Welcome to a new episode of The Entrepreneur Podcast, today we chat with Avijit Sarkar co-founder of  Regular.li a mobile based attendance tracking and HR platform.


Regular.li is a cross-platform, attendance tracking app designed to help track and manage attendance. It can be used by companies to track employee attendance, schools or colleges track student attendance or by any organization that needs to track a group of users.
Managers can easily monitor the attendance, progress, and performance of their users through a variety of features including: attendance tracking, weekly summary reports, punctuality scores, and timesheet reports. Not only can Regular.li replace conventional check-in processes and simplify performance tracking, it can also substantially diminish the workload of HR departments and free-up additional resources. Regular.li has inbuilt leave and holiday management apart from other HR features.
Born and brought up the city of Kolkata, India, Avijit finished his Bachelors in Technology from GMIT, Kolkata, currently is pursuing an MBA from NMIMS. An entrepreneur at heart, Avijit started early. In his school he was know as the go to guy for anything related to tech, he would usually charge a fee for solving problems like assembling computers or building a website. In his first year in college, he incorporated his first company Avifa Infotech which was a BPO and an IT services firm. Currently along with Avifa, Avijit started a new venture called Regular.li, a mobile based attendance tracking and HR platform.
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