Hello and welcome to episode #17 of the JOY Factor Podcast. It’s good to be here with you today and I think you’re going to enjoy this episode. I recently enjoyed a reiki session with Judy and her energy truly is special. Enjoy the show!

Judy Buchanan is an entrepreneur, Certified Medical Reiki Master, public speaker, retired U.S. Army solider, wife and mother of two. Her passion is to empower women to safely release trauma, anxiety, grief and pain so they can feel better and thrive. Judy provides Reiki treatments, Reiki classes, supports holistic workshops and retreats as well as provides lectures to educate her community.

Judy Buchanan has attained the level of Karuna Reiki Master through the International Center for Reiki Training (IRCT) and the Okuden level of Jikiden Reiki®. Certification in Medical Reiki through Raven Keyes Medical Reiki International. Certification in Sacred Childbirth with Reiki through Rev. Cori Nielsen. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work (BSW), and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). Judy spent 20+ years in the U.S. Army as Medical Service Corps Officer. Her military journey came with many adventures, friendship, and accomplishment as well as many struggles and obstacles. Judy can relate to the stressors working parents, service members, and dual military couples experience while raising a family. Like many other service members, she has been on both sides of deployment: the soldier who deployed and the family member at home taking care of the children while their spouse is away.

For many years, Judy experienced many significant health challenges and pain due to her response to high levels of stress. Her desire to heal was the catalyst to explore many complementary medicine techniques. She made great improvements from several different types of holistic therapies but Reiki was different. After having her first Reiki treatment, she knew immediately she needed to learn Reiki and share this amazing therapy with others. When we restore peace and harmony to our body, mind, spirit, or to a situation, we open the pathway so healing can occur. She has been a student of holistic therapies for more than a decade and believes education is a fundamental means of empowering others.

Judy educates our community by providing lectures on Reiki and its benefits as well as encouraging others to explore many complementary therapies to heal. She supports the Frederick County Library System Adult Education Program, Maryland State Wellness at Work Program/ Frederick Chamber of Commerce 5 Pillar of Health Lecture Series, Frederick Community Hospital Employee Health and Wellness Program, Fort Detrick United States Army Medical Materiel Development Agency’s Stress-Free Zone, and Frederick Community College Employee Wellness Fair.

Judy’s passion is realized through the development of her practice where she provides Reiki treatments and training classes to clients, and through community contribution by providing Reiki treatments to cancer patients and staff at the Frederick Memorial Hospital Cancer Center.  She also volunteers with Veterans Team Recovery Immersion Process (VETRIIP) a non-profit organization located in Texas and Operation Second Chance located in Maryland providing women veterans with Reiki treatments and stress reduction techniques to provide comfort, as well as pain and stress relief.  

Contact Information: facebook: @judybuchananenergy

Judy's Joy Tips!

How to define my joy factor?  Gratitude is the key to happiness


Don’t worry Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin

Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. – Rumi

Online Resources to create Joy: Kari Samuels Intuitive Counselor and Happiness Coach

James Corden’s Karpool Karaoke – Cracks me up  

Music – i.e. my JOY JAM:

Feeling Good – Michael Buble

Brave – Sara Bareilles

Unconditionally- Katy Perry

We are family – Sister Sledge

You are not alone – Marie Miller

Happy – Pharrell Williams

Good to be Alive – Any Grammer

Rise – Katy Perry

Favorite book:  The Travelers Gift - Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success by – Andy Andrews

 The lesson pertaining to happiness in The Travelers Gift:

Today I will choose to be happy – Anne Frank

           Our very lives are fashioned by choice. First, we make choices. Then our choices make us.


