In todays special episode, Jessica and Carissa answer your most popular questions as asked via their social media channels. Over the past week they have been flooded with your most popular nutrition questions and have therefore broken this Q&A podcast into two episodes. Jess and Carissa cover:
1)Overall tips for sustained energy for a 50yr old male working long hours in a physical job.
2)Their thoughts on a low histamine diet - can it be sustainable?
3) Tips for emotional eating - also see Episode 24 and Episode 19
4)Foods to facilitate healthy hormones.
5)Their thoughts on soy - also see the JCN blog posts http://www.jessicacox.com.au/recipe/2018/9/21/sticky-ginger-tamari-tofu-eggplant-/ and http://www.jessicacox.com.au/recipe/2014/5/23/thyme-scrambled-tofu-w-truffle-oil/
6)Thoughts on Intermittent Fasting - see Episode 21
7)Foods to eat to encourage a healthy microbiome see Episode 37
8)How to recover from adrenal fatigue & hormonal imbalance after kids - see Episode 32 featuring Shannon Stokes from Mums & Bub's Nutrition.
The JCN Clinic podcast is a place where Jessica and Carissa get real about nutrition and living a healthy life. They share with you their passion and their clinical knowledge for a fun no b/s approach to looking after yourself. Please enjoy today’s episode and don’t forget to subscribe in iTunes!
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