If we stop thinking everything has to be “perfect,” we can start taking care of ourselves without feeling guilty. Plus, the latest wellness trends, from Kundalini yoga to alternative facelift techniques. And Dr. Axe is back to talk about treating chronic pain naturally.

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00:00:00Okay, guys. Dr. Phil Show Regular. Mike Bear is here to help you reinvent your life with his new audiobook best self. Think about your daily life right now. Are you driving or are you just going through the motions are your days full of work relationships and activities that are true to your authentic self or do you feel trapped on a treadmill of responsibility if you dream of a better life now the time to make that dream your reality the tools you need are within your reach to design a life that's for filling on a deeper level and best self will show you how best of audio written and performed by Mike. Bear with a forward by dr. Phil McGraw is available now on Audible Apple Books Google play audiobooks. Com and everywhere else audio books are sold.
00:01:00Is the Jillian Michaels show coming at you from TuneIn studios in Venice, California?
00:01:08You know what? What no smooth way to enter into this room. We would open up with something on self-care three requests to do interviews on my self care routine with her. It's like refinery29 prevention Parade Magazine. Then I was talking to Shawna the one who founded Ally Naturals.
00:01:35And we were getting it. It's like it's just a big thing. Like what does self care mean to you? Like what do you think? It means like
00:01:48make it routine everything from like flossing and brushing and fair skin stuff to what you eat and was your workout is enslaved. I think that's trying to figure it had it said it like with a good analogy for that is a I think it's an attitude and that it results in behaviors write in order to do that to Blake. I'm going to floss. I'm going to work out. I'm going to take my supplements. I'm going to make my doctor's appointment. I think yes, that's self-care right making sure that you don't deteriorate emotionally and physically taking time to meditate to to Medicaid but so many people don't write and if they were doing all those things it wouldn't be such a Hot Topic. So why aren't they?
00:02:44Because people don't feel like they deserve I think that's it. Right. I think that's it. They don't have the sell for at the self-respect and self-esteem and it if it gets itself it's kind of like Fitness right you
00:03:02You don't think you're capable. You don't think you can do it. You have a success in the gym, and it was like holy cow. I did my fur around my first mile without stopping what else am I capable of I never thought that would be possible for my first pull up for my first push up on my hands and feet and it begins to open up a possibility right and Infinity of possibilities that you didn't think you were capable of so if he gets itself and it's like, all right.
00:03:30You make your doctor's appointment. You take a few minutes to meditate daily, or do you spend time doing something you love or you either instead of just giving and following yourself out and bartering yourself and falling on the sword and women do that a lot. More than men. I don't really live a more Balanced Life, but I am the exception to the rule.
00:03:54I don't feel guilty about it. I don't but Heidi does I'll be like go away and see your girlfriend. I will watch the kids. She'll take them. Do not take the kids go see go.
00:04:11I don't like why would she was at its bizarre to me? You know, I like she's finally gotten to the point where which if they took us divorcing for her literally like go. I'll be there you want to go to dinner, you know, if I have the kids like like it was Luke right at the other night.
00:04:28And I was like you want to go to dinner and she was like, nope watch schitt's Creek or something. I couldn't pry her away because it forced her.
00:04:46Tutu like half time alone, cuz you had to give me the children that it was like, okay. Well, I'll get into my hobby and I'll read my book and I'll watch my show and I'll do my work out and I'll be all but holy shit like it. She got she was forced into the time to do it. Yeah.
00:05:05Yeah, because she's the ultimate like will my mom had two of us cuz she's a twin right with no medication. No pain like I should do this. I should do that. I should like volunteer at the kids school. I should do all these murder on the dreaded shoulds and it's like I know she loves it so much but it's like we get to the battery runs down its feeling worthy. It's feeling deserving. It's the oxygen mask on you first kind of a thing cuz I can go through all the things to do.
