This interview is really important to me, because I talk about a few things I don't touch on very often, diving deeply into parenting and the culture around raising kids - why there's a lot of failure because of parents judging other parents, without focusing more on having their children succeed. I also talk a lot about why I truly believe my mom is a reason that I forged my success so heavily. Great stuff here, I really hope you enjoy. 

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00:00:01Hey guys here's a podcast i did around parenting for two incredible women who are crushing out there for all you parents out there i think this one's gonna be special hope you enjoy it on before i let you go really from the bottom my heart thank you so
00:00:13much for listen to the podcast thiss is the gary v audio experience so all right so tell us tell us who you are and what your stories i'm gary boner chuck my story is a classic american immigrant story i was born in belarus in the former soviet union
00:00:37i came here when i was a little kid i lived in a studio apartment the size of the office were in with six family members seven family members depending on the day of the week extremely humble beginnings didn't speak the language picked on because i don't speak the
00:00:52language but then had an amazing childhood we very quickly my dad worked his butt off and became a manager of a liquor store which allowed us and afford us to move out to ah edison new jersey and there i became an entrepreneur uh what I played plenty of
00:01:09whiffle ball and nerf football and you know a lot of games but i spent that on got in hindsight i spent it on godley amount of time on car washes on lemonade stands on raking leaves on singing christmas carols anything to make a dollar anything and so and
00:01:26that led to baseball cards which then led to a very uh successful entrepreneurial career in the wine business which is my dad's business in investing you know tumbler and twitter and uber stocks are hanging around here and i invested in those pre ipo and now we're sitting in
00:01:44boner media you know which is a hundred fifty million dollars agency andan obviously along the way have also built out a personal brand that's led to what's about to be my fifth new york times best selling book on dh crushing it and a career where i'm getting i
00:02:01mean the fact that i get paid more to give a one hour speech today that i made for the whole year just you know fifteen years ago it was just scary exciting and so that's been fun and and as you guys know have really inspired an interesting conversation
00:02:16amongst a lot of people a slightly you know a slightly different take i think on what his motive you know i don't think of myself as a motivational speaker but i'm clearly a personality that is been able to get people to get results which you can't imagine how
00:02:31proud of i am well what kind of teenage away i was a great teenager my mom i'm writing a book called perfectly parented so it's interesting to hear what you guys this's a listen so i'm writing a book called perfectly parented and it's the perspective of a kid
00:02:46who feels his parents perfectly parent of him my mom and dad so i never did any i mean i did nothing wrong except get bad grades like i never disrespected anybody i never did cliche drugs and alcohol stuff i was i it was the nicest kid i was
00:03:04friends with everybody in my high school i worked every minute i went toe like seven high school parties in my life you know I just worked i like help around the house because i was the oldest i was i was a ridiculously good kid yet i wasn't like
00:03:20a square or you know like meaning i had fun i enjoyed it like my my life my high school years were very simple i've worked every minute all right which was the happiest moment of my time whether it was doing baseball card shows selling a flea markets or
00:03:34working in my dad's liquor store or i was in school being miserable I didn't play sports and play tennis for two years but i barely played sports i didn't chase girls for the most part like i just i was very focused on being an entrepreneur from a very
00:03:51young age and i was obsessed with not making my mom upset i love the lord retain ideo thing is i'm a month Yeah you don't want it just true like i my mom guilted me into being a great a child and a great teenager and i think that's
00:04:09what i do to my employees how how By providing so much love and and support that the fear is letting them down Guilting virus was going to leave after work and read for a year That was her plan That was her thoughts but she's still here because it's
00:04:26better to be here than it's not to be here Well a lot of tane edges actually disconnect from their parents because their parents were screwing up Their parents are doing the wrong thing Their parents care about themselves not their kids Parents are struggling out there because they're insecure
00:04:43and their parents and their children based on the judgment of other parents not based on putting their kids in this position to succeed So you never disconnected from your parents at any time I want to reconnect into my parents right now I love them so much I want
00:04:57to live with my parents now You understand why my mom's entire framework i was supporting me not she was in a cocoon my mom didn't give a shit what another parent thought about me So how did that happen How did she sell competences onto you Self confidence from
00:05:18yeah i mean i don't know because my mom lost her mom a five right She grew up in soviet russia which is a very negative place it was just in her she was a it was a dna trait maybe was over correction for not having a mom she
