In today’s episode, we give an update about health issues we are going through right now. How it has impacted our marriage, life, and family.

Plus what you can learn from our health struggles to apply in your marriage. Our health issues started last summer and played a huge role in our decision-making process.

We also talked about our new book, First Year of Marriage: The Newlywed’s Guide to Building a Strong Foundation and Adjusting to Married Life.

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First Year of Marriage: The Newlywed’s Guide to Building a Strong Foundation and Adjusting to Married Life.

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00:00:05did you just put the ring on or you and the first few years of your marriage welcome to the first year marriage Show podcast dedicated to helping newlyweds navigate the first few years of marriage my husband Marcus and I will be sharing marriage tips to help you build a strong foundation for your marriage we believe having a strong Foundation is essential to having a happy healthy and Lasting marriage will also be learning experiences of Austin married couples who's been where you are today they can from them last week to help you build strong foundation for the lasting marriage you desire to take a deep breath relax learn and enjoy the show
00:00:44hello everybody and welcome to a navigate to the podcast? Show I am a conspiracy on the usual cost for the podcast and I'm here with Ashley to share an update with everyone who listens to this podcast about what has been going on with our marriage our lives and everything pertaining to this podcast and I'll blog If You Finna regardless now for the past few years you know that we haven't released on episode since June of last year and that is because we've been very busy with a lot of unexpected events I want event mean I should have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and recently he was also diagnosed with another autoimmune disease I'll let her explain what an autoimmune diseases and how that impacts are within a few minutes before that we just want to thank you for being with us and telling us because I'm listening to it if you're new to the podcast we highly recommend
00:01:44you going to the archives and listen to all the previous episodes are recorded and Polished we know you will learn a lot of things from those episodes 2 and near future will be releasing some new episodes of guarantee that is going to be every week or every two weeks but I will try to release on episode whenever we have the chance to do it right on schedule is very tight for us. Kate sent it time to go to sleep in me coming home from work and everything that we have to do is just so difficult for us to be able to arrange time to conduct an interview with other couples who share that starts with you always time will probably be doing a lot of soul episodes together just to keep you inspired and presents you with new information so you can build a strong foundation for your marriage I'll go ahead give it all to Ashley so she can give you an update as to what has been going on with her and explain to you what an autoimmune diseases and how it impacts else off and house in Patel how much to take
00:02:44yeah so last summer I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis which is an autoimmune disease is basically an autoimmune disease is when your own body's immune system is attacking your own body how she Moto's specifically people think I was just attacking the thyroid but an autoimmune disease attacks all different organs in your body including your brain and the thyroid actually controls so much it affects your entire body so having something wrong with your thyroid can really mess up with the rest of your body so it explain to me it's good getting diagnosis because it explains why I'm having such a hard time why I have adrenal fatigue why I'm forgetful and I can forget what I'm saying mid-sentence or complete conversations that my husband and I have had her with anybody so this is changed our life dress
00:03:44because we had to limit a lot of things I've had to learn to Pace myself and there are times when you know if I go grocery shopping I have no energy the rest of the day I need more help with taking care of her daughters and this is why it's so hard for us to make time to do a podcast with interviewing other couples so this is affected our relationship this is affected our money because my treatments a lot of them aren't paid for by insurance so I have to it's all out-of-pocket diet changes things like that so we really had to be open with our communication so that we can work through these things and Marcus has been really great and supportive and understanding with me have to totally change the way I eat the way the girls eat so that would mean they have the genetics and we don't I don't really want to obviously passes down to them so I'm trying to
00:04:44give them the best start in life that they can have like any parent wants to do for their children so Marcus has been very supportive and all of this and I'll let him tell you a little bit about how I was impacted him so when are we going to diagnose with is autoimmune disease actually didn't know what an autoimmune disease was that was the first time and so she explained that to me and then about them had thyroid affecting her body there are two kinds of autoimmune diseases so if you want to know more just go to Google and type in autoimmune diseases and you be able to get a list of the most common ones that people here are like lupus and Ms diabetes and like Pecos which is another one that I have but your chances when you have one autoimmune disease your chances for getting more increases so if anybody out there is listening and has an autoimmune disease or thinks they might say no or just even if you're hypo
