Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, and science communicator.
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00:04:53I'd say 10% off any and all supplements my guess today is one of the coolest people on the planet Earth one of the most important people on the planet Earth and he is fascinated by the Stars give it up for my friend Neil deGrasse Tyson
00:05:11The Joe Rogan Experience
00:05:19you're ready but it's very kind of Indiana Jones but right away you're dancing on the edge and so there's a website like big heads.com from his hat on I couldn't believe how big his head was like there was like an inch Gap all around my head so if you know your had your head size that number comes from somewhere I tell you what is sure so if you measure the circumference of your head just get a tape measure but you measure your waistline what do it around your head take that number divided by pi
00:06:10the measure hat size just seems complicated 32 is why I can't just be the circumference right so what it turns out to be so what that means is if you're / Pi you're getting the the diameter of the circle
00:06:32that has the same dimensions as the circumference of your head to give an oblong head then what it's doing is finding out what the circle is the diameter of the circle that has that same circumference is your head that's what that's doing for what helps to have the hat maker some MMA I'm a fat slob right now I was like damn
00:07:32are you back in the day but can you shred it in that are the wrestlers that are skinnier thighs and think so I was also taller than anyone I wrestled so since we're the same height limit they have bigger muscles actually so do the same weight right but I'm sure that right I'm taller over the same wait let me see it bigger muscles has none of us have fat right so I had to do things that my lankiness would enable me to do and to accomplish that they couldn't drive Long Reach you know this or that I should I scoop and Ankle that kind of things to having long limbs in martial arts the space particularly wrestling and I was both but if I if they got me in their grip by it was hard for me to get out what kind of exercise you do these days
00:08:30been trying I'm trying I'm trying what I mean I'm good but I've just got so much going on and I acted like make the time that sounds so bomb right when you become a little bit of food documentaries you know trying to get you to eat differently so I thought I watch them all I've been down there one weekend while I was doing other stuff and I got hungry he lost he put a bowling ball up on the counter and said that is what I'm not carrying around with me about 15 lb I said wow he's measuring weight and bowling balls that's something cuz we say I'm a 3lb last in 2 lb that doesn't hit you emotionally the way a bowling ball does back you've lost 15 pounds cuz no one wants to be carrying that around so psychologically I thought that was quite potent that is why I usually use like plates I think of way
00:09:30plates are dumbbell intermittent fasting pretty recently where I only allow myself to eat 10 hours in a day 2014 I had a Terry Crews on my radio show on Straight Talk boys my boys ripped okay so he doesn't eat until 12 noon that's right lunch and breakfast is so he's got to overcome that but it's what's a little bit of fasting each day. It also forces your body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates in
00:10:30cast of the carbohydrate crash that you got is that outside the realm of possibility I'm a guy in there babe it's in there I got raped over the coals not by everyone but I tweeted once I said it was a diet book written by a physicist it we can tame one sentence
00:10:54consume calories at a lesser rate then that's the one sentence diaper is all the details or just cut off the stage window dressing you get down to the window itself and that's what the analysis works on rarely seen you attacked but I did see you attacked when you were celebrating Sir Isaac Newton's birthday that people were so mad incorrect in the date of Jesus's birthday that is not the date of Jesus was not born on the 25th highest
00:11:54did tweet tweet tweet years ago on December 25th comes birthday on this day long ago a child was born who by age 30 would transform the world Happy Birthday Isaac Newton born December 25th 1640 to 79 thousand thousand people just lost it was interesting because he Civilization by actually did it by time he was 26 so yes it's provocative cuz you're expecting the Jesus is going to end that but I thought I'd share some actual truth and so some people celebrated it deeply religious people one had a headlines
00:12:54benefit of actually haven't been born that day then later on it more subtle than that with Newton cuz he was on the Julian calendar which was
00:13:03which is 10 days shifted from the Gregorian calendar so if you ask what would his birthday be today it would be January 4th not December 25th so when he was born his mother was celebrating Christmas so that's really what matters for that to eat your real Christian you would understand that that the birthday was shifted in order to comply with Pagan religion that's exactly it would did landed I don't know how many people know that actually I mean you're well red guy but so if you give me a minute to just explain that so December 21st we know his first day winter shortest day of the year and what makes it short shortest daylight of the year what makes it short the Ark of the sun across the sky is very low the sun doesn't get very high and it doesn't stay up for very long and it's been coming along and lower Ark everyday on route to December 21st the ancient peoples were worried about this cuz everyone worship the sun cuz it major crops company gave you
00:14:03you say walk if this keeps going lower and lower in the sky we going to lose the sun in tirely December 21st the sun slows down and it stops this load is dropped and it's moving across the sky from day-to-day so that's stopping of the sun is Solstice that's Latin the stationary something like Armistice stationary arms right from the end of the first world war. Was in November 11th that was Armistice Solstice so so the movement of the sun lower in the sky stops but that doesn't mean it's going to come back it takes a few days for us to to slow down stop and then reverse it is coming back let's celebrate that and that's a few days after December 21st it's about December 25th the pagan holiday celebrating the return of the sun Christianity is trying to take foothold where they were where pagans once roamed and you've you put celebrations that match there's just
00:15:03the shift is not as hard for you and the unknown birthday of Jesus with an assigned this Pagan day of Celebration to make that transition easier for the pagans to become Christians and sure enough it the Romanian Christmas Day the birth of Jesus in the New Testament that reference with the Sheep were doing plus there's a census being taken by the Romans you know which is why and Mary goes to the manger the animals are not in the manger and not at the shelter there's secondary evidence which probably happened in the Spring commercial space travel seems inevitable. Do you think that is possible that maybe you can even offer up a flat Earth believer tour where you take them like at the very least take them up to laugh
00:16:03it's like 22 hours a day. Call me a sellout I'm a sellout around Earth sell out like as if there's old surround Earth money or checks to get some presents Duke from Dukes in the news last couple of days I saw that as an educator I thought about this okay so here's here's what matters we live in a free country people should be able to think whatever they want
00:16:52whenever they want provided it doesn't subtract the way from someone else's rights okay so thinking the Earth is flat doesn't harm anyone unless
00:17:03you want to run for office so what do you want some position of power over other people that's when it's dangerous I thinking of elevator abanks where they have numbers you know you have a photo essay of what elevators look like inside I know it's just not even that what are the numbers on the panel without 413 you mean exactly so about 80% of buildings taller than 12 stories don't have a 13th floor okay and so this tricks a deck of phobia again in a free country if you if you want to be afraid of the number 13 go right ahead it just seems to me you should not be tasked with designing elphick or if that's your fear
00:17:53find something else to do holding aside the fact that I'm a little scared that in this 21st century United States of America we have people walking Among Us afraid of the number 13 what does that mean I don't know in the long run but if you keep to yourself and don't harm others think whatever you want so that the rubber hits the road is do not have power over others and that's where the failure of the educational system actually manifests you just calling it the 43 cross out the 4th to the 13th floor you're not fooling anybody when you see it on an elevator and you like you said no 13 and plus they could try to fake you out by 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 and then you have to go to the next Road and begin to for the 14th so you don't see 12 right next to 14 and that's some other types of modern
00:18:53buildings will put their there they're their heavy machinery like a h v AC on the 13th floor so that there's no residency there still say it's the 13th floor and then there's a 14-4 never have a dummy 13th button do you press it and never lights up like I don't get it I can't get nobody lives there that's too clever Idaho this is one of the 20% of people that make sense this what a great building they went up to the 11th floor but there is no 11th floor in the mannequins come to life at night I forgot about that what they leave this store floors and they all go to 11 that have a cocktail party and they vote which one of them is going to become human for a day Twilight Zone was so good who's the best television there ever was like still to this day ever just jumped up so many great premises
00:19:53free arrows in black and white so Shadows were completely dark shadows don't have much meaning when you're filming color cuz everything is just there but in black and white and yeah so I watch to serve man the other guy and I deserve I had it on The Addams Family yeah that was a great one cuz it was just like it had all the elements of people going well you know they seem dying so I assumed they were in our time it was great this was a one-woman performance
00:20:41and I forgot who was it was not Agnes Moorehead One of these women of that era it'll come to me in a minute and she's living alone in Farmhouse no electricity she's got farm and she's alone and some alien spacecraft lands on a roof
00:21:00and it's got these devices got the saws and Blazer is cutting through things and she's freaking out she's got the pan in the pots in the rolling pin and and she did she get the good the shotgun and she's attacking this that and you don't know what it is and it's not whites anything and it's just tiny little thing it's like 3 inches across right and it turns out that's the thing that's attacking her and then she finally comes out okay and then
00:21:31I got to get about the shows 40 years all I can give the punchline okay so she actually successfully damages the thing and then that you zoom in on it right and then you hear a radio transmission from the aliens that are inside and it says hello hello Houston there's a giant who's trying to attack us
00:21:54we need help send packing up this it was great like well we were the Invaders that was us landing on her home on some other planet or some parallel Earth from some other dimension was its Earth is small but I put the whole show you won't have to report an alien's these aliens are trying to hurt her when they're just it was our space probe just trying to explore its environment is it possible that it's like another dimension it's us in another dimension and they are landing on earth except it is what parallel Evolution what is the definition of infinity that somewhere some if if there is really an Infiniti there is not only a you and I but there's a you and I
