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00:00:10You are now listening to the keys and anklets podcast your one stop source for frank and honest information about the hot lights and couple lifestyle you can find this episode on itunes google play or stitch a radio or you can head www dot these anklets dot com and
00:00:27subscribe right from the website now let's get to the good stuff with the host to separate fact from fiction Michael c on today's episode of the keys and anklets podcast i have another little treat for you i'm going to be interviewing the lovely and sexy miss erika she
00:00:48is a hot wife that is on the west coast and i'm going to be interviewing you today talking about the lifestyle her feelings on it thought so on and so forth and it's a very enlightening interview very entertaining and i think that you're going to enjoy it So
00:01:04without further ado let's get to the interview okay I wanted welcome everybody to the keys and anklets podcast I have a very special treat in store for you today i have the lovely miss erika who i met on the website black to white she is a hot wife
00:01:21living on the west coast and we're gonna be talking to her today so what you going to say hello erica Hi guy okay now you're the second interview that i'm doing and actually the first phone interview that i'm doing so this is this is a new experience for
00:01:40me Hopefully it'll come It'll come across well too luke you know to the listeners and everything Yeah i definitely wanted teo teo interview I've been aware of your profile on black to white for some time as well as you know i'm a twitter follower of yours and i
00:01:53just think that you're a fascinating woman and i think that you know our listeners will get a kick out of you know out of listen to you and hearing what your particular journey is you know So it should be fine All right well thank you were looking forward
00:02:08to it So first thing i'd like to ask you to kind of help listeners going to get a better idea of who we're talking to is how long have you not only known your husband but how long have you been married Like you say they're going to be
00:02:19too different number so my husband i actually have known each other since grade and there was definitely i would have never in a million years thought that that was going to be the man i married when i've got a great butt We've known each other for that long
00:02:36and we have been married for just over fifteen years now so they're afraid and this is the first marriage for both of you like it wasn't like somebody got married to somebody else and he came back to this so you known each other since the fifth grade Now
00:02:49were you dating in school Like did you go on your problem Was he like your prom date No actually i went to prom Well that kind of sounds that i went to prom with some one of his friends but it wasn't any of you know i didn't obviously
00:03:07that didn't work out clearly lead the path to him which which was better because he and i just you know became friends and then we started dating actually after high school okay i got you i got you so definitely childhood sweethearts though oh yeah i mean we're still
00:03:27you know young and dumb and this style head over heels for each other okay The term hot wife how are you even made aware that a term like that existed But you know what I i didn't know it was i guess i didn't know it was a term
00:03:44and just was we just kind of i guess i fell into it personal preferences that just as we kind of progress in different things we kind of fell into it and as we fell into it and we're like oh this is you know like we really enjoy this
00:04:01when we have actually the most fun ah far like sexual escapades go that that's kind of when we started looking and we're like oh crap there's there's a term for this is called a hot wife and then it was like well that's a cool day ok so you
00:04:15say you kind of stumbled into it Did you guys start out as swingers like playing with other couples Yeah we started out of swingers and i mean honestly we probably started really slow compared to most people who go into the swinger lifestyle it just at the beginning i
00:04:35just love getting dressed well getting dressed like a slut and going to going to clubs where we could dance and you didn't have that i don't know over testosterone that's at a normal bar normal club where you kind of afraid to dance because people come up and they
00:04:53start fights and things like that so it was just but really cool environment at first and then we just realized people are awesome and then the benefit is you can actually play with people it's kind of an off um it's kind of interesting that you say that i
00:05:08guess people on the outside in think that the energy would be the complete opposite because basically what you said is you like going to a sex club because when you dance at a sex club the sexual energy is not necessarily as high because everybody's more relaxed about it
00:05:27Oh yeah and it's a much more last atmosphere People there's just respect you know like the walk up and they'll ask you Hey no Can i grab your boots Can i touch you but it's like yeah but it's not like you know in a normal bar where i
00:05:40feel like it's just a i don't know some kind of too much Right Where Everybody's you know trying to get lucky you know Yes I mean i could not have been to enough swing clubs I know exactly what you're talking about So are you guys Like what point
00:05:57did that happen Like you said you've been married for fifteen years At what point in your marriage did swinging enter the equation We were probably married about eight years Okay so your eight years in before you open that door a year Yeah eight years And before that kind
00:06:16of before it opened and it you know and it started out with he's just my my you know have you guys liked to take pictures of me and i think he just you know he's found places where he's like oh look i can post pictures and other people
00:06:30post pictures of and it was just their wife and so i think that's kind of how it started and then like whoa you know i think somebody and have you ever thought about going to a swinger's club And we're like well that sounds like it would be fun
00:06:46but we started at i think we started our very first party if you will was the halloween party and so you know holly you already just like slits that was like perfect you just like national slut today you know Yeah halloween is like national slut day what it
