Jillian and the crew look at how having meaning and purpose in our lives can help to get us through the rough patches. Plus, ways to combat Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), and Dr. Axe is back to explain what is actually going on with an under-active thyroid, and the ways to treat it

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00:00:00I want to find out how accurate my family has kept track of our heritage DNA test to find out if I am in part European, Jew and part Middle Eastern soccer, right? But since the body hair problem at the Italian Italian and a little bit Turk Turkish, isn't it? I mean, I think these guys did a hell of a better job than my grandparents.
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00:00:58This is the Jillian Michaels show coming at you from TuneIn studios in Venice, California.
00:01:08Sorry guys.
00:01:09Cindy has been pushing a segment on me for a while now.
00:01:15Let her do it.
00:01:16Cuz I'm eating a granola bar. So that's okay.
00:01:26Cindy would like to talk to us about happiness vs. Joy. You know what I'm ready to listen to what is the difference? Okay. One day I was I was realizing like I was. I'm really I'm really happy today and I was like, you know that feeling of like maybe it's not as much as Glee like little kids like shut up like okay, so I read I read this correctly at 40 such thing as sad but now I don't have ever had fleas there is happiness joy and glia mean when you see a little kid like a little kid who just we have a neighbor and she's 5 and whenever like she'll show like the elevator door open but saying and I'm standing there and she she
00:02:26She will light up and run and just without thinking just hug me and there's the Glee in her trip from you is I don't know anything. Give it one. She came over here with us. It was adorable. But anyway, so I read this thing cuz I was really kind of curious about like Joy versus happiness and all that and I looked and I looked up a bunch of stuff and one said that Joey is more consistent and is cultivated internally, when it it it comes when you make peace with who you are why you are and how you are where is happiness tends to be externally triggered and is based on other people things places thoughts and events as being content then
00:03:14Wellington Tesla, I also looked it up in the dictionary and joy is the emotion evoked by well-being success or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires but that's not why I know I find it interesting to hear what the dictionary defines the stuff as a capping as a state of well-being which I mean, yeah, because possessing success like nowadays, I think that's where all this pressure comes from think I don't think Joy is what the dictionary says take the 1800 that would be to me that would be happiness of like Pappy know I've achieved startled. Do you know how much of that just brings misery?
00:04:07Let's say you get it and you end up having so much crap. Is that study where it's like if you make I don't remember the number, but it was enough to cover your bases so that you don't have the tremendous stress and how to pay rent every month. But having more than that does not make you happier and it just puts more crap on your plate to deal with and fix and manage and and be swallowed by I'm there tons of books about simplifying and getting rid of things and streamlining your life.
00:04:34Conversely not getting it makes you feel like shit to so I think not defining Yourself by any of that. Can though I don't think you should I don't think you'll feel that Joy or happiness. If you do find yourself by anyting external it all has to that you're screwed. Yeah, you are totally so do you ever feel pretty I don't feel perfectly content with myself either that way you can eat pizza. You might be really happy to eat pizza or you might feel Joy from eating pizza, but I feel like Joy is is a deeper feeling happy. It's like sleeting in the moment, but that's just my self definition of it. It's really it's a constant state like I think that's impossible and I don't think Glee is I think I think what I'm looking for that Glee It's that bubbly little
00:05:25Feeling that that a child gets in it and it goes away. Yeah. It's and it's real specific and real like like I don't just look at life and say that all right, you know what life is hard? It's inherently hard that is part of the human condition. And if you look at 80% of the world that is not the Western World, their quality of life is Unthinkable to you and I
00:05:51So being human has been historically hard right hands. It's like all you die. You go to heaven, you know, it's like I just get through this and if you can just get through this Heaven is going to be on the other side of this. So hang on and if I wonder though if this is hence, the reason I say meaning and purpose in order to tolerate the harder more setting more frustrating moments is that I have a meeting. I have a purpose have a meaning. I have a purpose have a reason to tolerate this. I have a way to endure it is it's making me better. It's making me stronger. It's preparing me for the right person place or thing. It's an opportunity to learn an opportunity to grow but I don't know that I buy into like happiness I buy in the meaning.
