In 2018, The Heart will be taking a break.

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00:00:00computer access radiotopia
00:00:05the heart
00:00:12and I have some news
00:00:20you're a long-time fan of the heart you know that there have been many chapters of the show
00:00:36you know that once upon a time you were called audio smut
00:00:41placed me in for the women on an Turkish Radio station in Montreal at 6 p.m. on the first Wednesday of every month that you're very well Linda and Jessica Rossman my first radio love
00:01:00you know
00:01:02turn that chapter I work was ephemeral went out on the airwaves and the episodes are nowhere to be found on the internet thank God
00:01:17read it my blindfold off
00:01:36now that's a good girl by few years on the radio we had to turn on this month to a podcast because none of our friends even had radios
00:01:46and I'm at Mitre names me trip ticket to New York from underneath our blankets and inside my mermaid Palace sound booth AKA my bedroom This Is The fuk Love episode
00:02:05today love but I point we were like we're going to fucking do this
00:02:18became super professional rename Darcell the heart
00:02:23Andy fucking amazing
00:02:27and join the ranks of radiotopia I've been invited to be part of PR exes radiotopia Network and worked alongside some of the best audio makers on the face of the Earth this is huge beard
00:02:49I'm going to say it's been a truly outrageous few years
00:02:54open haunted by are ghosts
00:02:58heard the sex dreams mrs. Claus
00:03:08the grapple with the traumatic histories our bodies
00:03:12thought for justice only one out of every ten survivors will report these learned how to say no more
00:03:27I love everything about where we're at right now working with the team of artistic brilliant queer feminist badasses
00:03:38it has been the most incredible 9 years of my life
00:03:43spend my entire adulthood
00:03:47but it's time to take a break
00:03:50awesome Apostles try out new things
00:03:56you know what I'm getting at
00:03:57part is me making new episodes starting 2018 that's January
00:04:05the next episode of the heart is going to be the last episode for a long time
00:04:13I want to say two things
00:04:18the first thing is that next year we're not making Newhart episodes but the feed will stay alive in some capacity
00:04:30we're going to be featuring all of the new cool things that the team gets up to Mitre Phoebe Sharon Jen Samara Julia also Kathy wagler me everybody
00:04:43and we're going to be featuring diamond is clear projects that we want to promote and get the word out about
00:04:50we're going to be here on social media updating you on all of our weirdo art projects at the heart radio follow me at Kaitlin Prest
00:05:00where around
00:05:03second thing I want to say
00:05:06thank you
00:05:08you the fans of the heart are the best mother fucking fans in the entire world
00:05:17you send us letters you send us love you tell your secrets you support the work we do you make us feel important you make us feel special
00:05:30we love you so much and I know that you love us we really feel it
00:05:36I really believe that if we were all in the same room together we would realize that we were all always meant to be friends
00:05:45so please keep updating us on social media about the things that touch you move you inspire you
00:05:52the things that you feel the loves that you find
00:05:57Joe is in the sinuses that you experience in this life I know we might be freaking out a little bit in this moment being like what the fuck
00:06:11there's nothing like it etcetera Etc believe me I know
00:06:18but I have a secret that might make you feel a little bit better
00:06:23it's going to be something else next year
00:06:28two thing magical
00:06:33can only tell you basically anything about it right now other than what I've already said
00:06:39but it's happening
00:06:42in the episode description of this fairy episode there is a link if you click on that link you will be the first to know
00:06:51I'm allowed to tell the secret what the secret is everything about the secret
00:07:01anyway in this period of Silence in addition to the secret
00:07:07we are going to go on laying the bricks of the next radio Revolution and I can't say much more about that either other than we are in search of business Geniuses and investors so drop me a line Caitlin. Pressed at gmail.com you just graduated from business school and are a queer feminist and want to participate in the revolution or if you're independently wealthy and also a queer feminist and want to be no throw some money down into the revolution
00:07:42the meantime I want to remind you that there is one more episode of the heart it's coming out in a little bit over a week and it's going to be really special
00:07:54it's a little bit different than any other episode we've done ever make sure not to miss it
00:08:09a little pick me up just in case you're feeling blue about the news we're going to give you a little peek inside some of our most private producer moments
00:08:19baby Wang who started with us about a year ago as you may know has been collecting expressions of our weirdest selves secretly for months
00:08:31Plaza gift to you I'm going to allow Phoebe to share some of these weirdnesses with you
00:08:52hello hello hello hello hello hello
00:09:08hello hello hello hello
00:09:19fuk fuk going on
00:09:30we said it was fine I'll fucking final but it was not final fucking final this is final fucking fucking final oh shit fuck
00:09:44under a chuppah under a Jewish Hoopa
00:09:49under a hoopa Copa under a HIPAA
00:10:04Camden SL
00:10:13can you say the what is the thing the canopy called for the Jewish wedding canopy the sofa you had a Cuppa but after the thing with my friends getting their ass eaten
00:10:33how to be
00:10:37room tone Realty Middletown
00:10:51if you want me to fill out a survey for you I'll do it don't let him to be I don't want to do it
00:11:02Coffee County, I did it
00:11:26Lisa thank you so much
00:11:44I'm going to say it again we love you thank you so much for being here
00:11:51love Caitlin I love you Mitra I love you and Phoebe I love you Jen I love you Sharon I love you and heart Universe I love you I love you I love you
00:12:08Hy-Vee ad
00:12:23radio Tempe

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