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00:00:09welcome to the Joy factor a podcast dedicated to helping you create a path to joyful living each and every day we are sharing inspiration from real people combined with practical tools you can use to unleash the playful and joyful Spirit already inside you now here's your host therapist life coach and yoga teacher Julie Hansen
00:00:36oh and welcome to the Joy Factor podcast my guess today is Judy Buchanan is an entrepreneur a certified medical Reiki master public speaker retired US Army soldier wife and mother of two her passion is to empower women to safely release trauma anxiety grief and pain so that they can feel better in Thrive Judy provides Reiki treatments Reiki classes she supports holistic workshops and Retreats as well as providing lectures to educate her community and I knew when I met her and got to know her a little bit that she was just exactly the type of gas that we wanted to have in the joy Factor so I really am looking forward to talking to her
00:01:38so glad you're here can we start by having you just a little bit about why is it that you're so passionate about being a certified medical Reiki master
00:01:52thank you so much for having me today and I would like to start out with why I'm so passionate about it is because I've been through my own healing journey and I know that it can support others in a very caring non evasive non-intrusive way so my background includes quite a few of different illnesses that I had during my 30s and and also in my twenties in which I was under a lot of stress as you mention mother wife active duty military also going to school the same time I'm sure many people on the podcast can relate to that stress level and being under so much stress I started to have a lot of different health issues as I mentioned gastrointestinal issues heart palpitations off balance and then because of all those different things going on I also had uterine issues I
00:02:52six surgeries Sequoia lot of trauma occurred from the the surgery pieces although I love Western medicine and it does phenomenal work what are the things that occurred to me was that I wasn't getting everything that I needed and I needed to find another way to help myself heal through all the the stress that I was experiencing the health issues that I was experiencing so I tried a variety of holistic practices on this journey of healing and when I came to experience Reiki for the first time I had never known about it and actually it was my massage therapist who recommended it to me and I'm like what's that and so I went for the very first time and I could feel the energy moving in my body and and the movement of release happening I actually got off the table and said to the practitioner oh my gosh this was phenomenal I need to learn this and that really began my journey of a
00:03:52flooring specifically the practice of Reiki and here I am now very very passionate about helping others release their trauma release their emotions that they carry in their body cuz as we know we have a physiological response to emotions energy in motion if you well and physiological response there's a chemical reaction and that leads to basically is carrying the issues in our tissues so I'm really passionate about Reiki specifically for for one particular reason and that is is that it's so safe so non evasive and it has new contraindications so it can be used in a variety of settings with all types of ailments because what we're helping others to do is get into that space of healing within the body do you want to tell us a little bit more just briefly about that space of healing and understand what your
00:04:52talking about cuz you gave me a Reiki session and I can attest to the fact that it made me feel safe I could feel the energy it really was a grounding and relaxing experience what would someone expect if they came to you though and you were in the they didn't know a single thing about Reiki how would you explain what what they might expect shirt it's a deep relaxation technique that allows people to move in their nervous system to the heel digest rest aspect so let me explain that a little bit further so constantly responding to the world around us and how we respond is through our nervous system that's the subtle energies of the body that that we have moving through us on a constant basis what can happen to people that always they have a trauma in their life or they're just stressed out with everything that's been going on and as I said earlier we have a chemical reaction within our body and that's happening with our nervous system as well so they
00:05:52two aspects there's the sympathetic aspect which is your fight flight or freeze and then there's the parasympathetic aspect which is the heel digest rest notice the heel digest rest so what can happen to us if we can get into this space of being stuck on in the sympathetic aspect of fight flight or freeze and that's when people say oh I am so stressed out well what that does is that when we're stuck on in that Arena we don't move over to the heel digest rest noticed the heel part of that so we actually have to get into this piece of healing for our body to do what it's designed to do which is heal itself so how does Reiki help do that so Ricky as I said earlier is a deep relaxation technique using light touch so a person that would come to me first of all they would get a full explanation but secondly how it would work is they would either lay on a massage table fully closed or sit in a chair for
