The Good Place writers Josh Siegal & Dylan Morgan, actress D’Arcy Carden (Janet) and executive producer/director Morgan Sackett shoot the shirt with host Marc Evan Jackson. They talk about D’Arcy’s performance as all the characters in Janet’s body, how they balanced the complexity of the concept with the budget of a network TV show, the very unsexy kiss between D’Arcy and Kristen Bell and a shirt-ton more funny anecdotes and behind-the-scenes stories.

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00:00:03hi there welcome to the good place the podcast I've really gotten into podcast since we started this did you know the number one podcast in the good place is Mozart and Jimi Hendrix talking about music and the number one podcast in the bad place is Joseph Stalin recapping
00:00:23the bachelor hope you enjoy this week's episode welcome to the good place the podcast American Jackson I play Sean today we're talking about chapter thirty six season three episode nine Janet's written by Josh legal and Dylan Morgan directed by Morgan socket including guest cast Monica Patman Michael Huggy
00:00:48Juara mac German Carol Herman Lawrence spades Sean Reilly Smith Garrett Nichols Eugene Cordero bread Morris and Stephen merchant Jenna brings the for humans and to avoid to save them from the demons but they all take on Janet's form to honey and Jason figure out that Janet and Jason
00:01:04were married in the reboots Eleanor attempts to discuss the emotional ramifications of the rebates with cheating we change the subject to a philosophical discussion of the self Eleanor starts to lose herself but she brings her back by telling her all the things he loved about her and ultimately
00:01:18laying one on %HESITATION Michael and Janet visit the head accountant to try to get some answers about doc four sets point total but end up discovering that no one's gotten into the good place in five hundred years the humans tumble out of the void in the accountant sounds
00:01:30an alarm because there interventional fugitives and how merry Michelson's everyone through mail chute and they land in what appears to be the good place I guess today our writers of the episode Josh Segal and Dylan Morgan executive producer and director of the episode Morgan socket and Darcy curtain
00:01:45who plays Janet's Darcy Morgan Dylan and Josh welcome everything is void we enter a white room with nothing in it television right now there's so much to talk about in this episode and I cannot wait to get started %HESITATION where did the notion of this come from where
00:02:07in the breaking process I guess Josh and Dylan %HESITATION was this something you were saddled with with a semi erect a happy about it it was a terrifying what's over the means that terrifying honor that he has is that there's no word in our language %HESITATION one exists
00:02:27in other languages I'm sure in the and am thinking of like in the schadenfreude realm rightly award the combined this right yeah yeah I mean Mike %HESITATION invites people and to break this season and different groups we were part of %HESITATION the second group because we are actually
00:02:44working with him on an original thing and %HESITATION this was one of those ideas that come out of that initial swat team attack on %HESITATION season three and as Mike does he'll take you through the entire season that he knows yeah he can talk with giggling you know
00:03:02a good fifty minutes about sometimes the premier sometimes the season in right over it is and we remember him getting really excited to say this part of the season and then just wait for reaction I think maybe even waiting for someone to talk him out of that you
00:03:20know %HESITATION he it was just like part of the DNA of the season it was never gonna change even easier to approach thank you be like point really right yes I heard you say in an interview not long ago that it was like this was a terrible idea
00:03:35let's do it yes yes that was I was I think whenever we felt nervous we'd be like there's gonna be a disaster right yeah everyone said yes it is gonna be AT and a disaster so we can't stop now %HESITATION so just kept going among you know and
00:03:48I I I also remember another thing that gave him confidence about the idea of doing it %HESITATION if felt organic and and like not gimmicky but like you know it's it's sort of set up that they were gonna go into her voice as a place to hide and
00:04:02that it wasn't a reach to have a real high concept build on what that was going to be and I know that he just had a lot of faith and Darcy and was like wanted to give her a chance to like do more and and show more like
00:04:14of %HESITATION you know stretch our legs and and you know she was amazing high concept is such a funny term because it's a misnomer I feel like like it sounds like it's high minded and what it means is the opposite really of like %HESITATION %HESITATION it's one long
00:04:27line Darcy please everybody is really you know like that's what you mean by high concept right yes yeah what about this terrible idea Morgan had you go I should direct part of it was you know we knew about it before the season started and you know there's a
00:04:45lot of questions that we're going to pull it off and it felt like it had to be somebody from you know inside camp they could spend you know a guest director shows up for four days if you drop the script on somebody four days out they would have
00:04:56a chance so the idea I was going to do it %HESITATION or drew is going to do it %HESITATION is finishing his movie Andrew really want he's like we'll try to figure out if it became pretty clear he was gonna be too busy right so and this whole
00:05:10season was scheduled in a very strange order the numbered the episodes were shot wildly out of order drove us all kind of crazy as a schedule schedule actors schedules you know they're all these different things that %HESITATION in you know like the owners mom was on another show
00:05:26and so you know we had all these guest cast the sure it all got out of order so you know this ended up I think we shot it in the eleventh spot maybe and we shot it right after a hiatus right yeah right yeah yeah and we did
00:05:40we did a big rehearsal with the real with the whole cast reading their own parts on the I think the day before our for third fourth of July break and we found that and that became kind of our Bible when we're on the set was at the you'd
00:05:54play play back of that and go others what yeah of in a way it is sometimes convinced our seats like do you have to do it exactly yeah we told everybody this is more than a rehearsal we want to be able to use this for something more sure
00:06:06but it became kind of canon of like with this is exactly what has to be in the right now that was like kind of like a just through in one take it you know it wasn't like yeah we didn't trust him to do I need to dress and
00:06:16no no we don't dress them they were in their street clothes very close they were giving a performance yeah so that you could refer to what what is what is many sound like sound like and I referred to the hell out of it yeah and I referred the
00:06:28hell out of here isn't cut we had somebody cut it right away and get it to Darcy for the break and she watched it listen to it and put on our that's all I need to have too many times yeah any down because she was saying like every
00:06:41thirty seconds she was like let's talk about David here I have no delivery that they will let's talk about David remember that he could have made yeah yeah okay so yeah it was you know so I think that directing it was like we need somebody to figure out
00:07:03and it really was a huge team effort I remember we went down maybe before we even did that rehearsal and we stood in this void and talked about and it was a really funny thing and I think because I don't I don't have a big ego about being
00:07:16the director everybody had no idea on how to do this you know David Miller's are great DP and drew was there and and everybody was sort of all the editors were in one dramatic was there for some of this for the just for the one rehearsal I don't
00:07:28use it there whatever at all when we were shooting but it was a really funny I guess maybe right off the table replies to the table read only I kind of like stare at each other like what yeah and I we shot on so you know what I
00:07:40phones just to sort of give us an idea of how we'd really pull it off and %HESITATION it was a really funny experiment social experiment yeah I don't show social experiment Darcy when did you first learn about this madness I learned about it %HESITATION right before we started
