This week, we take a look at Alternative History, a growing genre of speculative fiction. So much of it is dark and dystopian, but it can be hopeful, too, as demonstrated by the Steampunk radio drama “Brass”, written by today’s guest, John Longenbaugh. As Mr. Longenbaugh says of writers in this genre, “At their best they do the same thing a good historian does: make the past seem nearer and more accessible.”
Our show format is a bit different this time, being pretty much one long interview with no other segments, but we hope you’ll find it entertaining.
Show notes and links:

* John Longenbaugh (johnlongenbaugh.com)
* If It Had Happened Otherwise (1931) – essays on alt history.
* West of Eden  (1984) by Harry Harrison
* Patrick O’Brian
* Making History, by Stephen Fry (goodreads.com)
* The Peshawar Lancers, S. M. Stirling (amazon.com)
* Space: 1889 (tabletop RPG)
* 1632 series by S. M. Stirling
* The Destroyermen Series (taylorandersonauthor.com)
* Lest Darkness Fall (1939) by L. Sprague de Camp
* Harry Harrison: A Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah! (1972) by Harry Harrison
* The Man in the High Castle (1972) by Philip K. Dick
* Brass (battlegroundproductions.org)
* The Iron Dream (1972) by Norman Spinrad

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