HOUR 3: Jeff Thomas starts it off with the News Dump then we get into a huge debate on if you regret anything that you’ve ever said about LeBron James after he opened his “I Promise” school in Akron. Callers get hot and heavy on the topic and the city of Akron weigh in on their favorite son.

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00:00:00nine twenty two a day to kick a ball on the phone network by the way again I misspoke I corrected myself I said at the end of that statement I got the hours mixed up eight thirty nine eight thirty nine brown Steelers tickets week one September ninth your
00:00:15chance to see him your your chancy Tyrod Taylor start corny Jackson you don't actually see Baker Mayfield we go play that album audio some point we will play it what about Josh Gordon well we got Irish garden and about Tyrod Taylor we will play the Arbor ideal I
00:00:31am sure right now it's time for Jeff Thomas let's get his audio news don't was this done brought to my window nation shop online at window nation dot com lebron James says leaving the Cavaliers the second time was bitter sweet lebron was back in acting as the for
00:00:47the opening of his I promise public school he leaves for the Lakers for years hunting fifty three million dollars to build the school was great third and fourth graders to start with the planet think of that she's a one through eighth grade in that school we can always
00:01:00live rounds go back out to LA now just stay there since he's a Laker aw I don't care that he started a school he left my favorite basketball team and I hate him forever for I don't care the kids I don't care that they get a better chance
00:01:13of higher education think we need to hear more of this women writing overrated I won more championships to help what could have been both working to build on it was amazing there was some great shots of some of the children that were in there as lebron was how
00:01:31to showing them you know what the program is all about and some of these kids you want to talk about the all time like Christmas present these kids were on cloud nine to have lebron James there and I just think like I don't know how many it's gonna
00:01:46sink in with because eventually got to go to school every day and make some of yourself in the all around so I could be there every day to while you but there's got to be a significant work a significant portion that this guy be life changing is gonna
00:01:58be adversely life changing for those kids there will be people and this is where Jason Whitlock got it wrong because he said it was born on third base you know as well as I do there's a story in every medium city every town of a guy who could
00:02:12do what I should've and just to come to the environment around them the Braun did grow up rough and there are guys who are really going to basketball we always remote with the you know you brought up a lot of names guys who just never made it because
00:02:24of the surroundings and I think that no not we're not talking about great basketball players here but and there will be people obviously fall through the cracks that's life but there's also going to be people who are provided an opportunity and make the most of an opportunity because
00:02:38of what he's done that I don't think would do so before so I think that there is such a societal change that could be happening here that is something like we've never seen a professional athlete really do I mean this is this is compare above all somebody brought
00:02:53this up yesterday this almost comparable to Roberto Clemente and real a real societal change there I it's when he bought bikes it bites a great thing but it's a bike we're talking about real long term change that has a life impact there there's also stuff and get out
00:03:08scholarships to Akron hard sometimes that is that is certainly not going on the guy for that a baseball news apparently the right right shut up you have to give with a code word to chance when I thought I was the national contest and of this code word it
00:03:24bar B. A. R. bar and the code word seven two eight eight one gonna come contest I come into the code word bar billion in the hour do not Texan Dr message data rates all blood good luck during the pics compound a national contest pot by diodes meets
00:03:38on ninety two three the fan bar I have I'm having heartburn right now it shouldn't right up through my through my esophagus yeah I don't have my pills on me old whose mistake was that hides my fault and I'm paying the price for big time right now okay
00:03:52Jeff do you regret calling Baker make a bigger may feel to regret calling a backstabbing weasel no that's what it was for four years because he'd be the first time I went to my knowing what you know now would you go back and keep doing well I'd yeah
00:04:06that was the situation when he went to Miami it's because you want to play with his friends and didn't give a crap about was going on here this time around why would argue that I don't know that he ever cared not actually I I would argue kinda looking
00:04:18back knowing what we know now he only cared about coming home because they had a guy by the name of carrier being any new they get Kevin love and they do they go when you find out if a doll that come back if you could done that in
00:04:29Milwaukee I think he might have done that about Milwaukee like I I I don't know obviously it it helps his his are held his ratings it helped his you know come back story but I don't know looking back at me that it's it's pretty clear he's never gonna
