Balancing the attention you give to ads, increasing your business' earning potential, and making a blog visit more valuable with Bjork Ostrom.


Welcome to episode 203 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, Bjork chats about how we’re strategically targeting our low-hanging fruit.

How We’re Finding and Juicing the Low-Hanging Fruits in Our Businesses 

Working smarter, not harder. Sounds like the dream, right? That’s exactly what this episode is about; putting in a bit of work and getting a big return.

This episode is part two of our four-part “Projects” series, and Bjork is sharing some ways that you can be thinking more strategically about the low-hanging fruit in your own business. He’ll encourage you to find the things you’re already doing and do them a little bit better so that you can be more efficient and effective with your work.

In this episode, Bjork shares:
  • The two ways you can optimize the ads on your site
  • How you can balance the attention you want to give up to ads
  • How you can increase the earning potential of your business
  • How to make a blog visit more valuable


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