Todays episode we answer the question: "Why did I buy?" and the journey that brought us to the decision to purchase. Also a taste for the latest in marketing news including a juicy new announcement from Clay Collins about the state of the Leadpages board of directors.

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00:00:00hello and welcome to this week's episode of conversion cast this week on mobile vs. desktop traffic online the new board member join the weed Pages team in a fun feature Round Table we're going to talk about why did I buy all that and more this week on conversion
00:00:24hello and welcome to this week's conversion cast we are back this week just like every week bringing you the marketing news Q&A is round tables as always I'm joined by a guest of marketing Geniuses friends co-workers everyone hello I've got an extra special guest in the room today on first-timer Clay Collins hey how's it going to Cassidy's your first conversion cast in the form that it's taken most recently out of this where's the booze these cups are opaque so no one knows no one knows at least I know you're ready to kick things off what piques your interest this week I think what Pete everyone's interest this week was the solar eclipse
00:01:24yesterday that's supposed to watch it
00:01:32I would I would like a 1 out of 10 it was pretty disappointing on that quit man they were like I'm going to get the best shot but then it just the clouds and everyone left sad so but some people who had a bit more fun with the solar eclipse was I read this article and that was talking about all of the brands and companies who went out and made a big deal of the solar eclipse and really really used it to make different pains basically and it is sort of reminded me of all the hyper on Y2K and all of the companies that leveraged Y2K to sell t-shirts and I'll be all these different things so I mean there were a bunch of company is like big companies like Dunkin Donuts Jack in the Box Google different liquor companies made like special
00:02:32drinks that you can make to drink while celebrating the eclipse happening all of them have sounds like hard to come by ingredients so it's probably okay but what this truck has it was really the epitome of reactionary marketing and so these are companies that probably have a pretty strict like marketing strategy in place for the year ahead but they use events like this and they stayed Nimble enough that they can capitalize on events like this and in a way I feel like using events like this that's an opportunity for your brain to speak to people on a more personal level for instance if you were even if you're as solo entrepreneur and you send out an email about this big event that's happening and that goes to people on your list who are also interested in this event they're going to relate to you on a more personal level that if you were totally disinterested but it's something they're super into
00:03:32so would like just being nipple and Angela like that and paying attention to what everyone else is paying attention to it ain't slipping that into your strategy can have a huge payoff almost kind of guy did we mention this once or twice on the show before but the Del Rio moment in the Super Bowl when the lights went out at the Super Bowl and they got that Viral post up in seconds but that was a reaction that had a huge impact on the brand and built the Superbowl on the eclipse their their news events that we were going to happen and so culturally important so they're actually like marking calendars that have every ridiculous thing on it right to like everyone knows about like Mother's Day Father's Day Mother's Day roses Valentine's Day right now there's all these different reasons for people to buy things but then there's like grandparents day and stay in this podcast there like this is National underwear months and I'm like where do you go to like
00:04:31is there any play do that you know so then you get some you know you can save some money if you buy underwear at that month so I think he was just making stuff up at this point it out to to do a promotion you know this is a national I don't know microphone day so you can save 15% on this microphone Premiership week coming up for which you got a little mattress update for us what percentage of 57% is the flippening fried it flipped for me personally
00:05:31when you search for something they're saying that mobile and desktop queries produce different rankings nearly 80% of the time so that means that what you you could search for something on your phone and on your desktop computer and Google thinks that you want something different with the same query 80% of the time they probably need two different things depending on where they're at in their lives you should probably take that into regard to yeah absolutely that's responsive Etc good things you can buy for Lee pages on my mobile phone I find information on how to get Google Maps to other people searching for that or login you know the type of stuff you cool very interesting good to keep abreast of at all times last but certainly not least, you have a cool piece of news updates were related to us and everything in the room
00:06:31so yes really cool news and we're going to have I don't know what is that thing about this morning with someone or was that today so David can sell who is the CEO of drift but also is a five-time marketing technology startup founder former Chief product officer at HubSpot is now on our board so we've got a 5-person board it's myself it's our new CEO John Tedesco Seth Levine from The Foundry group Chris Olson it from Drive Capitol and and now David so he's amazing he brings so much experience and wisdom I think he's the best product person and not a leader and in marking Tech getting like 4 exits won IPL like just all the stuff and I've been going after him for a long time