00:04:44live in Cleveland or Akron Cleveland can't and it it's pretty clear he's never live here is Hollywood lebron he sold his house now he's not gonna sell it on but I I don't think he'll ever be truly spending a lot of time I think he is Los Angeles
00:04:59the rest of his life but I think he also I think we have to separate while we're we're going to get into this because I know you want to ask certain questions here but I will say that I think that we have to separate basketball lebron from humanitarian
00:05:10lebron in this case go ahead yeah are baseball news ward is in his of talk to watch about Bryce Harper no word of any traction to these talks so far and apparently next on folks Harper's available he'll be a free agent after the season so we know he's
00:05:23only a rental but should the Indians go all in injury Bryce Harper before four o'clock today absolutely I don't think it's going to happen I don't think that those discussions and I think it could be a situation where the nationals keep trying to drive up the price to
00:05:37and try to start a bidding war I think that's what a leaked out the information who that they leaked out but with all of that said yes I mean Kelly and I are on the same page on this one's in the game it it makes no sense to
00:05:47me yeah I would be surprised it makes no sense to me why the Indians while we're sitting at the deadline we're talking about Billy Hamilton or we're talking about Adam Jones and may even come into my house and later come on I know break servers not having a
00:06:02great year put him in this line up I'm not worried about Bryce Harper whatsoever so as one SS chief Wahoo just pawn in game of life new brought about when a nation shall online and when a nation dot com all right fantastic stuff again to do to kick
00:06:17a wall at nine twenty this morning and then you had a very interesting question why don't you take your way because lebron opened up his I promised school yesterday and it led to may be asking a question about our own personal reflection their town well I I just
00:06:32when I'm thinking about yesterday seeing all the coverage and it was national obviously local was all over to that the amount of people praising lebron James for his school you talk about a day actually putting your money where your mouth is and helping students give them second chances
00:06:48are a lot of them are at risk it comes to education becomes academics and to see a celebration yesterday in to see the smiles on those kid's faces and I thought to myself I've been so mean about lebron James at different stages through his career we're talking about
00:07:04a guy is gonna go down in history as the best player to ever play the game of the second best player we're talking about a guy that also brought a championship to Cleveland and yes I was annoyed that he laughed when we had a big discussion about it
00:07:15and you even said yesterday I think as we got further away from it you were getting a little more annoyed with the run and then he does something like this which we all knew about but to actually see it and to see those kids that you know their
00:07:26lives are gonna be changed for ever and the chances they're gonna be given that they might not have otherwise been given I I I wonder how we are going to be able to compartmentalize lebron the basketball player who left Cleveland who is now talking about how great the
00:07:43Lakers franchises who's now talking about bringing championships the Los Angeles yeah he's not really mentioned Dan Gilbert and he's really not going to mention the cabs anymore how are we gonna compartmentalize knowing that and also all that he is doing for northeast Ohio I think we're stepping into
00:08:01new territories fans speak what he and he's a different type of person I don't see a lot of other athletes open up schools so I have to remain in honest with myself in thinking I I had to think about this while he was gone for the four years
00:08:14he was gone if my kid didn't have a bike and he provided a bike for my kid or a computer for my kid I think that takes a different type of meeting to and he did do that and now that he's open up a school and this does
00:08:25have long term effects and it could effect societal change again to something like we brought up during the news dumb I think that I have to is to separate I have to separate my criticism of the person and I think I have to separate the criticism of the
00:08:38player I think you're right but can you do it because I think I think that's easier I think it's hard to do but I think you have to do it I think the people gonna have to have strong conversations with themselves about lebron and if lebron wins a
00:08:50championship the Lakers I think some people are gonna be upset if he's able to get over Golden State I could rationalize that but if the winds of winter championship the Lakers are going to have to come to terms with it but they're also gonna go LA as though
00:09:02a lot of good and we did win a championship more good than almost any athlete has ever done I think that again you're asking me if I take back any of the stuff I said I don't think so okay under so I don't get to take it back
00:09:15I wonder how many are from fans to one six five seven a double oh ninety two do any fans out there regret some of the horrible things they said about lebron I've said horrible things I don't know if you have any I know that there are a lot