00:22:54everybody else we've ever met and all the exact events in the exact same order of gone down infinite number of times including this conversation except except there is I don't know how many people know this but often is mind-blowing when you learn that some infinities are bigger than others
00:23:13Joe Rogan just lean 2 feet away from the microphone are the same size I slept okay not remember when you were a kid that's what the biggest let me know a million other than millionaire want Billy was a building anymore other than knowing kid was added want to be able to check if anyone and if any of the same number okay so here's an example the number of counting numbers so 1 2 3 up to Infinity the numbers you would use to count things that's infinite
00:23:56the number of irrational numbers so the numbers that you cannot represent as a fraction okay
00:24:05that there's more there more of those in the are counting numbers
00:24:12so these are orders of infinity then there are more there are more transcendental numbers then there are irrational numbers what's a transcendental number so that's a number that you'll never find as a solution to to an algebraic equation so Pi is a transcendental number is a trance music DJ Magic numbers that show up in mathematics and there's turns out there is like an even bigger Infiniti of those then there is of these other two classes of numbers and they use the the the the Hebrew letter aleph the in in in Rankin shows LS1 LS2 LS3 I think it five levels Infinity so my point is just because there's infinite universe is to me doesn't mean there's in for the conversation that have happened and I want to really explore the depths of Infinities before I say and agree with you that this conversation is happened a million that you know
00:25:12X Injustice way except you have a different Engineers sitting next to us for this semester infiniti's in there that deserve some explanation Mansion is not handling this well epigraph of of the book for people in a hurry astrophysics for people in a hurry astrophysics for people in a hurry the universe is under no obligation to make sense to you and so it makes sense to you that the universe is under no obligation to make sense so it's okay if your brain hurts when I say there's a rank
00:26:12infiniti's but but you shouldn't say that doesn't make sense therefore it is not true so how can something that has no end be larger than something else has to the way they do that mathematically the way to demonstrate that matter matter is used to view map one item in the set of this Infinity two corresponding items in the set of the other Infinity so you do this so you take the one in your map into like the first transcendental number takes it to the second you just keep doing this and when you do that mathematically what you find that one Infinity outstrips the other Infinity wow and then you left with more with more numbers so that shows you that you have a bigger infinity or there's a new NASA announcement that supposed to is it Monday that's supposed to be announced or just replace it tomorrow or Wednesday
00:27:12I don't have tails I'm not authorized do the things lately he doesn't have some free time. You a lot so thank you so here's some things are good because it matches saying that it's it's a it's a stunning new announcement will what could be more than the fact that we already know that there are there earth-like planets orbiting in the Goldilocks zone of the nearest star to the sun Proxima Centauri can you do better that than that for me NASA I don't think so unless you got some extra stuff you going to tell us like
00:28:09what's been a cottage industry in the last couple of years is the observation of Planet atmospheres as the planet passes in front of The Host stock life from the host Ark passes through the atmosphere and it is off and the light signatures altar by the chemistry of the atmosphere so depends where the chemicals are you little influence the spectrum that you get and when you do that you can say hey what's the chemical composition of the atmosphere of that star is there certain there's a certain combinations of elements that we would call biomarkers know we can't look down to the surface of the planet and look at the cities if there are any but there are consequences in the atmosphere to there being life on the surface such as is there oxygen there
00:28:55I used to think when I was watching Star Trek when I was a kid and I saw it in real time that's how old I am when it first came out original series Star Trek characters never wore space suits you ever wonder I mean you ever thought about that okay what happens if they visit planets that have nitrogen oxygen atmosphere Jim alright well that's what our atmosphere is oxygen they go down they don't need a spacesuit actually thought about that and that's their solution so that must mean there be planets that you can find that well here's the thing we have oxygen on Earth only because there is life on Earth not any kind of life photosynthesizing life we have life that takes sunlight
00:29:38turns it into chemical energy into itself into wood into plants and one of its by-products is oxygen oxygen is chemically active if you took away all plants tomorrow that oxygen would slowly get absorbed chemically into the environment and then you would not have oxygen there to be viewed by aliens trying to see if we have life here that's pretty surprising people know that we're mostly nitrogen and 78% oxygen in our atmosphere you know what happens if you have too much oxygen if you'd like let's say 50% oxygen what happens is like a forest fire would never go out oxygen feeds compression and so you could basically burn all the vegetation in the world it's oxygen went above certain threshold so you need it high enough so that you can still have oxygen metabolism but not so high that it's bad for lightning triggered forest fire
00:30:38I see that if I don't know because it's been a cottage industry the last couple of years that's fine he's biomarkers do you have unstable chemistry going on in that an atmosphere because if you do it mean something's generating it and and certain combinations of chemistry tells you there's likely to be life of some kind kids ago we had speculation of other planets but we really didn't have any tangible proof in fact anyone anytime I give a public talk to you do this so you are in your gigs that's who he was born since 1995 okay and your audience Lindsay on so you'll be some fraction Leon into the razor hand and so what I do is I like them as generation exoplanet because 1995 was the first year that in that it a planet outside of our solar system was discovered so they have been alive only during a time when we've known him
00:31:38other star systems generation Excel file that's what I want to start that movement so crazy that's so if you stop and think about what a short. Of time that is it in that. Of time what bus drivers are rising through 3000 exoplanets it's engineering and technology and then telescope Quality Inn and imaging quality and if there's a lot that goes on to the advance of science it's not just how clever you are I in an Einstein Ian way do you know good Engineers to build a device to make the measurement just how we discovered gravity waves and what's your take on that planet that supposed to be outside the Kuiper belt that did so on so forth and so far all the data look convincing other objects in the Kuiper belt and look at the college so it's it's a Mike Brown
00:32:38do I get blamed for killing Pluto but I was an accessory for sure but I didn't definitely didn't kill that dude kill Bluto by he found another object that was basically the size of Pluto out there so either you make that a planet or you demote Pluto is Pluto a moon so so don't get me started our moon has five times the mass of Pluto so the moon was lame from the beginning all right we we thought it was big we wanted it to be big we we we we made it one of us one of the 9 and its size didn't settle out until the late 1970s movie had better and better more accurate ways to measure its eyes and that's what we learned it's small even compared to our own but we have a big moon but if you're not going to take our moon is a planet you surely not going to think the Pluto was planning out there the same team Constantine pronounce his last name
00:33:38Jen and Mike Brown but both at Caltech and they found these objects in the outer the Kuiper belt of icy bodies were Pluto's remember you track their motion and you say okay if I add a gravity that's affecting the Malaysian move this way but they don't they move another way but different way so either Newton's laws of gravity or failing in the outer solar system or there's some object out there whose grab that you have yet to reconcile with the Motions of these objects so they said let's assume Newton is right what object do we have to put out there at what distance and what size to influence the movement of these Kuiper Belt object in the way we see it as law and measure of where you might find a new planet in space
00:34:38so for example is a little there's a factor in there that help the inner planets come out right but but looks just like two and a half times the Earth's distance from the Sun what comes after Mars Jupiter Jupiter is 5 * or assistance so both walk it's just a simple arithmetic scheme is not based on any known physics to work in that wouldn't didn't have Pluto was Pluto isn't a planet anyway but anyhow it was a it was a is a fudgie way that was mostly right by accident and this was in like what year was this that was 1800s basically yeah yeah so now we have very high Precision modeling and they're saying there's got to be a planet
00:35:38we're here in this Ark of the sky let's look for it cuz we think that's the effect of the orbits of these other object that is a completely Noble way to discover a planet that's how Neptune was discovered and because everyone looks at the orbit of Uranus and said you know you're in this is not following Newton's Laws maybe maybe not as long as you don't work that far out is that have been tested that far and they so let's let's assume it works and ask what would have to influence it and if I do it's a difficult mathematical calculation cuz you're not saying here's the object what's the gravity field you saying here's the gravity field I need where is musty object B and how massive must be that's a much harder mathematical problem to solve and so once the the the current orbit of Uranus was known and calculated they started looking for another planet and that's how they discovered planet Neptune
00:36:38was that the movement of Uranus's orbit was not following proper laws and then for the presence of Neptune they said look here tomorrow night and they look there and they found it yet so display know we're going back to the 19th century so I mean people people with bad ass at every at Generations got their bad ass scientist further out from the known solar system is this planet so I'm not quick to call a planet nine because so far I'll say it's 20,000 times farther away from the Sun than the Earth is so I'm not sure you're not in the family. You're not in the hood sorry I'm not feeling like calling Connecticut New York City it's like six times the mass of the Earth forgot Mass they were signing it but if that were in our solar system that we don't question you would label it is planet
00:37:38child star that that exhaust Not That Bass no no no no no she might be thinking if that's what I think you're a good memory long ago in a galaxy far away sometime in 1970s people looked at the extinction record on Earth and every twenty thousand years they found a little blip a little dip and the fossil record where we lost some species of people wondering why could there have been some flux of comets raining down periodically on the earth wreaking havoc on the echo system rendering species extinct in these periodic animals if there is maybe there's some double star to the sun rise some jump start system so they invoke it and then they called and they gave me the name and so you know what. Org. That object must have it's got a match the extinction periodicity and so it's got to be a 20000 year. And so but people look for it they could