00:06:35Having meaning and creating purpose in your life having passion for the things you do, but happiness is a tough one. I do think at the moment where it's like you wake up and you might I might have these moments with my kids where it's like just nothing. I don't have any fires to put out and they're being particularly cute and funny and I'm like in this moment. I have a moment of Peace Mass Joy, but that's an and I think at this at this stage of Life those moments of content and and and peace are those are your joyful moments as opposed to when we were younger the joyful mountain with me, really young. Joyful moment maybe in a roller coaster and then the joyful moment is who knows, you know, it's dinner. But you can be happy all the time sets people of all, yeah.
00:07:35Is the weekend of the sweet without the sour to your right? Exactly. You can't have the good without the bad that you know that the Yang it but I find it most of life is at my ages.
00:07:4880% hard it really is its 80% hard and
00:07:54and even even parenting like it's oh my God, it's hard it at hard reset sin. And I would whether it is but it's hard to do it. Well, and I would think particularly when you have children. It's it's going to be constant cuz you must if if I
00:08:17If I were constantly worried, I would be constantly worried about that. You know, how many of my friends had a horrible Mother's Day and I actually write check. I know I actually didn't actually had a good Mother's Day, but my son was being impossible blue was adorable that day, right and the Phoenix was being so obnoxious and I literally that night. So we we went and I got donuts for him in the morning. I need donuts like we when we took him for donuts we ran errands so they can get stuff for Heidi cuz I had been in New York for work then we we went to Nobu which is like his favorite restaurant right now that I have any love is old Bronco make wheat, you know, then we all played on the beach then you got to play a little bit of fortnite and then it was like, okay, you know when enough we're going to watch a movie as a family he had a meltdown.
00:09:17Down over awkward cuz we watch Aquaman and Spider-Man and and he been such a pain in the ass all day and night by there was a dude. This is so like I am failing as your mother when you can get this upset about what movie were watching like in it.
00:09:34Twist me. I was like, I'm failing this kid. Cuz by the way, where do we go from here? He's got nowhere to go but down like if this is devastating for him at seven years old, like I'm not doing my job. It seems like this when he's not at home. Is he like this with his friends or is he just got very low frustration tolerance and I and I understand that could so do I just go like this if this is what makes you this upset like, holy shit that changes. I hope it does I really do cuz it was like baby. This is just what kids in our world and I was like nah, I'm failing as a mother and I so it's like look like I had to do.
00:10:18I had a good day and the Ramones about that. I was like I'm happy. I'm happy over Lucky in this moment. This is bliss. This is good. Remember this hold on to this moment later. I was like, I'm failing as a matter of fact if he does know any frustration tolerance you set up to fail in life, you know, I mean, it was like then I was off on a tangent get about what a shity mom. I wasn't how I fail now. I mean like I'm working on it, but it's it I guess I'm just saying I don't think happiness is like a state know but then but don't want at least you'll have to grab those moments in your memory. And it really feel it when you're happy. Maybe we just need to acknowledge that hey you realize moment. This moment and just enjoy the moment and be in the moment. Yeah. Yeah. I think you're I think that I think that I agree.
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00:13:03OCD how do you trade graston therapy? I do not believe I know what that
00:13:12Have you ever seen somebody come in with a massive or come in? I'm in a guest to the gym or wherever we like scrapes on their back of their arms. I think I miss that go really Well Pilates weight you. I guess not it is always something right that people are doing whether it's copying or it's acupuncture pressure. And now it's this thing called graston therapy were literally they take a blade I swear to God and they scrape your muscles and I've tried to you know, I'm always try to keep an open mind, but for some reason I just go back to
00:14:00Like really it just doesn't seem right, you know just scrape it like pressure like you would on a roller or at least well, okay, so it's supposed to after working out really hard try to get something called Dom's sometimes delayed onset muscle soreness, right? You work really hard. I can't sit on the toilet. That's Doms. So, all right people than try to address it or fix it or stop it with Dom's is a really good thing Dom's is your body healing from the exercise stress. Now, there are ways to manage that kind of pain but taking things like Advil non-steroidal anti-inflammatories are actually counterproductive because they inhibit the body's inflammatory response so you don't get the most out of your healing so you don't want to do that, right? Okay.