00:09:28of fans have also general things as fans John Jeff Thomas called the backstabbing weasel this is a guy who's done more than I can ever do in a million years true for people of northeast Ohio stroke even more than pacman Jones could ever do a few people's it's
00:09:43okay alright but but I do wonder I want to hear from fans on this because I think this is gonna be tough for fans to compartmentalize and I think fans are gonna say he left us once already left us again or he wanted championship all and by the
00:09:56way he's doing more for any students than any athlete ever not two thousand ten lebron is a different place than two thousand ten can Carmen two thousand eighteen lebron obviously in a different place with two thousand eighteen can Carmen I think there's been probably some majority that has
00:10:12grown I hope has grown on both sides certainly with the brown I hope in my own so I think that again I have to compartmentalize the basketball player lebron and the criticism that I have the guy during his basketball career where I don't think I he could talk
00:10:25about championships with the Lakers I don't think it's going to gross dollar one as what it looks like right now and I still think I retain the criticism that for years I look back and I go I don't know why you gave up prime years to the LA
00:10:38Lakers with rajon rondo and god knows who else I don't think I can do that I I think I can do that I don't think that I can let that just pass but I can also look at him go twenty years from now what humanitarian he's done some
00:10:50incredible things I think I can separate the two I don't think that the player the bath I think what lebron is proving to us that the best what players not necessarily the person am I wrong I I I I don't think so I get what you're saying but
00:11:02then I see it's we like this and I I think it's tough to argue with the second part of what this tweet as here at this is from none to funny name he says yesterday's school opening made me a Laker fan not kidding also the entire I promise
00:11:16school staff and students will be Laker fans tough to argue that right those kids in Akron and I will always argue that there's a lot of people in Akron that rooted for the Miami Laker fans a lebron while what were they in Cleveland where they lebron fans were
00:11:30the cats fans I think that's a fascinating point all right I want a better I'll put in another name there who hasn't done with the bronze done I want to ask you about this when we come back to one six five seven eight double ninety two do you
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00:12:22potentially fifty two percent to govern charts the app store or visit join group dot com lebron James yesterday doing what he does best makes national news by the way we have clear around stick it's coming up eight thirty nine Browns and Steelers make sure to keep listening and
00:12:37also due to kick a ball will join us at a clock hour nine twenty with the latest eyebrows training camp lebron James had everybody there I mean CNN was there %HESITATION MSNBC was it was fox news there were they there to yes okay I was obviously because I
00:12:53don't think it would be I'll cattle but they were there they were in as well they were there as well yesterday night he did out comments he did have comments again on Donald Trump we're not really going to go over the scope of those they've been very similar
00:13:05to what he's talked about in the past when it comes to the president of the United States but with the topic at hand again back in his hometown of Akron yesterday open up that brand new I promise school created through the partnership between Akron public schools air lebron
00:13:18James family foundation so that was going on yesterday and he got so much praised everywhere not just obviously in Akron but around the country around the world because it's not every day somebody does something like this and provide you know a chance for at risk students academically at
00:13:38risk students to be able to have this kind of opportunity and so while he's talking about all this he's you know talking about in that clip where you know there's mixed emotions you don't live here anymore lebron has that house in bath but I I I got news
00:13:52for you got two homes in Brentwood his body at all say neighborhood yeah his buddies live in LA also did his wife has spent more time I guess in Los Angeles in the last year than she did in Cleveland we did know that or in Akron we didn't
00:14:07know that at the time so I don't know how much time is ever gonna be spending in northeast Ohio again other than maybe to come back and do things like this for the community so yes I think he deserves a lot of credit because you don't see athletes
00:14:20doing this and we get tweets because I asked the question before the break that if you were correct some of the things you've said about lebron because I I opened up and said that I have said some horrible things about lebron James in the past about basketball and
00:14:33about whether he's a leader and whether or not he's help the organization his relationship with people within the cavs organization I've I've complained about these things I've written for all of it mind you he won a championship and broke a fifty three year drought in this city so
