facebook and all the other social medias it's at Maryann the medium that's at Maryann the medium also check out her website it's Maryann the medium calm and go by the book y'all believe ask act Amazon Prime how to get it to you the next day I don't know if you knew about that that's where it got changed my life before I get going here and think my team at at will that will radio has been at home for the last year-plus Mitch Bluestein Billy Graves all the other people that have helped on this Venture I see you I thank you and to my business partner will my
01:37:04sorry yeah that's right there is a real will at will none of this week's it's about you dude I love you so much brother okay
01:37:15as promised
01:37:18the love bomb loves bombs bomb love that bomb love bombed the love bomb 44 episodes from Bethany to figure it out we just like let it happen truly unconditional or like for that person you would like hard anyting Brian you have no power to GE u b on anyone else no one else can be you or do what you do so do it Rick and honey and Chad that's the bottom line for I was really rooting for me and I just never had anybody roof me like that Johnny and the state and impacted love higher on you that is explosive I love her and she and he and z and Bey and we and me so gratefully graciously you've destroyed me and put the pieces back together thankfully obsessively dutifully beautiful
01:38:18UB inspirationally inclusively intersection Ali crazily magically masterfully importantly unconditionally unapologetically individually you we you see we are all just that we the only one the only ones that can be in fact I am not you and you are not me you are you and me is me but we are we and my God we are in
01:38:54maybe even all of it the entire universe universally you see we are beings of Love born but not always bread we are taught by our parents and our teachers are teachers parents and their parents parents teachers and all their celebrations and pains and trials and tribulations past to us in this physical creation lineage Line pass fine up to us to decipher in deconstruct but reconstruct immediately the odds are against us find programs over and over by programs programs over and over astrologically numerologically religiously programmed Written in the Stars pre-planned both the good and the bad
01:39:45but I have good news is he Free Will is a friend of mine and it's always no matter how hard it may seem up to us to return to love instinctually you see Love Is Love Is Love Is Love In Deed bombed bombs were not built to kill I repeat bombs were not built to kill even though more times than not they do in fact they were built to create space to take down mountains for roadways and Railways TNT Coyote and Roadrunner go boom Blaze space created for me and you to fly through what seemed to be impossible to destroy to play blow up barriers and preconceived notions and break down stereotypes type types atomically the world is as beautiful as it is worrisome these days
01:40:42with Trump and Pence fires and floods and hurricanes and bills being passed and ripped apart and genocides and Nevada and Australia and Antarctica and the rest of the world Nazis and Isis and racists and homophobes and Harvey Weinstein's and suicide bombs and mass killings and all the other atrocities remember we still have everything everything that is beautiful that keeps Us Alive we have this earth water and soil and son and flowers and food and animals and all that is good we have teachers and healers and astrologers and psychics and mediums and communities and Charities and bodies and expressions and identities we have puppies and rainbows and friends and families and gods and goddesses we have Spirit spirited spiritually we have movies and the TV and
01:41:42Instagram and Twitter and Facebook and all the other media socially we have medicine we have coffee we have the internet Mass Global Communication and Awakening we have Miracles and guides and lessons and freedoms some more than others but we have the ability to help those in need we have hope and we have Grace and we have Love Love Is Love Is Love Is Love we have each other and we have ourselves as long as we love ourselves so please if you've learned anything from this show at all fall madly and deeply in love with yourself and realize that you you have the ability to make change affect change effectively ask questions seek B change be changed any which way you have to believe to be seen to see
01:42:38so the called action is this
01:42:41take everything that you've learned from this podcast everything internalised and externalize
01:42:48let it find its outward projection share your stories Inspire others to share theirs and if you have a platform use it for good please I beg of you if you don't have a plan form yet create one anything everything is possible if you want it to be be the change that you want to see in this world creatively wholeheartedly
01:43:11now that you've listened to the love bomb be the love bomb
01:43:24I love each and everyone of you more than you will ever know you see I can feel you I see you I breathe you you are as much a part of me as I am you must remember to do the work
01:43:40before I start crying
01:43:43one last time
01:43:46please universe take care of me angels of God aliens please help me I pray for myself and I pray for my family and my lovers and strangers and enemies shine light on me so I can properly CB I pray in the Name of Love just be not This Not That Beyond definition me
01:44:13I didn't Circle it all in the white light of universal love in the Bible tection and just for the record I'm not going anywhere
01:44:24going everywhere
01:44:27I'm just leaving here but I'll make sure you'll be able to find me I'll make it abundantly clear this is just the beginning of an entire lifetime together you and me probably not the first and most definitely not to last
01:44:44thank you all for listening
01:44:47from the bottom of my heart thank you for tuning in
01:44:54my name is Nico Tortorella
01:44:57and this is the love bomb
01:45:03This Is The Love
01:45:07show me ways of taking you up and down

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