Bret Contreras unleashes candid thoughts on how he pushed through criticism to establish his industry changing ideas about Glute training. Bret shares the challenges involved in moving states and opening The Glute Lab, unexpected expenses and having to dive into his reserves of work ethic to succeed. Bret details his thoughts on the use of language on our industry that makes people feel broken and damaged. Join one of our best episodes to date.
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00:00:00Welcome to the fitness devil episode I think it's sixty five Correct me if i'm wrong but we've got a special guest today We got brett contreras He's better known as the glue guy and instagram He's got a huge following He's also the owner of the glue lab and
00:00:16that's one of the reasons why we wanted to bring him on was not just a talk about glutes He's a phd in exercise science He knows a lot about movement and lifting and glutes But as a business owner you would assume that things are really easy for a
00:00:29guy with that much popularity in that big of a following And that's not necessarily the case And brett goes into great detail about the hardships of opening up a business in a place like san diego But i think there's a lot of information that is very relevant to
00:00:43a lot of our listeners Another thing that we we really talk about and have her home is this idea of language in our training and how as coaches we can really impact the success or the hardships endured by our clients just by the use of language and just
00:01:05making sure that people understand that they aren't broken and usually language that surrounds that idea And he basically is a really good talk about this and he's done it a few times But he goes in there pretty good detail in this podcast and i think it's something you
00:01:17should stick around for So if you're one of brett's listeners you know what Subscribe raid us If you're one of our listeners share it But enjoy this one's really really good Everyone Welcome to the podcast Today we got bread contreras working Get bread on for a while national
00:01:46with the schedule And if you haven't heard of the blue guy aziz better known he's got a phd in sports science and contributes have lied to the body Research not just includes uh exercise physiology and general area st He created the hip thruster Owns his gym lab in
00:02:03san diego Travels speaker conferences I've seen him twice in person myself And you've written for more fitness publications and i could probably list off here So uh you've completely rewritten how we understand and trained loot so upright israel honor to bring you on here So you've been up
00:02:20to recently So last year First off thanks for having me on the show Appreciate it Last year i'm forty two years old When i was forty one i decided moved out to san diego So i'd lived in phoenix for my whole life on then moved to san diego
00:02:39I got so sick of the heat and the older i got the harder it wass they deal with its summer heat so so san diego has been so nice because it's so so much cooler than the weather is amazing But i built it Jim out here Podcasting from
00:02:59group lab I hired several employees and it's been just a lot different Like my life in phoenix was very easy Train people out of my garage diem I had i think i had hired an assistant like a year before i left She worked a couple hours a day
00:03:21for me and now i have like six employees uh a gym And then a lot of my expanded by my businesses a lot So not a lot of money going around It's like except sometimes i'm like well look at my big account and i've had days where i
00:03:38had you know twelve checks I had to write one hundred twenty thousand dollars worth of bills in one day s o a lot So now it's a lot different Its reward a heaven employees is very rewarding Like i never been a boss before And so you know i'm
00:03:59responsible for people's livelihood And i look at them like you know i don't have kids so i can tryingto educate them and bring them up and help them become the best they could be Um but it's just very different My life is so much different was a year
00:04:17ago I'm juggling a lot more things You don't have kids We got spencer So you get to hang with spencer all the time spending but also because she's been on her podcast twice So he's been you hang out there with sofia all the time So he's been on
00:04:31a podcast and sam spinelli ducks in there sometimes So he's a buddy of the whole crew men We got your whole kind of So yeah spencer's moved out here just a few months ago and yet great He's always always looking for a taco partner He's crazy about his
00:04:48cock goes well let's actually the one thing we didn't want to touch on you got to eat a little bit but i don't know it was on your your facebook or an article But basically how your gym turned out to be super fucking expensive way more than you
00:05:00thought and basically pushed through and was successful And i think one of the things you talked about was like the hard work in the hours you put in the sacrifices you made but we'll get that got you through So the one thing we want we have a bunch
00:05:11of fit pros and people listening that want to get something out of it What did you learn about yourself through this experience And what advice would you share with young professionals who aren't putting in the time and effort but expect those big things that happened so quickly Oh
00:05:26that's a great question So on And i've been i've been in this situation a few times in my life and i could tell you there's no stress like financial stress were wondering going to go bankrupt You're like great I have five thousand dollars in my account Somehow i
00:05:42have to come up with sixty five thousand dollars by the end of month And uh and so when i moved out here i wasn't necessarily going to start a game My house has a studio in it like it's like seven hundred fifty square feet I thought i could
00:05:58just have that be my studio but i'm so equipment I was like if i find a good gym then i'll do that There's a couple paralytic jim's out here There's a bunch of commercial jim's but i went to every one of them And just for one reason or
00:06:14another i don't like any of the gyms Ironically a crunch opened up like just a few doors down from from groot lab and i like it but it wasn't there when i made the decision to start a book club Um but i like this nice clean places that
00:06:29are open nice lighting and then the people You know if the people who attended jim matter and how crowded it is and everything and i realized when i first moved here you can see on my instagram i was like shoulder tapping people Hey did you film this set
00:06:44And they're like uh you never know how they're gonna film it if they're gonna know what they're doing If they're gonna you get half of your body and the rest of the ceiling or so And it's awkward too Especially if you're doing like hip thrust You don't want
00:06:57to be like you i'm like This is actually not good for my business I need to have my own gym So hello so in phoenix God looks just so much different here in california but and i'm pretty sure it's california But like when i open my gym in
00:07:19phoenix it was smooth sailing everything I didn't deal with any hiccups I remember signing the at least i got the business license I got everything like all within the same time period opened up shop no hiccups It all is the easiest process So i completely underestimated here When
00:07:38i signed the lease my landlord failed three inspections and it was his fault But i can't open up so friendly And so you know this is this is on you not me But what do you want to do Start off your business relationship with your landlord with a
00:07:55lawsuit So i lost But here's the other thing i told my trainers quit your job and come work for me A ship promise that might be paying them so we can't open I'm not just losing out on the the lease payment I'm losing out on the money that
00:08:13i'm paying them Now They're helping me but their trainers So we have growing things teo So i'm trying to have him Help me with my different online businesses and that's not your complete skill set at that time So it's just a waste of it was a waste of