00:07:06was like well might as well go to a place with all these other people who like to dress like this and they're actually new stuff So then from swinging how did things start to shift over to it Pretty much all being about you playing with him just kind
00:07:25of being a voyeur or making it happen is sitting back and watching like how did it go from swinging too hot wife ing I you know what When we first started swinging it was probably just drills like i said real selective or just kind of like you know
00:07:41you're in the mood and you see somebody is that it wasn't like we never went with a goal of okay we have to talk to play today and i think that's what made it better is we just kind of went at it was more like oh if something
00:07:53happens and it actually one of the first times we stumbled into a room we opened the door we're thinking we were going to go in there and play just the two of us and we actually stumbled on a couple that was just the husband and the wife plain
00:08:09and he happened to be black and so that i think was where it started because when we left yeah you know my husband was like that was that was just tricking hot like that was that was super sexy and i think that's kind of where it progressed and
00:08:25we realized that it's more i don't know i guess we get more enjoying it as a whole and general was just having the play and i like watching his face and he obviously enjoys watching it and and i think that's how it kind of you know honestly was
00:08:42just stumbling in and that the guy that we assembled in one of my main bulls today well good for you for you So i looked out I open the right door at the right time You most certainly did I mean that that's that's a great story that your
00:08:58first experience worked out that way and it's one of the things i mean i'd like to kind of i guess you would agree with it because it's exactly what happened to you but one of the things that i've often said about how couples transition into this it's not
00:09:10even with the husbands are thinking about going into it and what i mean by that is when husband first brings up swing to his wife usually in his mind it's like okay this is a way for me to have fun and not getting into trouble for it Basically
00:09:27what winds up happening is in his mind He kind of makes the deal with himself Where is okay It's going to cost me letting him play with my wife in order for me to be able to play with his wife They can and they kind of make that
00:09:42deal with themselves okay i'm okay doing that you know it's almost like that mentality that we have his children where you know we have a toy but somebody else has a toy it's like okay how badly do i want to play with that toy I'm not willing to
00:09:54let them play with mine because some kids they really stand you know like some kids are really stagey like they're going to play with church away but they don't want to let you play with there ares i would think my husband was more maybe in the beginning just
00:10:07into literally seen me dressed like that around other people and that looks like it but i don't know maybe maybe that was and i don't know if we would be willing to admit that to look to the wise you know So you know i don't know i haven't
00:10:20haven't really been teo but yeah yeah yeah after the fact but at the beginning and like pretty much what happened in yours is you know they find themselves in a situation and you know they're playing with their wife and they look over and they see their wife playing
00:10:36with another man and that that's when the unexpected happens is that even though he's playing with another woman he can't take his eyes off of you and it's almost like he starts to learn that while i would have thought i would have been paying more attention to the
00:10:52new woman but i couldn't take my eyes off of my own wife claim and it kind of triggered something on their brain were like wow that it excited me a lot more than i thought it it would have and then it becomes less and less of less and
00:11:06less about then playing and more and more about how can i see that again You know like i want to see more of that like we don't we don't have to focus so much anymore on me playing because yeah that's fun but it's nowhere near his hot is
00:11:21watching you play yeah that that sounds really accurate on and you know so like you said that you know i i've noticed that that kind of common thread in the number of couples that i talked to you know where this kind of you know the husband's kind of
00:11:39stumbled into it that way because it was when i first brought up swinging they weren't thinking about it like that you know they weren't thinking about it a as well is let me just find dates for her you know like they wanted to play too right so that
00:11:55was your first encounter with a black man yes now at this point in your hot wife ing dynamic you know is that would you say blackman are your preference or do you only seek out blackman i would say that i only seek out nothing at this point like
00:12:20i think i'm other than obviously my husband i'm probably ninety nine percent too just bbc's just black man i there's just one fan that i it has been my fans a really really long time years and him i just recently started kind of playing with whenever we're in
00:12:41his town and so that's that's probably the only exception but i mean he's still not be still not white caucasian he's he's hispanic as well i just to be fair you know just like i guess to let the people know who were who were too i'm talking to
00:13:03here ah your twitter handle and your screen name when aside i met you on is bbc slut for you or something to let if i don't know what exactly i mean i let the people know what the end of the interview but you know just to let people
00:13:15know that is how you describe yourself you know So you know so i know that they were going to be a lot of people who because like i said in the first episode of this from the outside looking in it would be easy to think that this lifestyle
00:13:31is all about you know interracial and i made it a point of letting people know that that's not the case you know that it's not all that it's about however it is a big part of it and i didn't want my podcast to be a bbc specific podcast
00:13:50you know even though i am a black man i wanted it to be kind of all encompassing but i would be doing episode that were dedicated to that aspect of the lifestyle and being that that is what you enjoy you know that is what you pursue this would
