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Sometimes challenging, sometimes intriguing, sometimes humorous, this show features a wide variety of guests hand-selected by your host, as well as solo episodes in which Keith guides us through making our own transformations, or takes us on an exploration down interesting alleyways.
Whether it's phobias, confidence, stage fright, imposter syndrome, audition anxiety, or more, as a coach, speaker, author, entertainer, trainer, and show host, Keith Blakemore-Noble has helped to transform more than 5,000 lives since 2010, and invites you to join him in this series to explore the various ways in which you might transform your deepest fears into your greatest strengths.
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[This post contains video, click to play]Sales – the life-blood of any company of business. If we are to survive, we need to be making sales, whether we are trillion dollar global company, or a one-person sole trader, or anywhere in between. Unfortunately, however, a lot of people have a lot of stuff and even fear around sales. And that is just as true for a lot of people in business! Join me where I discuss the topic with my guest Stephen Jones, as together we explore – Why people are scared of making sales Why you should stop selling! How this helps you to start growing and a whole lot more. Watch this episodeListen to this episodeEpisode TranscriptWatch this episode Listen to this episode Episode Transcript Note – this is currently an automated transcription, so some of the text might not be wholly accurate – we are working on improving this over time! You’re listening to the Keith Blakemore-Noble radio show, helping you transform your deepest fears into your greatest strengths. Here’s your host, Keith Blakemore Noble… Keith: Welcome back to another episode, dear listener Dee, if you. However, you’re catching us. Welcome back. And this week I have got as my guest, Stephen Jones. Stephen Jones. Stephen Jones, the business disruptor. Those of you who listen to some of my previous shows, we caught Stephen about a year ago. This was this time where we’re going to be highly focused all around her. And the fears around around sales can be a really interesting one. He’s got a rather different take on it. So it’s not stuff that you look at before. But for those of you who haven’t come across Stephen, or maybe those of you haven’t heard kind of one bit of a refresher. Let me give you a little bit of a little bit of his bio. He was always going to run his own business, basically when he was 10. Keith: He went round to other houses in the area doing chores for cash. Then he realized his friends who wanted money could do the work for him and he could just collect some of the money, deal with the clients and pay his friends half. Many’s a lesson was learned in that time that he draws upon even that this was at the age of ten. You can see this is quite a remarkable guy. He tried real jobs, several Saturday jobs. He didn’t like the concept of working hard for somebody else to profit. Just never seem fair. Fast forward to university. Final year election campaign against Hillary. Ban a job interview with a publishing house. And suddenly he graduates his bank, we’re talking about pension schemes, mortgages, life insurance. He ran to Australia, obviously. He said he set up a little sales consulting business, reviewing sales teams and sales processes. And yes, this was at the age of 21 and he was published for his efforts. He then took a year off, went to the US, wrote a gold ring around. Now, that’s an episode we need to record sometimes ended up in Canada selling investments. Which he did well at. And by the late 1990s, he had established a venture capital company with offices in Dallas and in London. Keith: He has lost everything twice. He’s rebuilt twice, been divorced twice. He’s a single father twice. He has two kids. Keith: Stephen doesn’t do things by half. He doubles up. That’s my guest today, Stephen Jones. Hey, Stephen, how are you doing? Stephen: Hello. After that, I’m doing quite well. Yours makes me sound amazing. Let me take you into my networking events with me. Keith: Fantastic. Let’s negotiate the rates later and you can get half of the commission. See, I’m learning! Stephen: Absolutely. Keith: So, yes, you’re the sales disruptor. What’s all what about? Stephen: Business disruptor, I do sales disruption as well. It’s born of a concept. The. Quick backstory on it. Two thousand and three. I lost all my money the first t
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