00:07:57shooting the season so this will Harper and I went and had lunch with the writers and and Mike did what he does which is take you through the whole season and and I can just like see in his eyes that he was like so excited tell me this
00:08:08one part you know like we've gone through ten episodes now him explaining that the the on the season and then he was kind of like Gisele and then I was what's the word for %HESITATION terrified in honor yeah whatever's language yeah it was a journey they're having yeah
00:08:29yeah it was the same thing where I was like %HESITATION I don't even know how to like put it into words sure it feels like you got the nod yeah yeah it's like that it's it's it's like getting the biggest warmest hug from your dad grandpa actually that
00:08:43you took it to a place that yeah range will you take over the missile out you know I mean okay so come back from the dead you get the nod to complain the majors but now I got to do it right yeah that's the scary part yeah yeah
00:08:54that's the terrifying right that's the part that made me literally lose my mind for quite awhile not just the shooting week the week leading up to it that that Hey this week I was I I lost it was part of it we had that high as we build
00:09:06him ever could work on it no single me wishin about this kind of yeah if the price is going to panic yeah are you always doing something bad yeah I got a lot of these free throws in a year yeah yeah yeah yeah for the game they'll you
00:09:20iced yourself I'm not ready for that okay I did so we we did that %HESITATION that read through I recorded the read through on my iPhone as a table right yeah that's what it's all the different sized I was listening to that a lot and then we did
00:09:35the rehearsal with all the cast on that Morgan was just talking about and very quickly am I guess Matt added it's together and sent me a like a what a great there's a great where their cameras at this time yeah yeah there were like we're a proper cameras
00:09:50on cameras yeah we have it like a at the table read yeah no but had always been her soul okay there is a and another episode of ten with the cast that exists in their street clothes with their scripts there Hampshire cut together beautifully wow and covered relatively
00:10:07similarly assume he's not you know I mean we we didn't go for close up lens one size but yeah like we do %HESITATION even if it's totally got yeah anyone let us release it he's not make up yeah that lip gloss and but then I on my iPhone
00:10:24I record my voice recorded that that cut together a rehearsal so I had I didn't I didn't listen to music that week or those two weeks leading up to it I only ever listened to my co workers voices all the time all the time all the time and
00:10:40I was driving down the street and I saw William walking towards my car you know just like walking on the street yeah and I could hear his voice his voice was bellowing in my ears and my car you're playing an MP three of him yeah and so I
00:10:53just kind of pulled up and rolled the window down before you even knew it was me he was hearing his voice and he just went all you're calling Creasy it was a correct yeah yeah I really was in a good way in a great way like in the
00:11:09way I mean not to like be to whatever but I mean that's like why we do this right is to let go a little crazy sometimes to like really dive into the thing that we're doing that we love like I wouldn't have gone crazy if I didn't if
00:11:20I didn't care about it so yeah much studio yeah you care about you pull it off in exceptional fashion it's so much fun when we first meet them and they're still all dressed as Janet %HESITATION Eleanor says dude Chile has a stomach ache to honey still somehow has
00:11:36her accent and Jason loves boom yeah %HESITATION and then of course the solution is that you put them as much as you can back into their own clothes it still looks like Janet %HESITATION but that's a separate them good job your sin man custom right on my goodness
00:11:51how fun I mean she's making different sizes of yeah your size of everybody's job fits again these are different humans one Canada and just the I mean I whatever we could be there so many of these shops around five hours yet so many weird things to talk about
00:12:05but everybody just had their eight game that week like I'm thinking of like the dressers and like there was no I think that the fear is that imagine you know we're bouncing around from character to character scene to scene it doesn't it's not the way we've ever done
00:12:21anything ever ever and we're all it's all sort of an experiment I mean I remember like the first day we know how long one scene was going to take and it took a really long it took way longer than we thought it was going to and everybody was
00:12:33just like I would say every single person on that set rose to the occasion they did what they did I mean they really like everybody was just there I don't know I was I was really it was such a special week of our lives and I I credit
00:12:49that Mike and mark and with with just setting the tone for the Eminem twin the Eminem as they're not call and the two Daddies %HESITATION but you know at every time in those first rehearsals or even sometimes in the writing process or at that first production many whatever
00:13:09whenever you sensed that the panic level was rising into the red zone because you're out shooting probably right like the panic because yes first we've shot seven seconds of a four minute bit and or I think even in the from the writing and the breaking of a story
00:13:24on down there were all these moments where you were you sort of found yourself in these interesting new problems in you'd anticipated thirty problems and you hadn't anticipated that one and so you have to like you know work your way through it but but these guys were so
00:13:39good about just like setting the mission statement of out and you know in a way it was like a microcosm of what the whole show is because it was very much like look we're just going to be in this together organ trust each other gonna feel it it
00:13:50was we have real touchy feely right every day yes that was me yes I'm not kidding not because I was like mad or sad it was because it was like really heart warming and everybody was just it was just a special little a little moment in an it
00:14:05was so special that I I thought maybe I would never watch the episode live because I and I died some actors I know don't watch themselves I do one is one reason is I love the show so it's hard for me I mean I I don't I don't
00:14:18get to in my head about it something at whatever we all have our things won't want yet take yeah really once yeah you yeah I usually was performed watch at one time like sort of covering my eyes and then a second time work and I actually watch the
00:14:31show I'm the opposite oh yeah yeah actually my my baby I mean I I watch it later for work in a like bad criticize every yeah every eye movement yeah everything and it's impossible not to so I was thinking like I don't want to ruin this beautiful memory
00:14:46that I have this perfect week I mean you know I've maybe I'm making it sound too far but it was really special and it was it I would come home every day and talk to my husband about it and I was just so happy and crazy and it
00:14:58just was great and I was like I had the idea for a while I was like I don't know I don't want to ruin it I don't want to ruin it I don't know like see what actors see in themselves and then had the whole thing sort of
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00:16:04reads I would guess that on your average a television show which this is not %HESITATION network and studio executives probably going on those good or whatever what was the reaction following this thing where you're like oh Darcy's gonna play all these characters arm this is going we're gonna
00:16:19shoot this six seconds at a time probably right yes was shot in a thousand tiny pieces and assembled a need dogle together yeah %HESITATION where they weird about it after they were fine I mean they knew that it was coming and I mean that I will say to
00:16:34their credit they been there so supportive after table reads they love them know sessions are very short and and %HESITATION and now I can't remember its tapered everyone read their own part right okay and so that's right you know so it you didn't really get the flavor of
00:16:49it what what it what it was and I was just a fun episode is really how it read yeah I also remember in the table re having moments in these moments would continue honestly until we started shooting but I remember %HESITATION will have like a long speech that