00:14:56Ice you can take an ice bath while crazy athletes will do things like that crazy. I mean like crazy good like pro athletes not crazy in the head crazy. I mean if you want to go through that and you're a pro athlete like by all means
00:15:10ice helps manage inflammation and it's not going to damage your liver like taking over the counter pills, right? Sure. Go ahead. I mean you can also foam roll and study after study does show that foam roll can help foam rolling or something like a lacrosse ball tennis ball or whatever can help speed your recovery or help manage pain, but it doesn't actually
00:15:43It doesn't make the muscle more flexible. That's not true. But one of the things he'd supposedly does is very much like acupressure or cupping or scraping. I fit I believe the idea is essentially you're sending a message to the brain. Like hey, I've got pain here and the Brain tells the muscle to relax the muscle can be in a spasm. It tells the brain like hey.
00:16:17Chill release let go it doesn't leak Aunt May, so longer like going to work out to a clan that make you longer like I heard it. All right. I just did a whole thing in the UK for Women's Health. Can this workout make you my muscles longer? I'm no doctor grow taller and there was such a thing as muscle has the same origin of the same as surgeon. They say they're not going to take it be more flexible. They could not be in spasm like contracted, right?
00:16:50And that's what foam rolling will do will help the muscle release not being a spasm that makes sense with the so it's not pulling on let's say your knee or your hair for your it. Yeah, right when you're like, oh my God, you get like scar tissue and a help to realign the muscle fibers. They say, I mean, I do know and I have looked at through all the years of writing my books. There is research that says it helps with pain that helps the muscle relax. This is foam rolling or like it is acupressure. I use a ball or foam roller you think about copying and it's okay. What's it doing is pulling blood to the area. I don't know how legitimate that is, but it is creating like a couch rice sucking that I mean so cuz I think that's what
00:17:48Acupuncture is as well. It's like right in the center of your brain is going to be what it's going to send little anti-bias going to send you a little immune system Army in there to kind of like going just like what's happening how you know sending it sending the team so I can see where it would speed healing and I experienced it with a shoulder injury. I'm an acupuncturist help me with and there's something to it for sure.
00:18:19but I also just think like
00:18:22there's a placebo effect to all the stuff. Yes, but when you start
00:18:27scraping your skin with a and it really hurts like a friend of mine did it cuz I was like what the f--- and it was like and I thought to myself just
00:18:40Really? I mean in the argument is always.
00:18:448-bit baby makes it it it promotes blood flow and it's okay. I mean and it it's it's it's it's like a massage and it realized I want to see if I'm going to go somewhere rolling like really hurts in my opinion when I do it like on like that. So my God, I feel so bad, but at least I'm doing it myself and I know you're doing it right if it's really but I actually got to be really careful cuz you do not want to get too close to the Joint to the yeah, that's true full videos on this in the app. There's a hole foam roll thing in the app.
00:19:37I don't have the app Cindy. I need no, I just thought about that the other day when I saw your mother's day thing and I was like today, foam roller thing in there the lake walk you through it tell you how to do it. Do you know all that? That's because I would rather. At home then go someplace where they going to hurt me my wrap up on this. This concept is Doms is is normal to have sustained major injury from too much exercise, not major but an injury from too much exercise does a muscle strain is degrees, right? And if it goes on past 2 or 3 days chill out, let it heal let her recover leather repair, but
00:20:28For the most part proper nutrition and I take glucosamine chondroitin water electrolytes.
00:20:39If you went bananas and he hasn't said it was bound us couple days. Like yeah, you need to chill and let it recover. That's the most important thing is resting and allow your body to recover not necessarily scraping it with a metal blade. I mean it again like an ice bath. Okay and enjoy massage absolutely myofascial release. Yes. Yes. Yes and the phone will work but like you need to get crazy and you don't need to be afraid of Dom's either. I think that's really the you know, I just see what they come up with it now.