00:05:31wanted to be the best but i don't have it really deeply psychoanalyzed my mom yet but you know she she uh point did she do a good job And i think you know again i think i think the reason i'm popular as a personality is because i'm better
00:05:46to my audience than anybody else and i don't want to trick you into anything that's what you feel on stage you know why you felt it it's cause i genuinely want youto win there's nothing else because it's a legacy it's like being a parent you being successful is
00:06:03an incredible indication of me but i think most people that are motivational speakers personalities or running businesses are are selfishly innit for what's in it for them and in the short term yeah it's almost like this thing is that i always say i'm just the vessel for the
00:06:22information to come out to be able to got get to you but but i would i would but i'm also selfish like i don't think i'm some altering kind of like you know vessel i'm selfish my selfishness comes in the form of legacy i have a funny feeling
00:06:38you guys are flying from australia to new york for most people seriously not what Well well we are doing it from a lot of other people as well but i'm sure doing it for us because it feels good and it feels great to be you know what i
00:06:54mean is you're not gonna get dragged out somewhere I understand what i what i mean is basically my very simple thesis is i will win if i have the delta between being financially successful and having the most people come to my funeral I have no interest in building
00:07:16a fourteen billion dollars empire and having four people at my funeral I would much rather do four hundred million and have forty thousand people show up to my funeral I think legacy is far more attractive than currency um and uh and that's what my mom created like she
00:07:38she took she gave up the short term judgment i was a dnf student tyler is my report card coming good I'm gonna hang that next somewhere here i was a dnf student you know what the enough students get from other parents rolling eyes judgment and condescending comments but
00:07:58my mom raised the biggest winner in that high school a long time we so how are you instilling these values into your kid's right now What do you actually doing Listening their five and eight i'm listening way have for nine great i'm listening I've made zero judgment so
00:08:21far on how i'm doing that i am just watching them the way you become a great parent and put your child in a position to succeed is you build the road map and the blueprint in reaction to who they are not your personal ideological wants and needs i'm
00:08:40watching them i'm seeing what comes natural to them what they love what they don't love what they're good at what they're not good at and then i will create support of infrastructure around that But right now pure love and pure support while deep lines in a fit sand
00:08:57of what is humanly right and wrong being nice is a line in the sand trying to form some resemblance of compassion and empathy is a line in the sand You can't know how much you can instill empathy and compassion but i'm trying teo in a subtle way those
00:09:16are things that i care about i do not give a shit about what grade level they're reading at or i'm not over thinking that they're a little spoiled you can't fabricate environment i grew up with nothing there growing up with something yeah i'm not going to trick that
00:09:32you know what I'm not going to buy them a toy while they're going to the hamptons for the summer like you know you don't you don't you don't fabricate environment so i'm in the listening business right now so a massive on gratitude and we try and teach that
00:09:45with their children it is many ways as we can whether that be on the way to school give me five things that you're grateful for today you know those kinds of things getting into their heads from such a young age Yes what are you doing Because you're the
00:09:57king of gratitude in empathy in and stuff about you pair that with slap in the face honesty which is just yeah could awesome combo i think you know look i'm in a great spot like i don't do anything my kids are gonna watch my youtube videos very soon
00:10:10Yeah this is already done like it's an ethos it's a living like i think the tactics matter and i respect that but i'm not i'm not doing that yet but i do think it's a good idea yeah yeah like i think that's clever and when you were just
00:10:23saying i'm like oh shit i should do that but i won't because that's not what i do yeah everybody needs to do what they do it in a different way but i'm doing it you know is you know to me what scares me is when somebody does tactics
00:10:33that doesn't live it if you're actually grateful then that tactic is phenomenal it's a re enforcer but if you're not and you're doing it as an optic which is what so many parents do parents do a lot of things they don't believe in they do what they think
00:10:47they're supposed to be doing and they get caught up in the rat race of i'm telling you this is what it took me until i was one but even more importantly until i spent time with a lot of them now that i have kids i spent time with
00:11:01i'm like here's a good one do you know that i didn't really understand why parents put bumper stickers on their cars of the universities that their kids went to I didn't realize that that was something that made them feel good about themselves look at me on the parent
00:11:17of a kid that went to princeton the thought for me to have my self esteem wrapped up in my kid's accomplishments is so foreign i think that's a loser yes tio it's just ego it's just ego and its insecurity and it's trying to paint a picture and so
00:11:36to me you know i know who i am is a human and what my values are and how i think people like how i would you know here's what i'm thinking about it's less about what i'm going to do it's more about what i'm gonna do in reaction