00:38:38find it and then you reanalyze the the extinction record and it was you you have to fudge it to make it look like it was periodic so basically we've abandon the idea of nut of Nemesis aren't binary star systems really, more than half the Stars you see in the night sky are binary or multiple systems in fact the iconic image from Star Wars the original Star Wars movie before they numbered them I think it's always for whatever the desert planet that Luke was on and he comes out after visiting is was was a stepparent know his doctor parents when he comes out and you see a double Sunset so that's basically the only accurate science in the entire series 2010 I really enjoyed is your ear taking apart of gravity gravity and how many people got mad at him for that
00:39:38when I watch a movie I'm having those thoughts anyway so I might as well share them with people if you're interested so I did just that and then people the last time I did it was for Star Wars the Force awakens Star Wars 7 I had a series of tweets you don't know one of them was bb-8 a smooth rolling metal circle ball would have skidded uncontrollably on sand people got angry so much so shut the fuk up okay so so I said okay I'm not here to get people angry I'm just here to Enlighten to help people enhance their movie going experience what to expect it is not accomplishing that I don't need to do it I'm just saying I don't have an educator I thought I was being nice I don't need to do so I haven't tweeted about a movie since then I got to stop by
00:40:38get a chance soon as I see a movie that starts out I don't spoil starts out with a sick kid on my fuck you doing oh yeah yeah okay so just give it a chance but anyhow I just thought maybe I'll come back but I'm explain noise it's not plausible those two satellites are anywhere near each other readers jetpack my way back just use me lady hey lady do you know how far away these are from one another around for one Space Station II can't do it ten thousand miles from one another
00:41:38reading my movie tweets and those sweets a couple years ago in gravity came out with Sandra Bullock and and and George Clooney so I tweeted it and they got talked about on the on the Today Show set the set the weekend Today show on NBC that was talked about on NBC Nightly News then wait we talked about on Saturday Night Live Weekend Update NBC Trifecta and I said oh my gosh this was not that was not the point I didn't seek this that fine I'm glad they they are reacting this way cuz that means they care about the science maybe but what Seth Meyers there cuz he was doing Weekend Update at the time he said that's your business Neil deGrasse Tyson harshly criticized the movie ready scientific inaccuracies for example there is no way George Clooney would have spent that
00:42:38I'm talking to a woman his own neighborhood I think it's great it's like that but it's important to point out what the science errors are I think I think I think the movie could have done better honestly I think I could have made the same things they got wrong by the way they did some stunning things correctly for example this is this is Brian if you're in zero-g
00:43:18fire basically puts itself out
00:43:22so think about when you burn a candle on Earth so you like the wick if there's people candles anymore they forgot what candle is you light it with a match that you used to get from smoking lounges at bars are so you like the candle and it stays with the fuel is the wax the oxygen continually comes in because it heats the air around it in the air rises hot air rises and fresh air comes in from below and has fresh oxygen so we can will steal it until it burned all the way down in space if you light a candle you can light the candle little heat the air for the air will not know where to go because it's not later than everything because it's in zero-g it'll stay clustered around the candle the candle use up all the oxygen in that bubble and it'll put itself out
00:44:11they did this in the movie so why do they have some good science I met you can't think of everything so they just have you on everything so judgemental so much as this movie the fact that I got so much right is what put it on my map to criticize what I got wrong that makes sense what does that make slime with hair okay in space in zero-g they're here is flying everywhere it's the first thing you notice about them it is so obviously thinking about the spaceship or the time you look at the hair doing stuff you'll never see happen on Earth unless someone is like underwater and they're jiggling their head
00:45:11have to be critical of her about it and she only had bangs that's all you had to bring everything science right I'll be the first in line to do that in the movie Monsters Inc oh my gosh I didn't think I was going to it to another that's possible well if you had four dimensions that's what it would look like remember the movie Yes they take the doors home yesterday open the door and they're in the closet of the kid that they're going to terrorize yes that's a wormhole that's what that is what access to the fourth dimension looks like do you think scientifically that's possible one day Hillside hope so I hope so we've had a nice broad desk at this interview right so that's cuz two Dimensions it's go
00:46:11length and width and I can start putting papers on this desk and I can lay them out mosaics tile and then all the sudden I have no more room to put a sheet of paper if I'm an aunt living in the surface of the dance I say no more room
00:46:27but wait a minute we are three dimensional people and I can put an organizer and and then stack things vertically so I can take a sheet of paper and I can put it higher up than the surface of the desk the ant ant bound three-dimensional think the Mansion is it only lives in two Dimensions you would have made that paper disappear into a third dimension I don't have no clue where it went cuz you had a portal you had access to the extra Dimension so look at how much you can store on a desk when you have access to a third dimension above it
00:47:12Ashley more than just papers Mosaic out on the surface so now let's up this example by a dimension you're storing boxers in a room while I ran out of room no you didn't let's open this four dimensional door you open it put the boxes through the door close the door
00:47:31boxers gone W awesome for hoarders you look around the other side of the bomb that the door is nothing there but you're trying to do or nothing they're just a door that is a portal to a fourth dimension that cat holds Ashley more content then what is what you're stuck storing in the three-dimensional space of your room now the English and one of them is a cyclops and one of them is if you don't I'm not judging the Bayou physiology of these creatures but they got the physics of four dimensional portals completely accurate now the concept of Dimensions is where it gets really abstract peep I love me some Dimension and it is a track it is now that's why I let the math take you into those higher Dimension because our intuition will not work will fail for us but that's where it gets weird or when you say take the math or let them take you so I can Quantum physicists use these legal no pads as yellow pads and write all that crazy stuff
00:48:31nobody but you and maybe them understand look at all those equations what are they exactly figuring out that allows them to say there are I think they say on the universe but what the way it works is you you're trying to make sense of the world and so you take some leaps set some some philosophical Leafs leave some mathematical you say alright maybe all particles
00:49:14that manifests is an electron a proton and neutron made or the quarks maybe they're just strings of energy vibrating at different frequencies and we sent these different frequencies as different particles let's just go there for a minute what are the consequences to it and how many dimensions do these vibrating strings require to have the properties that we see in our dimensionality so so the exercise of explaining what you see takes you to places that you've never been before and that's fine places at intellectual places that you've done been previously unplumbed is nothing wrong with that we've done that before
00:49:58sweet that's why we know what is happening in the center of the Sun have we ever been there no no but we know how matter behaves under pressure and temperature would you do that in the laboratory we got a son sitting out there with a surface temperature a mass a certain Luminosity let me see what must be going on down in the car let's bring our best physics quantum physics our our chemistry Nuclear Physics bring it all together and we have a complete understanding what's going on in the center of the Sun a while on to other problems now even though we've never visited there so when they're going over the mathematics observable things we have right now or at like the atomic and sub-atomic level the electron just a series of this there's something called the the Great Courses lectures series
00:50:57I was once invited to be one of their professors for the Great Courses and I taught a very short most of them are like 30 bucks or just like a College semester so but I don't have the time or the energy so they let me do like short bits so one of them is only six parts and it's called the inexplicable universe and a six parts of everything about which we know nothing in this universe he might see what a pretty easy chords to get so but it's interesting to learn how we come to know what we don't know and so it's it's an exploration of our ignorance and I'm very proud of it cuz it's it's not what you normally find in a watch your series and it still is still out there but one of the things I will tell you in and I'll tell you now the electron
00:51:52has no known dimension
00:51:56it is smaller than the smallest we have ever had the capacity to measure so far as we and concern it is infinitely small we have no way to even know how to measure how do I how do you measure something small you get something smaller and find out how many of those it is challenges at each extreme ask me how big is the universe and I'll say it's as big as well I got nothing to what am I going to say right there's nothing as big as the universe
00:52:34so at the biggest standing at the Lewis and there's not something else it doesn't work as well okay to try to say what it is relative to something else in the possibility that the biggest and the littlest and the same thing meaning of the smallest measurable point that literally might be a whole nother universe that like it's fun to think about it so you mean where it's all the way down it's fun to think about again finale down like that by the way in in the 1920s when we discovered the atom and its structure and that there's an electron orbit around the nucleus it was that way we've been there before we got planets orbiting the Sun and so this this so maybe it's a mini solar system maybe it's it's solar system all the way down I'm glad you brought this up I'm glad we brought this up because I wanted to bring this question I almost forgot there's a photograph of a brain cell and side-by-side with a photograph of the known universe
00:53:34eerily similar structure that so damn images but I can't put it on there so you know that's not likely okay it was good entertain the idea but here's why it's not likely
00:54:03the manifestation of the laws of physics are different at the atomic scale
00:54:10then they are at the macroscopic scale to just simply different a planet can take any orbit sensible for its velocity around a host star
00:54:21an electron cannot which energy levels are predetermined and quantized hence the word Quantum the prefix quanta in quantum physics so if it was a Continuum of matter and energy following the same laws of physics then I would say that it's solar systems all the way down but the rules completely change and so things can on the surface seem similar but when it comes time to understand them and to analyze it and to manipulate them and to exploit their conduct in their behavior for other means as we have done with atoms and molecules for the entire it Revolution