00:08:28space because we have this space they're not being used And it was a waste of resource is in a big waste of money and i got down to like five thousand dollars in my bank account I remember being so stressed out so but you know no What's the
00:08:45saying Drastic means called co production hedgers or whatever So that's when i thought up a couple new business screams and you know those panned out on get into my gym open We got members in here that gm actually doesn't make me a lot of money in my other
00:09:04revenue streams that make me a lot of money my online stuff But now i'm doing really well But what i will tell you in california it's uh they don't think of the the business owners and the entrepreneurs It's it's all the things out here like you fell in
00:09:20action They say here's three things you have to fix You fix those three things and you get a new inspector comes and it goes okay Here's three new things and then you're like why can't i get the same inspector to sign off on it So it's like a
00:09:32racketeering job out here with the things they do I just got something in the mail the other day that said you of five thousand dollars but it's four thousand one thousand dollars fine and i'm like what it is the employees development department or something So i asked my
00:09:48accountant she's like you know you don't know any money I called him up I don't even know where they came up with this figure It's just it i don't know I don't know why the people out here do with jesus It was going to say it for anyone
00:10:02who doesn't follow her in scrap It's actually really funny because no the old show all kinds of people that could be in their tag in there It's really cool Lots of exercises There's always every day there's like you just staring at the screen And as like a movie
00:10:16that's on the background you list off watching a movie whatever soundtrack you're listening to and then all the exercises you did so as shits really entertaining So and of course there's usually like theo great chest hair too which is covering up the day of the shirts So i
00:10:30don't know When i started doing that i actually can't remember but i when i when i got this gym i wanted to have three tvs Um and i have three tvs in here and i'll have three different movies on for like a game news station or a movie
00:10:46or like i But i play music during my workout so i'm not watching I'm not like watching the movie but it's usual movie i've seen before I just love back when i train Now i got another game that i love I love having the gym to myself with
00:11:07three movies playing whatever music i want and then free rate of all the equipment That's what So i go to out I just went to crunch the other day to use their table there Their cable call him I have a cable come here But i like there's more
00:11:21for like people crossovers So i did a bench president clinton and on the trump people crossovers and i'm waiting waiting waiting waiting in about ten minutes goes by and i'm just waiting there politely this guy he's pissed off that i'm waiting for the equipment so he's like can
00:11:38i help you And i go yeah i'll just wait for the equipment and he's like well i'm using it and i'm like he's been there for ten minutes already So good How many more he's like I don't know Oh is it three cents Six sets Ten cents Because
00:11:55i don't know I trained a fatigue like what does that even mean chain of maybe a million deaths train till you can't pick yourself up off the floor So i go I'm still annoyed I can't look this is the way it works You're supposed to be following an
00:12:09actual program that was predetermined using how many sets you're going to do It's usually like three or four It's never ten And when you see somebody waiting for the equipment you try to hurry or say you want to work in And i just it annoys the hell out
00:12:24of me because i've been training in a gym since i was fifteen years old So for twenty seven years i've been training commercial gyms and there was just this code that we have back in the day When i was fifteen we had a code you worked in with
00:12:36each other You tried to hurry someone with weight You'd be like hey did i got three sets all trying to hurry You were cognizant about you know you were empathetic about weighty or this person waiting I'm interfering with their work out and you never pick up two or
00:12:49three piece of equipment Now they will be in gyms and you're going to use them But i'm using that They're using something else and you're like well using list without no Yeah i'm super setting or i'm going to trace it I'm like what I want to go Actually
00:13:02i'm using everything right now I'm doing a monster set with every piece of equipment Jim they have movies back in the day Or is that a you thing Movies are in the old school gym's ships have happened somewhere gyms are nearly twenty years so no they've never had
00:13:19movies i don't think you ever see that that's a breath no that's a bread and i think i i i'm almost to the point where i can't train a commercial gyms because it's so frustrating me The lack of knowledge of jim medicated I made this post years ago
00:13:36on my blood the fifty commandments of commercial gym etiquette But just people just don't It's just shake me boils down to common sense But just people don't have much of that anymore Where do you think that was lost Cause like i agree But it wasn't It wasn't always
00:13:51like that Even when i was younger Where did we go wrong I just think it's them The mind set of the the newer generation It's there's a lot of pros with the way their mind sets are in A lot of oh cons with it too But there's a
00:14:07lot of entitled prima donna is out there and also i don't know Jim's gym memberships had become a lot more common and people it attracts less serious people that i don't understand that we should all be cooperating And it's not about about you It's about let's all work
00:14:27together to make this a good experience But you know i don't i don't have double standards will never see me in a commercial gym hugging a piece of equipment for forty minutes You know i trained uh get it and get out and i see someone waiting I'm like
00:14:41yeah we're going you know working and they'll be like no you're using a lot more weight than me and i might take the weight off It won't be a problem How much do you want You know i guess like you don't see things like arnold and all his
00:14:52buddies working out together The old school bodybuilders and one of the questions they really wanted to get your thoughts on is obviously you're living in a different world in a different time and you know you a lot of industries are being disrupted I always think of uber and
00:15:06taxis or apple itunes in the music industry And your work on glutes disrupted a lot of the established trading ideas in the bodybuilding community that were around for a really long time You challenge a lot of firmly entrenched beliefs and you got a lot of pushback from that
00:15:23How did you push through the resistance and criticism This show the industry a better way to train a jan Left Oh my god andrew you don't know the half of it Like i i you'll never meet anyone is passionate about me probably about straight training in general but
00:15:40about especially about like my methods with group training And i think most people would have given up along the way after they saw you know i i read every single article on t nation from nineteen ninety eight toe Like what I wrote my first article in two thousand
00:15:57nine I had so much reverence for all these guys who helped me a better coach and who taught me things are going to a perform better seminar And i met a bunch of the guys and i was like trying to teach them about the hip thrust in one
00:16:14Guys like you don't turn an activation a exercise into a strange exercise And i'm like well i measured the activation of doing absolutely one hundred thirty five pounds to twenty five three fifteen Your activation keeps going up So if you want to talk activation and and i talked