00:14:51on the court he's done everything he can to help the caps off the court he's doing everything he can to help kids in Akron can you as somebody in northeast Ohio can you still rip lebron James yes because they're people that hate him I guess we all right
00:15:08well the people hate it necklaces things again you just said I want to make sure what what did you reply Braun for everything what what did you say you said it needs a lot late not not helping get free agents the first time never committing are leaving that
00:15:20first time I'd eat I thought he took a cheat code to win a championship the short cut then leaving again never committing the second time said some about your hands there will have simply elsewhere what is your problem problems he had with obviously Dan Gilbert throwing some teammates
00:15:37on the bus throwing two people the organization on the bus at times and I don't buy riddle brown for a lot of your but is any of that false or is any of that unfair I don't think any of that is unfair criticism not that people are saying
00:15:49the bronze done some good things lebron has done some good things he's not a perfect person no one's perfect so I think that by and large you can look back on the right side if lebron dies fifty years after the brown died you can say by large Brian
00:16:04James that a lot of good for the world that doesn't mean the brown was a great person every single day of the week it every single time of the day always the person for leaving clearly off little flubs bad personnel no I don't think a bad person we
00:16:17thought he was a terrible person at the time okay but again that was a different type of person back then two thousand ten lebron is different from two thousand eighteen and I think that Bob or Mike or John or Dan or fill whoever it is out there in
00:16:29northeast Ohio was a different cafe in a different person in two thousand ten then they are twenty eight three I think we've all seen the different type a world now we see a different type of NBA lebron change and be a I think it changes some of the
00:16:40perspectives that we see with wires I think that we have to be able to separate the humanitarian lebron and the player lebron and so I see lebron he's done a lot of good things for the world but I also know that as a basketball fan as the cavs
00:16:57fan yeah I reserve certain rights if we're comparing Mr Roberto Clemente I'm sure there were a couple of days Roberto Clemente went over for it's a pirates fans run what what the hell they come on I know you build schools down there and everything in it feeding people
00:17:11in poor countries but are you know an RBI single would be okay over here you're allowed to do that as a sports fan but you know the guy's a good god I think on paper what you're saying makes us we're going to the phones here we've got a
00:17:21lined up to one six five seven eight double ninety two I think it's easy on paper to say that but when his face comes across the screen he's wearing a Laker Jersey I don't know that the average person is going to be able to sit there and say
00:17:33well I like him because he did this but I don't like him because he did this I think you're it's gonna listen one reaction in your reaction is either going to be positive or negative your your first blush reaction is gonna be one of the other I don't
00:17:44think the welcome to be sitting there I think that into style you know yeah I think that also depends on the setting that were in I think part of this is the atrox I am a part of this is is is big time pro entertainment if I'm at
00:17:56the Q. it's a cab Lakers game not gonna be too thrilled if I'm up there on the dais while he's giving a speech for the school we just open or were at the city club talking about what he's done yeah I think I'm going to look at lebron
00:18:08in a different light I also wonder if you let's say came from the inner city of Akron and you know students that are now going to benefit from this school and all that lebron has done to further their educational opportunities and beyond plus not to mention what he
00:18:24and the school of Akron the university of Akron have done when it comes to scholarships and funding those scholarships I have that people treat this to me I wonder if those people are all gonna become Laker fans going forward another it would not surprise go to the phones
00:18:38but I got another example for you to go to the phones I'll give it to you after John in Cleveland next up on the fan how are you John welcome to the show what's up as I get you and no I don't feel bad about anything I've said
00:18:48about him I'm a Cleveland sports and he's he joined the Los Angeles Lakers enemy now he said he would better suit it's bittersweet about him leaving when that picture came down him sitting at that table to sign his contract with a big smile on his face at lower
00:19:01commands bitter sweet about anything why don't like it either John I don't like it either this is nothing personal against kids are neck and I'm happy that they're getting these opportunities your campus and that presented to them in a situation that normally they wouldn't get his action is
00:19:15having a problem on the person well run the basketball player ambience sound like me the way but no he the enemy now and I look forward to TMZ running is right from Los Angeles not think her time ruining his life I was a bit strong I got Scott