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00:23:29So we have back on the show by popular demand very popular demand. Yes, we have dr. Axe the founder of dr. Axe.com the co-founder of ancient nutrition natural medicine extraordinary for coming on and we you already know we're going to hit you with because it's got this is this is never-ending the thyroid crisis in this country. What the hell is going everyone everyone seems to have a thyroid condition, by the way, including I'm not going to including myself and I don't take anything for it, but it's like they have nodules on my thyroid. I have this like anti some antibody something of my thyroid whatever that they like they watch very closely. It's the only thing with my health that is not like it and I I'm me and I
00:24:29Dealing with this was a genetic is that my mom has it too, so maybe we'll okay so fast.
00:24:41Is for the people who don't like what is it? And what does it do? And then maybe we can go from there?
00:24:48Yeah, sure so, you know in and also just this thing said with hypothyroidism there tends to be really two main forms that we see is sort of the typical hypothyroidism, which is really underactive thyroid is your thyroid gland isn't producing enough of certain crucial hormones things like T3 and T4 levels tend to be low and then there's also Hashimoto's thyroiditis, which is really an autoimmune form where your gut starts developing issues and your body actually starts attacking some of your own thyroid issues as well Seth another form but in general hypothyroidism or thyroid problems tend to be caused to be the root cause of the problem. So what a lot of medical doctors or traditional doctors will do today is no try and give you thyroid hormone. They kind of take some of the pressure off your thyroid and fortunately two thyroid medications today.
00:25:48Delete certain B vitamins from your body to cause a lot of different deficiencies and live actually create more problems. They have side effects related to them again. One of the biggest ones is leaching vitamin B12 and other vitamins from your system. But I I really believe in this is the truth according to traditional Chinese medicine, which is over 3,000 years old and IR Vedic medicine would say the same thing as our word is going to do to Lo Chee and sometimes lo-yang but always load sheet and what she is in Chinese medicine has yaser said she is your body's overall energy. So if you see somebody like on your what on their wedding day you say in answer to bright eyes glowing excited about life and say that first as a lot of cheese and maybe over time if somebody has a chump slumped shoulders looks down like an in religious looks like they've got beaten up by the world Maybe.
00:26:48You can meet me at 1st and has Haz Lo Chee in Western medicine. The thing that is most referred to it in regard to it as a chi is adrenal fatigue. Do you say somebody with adrenal fatigue where they just can't seem to even after a good night's sleep but seems like hey there they don't have energy that slowed adrenal issues are the main thing that really starts to affect our thyroid health. And before I talk about die. I do want to say this and and Jillian you are wired like this to a T and everybody else you'll say yes and we'll say yes, is that when you when you Don't Unplug very much when you're always on your type A personality or driven want to conquer and take over the world and that sounds a little bit like you like that again.
00:27:48Mentality of not unplugging enough. That's the first thing that I actually will cause hypothyroidism adrenal fatigue again. And you know, when you look at the number of especially men in women diagnosed with hypothyroidism, there's a lot more women and I believe a big part of that is due to how many people do we have out there? Especially women that are moms that are also I mean historically a lot of sleep is a mom. That was a full-time job. They weren't, you know, there are many other things that were doing. But today it's like you're taking care of your family and kids. The other is a lot of women out there today that are also working there have side Hobbies all of these different things and pressures in life and imagine your adrenal glands in your thyroid is a battery. We've essentially sort of sucked out like your iPhone to let you know. How are you dumb phone that battery that's on there where we're running on a very very low battery and that's a sensual hypothyroidism is that your battery is very very low.