00:16:30him not like i talked to half the guys there and they were instantly dismissive of my methods having never even tried it and i realized now for these guys aren't even serious lifters If you're a serious lifter i don't care who you are andrew if you're like dude
00:16:46i got this new thing i've been doing for my biceps I that's how i learned I'm like what is it i want to know Tell me and i'll go try it like can't How many exercises did you think with suck and they're awesome or vice versa How many
00:17:00times have you now The first time i tried singlet already else i hated him I had to get good enough like them pistol squats I couldn't do one I had to work at it like you have tio You do i might throw us along the way and loaded
00:17:18up tio I start out with one hundred eighty five pounds backing and work my way up gradually always making sure to feel it in my glutes You see some of these guys No Look at a guy like me and go You could do this and i'm gonna load
00:17:30up five hundred pounds track for the first time They're chest comes up their hybrid standing not not locking out what it's about exercising Don't do the same thing to you put five hundred pounds on the bar for debra's it round back on the way up conceded at back
00:17:47You know it's they don't think they're not They're not They're not aficionados of straight training They're not connoisseurs or not good at it Yeah i just i mean i learned first of all half of these guys i looked up to during their jokes They're not even in serious
00:18:08lifters They're not serious about their there were more about the appearance and and that was with the most eye opening for me I thought when i start out it would be just i'm a present this to the world People are going to do it They're gonna feel it
00:18:21working the glutes they're gonna love it I'm going to point out the amg evidence We're going to go well this is a great lift We're going incorporate it And almost every popular male and industry bashed it having never tried it And i was doing it with all my
00:18:35clients and they loved it And my clients were saying i feel this in the groups more than any other exercise and they're saying my gains i've never you know my glutes are growing far more than when i used before i ever did these And then i have these
00:18:47so called experts come bashing the methods and talking down about them and i knew they'd never even tried them So i would read all these criticisms of it how dangerous it is And it's so funny because i i need to post this I made a video The reason
00:19:03why don't close is that makes me squeamish I have this video like so you've got these guys out there saying hip thrust they're dangerous And andrew dean i've been treating people with the hip thrust since two thousand Six So twelve full years and i haven't had a single
00:19:20injury Not one injury That's insane And resistance We're a glue lab here we have six different hippo stations I got booty builder right there Glue builder get thruster smith machine glued Dr Scorcher And we do so we don't give people just hip thrust They do six types of
00:19:38hip thrust you had That should probably do fifteen times ahead for us here Not a single injury from anyone here at group that right Jim has had zero injuries in your ten months of being in business which is crazy I mean we've had probably a thousand people in
00:19:55here and no injuries and so on And they will tell you they have just the safest look when you do it correctly So i have this video i made where it's like you be the jive like okay you be the judge I must show you something is you
00:20:08be the judge Here's what happens when you go a little too heavy on squats and it's like you know you've seen the videos of like head cone Just need kevin and falls down on the ground is just tears his knee Um there's like five squad videos and then
00:20:26deadly videos where people are pulling their hamstring or tearing there You can see the biceps ten and school up in the video you know and then there's like five bench press videos But the one in the one video the guy actually died He bounces off his chest and
00:20:45that guy actually died on dh and one where the guy goes directed bernie and then it's like you know across his neck strangling him He's trying to get out and that's actually happened to me before It's a thing in the world You wonder if it's going to be
00:20:58It is only me and my garage with the bar choking me and and then and then the worst is thes two leg press clips Oh you know what i'm talking about I showed one of these teo whole bunch of my clients where the lady next to get it
00:21:17And of course her knees hyper expand They gotta relax completely inverted backwards It's protest If you want to do good condition and watch it you're going to get sick It's gross It's so bad it's it's that's where you actually want to throw up like the two leg president
00:21:33with that's the worst hand and you're like that's like a well how are they going to surgically repair that And then never the same Yeah And then i shall olympic links all these olympic lifting disasters and then i show him to us and i go and i have
00:21:48nine hundred pounds of a bar That's too much for me I can't do it I up six inches off the ground or like eight inches or whatever and then i can't get it And then i set the way back down And when i go that's what happens when
00:22:00you go to having him So you be the judge and i'm like they trust it's safer than any squat than any dead lift than any single leg exercise where you can lose your balance than any late preston Any olympic lift So don't make stuff up and say it's
00:22:14dangerous That's just anyone who says that I look at what your motives are Why would you bash in there They don't bash any other exercise It's only the history What i concluded is any time you hear someone bashed the hypnosis It's purely jealousy It's all jealousy It's just
00:22:28a dude who's so jealous that someone else thought up on exercise We got happier Well it's a lot of the old school bodybuilding community I remember there's like a bunch of brazilian coach's role criticizing your your approach to and they've got a different way to get their injecting
00:22:44Ass is down there For the most part I think it's a whole different approach of building ass but it makes me think of like what lee norton dealt with with flexible diet I guess he's really pushing that to get that out there And you getting pushback from the
00:22:55industry establishment had books on build careers around this philosophy of an ideology and you're coming along and completely just rewriting it So it's in the sense attacking their identity as a coach and we're bodybuilding of the power lifters and it's because i hated you Hey power lifters heated
00:23:17you for a while Oh my god a while It's because i started giving And here's what's funny when parallel to start hating i started I competed in three contests I mean i pulled six a one and competition i've pulled six hundred twenty pounds on my own But you
00:23:36know before i'm not like you Yeah i thought i'd be street This is why i think people can I feel like i never had an ego like i never thought i'd be I didn't grow up strong and athletic so but when we need my friends start lifting weights
00:23:54um i could not bench the barbell and my friends were actually amazed They're like wait wait woody you're doing something wrong And i just couldn't i'm like i'm not doing wrong I just i'm not strong If they're like this isn't possible I could lift the bar off my
00:24:07chest I got staple by the cargo I was the weakest Any guy i had no muscle My grandma would go like this She put her hand around there and she'd shake her head That was until i was like sixteen I had no muscle and i was so weak
00:24:22So i never thought i'd ever amounting to the fact that i'm actually semi strong Now i'm i'm very pleased with how things turned out and so i don't have the ego And i proud of my powerlifting days Like i never amounted to much But i got i got
00:24:39in there and did it and that you should be respected by that The fact that powerlifters would bash me because i can't squat alarm blood is so pathetic they've never act like that at an actual meat It's online jealousy It's jealous because if they saw me at the
