Welcome to a new episode of The Entrepreneur Podcast, today we chat with Avijit Sarkar co-founder of  Regular.li a mobile based attendance tracking and HR platform.


Regular.li is a cross-platform, attendance tracking app designed to help track and manage attendance. It can be used by companies to track employee attendance, schools or colleges track student attendance or by any organization that needs to track a group of users.
Managers can easily monitor the attendance, progress, and performance of their users through a variety of features including: attendance tracking, weekly summary reports, punctuality scores, and timesheet reports. Not only can Regular.li replace conventional check-in processes and simplify performance tracking, it can also substantially diminish the workload of HR departments and free-up additional resources. Regular.li has inbuilt leave and holiday management apart from other HR features.
Born and brought up the city of Kolkata, India, Avijit finished his Bachelors in Technology from GMIT, Kolkata, currently is pursuing an MBA from NMIMS. An entrepreneur at heart, Avijit started early. In his school he was know as the go to guy for anything related to tech, he would usually charge a fee for solving problems like assembling computers or building a website. In his first year in college, he incorporated his first company Avifa Infotech which was a BPO and an IT services firm. Currently along with Avifa, Avijit started a new venture called Regular.li, a mobile based attendance tracking and HR platform.
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00:00:17show and dooley was a review it means a lot to us now here's your host reds eve hey listeners welcome to the entrepreneur talk show i'm host raj even a question and it is the show where we talk about entrepreneurship and speak to great founders entrepreneurs and investors
00:00:32today we have hit us objects or car co founder ofthe regularly mobile based attendance tracking hr platform welcome object yeah so just a brief intro regularly is a mobile for saturn is in hr platform which eliminates the need for any biometric hardware itself to security gps wifi and
00:00:53other technologies and suitable for businesses that are multiple locations or need to track our new staff brief about gt i was born in the barn and lives in calcutta actually and is did this bachelor's from gm it and currently pursuing mbia uh he also incorporated first company of
00:01:13the far which was a beefy bpo on i t services form and currently with a view of how you far average it also started his current venture which is regularly again indeed welcome to the show do let us know if any gaps named show and let us know
00:01:29what's going on in a vault today all right So you got up almost everything and in terms of before always of course you have heard the show so if i get into business hours or no soiree are passions outside of business Actually lots of presents Yeah i like
00:01:47i like toe cook I play a little bit run marathons i get into social work when i get the time then i mean binge watching the netflix and it really is also ovation ok And then when you say matt don't you know full writedowns half marathons whatsit right
00:02:06now i'm doing on the house so i'm preparing for a full but it's going to be somewhere telling accident so i'm going on two up Of course the subject which is regularly is ah ah what inspired the idea for a girl Okay so as you as you said
00:02:23like i was running a beep your business during my first year in college so that that was like started with three employees and it's scary to twenty unit five so and we're building the plans and a gnarly basis now the problem here was tracking the time and the
00:02:38attendants off the people right so what what i did at that time i didn't actually want to invest in a hard because it was a very big hassle for me and it was it was expensive so being arctic technical guy made a very small that could actually capture
00:02:55their pain the really big ascencio the employed after the gps location off where he was working so that you know i have like a full security off knowing that he was doing work for the situation now that that that happens very small very simple and even julie leg
00:03:14or near that have actually maturing brother things it was doing my funeral okay It was handing the leaves so after after a while i understood that beep you wasn't really my true calling as i was more into technology so i made a pie over there and i went
00:03:30into full product development and i already had some very good at which i was really finding useful at my place So i thought maybe why not begin with this one and open it up for public And then we went public on dh i had the initial feedback was
00:03:45illegal and so we emigrated regularly excellent on what would the vision bee for the company currently what we're targeting toe become his We only become the go to hr platform and we're going to introduce some science teachers like the we want to have a boat that does all
00:04:03the same serving for the employees like the implication coming and you know just chat with the bordens say that okay i need to leave from this time to that so is going to be automated and everything will be automated were also in include facial recognition for security yes
00:04:20the revision in the lung damage to become the number on the platform for any kind of h r all right And so when you thought of this idea of course when decide to like make a company out of this any other co founders also liege issue yeah so
00:04:35initially i began it mice i started off myself andi made the smaller which eso one day was like out of dinner with my brother my cousin brother or beige and he was from i am laci than he was a banker and a hard idea ofthe regularly and he
00:04:53really loved it And he said this is just small and simple product which other soldier really huge problem and then he loved it so much he wanted to get on board And so after a few months the way we started this company together he's currently the ceo yes
00:05:10so that okay And of course i'm we're going to productive so regularly of course allows you to check in multiple ways and track attendance right So so how does this so from yard and i mean informal company owner and how does it work and from the employees and
00:05:26how does it work Okay so we haven't had for the owner so the owner has to you know add up all is in place so once he does that and he can make sure they're inside the office provisions when taking in or they can say they're i don't
00:05:39get this in blake and chicken from anywhere if he's working on the feed and once he sets up his account and blake get a log in which he can use a from his phone and he stood on a wrap and logging that's it so he just picks up
00:05:51his phone whenever he comes to office checks in and when it goes out it checks out ok and what happens if for some reason they are like a gps if you don't have a gps signal of some reason there's no chief pierce available then how does the tracking
00:06:04happened for that chicken right So there's a wifi so if if you have a wife and you're our export in your office so we also need to authenticate by the wife anymore so ok yeah so that way there are indications okay now you also mentioned of course you