00:19:31here on Twitter I regret nothing never will hate it more than ever he screwed us over twice he's our eyes that online oh yeah they're compensate the brunt they're coming in like crazy Austin says no regrets he's a master P. R. in taking credit we still do this
00:19:46if he had actual sacrifice anything I doubt it he only had to sacrifice money he would never again money he could've kept the money I mean most of the money most athletes are keeping the money I always made a lot of money and he can afford it a
00:19:58lot of guys they can afford and they're just gonna keep the money are you as a tax shelter I don't think is and now I'm sure that he might get some take back your tax why is it that the only smart move but I think that the public
00:20:09school public school a wise and every unless we find a less they do some digging we find out there's something nefarious here I can't take anything away from him right there widescreen finally forget about athletes there are a lot of businessmen there believe it or not there are
00:20:24a lot of businessmen between Akron canton and Cleveland who do have lebron money they don't build schools so I'm not saying they don't do humanitarian efforts I'm not saying they don't up with it but but this is something so personal to those people in Iran who get this
00:20:40opportunity and he got to see him this larger than life figure walked through their school yesterday Dan in Amherst next up on the fan how wide your job or what people need to chill man you know what the brown brown the laughter humanitarian is a great person and
00:20:56I I personally don't I hope he doesn't win another championship the locals for Cleveland I mean you got to separate the person from his from from what it does to make a living at this a new wage I grew up you know I'm old enough to remember news
00:21:07for teens and and is very you know because the miracle on ice you can't you know there's no people you can name just don't seem to contain that that one championship all individual athletes now in the new age athletes are individuals they move around just like young people
00:21:22find careers in the end they you know sell themselves in that respect but separating the person I'm not defining lebron James yeah he is an MBA player he's a great athlete won a championship but the other this career lebron James the great person for what he does for
00:21:38the community you know what I'm saying but I don't I person at all happy when I don't doesn't win the championship for LA because nobody actually I'm not rooting for I'm rooting for the Cleveland Cavaliers but he's a great person you can't take any of that away from
00:21:49him I'd like to reserve the right Dan do to change it if he does something heinous between now and the time he dies I think we have we have the reserve the right to change their opinion and I think we reserve the right to separate that may not
00:22:03is that you think about our fate our favorite sports teams how often you got this you got you got this back on Friday pacman Jones we brought why give a lot of money and the first thing you thought of was it will some of that stuff you had
00:22:16to do because you're ordered by a court Sir and there were so many people talk and backing him up I go so he plays for your favorite football team and moreover we're willing to overlook all that terrible stuff the brown one of my favorite basketball team but I
00:22:29don't give credit for building a school let's get our priorities straight over here but I want to ask you some again I think we can separate this lebron the player lebron humanitarian lebron the person that the figure what happened when Joe Haydon got released by the Cleveland Browns
00:22:44went to the Pittsburgh Steelers a lot of people Hey Joe Haydon my team released them I like Joe Haydon I want good things for Joe Haydon Joe Thomas was on the chopping block you told Joe Thomas to a station enough to hide behind a keyboard for this he
00:22:58was in studio you said it that you wanted him to be traded back then because he would play for a contender we would've gotten draft picks back I disagree with you there but I can understand the reason either one of you strain of the Pittsburgh Steelers if the
00:23:11Steelers were to win you wouldn't feel good for Joe Thomas a lot of people at the patriots of your trade of the patrons you would've felt good for Joe Thomas so I think that there's a separation now Joe Thomas didn't just say I was going to be here
00:23:23forever and leave that is a different connotation to it but I think we have to separate our sports personas as fans I think we have to separate that from how we see people was as people abroad as a person I can say that is it less heat that
00:23:39at last we find out something later on that he has done that is just horrifically wrong then I think every person reserves the right to change judgment it doesn't stay that way forever you always have to be a good person to be a good person but as of
00:23:52right now I know that I could say the guy's a person he's done some pretty incredible stuff and I Hey I also get like if you don't like lebron's politics I get to choose what people do in this day and age we we we seem to if we
00:24:03don't agree with someone's politics we can't stand them as a person like we can't look past just those political this discussions you know in our in our daily interaction a discourse on the full brunt thing I've also always notice and all our data back to two thousand ten