00:24:53meeting they didn't know i was they'd be like good for you bro Good to have you in here you know to see around everyone supported at the actual meat But it's all right I think he's grown grown men little babies And so i started loading carla thing getting
00:25:08bikini competitors to do powerlifting contest I am helping your sport you stupid idiot and your sports and you're jealous That's why power that thing will never make it big angry You take these nyse and i'm only talking about probably they're like the ten percent who are the most
00:25:27vocal because ninety percent of powerlifters air cool dudes they're normal But a certain percentage there they're bullies that the guys who learned to bully people and the guys who take a shit ton of steroids and turning you get to go pricks and and you know those those guys
00:25:45i don't know You're just you do a disservice to the sport Powerlifting is awesome with some of the characters in there make it suck and i remember getting bashed by all these guys thing I have no right talking about paralytic when it's like i can You know melissa
00:26:01articles about the squad the delicate bench press Like i i study the biomechanics I have my phd I've measured the muscle activation I've looked at the forces the straight curve you name a I i have studied the hell out of this that it's fascinates me I had every
00:26:19right to para lifting and if you have a problem with it let's debate They never no one ever challenge me to debate or accepted a debate No one ever wanted to talk science It's like let's bash this person to my crowd and watch my my little circle bashing
00:26:35back And it's still good because we'll get fooling people Let's take this into one of the other questions that i really wanted to hear your thoughts on We know that our corner the industry is kind of small compared to the main street and we know they're industry likes
00:26:51to squabble over minor bullshit while the mainstream audience listens to which ever kardashians or whatever gwyneth paltrow saying this week on her website I've mentioned this a few times It certainly last time i saw So he in person she was here I talked to sochi and i think
00:27:08so He's a good example of someone who really break through the mainstream and has that mainstream appeal You certainly have You have nearly half a million followers on your instagram like marc fisher's a really great example of someone who could break through So i will often said i
00:27:22really hope that more of our industry can actually crack through there But how does our industry need to start thinking to reach and help the masses and stop arguing over bullshit Oh that's a great question And why answer is going to be surprising So when you're talking about
00:27:44our community and all the drama and everything that's actually declined a little bit because he was facebook before the algorithms change in facebook Andrew how good was our community like we all do What Everyone was doing it on facebook every day We have any like there's this guy
00:28:02right now who's god He's copying everything i do on instagram and he never gives me credit It's pretty much going my identity and there's no consequences Like back in the day on facebook people then one apart I mean what i just ripped into shreds and everyone would have
00:28:19known him for being a truck And now he you like to think about the days of plagiarism Like now you have people like who will careers off taking other people's names and just putting their own logo on it That's like identity theft almost like you're here It's worse
00:28:36than plague It was her consequences anymore We don't have that tight knit community Once the facebook algo algorithms change that's the way our industries police itself And also that's how we kept the marketers under control So come out with a b s article and a guy like me
00:28:54or brad schoenfeld or james quicker or any of these people could write a response and you leave the algorithms out of it and let the people decide what's important And these articles got shared And that's how i got popular my facebook staying out of the way and letting
00:29:09my articles get popular on their own accord and i would write an article and i would tackle that The controversial topics i would take on some marketer who is making b s claims and people loved it And i did you know twenty five hundred likes and five hundred
00:29:27shares on those articles This was six years ago and then the algorithms changed And now you close an article that's like a hundred likes and five shares It's not worth much I don't even go on facebook anymore It's not worth my time The only way you get traction
00:29:43is is you sponsor posts And so how many scientists sponsor posts How many of them even know how to do that So many of them And so it's so frustrating because facebook did what they had to queue to maximize their revenue But i was so disappointed with the
00:30:01last several years of facebook because they e i watched the movie social network back today you had a bigger patient this life changing like you know world changing thing And it did for a while and then they cater to the money And then you could say that's their
00:30:22responsibility to mad max michael having to the shareholders But you used to be such a beautiful thing that without that alex it's the marketers that just have there It's a field day for marketers and onto these post They were killing two people and so you can say whatever
00:30:41the hell you are And i think this rise it said things that you don't you don't look a experiments you're not looking at studies to prove something You looking what makes sense The average consumer and i could sit there and i could fool anyone if i wanted to
00:31:01With my science knowledge you guys could too If you decided i'm gonna worship money over everything you would have had to do to get her to get people Teo teo get the sale you could say look at this product looking this method This is goingto do this expired
00:31:18your principality result in great take it And so you could do that with anyone Anyone could do that And it's just really sad because we can't fight it about the past I don't know howto bosses There you are The marketers are back up for a while The scientists
00:31:45had the edge Yeah but you get that back That's that's the way we weaken fix this situation We have to have a policing sister affair Our stuff gets its popular as the market is stuff even if they're sponsoring ads are steps that people take the time speak the
00:32:02truth They're actually in writing viral like there's that used to be oh i don't know what else Look at that It's just i really do feel there are certain people who have the appeal great in front of others that getting you guys and you're certainly one of them
00:32:28has done well with it in front of more people in different mediums and hopefully the good quality content information gets skin front of un everyday audience It just simply has more appeal than all of this like a market of stuff So i'm seeing people do well but that's
00:32:43a lot of names i mentioned Jordan cites another really good example of someone who is not well with that there again i'm batting People who have ten million followers on instagram is easy but when they play the game it's almost like and we talked about this a spencer
00:32:57It's some of these marketers will calm or people who put in the money or the sales tactics They almost you almost have to stoop down that their level And none of us are willing to do it because we like what we do too much to like want to
00:33:08do that because we just like lifting a re like training or we like what the fuck were into and we're not into marketing that much It all sucks that because no one wants to do all that shit like it feel so horrible to try to do their tactics
00:33:20like it's the worst I don't know That's what i remember talking all the child Thank you The new one goes better That sounds like a nightmare I like what you just said I like lifting I i'm okay operating a blind Get into that Let me out I'm just
00:33:44going to go that route If i don't make more money like basically manipulate my list of subscribe news that his subscribers it's like you know i just don't do it you know for that matter I don't you affiliate stuff I did it a few times back there I