00:14:09fall under that as being one of those episodes that is more or less and dedicated to that segment of the lifestyle right So and being a hot wife how would you say it changed like how has it affected your dynamic which your husband your relationship with your husband
00:14:29I honestly it's just i feel a lot more open and i think it's just i'm more willing to say things that maybe i was embarrassed to say before i thought was socially taboo to talk about it maybe it's just that stigma is kind of growing up like you
00:14:48don't say things like that whereas now you know we we talk about just every aspect of the sex and sex with each other sex that i have with others and we just talk about all those aspects and i think it's just a lot more you were just a
00:15:08lot more open and the communication and i feel like our love for each other has really gotten a lot stronger that's beautiful you know screwed actual communication because i don't think you know and i really think it was one of the stigma that maybe i have in my
00:15:26own head for your good girl you don't do these things to even once you got married it was like i don't know i guess i still wasn't fully accepting of sections being okay now that i was very good it took me a little bit but now it's like
00:15:42that it's just it's a whole different relationship why you selected there's so much more connected on every level so that you actually what if something that was going to address next is what was the hardest part of all of this that you had to get used to like
00:15:59what was the hardest thing that you know that you kind of struggled with or we're fighting to kind of get comfortable with yourself doing or maybe it was doing something in front of him or saying something to him afterwards like what was the part that the aspect of
00:16:12this that gave you the most trouble I would just say the actual unusual act of just me and another man and keep watching it took it honestly probably took a year and a half to two years of of playing with with one cool and just playing in the
00:16:32matter of just oral sex before i finally like accepted that you know when my husband was telling me he really wanted to watch you have sex with another man and just sit and watch that he was that he was he was being honest i guess you know and
00:16:48i think it's again that taboo situation because yeah i mean he would tell me he would tell me you know i'm honest and we don't have a relationship with relied on each other so it still was just hard to i guess i think that was probably the hardest
00:17:02thing to just accept it like okay he really he really does want to watch this like this is really okay and not only is it okay but encouraged and that did you have those same struggles when you were just like playing with another couple with the same type
00:17:17of struggle or was it different when you were just alone with a bull yourself in your husband you know what when we were when we were like flinging with other couples on at the just when all that happened i still other had just actual intercourse with another man
00:17:39it was still just it was orel and i think that was i don't know i guess a part of it is that was part of just any kind of learning and accepting and then once you know first time like i said once we want we started it and
00:17:56i saw his face when i was doing it i keep hoping more turned on as he watched me and that's when you're like ok this is for atleast everybody has their their own things that like you think this is this is better for both of us he enjoyed
00:18:13it i enjoyed it and it just took off took off from there i guess so i do think it's different being with just a bull being with another couple because if we in any time you like uh if we've ever played with another couple of when we play
00:18:32with bubbles before i find myself watching him step like focusing on what's in front of me so do you guys still play with other couples We have a few times since we started the hop with the whole hot life thing and it was kind of it's not definitely
00:18:58not something we look for it just we happen to be at a big big swing here kind of takeover party thing right Because you can meet a lot of a lot of really nice blackman in those places so i think it's there we just we happen to stumble
00:19:16on a couple i'm just the mood was right so and doing all of this do you now see your slight how do you see yourself differently like how has it changed how you see yourself like when you look in the mirror now what do you see vs before
00:19:36all of this came along in your life i i'm just a lot more i have a lot more self confident now and i think that was probably one of the other maybe issues that i had the beginning or things that i want a big issue but thing that's
00:19:52still like strikes me as odd is how how often people comment that i have a great body and i'm hot sexy and those you know things that i hadn't ever really thought about it i thought of myself as and so that's one of the things that definitely has
00:20:09changed it started to police the fact that you know i do have a good body i do feel sexy and i and i embraced that now along or confident okay now i want to say something here to kind of let you know to give listeners an idea but
00:20:24i just want to ask you this question first physically have you changed at all since you started swinging to know the reason why bring that up because i want our listeners to know you have an incredible body you know and i will attach a few you know pictures
00:20:44to the interview so that our listeners will be able to kind of take a look at you so they'll see what i'm talking about like you are in phenomenal shape so that's why i asked that question like was it more of a mental tres relation or did you
00:20:58actually undergo a physical transformation that kind of played into that more mental I definitely i had i had breast augmentation prior to ever getting into any swinging our hot wife and you're not I have had another one done since i've been in here but that's more because i'm
00:21:21not a gentle person when i kind of had a rupture because apparently there are certain things that are kind of taboo you know that she shouldn't really do like different different forms of activity and just letting like that like certain forms of bds omen breast playing you know
00:21:40i guess that you know what Honestly it was it was it was ju jitsu we're building brazilians you just think that it's a completely different way only different totally different on doctors it shouldn't have happened so it was just kind of a weird everything but so i had
