Kate Nelson, aka the Plastic Free Mermaid, has been living without disposable plastics for over ten years. After an aha encounter with ocean plastics on a research vessel, Kate has explored just about every avenue of action to address our global plastic pollution crisis, from dressing up as mermaids for policy meetings to working with groups like San Diego Coast Keepers, Surfrider Foundation, and Jean Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society. She has become a bold and creative cultural influencer with a large social media following, a ‘Mercast’, blog and info-rich website www.iquitplastics.com. She leads ga and sailing retreats, her upcoming book, online tools, and personal coaching to help others live a more plastic free life.

In this episode we talk about her story and learning journey around how to have influence and impact on something you care about by radically changing your own life to align with your values. We talk about the ocean, traveling plastic free, what mermaids and selkies have to do with social change, and how living plastic-free can enrich your life.

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