00:34:02always felt sleepy like yeah but that's just what i know now It's not well i think it's that part is dying out and nothing gets ability marketing But like i was like that group of people that did it and it slowly becoming not a thing So i'm sure
00:34:18there's just other avenues We're people too use i'm sure that are more popular But i am seeing a very huge decline in that because everyone is pushing the same stuff It seemed like now that was how it was And by the way if you wanted to get popular
00:34:31back in the day you needed to be in the circle And so every time you come up with a product every year and you expected to promote you know and here is just so silly But that's what we all did back then but i always hate it I'm
00:34:43so glad i don't have to do any more now I'm coming up with a product You you you want to be in a feeling i'm always like sorry i don't do feelings stuff anymore you know it's because i even up So i'm just you know if you ask
00:34:58me oh if i wanted there their product and i they said i said sure go ahead son you are If they would have sent me one i would have promoted on my instagram But they said ok you have to come to l A and do an education like
00:35:15a tour Educational things give me one after promise you're gonna post about it Like do they even understand help Busy I am in so much you're up First of all i wouldn't do that for any feet He said i'll give you a million dollars to promote something like
00:35:34you would even think about it not even think about it And always people that you put the product um what do you call it like that It's a product placement A lot of people in this they will do a selfie with like this little I don't do that
00:35:53stuff afterward But maybe if i had if i was shredded around i would have people approaching me But i'm like man i what is opposed worth here So i had this Yeah i was excited by it's got a lot of research to support it In fact i read
00:36:15all the research and i even talked about it in stomach are on They sent one and it was well i like the fact that works a little fuel I hurt I need you because it works so well It's like so hard uh reversing out of the bottom of
00:36:31a spot But it's six thousand dollars and the five hundred dollars or maybe eight hundred and i just picturing my father's doing right I just picture like one post op another brett i look up to you and you know i wouldn't checked out this product that committed in
00:36:51its six grand I'd rather have a car Yeah Why did you promote this It's so expensive So i just told the people i can't do it I'm going to send it back And i sent it I shipped it back to my just couldn't do it and all i
00:37:05had to do was you know make a posting back got it for free But it's just not worth it to me And in the end people can tell it really Pressuring impression It's like that friend That's manipulative you know always makes you get a bad sense of what's
00:37:22going on You eventually kicked out friend of the curve You know that speaks for integrity on dean Actually i think that ties it really well On your next question you're gonna ask Well it kind of goes back to when we're in kansas city I think when you spoke
00:37:36you kind of referred to avoiding using language that describes people is damaged or dysfunctional of broken Would you elaborate on this Especially for like a lot of the trainers and just general fitness buffs that like you wanna learn about to shit Why Why is it Why do you
00:37:51think like that In terms of how you describe language to people and using it in your training So i realized this is such you I started writing about this like three years ago And then when blogging was still popular you know And then i tried again in two
00:38:08years ago And then last year and then then i spoke about in fitness Summit was the first time i ever talked about it And now i'm giving that same talk a few times and i always have um people come up to me afterwards going man that was mind
00:38:21blowing i need to make i need a film this talk and put it out there for people to listen to It's probably the most important thing in my career right now that i'm not doing and i'm so passionate about this I almost that's why can't i could never
00:38:38finish a block on it I'm too passionate about it I can't synthesize all my thoughts into one But interestingly just over the last few years i've seen journal journal articles emerged saying words matter physical therapy physical therapist and stuff because this is so important and it's global it
00:38:56needs to be This is a message that we're all we need Teo the strength coaches need to take the take the reins back Basically you look it uh and i've got a lot of followers that are physical therapist chiropractors athletic trainers manual therapists the people involved in rehabilitation
00:39:17and i don't want to offend them I don't want to turn them off but the ones that follow me they're usually in the sights They're not the people i'm talking about but there's a lot of shoddy science out there A lot of pseudoscience out there with all of
00:39:32these modalities you talked to think about this And you you're back thirty All right No dean help How many times in the last decade of you tweak your back please Twenty When you look down and stop i think i've done it What a pretty resilient for a forty
00:39:52year old bill Like i have a minute It's a reasonably reasonably indestructible weed On the other hand football my early twenties was just full of ridiculousness so well i mean i do I mean if you're a serious lift or a couple times a year you're going to tow
00:40:06it And it's just the way the cookie crumbles And so um that was a bad analogy For what I'm going to use it You don't want to think of a cookie crumbling but anyway um you know what It boils down to three things Your form your program design
00:40:23And you know i i want to preface this by saying i read that my first journal article of republic was to crunch or not to crunch I read four hundred journal articles on disk biomechanics and physiology and i've stayed I stayed on top of the research since then
00:40:38This was like eight years ago So i know what i'm talking about Final bio mechanics But uh but like there's just there's more to it than just all right We always ok You hurt yourself in the gym It's your form It's your program designed Let's say you decide
00:40:57i'm gonna start dead lifting heavy three days a week You're gonna hurt yourself like no no not most people can't tolerate that Especially if your pr is going up You're never never be going to snap you Look at all the pop popular powerlifting programs It always involved more
00:41:11squatting volume in frequency than dead lifting We've just figured that out along the way So a lot of times it's just program design form like and mainly the psychology of the list And have you ever gone into the gym going Oh my god I am dead Set on
00:41:29setting a seated well pr today Not particularly He's a god Example He doesn't give a fuck And do you have You are there like you know Yeah i'm gonna go in there I'm gonna set a pr on concentration curls and rope tricep extensions I could feel that i
00:41:45got it today No i haven't No one does that The only lets you do that for our squads and deficit bench And so that lets you care aboutthe And actually when you're like i could feel that i did everything right I ate big this weekend I rested up
00:42:02i slept a lot I'm going to go for something big today I'm gonna go for three thirteen for ten wraps or i'm gonna go for four or five five or whatever I'm gonna try and hit five Fifteen and then you don't have it that day You have those
00:42:16days We did everything right you know having yourself days everything wrong And you said a pr it's just the body's weird but it's one of those days where you're you have in your mind you want to set a pr you warm up You're like oh shit for five
00:42:31feels having But you keep at it and you lie to yourself and you go for it anyway And a lot of times you can get it by just brute force Just like i'm going to get this lift and you let your form slide a little bit You just