00:05:40I know the Hobby Lobby if we've been over there, then I call it like a 12-hour will write like dedicate 12 hours a week to self care. Not that hard for 1/2 hours of Fitness in your living room. If you don't want to spend time driving to the gym, you know, what appointment week for hair gynecologist dentist like one or two hours, but it's like you get you get it done like alright another hour of like a manicure pedicure whatever might like hygiene. Okay, it's not that other than our own food prep a date night some friend time. Like we know what we need.
00:06:16Would you mind if I can do it other people can do it but you got appreciate that.
00:06:22You know what you're eating perfectly anymore. Forget it you want me to pick mommy won't be the perfect employee won't be the perfect boss won't be the perfect wife. You won't believe you won't when there's only one thing to do like I remember.
00:06:37Before the kids night. There was no it was time for the gym there was time for to be perfect at my job that was time for all of it. Then after the kids are not in the same way. Now. Sometimes I'm like, I'm going to have to get back to you on this. Like I literally cannot get to this email today or this whatever today or like cannot get to it. I don't get to the gym that we cry don't whatever life but balance is best as I can not eating crap, but you got to give up on it being perfect. Well, that's true. Cuz otherwise you'll be getting your spend more time beating yourself up over things you didn't do and then they quit it's like I fell off the wagon mean I ate this for 2 weeks. You didn't eat that. So don't you think that a hundred good choices versus two bad ones is winning a plus plus. Nope. If it's not perfect right then why do it at all which is impossible? So don't even bother or they compare themselves.
00:07:37Somebody else made you a better. So why should I bother or you'll have value if you're not everything to everyone so then you're like you shouldn't should make time for yourself cuz it's selfish. And what about your baby? I just honestly it's all balance again. It really is cuz otherwise have it you need that attitude. Yeah. I feel like it's a step back from yourself. So at least I know I do so often because otherwise, I'm either judging what I'm not doing, right what I am doing or I'm comparing to what I think I should be doing and it's it's a real as they say mind the other day cuz like I promised Lou that I would not travel in April. I promised her. I was like, I'm not going to travel in April.
00:08:26not at all and skeet so hard you to take over lucky Jack is having a the thing that the Walmart emerging Brands thing and we really need you there and I was like guys tell them I will go out like
00:08:40Schedule a meeting at the head Kore whatever it needs to be but like I promised my daughter so I stayed home all day April and then I had to work in London for 2 days. I had to go to New York for the unhcr and it's gone for a week.
00:08:54And I talked to my kids on the phone like but I was with teshana and I was like, okay, this is going to sound awful but like right now I don't miss them. I love them very much, but I'm not like God. I wish the kids were here while we're having a relaxed brunch. I don't I don't I don't I don't feel guilty. I love them. I talk to them on the phone. I see things I get it for the Mi. I'll see something to go to the next time. I'm in New York. We got to take P here, whatever but in that moment. I don't miss the kids right now. I'm enjoying not being a mom right that you didn't feel bad about that. Right? There was Heidi there's two of them there. By the way, I get stalkers school or whatever like I'm home 5 days later and but like you have to be okay with that.
00:09:54Yeah, and I think a lot of people aren't and really it's like if you don't take care of yourself and you don't make that time for you. I don't see don't know what example you're setting for the kids. Anyway, I agree. Absolutely that's it Cindy.
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00:12:37All right. So I I want to talk about a couple of the most recent Trends in in health and wellness Wellness not meant to be snotty sounding word more than compassing of Fitness and Nutrition and mental well-being mites.
00:13:03my girl in New York
00:13:06I hang out with a couple of her friends who are all like super sweet, but one of them was trying to get me to go to Kundalini Yoga.
00:13:23That is not like tentrix acts. Like I didn't understand that. I was a creep. What did you tell your friend trying to get me into Kundalini Yoga, but it's like a big at least it on the coasts. Everybody's into it right now. And to be honest with you, I'm not going to do addresses cuz I don't fully understand it. Maybe I should Google it. That's probably what I should do. It supposed to be like almost like Trends and dental yoga. Right? Like it's supposed to be spiritual combined with the physical practice of yoga. I know they like to have mantras.