00:06:52clothes and it's through light touch that we start moving into that space of relaxation when we have healthy light touch there is a hormones that's released called oxytocin it's called The Love hormone or the cuddle hormone so all human beings need this in fact there was studies across the board and even in Russia with young with young babies that didn't Thrive because they weren't touched so especially in our society today we need Healthy Touch so Ricky is a very light touch or no touch cuz again we're working with the subtle Energy Systems of the body to bring you into a deep state of relaxation so that you can do your own self healing which is what we all do in any healing Arena whether it's Western medicine or in any of the practices that you would consider complementary or alternative all of those people and organizations are facilitating your healing you actually have to do
00:07:52healing your body has to do that work and if you're constantly in a state of stress you're not getting the healing done that you need to get done so when somebody comes to me I would explain a little bit about what they would be experiencing within their body when they when I practice Reiki sometimes people feel cold sometimes they feel warm. Sometimes they feel a little tingling their muscles might twitch a little bit that's a releasing process but what we're doing as we get you into that state of deep relaxation your subtle Energy Systems if you will begin to relax to and open up so that you can release what you are carrying and mainly this is primarily related to your emotions which create those chemical reactions in the body and as we said earlier at our issues Living Art issues so we start to move those emotions from the body and as you do so
00:08:50as you release and you let go that allows for your body to do the healing that it needs to do and it's all great so that I love what you're saying that reminder of kind of waking up our ability to trust that were capable of doing around healing and that we don't have to depend on you know just the resources outside of us that isn't just about the doctor or the massage therapist or that you know modality of treatment but just really sort of waking up trust and how powerful is that and I think that that is you know really a theme that seems to run through all of the gas that I've spoken with and the each of them has its or their own unique view on what that looks like and how it manifests in their life and work so how do you define your joy Factor so my joy factor is embracing life on a daily basis and I'm the kind of person
00:09:50really does believe that gratitude facilitates happiness and being grateful for what I have and the people that's around me helps me to be even happier generally Emma optimistic happy kind of person but I'm human and like every human I go through all the different phases of emotion sadness grief hate anger and fear fear of the unknown but when I get into those places I've become more aware of my own feelings and I think that's a critical factor in in creating our own Joy is understanding what we're feeling for ourselves and then helping ourselves move out of that emotion not that we're not supposed to experience the emotion cuz I think a lot of people actually fight against it which kind of keeps it in place we are supposed to experience the wide spectrum of emotions it's just letting it move through us
00:10:50and kind of dropped behind us or let go of it as part of the process as opposed to holding on to it and so when that happens for me let's say I get into something that is really upset me and I start ruminating about it what are the things that I'll do to help myself get that Joy Factor back is I'll distract myself with something that makes me feel joyful so I have my jam to my music jam that I'll put on or I'll watch something that makes me laugh that distraction gets me out of that rumination or that like constant thought of why does that happen to me or why am I feeling this way so that's how I get my joy Factor back is by doing those type of things and enjoy it for me and general is just it's being grateful for every day that I have here and thankful for what I have in general so if one of our listeners is thinking okay
00:11:50that sounds great but I'm stuck and I just don't even know where to begin like it sounds good I believe what you're saying I don't know how that could apply to me can you offer one little tip on the very smallest step just the tiniest thing that somebody who might be struggling could do to begin to lift up toward what you're talking about toward this ability to stop and notice the feelings and to be able to kind of have a you know you're on self-care kit week what would be one thing that might be helpful for somebody to talk to you really just remember to take a tiny step toward what you said about gratitude facilitating happiness so I would first say
00:12:47take a breath so for me anxiety fear those have been really significant factors in my life and what I recognized was I needed to breathe I needed just to take a moment the simplest little thing to recognize okay what's going on inside of me so when I see say breathe I really mean take a moment and do a nice long and hail weather that's a count of 4 can of six whatever feels right for you and then a nice long exhale and ideally would be nice to do that like four or five times over and but it's it's just taking that moment actually breathe cuz I never used to breathe it was shallow breathing all the time so that would just be one little Stop to Start raising yourself from that emotion that you're feeling because
00:13:47my breathing is so important it's because when we take these long deep breaths we are actually affecting the physiology of the body remember how I was talking about the sympathetic and the parasympathetic aspects of the nervous system so the sympathetic the aspect of being in that state of fear or that state of emotion that is so intense state of stress so when we take a nice long deep breath it's actually changing the dynamic in the brain that's happening at that moment it's saying to the Rain okay since I'm taking this nice long deep breath I must be safe enough to take the breath