00:42:44muscle it up You didn't get a real p r It's a brute force pr You're really not stronger You just let your form slide and you just didn't give a shit and you got it And then the next week comes right You try that again if you're going
00:42:57to snap something up And so a lot of times it's our stubbornness And that's what i like about bodybuilders The way is secondary They're going for the field there feeling attention in the muscles They're tryingto you know use the mind muscle connection Mohr they're you know they don't
00:43:15have it One particular day will lighten the load with those still get a good workout So and i do love powerlifting But you gotta know if you're a bodybuilder you could use a paralytic but you can't like a paralytic Okay that instead So you go to a chiropractor
00:43:34emmanuel therapist the physical therapist He say my bad I tweaked my back No one ever says Okay uh what's your training program like they don't know enough about They can't go You were dead lifting twice a week and squat twice a week and doing strongman And you're also
00:43:52trying to do that I just analyzed your program and you're just not recovering enough You and i want you to take two weeks off anything involving your back No squatting no delicacy Noticed You're gonna do single leg exercise only And suppose you change training for high wraps and
00:44:08your backs And then after two weeks i want you doing this instead No one No one has ever done that Instead what they do is you think they tryto find some dysfunction And what is dysfunction Good Like they tried to find some dysfunction They go okay And all
00:44:26you have is a hammer Everything looks like a nail So you're just going over your hammer and you're looking for a nail So they'll look atyou andrew and they'll go look atyou Uh let me let me test you Let me test your flexibility and all your different directions
00:44:39or your mobility Let me let me look at your the development of these muscles Let me look at your movement patterns when you do this and someone's going to find something They're going to go You have anti republic tilt So you have a leg length discrepancy here or
00:44:53you have we your glutes don't activate You have a weak core They say all these things in my no One I don't think anyone understands what an epidemic this is We have like two hundred people coming into the glute last month In month out I also have thousands
00:45:10of people online that i'm interacting with my training programs and my program design And my my booty by brett mei mei and just interacting every single person comes to you saying just letting you know first warning you might Well i'm just warning weak core for my multiple doesn't
00:45:29fire My ever have pelvic torch in i have is out of whack I have a herniated disk I have ah just get out of place I s i joint out of place and you're like well who told you this How did this person determine you have a weak
00:45:51Or he could just tell did he give you any court test Do you give you a side plank and a fellow press and a affront plaintiff give howyou try any straight like sit ups or hanging leg raises No he couldjust tell you can't just tell You have to
00:46:05put them through a series of tests Nobody could just tell How did he tell that your glutes don't activate Well he could just tell didi pal pay you during a series of exercise No he just knows that they don't turn on He doesn't know shit He makes you
00:46:17know and they know that you could tell anyone this and they'll believe it I could take any of my clients and go Hey i'm just letting you know you have louis on knees and they'd all believe it And they just they don't lift and they're not there sedentary
00:46:31and they're weak They're weakened and atrophy They're glutes worked just fine You just have tio you know you wake them up and he strengthen them through strength training All they need is strength and conditioning And to start up low level and progress up They're not dysfunctional They don't
00:46:49only what You could just take any beginner and tell him he's all dysfunctional They're not And this is my whole point is words matter And when you tell some of this This influences their ability to develop pain later on So if you have it in your head i
00:47:03have weak glutes or i have small glutes or i have into your public chilled I have this I have that Then you can put it's called a note book So you're i tell you ah year two or three down the road but it's always in the back your
00:47:23mind and all of sudden you can manifest that back pain and i think a lot of pain You know the studies on tissue damage and pain do not show high correlations It's a lot of it is what are what A brain makes sense of it all based on
00:47:37its beliefs and and thoughts in history and things like that conception like the moon business Do you like movies like in section We'll have further your point Dean heard about phantom limb pain So someone gets their arm chopped off and our amputated and they have pain in their
00:47:56hand They don't even have a hand So that proves you don't even need a body to experience pain And on the converse someone could get shot and not even know it during the right circumstances So it just goes to show you a lot of it is a relationship
00:48:10our beliefs about things And so what i do on my approach i think of myself as uh i always say this i am a strengthened condition coach High strength and people's minds bodies and spirits I have no truck for labeling people That doesn't serve my good My my
00:48:28my my prerogative My goal is to get you mentally strong physically strong emotionally strong and labeling you has no time in place There's no time or place We're labeling people like that so his label stick So if they say to me great i didn't your public tilt i
00:48:46was looking at when i go i don't know You look pretty normal to me I don't know how to measure it You don't get like a what Two markers going use And so i have like a goni ometer Am i supposed to But let's say you have seven
00:48:58degrees of anti republic That's normal But either way let's say you have to manage your public till sodas Hussein bolt Have you ever seen that guy He's the fastest guy in the world He has massive lumbar extension anterior pelvic till sprinters tend to have anti republic tilting the
00:49:12fastest people in the world So i kind of wish i had some anti hell until then there like an idiot Not this guy in front of any excuses There's all kinds of examples in pro sports of people who would end up being dysfunctional If you want to qualify
00:49:30that with lebron james and his players for our right there hit there over there are made for you Look at any baseball pitchers Shoulder right There's deformations change that happened at a young age That is just how they adapt Actually throw harder fastballs There's tons of these examples
00:49:48just like your sprinter and what you're saying is that's functional for them In fact i would argue you shouldn't go take the fifty swings right handed and then take fifty swings left handed You're not gonna maximize your coordination which were right handed swing you should have If you
00:50:04play sports you can and you can and will have a symmetry So people say one i have I feel one group working more than the other and i said well that's normal You spent your whole life jumping off one leg and kicking with one let you kick with
00:50:19your right leg jumped on and planted off your left to your left hip Extensive gets stronger from that But being right like that's normal Quit thinking that that's a weird that your dysfunctional and start thinking that's a normal functional adaptation to living So i don't let them have
00:50:35any excuses And they quickly learned that i'm not going allow for it Now i will figure out the best exercises for them and the best variation to the best methods And i will keep getting stronger stronger stronger And they'll have no no cbo effects along the way We'll
00:50:50have a healthy relationship with their bodies and their confidence in their strange and they will find things they're really good at When they say i struggle with squatting i'll go well yeah look atyou You're tall You're like freakishly long legs in this short forceful of course you're going