00:21:59him done since then but i actually is going to have them redone and this would be a physical transformation that is definitely happen on purpose since i've been in this lifestyle i'm gonna have my breast they bigger here soon actually oh well good for you i look forward
00:22:18to seeing that which means which just means to me i'm like a place that people build my but even bigger because i have a little i want to be proportional that's going to be more more time at the gym you want to be toppling over here so you
00:22:33can so you can definitely say that the way you see yourself especially bin totally from within yes due to this lifestyle like that's the benefit that has had is that it's just made you a much more confident woman and it's all just the way you think of yourself
00:22:54transformation so i mean is this on the subject of this the sexual dynamic that you have with your husband is there a difference between the sex that you guys have you know like when a regular night where it's just the two of you versus the sex that you
00:23:13have after an encounter like what is their indifference is there something that you notice that's different about it you know i know it definitely used to be a lot more different right afterwards and just more intense and more wall right after i mean clearly there's there's a physical
00:23:37aspect of you know after an encounter with a bull obviously i'm stretched out and and it's just a whole different like you know like this he's just not the same it's been stretched it's been it's been used and it definitely has a different feel like physically but i
00:23:53would definitely say that it just it was a lot more raw and i can't think of how else to describe it other than it is more wrong and maybe more intense was it makes you more sensitive so you were able to feel little differently i think it i
00:24:15love you not even sensitivity almost you know it's again it goes back to the mental aspect of just being so connected to him after well we just ravished by someone else i feel like my connection with him is just so much deeper afterwards that it's just more intense
00:24:38and physically more pleasurable what would you say is the one of the main aspects of being a hot wife that you enjoy the most like what is it that you take away from it that you know i mean aside from the you know like i don't want to
00:24:55use the given answer of the being the actual sex like aside from the sex what's your biggest takeaway from her like what do you enjoy the most about being a hot wife watching my husband's face can you kind of go into a little bit where you tell me
00:25:14could you say you know to take out the i love come so that's obviously a huge benefit for me and like come infront know what a man comes it's like my present that i did a good job so i love that but taking like that aspect out of
00:25:28it i literally love watching my husband's face and have kind of himself if he's watching me and that to me is is just a turn on it that i can i can watch his physical expression and you know i know him well enough that i can see that
00:25:44little look in his eye invited blip and i just and it has turned me on even more which which is a woodwind because tonight then i do a better job of it squeezing the bull that i'm with Now when you are with a bull and you're you know
00:26:01you're obviously paying attention to your husband and you're seeing his face and and how much he's enjoying it Is there a part of you that and most anxious to get to the point where not that it's over but when you get to have your husband again Yeah i
00:26:20definitely think i thought would get to that point where i get like a little like okay okay come on time like i want give me my present so i can get another one right E like a kid on christmas like let me open on my kids so so
00:26:40that's oh so even though you get your reward like you said that you enjoy come and and that's almost like your reward is being able to play with your husband whether it's right after or later on in the evening is that like is he like your ultimate reward
00:26:55Yeah a time that you get to spend with him I mean yeah i guess there are people that refer to that is like reclaiming like him reclaiming you after you've been running with the bulls So yeah i think that you really really look forward to is being reclaimed
00:27:09by him Yeah i do And i know the word you know reclaim is always which was used and stuff and i guess it is i mean it's good description but yeah i think i definitely look forward to that and not not to take away from my experiences with
00:27:27the bulls that i think you know that i that i that i play with their phenomenal as well but it's just i think it's a different it will be one hundred percent a different experience Absolutely This is this is the person that i you know love and it's
00:27:43literally the love of my life you know your soul nature best friend you know the person who you're no closer to then you know than anybody i mean let's be honest you know the bulls kind of come and go you know but that your husband is that constant
00:27:58you know he's that one that ties and you're right that ties everything together What would you say you like mr one aspect of this last night You find yourself dealing with that You really wish wasn't a part of another west of part of it that you could really
00:28:15do without I don't I don't think there is like i even if it was something that you encountered maybe once or twice And now you make sure to avoid that you know like something that you saw it it was like oh let's let's stay away from that you
00:28:31know i mean so far i've been really fortunate that i haven't had anything i mean being hot wives in that situation there hasn't been anything that i didn't i haven't had a bad experience and i don't know if it's just the communication maybe that's done before we actually
00:28:52meet up with a ball that has enabled us to not have that that experience a lot of time goes into you know talking and selecting and making sure that you know if you'll understand kind of where we're coming from what our hopes by what you know what Not
00:29:09only do i want to do but my husband wants to see happen in all those kinds of things feel like they just kind of go into it so i don't have anything that i really don't like I know i've had friends and heard stories of people with a
00:29:23lot of drama that has happened afterwards right So we've been really fortunate i don't know so let me try asking on its way right now so let me try asking you this then when you're going through the process of selecting a bull like for you personally what is