00:17:03ended with let's talk about David him and I remember being like the law of god that he's got a lot to memorise we did we knew you knew it was going to be crazy just even just when we went off to write it and you had to figure
00:17:19out what I call this character yeah you know so every character had to have the name Janet and so be it GT Janet Allen or Janet and then we brought the script back into my because like to how well do we have to do this and see what
00:17:34you made this problem anyone from the eyes and then you got all the way to there's a twist in the in the third act where it looks like %HESITATION Jason is talking to GT and in fact it's Darcy playing Eleanor pretending to be Jay said so that character's
00:17:53name in the script was %HESITATION Eleanor Janette parentheses chase them for the person who said these things and so then at also in that mock up there's footage of of Kristen pretended to Danny yeah and %HESITATION and we also got many %HESITATION I've watched that yeah tend to
00:18:14be manning I mean it was just box it was total box city and during that process I remember Mike was taking a perverse pleasure in that kind of thing and the courage pleasure and how many Janet's there were in the episode right because there was all of everyone
00:18:29Darcy is gonna be playing the void and pretty unnecessarily she plays a steer merchants like an assistant role in the new to the scene would have worked just fine without her doing that but I think my just wanted to set a record for most Darcy's it was definitely
00:18:47with like a little devilish grin that he explained that which is also so fun I call that one dead face Janet and because it is yeah it's interesting and creepy and weird that that exists yeah what's your mind set how do you do that I I I I
00:19:01think just like let your your if your face meet hang the flattest affect I think I've ever seen your eyes don't budge yeah it's weird I don't know if it's like I remember in the episode now but every time a neutral Janet would walk away util Jenna had
00:19:20her very own distinct gate was very just like kind of providing kind of dead on one thank god I love you guys is great so Morgan originally this episode %HESITATION we're meant to end with the fight scene with don't let the good times pass you by that episode
00:19:38was meant to be the last for the fall of twenty eighteen and then %HESITATION this episode Janet's plural %HESITATION was going to be in twenty nineteen what changed well there's a couple things one both of our seasons of the show we have finished in mid November and then
00:19:51we've been off for the first season was nine weeks or something like that that was tough all related right was football related NBC doesn't have Thursday night football this year so that open things up a little bit %HESITATION but originally that was a schedule and there was coverage
00:20:05is one we felt like in this is you know we felt like people should see this as a great way to send it off that we're in a good place %HESITATION it breaks up that big gap by because we're off for two weeks before this one airs after
00:20:18absent nine which we've erred nine RO week every week %HESITATION and we also felt like you know Darcy should get notice for this and this is the time of year that all the SAG awards in those kinds of things like saying that I may be jinxing anything like
00:20:34that happening but that what we really felt like if it comes out right after all those deadlines pass and it's a year away from any of those things maybe it will be noticed I mean but it was really to keep keep the show alive in %HESITATION in NBC
00:20:48originally they said well maybe we can do it may we can't then they put us on the six but there were no other new shows that night and then they sort of reconfigure the schedule so we're on was originals on their other shows which will help you know
00:20:59more people see it right away I don't know if we're gonna get a SAG award but I think we just got the sack at award is such an interesting thing because you're not doing impressions but you definitely put on the skin of these other people that was a
00:21:16hard one right like and what I mean there's a ton of discussion about what kind of vision should you even have an accent right honey should you you know there's a lot of you know all those kind of things that we we knew your gonna go into full
00:21:30depressions but Mike should you have an extension you do anything and talk a little bit about that specifically because you know we've been in the pilot it's established that she's speaking French he's from Senegal %HESITATION but that the good places an equalizer and you know so it all
00:21:45gets C. three PO right into being what he has an accent as she wants and she wants I think that she wants to find out why we decided to have it you have to have something to separate them but yeah yeah it would you know and weirdly like
00:21:58Eleanor had the least have an affect the button yet and that we did a day of pick ups where we wrote a bunch of them you know this was a couple weeks after we shot made the main part of the episode with one scene we hadn't finished because
00:22:11this took an enormous amount of time to shoot these things and we did one day and we had just in every little ins every scene we put like one Eleanor like Arizona trash main joking and most of them didn't make the show because by the time we really
00:22:25put it together right %HESITATION it works fine we don't need all these extra thanks but I think we all that'll apartments like we need you know Jay's in different enough one from the other case in which nailed with the physicality and everything to honey and the acts and
00:22:38GT and you know the on or do we need more right yeah she can only %HESITATION no you yeah it was it was easy to worry if you've started down that road because you never could see like start on together like where you'd see somebody talking actually to
00:22:53somebody else and they have a dynamic and it would be fun and it would work %HESITATION but you know for me personally like honestly like during that first run through when Darcy did her tiny accent and did chase and I just I felt inside as like it this
00:23:09is gonna work because it's funny when she does it %HESITATION and they're gonna spread apart and feel feel indistinct and and it it it felt like it turned out that way talk a little bit about the void because I think people would be surprised to realize how big
00:23:22the void isn't right like it's not a giant room it's got a corner littering the roads are tiny state we have three stages universal misses the smallest one that's generally just set dressing storage and things like that it's probably maybe forty feet by forty feet it's very weird
00:23:36to be in the boy is you really do lose it sort of snow blindness kind of thing like you would walk into the into the wall because you can't because it's so it's all whites always white the floors white but there waiting all night at the floor it's
00:23:47got a current occurs right there's no yeah yeah and then the way you light it is just this huge soft light everywhere so you're sort of always afraid that you're about to bump into the wall yeah yeah and everyone else were hospital but %HESITATION yeah that's right zoning
00:24:01tested out yeah and we painted every morning because people would try that we lay out loud for but it gets dirty and it it's much depth and it's even more work for David may not need any work to do such need model I mean I've seen I think
00:24:14I don't think I've seen a final final on this but I've seen two different of cats one was straight rough edges yeah stuff but even in the one I want I think even yesterday %HESITATION you can see like video village on the edge etcetera line is still you
00:24:27know I watched one this morning that is got like the kiss the world has to fall apart at some point right and that was a big question because you know we started doing that a couple weeks ago ruckus doesn't look right because then if we are in this
00:24:39room once it's even twenty feet over there that walls falling apart will is at the end of the voice sort of fall apart further without any walls or any corners the visual effects have said something the first test and it was like %HESITATION there's a wall there and
00:24:52you don't want that to be so and I don't know I mean there's they could've been interpreted any different ways but %HESITATION we establish some cannon in this episode %HESITATION we learned that the accounting office is in the neutral zone near the Janet warehouse so it's not a
