In today’s episode of The JCN Clinic Podcast Show, Jessica and Carissa nerd out big time with Dr Alena Pribyl from Microba. Alena discusses in detail with Jess and Carissa:
The foundations of the microbiota and its interplay with the food we consume.
How the gut Microbiota is involved in processing the food we consume.
How the gut microbiota is involved in modulation and/or exacerbation of inflammation depending on the terrane.
How our understanding of the microbiome has changed based on the new advances in research & how the testing has evolved over the last years.
Why looking at the function of the specific strains is more important than looking at phylums (familes) as a whole.
The different functions of the specific strains and their overlaps in terms of function within the gut.
The controversial role of parasites and where we are at with understanding this in current research.
Various metabolites that can be produced in the degradation of fat, protein and fibre and how this positively and/or negatively impacts the health of the gut.
How we can eat to benefit the health of our gut.
Plus more!
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