00:29:43a red flag like like even just a preliminary just kind of talking to what is a red flag for you where when you hear a guy say something it kind of removes him from consideration Like just the one word or fewer you know sometimes we'll get we'll get
00:30:03messages and it'll be like you want my dick No i know no i don't think a five years old like i'm not a little girl like that that doesn't feel like the little like things like that just don't appeal to me i want somebody who can actually hold
00:30:19a conversation like you have grammar and a sentence when you when you when you message me and not to say that like i'm over there trying to like oh correct grammar or anything but you know what i mean like a little bit more absolutely lose time and thought
00:30:34went into your initial request of me or your initial like contact with me rather than five minutes about my dicks awesome like a but they thanks for nothing for the you know what i mean like it does so you like basically dealing with the guys who understand it
00:30:52even though they think might be awesome that there's more to him than that and they're able to engage you in conversation and articulate certain things so that they're not just leading with that you know almost like they know you don't want to deal with somebody that's a one
00:31:09trick pony so to speak exactly i mean like most of the time you know we needed a bar and well actually sit and have a conversation and most of the books that i play with on a regular basis there i would consider them our friends like we actually
00:31:24will sit and just have conversations and it and it's nice because you get both aspects of that whereas i'm not just you know it's not just like you said a one trick pony it's not just all about the sex because there is a relationship almost and so i
00:31:42think that's probably one of my biggest so that's a big red flag for me if you just can't even take the time to i don't know write something nice okay so in your time doing this and i know you said that you've been rather fortunate in that your
00:32:02experiences have been overwhelmingly positive um have you ever had a situation where bull started to develop more intense feelings for you that you have that's never happened to you yet that has not happened you're really always lucky i'm telling you i can't see how how like that could
00:32:26happen i know like sometimes wife will play by themselves and the bull and i could see that kind of being something that arises there but i mean i'm telling you i need to knock on wood right now yourself now what you saying that is that because i was
00:32:43actually going to bring me to one of my next questions is is your husband always present or have there been situations where there's a trust level with somebody and you have the freedom to play with that ball alone He has always been present and that's more of my
00:33:02request right We definitely have a few bowls that he would one hundred percent be like no go ahead meet him on and be totally okay as long as i long as i sit in pictures and videos back for him later he would totally be okay with that No
00:33:17i think it's just more of my my personal requests that he always be there now is it from a just kind of curious as to where that comes from Is that no i'm not gonna say safety because i don't think it's a part that i don't think that
00:33:36you're wanting his presence there because you feel unsafe but is it because right how you were saying earlier have so much of this is based off of his reaction that it would change it if you didn't have his reaction to feed off I think so i think so
00:33:54and that's one of the things is that i've told him at some point i'm gonna try just to be by myself for maybe just go up to mike go up to the room with just me and the bull first and then have him come up like twenty thirty
00:34:06minutes later and try it that way what as of now yeah i think it's just the fact that it's so much of the pleasure of stuff comes from him being there and meek and not that i like stare at him the entire time but i like to be
00:34:21able to look over and see and see his reaction that given point during different positions of things now that this particular episode hasn't come out yet so anybody listening they may have heard about the most recent episode i did was focusing more on the interracial aspect of hot
00:34:42wife chicago lifestyle and one of the things that i've brought up and i would be interested in getting your perspective of it is i've dealt with and talk to and have seen in different post and things like that basically non black bulls that get offended or take it
00:35:00personally when they encounter a wife that on ly plays with black man and what i had said in that particular episode and what i've said to people in person or online or what have you is to not take it personally you know like i you know i've had
00:35:16women show me like you know hateful emails that they've gotten you know you and guys just kind of having a negative reaction and you know my advice was respect the fact that everybody has a preference you know because i've encountered hot lives that don't play with black men
00:35:34i never take it i never allowed myself to take it personally you know just like people have preference for body types and hair color and you know like preference has come in a number of different ways and so i was just wondering have you ever been in that
00:35:49situation where you've had somebody that of course i'm sure you've had white guys that have written you initially but has never gone above that where they kind of tried to really try to persuade you through whether was conversation or email or messy getting where they just weren't taking
00:36:12your first no like they were going kind of beyond that have you ever encountered that You know what I haven't most like the the non black guys that i get like it communications and stuff from our more in thrilled by the fact that i'm with blackman more so
00:36:30than they're trying to convince me to change your village and i and i i don't have that experience i would say more of what i get for it like non black um communications would be more of like a tux like women that are more like the cuckold and
00:36:48the cocks that's what i would think i get way and i guess we can pretty much say fixated from coming from them they're extremely supportive yeah exactly exactly there there one hundred percent for it and there they're all about it but i haven't had anybody like really i