00:07:31I first heard of my mixer G asked him to speak here did ask him to be an advisor and then now a board member said this dude's I have a carefully constructed funnel yeah it was cute that was created for this in mind and let me know when when I knew that potentially there was going to be time and I'd stepped down and see you I broke down this list of three things that I wanted to happen before that occurred we can have one was I wanted to acquire drip II was I wanted John to be our see you on the 3rd was I wanted David on her board so the check all the boxes sweet companies in good hands and we're just really excited to have David on the board yeah awesome that is fantastic news it's very exciting I know everybody in this room and see him speak at least once if not multiple times he was at converted last year all the time taking West Elm Seattle
00:08:31yes for this week's marketing news when it come back in just a moment here and do it round table about why did I buy everybody el barco I was today have the most recent thing they bought were marketed to online we're going to talk a little bit about the strategies that got us to this point of purchase as a stick with us we'll be right back this episode of conversion cast is brought to you by converted the nation's Premier marketing conference for the team at leadpages and drip join us for 2 days of networking fun and education will you learn proven conversion marketing campaigns from 15 of the best marketing mines in the business speakers include Pat Flynn from Smart passive income Joanna weed from copyhackers me Pages very own clay Collins podcaster in filmmaker Kevin Smith and many more and starting now use the offer code save 200 at checkout to take a full $200 off any tickets you purchase
00:09:32we hope you'll join us at converted October 17th and 18th in Minneapolis Minnesota get your tickets today at converted. Com
00:09:40we are back with conversion cast you just saw an ad for converted I wish everyone here I know is super excited about going to ask approach it to call and tell him I'm going notches to Title Boxing world will descend upon Minneapolis in October but also some speakers y'all excited about your time off so I can. I'm super starving tastic the agenda is that the story of conversion is it in the story the important part of the conference right now so yeah I mean the the thing about converted in his we tried to kind of go the opposite direction that so many people go these marking Compton's weather 4-day multitrack conferences and there's five different rooms happening simultaneous all the stages you know we wanted to have a highly creative in
00:10:40it was 2 days only wear every single speaker is contributing to basically this 2-day immersive conversion education experience that walks walkthrough how to take people who have heard about you or I basically had to get rid of mouse how to convert Word of Mouth into visitors to your website how to convert those visits your website into Leeds how to convert those leads into customers and how to convert those customers and move to Lifetime customer so there's all these segments space at least act a two-day experience that that's what train you along this entire conversion journey and every single time we throw this the majority of the people who attend say it's the best Market conference they've ever been to they said you know generally that I was like I didn't know about going to Minneapolis but then I checked the flights found out it was actually you know huge hub airport you know didn't you know super easy to get to
00:11:40and really enjoyed myself so if you're even considering about coming if you're on the fence, checks at work converter.com it's October what it like 877 different conferences just a lot of different conferences and people tell me all the time that you know this one was was good because it seemed cohesive I never hear people say all over the place and I loved it you know I have an internet sense like I don't know like the agenda is all strung together it's really nice it's like a book online conversion versus like a million different podcast related or whatever so yeah it's going to be a great time too we hope to see you all there we're going to feature round table section very excited to talk about this
00:12:40the panel today we sort of a mini version of this once before we're time are we targeting and people have been retarded to made a purchase because they been retarded and I wanted to do a fun exercise with all of you to do why did I buy because I think it's really fascinating in the real world where we as marketers are on the receiving end of really good marketing and I'm curious to know things that you all bought in the reasons that you bought them for in a semi recent Times by now I know we've all got something prepared to talk about related to something we bought recently I know Liz has one I'm excited to hear yours first if you're ready to do it all right fantastic thing I bought that I was heavily marketed for it was me ideas I bought my first pair I think because they offered a coupon but then also my fiance as I can use this code a guy cuz then I also get a discount
00:13:40helping me out with some new undies and then also like I bought the first pair and I really like them but then how did you first hear about them podcast on podcast then I check them out check out their website over the place they bought them I was on the email list and they send me where every month I don't I'm like trying to get them everything is to getting it though is that what that's called yeah you know what it is what it is
00:14:41so you think that you think the monthly newsletter Eight is Enough that you might just fully switch into I'm just going to get the pair of the month that's all I hear to micromodal talking about that and I mean on top of all of the podcast advertising that I am I know how I am and everyone here has heard from me undies all I hear though is exactly what you just said is like they're just as great as everyone thinks they are anyone I know who's actually gone for it they have two thumbs up so I see I feel like I tried one of those those service trunk love Stitch fix review from Chomper something I don't know I'm sure is from