00:24:19when he left the first time and now it was just me I haven't done any significant studies I I'm not going to get into the methodology other than just taking phone calls but you could tell someone's white or black on the phones in most cases and I thought
00:24:33there was always a divide between Akron Cleveland and then also white and black when it came to lebron there were a lot of people in Akron who happen to also call the shows weapon does sound African American who routed from abroad he went to Miami and I wonder
00:24:48if that's the same case here today or when he starts playing games in Los Angeles well you even have I mean there's people who will say what they are right when they get in there and they immediately just get right into it and they will start to tell
00:25:03you that you hate on lebron for this reason you don't like lebron for that reason or you like lebron for this reason and that reason I think that there are dead I think we'd be lying to ourselves we didn't say that there weren't lines drawn geographically and I
00:25:14know I think would be lying to ourselves we didn't say there weren't politically or even racially I I think that would be lying to ourselves I think we compartmentalize our favorite athletes in certain aspects and we want to turn them into things that most of the time they're
00:25:25not I think lebron really is I I think he's really able to do that are gonna go to Dave in Parma your next up on the fat welcome to the show Dave how are you wonderful are just want to correct something you've been saying that he built the
00:25:38school the schools already been in existence is just added the programs that the school but he did it you didn't build the school okay but when you when you when you act like you know how you just added a few programs the school he has his his foundation
00:25:54and it's the good thing but he didn't build the school the school is okay building has been okay any I know it wasn't like hanging the drywall or anything either although they did Sean put some paint they did show him adding a coat of paint to it all
00:26:08but it is it is it is an incredible story day because I I just haven't seen that somebody said Jaylen rose did did name a school or or something but I just don't see this all around sports and I don't even see it in other about how many
00:26:21destiny put together he's he's got the island British school the school has been there spending as the smartest thing I've ever had or adding to it it's a great thing that he's doing but let's be real did build the school building was already in existence why Dave I
00:26:39I I apologize calling lebron James a contractor I'm gourmet room I'm Kevin o'connor James we'll see you next time on the sold out this old school I appreciate that thank you for the clarity I appreciate that version of this old house the broad James doesn't weights coating it
00:26:59will now to put together tables for six people in our class I saw them in that skit stir and boy he was an excavating machine by the way it is this is good stuff just right wingers in addition to its foundation support of a new school for at
00:27:15risk kids in Akron lebron James recently gave his high school a one hundred thousand dollar check there was no formal announcement he also keep the school one million dollars one million dollars in twenty thirteen of course the sons I'm gonna end up going to that school well it's
00:27:31weak Dave in Akron because I got to go to we always do things that you know that I I've been a pillar in the western community go ahead go are you is speaker for actor were the prime goals we go wherever he at we act that's how I
00:27:45go meaning what maybe one day we later fans now likes always like we is in who like you and your friends to your buddies when your family like expound on that a little bit the city of Akron will always be with the brown wherever eagles we go it's
00:28:02that simple issue is we were not clear affair where lebron fair when he went to Miami we went to Miami when he came back we came back now that he's in LA we in LA I do thank you for the call I get can you when you hear
00:28:17something like that I know people appear including a lot when you're talking about and and technically I mean the cavs they had a lot of Akron fans back in the day when they were playing a rich field obviously because of the close proximity but can you blame a
00:28:31fan when you hear that can you can you blame a flight a fan for saying that no I I think that in the NBA the way beyond the Amazon has a favorite son so he if he's their favorite son that's fine yeah it's it's again like in in
00:28:47wears but also smarter from it he's from family Ohio what what are they doing their they've just recently because member that was awkward relationship for awhile especially with all the other stuff that happened the talk host of %HESITATION they recently just put that seems like they put their
00:29:01relation bed together he put his softball tournament their softball game their celebrity softball game every town as a favorite son I'm sure in mentor Ohio with Mr base you were to go out there and win a Superbowl there's gonna be a lot of bears fans our guide to
00:29:14what Mr busy to do what they might be they might be brought on the golf course one yesterday I was out one yesterday from from that I I don't think that's an unfair thing to say that wherever lebron goes we go there every every stone big or small
