You can make yourself happier today. Your life circumstances and personality aren't nearly as important as you think in deciding how happy you can be. Dr Laurie Santos explains how understanding the latest science will point you in the right direction and make you more satisfied with your life. Are you ready to feel better?

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00:00:00No, I'm not nervous. I'm nervous my heart over here.
00:00:08One fateful day every Spring High School seniors who've applied to Yale University are invited to log on to a special website to find out if they made it in now.
00:00:23Only about 6% of applicants will get good news, but for that lucky few it's time to celebrate.
00:00:37Some students even post their reactions on YouTube. It's kind of a thing.
00:00:43When students find out they got into Yale that all their hard work has finally paid off in their college dreams have come true. They are understandably really really really excited.
00:01:03Facebook Instant start attending college all that Joy all that relief. They felt it getting in it fades pretty quickly.
00:01:14I've seen this firsthand will has a professor of psychology at Yale and as head of one of the residential colleges in The Last 5 Years rates of college mental health problems have skyrocketed nationally over 60% of college students report feeling overwhelmingly anxious in the past year and over 50% say they felt completely overwhelmed in the past week rates of depression in 20 year olds have doubled since 2009 which is crazy. Our country now has more than twice the number of young people in serious psychological distress than we did just 10 years ago more than twice the number
00:01:54I was horrified when I first heard the statistics and I really wanted to do something to help. So I did a little digging and looked at more and more of the research and I started to realize it's not just college students many of us feel like happiness is increasingly Out Of Reach like we're doing everything right but something just hasn't clicked.
00:02:18I know that feeling well because at the time I was experiencing it myself. I mean I wasn't clinically depressed but I felt like something important was missing like I was doing something wrong. Like I wasn't as happy as I could be or should be
00:02:34Danielle University professors teaching students around the world have science can help them lead a happier life. So I decided to develop a new class on the science of Happiness a class. I called psychology and the good life life lessons that could help students and all of us be happier. The course was my attempt to put together everything I could about the latest science of happiness and how to achieve it. I packed it all together in one convenient set of lectures taught it to my Yale students and even do it online for free online version of the class.
00:03:14But the class also taught me an important lesson happiness is something that all of us can acquire but we need to go about it the right way. We need to go after the right things. That's for the science and this podcast can help.
00:03:31If you want to learn what researchers are discovering about happiness and how these lessons can make a real improvements to your well-being that I welcome you to join me. Dr. Laurie Santos for the first episode of the happiness lab.
00:03:54It was a cold Saturday night. I had just got home after driving hundreds of miles to record one of the interviews you'll hear later the season I was pretty exhausted and really really psyched to be home.
00:04:07But when I lock my door, I noticed a strange piece of mail in my feet and envelope addressed to me the stamps and postmark were foreign, but the letter inside was written in English Jeremy Santos. My name is Clermont and I live in France.
00:04:24In the letter, I explained that he was feeling defeated by life. He didn't have the career relationship or family hearing for he said he felt trapped in a tunnel of desperation, but tunnel with no light and no end sadly. This is not the first time I've received messages like this since teaching my class online. I find letters and emails like this from people around the world people who aren't feeling all that happy and wanted to make a change Clermont letter was especially Frank though. He told me that he pretty much decided that his life wasn't worth living and that he'd even tried to kill himself.
00:05:02It was at this lowest of low points that he stumbled across my class.
00:05:07To tell you the truth you wrote. I was not convinced of the effectiveness of this course, and I thought this was hippie, California and well-being crap.
00:05:17I got the sort of skepticism from lots of people, but the things I'm going to talk about in this podcast really aren't crap or a bunch of platitudes or load of hippy dippy BS.
00:05:28This podcast will share the latest scientific findings work that's been carried out by my friends and colleagues at top universities around the world. And what all this research shows is that happiness is possible. Even for people like Clermont people who are in serious psychological distress.
00:05:46The problem is well here in this podcast is that we go about achieving that happiness the wrong way waiting and hoping that our circumstances will change that a promotion or a romance will bring us lasting happiness. None of that works. At least not in the way. We think it's just a lie that our minds tell us that's what Clermont was able to learn despite his initial skepticism Clement decided to complete my online course, he learned all about the science of well-being and how to put it into practice. It has worked come outside at the end of his letter is truly worked.