00:55:05no longer are they the same and you abandon this romanticize concept so now with the neurons that the network of neurons and they cluster to clusters of galaxies using Galaxy supercluster that would be on the right neurons and the left so so yeah but they operate pletely different laws of physics that dictate what's going on in brain cells have no relationship to what's going on in the universe brain cells undergoing are we can take what forces are operating it's it's it's electromagnetic forces brain cells use electrical impulses chemical impulses this is why drugs can affect the brain by their chemical and there's chemistry going on in the brain in its natural state you disrupt that enhance it you just put you just put down some some some chemistry and your stomach that's now affecting your brain what you just drink there what was it
00:56:05okay so you're entering the chemistry chemistry what's going on on the large-scale structure the universe is not chemistry deep within but it's not the chemistry not what's making that pattern and because of that it becomes an artistic curiosity not something that has any kind of deep scientific inside so it's just a similarity yes it's a fascinating simile put them up together and it's fun to think about it but it's not but it's fun to think about it artistically but not scientifically know how you are subatomic particles weather moving and stationary the same time out of existence like when you get down to that
00:57:02the opening page of the book the universe is under no obligation to make sense the molecules fall outside of your life experience you don't hang out at the bar who is protons new client nucleons or your other nucleons or or molecules you just don't so what they do in their day is completely foreign to you so now you shrink down to that size and particles are popping in and out of existence there that they become conjoined quantum mechanical conjoined and it's completely weird and you would say this is none of this makes sense this is observable well depends how big is otherwise you can see other things it would happen that you know that are the manifestations of that happening yes even then
00:58:02the concept of superstring theory so assume that the strings would have to be smaller center smaller than the electronic self that I don't know I couldn't quantify for you to bring in a string theory person so it's like at the bottom of what we can observe well it's a great question what is the bottom and then you know the word atom which was introduced by the Greeks no Adam means in Greek translation indivisible matter was you'd come down to something
00:58:42that was indivisible figured out the exposed it and it was amazing that they were right and had free time and you know when they weren't Waging War I think and you know what we think of his philosophy is traceable to lot of what they were doing back then in the origins of what science is are traceable to back to back then do you have an idea that applies to what the universe does that enables you to predict future behavior that is science and so so the atom it turned out is divisible divisible into subatomic sub atom particle so you get the electrons protons neutrons and a whole host of other particles less-familiar do neutrinos and other things and it turns out protons and neutrons are further to visible that works out of those in as far as we know they're only four fundamental particles in the universe the photon which is light
00:59:42fun of which there several species into anti Electronics in there but just just just a simple hear the photon that the electron the Cork and the neutrino everything in the universe that we've ever reserved is made out of that stuff
01:00:00so those are quote the atoms of the universe the indivisible Parts if you will have people trying to figure out what Dark Matters we measured it out there we just don't know what it is dark matter and dark energy it's 95% of all the drives the universe and we can measure the existence of both yet we have no idea what's driving them this is an awesome opportunity for you to illuminate this offense in astrophysics for people in a hurry I'll come talk to me you can pre-order it which by the way Publishers love it if you preorder just like you to pre-ordered it so that they can get one over print I didn't want under print the answer they get a sense of the pre ordering cuz you're not charge until they ship it so is his a pretty harmless extra
01:01:00subject of subatomic particles in an hour if you could illuminate this often misused explanation for the observer effect because you know the particles waves and you watch them to observe them to changes the reaction is heavily misunderstood it's misunderstood because people want it to Magic The Magic just looking at it but it isn't just measuring it yes thank you please explain what is win win win win. What what where are you getting your people don't own them for sure to the deadly very greatly. Even Loop them together I know you're following and that not many people can claim that and it's probably cuz of your diverse profile right I mean
01:02:00as I can be nice, but also on some level of respect you and your you know you did you got um anything so no places in a lot of spaces and it's a good thing we we need more unity in this world so so much simpler than you say okay are you ready yes so I'm looking at you
01:02:29the only reason why I can see you is because there is light reflecting off of your face your body into my eyes
01:02:38so he's like yeah those are Hubble photographs images from the Hubble the sheets that you put over the fluorescent light cover and so when we look up we actually see real images from the Hubble actually build a glass ceiling and have a full-scale image high resolution image of the Stars took a planetarium image of those very high resolution LED screens yeah image of 3160 night sky tonight it's what the sky looks like from from Alpha Centauri
01:03:38well yes but nowadays that the ceiling itself is the is the source of light is not projected from something else so they need to see that with image data and that it becomes whatever you want to do that
01:04:02Batista people so yes and I see you I want to know where you are so I turn on the lights and I say there you are all right now let's make you tinier let's make you many me okay like in the movie and I was a tiny version of you of Mini-Me version of Joe Rogan now your little I turn on like you're still there okay okay cuz if the lights are not on I can't see you I don't know where you are it's that simple okay okay
01:04:37when you start becoming the size of molecules
01:04:44right on down to the size of an atom and I ask the question where is Joe Rogan the atom
01:04:52and I turn on the light
01:04:54to see you there cuz I think you're there the light the photon comes in hits your Adam and Pops you into another location
01:05:06the very Act of trying to measure your position
01:05:11prevents me from measuring your position as have jack shit to do with your Consciousness or your mind or your eyes or anything it has to do with the fact that to know you're there some information has to come from you to me like shining a light on you and a small you are the more susceptible you are to the the the energy of the light changing your position in space so my question is out of your pants pocket in the backseat of a car and it's there in the wedge between the bottom in the back seat and she try to reach in to get it
01:05:54Every Act of reaching for the coin makes the coin move farther away from you the act of reaching for it but I can be separated separated and it just slide down even further your mind making that happen it's the it's the act of the measurement that is affecting what it is you're trying to measure and this was discovered in quantum physics and to the point where that's actually it's the Heisenberg uncertainty principle it's which one of the basic foundations of all of quantum physics these particles going through the slots and then observing them changes the pattern that they go through with and there's a there's a horrible cartoon that you see in that movie what the bleep I couldn't get through that movie I tried she go crazy with the iPad science maybe I should say the woman that I didn't know the woman who is
01:06:53I want watch a movie I don't speak as a character like did you know that that one or blond woman older blonde woman it's okay he speaks she speaking as a character like she's a part of like this very bizarre sort of cult okay and I tell you where you want to try to I just couldn't watch it right there's a point where they were talking about natives in the Caribbean Sea and European ships and then they said well because they never seen a ship before
01:07:31they brain didn't register it as anything and then it just disappeared
01:07:41this works okay what would happen if they might not know what they're looking at but don't know they're looking at something and it had ships babe they went from Thailand Thailand that's how you get from Island to Island well that's a really big version that big before I don't know what it is I don't know where it came from but I want to find out what I want to study I will protect myself whatever because you never said doesn't mean you're not going to register it should not but I can't waste my time I got other things I got to devote my brain energy to instead of instead of this but someone else it always gets better later on so I said maybe I'll one day just gets more confusing later on it it it it it does a better job of confusing you as to what science has shown and what they haven't shown up by the way they want fairness to what they were I think that the point they were trying to make
01:08:33there are things that if you don't know to recognize them as you would they would go undiscovered yes okay but that doesn't mean you wouldn't see them okay so for example let's say you're walking and you didn't know that you were walking over this huge burial mound here's the slope was really shallow and he just walking okay well you just noticed that okay so you need a different way to see it in order to measure the height of things and it happens all the time but if it's something they're on the horizon my gosh this is why we have eyes. The best day to take this time to tell you why there's a ship or not a ship that you never seen before you get to shape of course okay
01:09:33what does no record of it whatsoever people find it they can still see my posts that was the woman's name that was the person that she was to handle check that's a cool channeling name so I found out after the after the movie was done after I watch it also thanks I was like why was it true that real started reading fortunately that movie came out in the 2000s instead of in the 90s cuz we came out of 90s we were all got duped in the 2002 my friends and then and then you go a million she's supposed to be an alien right is not do you see it in there again I don't mind people think there's anything that's all it's not that I
01:10:33just that you should probably say that when you get going with that open and Rancho exactly cuz there now ourselves but that whole thing you need is some Foundation of science literacy so that you can inoculate yourself against those who exploit your absence of knowledge of how the signs work for their own game on YouTube video where they get you convinced that all my God Dinosaurs Aren't real but they start playing these things for you they tell they tell you something popped popcorn and then you got to like directions to fun one
01:11:33that's one of the problems with with a lack of dialogue with someone who just has one narrative like you sit down you edit something you just talk and it's it's it's very similar to like even if you write a blog I mean this one thing if you're writing a Blog I say if you're an expert in the electronics you write a blog about how a television works but if you're just a person and you don't really understand what you're talking about but you write something to use the right words and you say in a very compelling way like an attack fees on someone there really is no basis in reality you can do have somebody convinced this person's a terrible person just by writing something without them having to respond. Never did that I just made a few weeks ago to watch it cuz it's it's way better as the tweet and I will ever remember it as the Tweet so it was one of the great challenges in Life Is Knowing enough to think you're right