00:51:06to be But i'll tell the women like yeah mike Girls who were in squatting a toad would kill to have your legs Don't worry about it More like you know just make fire in the situation make them feel good inside And then um because keep complimenting a complimenting
00:51:22launch a little too right with a little too easy of a variation and then go and they're like well i'm sorry i started up too easy I didn't realize you were more advanced than i thought Wow you're really good at this You're strong You compliment them they go
00:51:37home and they're bragging to their spouse there like hey what's up guest Who has looted steal and they love me for my good with jim and with personal training insistence training you get them to get their butts kicked him on their days off When you're not training you
00:51:58get them to have the confidence to compliment their form You compliment their effort on people complete opposite model as this debilitating labeling model you're actually not labeling justin powering its like the debilitating amount of it's empowering model So you will never hear me tell them when they have
00:52:16you know scapular dysfunction or your or auntie or public till a week or weeks like well i'm easy or anything like that I just don't go there in twenty years training for two years I've ever said that to see my client You just don't go there and it's
00:52:35not hurting me and my results If anything it helps me so i don't know where Along the way every strength coach wanted to be a physical therapist in every physical therapy Thank coach Let them do their job Let us drunk But you should learn from us Three fix
00:52:50people better than you do if you're labeling people And it's been labeling them because you think you need them to think negatively about themselves for them to come back when you're you're doing a disservice here profession Because i can tell you a lot of people goto you goto
00:53:06unsuitable therapist He's going to give you back to size But you can have the same father and you goto five specials Physical therapist will give you correct effective size The chiropractor will will adjust give you adjustments the manual careful tell you tight muscles and that you and massage
00:53:23the it goes on and on home That person who is a specialist in cupping or raping are using these in implements or instruments And you know this is sort of like this laser thing is going to use that they're all going to tell you the same thing This
00:53:39is the secret This is the key Getting well Well you know what else works really well not using here That's what you're going through is normal for you Get you through it Time heals time heals the world's we're gonna get you to lay off of this activity and
00:53:55focus on the things you can do instead used grated approach and get you to do things a little bit differently so so so you get that you eliminate the sensitization with the pain and then your body becomes accepted okay movement is good i could go through this and
00:54:15then you have the confidence and it all worked in hand and all of a sudden you've got a strong resilient person that i understand a couple twenty four everybody's gonna have strong muscles in weaker muscles and strong lips and weak weaker list that's normal we're on normal under
00:54:35this shelter and and it's not labeling you're not debilitating you're empowering them you're giving them confidence and it's just a much better put i've never used that that model or career and it's i'm a lot of success a lot of people need to find a razzle dazzle clients
00:54:54by labeling them telling from prognosis it's a lot of time doesn't make this or you're flat out wrong you know i just i love this because your presentation it really struck me It's not that i ever called massive use that kind of language consistently but it certainly made
00:55:11me think about it a whole new light And i'm always very careful to avoid language that rob someone of their power makes her feel like there's something wrong with them or not isn't how or someone and you're negatively affected them I believe in empowering people So that tight
00:55:25sort of ties in with the last question we want to ask before i run out of time But you posted two separate votes on your instagram So first one is quote what builds muscle Bestest surplus main teams muscle bested a deficit and then strength training is that lost
00:55:41training Why is the industry fuck this shit up so much and like go to different approaches These things explain this stuff Andrew I am convinced i'll spend the rest of my career trying tow educate people on this and then not not succeeding You won't You won't win that
00:55:57way I've been at this for probably eight straight years trying to get this method message across that the only thing that needs to change is your diet Well it depends on So i have a girl competing in two days She's she's for eleven She weighs ninety six She
00:56:15weighed ninety six when she kannami they're all the popular body going would have given her cardio and starved her and gotten shred it I said i think ninety thousands of good wait let's just do progressive overload in your competition She never died It never did cardio and she
00:56:31looks amazing She's going to compete today She looks incredible She never died It never did cardio She did progressive overload She just pr She was who i trained right before this podcast and i trained her yesterday she said a pr on peak We've this is peak week got
00:56:47on military tune ups hit thrust north camp girls cpr down everything this week and she's going into it with confidence and she'll crush it and no one even understand that That's a possible approach You don't have to do cardio Starve yourself you can recall but in general it
00:57:03matters on how far you let yourself slide You know for me i'm two hundred fifty two pounds right now and i've got some serious chunk on I have to get if i want to get lean I did Bye pounds I got two point seven pounds Okay i don't
00:57:22have to start doing high wraps and short last period The circuits of high intensity interval training does that gets me away from strength training putting attention on the muscles You don't have to change your training at all Now i will say like the week before if i'm working
00:57:37with actual body voters and bikini competitive stuff you have to pose on stage the week before the competition I'm not going to go I will go higher Let's And because you don't want them hurting this the worst thing would be to have to be on stage injured and
00:57:51you're trying to flex your muscles and stuff hurts But in general you don't have to change methods because if you're training to build muscle in using this these techniques for hypertrophy these air the same techniques that are going to cause you to cause you to preserve muscle while
00:58:06you're dieting down I mean hypertrophy training It should be hypertrophy Training is also into cattle bolic treatment you know And so the primary driver of muscle hypertrophy is tension on the muscles so you can't get away from that And so you can you can say well they burn
00:58:25a little more calories than they do the higher reps a short rest periods and train and that we're doing it so much harder by the way And how many calories you end up for how many additional counts you end up burning one hundred You know it's a one
00:58:39hundred extra copies You could have addressed that in your diet You said you know now it may come into play if you got someone who's under a thousand calories a day at the organ Female competitors you know one hundred one hundred pounds one hundred ten pounds or something
00:58:56And she's been doing it for a while then maybe you added but you could just add in cardio you don't have tio You don'thave tio do these crazy straight change methods And a lot of those times a lot of times those methods that people are employing two more
00:59:12they do more harm than good because if they would have just done straight up you know three sets of eight or whatever and tried to say okay when you die it down your chin ups will go up You know you'll say appears on chin ups push ups bodyweight