00:14:28so you the brain is actually reacting to that nice long deep breath and it's helping us get into that state of being able to recognize what's going on for ourselves and that's why it's so important to learn how to breathe again we do it naturally when we wake up in the morning our belly goes in and out as we did when we were young but as the day goes on we breathe lots of people breathe shallow and I was one of those people that's excellent and I think that's breathing is free it is unlimited energy and potential it also has to be practiced when the situation is not happening
00:15:12what's the catch like there has to be a little bit of reflection when there's not something intense happening but then just to remember okay even just for a nice deep breaths very interesting what you're saying about the physiological impact of that because it's it is so fascinating the more that you learn about breathing the more there is to learn and the more that you really can certify unlock the power of it all right so Judy do you have a choice role model is there some person or some quote or something that you think that you know it might be helpful for our listeners or that's been helpful to you and your own life well I do have a joy role model and that is my father and he had he's actually passed on he he passed in the 90s but he was silly and funny and took life with a grain of salt
00:16:12you know he would always say don't worry be happy but I do have a quote that I think would be impactful for others and that's your task is not to seek love but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it and it's by Rumi and so it's helping ourselves to understand the barriers that we've created for yourself because happiness is a choice I know it's challenging to thinking that way sometimes but it truly is it's a choice we can wake up in the morning and be happy and grateful for what we have right here in the moment and so it's it's finding that space that makes sense for us to make that choice and to alleviate the burdens that we've been carrying you know so like with Ricky one of the things that I love about it is I meant to say that people are kind of like onions we have layers and layers to us and so
00:17:12helping to facilitate moving a layer off of what somebody's been carrying so that they're lighter and so that they can get into that space of joy and happiness because they're not caring as much as they were previously so they're not as burdened as much but my my person is definitely my dad cuz he taught me through life to embrace life and you can do anything you set your mind to but the other thing that I would say for Joy factor in general that I like to use as I have a jam and I have a book as well I have a jam which is the pet me up jam and there's several songs on there I have Feeling Good by Michael Buble Brave by Sara Bareilles I have We Are Family by Sister Sledge You're Not Alone by Marie Miller Happy by Pharrell Williams
00:18:07Good to Be Alive by Andy Grammer and then Rise by Katy Perry and then I do have a couple of online resources that I like to go to as well to get my iJoy Factor back my happiness factor and I I follow Kari Samuels intuitive counselor and happiness coach and then I love James corden's carpool karaoke he cracks me up so when I'm having one of those sessions as I talked about earlier perhaps where I'm ruminating or going through my own junk cuz we all have junk I'll go to watch one of those carpool karaoke and I just laugh and I think that's really important is to do things that help us distract us to get back into that space of of Joyful Joyful mess and it will say one other thing I do have a favorite book that I'd like to others to take a look at 2 it's called the Traveler's gift by Andy Andrews and it's seven decisions that determine personal success
00:19:08and there are seven decisions in there I won't give away what those seven decisions are but I will tell you the one that resonates as part of this discussion today and it says today I will choose to be happy and he uses a historical figures in this book and that historical figure for today I will choose to be happy is Anne Frank it's really profound and it's basically he has another quote that goes with that are very lives are fashion by choice first we make choices then our choices make us so let's choose to be happy beautiful so good thank you for sharing so many wonderful resources really important to make space for it but also and to the table here and into the community is really this idea of a team and I think that we need to just spend a second because it really is books online
00:20:08sources songs like there's so many things out there if we really stop and decide alright I'm going to amp up my joy Factor I'm going to have a little box of things that I can go to to be aware of that but then there's this other piece I have but I also need my team I need to know that there are people around me that will support me and affirming and sometimes guide me and that is you know one of the things that really strikes me about you is that you really are a facilitator you really are teacher that has so much to offer for folks that are looking to really get to that place where they can heal and where they can cuz that's what has to happen like there has to be some healing and a little bit of space create so that you can hop back on over to where you belong which is in a space where you can grab onto your own joy and your own happiness