00:06:29People write all the time about how my books of change their life immerse be a professor at UC Riverside. She wrote to Classic text on the science of well-being the how of happiness and the myths of Happiness. Her work has helped a lot of people which means she gets tons of letters like the one I got from Claremont, lawsonville say that they wanted to kill themselves and they've been saved by using these strategies. Some people say they got married or divorced because they read it something I wrote another happy hour or so. I don't know if it's just weird to feel like you have an influence on people's lives did the people you don't know or total strangers, but but it bottom line is it that it's wonderful to talk a lot about happiness in this podcast. So I thought I should start by giving you a definition since Sonia has pretty much the world expert on happiness. I thought she would be a great person to help essentially happiness has two components. The first component has to do with the experience of positive emotions, right? So happy people
00:07:29Tend to experience more frequent positive emotion Tranquility enthusiasm Joy Pride affection, but that's not enough. So happy person also has a sense that their life is good that they're satisfied with the way that they're progressing towards their life goal. So you really kind of need both of these components to be happy. I like to think of them as being happy in your life and being happy with your life. I love this definition because it fits really well with how will think about improving your happiness and the episodes to come what you can do to be happy in your life to feel better A lot of the time and what's your life how you can experience more meeting and more satisfaction. I also wanted Sonia to walk us through anyone tougher problem. How can we actually measure our happiness levels of subjective? I wish there was something like a happiness thermometer, but there isn't because happiness is something that only really the person inside nose, which means it's scientist like Sonya had to come up with creative ways to track people.
00:08:29In the end, they usually opt for a rather simple approach the gold standard for measuring happiness is to ask the person if they're happy. So we should just have to rely on self-reported. We have measures where we ask people, you know, how often do Sprints race positive emotions and your life. I'll satisfy you with your life how happy are you similar measures of well-being with my students? Here's a pretty straightforward one. I can give it to you now taking all things together how happy would you say you are from zero not at all. Happy 210 completely happy are you 9 out of 10 or more like six researchers and check the validity of these skills and lots and lots of ways.
00:09:10It turns out that self-reports or you just gave will correlate with all kinds of real-world stuff. It predicts detailed timetables of your hour-by-hour emotional experience and your family members would say if I asked them how happy you were your score even correlates with how often you smile and daily life. The upshot is that these seemingly simple questions are much more rigorous than a silly BuzzFeed quiz, they really are scientific instruments using metrics. Like these researchers have learned that our happiness levels matter more than we think looks like happiness might not just be sort of associated with things like more money and Better Health a longer life more creativity that a relationship but it looks like that happiness may actually cause some of those things. We think that the good things in life being rich feeling healthy having lots of friends lead us to feel happier and they do to a certain extent but it turns out that the causal Arrow
00:10:10Goes in the other direction to feeling happy leads to Good Life outcomes of your people are more likely to get married to have your people live longer than more creative than willing to call back for a job interview consider the case of money. We assume that wealth brings happiness, but the science shows we might have it backwards one recent study tested whether a person's happiness level as a teenager predicts how much money they'll be making as an adult the scientist track 7th graders in the US for decades teen to report the highest level of Life satisfaction at age 12 wind up having a salary that's 10% above the average when they're 30 years old, but 7th graders who report being really unhappy and incomes that are 30% lower than the average Philistines are still affected by their sad moods more than a decade later. But happiness early in life doesn't just lead to more money later on. It also leads to Stronger relationships.
00:11:10One of my favorite studies is called the yearbook study women who showed more genuine what are called dushon Smiles in the yearbook photos when they are about h21 were more likely to get married at age 27 and had more fulfilling marriages at age 52. It's kind of amazing if you're so positive and happy when you're in college, you more likely to have a good marriage 30 years later. Those are just isolated findings, the positive effects of Happiness are everywhere people who report feeling lots of positive emotions are less likely to show cold symptoms when they're exposed to a virus and one famous study of nuns found that 20-somethings Express the most happy feelings and their Diaries are four times as likely to live into their 90s as those who didn't express any positive feelings. I believe that the research is pretty strong that happiness does matter these results may be incredibly worried about the college students. I work with they seem to be unhappy all the time.
00:12:10They constantly make themselves miserable stressing about grades. They become so anxious about their job prospects and future salaries that they have panic attacks. All the stress over their future lives is more than just unnecessary the science suggests. It's deeply counterproductive. The research shows that if my students were able to work on being happier on feeling better. Now those job prospects and salary levels might fall into place more naturally than they expect.