00:59:29stuff You know you're in order camp girls will become amazing It will lower yourself all the way to the ground But you're your absolute space will finish like on bench press god's deadliest military price that's bound to happen But you strive to retain as much as possible of
00:59:46it And if you did the three secretary or whatever he would ma and he said okay i'm going to try for this Last week i got this off a train Hide that But i've lost the count so that's still progressive overload It's more relative strength Instead abandoned the
01:00:01reset the mango instead of doing military press I'm going do this dealt circuit of louder reyes front raised river delta blaster three sets of twins in each direction with no rest And they get this crazy burn But they didn't necessarily You let your strength go through the out
01:00:19the window and you're gonna lose muscle mass And so you know what The second part of that quote wass uh straight training is at last Say it like this is the most eloquent way i can explain it You're twins Uh they both they both they both wait two
01:00:37hundred pounds One of them does cardio his whole life The other let's wait asshole light Who's going to be leaner The guy he's going away more muscle on way less that the weary cardio can help you get clean A lot of it i think helps through appetites the
01:00:55president not because it doesn't build your muscle mass It only it only helps you burn calories And you could have done that with diet alone But uh is it healthy Do cardio Sure but it's also healthy to lift weights They're both good for your heart And i just
01:01:12think that people put way too much You see the biggest problem i work with so many competitors right now Probably they're not a lot of um art aficionados of straight train They don't They're not true Bodybuilders Back in the day the body does have there are freezing in
01:01:28their instincts and their bulky And they're cutting They're always going for strengthens and trying to be stronger and fitter They don'tjust say ah these six months I'm just going to get fat not lift much a lot of the competitors It's like the only time they train hard is
01:01:42when they're competing for a competition and then they just the second their competitions over They put on fifteen pounds the next week and then they just keep gaining and they they don't even live They don't show up to the gym They don't left hard And then they think
01:01:55it's like just trained hard three months out of the year That's not the way it works if you want to keep seeing improvements But if you don't even bulk and cut let's see Just i just write it two hundred thirty pounds Try to get stronger a little bit
01:02:11stronger a little bit better Every year you would get leaner each year That's what most of my clients before i ever started with competitors I just worked with regular people They recall How did a woman in there you play one hundred thirty pounds The neck the rat hole
01:02:26year She weighs one hundred thirty Just tell her if they have a pretty healthy diet I just they keep eating the same way I make sure they're getting at least point eight grounds a pound of grand for a pound of body weight per day and then the rest
01:02:39is not too big of a deal the same way they get way stronger threat here They still weigh one thirty at the end of the year and they say to me brett check this out I just put on my jeans from last year oh my god there's like
01:02:52a four inch gap in a waste because they have re shifted their mass around and they rust weight off the problem areas They gain weight the right areas They look so different that away leaner their way curve here in all the right places And they never changed once
01:03:08they never dieted They never did Cardio theyjust straight over there and results are amazing Wave screw up shit as new trainers The industry is plenty of things i've learned over the years but that's one of the things i felt good about is i always seemed to have an
01:03:24understanding that straight training was fat loss trading and so that i've never done something different circuit based or anything along those lines for fat loss I've always focused on strength so it's it's a point of pride to say at least he got that part right early on It's
01:03:38something i've always done Well i am running short of time I know you two have a tough time but i wanted to make sure that for any for listeners who haven't been following you haven't gotten intended your work that they can find you easily both your website and
01:03:52your social media So we're gonna get you so just i mainly just instagram now Instagram dot com slash brett control one if you don't know if you can't remember my name break contracts You could just type in the glue guy on the google and you'll find my stuff
01:04:09Um i do want to start blogging more again but i have a newsletter that i only send out like once every month I don't Spam people is just the new stuff i'm doing And yeah that's generally playing me I got a story as you instructed Well i'm on
01:04:26my story a lot and i tried to show my life and things like that so it's really humorous Yeah So i always like to say this so obviously with our listeners we have existing base of four listeners and i'm really hopeful that most of you know who you
01:04:43are already You're more high profile than virtually any of our other guests we've ever had So you just let everyone down that well it's at this you know Yeah You just have to be bred spreads it You're like a b list Now you're not a butt like you're
01:04:57definitely not a c forty If you had a cold since a grabs a blast it's fun We described it earlier And if you or someone who's been following bread for while and found us is the first episode you listen to We've been working really hard and creating something
01:05:11fun original different kind of questions we've mentioned we've had So he leave We've had dr spencer and also a couple of times had dr mike is hotel You mentioned james krieger He's done a couple of hours We've gotten a lot of really cool people We've got nick to
01:05:24mondello scheduled for a couple of weeks from now and then danny sugar She see what the editors Forty nation She's coming next week so we take pride in bringing on some of the industry's absolute best and make it a really fun extremes for So check out some of
01:05:37our other stuff If you really like it you know feistier review or a share with us wonders And that way we can reach more people Thank you so much for making the time to talk to us I really appreciate this brother Screams are welcome and just know that
01:05:49whenever i do a podcast i always send out some people need your podcast with them They don't even promoted You know like what the hell This isn't a one way street so i will send this out to my posted on my instruction story I will send it out
01:06:03to my newsletter and i wish you guys the best Is this really great Gotta beat You gotta try to beat So these records so he's been are corrupt So is nine thousand My best nine thousand downloads Really Yeah So she's much prettier than you though So like that
01:06:18makes all solid Baxter holds a second highest total Spencer's way out there He was really trying to catch them but he didn't quite get there I wonder why we're v neck wasn't deep enough And i i get about a i graphic idea Of course you mentioned exceptions I'm
01:06:33almost thinking slapping your face on leo dicaprio But his life has been just pure scorched earth like it heads from you I'm almost picturing like mcconaughey and christian bale And i remember the move your rate of fire so we'll come up with something for you So we have
01:06:48a graphic grades to get fun Dude thank you so much I want to say so but great questions I think you guys were doing your homework in and answer their asking good questions and then you will be putting this one out in a week So it'll be released
01:07:03thursday next week That's her timetable for itself Thanks so much for talking to you Hopefully i'll see again in a conference and not too distant future And you and i could record a new intro after Yeah but i got to go for now Wait

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