00:11:49to so if i see my kids ever make another kid feel not nice by using something that i've created a k if xander one day makes some kid if xander ever if i'm walking in five years anderson what you've never met a football player on the field i
00:12:09will punch him in the fucking face yes so it's those things that matter to me more you know that's where i want to get into actions it's not about like making them play the violin or making them get a tutor so their math scores are better or you
00:12:23know or sending them to africa to build a school to teach them humility i believe those are tactics well they get dislocating from you one hundred percent at having to do the one two three strategies here and and i'm a unique situation i over index with young kits
00:12:39because of my style so you know my kids are on ly seven or ten years away from their friends thinking i'm cool yeah and when you know when your friends think something school you think it's cool so i'm gonna have a bigger impact on my kids through the
00:12:53eyes of their friends and what that means to them my kids are gonna listen to me mohr because they're friends listen to me yeah then them listening to me so with the dumpster video yet my four year old has is watching that he calls his gary fagan truck
00:13:10because you can't say very and he's all over it where did that come from How Because we use it all the time we show up shit was shed it like a thousand times i was on a flight i'll never forget that was outside of an airport i was
00:13:23on a flight and two people in a row d m me something on instant i'm a listener i'm a counterpuncher yeah you know i'm a very interesting character i'm confusing because i talk all the time i interrupt people so everybody thinks all i want to do is talk
00:13:38but what's interesting is i spent the majority of my time listening nobody reads their comments more than me nobody speaks and adjusts on the fly based on how the audience is reacting more than me nobody does that like i believe in that and me i think that's what
00:13:53So i'm listening so what happened I was listening i read two separate emails of dmz or twitter post of like some insecurities from two of my audience members something hit me of like of a seed of like this is like i hear it all the time but something
00:14:09in those two in a row got me motivated I got off the airplane and i was like let's film this and i just happen to see a dumpster and thought it was a funny scene and then you know referenced trash and high school like just had a moment
00:14:20you know i have a lot of times i know when i can't predict buyer ality but i always know when i have something in me if i can get them the film it that it's going to do well so we're working long hours you're working long hours had
00:14:37do you have a few guilty that if you're not being not going to do things and i feel guilty and what would you say to a parent that may be feeling guilty that they're not able to get a ll the school play would tell that able to tell
00:14:50them who gives a shit of what gary v thinks and you do you yeah you live your life I'm just a little practical about this i think it's more important to love your child unconditionally and support them than to be at every event so a lot of parents
00:15:03go to every event but they're undermining their children's happiness and self confidence because they themselves are insecure so to me it's just checking a box so what You're a big shot because you went every little league game but meanwhile you're an alcoholic or you're insecure and you're trying
00:15:17to suppress your child or you tell them that they can't do or you make them over practice baseball because it makes you feel good if they get a scholarship around baseball so i'd much rather miss every other play and recital and ballgame but make my kids emotional ninjas
00:15:34that's my choice on this issue we had no issues to bring into your parenting because you were parented amazingly no shit so and so's my wife to be honest so now you're fucking off to the races right Yeah i mean that's just the truth like we're in a
00:15:48really good spot and honestly it's i'll be honest with you i always ask myself is this whole gary be thing just my overreaction to being feeling that i'm so guilty that i had it so good and i know that mission zander just two people and there's a hell
00:16:02of a lot of people up in those three cameras right now like you know i almost feel like i have to give it to them too you know because people are listening to me i'm penetrating and i'd like you know why Because i'm speaking the truth you and
00:16:17i were doing a show right now i'm bringing up the maddox and parenting that i'm struggling to see people talk about because i'm getting to the part that nobody wants to talk about the truth The truth is you're struggling with parenting because it's all about you absolutely no
00:16:34parents everything that you're saying that you want your kid to be well rounded and so they're in violent and sports in the sack but it's because you want to go cycling and have a coffee with your girlfriends that's the truth yet so either we talk about the truth
00:16:51or not you're saying that you're going to pay well what a great dad i am i'm like sending ricky to the best baseball camp this year i'm working hard to pay for it you like bragging that little ricky's a great fucking baseball player it's selfish I'm just not
00:17:06about that not with my audience it's about them and definitely obviously not with my kids it is about them and i'll get mine in the residuals my mom is like walking around like a chain like my mom and i talk every other morning every morning every you know
