Whilst we are having some time off the live show, we’ve been creating some easier to swallow podcasts of it for you to enjoy. Here’s a shorter version with the all the best bits, apart from Justin Wayne.

Leanne Tennant kicks off the podcast this week, with her first submission to the show!

The Playlist: Title Album Artist Bearing The Crown Pull Up Your Britches Leanne Tennant The Claim TS&T Master 2 Rachel Lynn Crazy Jordan Kirk If I succeed Paused in the Moment Van Susans Unleashed Revenge of the Moon Scorpions Robot Party Slackjaw Romance Bad Reed EP Bad Reed When We Are Old Nino Polizzi Over Coffee Northern Exposure EP David Stone Single Again Mel Monaco Runaway Anna Pancaldi Everything is Alright Neil and Adam

See you soon!

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00:00:01welcome to the Justin Wayne show this week we are missing a mister Justin Wayne but I will say you've got me cry Rosario to take you through all our new independent music is episode 333 and I suggest you stick around
00:00:25show me green on the pain just
00:00:31what is the Justin Wayne shy but stay without Justin Wayne so maybe it's the clever sorry show I've got tons of music to be paying for you about she going to about 200 in the last day of Music submissions looking through them and I'm stuck out some good stuff that I've noticed is not Elijah is a podcast as you may have heard last week we're trying new thing we do some podcasts of the show that I would lung segment what we have is all the best stats however we do appreciate if you disagree that it's not just a winter joke come from Devin and England's just is not broadcasting from the other side of the world with me but maybe you listening to Justin way to adult come
00:01:21buffing out for those of you who have joined me and I thank you for doing say I am going to get into our new music the first one I have for you is a song called bearing the crown by Leon tenant to kick off the show here on the dress to my check
00:01:58crack shall appear in the Stonewall are.
00:02:06Leaks in the Bakke
00:02:17I see Forest through the tree
00:02:27so who am I
00:02:33no longer
00:02:45they keeps me back.
00:02:58go back to the day I see
00:03:09through the tree
00:03:27no longer
00:03:31Stone Cold Mick.
00:03:36When I ride
00:04:11900 long
00:04:19when I wrong
00:05:09scar on her
00:06:03touch see what the fuck
00:06:07it's hard to hear when the film my ears plant
00:06:28but the truth it always comes
00:09:04hey it's Chris from Canada and you're listening to the Justin Wayne show
00:09:15how bad can she be
00:09:31is she really likes me for me
00:09:40Bertrand mother thing
00:09:47I guess she's always stoned
00:09:50do I mine know I've been drinking so it's fine
00:10:06I'm the one that's crazy
00:10:11is in too late lady
00:10:15I'm the one that's crazy
00:10:25used to cut a cell
00:10:31I cut myself down with one the time
00:10:41doesn't even seem to mine
00:10:53I'm the one that's crazy is in to lay Lady
00:11:03I'm the one that's crazy
00:11:12that's crazy
00:11:44Crazy by John Hancock he is from Columbus music.com on Facebook and Twitter keeping things easy good old Jordan for that she had a song called The Claim by gnosis could write to learn that sperm have them to straighten transfer she's from New York City you got it more about her at Rachel Lynn sings.com and she had it in her show tonight so she was going to stay the song about people and situations you can understand which is a pretty good reason try so we saw the crown by Leon tenants that's from the album up your britches she's from Australia on tenant. Com
00:12:29now nobody will always lie for casting on Monday is 12 p.m. Pacific Time 3 p.m. eastern time 8 p.m. Greenwich mean time but I will say this podcast you guys I need to know that but if you listen to this and you like a style then dude join us for Life show it's always nice and you can come chat to us directly and I'll chat room along with other people you. You're so sweet to me and Justin are podcasts on Wednesday and you can set up the website for the compliment but I will say meaningful psycho cast list if we were decided on a desert island I would be really sad but eventually the day came when I had to eat you
00:13:17is that she had to go to Cookeville list Allied and if you ever said the other day you never say hi again however I have previously had long conversations with my closest friends about whether they would eventually be able to do that if it came down to it it's an interesting conversation starts at 5 people if you do it with strangers they will just that you already very strange and you'd like to submit music rather than talk about eating people then you can do that Justin Wayne show.com food slash submit music where little bit behind but we will get to it eventually so do be patient and we will listen
00:13:54it's not time for a favorite track of the week and as I normally that Justin handle this area of things I'm going to wing it and play a note bus the two of us will get back in time and play what are the odds tracks from that debut album Plus in the moment it's a beautiful song it's cool if I succeed
00:14:23the keeps telling me that you kept answer it was saying since I'm sure things will get better so I can do the times that I couldn't help myself thank you telling me
00:15:34NFL Super Bowl
00:16:01is some resume be strong and trying to hold on
00:17:54like she needs me
00:18:25Lake Houston
00:18:49pictures of
00:19:03it happens every night. Is still alive
00:19:13six. Subway on getting carried away
00:20:18Red Robin in Metairie
00:20:21Wendover well
00:21:41have a party will have a valid on the way to your dad's. I'll make you sweat
