Kaitlin has a dream, and The Heart says goodbye (for now). Listen on headphones.

Produced by Kaitlin Prest with help from Phoebe Wang. Thank you to all of the listeners who sent us your voices so KP could meet you on the moon. In this episode, you also heard the voices of Mitra Kaboli, Phoebe Wang, Jen Ng, Sharon Mashihi, Samara Breger, Meg Bell, Jessica Grosman, Pejk Malinovski, Sean Cole, Lulu Miller, Veronica Simmonds, Johnny Spence, Nancy Prest, Natalie Prest, Allen Watts and Brendan Baker.

Music by Inne Eysermans, special thanks to Katharina Smets.

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00:00:00friends the heart isn't making new episodes right now but if you miss us I have two things to say one we can still be with you at all times because we have new t-shirts and limited edition posters and heart shop and to there's a new super special secret thing coming up
00:00:22next year
00:00:24if you want to be the first to know about the secret go to Caitlin press.org there will be instructions for you there
00:00:47to the heart
00:00:56but this episode I want to ask you to do something a little different
00:01:02I don't know where you are right now maybe you're on the subway you're in the car on a road trip your work
00:01:10we're cooking
00:01:13this episode is meant to be listened to when you're lying down bed
00:01:20do not mind down posterior listen to something else
00:01:26remember there's a special bedtime experience waiting for you hear the heartbeat and come back to it when you have about 30 minutes to lie down fast forward to out here
00:01:402 minutes and 1/2 in
00:01:54right now
00:01:57you should be lying down in bed
00:01:59the couch
00:02:03I want you to lie down the whole thing
00:02:09I'm also laying down in bed
00:02:13thousands of other people are also lying down in bed
00:02:17think about all those people strangers and friends or lying down with you
00:02:24it's exciting,
00:02:30the next 24 minutes
00:02:32I want you and me forget the world exist
00:02:40open your eyes look at the world
00:02:44I want you to close the month three
00:02:471 2 3 doesn't exist
00:03:05I don't know about you but I was getting kind of lonely before I fall asleep
00:03:122 * even if I'm sleeping beside somebody I still get lonely
00:03:16what's the drift off
00:03:19don't fall asleep
00:03:24feels like they left behind
00:03:32usually I sleep site BB beautiful boys
00:03:38his name is Brandon
00:03:41Beach on the move
00:03:43sometimes what I do is ask him to meet me on the moon in our dreams
00:03:52like if you dream you're on the moon and I do too we can chill there while I was sleeping
00:03:59thing is it's kind of hard to remember to go to the Moon once you're actually asleep
00:04:04sometimes I worry that I leave him waiting there
00:04:09I want us to do now is take three deep breaths
00:04:14Hunter Dreamland
00:04:18I want you to let yourself drift off into a kind of half awake half asleep type of Zone
00:04:27I want you to let the sounds become scenery of your own dream
00:04:33you can imagine yourself inside of mine standing there looking in
00:04:40maybe I'll become a cloud
00:04:45Hurlock bring on a fire
00:05:23what are you doing your mom
00:05:24in the world
00:05:29what do you mean
00:05:33what happened
00:06:01but I think that means divide a b can yesterday
00:06:24Sloan comedy of errors
00:06:28in the name of clean underwear I missed my flight
00:06:447 have a campfire tonight
00:06:49economy songs that you want to sing
00:06:53will make sure that everybody's there
00:06:57mosquito repellent
00:07:02lots of people there all of our friends from before
00:07:07are friends now
00:07:12tell her friends lots of different people
00:07:57should be lots of fun singing and dance to in the cornfields
00:08:45excuse me do you know how to get to the moon
00:08:52the Moon the Moon the Moon
00:10:22but when I was a kid
00:10:24into my early teens tween years I thought that
