How to Start Investing in the Stock Market for Beginners
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  Announcer:                        00:00                     You’re tuned in to the Investing for Beginners podcast. Finally, step by step premium investment guidance for beginners led by Andrew Sather and Dave Ahern to decode industry jargon, silence, crippling confusion, and help you overcome emotions by looking at the numbers, your path to financial freedom starts now. Dave:                                    00:36                     Welcome to Investing for Beginners podcast. This is episode eighty-three tonight. Andrew and I are going to take a few moments to answer some listener questions. We got some great questions recently and Andrew and I wanted to take a few moments to go over those with those with you guys. So without any further ado, I’m going to go ahead and read some questions in an Andrew’s gonna answer for us. So in Andrew’s going to be the area, answer man. Dave:                                    01:00                     So first question. Hi Andrew. My name is Luke. I am 24-year-old college student and I’m a new subscriber and an ebook purchaser. First off, I would like to thank you for all that you’ve taken the time to put it out there. I’ve learned so much from your podcast alone that I’m feeling so much more confidently already about what am doing with my money. The first stock that I purchased was Comcast maybe a month and a half ago. I’ve been contemplating selling to buy into positions, still listed as buys and your ego letter that made the purchase of this month to Comcast has been pretty steady since that held it, but I figured I’d ask for input. I don’t want to miss out on any opportunities. Thanks in advance for any advice. Luke. Andrew, what are your thoughts? Andrew:                              01:46                     So obviously like we like to say we can’t give personalized information or advice. I’m legally, but I can talk about kind of what I would do if I was in the shoes based on like the context a lot of investing in has to do with context. You have to understand that as you go along with your journey, the stock selections that you make, the investment decisions you make, the portfolio decisions that you make. Oftentimes those can be more important than actually the stocks you pick themselves up, but those are going to vary based on what your situation is, what your goals are, where your portfolio is. So some of the WHO’s just building a portfolio, you combine that with not combined, you can contrast that with somebody who already has a diversified portfolio and then you can contrast that with somebody who maybe is five years or less close to retirement. Andrew:                              02:44                     And that would be those with all three be situations where they will all have a different portfolio, uh, decision making ideas and that reflects itself in the stocks that you buy or sell. So for me, when I first started out, when I was first building my portfolio, and Luke,
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