00:17:22sometimes i can go a week without talking to her so it's not even like you know it's not like this cliche i talk to my mom every day we're talking i'm talking my mom right now like we're like the hand you understand when i talked to her every
00:17:32day she just like she just thinks it's the great she's like like she's like all these all these russian mom's air hitting me up you know like she's like she's getting like everything gets paid off properly she is an all time mom and i was meant to be
00:17:49somebody who has an audience who that gets to tell everybody she was an all time mom and that's a big deal you know we've been to get so many people and and it's been really common thread through successful people that we've spoken to that they've had this difficult
00:18:02sort of you know child war teenage years and they've had struggles and they've come from this thing and you're the first one that's just how you want had none of that i'll tell you what i think people sometimes search to create an origin story i think people fabricate
00:18:15their struggles yet because it's romantic and i also think it's any edges i think you either are very much struggling but i think there's a lot of people who are very successful who have remarkable high school years yeah and i'm one of them and i think there's a
00:18:31lot of azam talking to you something about a lot of kids who a lot of times in immigrant families because when you've a tight family that's really a big factor who had great childhoods and are crushing it because they're blindly self confident i'm blindly soak up my mom
00:18:45brainwashed me into believing on the best and i just believe i really believe it like i i in a world of elon musk and mark zuckerberg and jeff bezos and mark cuban and all these incredible entrepreneurs in a world of that and an incredible executives like cheryl sandberg
00:19:04arianna huffington in a world of that i'm completely utterly commences i sit here with you today that i will be the alfa winner of this generation because i won't make the most money but i will have make but i will make the most money and impact most people
00:19:18you can't you can't win this thing without both yeah i could be quite fluffy and amazing and make everybody but if i didn't have the business success well then they wouldn't look up to me that way yeah but i think i'm gonna win so we have this thing
00:19:32we don't do anything unless it's fun there has to be an element of finding everything that we do right so you're having the best fun it looks like you're having the best time ever so what's the most fun part about what you do and what's the toughest part
00:19:44they're one in the same i'm the most fun and the toughest part is i was built for the masses yeah i was built to be who i am i am i am absolutely gonna have one hundred percent awareness in the world Everybody on this world as long as
00:20:02i don't die too young for some reason in forty years every person on this earth will know i am i was built for that they're very few people that achieve that i will achieve it and it's there's a lot of reasons there's a lot of people who are
00:20:15uber famous before that weren't known in africa or asia because of the way media worked But with the way the media works now i will be known everywhere that's the best and most fun but it's also the hardest because when you are for everyone it takes away from
00:20:32what you have left for yourself and your family Yeah that's it that is my gift And my curse said that and i know it and you know you kind of like you know it's not like you let go of the steering wheel but sometimes you just understand it
00:20:47right It has person negatives i want to be at every recital next friday misha has a recital i want to be there I will not be there that's really So how'd i don't beat myself up about it because a parent's job is to put there what is the
00:21:06binary line of being a parent put your kid in the best position to have a happy healthy successful life that is not showing up to every one of their events so there what are we talking about here People playing in the fuckin bullshit we're trading on the bullshit
00:21:22we're talking about commodity stuff no kid's going to need you if the parent was playing in the clouds parents are playing in the dirt my new sha and it's all predicated about them listening if you watch your child for seven years and you're obsessed about that you know
00:21:39my parents parent all three of their kids the same way you know crazy that is yeah absolutely so it's all about selfishness and insecurity of the parent level so i'm not going to concede to the current state of political correctness it's not going to consider politically correct in
00:21:54three years so i need to ask you you sure Okay the question is you work long hours and obviously at some point you must get todd and need to sleep sometimes you know i think six hours believers like yeah well you guys look great zero luck i have
00:22:13been meditating all not to sleep Nothing was my kidney shot ma has to be out of slate so but at some point like you there must be something that stresses you have as a parent when they throwing tensions and you've got to get stuff done like i have
00:22:27a luger shit oh yeah yeah because i'm a human like i don't want xander wines thirty percent of the day think off of that and i zero tolerance for any whining so i hate his whining but but i don't i think there's two different levels of stress i
00:22:46think its mountains out of mojo out of ant hills right Yeah i'm pissed all the time like but i'm not scared to let me give you go on i'm not scared that if it goes further than i like i'm thrilled to give him a piece of candy and