00:29:29is going to have a guy like that in Akron definitely has their guy in in lebron James in that case tell me I got a lot of racist responses on Twitter you oh boy there's a lot of yup no you didn't some all lebron James opening up the
00:29:46school becomes nothing but race is trying to worry that you can't say what about Ackerman the one about you know this being a total PR move for lebron are there people going into his past with tipping and what a bad person he is because he didn't yep allegedly
00:30:04back in the day trading your five Bucks to a waitress so now is a bad guy I could I be I said a lot of bad things about lebron and I've made fun of the tipping stuff and yes I've made fun of his hairline okay I will say
00:30:16this with lebron now I went to Akron with the school when the university at the same time the brown was still you know with cavs and we will go to Chapel Hill and there were a couple restaurants in Chapel Hill where it was notorious where lebron would go
00:30:32there and I'm would not tip as well like guys who go out to restaurants are some guys who like they just that he does not tip as well some of the other cook Cleveland Cavaliers that he played with yeah I mean a piece temp in all the time
00:30:46he wouldn't have the money for the school right where you think this might came from so you either have to have money or you get to have a new school it's one of the others I don't understand why he would open up there's a lot of things you
00:30:56can do for good PR may why do you open up a school it's a good pre op I I'm there a lot of ways and lebron by the way is god is good if they are as you can possibly get over the years by the way we will
00:31:10have Albert breeders recent comments on Josh Gordon whether or not that was a surprise to some of the organization that he was not around for the first day camp also his thoughts on Tyrod Taylor with the bronze two one six five seven eight double ninety two spirited phone
00:31:26calls when it comes to lebron James abate it is %HESITATION I I we've had some callers say in Akron they will be Laker fans and even get the chance to say if you want to come back would you welcome them back is easy he said yesterday you'll but
00:31:38our door he said he would keep the door open would you like a real quick would you leave the light on form thirty seven year old lebron would leave the light on form yeah I think you kind of have to yeah I think you have a lot of
00:31:52these books a lot disagree arm I there is a lot and he can I say there's certain there's certain other certain restrictions that apply here at thirty seven your all your body restrictions on the broader you mean he will have restrictions always talk about what he's going to
00:32:08be limited I will be thirty seven at some point that that many miles is gonna have to catch up with you so you might have to go the Kobe Bryant route I would well this is the truth I'm not going to sell everything from abroad to get those
00:32:19days are done but I will say I like a good story and I like a good ball one things don't you don't you so I would like if he wanted to come back and finish his career with the cavs and both parties were okay with it and he
00:32:35understood that he's finishing his career with the cast I don't know where the cavs will be at that time hopefully will be in a good spot with good young players like Colin Sexton and maybe he always will start to really take off and maybe some of the some
00:32:45other people and maybe Kevin level still be around who know who don't but just so we don't have all this drama like we've had before the with the bra I don't want him to to to suck the air out of the room you know what I mean you
00:32:59get what I'm saying to you so I I think there needs to be certain restrictions because yeah I would like a nice finish to the career because in twenty years I I really don't want there to be any awkwardness or mean spiritedness or craziness like he's never going
00:33:14to be universally loved one hundred percent there's always obviously from what we're learning there are people who hate lebron and always gonna hate lebron but I also think that the majority like lebron's I'd like there to be a nice I'd like there to be a nice coming together
00:33:30at the very end and then when they want to raise the banner again and raise the jerseys being retired that that and that in nice that I think there are a lot of people it really nice that made up part of the one point three million that are
00:33:43now just ripping lebron's that it seems personal that's he's personal less in south you was very next up on the fan who are less I'm doing well thank god you know what I don't really with some but I was not going to do this but I really wish
00:33:57he would sweep all war is going to save %HESITATION which you were talking about remember Lorena told Ron the syllabus recalls not trust me less there've been a number of people who've done that for him over the last twenty four hours one that one of her books title
00:34:12of a lot of our books to shut up and so yeah okay shut up and sing right that's what it sounds like her reference that was part of the act less you know it's really disappointing here to see somebody racist comments %HESITATION on social media you also should
00:34:26be to become a cesspool but it is not surprising that the environment that we live in today you know when a young man comes back hold me if you don't pull yourself up by your own bootstraps and all that jargon when I see somebody doesn't you still get