00:37:08mean try to convince me and try to like persuade me and i think maybe because i think it's that same thing is you can't say what makes other people you know turned on and other people have preferences and and to some people you know my body type is
00:37:26is way too skinny and you know and everybody has their own right here in amman so when you when you and your husband go out like i know that you know i guess most of the time you know you when you encounter somebody you know you meet them
00:37:45online they know who you are and what you're into and you kind of know who they are and what they're into do you ever have certain situations come up where you and your husband go out somewhere like for a night on the town whatever like do you ever
00:37:57meet black men in that context like where it's almost like unscripted like have you ever had anything kind of start off that way I've always met them already asked people i haven't had that kind of spontaneous interaction having yeah it's not going to propose to it at all
00:38:17i don't like it i'm not against it it just hasn't happened now when you go out i mean do you clears i guess where i'm coming from one of the things that i enjoy about the lifestyle yes it's a lot easier you know approaching people online who you
00:38:34already know are in the lifestyle but one of the things that i find enjoyable is too sometimes go out and i guess for lack of a better where it's almost like hunting you know like you know seeing what i can see seeing what i could notice you know
00:38:53you know you see a couple out you know at a bar or lounge or club or something and you know you kind of watch him a little bit and see how to interact and you know you approach them and you know it's very innocent at first you know
00:39:09you kind of you toss out a compliment to her not a sexual compliment just wow she's got really nice eyes or that's a really nice outfit she's wearing or something just to kind of gauge his reaction to it because like i always say if a man doesn't want
00:39:24you talking to his woman he will let you know what his body language you know and if you're a student enough to be able to read their body language it never escalates like it never gets to the point where it becomes confrontational you know It was like okay
00:39:40that guy doesn't want me talking to his lady so let me get my drinking going about my business you know But sometimes what'll happen is you'll pay her a compliment and you can see it in his face like why he like that You know on and then you
00:39:53kind of keep the conversation going you know kind of focusing on him and you know maybe you offer to buy them around and you know the conversation is going and going and then you may see ok let me pay her another compliment that's a little bit not over
00:40:05the top but just a little more you know like wow she's got it great legs or wow your you know that top is really hugging your body like you know it's a comment that is obviously sexual but you're not trying to cross any lines you know another was
00:40:20letting him know that look i'm i'm saying this because i'm letting you know i'm checking your woman out and i'm going to see how you're going to react to that part of it you know And if he reacts positively to that then you know you're getting a step
00:40:35closer and like so for millions i enjoyed that sometimes i guess that's one of those things that kind of keeps your skills sharp so to speak um right you know because you're in a real world situation as opposed to i guess from a hunting standpoint like i can
00:40:52hunt where you know you're fishing and i like that they're just constantly restocking like all you're doing is just throwing in real in there and you know that you're going to get something because you know you know sometimes you get something right they've you know they've intentionally you
00:41:05know overstocked in or something like that so i was just kind of curious if you've ever had that kind of spontaneous encounter happened well we haven't and i like you said it's not because i don't want it tio i think we try to look and i just maybe
00:41:23i've never went up in approach and maybe that's something that i should try one day and i think it would be really cool but i mean you're stunning i mean not that i've seen your pictures you're a stunning woman like the guy has never just came and paid
00:41:38you a compliment like they just stay away when you're out with your husband yeah thank you yeah i don't know if it's i've had people when we were in just like what we were swingers i definitely had people tell me like some of our friends that would tell
00:41:58me that people don't talk to us because they're intimidated and that just struck me as so odd because i'm like what is there to be intimidated by and i did i don't see it see that i guess i don't see that i don't see anything that would be
00:42:13intimidating but because i've seen your pictures and your i'm not going to say say flamboyant but you're not shy and you're a time you know it well i will say i'm not trying not in my home city right Right and in my home city and definitely a lot
00:42:35more a lot more reserved okay so and when you go out of town is it like do you ever travel like on vacation where finding the bull is not the purpose of the trip like where you're just somewhere if whether it's for business or you know you know
00:43:04just taking a vacation and then you get in the mood like okay it would be nice toe so we can get into while we're here or do you only do that when you specifically take a vacation or a trip with the idea of meeting a ball Obviously if
00:43:21we're if we're there with family than clearly that's lost off limits but if it's just it's just he and i when we know we're going to take a trip somewhere a lot of times we'll just put feelers out like you were with me in this area as anybody
00:43:36you know hit us up if you're new there or you're gonna be near there this time and we kind of you don't leave that the change like if you're so if you're going out of town so so if you're going out of town you i guess you want
00:43:48to make you want to do everything you can to increase your chances of a supposed to just leaving it completely up to chance yeah e yeah i guess i want to make sure make sure we got at least and if it doesn't happen you know it wouldn't be
00:44:02a said it was a bad trip or anything but yeah i mean i'd like to have the in sometimes you know depending on what the for just don't end up having time to do anything or read you weren't but but that's always definitely on the table okay now