01:12:28but not enough to know you're wrong that is a big problem with a lot of people to watch these YouTube videos but they don't know enough to know why it's wrong about what is it about people that there's this this this is very compelling need to find something out that other people don't know like the World is Flat like dinosaurs are real like that kind of stuff is very compelling to people so what I do in those cases in the in the so what I do is I would say instead of debating them and some of some of your listeners are listening to this right now and see what all I ever do is say What is your
01:13:10best single bit of evidence
01:13:14for what you're claiming
01:13:17and what would it take to show that you're wrong
01:13:22I was caressing and I've done this exercise and it doesn't work you know why why cuz there's a guy who didn't believe we went to the moon which was a third of our time in our last session go there cuz if so when I know cuz it doesn't even went to the moon so I said what kind of evidence would convince you
01:13:45he said images of the landing site of the Apollo missions so I said okay
01:13:52here's the website where we sent but it wasn't worse with the Chinese I think the Chinese were Europeans sent a probe to an Orbiter to the moon so it was close enough ground-based telescopes and I don't do have the resolution to see The Landing site but if you can get photographed the entire surface of the Moon and there were the landing sites and you saw the Rover tracks and the base for the lunar module and so he patnaik he went home and found it and then he came back and said well NASA could have faked that well I'm done with you we have no more to talk about
01:14:31because he's not ready to be convinced him he asked for convince him and it did not convince him I have no other conversation with him that's a singular event which you could say and one way or like it is possible that someone can fake a singular event they can't fake weather not the world's flat right like that to me is the scariest one that there's so many people out there that believe the World is Flat because that you could you could literally see the curvature of the Earth from a plane I mean you can get to a parts of the you look at the images from the space station where they circled the moon or they start earlier at the other I mean there are there's many many satellite images of the earth and its entirety you know and one of the things that the argument was How come every photograph of the earth is a compilation of photographs of the earth is huge
01:15:31the only way to get your check through 17 coming back has the Earth that's the same as when there's Africa and Antarctica and view folders single photo I'm crazy when we went to the Moon the Moon missions when they're coming back think about it to get full Earth means the sun is behind the astronauts on the way back to Earth which means the side of the moon facing Earth is not lit
01:16:01but that's the side of it when they came from so they want to visit the Moon while its sunlight there they don't even need flashlights when they get to the moon so they visit the Moon while there's sunlight the view of Earth at that time with my people so Apollo 17 was there long enough
01:16:18so that by the time they left the moon was basically a new moon or Earth was Full Moon of Earth was full Earth and then I got a full Earth photo those packs if they have that regulate the temperature of the wild them does walk on the surface of the Moon when it's 250° what side is facing the sun is out more than 200 degrees and in the shadow at the drops what you need not what you just insulate restaurants insulated and so when your insulated those temperature extremes are not felt was it felt nice and warm for concentration and maintains the temperature but it is snowing on it maintains the temperature that's how you need to think about it okay so regardless of what is cooling one side of you and chilling the other the other side it's maintaining a temperature for you you are in space
01:17:18in this in this cocoon dare I say of atmosphere so all the air in this room is the same temperature
01:17:31because the air can communicate a difference in temperature to itself equilibrating it across the whole room but if you don't have air then your temperature is measured by where is the energy coming from the tanning you that if the Sun is hitting you all that energy will be raising your temperature in the side of it it's not facing photons that temperature will drop so you need to you could survive if you put yourself on a rotisserie rotation rate getting a debate with a guy like I don't to be a little league I both sides are wrong
01:18:18that's a terrible saying the wrong the other person stubborn you know who could definitely last 4 hours you got into it with that rapper that thinks that the issues I'll tell you why be a Baby Gap in his Twitter stream he was saying he was invoking physics and it showed a picture from Bear Mountain which is a mountain inn in slightly Upstate New York where Manhattan is in the sight line of the summit of this mountain and he said give me the curvature of the earth and its formula you should not be able to see Manhattan at all okay and depends on the height that you're feeling so so you do the math and it turns out Manhattan the island would not be visible at all
01:19:12that's true but any building taller than 15 stories would rise up above the curvature of the earth and you will see it if you look in the photo you see the tall buildings Rising above 15 exactly what the correct formula shows and not his formula which was wrong and misinterpreted claims to show that the literal curve of the earth to plan where bullets go that's a 1000 yards those those factors show me think of mom I'll have to ask how much curvature of the earth you get after mile to the office today and drop it drop and Kirby gravity drop yes and then to both of those yeah what is it good thing to say someone if you have a bullet in your hand and you shoot a gun which bullet wounds faster
01:20:12Jimmy they give the wrong answer to that exact same rate go hit the ground at the same time physics demo grade but don't leave out the physics cuz that's where the fundamental operations of nature are to be found a physical Universe are to be found so what you have is you have a gun at one side it's like a thing that shoots out of projectile and we'll call it a gun at one side of the stage and then you have like a little stuffed animal the other side held up with an electromagnet at the top of its head and these two are exactly the same level as a projectile comes out from the Luther's mini cannon it trips in electric circuit that releases the electromagnet at the top of the stuffed animal the stuffed animal begins to fall the bullets moves horizontally but also falls cuz gravity is pulling them both
01:21:11and you watch the projectile curve down you watch the stuffed animal care. And it hits the stuffed animal every single time the only factor that would change that would be if you put Wings on the bullet and was dealing with the wind affect it Wings came out on some James Bond movie I thought these things come back around by cat there was no flat Earth theory when I was in high school so how are things though I think about it when you're in high school it was much more astrology going on oh yeah the President Reagan was so today you don't see much of it unless you talk to Steve Maxwell but they still there it's just not it's not manifesting and public policy some people believe in
01:22:11I agree but it's not up there and public policy that's what I say okay it will still be a hundred percent specially in your yard all the time I'm out of it she don't understand if you're at are as we should just stop by the time I miss you and I miss my strategy now it's not like someone who really understands astrological charts and can plot it in the moons in retrograde and you are born on Celsius is rising and all that crazy crap that they tried I don't know what they're going to talk show with apparently she's
01:23:11about how fake other astrologers are so they don't trust her and she was saying that the Kennedys all died during a lunar eclipse scary and you know that this is a very checkable statement she just says this and it was listening in believing said wow that's the campy by accident LOL I don't know when other Kennedys died but I know when Jackie Kennedy died and it was November 22nd 1963 so I don't need to know if there's an eclipse that I just need to know what phase the Moon is in cuz you can we have a lunar eclipse when the moon is full so is nowhere near falling is like 2 weeks away from Full House
01:23:55it didn't happen during eclipse is my point right okay so anytime okay State on the other side of your world Centric center of the earth that she's the moon will see that they want to reflect so you get several per year by the way partial eclipses as a minimum and every couple years there is a full lunar eclipses rare things I just start they're not rare okay so I said you know he's he was shot when did I forgot what moon was at the first quarter moon and she said well this counts if there anywhere within 2 weeks on either side of the eclipse that's a month to shut up here and let her keep
01:24:55what did she say that I'm by Pharrell had to talk to you we were both lights around Stockton group photo so I got to give him some props for that but I have nothing more to say here and my argue with her lasted less than 5 minutes what are they when they when they're trying to decide like what your personality would be and what you know how you could dictate from your birthday and what time you were born exactly trying to connect so I had a deeper awareness of this recently when I learned that people take the names of things very seriously
01:25:44okay the names mean things to people
01:25:50regardless of what the thing actually is okay
01:25:54okay so what might we mean by this so I'll let's play cash for physically I say we have this thing called Dark Matter we don't know what it is what's having some kind of matter no
01:26:07no it shouldn't be called Dark Matter it should be called Fred all right with no it shouldn't lead you to think anything about it cuz we do not know what it is we should really call it dark gravity it is it is gravity that we have measured we don't know what's causing the gravity just call the Dark Matter implies you think it's matter some people do but we don't know so explain to me what what is this based on like when you say dark matter what is it based on I'd like to just called how is Francesca okay it's out there stuff that's ordinary matter
01:26:51we don't know where it's coming from we don't know the source we don't know the artist is in a parallel universe is it we don't know and how we measuring it by its effect on the Motions of object sew a certain strength of gravity will force you to move in a given speed as you near it and as you pull away and we see this and galaxies galaxies clusters binary galaxies largest galaxies that are made in completely out of this Fred at least 80% of the force of gravity manifested in these galaxies is Fred yes that's why why are they calling it dark matter shouldn't in my opinion should go dark gravity cuz that's literally what it is so it's gravity that cannot be measured a gravity that's not gravity pletely understood it's not understood correctly it's mysterious gravity gravity arrow down what does gravity precisely measure it but you can't because some
01:27:51what it is right by point is because someone called it dark matter
01:27:56it has suede everybody into thinking that it is matter of some kind
01:28:02it has constrained people's thoughts about how to think about this problem okay so now the Ancients looked up and they saw these Stars