00:34:39credit that felt good also abroad is a great day for the city of Accra really a great day for northeast Ohio and I hope it inspires other athletes somewhere but thank you for the call it's going to GS a car next up on ninety two three the fan
00:34:54right so Armendariz Jessica and you know I really feel offended that as a city of Akron resident that you guys aren't giving him any credit give him credit where credit is due yes he has created the school he's done so much more for the city of Akron that
00:35:13no one even talks about but for the fact of the matter like the other caller said we will always be a lebron follower where he goes week out here is done so much for us and it's time that we give lebron James some serious credit for the things
00:35:27that he's done that no one even talks about he will always be is for you back on home boys so regardless if you place an alley where he goes we go I mean I'm really sorry just kind of offended you comparing lebron James Roberto Clemente for the last
00:35:42forty minutes I'm really sorry about that I mean because like I said give credit where credit is due he's done more than any other player ever has or ever could I just done more than just created the school is about what he's done and it's not only about
00:35:58him being a college player it's about the fact that he is a hometown person he is someone that does so much for his studying community but everyone doesn't want to give him credit for that they'd rather this him and say oh well he goes to LA for the
00:36:15championship it's not about the championship this will always be his home country and people need to recognize that because where he goes we go and there's nothing other than truth okay thank you okay all right yeah they doing this on the other station I'm getting comparisons other host
00:36:33I I mean I gave the bird would not give the brunt credit for the last forty minutes from now I've had a fender for not giving him why the goal I get I compared to the river local money I think that was more towards side it goes far
00:36:46as Gandhi just yet what will get there I think it's more towards some of the callers and some of the the people tweeting and also sponsors I think that all that was geared towards okay I know that was good I thought that was geared towards us you guys
00:36:58Matt in Akron aren't the city in the hour ahead Matt element how are your they're doing wonderful shoot the breeze so under is a little confused well first of all the you guys are given enough credit don't worry I'm a little confused at all these Cleveland fans that
00:37:16are just so mad do they think the twenty sixteen championship is just dissolved like do they think that happened fifty years ago today not remember this drought and everything that lebron did for us I'm not I'm not necessary rooting for lebron and LA I hope I hope he
00:37:34does find I really don't have to be strong opinions I'm just sitting here grateful that I have a championship I was a winner I had some of the best basketball years of my life and I'm just I'm happy for I mean I think the same Cleveland fans that
00:37:52are saying this is a PR stunt if lebron was still here this would not be a PR stunt this would be a great move by lebron struggle amazing but the same people I don't really I just don't get how they're so upset I just don't think okay grateful
00:38:09will know I got all mad I got you thank you thank you for the call again I think there has to be a separation and I were really uncharted waters here and I know we got to get to it alignment with a night off I we have the
00:38:19check there's no outward for the thousand Bucks there's no actually like this and there's no athlete that's been from a city like this and ended a drought like this I got a separate the guy I got a separate because from a player I got great memories I got
00:38:33incredible memories he's a no matter what he's always going to be a part of that but what I want to say about the guy so that night when they want a championship he's the catalyst for that I have great memories we had a lot of fun the parade
00:38:46was amazing you and I had a lot of fun of that parade kid everybody I'll never forget that he's always a part of that I think that as a fan there's going to be criticism that I have there's gonna be criticism of this Laker team and I'm gonna
00:38:59make comparisons between the cast because I have spent and I'm gonna make comparisons really castle Lakers as a person I I'm not I can't say anything nasty about him until he goes out there and does something heinous which I don't want him to do I can look at
00:39:13him as a as a humanitarian in this case so however anybody else feels about it that's how they feel about it that's the way I see it I think I got to make the separation between the person and the player over here and understand that some of this
00:39:26is the ethics but I have to get the guy who's outside or not in his uniform right here two one six five seven eight one ninety two DD kick a wall on nine twenty two we also gonna have to get the some Albert Breer comments he made about
00:39:39Josh Gordon where %HESITATION the future don't look too bright according to what Albert Breer was saying the board fox yesterday and also Bryce Harper there are people who would rather have prospects then Bryce Harper folks you were outside your minds

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