00:14:10Does meditation and breathing and its people are raving about it now? I'm actually going to Google this cuz I'm sure somebody knows what the hell what is it going to get pissed at the fact that I am like not okay the school of yoga influenced by shaktism and Tantra, but that's what I said tantric Centex name through focus on the Awakening of the Kundalini energy. I don't know. What the hell that means. Okay. What's it? What's a Kundalini energy. This is where I like I thought I become close-minded and I feel like an asshole like what's the Kundalini energy? Like what and what isn't that something from? I don't know if it's a Hindu or is it? Okay here wait, let me click on the Kundalini energy. Hold on guys. It's a Divine energy said to be located in the base of your spine called the rule out of horror. It was a rich
00:15:10An important Concept in the size of a tantra. Oh for crying out loud. It leads to spiritual Liberation. I got to stop being a dick right now. I really need to stop being a dick cuz you want people love it and it says that they they practice their mantras their meditations and they're awesome. So, I guess like you chant you you breathe you move and what could be wrong with that? Right? I mean nothing, but Kim people are loving it and I would just simply say like look if you're like me you kind of
00:15:44I don't really I'm a very big lakes science girl, like give me the signs on something and I'll do it. But if you if you bought it then you win anyway, and the Sciences there on meditation The Sciences there on movement. I don't know about the thing at the base of my spine, but at the end of the day like this girl loves it it brings her like a total Zen and to me that it's like I don't see downside. All right now electrical muscle stimulation this one I'm seeing everywhere and I don't know why you sent me. It's been around for a thousand years Bruce Lee was doing it. It's just basically a little teeny like shock to the muscle that makes it contracted still at 8. Turn the Jack That Thing Up arm you lift your water to your mouth. I mean that's a more intense contractions in Easton. So,
00:16:44It's not going to hurt. I mean it it's it's going to I mean it's going to move the muscle but it's if you're using this is like a full body workout system. No, no no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no people are that's like a six-pack know it's not going to burn fat to treat your Whiplash. It's too it's should be fats what I had to help with the injury. Alright collagen is on fire right now collagen supplements bigger than ever and I mean I take it but with that said,
00:17:32You got to take a multi collagen so it's got to be high quality. But that's the same thing. That's with everything when it comes to someone feeling you're taking it. Cuz that's I did the airline Naturals ones. That's what I'm doing now, but the other reason I want to send some for you. So the other reason that I like a light cuz it's it's a multi, right but everything she sources right? He's like, okay if there's Marine collagen while it's the kathakali source, try them on dredging the oceans and just Plus or to be like from grass-fed cows or this that like it's all clean organic as it is an animal products at the end of the day, but you're the reason you need the different kinds is because your body has different kinds of college in the two different things. So Luke Bilyk, the lining of your intestines is one type of collagen your skin another type of collagen your hair your nails. So people want a simple answer like why should I take it and it just depends on the type of collagen and what it's going to do so we could be it helps.
00:18:32Can maintain their elasticity it helps with the connective tissue in the ligaments in the joint. It can help with bone density can help with preventing leaky gut in your microbiome it like if you Google it, you'll find it to the pretty staggering but again, a multi is important. And the reason that I like a liar peons the fact that it's a multi and it's ethically sourced and it's run by a woman which I like to support female run businesses, but on top of that and it's not like a massive corporations just the lady, you know, he also has MSM glucosamine chondroitin in it.
00:19:10Which is great because that's also support for connective tissue joints anti inflammatory autoimmune stuff. So this one I'm going to get behind 100% I do it. So there you go to do bone broth. My only thing with it is not it's not a multi collagen right by all means do Your Own Boss, you know, if you're going to supplement like I just called and I put in my lap really really put it in my lucky Jack in the morning with mushrooms super like the mushroom blend your on the mushroom take years ago. We're trying to go I put it in the coffee like a scoop which one which mushrooms I don't know if these are the best quality but I like the fact that it's so simple. It's the Laird Hamilton one would like the kordus. It's all organic and it's like a blend of all his different mushrooms.