00:12:39So if we really want our circumstances to improve we may need to start focusing on improving our well-being rather than all that other stuff which raises a critical question. Can we actually improve our happiness Define suggest that there is a genetic component to happiness, but we have to understand what that means. So identical twins are much more of like in their happiness levels than are fraternal twins and that suggests that there is a genetic influence on happiness just like there's a genic influence on weight or blood pressure or whether you're going to develop depression or schizophrenia just because something is heritable or has a genetic influence doesn't mean that we can't change it the way I see it is that if someone has a disposition that leaves them to be on the more unhappy side, they can become happier, but they have to work harder at it. There's a myth out there that happiness something either you either have it or you don't and I just think that's wrong and this suggests something really important a premise that forms the basis of the Sentai.
00:13:39Air podcast there is no real biological barrier to being happier. We can change we can all feel more joy the problem though as well here after the break is how we go about changing those happiness levels because even though the science shows we can improve our well-being. It doesn't work in the way. We often think winning. The Nobel Prize doesn't make you happier winning. The lottery doesn't make you happier. It's not the things we imagine. It's not the shiny baubles that makes us happy happiness. We'll be right back.
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00:15:33Sweet. So recording show my name is Bob waldinger. I'm a professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School in the state of well-being in America run by the Arthur Blank Foundation. I nervously asked if I could grab a few minutes with him in the gardens outside. I felt like I was meeting a rockstar not because Bob has one of the top 10 most watched TED talks of all time. But because Bob is the director of what is perhaps the coolest study of human happiness ever conducted direct a study called the Harvard study of adult development it is we think the longest study of adult life that's ever been done. It's a study that began in 1938. So 80 years ago the project started
00:16:22An attempt to learn about all the possible factors that lead to high well-being later in life, the researchers started by recruiting a group of subjects who enjoyed every privilege imaginable Harvard college sophomores from the classes of 1939 to 1942 their genes chose them as among the best and the brightest young men and thought they would be suitable subjects to study how people develop as healthy young adult, but the researchers also wanted to study not so healthy development. They recruited 456 boys from the poorest neighborhoods in Boston and not just from the poorest neighborhoods, but from the families that had the most trouble familial mental illness and domestic violence and lots of other social problems.
00:17:17It said they wanted to follow these children to see what happened to them overt.
00:17:22Two groups of subjects from very different backgrounds could be followed in as much detail as was humanly possible. The researchers collected health information from the participants doctors. They surveyed the subjects every two years asking them questions about their lives and their happiness and later years. They added blood test chest x-rays echocardiograms and even brain scans.
00:17:47The men were followed through their entire lives which means scientists can now explore how the men's physical and mental health changed across different life stages. We can see how subjects felt when they got married and had kids. I got divorced or widowed. Are there first grandkids we can look at how well being involved as participant started new jobs when they reach different career Milestones or even when they were tired the study was also big enough that it included some amazing individual subjects to where it really supposed to know their identities, but one of the studies participants served in a presidential cabinet, when was the longtime editor of the Washington Post and one became president of the United States. Yep, John F. Kennedy was one of the studies participants
00:18:34The study of that even extended beyond the original sample researchers have begun following the men's children, which means their research will now be able to capture multiple generations of both men and women Bob was captivated from the moment. He heard about the study as a young med student my predecessor George Valiant lectured to my first-year medical school class and he told us about the study in it. I'm basically a voyeur I like hearing about people's lives and what they do. So when George started talking about this, I just thought oh my gosh.
00:19:10This is the coolest thing ever and then fast forward about 20 years Doctor Valiant took me out to lunch one day and said to me how would you like to inherit the study of adult development? And that's how I started out transition from their late adulthood into their elderly years 268 Harvard undergraduate started only about 12 or still living and they are in their mid-to-late 90s 456 inner-city boys started and about 60 of them are left and they are around the age of 90 a nearly complete picture of health and well-being across many different life paths. And so you're probably wondering what did the study find some of what the study has found is absolute.