00:28:48Order to Sheila's there's a few things you need to do one is outside of diet. You just need to unplug more and so it's doing lunch with the best friend. It's going out with your partner for a fun easy workout not you know, like, you know something that's draining but something you love to do something big part of it is spending time with your doing nothing and doing things that you love to do. Those are going to recharge the battery in the flood dietary standpoint the herbs and the supplements that are going to recharge your batteries of your adrenals and thyroid are going to be like in Oshawa Ganda and ayurvedic medicine was known as the herb to boost she and yang which is what really what hypothyroidism is ginseng was used widely in Chinese medicine along with other adaptogenic herbs like cotton opsys and Dong Quai, which is known as female ginseng, but I do think that in general, that's really how you
00:29:48Take care of yourself and your other minerals by the way, selenium is good very supportive for the thyroid vitamin. B12 is very supportive for the thyroid and adrenals. But is that combination of unplugging letting your body actually heal along with taking some of these herbs and Foods they're going to help build back to health of those those organs. So I was like, okay Joe you'd like, you know this eyes were going to do it. But then at the end of the day right at I don't have the time to kind of like when you piece together my thyroid supplementation programmed you do have a Thyroid supplement don't you are my crazy frog on. It has selenium. It has B12 has certain probiotics it support show
00:30:48Set right now Health Nutrition diet recipes essential oils do-it-yourself remedies, would it be under nutrition supplements, right. I'm actually fighting nutrition or store. I got it. Got it. Got it. Got it supplements that they are. Okay. And so we want the adrenal support for this one.
00:31:07That's right adrenal and I did I think thyroid again as I said, I think adrenal and thyroid go hand-in-hand and I think if you can support those two organs specifically if you have hypothyroidism, that's really the most important things that that that's somebody's do like a Synthroid or thyroxine. How do you ease off of that? And on to a more natural way does it just mean seeing your doctor is an Ideal World? Nobody would be on medications, right? I mean, we know there synthetic weed other chemicals, we know they called side effects, but you know, but you also want to be conscious of your body is started to rely on this until you typically don't want to just jump off something without consulting to work with your position, but that's why I work recommended to patients in the past as well as hey connect with whoever you're
00:32:07Position is and have them work with you on reducing the dosage if that's what they feel like your body needs and you can do but I think doing both of these things you'll have him come inside together of a changing your diet building this, you know, building a level of PCI building more peace in your life doing these things together as helpful as I would do without connect with your position on it. And then most of the time positions will maybe reduce your dose over the course of several months and I've actually seen a lot of patients a lot get off their thyroid medications by following the sort of natural holistic approach a few other things. Don't say that are good to medical doctor or a acupuncturist socially do when they use those needles or recommend certain herbs as they sort of move energy around in your body and in really kind of allow those adrenals and thyroid to start to
00:33:07Recharge and so those needles are kind of like you're being plugged in right you're you're kind of recharging your batteries, which I think is beneficial and then there certain foods that are very good for the thyroid in Chinese medicine stone is the foods that are really dark in color, especially dark like purple and black and dark green. So think seaweed in kale and spinach dark green food stink blueberries or black rice is sort of those of foods that are good for those organs. But those are probably the most beneficial and hogging the conversation with one of the things the emotion that will most negatively affect your thyroid and adrenals is the emotion of fear and you know, and in a lot of times people unnecessarily when they they think fear is this thing of getting really scared will fear is for starters and I want to give an example of how we know these effect that you
00:34:07You're hormonal house, but think about this if a child gets really scared at night and if they have a nightmare than what the best why is that will the emotion of fear causes dysfunction of the kidneys to Bladder but off the reproductive organs. So somebody has the level of fear over time maybe fear of disappointing their parents fear of you know of failure just said some level of fear anxiety that really needs to start to suck out the energy from your it affects your put you in a fight or flight. Stay your sympathetic nervous system search to drain your batteries and I waited at something else. I really encourage you to do you get those emotions you experience you have feared you have words of anxiety and work on relieving those things naturally, you know, it's a lot of times through religious and spiritual practices or again building more this margin in your life for you if you were your building Joy, but I think that along with the diet that's it. That was sort of in Chinese medicine. That's why they call holistic medicine look at your spirit and mental state.
00:35:07Especially with hypothyroidism. It is really important.
00:35:11duck voice
00:35:13If you have nodules on your thyroid, that's that and I have all the notes on it. That's part of hypothyroidism. Is there a way to fix that or she's everything you just said it's like eating right and the supplementation but you can't shrink those. Can you it's not possible. You think it was like all the things you mentioned it would be possible. Not just I guess I'm saying like they monitor mind and a year ago. It's like okay, they haven't changed their they're not growing but is there a way for them to ever go away or this would be this would be all you can possibly do.