00:25:06good place in a bad place but you also established that the void is a sub dimensional a sub dimension outside of time and space at the nexus of consciousness and matter tethered to Janet's essence these humans have arrived there we also establish %HESITATION you say overtly that they
00:25:22are the first humans ever to die and not go directly to the good place for bad place so %HESITATION I think we know where the show stands on a purgatory kind of thing but %HESITATION they are now inter dimensional fugitives because of this %HESITATION what what jurisprudence did
00:25:39you guys discuss in the in the writing process %HESITATION what we talk about I mean you know the the biggest ham member when we talked about the rules of the void on it was that like we had to make clear that if this had been an option all
00:25:55along they could have solved a lot of problems for themselves in expression season two when they really needed a hiding place and all sorts of stuff and %HESITATION so we felt like by season three we had we had earned it and we also this other math problem at
00:26:11the same time which was we knew a certain point they were going to be alive on earth and the seasons but not for ever and how do you tell that story without going either super jokey or full blown sad yeah yeah yeah killing them in now and I
00:26:29again in a new way we haven't seen before that that is a percent yeah so this is really came together %HESITATION around these ideas that like okay we're had this fight scene in %HESITATION it's then it it will have to be time to go and then that nicely
00:26:46unlocked a lot of little problems you know that they they got to to zip away we also knew that you know they we want them to have to be in that way for awhile at in that episode and so %HESITATION we started talking about well no it all
00:27:00makes sense I mean you know if they are technically dying but the whatever it is that comes out of you when you die that exists in the good or bad place %HESITATION you know we had talked about specifically as a soul or anything like that right it would
00:27:13be my place to talk about it but you know it became clear like %HESITATION no I think I think is this might be what happens we know there's a judge we know there are rules and others an account %HESITATION we know that you have some physical ness when
00:27:25you exist in these other rounds at el all certified the place is and what does jurisprudence me and then just logging into your question the structure of of loss yeah you certainly did sort of get dying inside Janet is like maritime law in yeah it's it's neutral it's
00:27:42a it's the international waters yeah but it's temporary right like the clock's ticking %HESITATION them being there is giving you headaches and stomach aches and %HESITATION and then we used our city yeah John wick Keanu another thing the scariest thing in episode nine I don't think we discussed
00:27:59in the fifth at the end of the fight when they really know they need to die is when Josh comes through the door let's suppose there like %HESITATION now what we're gonna do if your purse clearly going to be known as ever but a batter and a cardigan
00:28:12sweater that's just how it is so funny and we were I remember like look meaner and Josh is nothing you guys what's going on okay yeah what's right did Josh when like does like we got a good sleep alongside else because we're gonna tell you that %HESITATION I
00:28:29definitely like came into the accountant's office which establishes in the neutral zone just outside the Janet warehouse or whatever %HESITATION and I thought I was like oh is in the suite %HESITATION this is %HESITATION sort of %HESITATION Dunder Mifflin and instead walks in as a no no it's
00:28:43one of our yeah and he had the Cup with the world's greatest boss on it and did he admits that he well he didn't exist and what happened was they printed it yeah like this %HESITATION yeah on the wrong side they didn't know I think he's left handed
00:28:57and so he want to carry it on the side okay you can see it in the rough cut you could see a little printing but David may not %HESITATION well let's see the final will say or not the exit out of eggs existences greatest boss has something on
00:29:09a out %HESITATION but yeah it was great we shot in the weirdest place in the world this lord countrywide financial which is you know %HESITATION is one of the big players in the insider trial now I'm surprised when they had this enormous like mother ship Alex seamy valley
00:29:24somewhere it is our yeah yeah and it's these cubicle farm are huge in the house and you just know it only had so many people lost their homes after the room where they sold out America Solara and also but it it's been empty since you know whatever two
00:29:39thousand nine and %HESITATION is getting this usually goes for a hundred thousand square feet of cubicles essentially I totally agree it felt like a like a graveyard where someone got a million people were killed there and and a million houses yeah yeah and and you reverse the first
00:29:53day in there that the %HESITATION a season and it was like in the hundred it was rough it was a weird little of and it was it we were being baked it's it's very it's funny because we put dice either so much in this episode and all of
00:30:07it was in that a story but then also in this is the story again you're playing at least two parts on top of that there too astonishingly weird jokes that Mike one he pitched in when he let us do it done wrote the %HESITATION Janet Burbank share in
00:30:27an auto tune robotic way and I will say in all of that days and days and days we shot at the at the closest you ever come to like having like a could this part B. over what it was like if it like a hundred six degrees and
00:30:42we didn't know what the effect of %HESITATION throwing up the rest of the cast was going to look like eight and so we just made to do a series of things opening your math and hunting over and making a sound not making a sound and after one of
00:30:55them you turned us here like was that right because it's weird to do everything he it now that's a good in front of so many extras and yeah as frustrated as I saw her which the system like two out of ten out of an easing amount of not
00:31:15like to tell you it's where is where I think that Ted said something like acting is embarrassing in the first rough cut I got I think it was just straight share in the second rough cut are you singing yeah yeah yeah but then in the final it sure
00:31:29again with the terms and it got to be like we weren't sure if we got the shared in right then and remember all these she can write the songs so we were able to get the publishing but we didn't get the master at first and so we said
00:31:43we had Darcy saying it and then we'd really debated because she was great but like what are we playing you know and %HESITATION %HESITATION and we actually won the first time we mixed when we were in this the first mix we had Darcy's voice in their home and
00:31:55we came we circle back and what it cost my soul now talk about the point system a little bit it was it's been Michael's contention his suspicion for a little bit that %HESITATION things are not as they seem yes Neil to like look up a dog for said
00:32:11in the book of Doug's was that also on a rounder was at IBM sort of churning lazy Susan of bookshelves yeah that he looks it up he's got you know five hundred and twenty thousand points which is great oops no it's not he's near days sixty eight years
00:32:24old or whatever %HESITATION and it turns out that he's not going to get in if he's not going to who could not the not mother or not Harriet Tubman not whoever else not only girl not any golden girl single arm what that we find out that no one's
00:32:42gotten in in forever not the loss last one you're not the last three years not the last five hundred twenty one years what's going on because great question that we can't answer for you but what you're writing yeah I mean it would you know just going back to
00:32:57the writing like we we felt so we've never been able to write something where this much got to happen and then but it's a big episode and sets up all my gosh that the the season's third act %HESITATION and a lot of exciting ways any you touched on
00:33:12one of them and there's others buried in there too and I do love that Michael is finally empowered Janet says to him you know he's like well no one's gonna help us who's gonna do it and genesis your I love them you guys wrote that really well that's
