San Francisco sexologist and sex therapist Diana Urman chats with the Hash's Carolyne Zinko about how cannabis can unlock our ability to orgasm, her personal history with pot and more.
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00:00:07welcome back to the house available on green state.com I'm Carolyn zinco it's not often that you get a chance to pick the brand of a sex therapist let alone one who openly encourages her clients to experiment the Cannabis previously a high-school teacher in a financial analyst Diana Herman Herman brings a wide and weird range of expertise to her profession recently I visited Diana in her San Francisco office to learn more about her work and how she connects the dots between cannabis and coitus the topic of our chat is about sex and cannabis so I'm sure there are lots of techniques and talk therapies for helping people with relationship and intimacy problems but how is cannabis different and how does it how does it help cannabis is natural product it sort of Blends well with natural flow of pleasure it's been historically
00:01:05improving to be a great aphrodisiac and them enhancer flasher
00:01:12how exactly does cannabis help do you have any patients that you can talk about how the Cannabis help to them I have quite a few clients female clients that are an orgasmic they have issues with either experience an orgasm or the organs are not as frequent or the quality of pleasure is not to their liking many of my clients experience symptoms of anxiety and that is an underlying cause for an orgasm you using cannabis can allow a person to kind of bug descent into their bodies and then few more presents with them self so I've had several cases where at recommended my clients to use Fiora which is a topical spray that is being sold at dispensaries and it's applied on the clitoris and It Felix of muscles
00:02:12that area do you feel like it's mostly women or are men also benefiting and what are the age of these people in like typically what kind of walks of life do they come from I think due to the fact that I am a female body therapists tend to mostly serve female clowns I do have a quite a few mail clients that they have similar issues with them not being able to reach orgasm other problems with ejaculations and most of my clients ages anywhere from 30 to 45 50 of the most and they mainly professionals doctors lawyers nurses teachers
00:03:00what kind of anxiety do people have is it the anxiety like oh I'm going to try and it's not going to happen or is it anxiety from their daily life that they need to try to get out of there their heads you know what the racing thoughts they're coming from their inability to feel relaxed invited and be fully present while being sexually engaged and that prevents them from being able to orgasm or ejaculate or experience pleasure to the full capacity
00:03:33Stanford researchers last fall release to study I don't know if you heard about this they analyze the results of 14 years of data that was collected on 50,000 people and the Stanford researchers found that people in the survey who smoke pot daily had more sex than those who smoked in frequently or not at all. It also found that marijuana use did not impair sexual function in men which is contrary to other previous studies that suggested it did are you finding that this research is helping you with your patients are you able to cite this for them do they feel comfortable more comfortable using cannabis as a result of these types of medical studies that I need to convince my clients I think they bike crossing my trash folder already convinced that whatever I can offer to them they feel comfortable taking it in and I always tell him that
00:04:33we're going to try it new parents of pair of shoes if you like it great if you don't just throw it away so they don't feel that they're married to the idea and so I don't believe that I need to put a lot of signs for that
00:04:51do you know if there are any problems associated with long term use of cannabis and sex do they have any sexual dysfunctions I have several clients to be using cannabis for four decades after a while they are no longer interested in engaging himself sexually and I think that has something to do with the brain capacity to
00:05:18feel over-stimulated because sexual desire I mean our brains are the main sexual organs especially when it comes to female body people so I feel that has to do with the brain rather than genitals overuse of a cannabis can kind of dial out their brain activities so sexual fantasies are no longer
00:05:43might be available to those people
00:05:46you mentioned that you would had to previous careers one was a high school teacher and the other one was a financial analyst how does this third career compare for you I believe. That kind of Blends everything together and into grades my best qualities and I find myself well expressed through being a sex therapist because being up having an analytical mind and being great with numbers and knowing how to connect. Knowing how complex and sophisticated human psyche is I think that brings a lot of strength into what I'm doing right now
00:06:36you know one thing I almost forgot to ask you is if you actually use cannabis yourself I had to use cannabis not bombs pretty frequently and I thoroughly enjoy the experiences I would say it's been pretty frequent but not consistent in a way it makes sense because if you didn't try it yourself you couldn't actually tell people what the benefits of using it would be absolutely everything that I could recommend to my clients I personally you that is my Golden Rule
00:07:07well thank you so much Diana this is been really informative and hopefully a lot of people will find it fascinating or get at least get a kick out of it thank you again I enjoyed conversing with you on this beautiful Monday afternoon in my office
00:07:31that was San Francisco sex therapist Diana Herman shining some light on the power of pot in her challenging and intriguing career for more stories like this head on over to Green state.com for the hash I'm Carolyn Cinco

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