00:22:58i know that's bribery and i know that's bad parenting in the micro you know the parents are drawing a line and sand that i'm not gonna reward this bad behavior and they think like that's the most important thing without realizing how this actually all works why are a
00:23:14lot of rich kids spoiled and shitty And why are a lot of rich kids like you can't believe that they're super rich and have it was the parenting it was the framework it was the experience it was the environment there's a million variables that go into it parents
00:23:29are beating themselves up like they're judging themselves to stick back yeah i got it i got to go look way bigger than that like i love debating this with parents because i'll win every time here's why were selective like any parent that's like listen round like you're wrong
00:23:49about that karen like cool let's sit down and talk and let me spend one hour tell me everything we'll make well you you don't you don't feed your kids very well and that might be somebody else's number one i'm like wait you you let your kids drink soda
00:24:01every day that's somebody else's you've gotta read well that somebody like everyone right There's like forty seven things that people think is the most music Yeah the fuck Yes again great but i know a ton of parents who make their kids to music so that they have to
00:24:20be with an extractor so they could go do something it's not that they believe the musical skill set will set them free Yeah it's just that it's just a emotional game it's not a physical game and so to me it's just getting kids in the right mindset teaching
00:24:34them very basic things like kindness and gratitude and and work ethic there's i'm buying all by my kids everything until a couple years ago when they can actually work when nisha's fourteen and could actually work guess what if you go yeah it's going to get really gnarly on
00:24:49her What about household chores like yeah i mean you know that's kind of what time again i would never judge somebody else thinking that's important but again it's a tactic and it's like to me it's the next step which is like yes but like i'm not scared to
00:25:07rip off the band aid one can say gradually get them into being a fourteen year old that has a job and chores help him I actually agree with that that makes sense I'm also not scared of buying them everything in the world and then walking in on their
00:25:20fourteenth birthday and saying and by the way fourteen's an arbitrary number it could be thirteen to be sixteen but picking some moment that i feel good about saying i'm not going to shit and now you work and they'd be like you fucked me e everything but i know
00:25:35that if i could do that somewhere two to three years before of college four years before a college during college that they'll be on their way they just have to know that they have to do to get what they want Heads up guys It's coming xander misha if
00:25:49you listening coming and to me i don't mind if i screw them or if i gradually put them into it because guess what in life both are goingto happen correct in life you'll have forces when you lose a parent some people lose their parent pelo and your sibling
00:26:07crying on mom died right The others mom gets diagnosed and takes four and half years in life Some things are gradual yet something's air sudden so to me it's just preparing all these parents trying to prepare the kids for life by touching everything and anything and everything and
00:26:24it's so fucking it's up everybody who's apparent right now we'll go down generally in one hundred years will be viewed upon as the worst generation appearance in the history of mankind We are doing a terrible collective job and there hundreds of there's tens of millions of phenomenal parents
00:26:42unfortunately the global and obviously this is not the case in venezuela that's not the case in syria but globally things have been very good for last fifty to sixty seventy years world war two is a long time ago The black plague is a long time ago right Yep
00:27:02it's a long time ago we have prospered as a race for so long that it is now forced parents to care about things that don't actually matter It's not the parents is if i'm not mad at the current parents it's the macro effect of prosperity our great grandparents
00:27:18were good at parenting because they didn't have time to worry about playdates They were worried about bombs dropping on ads they worried about the depression they were worried about different things if you're a third generation australian american pair of your eastern european western europe parent on a back
00:27:38row there's a lot of good so you've now gotten into the fucking third generation of prosperity so that means we're soft that's really You are able to do with rejection and not winning and you almost like you love it You talk about how much you love it can't
00:27:55for it How are you taking your kids to be able to get that feeling meeting them and everything we do is play at home that's like a moment my kids are never gonna win like i let my kids win on battleship like three days ago that's it i'm
00:28:11going home they're never gonna win So you ever baked them on everything and i think you've got to be careful because i think you know if you have the right kid it's a home run if you're the wrong kid dna wise they could become deflated so i so
00:28:25i set out to that i wouldn't sit here and say i've never left i thought i would never let them win but then you have them and you love them and they're living their lives in or so little e remember i let my were playing basketball me meet
00:28:37me ver submission xander first one to five i let them score the first four baskets and then i beat them five four and when i hit the fifth basket they exploded into tears like i've never seen it was it was a scene out of like like i loved