00:15:41be like buying a domain right now and find out that I can get it for like 30 bucks someplace else and I paid 50 for it and so there's this great magical marketing experience emotion is Noah
00:16:18zero punctuation in my family room. So what they did for you and experience know as a Brandon as a company that took away your need to go through all the steps of the whole thing because now I'm saying it's it's enough to pay 30 bucks for a hoodie but then to have somebody charge you 20 bucks cuz you don't have any style and they're going to feel like Apple better. Has this been to know what I did was that was my only purchase and then there's a story now there's a couple stores that I like the clothes from the email was effective but not I'm not that I think I wasn't great customer rating of why did I buy
00:17:00why did you buy was it just for the fashion and the how did you get with a trick or Trunk Club what else did you buy that we can be construct right now I know that you had something else you had something else you were talking about earlier because my phone like nine and a half months to the day after you buy them they start to go bad or whatever and so the physical connection between my power connector and my phone was no longer working sure and I couldn't charge my phone so I went ahead and get one of those wireless charging stations City but I know we seen it and I was like how do I charge my phone when I can't plug it in so you want to down something you had previously seen right okay cool little less interested now it's it's alright I also bought some Parmesan cheese at the grocery store last night
00:18:00you're so getting somebody tell me why she was so I recently bought this service is like yesterday called Ai and it's a artificial intelligence virtual assistant who schedules meetings for you so you can put it in all kinds of different parameters around like you know when you like to meet it syncs up with your calendar it gets to know your preference is inside first I was suspicious but then I heard an entire interview with the founder on a podcast this week in startups and really impressed and I thought it was just like a really cool application of artificial intelligence and it it doesn't work as well as a human scheduler button for like 90% of meetings
00:19:00it doesn't pretty damn good job and yeah so so I recently purchased that and so that was podcast related to a static a couple podcast when's hear that was an advertising but it was you no good old-fashioned content marketing right I mean we talk a lot about Guest blogging and things like that guest hosting on a podcast and keep getting a brand out in that way as soon also very very doable that's fantastic I I will only break my down quickly cuz we are running out of time here but I bought a movement watch finally which Speaking of podcast advertising if if you was trying to ask if that says anything out there. That's where it started I check out their website because that coupon code got retarded. Retarded again finally got a new ad that they were having a an anniversary sale in that enough to finally tipped me over the edge
00:20:00kind of Cookie Monster I must have been because it had been a while since I originally check them out I was like really want to spend on me like it's do you like do you like what I love it I love it it's so comfortable I feel like it looks good at it was affordable I totally understand target market for for who I'm sure they Margot too but yeah I told Ryan I wish I wish I had the money we are not okay cool I think they're pretty good I've heard good things about those so far but I'm a prescription guy so I had to go another route and fortunately this week's round table with our picture Q&A section some questions that have come in off of social media and will also addressing a lot of things that have come in as well we'll be right back on conversion gas would you like to be featured on conversion cast
00:21:00we was a short voicemail at 612-568-8732 would your name the name of your business and your very best marketing tip you could be featured on an upcoming episode of conversion cast just like this so give us a call and share your marketing expertise with us we can't wait to hear from you
00:21:20welcome back this is conversion cast removed now to our social Q&A section where we answer questions that have come in on the web pages and drip social media accounts we're going to start first off of the question from Bryant won who wants to know from the marketing experts at this table what are successful formulas for writing copy what have you found to be most effective I know everyone here has I thought or two on that list as as one of the writers in our building making you go first question what are successful formulas for writing copy like really depends what type of copywriting whether you're just looking for information on Friday you know headlines or a copy or copy on the back of a package but I think what you can say for almost all copy that you're writing I'm assuming for marketing is know where they are like how informed are they about
00:22:20product or service that you're trying to get off the ground sure and then really focus on the benefits of what you're offering instead of writing about the features something that came to mind when I think about this is a Prius I don't think she knows the features of a Prius other than it's like she got in the car and she's like this when she knows she knows the benefit of it and helping the environment and so she was totally driven by that I think you can do that same thing in your copy however you should be aware of when not to focus on just the baby the emotional benefits of what you're offering if you are writing to a really nice Market friends and say you are writing to a bunch of audio files and they really know everything there is to know about a specific microphone or something like that