00:33:25that was another one that just like was so lovely to say those words you it just as I love Jen and Michael's relationship so much and that was such a cool way to it's sort of you see her what how she feels about him yeah and it's punctuated
00:33:39nicely by Ted performance of being like bold and heroic and %HESITATION and then slapping meals cake down to the floor and running attack yeah yeah I mean that that speech I think it in our draft it was it was a much shorter moment it was just going to
00:33:56be like %HESITATION you a team Michael's happy you and that was the end of it because it was so CAC and and Mike share who does the stuff pretty good as like I think I think we there's room for more I remember I think he brought that that
00:34:11one almost all by himself just poured out of him and he's like this with the city which other sick US you still you when this one is the got it yeah David Schwartz sprinkled is beautiful musical about cash yeah yeah full episodes of the good place for available
00:34:27on NBC dot com and the NBC app let's listen to a clip right memories you need to remember who you are your Eleanor shell struck from Phoenix Arizona your favorite meal is shrimp scampi you listed your emergency contact is Britney spears as a long shot way of meeting
00:34:46%HESITATION and your favorite movie is that clip of John Travolta saying and tell the scene you flew halfway around the world because you wanted to be a better person and it was very brave and your strong you make fun of me locks you once called me a human
00:35:03also showed up in my classroom when I was drowning in despair and canned chili and you basically saved my life high self esteem and a very low tolerance for men who wear sandals and worst night someone saying something nice about you to your face I need to say
00:35:25because you deserve it so the kiss isn't pretty wonderful I know that the internet will have gone crazy about it %HESITATION but that where the actors on a turntable yeah we where the cameras were set and the actors were spending yeah yeah and it goes yeah it goes
00:35:47Janet kisses Janet right yes and then you pop it had it what's the sequence it goes Janet she kisses Janet wait generally Ellen Janet she kisses Janet Eleanor Janet she was on a on our Janet and then we have the name of the character first and yeah yeah
00:36:04okay so owner Janick Ellen Archie kisses Eleanor Hey this is taken aback at right in and kisses on our Janet and then and then %HESITATION and someone else do it Eleanor Janet kisses cheesy Janet and then Eleanor Eleanor cases cheating Janet and then she kisses Elena yep that's
00:36:30right Craig said Darcy gives Darcy vendors the cases Kristin and Kristin cases well is that it because it does feel it feels longer more momentous than that somehow it's weird when we we finish shooting it in the first thing I had this panic that like we should have
00:36:46had them go around twice as in person and we didn't we had it was a like a you know one hundred eighty grand turn for okay person and it works now with the music and we got the world as a whole world still sort of falling apart you
00:36:58know as people of watched it a lot of people haven't I mean people this room and seen it all done yet right we know they're sort of the wall the break in and really work %HESITATION sound effects than and %HESITATION but yeah when you're doing it was very
00:37:09weird to feel and also we didn't like you know your so much taller and then Christina how do we do that at membership as a minor tiptoes and then when she when she ends up with her she like drops down I love it like yeah like she comes
00:37:23later become really yeah it is it is I mean like even to serve I wasn't you know near it it it's just a beautiful thing and and and all the way into after it has all happened and %HESITATION Eleanor sort of exhales right afterwards since eight you know
00:37:40and I'm feeling the exact same way the making of it you can't overstate how on rum and no no zero romance Darcy it's really on like a lazy Susan there's the pole but then every just at the I don't know he action and then you would hear at
00:38:02her feet and like brace yourself yeah yeah exactly and we have little straps for your any always used to have like a little I think the leading so you yeah ski boots or so yeah yeah and %HESITATION %HESITATION I I this I'm sure there's video of this for
00:38:17sure but I just can't emphasize like how like how funny it was having Morgan give like Kristen and myself very specific direction about kissing and like the least corny way possible like it's about to head tilt gentry less it was truly like living donors plane as weird seventies
00:38:36I don't know why I'd like that and you have a %HESITATION the white poles but it really I think there is video of Morgan you know an inch down no okay pucker your lips a little more and then okay can you hold her tight your hand is on
00:38:53her shoulder it just was the funniest and we were like laughing into each other's mouths of %HESITATION what fun we had guys I mean put together with the solutions and the the you know the transitions and then %HESITATION David Schwartz is music and it's a you know the
00:39:08music swells it's I mean it's one for the ages you guys wish me realize how much I don't wanna make %HESITATION totaled screen screen action yeah yeah and how much respect I have for those yeah you know yeah think that you're making in whatever the Avengers regarding the
00:39:26galaxies learning you're only acting with nobody and and never just said you're never in just like Chillin having like a coffee senior like killing someone are frying or you know I mean they're they're like unloading on like the highest level two no one yeah yeah I think that
00:39:42anything after this will seem easier and I mean well not of Mike has his way he won't allow yeah we had some help again he said something like I've gotten to do TV for a very long time and with this season in particular but the show in general
00:40:00I just wanted to like see how weird we could get you which is exit you know he's like what what we could push what boundaries we could push am and it really yeah I really thought it was fun it was fun as hell and it felt really special
00:40:13there are this is one of the episodes that I've referenced earlier on this podcast that I was not in by two came to set to see how this would work because this is an unusual half hour of American network television this doesn't go on %HESITATION and I'm having
00:40:28a great memory the Darcy you brought a an ice cream sandwich truck for the cast and crew one day yeah it was I mean that's like the least I could do a really with I mean it was such a group Fang everybody had to do their part but
00:40:44also I was like if I screw up I'm taking people's time it's just me I can't blame anybody else I'd never been that much of a focus on anything before so I felt like we were like we were all corner men in a boxing match always she was
00:40:56our she's our fighter in slums got because we you know we try to make the days not that long because she had to say every word of it she had to change clothes sometimes it was easier you know we chewed out the Eleanor outfit and sometimes it was
00:41:08easier for camera reasons because you would have to if you did a wide shot that camera to stay locked for a long time until we went there all the characters so you'd start to run out of cameras blocked and sometimes it is easier to change Darcy again rather
00:41:21than you know so it was really like you gotta get back out there champ and we had you know gears a shoes the shoes and clothes and and we had a little weird prop room right off the %HESITATION off the stage she would just run in and change
00:41:35and you know change and met you know a minute or two you know get back out there and like which is a matter of the heart because if you wanted to target if you wanted to spend twenty minutes in the change actors can take as long as they
00:41:46want to it well whatever or they can be either a thirty second go back and cut yeah and that was that was just the the vibe of everybody everybody was doing that nobody was like pets around everybody was there was a a US yeah and like we had
00:41:58a real and we had and was also it was much more of a coaching kind of thing than directing away when you know David need Dogo who's our visual effects master and Steve day who's already and has been for years and is one of the greatest and he