00:20:03National it no use for him know you don't you can spray on my shopping list sponges. Are you serious? Oh my God. I didn't know that but the one that I have not and it could be because I hate needles is the vitamin IV drip like that to me. It's expensive. I do not like needles go somewhere to Dick. We got to go somewhere like I could be wrong. It might be the best thing ever. But to me, it's just extreme. Yeah, you're right. You got to travel to get it. It's expensive. Like another thing that that people are getting really into is like alternative facelift therapies and ayurvedic face with a face massaging techniques at lymphatic drainage and micronet. I just called bullshit on I'm sorry.
00:21:03Expensive and probably doesn't massage your face into a facelift. It's not removing skin from your face a face lift. They remove skin from your face looks like there's nothing wrong with him. If you have all the money and it relaxes you than fantastic, but it's not going to give you a facelift. It's not going to change your face and it's probably expensive. So it's like oh reduces wrinkles like no no. No, it's like better Skin So antioxidants collagen, it's going to increase collagen, right that's going to help stay out of the songs that breaks down the elasticity of your skin. So don't do that. That's the number one and hydrate, right? Okay now be on that then you getting into shit like Botox and fillers and all this cuz your face doesn't move.
00:22:03When you're feeling wrinkles in with other shit, but like you can decide whether you want to do that or not. I'm not going to tell you knew what you should or shouldn't do in that area, but I can massage your face into a facelift as it's just bullshit guys bull to the Oni.
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00:24:50Guess we have back on the show.
00:24:53Yeah, he is. He is the extraordinary dr. Axe of doctor act.com and the co-founder of ancient nutrition natural medicine doc extraordinaire best ever guest.
00:25:07Eye doctor X. How are you? I am doing great. Thanks Victor happen again guys. Today. We're going to be talking about chronic pain. And again, this is another huge Hot Topic right now, and I was looking at some of the information dr. Axe actually sent me because we said hey everybody's asking about this you can you help our listeners and of course when I get back all the time and the thing that I didn't even get past isn't one in five adults are struggling with some type of chronic pain house I need
00:25:45Is that true about heroes that globally?
00:25:49Yeah, I think it's Global I think in the US and other areas where we are sitting a lot. It's definitely more common. But it it's everywhere you when I had my practice and when I was in full-time practice, I was shocked by two things. The number of people coming in with suddenly talked to her recently was young women, especially coming in with hypothyroidism and hormonal issues. And then the number of people coming in with chronic pain, whatever is low back pain neck pain in knee pain and passport injuries or something injury car injuries, but there are a lot of people today struggling with chronic chronic pain how it's been linked to causing psychological symptoms such as depression and anxiety and I would imagine if you're feeling physically limited and you're constantly uncomfortable. Yeah, I would feel pretty depressed people that get hurt and can't work out and they get to
00:26:49So I can't imagine what it would feel like to be in literally constant discomfort and it what about things like fibromyalgia has that kind of play it this is just another type of chronic pain condition.
00:27:05Yes. Oh, yes. Oh fibromyalgia. And that's one that they're their there is a lot of a lot of different cakes on this but fibromyalgia just a few interesting studies is over 50% or the majority of people with fibromyalgia. I've seen two different Studies have shown that at some point they had some sort of trauma and their life or there was physical abuse or a car accident and so a lot of times what happened to the special about you being in a whiplash injury, you are damaging part of your yo your spinal column and you are so many nerves that run along that area of your body that I think that that's a that's a major issue. But I think a lot of people with fibromyalgia their body has chronic inflammation in your body often times will get any sort of patterns and Cycles. Will your body saying okay? I don't know what's going on here, but you need to stop and it turned against in this pattern where it never turns off and so part of that. That's what we want to do through nutrition.