00:28:51it by the way i hit the basket and they jump in the air start crying like crazy but you know there's only so much of that but but i would say is you've got to let them have circumstances and more importantly i'm not manipulating what they're doing outside
00:29:04of us too many parents are putting their kids and softer leagues they're on the manifest putting in my neck so i have a tthe place trophies i think it's not manufacture factoring success i think right now it's very common wisdom that people you're you're letting your kid win
00:29:21a battle ship your kid thinks they beat you in battle ship that's a bad idea i thought he couldn't handle it because he was like because i was winning and he wasn't carping and then you run that little part of me but here's the thing in real life
00:29:36when you a lot of people kind of failed but they hate the final fail that's what battleship is you gotta let him taste that final fail and get used to it and we really get motivate you got to see here's what i would say i would never tell
00:29:51anybody had a parent period let's start i've been doing that through this whole conversation let me make everybody understand just i'm answering e u i have zero interest in telling how somebody a parent here's what i would say there's enough in the system right now to show that
00:30:06the way we've kind of been doing it for last fifteen to twenty years has some cracks in the armor your parents would rather blame social media for suicide than the macro parenting trends you know why didn't kids you stood not why do kids used to not have suicide
00:30:27be such an issue well it's because we treated bullying and winning and losing differently let me tell you what nineteen seventy for us told their kids when they got bullied at school deal with it what are we doing We're in it which makes them feel like they can't
00:30:46handle it now so i think us parenting is thie on ly reason there's suicide rates up of course not some million variables modern medicine diet information but it's not social media click and we want to keep demonizing new technologies because we don't want to face our own issues
00:31:10so what i would say is i scrutinize myself is apparent every day and i don't think enough people were doing that that's cool if you say that you know that yeah i think we want to say it's anybody but our fault full responsibility for everything that's responsibility one
00:31:27hundred percent your kids struggling right now and something that's your fault whether it's his or her fault whether it's somebody else's fault it's a great strategy to think it's yours whether it's true or not let's say two minutes let's sound matteini job yes and my parents have let
00:31:47me win on battleship let me we stop blaming them because that's what every every teenager's running i get every day up yeah my parents fucked me they made it so easy i love this they made it so easy for me like my parents fucked me they made it
00:31:59so easy for me now i'm struggling i'm going okay like deal with it we're treating teenagers like three year olds instead of like we're going down instead of up one of the most powerful things hey sally fourteen years old from you know the gold coast you know like
00:32:19you that's what happened here's a lot of other things that happened to you you're pretty you're good at sports you're not pretty you're not going to sports you're gonna matthew a bat a bat like it's your life So now what you can spend all your energy dwelling and
00:32:34blaming or you could realize that if you're capable of taking on responsibility and going forward right now you will win in life now that's heavy shit for a fifteen year old because i you know i see it go over their head plenty of times but here's my point
00:32:49that's the right answer and more importantly if one out of every four of them take it you're making an impact i think well this is the difficulty for you guys making a message consumable tome or usually means that it's not impacting anyone really Yep this is the if
00:33:12you ask me what i would without knowing anything about you what would be my intuition that if you said hey come and analyze us i would say without knowing anything because it's ninety nine point nine percent of what's happening in the world as you go through it everybody
00:33:27tries to find that mendoza line that can affect as many people as possible without realizing that then it gets too vanilla and it's not doing what they want for anybody i'd rather impact one out of every seventeen teenagers to meaningfully change than zero out of seventeen by pandering
00:33:45and wavering in a couple places to make it seem more consumable it's tough you see where i'm going Yeah absolutely but i think that yeah i think that's why that seventy teenagers that get us because we're doing that we're keeping it really real and when and so what
00:34:00i would tell you is go even further well that's the that's the next day go one step further whenever you believe in that you're milking down go harder because the only reason you're not is you're worried about what's coming back where you when you go there and it
00:34:22could come in a million ways they won't get it which is nice to think or who that would be tough for parents to hear or tough forgets to hear like it's one of the other i think that's the truth your truth and your opinion at its strength is
00:34:35its purest form non water down when her with all of the hot gary to the gratitude that he's full like so much it is bursting out We want to thank you thank you for this time Thanks for having me Thank you for having us Thank you thank thank
00:34:53you Hey guys i hope you really enjoyed this episode of the gary the experience Now go out and share this Pass it on let me know what you thought

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