00:42:10had all these little schematic send in you know because the one thing that we're used to in comedy of something especially the way we've tried to craft the way we should we should both sides at once if somebody comes up with a good joke you'd have to turn
00:42:21around and re lighten like go back to get it you just use it again but if you know Darcy is Janet I mean stars as Alan are said a joke in and somebody comes up with something for hours later you're not getting back to you know so yeah
00:42:35you have to on net this letter yeah Anne rice %HESITATION yeah you'd have to change everybody back the cameras are all taken apart and it's funny that you mention that notion of coaching because I do I am having a memory of well as well as in village wasn't
00:42:47there sort of a an exes and ohs schematic of cameras yeah characters and looks like a foot it looked like a player as a lot of things like that there was like the little animation like like the little what would you call that that little animated we had
00:43:00and yeah animatics of that was not full for like you know for blocking and cameras and there was even if we don't then we ended up using it but you're never the little like diorama we have a dial tone yeah we had dolls well I have to shove
00:43:12it %HESITATION man it's great with the furniture couch everybody's in their real commune Friday the seventh of December will you treat that person %HESITATION I've never known like acted with no one before so so often I was acting with the pole with a tape on topic a little
00:43:31color tape that was that would be my Aisleyne we didn't know that was going to work better or if we had we had all these Janet stand ins right we had %HESITATION one basically a tiny Janet sand and I'm we had all of them which is what a
00:43:44factor of height if they were all getting really was the thing you had to kiss your %HESITATION yeah great question it was a whole along tall pole with a little like a little plastic lips on and that's another thing I should point to it out is that it
00:43:59yeah %HESITATION yeah yeah yeah we have to have some we're invades and and pictures of that of that Darcy essentially kissing white broomstick ladies yes and no jest but going for you know I mean as a huge softie it's a big moment in the series called my help
00:44:19Darcy's playing both parts of it by its and and that was you know from the very first moment part of Mike's design and that and that and that team that had sort of come with us miss ideas it was like how how weird can this moment get but
00:44:34also hopefully it knock would you know be strangely beautiful because you know I'm an Allen aren't cheesy shipper and %HESITATION it's a big moment for them I don't understand words like ship and stand but I love them use that we never had a yeah yeah that's right that
00:44:50moment I think well is %HESITATION is is a highlight of my career %HESITATION and it's one that I had very little to do with your arm well I I'd like to claim more credit than I can but you know that that piece %HESITATION where we're Darcy as Ellen
00:45:05as GT is speaking to Eleanor about all the who deserves better yeah and %HESITATION you know it was something that %HESITATION in our draft like Josh had written a version of an and Mike had adjusted it and he knows it was it was the two of them it
00:45:18was you know their words and %HESITATION Darcy was choked up every time she delivered it and %HESITATION you know I don't usually I usually a little uncomfortable and sets %HESITATION I'm an introvert and it's hard to be around so many people but it was it was really moving
00:45:36she started crying I started crying on every take I think Josh was crying on every take here and it was like the most fun I ever had on I think a little yeah I mean he's so high up yeah working right inside man you know you haven't spoken
00:45:49yet right right I don't think so now we were just you and just captain you were just it was weird %HESITATION it was like I remember I was chasing them around especially when it turned into dar's into well first was Allen or was it in this this is
00:46:05how the whole yeah over to hold the Rizzo many names yeah Cabey was kissing Darcy for a moment yeah then we subbed it out and it was in it had to match the heads had the match what Darcy then so is really I'm trying to direct Kristin how
00:46:19to kiss Darcy at the right angle well so we're so that you could sub someone and she gets up demand that and we all had to replace Darcy and had to be righted the exacting on their standing there and I will it's always weird when people just you
00:46:32know what a and you know and and they're just standing there they have to stand there for a while to get just a little more this way the slip up a little bit was really funny he had in there stand there and you and we had I had
00:46:41an iPad that was me I was matching in there was like an overlay so it was just it was like a god I wasn't crying and it really just yeah but it but yeah that was a that that when I think of that moment to I mean system
00:46:53with the M. that speech that she speech is just so beautiful and and and you know you guys just really I can't even I I just think it's like one of the most beautiful speech is it really it really touched me every time I couldn't get through it
00:47:05was like not not on purpose you know it was like I was getting mad at myself because I didn't think she would cry than I was really freaking out because I couldn't get through it so we just all talk about it and I don't know you guys just
00:47:19made me feel real safe a yeah I mean acting you're vulnerable anyway and I I was the me courage is maybe not a word he is on a TV shows podcasts should we didn't do a very I mean I remember once you you were tearing up a couple
00:47:37of takes and then she blasted threaten generally you shoot and that was such a big part of the show oracle should that several times and I remember we kind of like from pretty good yeah kind of got it you were like she's going to she's going to break
00:47:48apart let's just and now in the watching the final upset it gets me every time me I'm it happening because it's incredibly lovely and it's you know I mean it is all these things it's she who really hasn't known that Eleanor for super depressing but knows enough to
00:48:06to speak you know Lou but the paddles and shocker back into a memory of who she is ready %HESITATION he goes right memories that said do I have to tell you who you are and I'll remind us of some of the things that he says like he's he's
00:48:16saying your biggest fears this and you hate this and you've done it guys with where Sandel and you know so it's sort of a joke and ran a warm thing you save you came to my classroom and bailed me out when I was eating you know is drowning
00:48:28in Chile and self you know and yeah basically said in Lafayette and that's when it turns the corner yeah yeah I I mean basically save my life and and it was very brave yeah and you know we talk about that moment just from a writing perspective that you
00:48:43know it's a show where %HESITATION by its nature Eleanor gets to sing cheese praises a lot and you don't there aren't as many moments I think is that character the more closed off and on more is had not as hard sure so you it was nice just even
00:48:58as a fan of the show to get that moment where he just gives up and says you make me better to it's beautiful in there you go %HESITATION don't you know that the part that that hit me hardest in that piece is when he says and I know
00:49:11you Hey this yes right now right you know the how much he knows her yeah in that like five words in again like as if you know audience as a fan of the show the way in this episode II it's so frustrating to watch TV not really we'll
00:49:28like take in what Ellen are saying %HESITATION he's taking it in and he's very cheesy like way academic very happy in to see Ellen are getting vulnerable that she never does you know you're really rooting for her and you're really it's kind of frustrating she's being free he's
00:49:43being frustrating and for him to tell like get it and then say all ages read I just you guys did such a good job the stakes couldn't be higher right the universe as we know it is crumbling unless he brings her back into her mind and her body
00:49:57%HESITATION you have a revolving door you've got a %HESITATION %HESITATION rolodex a flip book of all these various people arm do you know how many people are ones that you ran three forty people holy cow that was America more it felt like it was like a line of
00:50:12originally in one of the right before we locked it will be we saw the same person several times and then right before he locked it Mike said we should not see anyone more than once %HESITATION interesting and so luckily we did do forty people yes some of them