00:21:04and one of the things that I hadn't brought up several Specialties that I have within the practice of Reiki and one of the areas that we hadn't discussed was child I work with trauma and general and as as you mentioned earlier one of the other areas that's important to me is the areas that I've already been familiar with which is First Responders people who run into danger the second area is being in the hospital as a US Army soldier I was a medical service Corps officer and so I was in the Army Medical Department for more than 20 years so being in a hospital setting and that's the medical aspect of what I do but the thing that I wanted to bring up right now is sacred childbirth with Reiki that is about is helping women who are either trying to conceive or have conceived release any trauma associated with
00:22:04with bursting or any trauma that they've had in relation to their own birth or any kind of sexual trauma as well it's a really beautiful process of helping women get into that space of healing and as I mentioned earlier release those burdens that they're carrying in their tissues emotionally so that they can be prepared to either conceive or to have a more empowered and peaceful childbirth supporting the mother but also the partner can get involved as well and then most importantly the child that's coming into the world so if we think about birth in general and we think about how when a child is inside the womb and how the child can feel and understand and is receiving all the signals from the mother if the mom is stressed out all the time that's also going to impact the child that's coming into the world and so if we can help the mom get to a place
00:23:04and empower the mom where she can be in that seat of relaxation not that that's something constant but if we can release that trauma we can release some of what has occurred in her life up until that point and facilitate her getting into that healing space how much more empowered will she be for that birth as well as that child coming into the world we're setting them both up for Success so that's an area that we hadn't talked about in general but something that can be really empowering for the mother and for the father to because they're a part of this process too so that's an area that I wanted to just focus on is part of this discussion that that I think people should know about because we're impacting not just one person two and three people you know that the mother of the child and the spouse and so and I'm glad you brought that up because that is one of the very
00:24:04fascinating areas but you know we talked about so glad somebody contact you would they contact you if they were having trouble getting pregnant would they contact you to help with the delivery like just what would that look like how would somebody know how you can help them specifically surrounding birth if someone is trying to conceive absolutely because again we wanted to release and let go of any of those emotional burdens that they may be carrying that could be keeping them in that state of stress and therefore not necessarily facilitating the the conception part not to say that there could be other health issues associated with it I am not a doctor or a nurse that's be very clear on that but any stress associated in the person's life can be contributing to them not being able to conceive so prior to conception they can con
00:25:04if they've already conceived then in preparation for birth I'm not a doula nor am I at Nora my Midwife what my job is in this process if you are pregnant is to help you release any of the trauma that you've experienced related to birthing if you've already had children or to your own birth or if there was any kind of drama in that area of your life sexual trauma so when we let go of all of that then we're moving forward in a space of again less caring less burden so less stress which then impacts the baby that's in the womb now because I've also been trained as a medical Reiki practitioner what the medical aspect of that is is that I could actually support the person in the hospital setting going through the birth so sacred childbirth with Ricky is in preparation of bursting so it's providing skill set
00:26:04as well as releasing trauma prior to birth but should somebody go into the hospital and they're about to have a baby absolutely I can help them get into that study of healing and relaxation while they're actually giving birth and again I'm not into a lot I would work in collaboration with Angela I would work in collaboration with and wouldn't Midwife or if you're in a hospital setting I would be there and work in collaboration with the medical professionals
00:26:34it's it's part of being in a community it's part of being as part of a team and and as I said this practice is complementary non evasive and no contraindications that's why there's many hospitals that are offering Reiki as an additional tool VA centers hospice so because they understand that when people get into a more relaxed State and they're not weighed out then they're able to do their self-healing more efficiently yes and I appreciate you kind of clarifying that so we're not Ricky is the end-all-be-all and that you should stop you know going to see your medical provider this is more of a complementary tool to add to your toolbox so really this is all about helping people get closer to connecting with around Joy so are there any special programs are offering
00:27:34things that you want to make sure we know about so how listeners can find me is on my webpage is probably the best way to go and it's www. Judy Judy Buchanan Buchanan. Com so thank you so much I will have Judy Buchanan. Com listed on me joy Factor podcast website so you will know how to get ahold of Judy and I can't thank you enough for coming in today so much it was a pleasure
00:28:08thanks for listening to the Joy factor for more information visit www.

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