01:28:14and they put their culture on the sky so there's centaurs there's there's you know there's a central Archer so it's Sagittarius we have a Ryan the hunter we have Taurus if we have sea serpents we have Rivers we have stuff that matter to people back then okay we have a Aquarius
01:28:41what is it what's the water Bearer that must mean that when the sun is an aquarius it's going to rain more on Earth why because the Ancients called it the water-bearer the name reign supreme
01:29:01over the fact that it is a random set of stars widely separated in space don't even look like people holding a picture of one
01:29:13of the 88 constellations about 6 of them look like what you're told they're supposed to look like the rest require opium induced imagination to establish what they are
01:29:26so they all have names then you go to the astrologers tables and they say oh this is a rain sign or this is a dry drought sign and they take the names of those names or what they interpret based on where the Moon is the sun is where the planets are and all whatever the angle configurations they are and each angle has a certain latitude over which they counted as a hit rather than as a mess and so this gives extraordinary capacity of the astrologer to tell you what's going on in your life so it's bullshit but they did have this real fascinating connection with these certain constellations and all of the different things that they thought were attached to certain constellations like a geologist going up to the border of Colorado
01:30:26trying to understand the shape as a geologist it's it's it's an arbitrary shape Colorado is a square on a curved surface it's amazing how much is attached to Dodge Durango by river by Wiki has a great website on cognitive bias and there's like 20 or so well known by every person should be there should be a course called cognitive bias 101 not forget College every high school should have a course cognitive bias in the entire course should be about all the ways we fool ourselves science
01:31:13the only point of the scientific method
01:31:17is to make sure you are not fooled into thinking that something is true that is not
01:31:25I was thinking that something is not true that is
01:31:29that is the only point of the therefore could be anything you invent just take better notes take a chart recorder I'll be more awake next time you take the data bring a friend to observe with you whatever it takes to minimize the chances that you will miss interpret what you're looking at so that you don't think something is true that is not or think something is not true that is do whatever it takes to support that that a mission statement that's what the scientific method is and that's what we do a scientist and that's why when you bring all of these things that people do to astrology and the Crystal healers and the the the the Therapeutic Touch people and now that's real understand Beatles on and on and on and on these are the things that fail in the double blind science he why do you
01:32:29so you don't fool yourself into thinking something is true that's why you do double blind if you don't and you want something to be true even if you even if you're surprised by something that might have been true that you were against still you need someone else to check it and you only get it in emerging scientific truth when you have agreement among different people's experiments is there so even if you get a result that you're happy with it is not yet a scientific truth until you can confirm it by other people who have no investment in you
01:33:01I don't care about the fact we try to show that you're wrong this what made Einstein so great cuz no one believed is relativity and they kept revising ever more accurate experiment to show he was wrong and then end up showing that he was right by ever higher position
01:33:15do you think they were doing ourselves a disservice by not teaching people how the mind works how confirmation bias works and it is you should not be in school I'm working on this what are you doing in a few years I'm going to have something took me a long time on cognitive bias see if we are going to emerge as adults no longer susceptible to charlatans yes OK Google where either well-meaning and just misguided or who are explicitly exploding your ignorance and it's a major factor in our culture a major factor when it comes to politician to drive your Factor when it comes to bosses it's a major factor when it comes to how you choose what you do for a living I choose to be around by and human interaction with nature itself
01:34:15biases behaviors the way they think the way they act and it takes a long time to figure it out on your own and I've often thought like men why wasn't I explain this when I was young yeah cuz the curriculum was wasn't thinking about that really force is this vessel into which you pour information and nowhere and I know time are we trained how to turn a fact into knowledge knowledge into
01:34:55wisdom and wisdom into Insight I think that full sequence needs to be in there in the academic system K through 12 13 through 6:34 to be at the college it's got to be in there somewhere without it you're just as vessel effects even if you even the people we call Smart in class the other people get a cheese on everything and they know everything but do they have the deepest inside or they do they really understand what it is that they put him back on the test I don't think all of them do I think they have good short-term memory some of them and they do well on the exams because of that fact acquiring data and maintaining in acquiring information and then bring it back on command. Org summer are deep thinkers and I don't want to take that away from them all I'm saying is that the creek and I think needs these other dimensions of of survival really
01:35:56so that's what it is it's survival in the world and it when a scientist says this is true you can ask me why do you think that's true at exercise some healthy skepticism I don't have a problem with that say because look at this evidence do you know how to read evidenced by the way I look at this ever look at this chart look at this experiment and this is why we conclude overwhelmingly that this is going to happen in our future but you out of your pointy headed scientist what are you know by the way give me my cell phone so I can call my grandmother okay well I use GPS satellites to don't know what to make a left turn only sign says don't know if they got their head up their ass yeah I think it would be really beneficial to teach people how to manage perspective and how to look at you know look at life in a way that's going to be beneficial to you but we're not really give everybody makes me want to watch them
01:36:56metaphilosophy think about decision making and the causes and effects and consequences not enough of that either be there long enough to happen at home but not all homes are intact affect perhaps most or broken homes or separated homes and so I did I think the school system School needs to be rethought that I'm trying to think that threw me a few more years you talk about alternative school and people look at you like you're some sort of a hippie freak mountain spring water in fastest growing sector of The Homeschool Center they don't want to Cloud your head while that Evolution talk right right right do you ever talk to that Ken Ham guy I've ever sat down with that guy
01:37:56debated him but I can't to make people it's not what I do just can't do it I just can't do it that's not what I do I'm an educator and I want to educate you so you lied think for yourself but that's the debate someone implies that whoever whoever is most convincing is correct right that's not how knowledge works right it's changed involved Charisma level I have or not have I don't want a hinge what is true on that fact right all right so I'm an educator I will teach you the causes and effects of what signs knowing what science is and how and why it works just continue to criticize science fiction movies it's very important we need you as a lot of space and that to her hair be moved all over the place I would be everywhere
01:38:56do it so he lets go of the tether that way she can't save him before she can save herself and he flies away it's like know they're like floating in space let's go just stays there in circles and he's like oh yeah you fly off at a tangent but that's not what was happening and nor were they rotating I checked the what they were relative to earth below that was not what was going on so that you don't you just give me a slight tug and then he would have drifted towards her that could have even been a little romance just a little baby talk about how much break and then they'll be freezing to death instantly right when you to explain that to write that
01:39:55well there was people want you to like explode in space no no no I mean where the sun rose over this over the over the comment and he didn't have his size or down
01:40:17Spike the same sun in our daytime Sky doesn't protect you in any way you know percent that's it so I just want a light at the top of the sky 66% more UV that's important to get a lot of brown death in space is nowhere near as spectacular as movies would have you think happens if there's nothing making you cold other than you radiating heat from your skin as quickly as you can that's all so take quite a while
01:41:07shut up no eres you suffocate quicker before you saw anything anything like that happen so so just think about there's nothing touching you that's making you cold it has to wait for you to radiator way that's what's happening okay and so that's so yeah you'll feel very cold very quickly but you not going to die from that fast don't win Stephen Hawking what are you look up dissolve gases in your body which will try to come cuz it in in in the vacuum of space you don't have the air pressure tamping down the dissolved gases so you take away the air pressure then the dissolved gases will begin to bubble out of your blood and you go to lesser pressure around your poison The Goodnight Show you want to do that slowly so that it's a very slow thing but the hazards up but why would you be butt naked in space I'm even have a space suit on
01:42:07prove to everybody that you do it so I like without his helmet went through the airlock I'm just hold his breath that's way more reasonable because it was a reasonable movie that wasn't revealing one level of detail used to do complex math in this for fun in 2001, which was it so remember when he's he's on one of the the moon crashed and he's orbiting the moon and they give him food all right and there's a tray of nasty food obviously it's like astronaut food maybe this is 1968 so everything here is it is a visual the taste of the future so he has another packet where he extends a straw
01:43:07from that plastic packet okay good good right here he sucks up the straw and stuff is funny what you suck at the straw then he goes to another straw and the liquid in the straw goes back down that's gravity that one obviously you can't get everything right but it's fun to notice the things he couldn't get right we didn't think to get right to me it's a celebration here's another one OK the rotation rate of the space station I calculated that and I just calculated what G-Force would you have on the Outer Perimeter of the space station in 2001 and I did the math and I forgot the exact number something like between 2 and 3 G's why would you do that that's stupid you wouldn't do that and I realized
01:44:07rotated it at the rate that would give you one G2 be way too slow to make an interesting scene so I gave it to him I talk to you 3 G's Crystal Strauss Waltz as the thing turns and the space shuttle that's approaching it matches its rotation rate with the opening in the center of the space station this whole ballet this entire ballet wow that's cool again happens at a stately real Pace okay but that page gives him a 3-g 3-g use of gravity 2 and 1/2 but I forgot the number but it's it's multiples too high so what if his license where he says first get your facts straight then distort them at your leisure.