00:50:25it was a really funny they were standing there and Steve day is it as one of the way laughing one of the real you know as a director you're not supposed to give direct action to a Bacharach ground and air because then you're they become a featured player
00:50:40so Steve day is standing across from them now you're sad now you're any had this whole list of things and some of them he added and %HESITATION are really insult someone really insulting not yours and they were all there are long but we ended up using a lot
00:50:53of you know I'm glad we did all that one woman has a tear coming down yeah US radio for it and it pops back in English cheating right as the case is imminent yeah yeah yeah yeah we have a couple people two years and we but yeah they
00:51:05were really funny they were you know they did a really good job but it was a really funny thing that just essentially have Steve sort of like they all sorry I am them in their face like now feel this this yeah I mean you almost can't imagine a
00:51:18weird or date yeah yeah being which is like we can't tell you anything that was you're going to Mars and not done we have them in wind up in a lot they were in a line kind of almost like snaked out the door that they didn't know what
00:51:28we'll do weird is casting session and how long will they be on the on the mark like thirty seconds now if I were a little bit yeah okay yeah and you just really started to get Lassie and then we sort of had some signals if like that person
00:51:40wasn't really given like no man yeah thing when I was there yeah okay your opposite them I wasn't opposite them it was just Steve okay yeah I was opposite some of them but not yeah wait let me I was opposite some of them I was opposite %HESITATION we
00:51:55had some actors yet right off the first several got any anybody that has lines of dialogue and then I think even one of the actors we took the maybe they're all I think they'll still speak I think so yeah there's a big debate if it at some point
00:52:06should they all stay in pink in the pink clothes and so originally they were not going to do that right they were gonna change immediately and they were like the first five should and then the old man switches interest as the older man kind of a pink shirt
00:52:18and jeans he fades a little bit and then they just went into all of their an Iranian guy could was that older man he was so full he killed us yeah yeah he was so good yeah and the first five actors we have them all read all of
00:52:34the lines because we didn't know what order we wanted them to be and we knew he should be the guy who said I forget all that we had the old woman had does that on her nose and sore had the same feeling there was a lot of that
00:52:44a lot of %HESITATION like covering bases just like when we know what we're gonna need to do everything but what what is the symbolism of %HESITATION the people's own clothes or different clothes out of the pink sweatshirt you know that I think can say this you know that
00:52:59the third act of that episode Harris %HESITATION that is hurting for a little bit and we were we were looking for exactly what you know a metaphor was you know what was the ultimate extension of what everyone was going through and you know in combination with the room
00:53:16we just we really like the idea that %HESITATION the more dangerous it was for Eleanor to not be herself the more that was an actual physical danger and we loved the idea that %HESITATION Chiti finally admitting all these things that he's been hiding from himself a little bit
00:53:32on that that would be what sort of you know brings her back to feeling like yourself in I love that idea that %HESITATION it it's it's not even you complete me it's you make me feel like the best version of myself at six at such a beautiful idea
00:53:47and so you know I think while we were you know we we experiment of all sorts of things just in the breaking of it you know to sell it to disappear physically does she fly apart to see you know and I think it was Mike a you know
00:53:59who said like what is she just is different people yeah and %HESITATION and then that became it's own comedy game right now which is like you know who's calling okay a little yeah others saying I'm scared yeah and you know even on the day and very proud that
00:54:15I begged the key because originally at the Bible there wasn't going to be an inspection that's Roger as it seems which please please please put him hours and it enters from okay just for me I will tell you that %HESITATION being on set and at this moment I
00:54:30saw a little bit of what you talked about and whatever season in the existential crisis episode of %HESITATION you know Ted doing a performance the director coming to you %HESITATION you I think yeah I think that's it %HESITATION jar saying that and then turning to Dylan and Dylan
00:54:44be like I don't know like I saw a little bit of this because you guys would shoot at tiny little fraction of the seniors should one part of Darcy being one something something blank Janet right %HESITATION and then you go like it's hard to feel satisfied I'm sure
00:54:57because you're shooting one line of dialogue like that we get it and you go to Morgan like that we get more complex yeah I think so and we're gonna get a Josh and liked it we get it and Jessica like yeah I think so and then don't be
00:55:07thank you how much she needs like and then would bounce back up that tree is great and that it you know tweak it a little to be different and better yeah again like in a different situation with different people that's not fun that's not right that's IT arduous
00:55:20stressful and egos involved in everybody needing to like say they're saying it wasn't it was just like we had this common goal and and it was very you know supportive and collaborative yeah I met I visit like your spirit yes is what made it feel like exploration and
00:55:36not indecision plus like there were times when because you know everything was so modular there would be an urge to be like okay what she's just saying this line like weeds like ever say like a thousand times when I would be clear like after a few times like
00:55:52the words become meaningless because they're not in a sentence and they're not to anyone and it's just like let's talk about David Hume let's talk about about and I do think that like that's the thing that I didn't expect that actually remember having this conversation with Ted because
00:56:07he was on set for you know he's in the first scene whom so picture tad don't Michael and Janet looking at the humans the for human sure we just had for %HESITATION pulls withstand yes tape yeah and and you know he we were acting to polls and they
00:56:28were not responding because their polls and %HESITATION Ted kind of pulled me aside and was like oh this is this is not gonna be fun your heart yeah like he's like this is not acting this is not like our normal you have to react off of someone this
00:56:43is like this is a totally different thing and he's like you really need to do what works best for you and that you know when and we talked about it a lot and and you know in the way that everybody had an idea Ted was like we should
00:56:54have it we should all be there all yeah nursing I had a lot of conversations about that that she didn't want to be either imitating or doing whatever she was in front of people and she felt like it would make it would make it harder for her but
00:57:06taking nice like about a week we can't leave you hanging out here by yourself so is another thing like let's bring everybody back right now we we got and we would have done that and they are all well and they were all like on call but yet they
00:57:16were days since we said you may come in this week if we feel like we need it but I think it was easier in the long run not to we had we had one woman who was dressed as whoever else it was an often not you're highlighting she's
00:57:28yeah yeah it was a really funny we called Allison Jones is that we just need somebody we done something similar when my %HESITATION throws everybody off the bridge at the end of episode three because my it we didn't have my own %HESITATION a but we had Adam Scott
00:57:43and we were never gonna get Adam Scott my schedules to sync up so we hired an actress to play my in that so like Adam and everybody had somebody to act against it wasn't just someone shouting shouting our a and you know not that like Steve days great