00:28:05Do other types of therapy is when I come to tell your nervous system. Hey, it's okay now and it's time to just sit to stop the information in this emergency response. It's it a Henson. This is kind of like an autoimmune your your immune system is out of control out of whack kind of attacking itself to a certain extent and what's so fascinating cuz you might not think you have chronic pain, right? I was actually talking to a friend at last night when we were I was going over all our different segments and I was reading all the notes that were sent over to me and it's like uterine pain and endometriosis headaches and migraines bone pain nerve pain joint pain and arthritis neck pain back pain muscular pain inflammatory bowel pain, and I was thinking to myself
00:28:55So many more people that I actually know are struggling with this in one way shape or form. It's it's wild and I don't know that I did it all falls under this umbrella or even even right now and I got my neck's been killing me man. X-Men killing me, right and it would never think like oatmeal you up if you ask me if I don't have chronic pain cuz I always so what can we what can we do other than like? Oh, chill out sleep more. What can you actually will work? What can you take? What should you?
00:29:35Do because by the way, a lot of people can't work out when they're in this kind of pain and I get these questions all the time and I'm like, I'm not a doctor. I can't even begin to answer this from a legal perspective. You need to see an expert you need to see the physical therapist at Sports Medicine doc. Like this is very specific what you're dealing with but there are certain types of physical fitness that will help right, depending on your condition. Where do people even start here?
00:30:01Yeah, so let's talk about diet. And then I want to get into a little bit sort of the sun with some of the other therapies and Chichi that people can do from a dietary standpoint most people. So let's play Somebody's even had, you know, maybe a tendonitis of their elbow or their knee or some sort of physical injury playing sports are being active. Well what happens if sometimes your body wants to heal and it should heal that quickly but our diets are so inflammatory in the body can't completely heal itself. And so in that case hear something the things we want to get out of our diet of course are foods that are inflammatory. It's all processed foods that aren't real. That's really it anything. That's not a vegetable or fruit a wild organic grass-fed meat, you know a whole grain anything that's not one of those things for the most part or another scene whatever those things are inflammatory and in so what we want to do is move.
00:31:01Consuming a diet that is very rich in in college in omegas veggies fruits herbs and spices. Here's one of the thing I want to mention jail as when I read a book years ago called the Okinawan diet and they did a study and they found that when you compare Americans to those in Japan nose, and your people in Japan consume on average eight times the amount of antioxidants. We do beef ribs and spices their drinking green tea, they're using herbs, you know, who everything from tumeric to lots of ginger in their food every time they cook you have you ever go to the Middle East or India or Asia and you go into a market or home? It smells like herbs and spices and America you go to somebody's Homer of Marcus smells like nothing or bleach like it well enough and I use the term for long-time food as medicine. It's the most true with herbs and spices. In fact the nutrient density of turmeric cinnamon and even Rosemary or cilantro
00:32:01Comparing those herbs and spices to broccoli and kale they blow broccoli and kale out of the water. To say we should be bought the broccoli and spinach and everything else we should but we need more herbs and spices that's where it starts with especially tumeric Ginger Rosemary and cinnamon to a degree those herbs are all very anti-inflammatory and doing those in large amounts that are cooking or supplementing with turmeric specifically is very good to get more herbs and spices and then of course veggies and fruits loads of those we know that both everything from Pineapple to Stag's kiwis have enzymes that reduce inflammation and then getting a mega threes or just omegas and general via getting more healthy fats in our diet replacing the sugar was fat. I think for most do we know there's diets out there like keto that can be popular and I think for certain people with certain medical conditions those can be good, but here I'm not talking about keto I'm just talking
00:33:01Not consuming 80 your Macros being 70 or 80% carbohydrates. I'm staying at salad. Seven thirty 40% carbohydrates are a pain it how to do keto in a way that's safe and healthy. So that's what I love about the way. I mean, you still have like high-fiber plant-based all the right might just the way you approach something like keto is very different than the way. The rest of the world is going to put that cuz you're an expert in space. So if you don't get up and go to get about keto is keto is not in fact, I don't know if I like calling it diet keto is a is done to be a fast like it was created to mimic fasting. So most the time keto should be done for 30 days. It's not a lifetime diet for most people it's sort of like doing a reset and then you're off that until in for some personalities, you know that date, you know.
