In today’s episode of The JCN Clinic Podcast Show Jessica and Carissa chat with Jess Cheney, JCN Nutritionist currently on maternity leave after the birth of baby Reuben. Jess Cheney gets super real about nutrition pre and post baby and the reality of being a new Mum, verses the glossy surface that is presented all to frequently on our social media. As a brilliant Nutritionist armed with all the tools in her preverbal motherhood box, Jess Cheney shares how reality can still have a way of showing you a different route. Jess shares her valuable tips as a new mother and even more importantly shares from her heart about having realistic expectations of yourself as a new mother. This is one not to be missed if you are expecting, thinking of becoming a Mum, a new Mum of recent or becoming a new Mum once again.
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