00:20:10No surprise to anyone. We know that smoking is bad for you and it turns out in our study. It was really bad for you. We know that alcoholism is terrible. It takes a toll on your health you die earlier. It takes a toll on your marriage on your job on your relationships again. No surprise. What was the big surprise? It's all the things we think make us happy but don't Welsh does not make people happy having your material needs Matt. Just make you happy. Once you get there making more money doesn't make you appreciate the happiest, but that's not the only misconception we have about what makes for a happier life. The other thing is achieving more at work. There's a reason why
00:20:57We we have this cliche. Nobody on their deathbed wishes. They spent more time at the office. It's a cliche cuz it's true. Our man as they were looking back on their lives as they were at the end of their lives said that the things they were proudest of were building a family raising healthy children having a strong relationship with a partner a teaching their grandchildren to sail mean these were the things that they talked about. They didn't talk about what they'd achieved at work or how much money they made the keys to happiness. What time and do to become happier Financial achievement so we can buy cool stuff or working harder to achieve more in our careers and fact his results show that health and happiness often comes from the things we sacrifice was spending more hours at work. The surprise was in our finding that one of the strongest predictors of staying healthy.
00:21:57And happy in your life was having good relationships with other people.
00:22:03When we think of Happiness we often think of self-care but Bob said he shows that focusing only on yourself and turning too far in words is a recipe not only for misery but for physical health problems as well. We didn't believe it because initially we thought that there couldn't be this strong of a connection between mind and body.
00:22:26How could the quality of your relationships determine whether you got type 2 diabetes or whether you got arthritis or whether you got coronary artery disease? That's unfathomable. The big message of Bob study is that we consider many of the things that actually matter for happiness to be well on Sanibel or at least way lower on the priority list and they really should be according to the science. And if you listen to the rest of the episodes in this season, you'll see the same pattern time and time again our minds just suck at predicting the kinds of things that will really make us happier. And that means we end up putting a lot of time and effort into improving our happiness using strategies that just aren't going to succeed.
00:23:12I can't stress enough how amazing Harvard study is it tell deeply into the lives of some of America's most privileged at some of its most vulnerable and pretty much proved that the rich and Powerful have no Monopoly on well-being.
00:23:26That may go against your intuition but it's true though. There is a caveat when I asked Sonja lyubomirsky to weigh in on I would add that everything that I say applies to let's say the average listener of this podcast that's in a people who are already relatively comfortable, you know, they're not in Dire Straits if your situation is very bad if you are if you live in poverty or if you're in an abusive relationship, or if you live in a war zone in Yemen, then of course changes your life circumstances are going to make a huge difference to your happiness If your circumstances are truly awful then fixing them really will improve your wellbeing but I'm guessing your circumstances really aren't all that bad. You average podcast listener probably are in the kinds of awful situations Sonia is talking about and that means a change in your circumstances won't help in the way you think
00:24:18Note that this doesn't mean your circumstances are perfect. All of us have situations. We want to change once we think will make us happier. I'm not happy now, but I'll be happy when I move to the city of always wanted to live in or when I get married or what I have a baby or when I get that job. I've always wanted when I get a raise that did a happiness lies in money orders are changing your life in some way doing something new in your life for me. I think that is a very strong ID again kind of rooted in the side this concept that we always want change and progress even if we really know that that it's a mess.
00:24:52Overcoming the strong but mistaken idea is what this podcast is all about. But the second step is harder happiness doesn't involve changing everything your life around. That's the good news as well explore after the break. There is some bad news to it's not easy. It takes work. It's kind of like if you want to lose weight or be healthier, right? You need to change your diet or go to the gym and same thing with happiness. Happiness lab will be right back.
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00:27:52Right now I'm out of breath because I'm on my daily High catalogo State Park. I always look going on the hike when my alarm goes off every morning. My brain tells me that I'd be happier staying in bed or even sitting on the couch watching the news.
00:28:11what are the science and the science shows that I'll be healthier more fit and probably even happier if I got a bit of cardio and every morning so I try to get in hike every day for at least as often as I can even though my mind off and thinks otherwise
00:28:282 happiness course a lot like the science of exercise enough to know what you need to do. You got to go and do it you need to put that science into practice and you need to practice it regularly.
