In today’s episode, Jessica and Carissa delve into Part 2 of their Q&A to answer your most popular questions as asked via their social media channels. Over the past weeks they have been flooded with your most popular nutrition questions and have therefore broken this Q&A podcast into two episodes. In Part 2 Jess and Carissa cover:
1. How to get enough calcium in a dairy free diet? Check out this blog post
2. Grains & Legumes as ‘anti-nutrients’ – confusion relating to their intake and concurrent attention around their important as complex carbohydrates. Check out Carissa’s blog post here for more information
3. How did Jess start the JCN Clinic? Check out this blog post
4. Advise for thyroid health & oestrogen dominance post oral contraceptive pill – for further information check out Episodes 30 and 8 in The JCN Clinic Show Feed
5. How to counteract gassiness?
6.Thoughts on long term use of the merina – for further information check out Episodes 30 and 8 in The JCN Clinic Show Feed along with the ATP Guys podcast
7. Our thoughts on medicinal mushrooms, activated charcoal, bentonite clay and diatomaceous earth.
8. If you have a troublesome gut you should you be using digestive enzymes and L-Glutamine?
9. Our thoughts on celery juice
10. Our thoughts on Colonics – are they necessary to help ‘clear out’ the gut?
11. Should you avoid cold/raw foods?
The JCN Clinic podcast is a place where Jessica and Carissa get real about nutrition and living a healthy life. They share with you their passion and their clinical knowledge for a fun no b/s approach to looking after yourself. Please enjoy today’s episode and don’t forget to subscribe in iTunes!
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