00:44:19would you say that you get to play as often as you like you know is it are you is it a level day that you like or do we wish that you could do it more or could you do with billing it less like where you as far
00:44:31as the how active you are in the lifestyle no overall i think with how often we're able to play it is really good for me because you know you i think it can get to a point where you're like okay little little burnt out i just want to
00:44:54just go home and sleep ham but i mean i definitely could see that being a thing but i mean i think most of the time we're really good i know like when it gets near the holidays and you know you have obviously a lot of other engagements and
00:45:08things like that that take away from the time that maybe i would be able to meet with a bull ah so during like that season when i don't get to play as much i definitely am like oh i wish we could do something and sometimes you know i
00:45:23have a few goals that sometimes will drive up or fly in just come see me for a few hours um just i guess help help us both out we'll get a little treat now when everything that i didn't address it in the beginning of the interview just to
00:45:40kind of give listeners a better idea of who you are i know that they say you shouldn't do this but i'm doing that this is this is for you guys for the people listening while i'm asking this question so but how old are you I am thirty five
00:45:57okay And i remember a conversation we had previously you are a mother ok And just to kind of give our listeners an idea your children are what a teenagers Preteens i have two preteens Okay do you find that you have a nice system for being able to kind
00:46:18of jungle between being a hot wife and being a mother and a wife that hole yeah i think i think we have it i think i have it down and you know we have it down uh to being really good one of the things that i tried to
00:46:35do or that we try to dio is every time we take a trip just my husband and i will take the kids somewhere before we do another one and it might not be like a big like by any means like a big vacation with the kids that could
00:46:51be something small like you know a day fishing or you know something small like they have different bounce places and lasers and laser tag type things like that where we could just do something like that where we spend time as a family and then we spend time as
00:47:10a couple and our kids i have been told pretty much their entire lives that if mommy and daddy are happy the whole house is happy you're absolutely absolutely you know which i chose to bury this person like i love my kids because they're my kids but you know
00:47:26we chose to marry each other and love each other and self way have tohave date night we have to have a lot of times for us going out of town could just be a one night thing will drive a few hours tonight have i have have a great
00:47:43time play and then go out to eat and then if we can play again in the morning depending on what time i have to be back for sporting event so i think we have a pretty good system and during the week obviously i i do all the all
00:47:57the normal household could get ready do homework so let me ask you this for new couples because you know there are a lot of couples who listen to this we're going to listen to this podcast who they're thinking about getting in the lifestyle you know they're they're just
00:48:13starting to dip their toe in that pool from somebody who have been doing it for a number of years What type of advice would you give them like they're listening to you right now so what would you want to say to those couples who are thinking about getting
00:48:31into this I mean i talk to each other talk to each other about what you expect in what is acceptable what like your boundaries are and your rules just within each other and your expectations are and then try it because you never know if you don't try and
00:48:49if you try and it's a horrible experienced and then you know when you can talk about that and learn from okay i like this part of it but i didn't like that you can kind of go on from there but i think it's just that communication and actually
00:49:04you know what do you what are the rules What can i do Can i not do what did you do it and not so much like oh you're in trouble kind of rules but just to make sure that you will have clear expectations and then just try it
00:49:17that's been time looking for somebody don't you know just get the first person that shows up that actually spend time like talking to the to the bull or if it's another couple and make sure it's something that you know you're both interested in nobody should be taking one
00:49:33for the team if that's it that's it that's a no no that that doesn't lead teo i'm not i'm not i'm not saying that at all that's what has been seen now i take one for the team conflicts all over that just seems like bitterness what would happen
00:49:49because you see if the funny part about taking one for the team is in talking to people that for the most part it seems to be heavily skewed towards the wife being oneness taking one for the team more often than the husband being the one is taking one
00:50:04for the team you know I mean i'm sure that there are couples out there where the husband has taken one but it just seems to be this proportionate and who was actually the one taking one for the team i guess it's because it seems like i'm sure you've
00:50:18seen this when you're going out this seemed to be a lot of husband that are kind of out kicked their coverage so to speak like wow hey hey hey really lucked up you know yes you know or she takes more time into keeping herself in shape than maybe
00:50:34he does you know like maybe when they got together they were a hot couple but as the years have progressed she's going taking the time that a little picky hit the gym and everything like that Well maybe he's saying the buffet table a little bit more than she
00:50:49is and one of the things that i know about you from following you on twitter is that you do capture some of your encounters on video and you know people are able to watch those video it was like i know that you have like a store so what
00:51:08i'm curious about and i'm sure what our listeners would like to know is how did that happen Like how did they get to the point where you're like hey let's see if people would be interested in and i know for a lecture but photo buying these like let's
00:51:23see if people would you know going to see me in action Like how did you get to that point I think it was more of a oh are not cook's asking because i've always i've always videotaped whatever we could because i thoroughly enjoy watching the video player i