00:57:55yeah but who's at their stand ins are great actors as well but sure we hired and we call the house and we said we just need somebody is funny %HESITATION roll with it it was very strange job and she came in and at first we didn't use are
00:58:05as much the first day and they were like yeah she you know often she couldn't be the island because it would she wasn't quite your size shorter the mailer and she was she was awesome Coruscant she is amazing she was like so so %HESITATION so helpful and just
00:58:20so connected and it was a lot of it was like she would help me with my lines on when we were it was just my she was my like little savior that was she's improvisers as a groundling an actor yeah she's great and it would have been different
00:58:33having Ted our yard you know because you would have been I think performing more for them then yeah she always just with that work out darshan were talking the other night at this rob writers panel afterwards there are only three more episodes in January and then we're done
00:58:50for awhile I that's unacceptable I need more of this show to watch you guys will see one really nice thing that happened on this episode and you know we were very excited about the episode we send it to the network and you hope that they're excited about and
00:59:05they ended up which is not a network thank you they give us extra time for this episode which means they give us a minute we've asked every season for extra time we never got no we asked every little minute sixty some little minute we want every season on
00:59:18parks like can we get an extra minute for the premiere of and they always try but you know that's a minute of added time money and %HESITATION they really loved it and they went and got that so we have we actually three versions of the show we have
00:59:29what errors on December sixth we then if it any reruns we do need to cut it down a minute so there's a one that's a minute sure that we have a producer's cut that is longer %HESITATION which we have of every episode except the first two of this
00:59:42season sixty solid seconds of MOS Sean %HESITATION things yeah yeah but you know it's you know it's another three or four minutes longer which David may not allowed to put that has he doing minutes he's okay he's locked himself in a tower he %HESITATION Stephen got me on
01:00:03one thing with the end of the show when they all run into that room with the tubes we thought for the chaos generally our show is shot on dollies and and kind of fixed you know cameras that are moving but we took the cameras often made at hand
01:00:15held and chased in there and we kind of went back and forth the way that we did on parts and I said something is like the camera will be like free in the be kind of parts hours like hold on a second first of all let's office style
01:00:27and not American are still %HESITATION nice I said yes guys corrected I said yes I now realize were always so funny it's worth dispelling the notion we're in a good place that's real rain yeah as far as we know who knows what's real man when you say the
01:00:45words as far as we know Morgan that and does some %HESITATION no we are yeah this is the actual I remember being at the table read for this and that line %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION Eleanor says you've lied to us a bunch where the four car we fork why
01:01:01can't I see a fork of holy forking short balls were in the good place so my deck we're in the process okay my deck and a good place but I think she did that take you did not make it but she did it to mystic arm and keep
01:01:14as soon as that table rate like as soon as Mike said we fade to black the end or whatever %HESITATION Ted said is that real and make that yes we're in the position as a real yeah if you trust make sure you implicitly Josh Siegel what's good I
01:01:36I have it a slightly weird one and we had a little bit vague eleven am I was tooling an internet and looking for different things about the show you know to figure out my own self worth and that's for that of course and I found %HESITATION a person
01:01:51online talking to the show and they were just like spot on about everything that we were doing and I can again to details and then it was one of those situations where you can look at %HESITATION other things that that person is written and it was just a
01:02:07deep well very sad things %HESITATION lot of doubt a lot of depression a lot of things and you know that's a thing I know I struggle with and and and a lot of writers and actors male and one of the statements drugs with little bit and %HESITATION so
01:02:27I don't know this person but what's good is this person and if they had this I hope that now at at total strangers glad they're still here there could outstanding thing Dylan Morgan beat that %HESITATION well obviously the thing that's good is Josh seek off make it you
01:02:48know genuinely cares about everybody hasn't had like the easiest roll of the dice arm in in life and %HESITATION is looking in every situation to take care everyone around him %HESITATION and %HESITATION that that's a pretty good person unlike in Morgan second what's good well I think I
01:03:13don't know I doing the show in like the team of people I've been lucky to be around the people in this room and David Hyman who he and I are sort of spend way more time together than we do with our wives he's a great producer and you
01:03:28know it I saw it sort of my core group that goes from show to show that I'm lucky enough to get on a lot of good ones are good people but internal surrounding yourself with good people both you know your family you're stuck with them and I'm lucky
01:03:41I have a great family but you know I think as we all get on is finding good people to work with and that's I feel lucky that I've done and that's what's good does except for mark trying to be Jeff was trying to cut you off I know
01:03:54I just got out there there's a curtain what's good this is funny I I I was planning on saying the same thing that Morgan just said and basically what you guys all just said which is like a genuine thing and the like comedy part of my brain wants
01:04:10to say like let's or something but %HESITATION I said that last item I know we see this all the time on this stupid podcasts which I wasn't every stupid episode up but the second yeah but this is that we just I don't know how it happened this is
01:04:26such a good forking group of people and we are so lucky for however many episodes we get to do together and however many weeks to get to spend together I just it's been the joy of my life and so that the you guys are good in Mike always
01:04:39says don't compliment me on these podcasts him but I would I remember watching the first assembly I think we all kind of watch at the same time if you know you're still not a hundred percent sure like does this work at all and Mike watched it and laughed
01:04:52and you know he he sees the positive side of things and also how it's gonna work and sort of at a level above all of us to you know we're all like we should have done this or that arm reshoot more jokes and all that kind of thing
01:05:05and he's just like this is great and I remember was if he thinks it's good then yeah yeah yeah yeah I believe it yeah if you the listener would like to spend some time with these folks it's possible the actors who played Janet including bad Jenna Judy Janet
01:05:19Eleanor Janet Janet Jackson Janet Derek Simone pill boy and even Sean have generously agreed to do a charity benefit for my charity the Detroit creativity project on Friday December fourteenth at eight PM in downtown Los Angeles will be special guests as well who likely been announced by now
01:05:35but for tickets please check out eventbrite dot com and search search for the show's title shirt show also %HESITATION if you'd like to visit the good place you in a gas can visit the site of the good place please check out the auction on charity bus dot com
01:05:48all proceeds again benefit the Detroit creativity project this is been a good place the podcast a market in Jackson thank you for listening now go do something good end of conversation Janet what have we learned today good place was the places of us all along that was good
01:06:14%HESITATION Janet if you've been sneaking magnets again human sneaking magnet well this podcast is available on apple podcast and all major podcasting platforms or wherever you get your podcasts hi market in Jackson produced by grant writer written island the pace that was Lizzy pays music composed by David
01:06:38Schwartz edited by trade booty early early chapped

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