01:45:03so now when you're looking at a space station like there is zero gravity when they're in space station know they are in 1 G on the edge of the space station The Edge in that thing so so the wheel space station towards Earth
01:45:28so it's constantly freefall but it's just going around the it's in Freeport but it's going sideways so fast
01:45:35check the amount that it has fallen equals precisely the spin of the earth curvature of the earth is that more proof that the Earth is round what is it possible how do I share a gravity in space station rotate it so you can do it so there it is possible to do something where you can send people into deep space and generate gravity through some short rotation to at least one of them and all the good Sci-Fi movies have rotating sections of a space station right and opposite ways so that they can spit up against one another right and so does some clever ideas out there with space stations of the future for long voyages we on the podcast and was talking about the excruciatingly difficult to he had
01:46:35readjusting to gravity after being in a zero-gravity environment for so long just showing off cuz he's like setting record for being with you loling Earth people should like it took like over a year before his bone density came back and was it partly addressed in the film The Martian kid he's born on Mars comes to Earth which ones I have now it's recent the space between us is that you got to get out more I do the First Community is this just came out just come over to go oh my gosh oh yeah and one of the female astronauts they send that one there
01:47:35all happens to be or they learn is pregnant and they can't bring her back and so they she gives birth on Mars in the first person who ever born on Mars
01:47:48and then they then they keep it a secret and then he comes back as a teenager that falls in love she there is a fetus so so anyhow he has a hard time on Earth cuz his heart developed in Martian gravity which is only 38% Earth Gravity Man on Earth she just couldn't get there to you know figure out what to do with him the kids is born on Mars okay don't spoil it by Jamie so I just have a huge fuel tank and just always run near Rockets
01:48:301G then you'll always have lunch and get there but you would have to have so much fuel or what's going on something new stations are if you do this you accelerate 1 G halfway there that you turn the spaceship around the decelerated 1G for the other half of the trip so that when you get there you're not whizzing past it in a flyby okay that we have 1G the whole trip that's how you would do that wow so the momentum Evinrude precisely Hitchcock Way there it's the acceleration of Earth's gravity if you actually move that fast that's that's head-snapping know what they have to have some sort of a crazy propulsion system in order to do something
01:49:30how fast will 1G get you there so when she would take the distance in light years Proxima Centauri 4.2 light years for example of take 5.2 years so the distance in light years plus of here 20 25% the speed of light happens if you just run into stuff on the way I just want stuff out there this is actually quite empty but if you do hit something at the end of everything so it's just High consequence thing how many coaches are up there I guess there's countless thousands of bits of space junk Gypsy paint that fell off of just some bolts and nails and retrorocket
01:50:30I just saw it's all up there and I'm and I'm wondering whether we haven't been visited by aliens yet cuz they saw the space junk orbiting Earth is it forget that I'm going to visit some other planet but I can't risk my life so short-sighted approach to space travel so we can go out of the office website you can actually see the three that NASA's tracking almost in real time it's crazy and it's it's like a beehive around the earth so
01:50:59you got there that's okay that's the debris around the earth that actually that NASA tracks to try to the altitude of geosynchronous satellites and that internet is that should be the show me a video of that fun just buy you go to the bottom right go to bottom right right there click on that play that video video video I'm sure there is a video somewhere on last night so you can just see the movement of these pieces and it's it's a launch Windows have to know when to not hit stuff so it's not just is everything aligned right is what K will use successfully get past the
01:51:46the debris and there was a Japanese they did an experiment to try to capture it with Nets as a recent mission
01:51:58the problem is the word that stuff will eventually fall in and burn up the higher forms of will never go away there's nothing to destroy it and so they can't catch that stuff well you need a very clever a distance of 18000 miles an hour so what's your network just what are you doing that's so crazy
01:52:23tried the things I know that I rest
01:52:28that's 1080 no it's not okay so we may be putting so much debris in space that we will close ourselves off from space travel because of the dangers it would take to get through our own garbage heap
01:52:55and this is all started in the 1940s 1950s like when did they start shooting stuff up there for anything in orbit and in that short amount of time that's crazy they had it for billions of years that's going around the earth for my God has anybody ever hit anything while trying to do something well so what exacerbates it is remember when China when was it's 1900 2000 and 2003 China destroyed one of its own satellites orbit I remember some of the Ya-Ya and they basically
01:53:55kinetic kill on a satellite so kinetic kill through those don't know is you don't need explosives if the speed of the projectile and its kinetic energy is higher than the energy that would be an explosive gel itself calculation to make so so here it is so I have this delivery system with a warhead and I put some bomb device in the Warhead and you calculate how much energy that is then I send it and it hits in a Blow something up but suppose I send this thing really really fast really really really fast I can calculate how much kinetic energy this thing has do you will be a point where I give it so much kinetic energy to kinetic energy is greater than the chemical energy of the conventional explosive that I put in the Warhead like shoemaker-levy
01:54:55it's so it's what you call high-speed Collision
01:54:59this is more than you bargained for in this in our time together but I will tell you right now I did ready for the longest time that the craters on the moon were calderas from volcanoes and not asteroid impacts
01:55:15the geologist argue strenuously these can't be asteroid impacts they've got to be caldera's these thousand craters on the moon why because everyone is a perfect circle
01:55:29and if asteroids are coming from space they would come from all angles and if you come in a shallow angle you get an oval and even shower be more over range of circles and ovals an ellipse isn't it you don't see that they must be calderas
01:55:47it was nice to the Caldera but it's a crater left by a volcano that has exploded boom was so big mountains gone and now it's just a big hole at the top of the mountain there's a crater to talk about like crater lake that's a that's a round hole in the top of the mountain was at once about Kano I don't know but it's a whole Okay so
01:56:20in the 1970s we were able to do calculations with high-speed computers with good computers and what we found was
01:56:28if the object is moving faster
01:56:34if the kinetic energy of the object
01:56:37is higher than the energy that's holding the thing together
01:56:45okay so it's holding together a rock the chemical connections of the silicon and the oxygen and iron how much energy is holding it together and if it's gone 45,000 miles right now I send in the asteroid with a kinetic energy higher
01:57:0810 the energy that's holding it together
01:57:11on impact it explodes cuz all that energy goes back into the Rock because the thing isn't moving anymore where did the kinetic energy go it digs a crater number one by virtue of putting all that energy back into the stone and that explodes it so on impact even at an angle it is a singular Point explosion and that's why every single crater is a perfect circle we call that a high-speed impact with a speed is greater the energy of the speed is greater than the energy that's holding it together now you have experience in this okay
01:57:52have you ever thrown a student's nickel you they were in California sorry snowball snowball snowball and face what's a barn wall and throw the snowball at it a little pill make a little circular mark on it now change your angle to the wall
01:58:10and for the snowball again it'll still make a a small round mark and it'll keep doing it you know why because the speed with which you through the snowball that energy is greater than energy does Holden snowball together could hardly energy hardly any energy is holding a snowball together sweetpacks know so when you do it against the wall you see the snowball completely disappear in a in a mini snowball explosion if you will this works for any comparison of projectile speed and what we call the binding energy the object itself this is why the intercontinental ballistic missiles never carry conventional Warhead
01:58:54because their speed coming out of the space cuz they leave the atmosphere go from one continent to the other than they fall out of the sky that speed gives them more kinetic energy than any conventional Warhead would have had flow but that we figured out how to make small nuclear warhead the nukes now you're talkin energy
01:59:16the kinetic energy of the ICBM is not higher than the nuclear warhead that we now put it that's why all icbm's are nukes basically didn't need an explosive Warhead and its tip
01:59:32it came out of the sky going 5 miles per second there was none of this
01:59:37hearing the thing you just come in supersonic Lee was sitting there at a cocktail table on a block and then the block is gone is obliterated in the next interview didn't even know you need even know to look up wow so that's because they had an explosive anyway but they probably didn't need to go back to shoemaker-levy that was a comment that slammed into Jupiter and a good Jupiter a gas giant I've always been confused as to what that means most of its mass is in the form of gas most of its about 97% of the gaseous atmosphere was like hitting a brick wall That's how fast it was moving
02:00:20so that's why the explosion was that it had got put back into the object itself because it's slow down very quickly relative to its speed relative to the so so here's his comment I forgot how big should make early to watch so now it goes into the atmosphere you say who isn't it just Cloud technical watch how fast is going you can ask the question over how much distance will it plow through its own Mass worth of gas
02:00:57that's it that's the question right right that's loud that much mass out of the way that's an important resistive Force right so how much atmosphere is what's a lot of atmosphere cuz it's gas and this thing is solid however the thing is going what 15-20 miles per second
02:01:16it's falling into Jupiter at 20 mi whatever the speed was if you only 20 miles between you will cover that much atmosphere in a fraction of a second
02:01:262 in a fraction of a second ago from 20 miles per second to 0 or a tiny fraction of that speed all that energy has to go somewhere it goes back into the system it's a comet made of ice ice is not held together very easily golfing explodes on impact that was another terrifying statistic that I read about the impact that you could kill the dinosaurs that how deep it is gone into the Earth surface within the first second oh yeah these are these are numbers that are staggering once you calculate what they are and like I said if you're coming fast enough Earth's atmosphere is a brick might as well be a brick wall to you and by the way you go 60 miles an hour down the road roll down the window just stick your hand out the window you have to use Muscle energy to not have your and your hand blown backwards against 60 miles an hour of air against your open Palm just try that next time she what kind of energy that requires and it's 60 miles an hour
02:02:27not to mention five miles per second 10 miles per second 20 miles per second