00:23:20those are people who are going to want to know the specific nitty-gritty features of what you're selling right so just be just be aware of who you're writing to what stage of information seeking they're at and then go from there. I've got one ripping off head line formula from like Cosmo and stuff celebrity magazine that makes a good percentage of its sales from people who just like glance at headlines when they're checking out at the grocery store Riley they live and die by the bloodline start early so I'm on Cosmo right now my favorite magazine and the first headline is Jessica Alba and dominating multiple Industries so you can take that formula and you can say famous person on subject topics right so James Dean on body language
00:24:20or dominating dominating multiple content marketing you know what Clark Kent on dominating personalizes to your industry to like let's say you're in in like the health food industry you could say like I don't know what's a famous person Donald Trump on dominating you know what movie to the next one up here's the most outrageous outfits the VMAs have ever seen so you could do like the most outrageous blank that the blank industry has ever seen right like these are just kind of templates that you can adopt in different ways so Cosmo is filled with these
00:25:14cut and paste build your own swipe file and rinse wash repeat what school is great I think that I think I've got two things that I think I have always helped me the first thing is a button and you want to put copy in that button make sure that you're that you can always complete the sentence I want to and put yourself in the consumer so submit now probably the worst copy text every ever because nobody says I want to submit now but people will say I want to resubmit different I want to receive you know free tips for you know my home improvement project or whatever like this is much stronger call the action and so try and finish that sentence I want to any buttons and yeah there's like a ton of that out there that shows that you need for your button copy you should never say your you should always say my right so like I want to download my free report like that works if you say download your free report that
00:26:14like it too much lower conversion rate because people are sort of having this convo is dialogue in their own head and they're like You Know download your app from the first time you ask a consumer take action put in the first person every time you're there reading something but in the second person so your headline should be you will get this benefit of you will get these things and then when it's the user's turn look like it's I'm going to do this yes I know where the bucket brigades style of writing blog posts and so it used to be that start with the most important thing and then the next most important thing and then the third and then finally at the very end of newspapers are written and so on it's over in every sentence is another paragraph and then you might have a two-sentence or two-word sentence that's also just a paragraph right now it's just this idea of just slowly having a conversation with people versus you know highly structured top to bottom out line to type
00:27:14the other major shift I'm seeing sweet those are all very good tips I love that I'll redo one more question are social Q&A hear Vera Tavera Dalrymple I think is the name I'm sorry if I bought that beer I did my darndest beer wants to know how will Ai and improvements in marketing automation impact the way we reach our customers over the next five years and I know there's probably some today I saw table I have a lot of thoughts on this
00:27:47don't expect a i to just kind of revolutionize everything you know out of the blue I see this progression in marketing technology so the sort of the first generation marketing Technologies were essentially blanks lights right so you could write you know you'd ride a landing page from scratch you write emails from scratch she tried marking copy from scratch kind of the next generation was template driven right so you would have kind of done for you templates that you could modify so your brain kind of got to switch from piano coming up with content from scratch or coming up with marketing collateral to scratch to modifying existing Market collateral in Salida easier for the brain to modify something then it is to stare at a blank page and trying and fill that in total The Next Step that we're going to see is a I assisted template selection sober
00:28:47what a assistant knows about you your traffic the data in an in you know Network information that's being collected across entire marketing platform in a. System can select for you or suggest recommend templates based on what it knows for you and then sort of the the Step Beyond that will be you know some of that will start to be filled it but it's going to be gradual it's going to come up me no one one piece at a time and it's not going to be overnight so now it right now we're seeing this shift from template driven to complete driven a I assisted and once we land there I think we're going to have more visibility on the next step fantastic I'm going to thank all of you for your brains clay thanks for joining us for the first time we fell back
00:29:47it's been great being with you wherever you are right now whether you're watching us on YouTube or Facebook your listing on your paper podcast app subscribers review a comment whatever that is this show is made by markers for marketers more very excited to make the show the best thing we can for marketers just like you so let us know how we can do that until next week we will see you next time on conversion cast

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