00:05:44thyroid 80% of people with hypothyroid it's because of Hashimoto's so that's a simple antibodies test that you can ask your doctor to run but I urge you to look into changing your lifestyle and your diet and if you had any questions about that you can email us for these kind of questions you should email me through MamaBear KUSI at gmail.com all you can just send an email to fix your marriage at gmail.com and I should have been the one who is sponsoring it won't be me and be actually responding to you that I take from there so there's on head diagnosis did things that we came out diabetes computer was we had to change my diet and because of you have to take had died in man's we had to change our budget and because I can come is fixed right now is it's fixed it's not really fixed but it's not as
00:06:37doesn't have a lot of room for us to include ahead Dighton and the food and supplement that she has to buy Toyota feel better just be able to remember things so it's put a little bit of a strain on our marriage and finances I'll be fine it's not fun having unexpected emergencies, but I'll be able to do it for a long time and then I'll have in the financial France to be able to accommodate those experiences we have to be very creative with the way we spend our money so we could support the lifestyle for salad with us because with Hashimoto's from what I've seen from Ashley's lifestyle she doesn't remember a lot of things so I could be talking to her maybe 2 hours ago and I'll talk a kind of do it this XYZ and she'll say yes and then twice down the road I have self did he do this show tell me she didn't agree to do it all she didn't even remember today if you remember me telling her to do something like that and you know I was frustrated I was like
00:07:37I told you this but because I know she's been diagnosed with Hashimoto's and I started a whole lot better more patient with her when she tells me okay I don't know why you telling me this and because of that now we ride almost everything down on a board so that at least you can sit out here we decided this is what she's going to do with this is what I am going to do and that has really helped out saying if you are a husband or wife who's listening to us today I know today's episode you probably think you were going to give on podcast interview or something about marriage I think the stress you've had with a call to change into something that you can learn from and apply to your marriage if your husband or wife and your spouse is dealing with an autoimmune disease or any kind of health issues you have to remember that they are not as strong as you are because of the health issues that are going through it's in some way it's a better for them and some way doesn't help them to function the way they should
00:08:37and if you have a little patience for them. Going a long way in helping them to go to work well with you too so that you guys can work together to achieve your goals and your dreams together an example would be if your spouse has a health issue and you know okay this is going to cost me an extra $200 or $300 in expenses for your monthly budget because you know it and I stand it's for the good of the two of yous to for the good of your mileage for the good of your kids you will work together to achieve a common goal which is to be able to get spousal feel better and you also will feel a whole lot better because you understand what you're going through you'll be in a better position to haul them you'll be in a better position to understand the feelings that are going to because if your spouse cannot share the feelings that I going to do with you or the afraid television with you you're going to get angry you're going to get frustrated you're going to get very very I don't know what to use to feel happy about it just knowing it
00:09:37yeah that's a good one doesn't feel safe for your spouse to review those concerns are those feelings to you and to open up to express what their going through with your witch in another way doesn't help you because you won't be in a better position to help them cuz you don't understand the feelings that they're going through you don't know what I've been going through but if you take the time and effort to slam a little bit about whatever they're going through whatever health issue they're going through it will definitely help you to be able to support your spouse in a whole new way and this isn't just something where we saw the problem like me being forgetful and then it was just my my free pass it was we came up with a solution together we got a whiteboard in our kitchen so I've got like my to-do lists you know things that were running out in the house daily stuff like that things that he needs me to do during the day things like that so it's right there where I can see it and I can get it done you know obviously the most important thing first because you know if I don't
00:10:37energy later so we we work together as a team through this and we still are and it turned you know adapting every day and the communication about it like Marcus was talking about him being a safe place for me to come and talk to so when I was completely upset that I had to totally give away a lot of the foods that I love like grains I'd already been gluten-free for years but now I had to give up all grains in addition to some other stuff it was just a dairy and things like that it's like it was really hard for me because I had such an emotional attachment to foods like I was like a holidays what am I going to cook with the girls things like that so I had to just have him there as a safe place to listen to me but to also be like yes but this is your reality now he was just supportive and then when all my alternative Foods they cost more obviously than regular food like a bag