00:28:44I generally say that I'm about an 8 on a 10-point scale. I think I'm pretty happy even happiness expert like Sonja lyubomirsky knows firsthand that reaching an eight and staying there takes conscious effort. I do have to work at it. I mean a classic example is sometimes I get together with friends and it's so great. It's so much fun. And we think why don't we do this more often, you know, but then it takes like months for us to sort of get together again in to plan it and so even when we know what will make us really happy we still kind of don't do it as often as we should I have to kind of put it in my to do list to make sure that I create time that I spend with those people celebrate deliberate act it be so nice if happiness came easily like we hang out with a friend once and we're happy for good but that's just not how human well-being Works women's magazines will often, and they'll say can you give me some 5-minute happiness strategies and I'm like, there are no 5-minute happiness strategies and stupid any kind of goal in life, right? It's not going to
00:29:44Shopping in 5 minutes on Thursday, right? It's going to be me know maybe a lifelong effort. And so yes, I like creating habits. I guess we'll be one way to put it that. It's important. How does that you maintain over the course of your life? There's no quick fix for happiness, but science shows there is a fix if you put inconsistent time and effort. Did you want to become happier there. Now a number of strategies are different at a daily activities that people can engage in that have been tested and research. We just need to pick that the strategy that works for us much about these sorts of activities will my students and I called requirements habits that science has shown really can change your well-being over time the ones that I tend to focus on and I should quite a bit of research has focused on our gratitude and kindness or what's called pro-social Behavior. It was our two activities or column strategies that have been shown to make people happier, but it's not just gratitude.
00:30:44I miss my child has lots of really simple habits. We can add to our lives to feel better. We can take more time to connect with the people we care about or just chat with a stranger we meet on our commute we can try to reduce the exhaust and choices. We make on a daily basis. We can count our blessings. We can become more accepting both of the bad emotions. We feel and the obstacles we face in life. We can stop focusing on the end goal and think more about the journey now, if you're like me when I first encountered these ideas you might have the same reaction that our friend Clermont had in his letter you might think the strategies I just mentioned sound like hippy-dippy crap because to be fair they do sound like hippy-dippy crap to me. I just usually Hokie your blessing. So I'm so grateful for XYZ. The problem is as hokey as a strategy sound they work. That's what the science shows. Did. You see why I started out, you know, they're always have a books are based on nothing. Like they're just based on anecdotal evidence and people's opinions.
00:31:44We can just look at anecdotal evidence, right? You know your your cousin told you that that they tried it and it works and there no tons and tons of experiments randomized controlled trials that are true of trying to test whether you can get people to buy change their thinking of change their behaviors and some smaller medium ways in daily life that can impact happiness.
00:32:05The problem is most people on the street don't know this stuff and I wanted to change that. I wanted people to hear what pure reviewed scientific research shows about becoming happier starting with my Yale students. Let's get started in Spring 2018. I had a chance to see if teaching my students about the science of Happiness could lead them to live. Happy relax.
00:32:29To psychology and The Good Life Unexpected about 30 people to take the class, but I want up with a lot more guinea pigs, and I expected a little bit surprised.
00:32:41Almost 1,200 students enrolled in the class nearly one out of every four students at Yale. The class was so big we had to teach it in the University Concert Hall that tiny polite Ripple of Applause. You might get at the end of a lecture. Well, it turned into this.
00:33:03It was an amazing experience, but it was also logistical nightmare. I had to find 28 graduate students just helped me grade the student exams and we needed to book 13 different classrooms all over campus just to host a simple midterm. I jumped over to miles just to get to all the students before the exam ended and that was the commotion that came before all the Press started each night students have happiness homework meditate for 10 minutes sleep 8 hours do something kind and write down five things that you're grateful for but don't think it's an easy by midterm. I had a major television news crew filming each and every one of my lectures. It was a lot of pressure but I bet I know what you're asking did it work did the students get happy? Well, the answer is I don't know at least I'm not sure from a scientific perspective.
00:33:58Anecdotally, I have dozens of emails from students telling me the class change their lives. But the honest truth is that I was completely blindsided by the size of the class, which means I didn't get the logistics in place to do the rigorous surveys that would really nail my students progress down in retrospect. I can say that this oversight was really really freaking dumb life doesn't usually give second chances for a scientific opportunity like this, but you'll decided there was a need for this class to be shared even more broadly. So we put it online completely for free this time. We could track people's progress a bit more rigorously, but the question remained would it work my manager said hey, we have this new course with Laurie Santos. She's working on it's going to be about Wellness. What do you think about working on it? And of course, I felt like I had no choice in the matter. But even if I did, I willingly and gladly accepted. This is Belinda Platte my colleague at the Yelp review center for teaching and learning.