02:02:36you toast How deep did the asteroid that hit and killed the dinosaurs how deep that thing going over a 50 mile diameter crate or something like that forgot the exact numbers. So is this a relationship between the depth of a crater and the diameter and the mass of the thing so no goes miles down I mean it's it's an earth raining so I can see what happens if I don't know if it's miles it's
02:03:08I think it was when I read I don't remember the exact statistical the the the asteroid itself with the size of Mount Everest so that's like 5 miles across so you just don't mess with it
02:03:27called meteor crater for obvious reasons that can sync a 60-story building and it's not even a mile across and now it's more than a hundred miles across that took out the dinosaurs at famous in Arizona sink a 60-story building if you if you put dirt up to the ribbon at Crater you can bury a 60-story building the amount of energy that they were looking for the raw materials that cause that crater and Volcanic again and the but once y'all just in particular. Eugene Shoemaker who was in line to be on one of the lunar missions and then he had like a heart murmur and then they sent Jack Schmitt to an interstate who's also geologist turned US senator from Arizona where is he center from I forgot but
02:04:27Jack Schmitt where we was Senator from forgive me for forgetting cuz I knew I'd be friends with him so I should have known that NASA Jack Schmitt Schmitt is. There's no D in it so so he he say no this is this is an impact crater and where is the meteorite it must be very down here and so they were miners they were there were there Iron miners who bought the land so they can get this qjbeat meteor that they were sure we're just sitting down there but they can mine for its natural resource they could not find the meteor that's because it hit at high speed velocity it was a high velocity impact which means it's Collision energy was greater than the binding energy even of the iron atoms itself
02:05:25and 90% of that thing vaporized on impact
02:05:31Jared like this girl
02:05:35wow. I know I earn more impressive even that I remember it that's what that's nice low angle shot so you get the Shadows of the rim Arizona Arizona where would that be nearsighted like to see that if you go to the Grand Canyon
02:05:54then you drive to this and it's a couple hours after hours okay there's Meteor Crater of the matter is coming up and where's the Grand Canyon there is meteor crater
02:06:05and Grand Canyon cuz it which is also in Arizona
02:06:09Fast and Furious about you can drive that see that Grand Canyon to Meteor Crater Flagstaff so you not going to fly that you just drive it and it says Yelp reviews is a 5-star review of why doesn't have all the stars we doing a little better myself was doggin like you know a few seconds this crater was made and how many years ago was at 50000 years ago there's probably some form of human living here then America UIC 40,000 is the most recent right then I guess they cross the Bering Strait
02:07:06that's cool I'm going back to that freaky about it is you can't see it because the rim of the crater it just looks like a rich a Ridgeline the rim is raised above the plane of the area right cuz when you press down and raises it up a bit so you just walk up to it and then you come up to the ledge
02:07:33you realize what it is this is nearly a mile diameter hole in the ground stunning to stunning encounter with the forces of nature and the fact that there's so many of those particle just floating around out there to go to sleep about 20 yards across something like that that's nothing is the size of billion from that garage to that front door since it got kind of charcoal
02:08:18that's crazy right that's not the end that's the kind of thing that can get close enough that you don't even see and then it's too late and that was just too risky with Stan yeah okay yeah it's cities done and most likely the power grids Jack for a long time to right now it's cold out waiting for you Stephen Hawkings was talking about the the possibility of alien life discovering us and that it would be a terrible terrible thing if it did happen if you look at what has happened to other primitive life forms and we discovered them kind of cultures and we've discovered them you share that's an opinion that if something did find us I don't have a strong opinion on that question but I have an analysis of his comment okay
02:09:11he is worried
02:09:15about the possibility of aliens
02:09:19enslaving us
02:09:22based on the reality that we've done that to ourselves just think about that
02:09:30this fear of aliens drive not from actual knowledge of aliens but from an actual knowledge of ourselves anytime I'm more advanced civilization is kalpana let's if it technologically-advanced Sibley it did not bode well for the less Advanced civilization and that happened in North America South America North America with the with European South American Spanish Australia with the with the Brits never boated well for the less technologically advanced civilization his factual knowledge of that leads him to suspect that aliens would be exactly the same and I I'm not that skeptical I don't think all icons in the universe have the basil
02:10:22crime violent attitudes that we do as a species have not been given reason to think so but don't you believe that things Advance because of competition and competition forces things to be fairly ruthless it has been argued that if you colonize if you have civilization that colonizes the Galaxy that it's a self-limiting exercise why
02:10:47because here you got ready we start here on Earth is you and me boy alright and you take that plan I take this planet and now we have both have offspring that are just like us and we want more planets alright we reach a point where
02:11:02expansion is not possible because we are warring with ourselves to gain the territory that each other has obtained
02:11:12so it has been argued sociologically that the very Act of wanting to colonize
02:11:20is self-limiting against successful colonization of the Galaxy when she has to be done in an organized way you take this sector I take this sector but I want territory and I want it now and my kids want it now I want that territory not this other one I want it all that kind of attitude breeds violence it breeds War intra Galactic War so it may be that the very kind of civilization that could peacefully colonize a Galaxy it's not the kind of civilization ever colonize the Galaxy at all very heavy what about the idea that any advanced age comment about my comment about we should be a multi-planet species ourselves against an asteroid rendering one but I'm not
02:12:20I'm not there we said y'all course I want it back up of course let's be a multi plant species fine but I would do it for different reason I do cuz it's cool not because I want to protect
02:12:32shooting at the human species from Extinction no that wouldn't be the reason to do it. Can I tell you why every reason why you think we go extinct one we trash Earth another man we can't live off of it anymore Droid is coming there is some nanobot gone astray okay virus pandemic Okay so
02:12:55it seems to me that if one of your multi-planet species Mars would be the one cuz it's a 24 hour day got Seasons we would have to terraform at first but then we all move there you just ship a billion people that whatever it takes to Terra formars and ship a billion people there
02:13:18it's got to be easier to deflect the asteroid whatever it takes to terraform Mars to turn it into Earth
02:13:26if you can have the power of geoengineering to do that then you have the power geoengineering to turn on Earth back into Earth but there are things that we miss right but because of the way that show so you so you say okay whatever it takes. It's got to be easier to create a perfect viral serum
02:13:53that makes us immune to all possible disease that's got to be easier whatever that takes it isn't possible that there's some asteroids that we just will not see me until it's too late that you put up with whatever that takes I mean I wouldn't be waiting for 10 people there that you can't deflect which would surprise me if you could ship a billion people to Mars you just let him all the time what what is that what you're asking you plan to your little that hurt people die tomorrow is people survive just so you can save this week save everybody I'm not buying into the premise this Cable Car ology premise that you have to save one to not save the other reindeer you know you'll cable Carla gu I still receive the cable car you know someone's in the tracks
02:14:53actively killed two people Zara patch of the killing one person from what do you do I'm not buying it for this question I'm simply saying that whatever it takes it's got to be easier to put up some kind of net that find any asteroid that could possibly harm us and zaps them out of the sky that's got to be easy as the last question is it is it possible that the reason why we are never visited by extraterrestrials is because the way civilizations who examines they visit during Comic-Con cosplay
02:15:35where is good as ours okay and judged there's no sign of intelligent life on Earth is another possibility that civilizations don't ever get to travel like that because what happens is as they Advanced and as their technology advances they become instead of a biological entity seeking to spread of genetics throughout the Universe they become some sort of symbiotic artificial life that as they create as they Advance their technology and if they continue to innovate they reach a limitation in biology and then eventually create artificial life that sees no desire whatsoever to travel
02:16:20so interesting so I would say that's a great philosophical question I would say that the day we create AI
02:16:29if the AI is everything we are accept more
02:16:34and not emotional then I have an urge to explore maybe otherwise it then it's not a wonderful day I got the 4th Dimension be the best way to do things to do they figure it out and then they would figure out a way to travel better than any way we could but if the fact that we want to travel and we creating versions of ourselves called ai ai well if we create every neurosynaptic map of our brain into silicon into a computer
02:17:23and recreate our Consciousness as humans the human brain tissue as range conversion of South to all of our emotions and sexual desires and jealousy and all the ridiculous things that are holding us back it could sure I'm not as fearsome of AI is others are I you know when I'm going to make an AI looking human being cuz the human form is not the best for ideal form for anything did you see ex machina yes I just love it love it love it love it I wish it was good I loved it but I want to marry you want to marry this guy okay well that's the first thing you would spend money is for sure for sure for sure I want to go to your room with your sex
02:18:23I'm hoping that that's one of the first things that people figure out they shouldn't do anymore once they get smart enough to symbiotically attach themselves to artificial intelligence watch and was it Family Feud one of the questions was if you were we asked 100 married women if you can have a second husband for only one purpose what would it be something like 70% of it said just for sex wow damn only one purpose just just forgetting stuff just put sound on that Neil deGrasse Tyson astrophysics for people in a hurry in a hurry out in May thank you so much sir you're you're a good man and I love you too so much drama here and thank you anytime open invitation call Wright Middle of the Night
02:19:23ladies and gentleman what a mind-blowing podcast that was was that fun guys awesome so happy that people like that exist so happy that he exists he's such an enthusiastic educator and just it's so contagious when you talkin to me just want to just start weed and shit and watching videos on the stars and amazing amazing thanks caveman coffee for if you want us to bring us some of the groovy caffeinated products and even non caffeinated products amazing hibiscus tea but I drink it's a nitrogen dated hibiscus tea zero sugar zero grams of sugar is 0 grams of caffeine no caffeine no sugar no calories just awesome delicious taste and their copies out of this world the best go to caveman Coffee Co., music code word Rogen and you can save 10% thanks to on it go to Onnit use the code word Rogen and save 10% off and
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