00:06:20covered outdoor decide that call is the field now how does the holiday tracking work i really like is the leader mainly that writings about leaves so it so when they employ a place for a leave it goes to the manager you know for a rule and they can
00:06:34approve that leave on battle that is all summarized in the people when you're generating the period and the holidays they consent holidays for your locations and so that they discounted as a quality and if he's present on a holiday to comfort is over today because i'm a big
00:06:51feature for always three reporting part of it right so are really controller that has no more about the reporting we have like a really exhaustive kind of report so different with lots of different men every port you can pull you can pull out a master report which is
00:07:05every punch and the images and everything on the gps location you can get a summary report with just helped you make the payroll just tells you how many present days how many leaves and everything in the hornets montgomery and there's all exportable from both the mobile phones you
00:07:23can export from the vision some opportunities pretty big i mean as you thie charts off america's around fourteen billion globally okay and what i've seen is forty centimetres of course the u have a income of around six key ah victorian dollars since august two thousand seventeen correct straight
00:07:43on that is six k would be world reckoning amara road would be know that till now we have made around so that was a few days but like a while back we made around a case so far thie customers pay via subscription or description yes we organ a
00:08:02subscription model based on the number of the members you are tracking okay subsection number member's card proceed kind of thing right exactly okay okay on of course you are around fifty five plus paying customers correct correct and it says across india is off now currently india and malaysia
00:08:22to record sport for us on out and malicious only coming to picture your someone selling it for you is just suddenly random no actually we're trying out some only advertising right so we started to global initially and then we see the southern india and malaysia we're becoming the
00:08:38major points of interest so we focused on them for now and will eventually expand to more of southeast asia here got it and of course you're good looking too growth around to indicate by twenty eighteen correct it is ok ok southeast asia so of course you have competition
00:08:53like though people you have the sheet so i mean are they're off course much bigger companies now but what you're doing different or what they were doing to kind of catch up and overtake them our biggest i think the current pricing is are one of the most unique
00:09:10things we child extremely late it's one third for the charge especially on dh secondly are the simplicity of the plate setting up bonzo or any other platform is like a big process but it regularly thank you maximum off like five minutes to get into goodyear will company into
00:09:29the platform excellent so can probably important are employed it out directly Okay on dh i guess you're both stopped yes completely okay so we're looking for funding also as of now ok ac team stays seems there were six members at the moment the most technical on one one
00:09:49one one people are sealed so why was it is it challenging doing the start of a long which studying family so actually i put my and beyond break for this actually okay so you've done some part of fraternal love and giving a ball yeah i got a brief
00:10:07pause from that Okay so i mean i wasn't so you're always tw i guess being an entrepreneurship correct you never had a copper get too no not really No So is that they never i mean i shouldn't echo but have you ever wondered what's it like being in
00:10:25the corporate side S so there was a very brief stints a few months i was part of like one of my planes will you know they're mean and so i thought the money was good so i got into that but then i under showed that this is not
00:10:42my calling so when did you i mean like award time was inspired you the most because ah bar certainly like my parents are both running a business from a very long time on my mom i see a big inspiration because she runs the household she takes care of
00:11:01the family and she runs the business and everything so my mom has been my biggest inspiration accident on what some of the best advice you've been giving overtime eh so the thing is that it's all about our systems like because we'll always feel and what we're trying to
00:11:17do it's about you know not stopping there and learning from it and then moving forward and training again and i don't think anything at present any launch release coming that's getting you and the team excited so we are we're planning tto you no have ah more like we're
00:11:37playing to interpretation recognition on the part of security in the coming a few months so you're looking for that excellent so where do you see your business Maybe you see ofcourse yourself on your business let's say the next two three years a second division so we want to
00:11:55become the best hr platform out there to go to platform and keep it as simple as it is today so that is the challenger to keep things very simple and good back for correct car so of course now we move to the part that you choose the quick
00:12:09fire round all right so simple brief answers so when people ask you what you do all day on saturday so i'ii find problems and it's all there in technology and was the first word that comes to mind when i say work discipline family only a parent entrepreneurship taxes
00:12:32technology terminal from a click okay food cheese any book set alert off giving a reading there okay and of course what's one piece of technology you can live with that my phone okay and if i were to ask you or something that you excel at that other people
00:12:58might torture lies you making i think making hard choices you know letting go things when they're not really went off on their favorite city globally that would be new york but i haven't been very you must go yeah i finally any last i thought odd advise on maybe
00:13:22the charge space that you have faced that you want to give alice nous so bob it's a general advisers to like find your true calling like your renewed passion whatever that may be so if you work like if your organ passionate on the same lines i think that
00:13:40is the way to go because you're doing something that you're not passionate about it's never gonna work out absolutely very true on let alice knows how they can reach you and also are regularly so regularly is website is irregular dot alight right on You can reach me at
00:13:56evita and of idiots are not komarov v that regularly dot in the middle of the play Okay so of course ah ji has been very kind to give our listeners a ten percent off for any plan with twenty ten times for that and again of you thanks for
00:14:15taking the time to doctors inspiring our listeners to start their own ventures on all the success with regularly Thanks a lot already So guys do is it regularly that isthe ah r e g u l e r dot ally and visit a sedation underpinned dot com to air
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