00:51:45really really do enjoy watching it so i loved taking video is just for my own pleasure later into double toe watch it and look at things and maybe look at it from a different angle because clearly the video cameras not seeing the same angle i see most of
00:51:58the time so i don't love that aspect that we had people actually ask us and say hey you know like could could we could we could we get some can we watch your videos too You know and so then kind of progress from there and then somebody actually
00:52:14turned us on to the to the website the story if you will that we that we use now they're like a this this would be really good for you and just to let our listeners know i will be including a link to your store with this interview so
00:52:28if anybody is interested and you know you would like to see erica i'll provide that links of people will be able to you know to follow her and support her and and you know and share in these you know adventures with her because trust me you're definitely you'll
00:52:45definitely enjoy it that that's all that i have to say there and you know i know that you know like i said we've we've talked before and like i said i know that you know your your screen name bbc slut and you know let's just say you you
00:53:01definitely earned that slut part of it i enjoy seeing women in this lifestyle who kind of embraced they're flooding nous and own it and you're definitely one who does that so my question to you would be i guess how would you describe life in your own words how
00:53:24would you describe the feeling of being a slut in control of how many men i just i get to get to fuck thank you i really think i don't know why it just it it's awesome and it's like you know the word slut obviously has negative condemnations in
00:53:49some points but it's not it's not that for me it's more like you said embracing it as this is what i'm choosing to do and i've got knowing it for any other reason then then we get actual pleasure from it it's not like you know i have to
00:54:05have have to sell videos to make a living i have a great job and we both do and so it's nothing like that it's about just owning i guess my own sexuality and my own curiosity and and desires that i have and there's always somebody willing to try
00:54:23whatever night brian think sounds like a good idea there's always somebody who's like yeah let's try it wonderful wonderful can the last thing that that i want to address that i want to ask you about it and you kind of alluded to this a couple of minutes ago
00:54:40when you were talking about your advice the couples so for you and your husband what what rules do you have like what you said okay we're going to do this but these are the rules that we are going to have just a kind of because some people might
00:54:53who were just starting out might not really know where to start with setting up rules so maybe they can get you know some um under a better understanding by listening to you so what are the rules that you and your husband have in place this far is how
00:55:09you approached this you know you being a hot wife i mean definitely no one takes one for the team but in the hot wife aspect of it i'm not goingto you know like oh he thinks this would be a good guy and he's not attracted to me or
00:55:23something i'm not willing to just go okay Well i'll tough it out you know that that's not a thing and then it's are our biggest rule is that it's about us as a couple and not just me or just him and his desires are my desires but it's
00:55:40about the experience that we share with with the bullet holes that are there and then at the end of the day i think for us it's what i say goes so i'm really willing to try and i enjoy trying big and like new experiences but if i say
00:56:01you know hey like uh not right now no not now and not today that they respect that that like whatever bull well with respect that and i mean other than that what you'd take time tio to really make sure that when we are speaking to someone that we
00:56:20you have common interests i guess great great great i'm sure that that's gonna be you know helpful too you know a lot of the couples who are listening to this but i don't want to take up any more of your time i want to thank you well hopefully
00:56:36our listeners have enjoyed listening to you as much as i've enjoyed talking to you um here i'm really curious to see what the feedback to this interview is going to be you've been a delight to talk to anything that you want to say a lot of fun anything
00:56:50that you want to say in closing that you want to leave our listeners with you know what for all the wise like embrace your sexuality don't be afraid of it and think of the taboo aspect and you know society's told you that it's bad like embrace it if
00:57:07you're doing it with the person you love and you're experiencing it together than it's only building your relationship and i just think that such something that you don't hear and you don't see often this world of divorce is constantly thank you for sharing that and you know thank
00:57:24you for no for letting us into your world and being so forthcoming and everything And thank you again to everybody who has you know supported my my podcast and a lot of people have said such encouraging things and kind of giving me the motivation to want to do
00:57:42more and you know if you're a couple out there and you're listening to this and you would like to be interview you know feel free to get in touch with me you know hopefully you seeing how you know painless it is and how you know informative it can
00:57:56be like i say i do these not to glorify the sexual aspect of it but to give people insight into what really goes on what people are really thinking about like really issue that people are dealing with as opposed to the hey how many guys have you been
00:58:16with you know how often do you do it You know that Like i don't want these interviews to focus on that aspect of it like that would be really easy for me to do and i don't really want to go that route you know and so i thank
00:58:30you for you know for being so forthcoming with everything and agreeing to do the interview and i think you're a great experience I'm sure listen to want to hear a follow up So you know we may do a follow up interview you know someday So i want to
00:58:46thank everybody for listening again This has been the keys and anklets podcast and stay tuned for the next episode Ah

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