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First, Jim wants to create some new pets, then Quinn's back on that movie trip.  *** Don't forget: we still need your support to get to Taco Bell.  Here's the link to our GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/f/weve-never-been-to-taco-bell Here are our donation goals:$30.00 - We go to Taco Bell$100.00 - We go to Taco Bell and we live stream an episode from Taco Bell while trying Taco Bell$250.00 - We do all the above and wear suits and ties while eating Taco Bell. $500.00 - We do all the above and draw a random funder to come to Taco Bell with us. $1,000.00 - We will do all the above and rent a limo to attend the Taco Bell. $5,000.00 - We do all the above and rent out a Taco Bell for a party for our funders. $7,500.00 - We do all the above and hire a documentarian to film the entire experience of our first Taco Bell experience.$10,000.00 - We will do the above and rent a billboard about the experience. $25,000.00 - We will do the above and see if we can get Werner Herzog to narrate the documentary.  Get all your Jupiter Boys merchandise, including Double the Damon, Dave Franco's Dream Boys, and Yeh Deg apparel, at http://thejupiterboys.com/shop Theme Music - Christo Graham Our BRAND new website: http://thejupiterboys.com Our BRAND new podcast: Dave Franco's Dream BoysAnother GREAT podcast on our network: Derf and Deets Email us at [email protected]'s Twitter: @thejupiterboysQuinn's Twitter: @quinnjupiter Whadolfishark: @whadolfishark Please consider giving us a rating and/or review wherever you listen to podcasts.  That'd be rad as fuck. THIS WEEK'S SECRET MESSAGE: Go fish in your eye. 
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