00:10:30making love or having sex or at the even getting pregnant over this happened when you were sleeping just sleeping beside somebody
00:10:42got nothing to be afraid of
00:11:29are you ready
00:11:44two account
00:11:47should we test one more time yeah
00:11:58even in the rain we're going to tell a story of fish is bison Gloria not
00:12:06does he end
00:12:10cool there you go that's a good one I like it alright should I stop this it's going to it's going to it see I know it's going to die any second we're going to Long what what's your guess
00:12:21no probably like 7 minutes
00:12:32Brendan you look really weird I want you to meet my new girlfriend
00:12:39I want you to meet my new girlfriend
00:12:42this is Emily
00:12:45I have a new girlfriend
00:12:47this is Joyce
00:12:50oh and I have another new girlfriend going to beat her to my name is Josephine
00:12:56oh I have another new girlfriend sorry
00:12:59she really wants to meet you I want to fucking meet your new girlfriend
00:13:04what the fuck
00:13:07cuz it keeps
00:13:21hello this is the intergalactic sound police hello this is the intergalactic sound Solis
00:13:33hi hi I'm here to let you know that you're in violation of code 3 - 1/5 to have been I'm sorry to say atrocious strange buzzing sound hums mouth sounds cell phone interference and the levels are other way to say it disgusting I'm afraid I'm afraid I'm going to need to suspend your license to produce sounds you wouldn't I must I'm afraid to hand over your license to produce sounds please
00:14:40I'm trying to the Moon right now do you know how to get there
00:14:55the last time I visited the moon I used the pocket rocket
00:15:46hello this is shoot for the moon Daniel and the dark green pond Incorporated how can I help you how to get to the moon Incorporated now I'm pretty sure that department has closed
00:16:07hello is this how to get to the moon Incorporated you happen to know the number for how to get to the moon Incorporated
00:16:25I'll check just please hold you can so much
00:16:35this is the moon doesn't really exist Incorporated
00:17:05please hold
00:17:08please hold
00:17:13please hold hold hold hold hold hold
00:17:31where am I
00:17:37the waiting room
00:17:38what am I waiting for
00:17:45for waiting
00:17:48For What
00:17:50we're waiting to wait
00:17:57yeah just wait but I hate waiting
00:18:03will we be waiting forever
00:18:06are there any magazines
00:18:14are there any m
00:18:16no talking
00:18:18just wait
00:18:29going the wrong way the Moon is this way which way
00:18:37down here
00:18:40over here
00:18:42under here
00:18:45Caitlin you're going the wrong way
00:18:56love is funny or it's quiet
00:19:07it's a good thing
00:19:18beautiful to take a chance and if you fall you fall
00:19:28and I'm sinking
00:19:38love is cheerful horse games
00:19:44it's a problem
00:19:50it's a heartache
00:20:01if you were mine I never let you go
00:20:13I mean
00:20:20I know
00:20:34what are you doing here
00:20:38I'm not your mom
00:21:09over here
00:21:12I'm here
00:21:22I'm here I'm here I'm here I'm here I'm here here
00:21:39I'm right here
00:21:43over here. They're right here
00:21:50where I'm out here
00:21:58it's me
00:22:02extra being here
00:22:07yeah it's me it's me it's me it's me or I am I really here to see you
00:22:19you're not Brandon can you see me I'm right here it's me
00:22:27it is yeah how cold is it
00:22:38that's pretty cool
00:22:41have you been here long I've always been here
00:22:48hello hello
00:22:55hi Caitlin hi Caitlin
00:23:03Caitlin Mitra
00:23:08ikp I'm not Mitra
00:23:24just kidding it's me
00:23:29what are you doing now
00:23:34time to say goodnight
00:23:43goodbye thank you I love you
00:23:50good night good night sweet dreams
00:25:14that's the thing to do
00:25:20just watch the song
00:25:25in the air
00:25:30find your share of
00:26:00as bad as they seem
00:26:10so do you
00:26:20so dream
00:26:33come true
00:26:41never are as bad as they seem
00:26:47so dream

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