00:11:37flowers what $5 but a bag of almond flour is $10 and a smaller things like that just that teamwork an open communication together has really kept us going through this diagnosis and keeping us close together because this this is not an easy thing this is day today in the middle of it and affects every aspect of my life which trickles out to our life and so just having him there and listening when I need him to listen giving me advice and things like that has just been I think one of the biggest factors in me trying to get this intermission and me feeling safe and supported the calories I can get from reaction with you today if you're supposed hasn't health issue are both of you have health issues the most important thing you need to do is acknowledge okay we have this
00:12:37issues so can we do to make it better what can we do to improve ourselves so we can heal ourselves from these health issues that we are having sometimes you'll be able to heal completely by you able to use any pot Lighthouse auditory lighthouse on your body in the activities are things I do on a day-to-day basis that is one thing that you can do together and be open-minded and be be the safe haven for your spouse off of each other so they can express yourself and Shere Khan science in the feelings are experiencing throughout a day with each other so your spouse will be in a better place or better position to help you with whatever health issues now you are going through that communicate communicate communicate communicate everything don't put anything on the list on the shelves thinking that okay I'm going to talk with my spouse maybe tomorrow or over the weekend everything that happened today just make sure you leave that to your spouse so they can help
00:13:37you better overcome whatever you're going through and the last 10 WR will be that in the midst of all these health issues I are going through all these problems are going through just know that you are in this together it is a two of you it's you and your spouse working together to achieve a come and go but you still have a lasting for feeling happy and healthy marriage and if that is a go for the two of you just know that it was supposed to go with whatever problems you're dealing with what about health issues you're dealing with you are in this together you're working together as a team and you'll be able to overcome this in the long run
00:14:12now for some exciting news something that we've been a project we've been working on since before we moved last year so over a Year's worth of work we have just published our book first year of marriage the newlyweds guide to building a strong foundation and adjusting to married life we are so excited about this book Because when we first started blogging this was always the purpose we always wanted to write a book that encompassed everything we thought that a newlywed needed to build a strong foundation for their marriage and now we have it so if you want to check it out you can go to first-year marriage.com book and that'll take you directly to the Amazon link
00:15:00I'd love to give you an overview of the book and I just want to say again that is his everything in here that we really believe is vital to creating that foundation for a marriage and this is things that we've learned from our own experience mostly and then things that couples that we've interviewed on this podcast have also stress that is very important for building a strong Foundation we talked about in chapter one moving from I to we were just being selfish too selfless and chapter 2 we talked about how to fight fair chapter 3 we talked about communication and expectations chapter for the glue that holds your marriage together chapter 5 your money and your marriage chapter 6 we talk about sexual intimacy and spirituality chapter 7 is setting boundaries chapter 8 is nurturing your marriage chapter 9 in sickness and health for richer or for poorer
00:16:00I was like what we were just talking about today chapter 10 is how to create a vision for your marriage and your family and then we wrap things up with chapter 11 where we list a ton of questions about different expectations that you wouldn't think to talk about before you're married but those of us who have been married for any length of time realize that we have those expectations so this book covers absolutely everything we could think of that was important in basically the book we wish we would have read before we got married but in the end we talked about in the book If you want to get more information just visit Fest in March. Com book and it'll take you right to the Amazon page and you can see what a book and tells and can't even read the first chapter of a free on amazon.com and if you have any questions about the book or any questions that you want to ask us about the Hashimoto's and autoimmune diseases that actually experiencing
00:17:00editing app that you have in mind maybe you have questions about your marriage that you want us to answer for you or you need help and get a different perspective just just sent us an email to face your marriage at gmail.com and I'll be glad to answer your question so what about comments or suggestions you have for us yes thank you for joining us today so much we look forward to speaking with you again in the future which we plan on putting out some more podcast it may just be Marcus and I talkin but but we definitely want to keep this podcast going and not just have it on the back burner because we really this is our passion is to share the lessons we've learned through our marriage and show you from our mistakes and examples so that you might not have to make the same mistakes you're so thank you very much for today and we hope to hear from you soon via email or via Facebook worried about you get a chance to talk to us thank you and have a wonderful week
00:18:00starcom for zero
00:18:05thank you for listening to another episode of the first year marriage show to submit a question feedback or suggestions for the podcast visit first year marriage. Com feedback apply what you learn today and build a strong foundation for the happy healthy and Lasting marriage you desire enjoy your marriage and joy your life

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