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“Great edifices, like great mountains, are the work of the ages.” ― Victor Hugo, The Hunchback of Notre Dame This week we’re continuing our tribute to Notre Dame Cathedral – posted straight from Paris! Your host is currently leading a tour for this show’s #1 fan. (Hi Maman!) Keep an eye out on the show’s Facebook page for updates from the trip. Episode 49: “Notre Dame, Part 2” Now is a great time to revisit a few relevant episodes: Episode 21: The Road to HellEpisode 36: A Tour de France – Toulouse Thank you again to everyone who made a contribution on Patreon! I had to pay my income taxes last month, which meant adding up my total expenses for the podcast over the past year – it’s a lot. Your Patreon contributions are the only income I receive for the show, and thanks to your support, I don’t have to use advertising. Boo, advertising! We’ve all got Casper mattresses already, right? We fall asleep on them listening to Audible books…you get it. Special thanks to the good folks at Bello Collective for featuring me on their most recent newsletter, #78 – The Queuedown. Notre Dame through the ages Notre Dame, as viewed in the Middle Ages. Further Reading This series gave me an excuse to pick up my favorite single volume history of Paris, Alistair Horne’s The Seven Ages of Paris. I first read this book at 19. Like the Hermione Granger that I am, I figured how better to prepare for moving abroad than studying? This book helped me understand how to move through an ancient city properly, and it’s still my #1 recommendation when anyone asks for a book to read before visiting Paris for the first time.Also, duh, it’s time to re-read Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame if you haven’t done so already. It’s dramatic! It’s outrageous! It’s really a lot more medieval architectural history than you were expecting! It’s the reason we have any Notre Dame at all and not a Haussmann apartment block!An interesting undergraduate thesis: How Much did the Gothic Churches Cost? An Estimate of Ecclesiastical Building Costs in the Paris Basin between 1100-1250, Amy DenningOn The Roof of Notre-Dame, Before It Burned, Lauren CollinsBuilding A Cathedral, Nicolas Kemper – I was halfway through the script when this essay was published. It’s startling how much it crystallizes exactly what I was struggling to say! A tremendous essay and one I hope I can pay reasonable tribute to. Sources Biography of Maurice de Sully on the official website of Notre Dame [French]A general chronological history of France beginning before the reign of King Pharamond, and ending with the reign of King Henry the Fourth, containing both the civil and the ecclesiastical transactions of that kingdom, François Eudes de Mézeray, 1683The Gargoyles of Notre-Dame: Medievalism and the Monsters of Modernity, Michael CamilleThe Historic Building in the Modernized City: The Cathedrals of Paris and Rouen in the Nineteenth Century, Kevin D. MurphyThe Gothic in the Cathedrals and Churches of France, Auguste Rodin, 1905The Construction of Notre-Dame in Paris, Caroline Bruzelius (1987)The Notre Dame Fire and the Future of History, Adam RogersNotre Dame Cathedral will never be the same, but it can be rebuilt, Kiona N. SmithDes chênes pour Notre-Dame: la forêt française se mobilise, AFP [French]Fire was the scourge of medieval cathedrals. But they rebuilt from the ashes., Matthew GabrieleNotre-Dame de Paris: une charpente qui avait résisté à tous les outrages, Caroline Becker [French]AD Classics: Royal Basilica of Saint-Denis, Luke FiedererBuilding a Cathedral, Nicolas KemperElizabeth R. Drennon’s Master’s thesis, De Consecrationibus: Abbot Suger’s Consecrations of the Abbey Church of St. Denis pointed me in the direction of some great primary sources and provided context for their interpretation/reliability. Oak: The Frame of Civilization, William Bryant LoganThe Penguin History of Medieval Europe, Maurice KeenNotre Dame: A History, Richard WinstonFrench Cathedrals: With an Historical and Descriptive Account, Benjamin WinklesPhilippe Auguste, John Baldwin [French] Join the Discussion Like us on FacebookFollow us on Twitter (so many GIFs)Follow us on Instagram (find out when new episodes go live) The post 49. Notre Dame, Part 2 appeared first on The Land of Desire.
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