00:34:01Anything like that is the best it's like a just let's make it one. You just start eating healthy. But again, I do think we do need more of these fats that heal but a specialty anti-inflammatory diet that you're going to find in wild-caught Salmon, you know mackerel tuna, you know, these wild catfish your grass fed beef to a small degree in college and I think college is a big deal on collagen supplements are growing in popularity. So what do you get that just drinking straight old homemade bone broth, that's fantastic or if you're using as a supplement, but if those are the biggest things people need in terms of a diet is a go heavy on the herbs and spices do the omegas and you know and walnuts and chia and flax and then wild caught fish get some college in and if you're following the diet like that you're going to reduce inflammation in a really powerful when I mention one other thing here is a supplement. I didn't take an omega-3 supplement is that at the top of the list of collagen supplement?
00:35:01And a tumeric supplement so collagen to Morgan Omega-3s the other supplement that some people I do think CBD for many people can be can be great. I do want to say though. I don't think it's a magic pill. I'd put it up there with tumor. That was first user first reference in Chinese medicine, which I think is pretty interesting. It was used in a over 2000 year old medical Chinese textbook. They were the first to use cannabis or high-cbd cannabis as a form of to reduce pain, but I do think that doing about 20 to 40 mg daily when it's combined, especially with tumeric and other herbs. That's another thing from a dietary standpoint that can be good for pain also have equal Eastern medicines, right yoga acupuncture Tai Chi,
00:36:01And I mean how does this affect. I understand it to a certain extent but to be honest looking at the way that type of movement affect Spain I really does not might and I know it does but I don't really understand how it works or why why it was all right. I understand though, the more you move the bed of your digestive system is going to function in the more lubricated. You going to keep your joints like I get all of that. I know why it's good for heart health. I know why it's good for all those things. But we were talking about chronic pain not really know why I have never really understood that connection night so much medicine or a practice like yoga or a movement of Fitness like Tai Chi there's something it's Varian, Norcor Qi Gong. What smoke was calling about those three Eastern?
00:37:01Forms of movement is that they all emphasize breathing and so it's all about resetting your nervous system. Your nervous system gets in a pattern of urine chronic pain. There's an emergency going on. We weren't emergency. We tend to breathe faster. Yeah, we tend to our heart rates faster. You don't have to have a higher blood pressure than normal almost everybody in fact, and so that's going on when you do deep breathing whether it's yoga or Qi Gong or whatever it is. That's your body saying when you when you let deep slow rhythmic breathing your body like oh, okay. Everything's cool. Now everything's fine. I can stop freaking out and that's what it was powerful things those deep breathing exercises that are done in those forms of movement tells your central nervous system. Hey, you can calm down now. Hey adrenals, you can calm down nervous system were that's signaling all these chronic pain signals. You can come down now, so I can't really think it's the breathing asp.