00:22:18and you are listening to the Justin Wayne show but you already knew that we owe
00:23:37not to lie. But yeah I'll break the promise not to sleep with your friends don't listen
00:26:16from Paris and Breakfast Club Band on Soundcloud or on bandcamp that battery EP. So we just had that was released in June 2015 so if you like stop. Definitely be more out by now cuz she gave wrong for that she had another party and Unleashed that's from the album revenge of the Moon scorpions everything about the naming fiber thing I'm not a big fan of guys from Atlanta find out more about them at Virgo party atl.com same how to Facebook and Twitter and they put in a submission notes of the album is a blend if you have noticed a fantasy and sci-fi themes with some dancing songs turn into
00:27:16that was the first to go they released from it and of course we had a fake check the week which is my favorite type of the week this week it is if I succeed by Vine Seasons it is still a pretty song it's not time for free music feature this week we have and also sent was new to the show but now this will be the third song we played that says because I'm fine that's why they sing the song I found another and now I've got it is cooled when we are old and the office is canini polizei if you had ever to SoundCloud page via link on her page you'll find a loads of free music treats waiting. For that but this was one of the ones that I was listening to a lot so do you have you enjoy listen to it now and then head over to offer too late it is when we are old
00:28:14Allen Joseph
00:28:19you will never sleep alone
00:28:38will sell our home with kids
00:28:44Google travel
00:28:52Jack Watson Road
00:29:15one day I'll quit my job
00:29:25I know where we need to be
00:29:35cuz your family
00:29:41you feel like home with kids
00:29:51will travel is Down syndrome
00:30:33says them Will Smith
00:30:46will do it again
00:30:58will do it all again
00:31:20all about business when it's not the way you planned
00:31:49Fairhaven station
00:32:10Basic Instinct
00:33:04see you in a bit
00:33:57the jelly project checkout Rock the jelly project.com wheel of Justin Wayne show
00:34:07don't you lie to me cuz I can't see everything you're trying to be well as soon as you shouldn't he have to have the exterior but everything is w
00:34:27I think it's about to be
00:34:48yeah that always see you are the one for me
00:34:56take a piss face cuz we're coming back home and take your place
00:35:28this a note 5 I'm too tired to blush it and kind of
00:36:24single single again that was unable to ask for my friends i m p been awhile since you paid too stressed to think sending that Ava now mail at Monaco took home female artist of somewhere Sofia and music video of the 2015 Nigeria music awards which is pretty insane so thank you very much for allowing us to pay your truck
00:36:48mixed up it's time for the top 10 hit Justin Wayne showed now as this is supposed to call a special it means that the top 10 is a little bit out of time and out of sync but it doesn't matter cuz it's a good so many ways I'm going to play it for you this was in the top 10 and it's by one of our favorite artists of the show Anna pancaldi if you just know in your hair so far all the time and if you listen to him that she's been known to have had to working all the time because she loves to talk and that's why we love to have her on this is her single could run away is actually my favorite of the ePay code there Jerry and we back in London skopic headline sure that she's plugging right now so if you like the sound of this head over to a Facebook page and grab yourself some tickets before October if you run away from the Justin mine shows top 10 constantly
00:37:47the zombies
00:37:57cuz everybody tell everybody that forget that forget since
00:38:48the zombies
00:39:10the Forgotten sword
00:39:25it's been so long
00:39:42supposed to scan
00:39:51this game cuz everybody talks everybody busy only got time to stop and stare you know they're forgetting that forgetting
00:40:41and that station just brings us to the end of all very special podcast it shorter than usual as a very pointed out hopefully. It's and you know I left feeling alone if you all this tons of food cause you can check out Justin winter don't come you can listen to our next one of these events to do that on my commute one more check if I could everything is all right which is nice way to end and it's by a band called Neil and Adam have you like that stuff check out now than Adam. Come whenever our music on Facebook thanks for listening I think Cyrus REI on signing off the bus me and Justin I shall be doing the Justin Wayne sure is produced by Rosario and Justin one for Maven FM audition is Rhonda Coombs intro song It Was Written informed by buying additional jingle production is by the cosmic blacksmith and Justin LLC
00:41:41Justin Wayne show all music played on the show has been with both in separate cost and put costs commission from the office or agents representing them that's all for me signing up for a spice cake stick on the ice and hopefully see you soon
00:42:02it doesn't matter what you look like look like everything is alright just still in Oakland
00:42:14have another look
00:42:53what's it going to take
00:42:56did you get into you
00:43:02when did you get so romantic as an automatic for you to wear your heart up on your sleep now you're breaking through this if you didn't tell him
00:44:00what is it going to change
00:45:01did you get into you
00:45:40in the UK were known as presenters in the United States or notice DJs that may have an FM were known as the boss Maven FM we know you listen at the ER. Comm

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