00:35:46There's a couple things one at I think it does depend on a nodule. So I've definitely seen them shrink. I've become go away but not all of them do go away in the reason is as if you had an area that has built up a nod your overtime and to think about this to you know, I'm sure you know, Joe you had injuries over the years. I got to have some scar tissue in my ankle and it's just kind of not going away now and that's okay. So again, sometimes if it's been there for a long time your body can build up a level of scar tissue to where maybe it'll shrink some but a lot of times it won't ever completely go away. So I think you're worrying about the big thing is obviously we don't want it to grow most the time it will reduce slightly in size. But sometimes with scar tissue it just the other Scar Tissue just isn't going to go away. So you're going to correct in thinking that you know what it's not always going to go away but sometimes if it's really hasn't been there for a long time often times it can
00:36:44Okay. That's so interesting now guys. I'm on I'm on drak side and I actually
00:36:554 by the way, I always do this and I take so many so I don't like Jill you're going to do this. You're going to like take this and then I just get caught I take my collagen and all that stuff and we talked about and then for some reason I don't take like just your thyroid support I buy it again cuz I don't remember I bought it probably like I want to see the last time we talked talked. How long do I get to you again? You can go to dr. Axe.com and you can find all of his products on there and they are all top quality superclean excellent supplements in particular. The thyroid support system is the one that I am getting right now. Actually sending you want me to grab you one particularly for this anything else off off your site for this in particular.
00:37:50Yes, I think that biggest thing to keep in mind is number one. I would I would look at thyroid support number one and probably adrenal after that if somebody knows yes, I I definitely have adrenal issues related to thyroid then after that. I think the most important things are getting probiotic and B vitamins. We know that probiotics are really going to support absorption of certain nutrients and for your thyroid function properly. It needs B vitamins that needs day for the reason I stay probiotic even one step before the B vitamins is there is a study at a stand for that showed if you're consuming just a good probiotic supplement it actually greatly improve your resorption of B vitamins. And so that's really important. It comes to us out of the house. I would say you had the most important things are herbs for severe than that support the thyroid they can be part of a thyroid formula probiotics number to and if somebody's going to do something else probably some sort of multi or B vitamin while you're getting some bees but those are the most important
00:38:50E to eat the good stuff the green the purples in the blacks. I know you I know we keep it on the like as positive as possible. But what would you avoid at all costs because I always say they like no GMO soy, that's a heavily sprayed with crap. Like what would you avoid for thyroid?
00:39:13Or do you think they don't touch it, but I think that are the most toxic and again, I hate to beat a dead horse that every person you've ever interviewed you've asked about diet says this but there's no doubt that sugar and white flour products really really your heart of the thyroid and the reason being is a different microbes love different beat on different things. So good bacteria alike alike lactobacillus. And anyways, all the good probiotics. They look up a fiber like chia seeds and flax seeds and vegetables and berries but yeast and candida love to feed off of sugar. And what happens is when you get that yeast and candida to starts to get in your everywhere from your tongue to your your gut lining. They actually start to eat away hole in your gut lining causing these what people referred to as leaky gut syndrome which then leads through in your bloodstream those proteins which tunnel cause inflammation of the thyroid overtime. It's a really sugar of all the things
00:40:13It's the worst and hey, if you're doing a little Manuka honey, and you know and some dates on occasion, you know, you can get by with a little bit of that. But again the sugar The White Flower product over-consuming grains, that's going to be the hardest on the body can be hard absolutely hydrogenated oils. But I'm all the things out there that Sugar the wheat bread white flour products all that stuff that you know, you know what I watched you on the biggest loser and everywhere else over there to your sit telling people to get off of that just handed down Stills basic as it sounds is the biggest thing that'll just you know, cuz Starwood probably first off because of how it affects the gut how it affects insulin which insulin is a hormone that affects your thyroid hormone. So that's
00:41:01That's the that's the biggest thing. We got it. We we got it. We got to get out, and all of his articles blogs books supplements everything dr. Axe lives there, and there's so much more information on all the things we've spoken about prior Chinese medicine chronic pain healing thyroid all of it, and I'm please please please come back again very soon cuz people are so grateful for all the information you provide. I love your show at you and love you and love love being part of it. But thanks so much. Thank you so much dr. Axe.

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