00:38:01What are the best things in it? In addition to that breathing in, the nervous system that I never realized that I might not know. Honestly, I'm not like I never realized that I really never thought about it that I never thought about it that way and that makes perfect sense. Perfect sense is box breathing doctor access like it's 4 seconds in hold for for exhale for 4 is that bullshit? Does it matter or everybody has their a few years ago was 5 before now but I do training, you know, everybody has their spent on you know on Barre classes. So there's a lot of different spins but in general have people want to do for me, you know for for for
00:39:01That's great. I just I think people just breathe and I do think there's a benefit of doing it well movement because you're sort of retraining your body hate that you're moving and doing something active your training your body to breathe and a very specific calm way even while you're moving and so I can but I do think still laying there doing it while meditating to be fine too. But that's what I said. The other thing. I'll say that I like about you know, I think we look at exercise what causes most chronic pain in this is what most a medical journal show at, you know, if somebody herniated disc in her back that disc is not causing the pain necessarily it's more so that it's the instability and some of the nerves around that disc and so doing a lot of cases if somebody wants to heal a herniated disc, you've got to build stability around that nasty Adamson mean a little bit of muscle and along with that. You need to have Mobility there because Mobility especially took spinal
00:40:01World and see what the most chronic pain their neck and low back a lot of times. There's not enough fluid getting there until in fluids not getting there at Camp fully heal. So you want to get some Mobility but you also have to have stability in for a lot of people. It's you want to add more muscle around that area. And so, you know for Pew and low back pain, you know, they really need to be need to start off with doing things like burned in bed bugs in others think they're really simple, but I need to move into doing healthy using actual weight and actually putting some meat on their Erectors and Will Smith Atty and some of those other possible for muscles as well. All that being said about that the other thing too if somebody's working with us physical therapist or a trainer or whoever it is, I think that's the other thing to is he your soulmate deep breathing movements, but also let's work on that stability and in Mobility.
00:40:55And another thing you bring up and I'm started soon as I make it hard left here. But you're huge into these essential oils and it I've always known that you can take primrose oil for things like PMS, but you're actually talking about breeding them in as well and lavender oil and all this stuff. Like why does this work? You think it is if you're not eating it or it's not going in your body, but he does right. There's a significant science to support essential oils.
00:41:28Yeah, there is no essential oil to thing that I love about them it again. I'm always clear about this. I don't think any one of these single things is a miracle now people have been had a certain deficiency and it's been a miracle for them. And so but but it's like when I talk about whether it's CBD or essential oils are tumeric. I don't I think all of those should be used as a comprehensive protocol for yourself, you know, it does that is a plan but essential oils. The reason why they are so effective for for a lot of people is that affect your central nervous system. We know that your olfactory system your sense of smell is tied directly as part of your brain and someone we are smelling essential oils. They're going right to your brain and lavender oil for example lavender oil and clinical studies has been shown both internally and do inhalation. It's been shown to relieve anxiety in a medical study has been shown to lower blood pressure.
00:42:28Sure, it's been shown to help with symptoms of PTSD. That's post-traumatic stress disorder. It's been shown to improve insomnia and sleep there a lots of studies on lavender oil and lavender oil again. When you're smelling in the lavandin and some of these different compounds in the oil it it it, it comes your central nervous system. And I think that's why it works. So I think for chronic pain more, later used topically essential oil in order to reduce pain in an area you want to do a warming and cooling oil together the warming oil opened up your capillaries, which allows things to get deeper and the cooling oil at say peppermint with Menthol kind of helps and numb and also has an element of call me in the area down, but I think essential oils use those topically or just in inhalation. I didn't work. The right thing is to there non-toxic and but but the big thing is they have a powerful effect on her brain.
00:43:28I cannot thank you enough for spending so much time with us today and we can learn more about all of this on your website, right? Dr. Axe.com.
00:43:38That's it. Yeah, dr. Axe.com. Also, I've got a pretty active on Instagram and in Facebook Channel, if you can check me out dr. Josh axe on an Instagram. My wife is on Instagram. She got pictures of are you know a chef where do it like taking our dogs for a walk or making our smoothies or whatever to so that's why she's dr. Chelsea axe, but she just brushed. Our dog's teeth are oldest one with essential oils. We use. Myrrh oil on his gums. And but anyways, you don't even use those things for all kinds of things all the essential oils. Do you have a nutrition essential oils on your side? Cuz you co-founded right? That's all on HDR guys d r a x e you have to spell out doctor. Please come by I get an eye, but I'm just as they please come back to haunt. You down. Yeah, and I cannot thank you enough go to dr. Axe.com everything we talked.
00:44:38All the supplements all their all the essential oils all there and all the different articles that really break down all the questions you guys have for me whether it's thyroid or chronic pain you name it? It's all on there. So dr.axe you're the best as always and we cannot wait to have you back on. Thank you.

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