00:34:55Belinda has been my partner for the past two years as I tried to figure out the best way to teach people around the world about the science of happiness. But when does Amazing her hard work is a lot of what's made the online class so successful, but neither of us expected the response we got I had no idea how popular it would become at all just because none of the other courses that we worked on made such a splash the enrollment is well above 300000 which is super cool. It's pretty crazy. But like with my nerdy scientist hat, I really wanted to Bruce and one of the craziest things about the price is actually like that the data that we're getting what students enrolling online class. They take a standard wellbeing survey the specific one we use is called Perma. It's a 23 question survey that measures people's overall happiness their mood levels their sense of accomplishment and even their sense of meaning
00:35:50Students are asked to take the permit quiz before they start the class and at the end of the course 10 weeks later excitingly. We just got our first round of data in over a thousand subjects. We finally have a scientific measure of whether learning about the science of Happiness can change people's well-being. What did we find? We just have the grass or the papers moving around and the data are amazing frankly. So on every different measured from positivity to engagement 10 meaning to just general happiness people get better. The games are really huge like on a 10-point scale people are going up an entire whole point in terms of how much meeting they feel like they have in their life on the happiness measure people are starting at about 6.5 on the happiness measure, which is your reasonable and after the class B were saying about a 7.9 which is so cool. Something about these data is it suggests people can change it does a 10-week class and people are bumping up a whole point on a penis measure, which is it.
00:36:49Yeah, why is the course changing people's lives? It's not just that people learn about the science of well-being. Like when we first started teaching the live version of the class at Yale. Yale students had this hashtag hardest class at Yale. And that was not because the class was hard like in terms of degrading but it was really hard and turns it actually doing the practices cuz like it's one thing to know that you're supposed to do the stuff, but it's another to actually put into practice. I think that's one of the ironies. I want to know what you're working on.
00:37:19Belinda's question cause me to stammer a bit. I've been so busy with this podcast. I've been slipping in my own practices even that daily hike and turned into a weekly hike or bi-weekly. I mean this is a challenge is the thing we talked about the course. I know all the stuff that I'm supposed to do, but I'm definitely not feel like poster child for like putting into practice all the time, which is embarrassing as a person who is already missed a podcast. That's right. That's the dirty secret even Yours Truly has trouble sticking to these new positive habits human nature and are lying Minds makes changing our Behavior super super hard. That's also why Belen did I spend so much time chatting about all the reviews from the class to keep reminding myself that this stuff works if you stick with it, I love the ones were there. Like I didn't really believe it but then it totally word. Those are the best don't you have a favorite one that said like I thought this was like hippy-dippy that's actually one.
00:38:19From a letter I got from a lawyer named Clermont. Thank you said it was like hippy-dippy crap. But you know, right Clermont they have been a few months since I've received his letter and I put up contacting him because I know how hard it's been for me to stick with these habits get in where Clermont started off. I was worried. He might have fallen back into some negative stuff. But in the end I decided to phone him up.
00:38:45Hello this clima.
00:38:49The international connection was kind of crappy. I had to shout a lot. How are you?
00:38:55I can treat you better at yeah.
00:39:00But despite the connection our chat was fantastic. Clermont had stuck to his new habits mostly because he got the important message of this episode happiness takes work.
00:39:17merci beaucoup
00:39:21represented by our conversation. But the thing you said that stayed with me the most was that he knew being happy wasn't going to be easy. It was going to take a lot of effort to maintain but he didn't plan to give up trying and that for me at least was pretty inspirational.
00:39:54If you're now ready for the specifics, if you want to learn more about what those happy people really are doing to feel better that I hope you'll come along for a journey over the season. It's each of the episodes that follow will take a deep dive into a single mistake that our minds make about how to really achieve happiness will explore lots and lots of simple habits. You can begin now to improve your wellbeing will get some nerd out together and learn more about all the studies that show why these habits work plus you'll meet lots of folks who put these tips into practice and Olympic medalist couldn't fall prey to social comparison and advertising exec to get healthier by ditching the silly choices. She makes every day a grammy-winning musician who's fighting to make our lives more social again a star golfer with the secret to avoiding unwanted thoughts and a Navy SEAL who realize that her training and negative thinking might be more powerful off the battlefield simply put it's going to be awesome. So I hope I'll see you back here for the second episode of the happiness lab.
00:40:54With me, dr. Laurie Santos
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