Aditya Advani is the Principal and Owner of Roha, a landscape design studio based in Delhi, India. He has worked on a variety of landscape architectural designs and brings attentiveness to the ‘larger picture’ context as well as the intimate detail that is necessary for a successful project. His work is oriented towards making people-friendly, inclusive landscapes that are energetic, imaginative, and educational. He brings multidisciplinary thinking and a strong collaborative process to all his projects, as well as a thoughtful use of plant materials and issues of sustainability are a focus of his approach. Prior to starting Roha, Aditya worked with the firm RHAA for 24 years. During that long tenure as a design partner, he built a large portfolio of projects ranging from public parks, private gardens, campuses, IT parks, resorts, streets, and plazas. His work has received numerous awards and commendations. Aditya has also taught at UC Berkeley in California for twelve years.
This episode was produced by: Matthew Cool
United States


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