In this episode we are joined by the unstoppable Rocio Perez. Rocio is a powerhouse of determination and focus. Born into a life filled with extremely difficult circumstances Rocio used her gift of relentlessness to overcome all obstacles in her way. Rocio’s story is truly unbelievable. Becoming a mother at 14 and going to college with only a 6th grade education is just a piece of the adversity she overcame. As a published author of an international best seller ‘Unstoppable’ and CEO of INventiva Consulting Rocio now guides others through a seven step coaching process that assists participants in experiencing a higher level of success by engaging in dramatically more effective communication, creativity and collaboration strategies. Individuals are inspired to “own” their personal leadership as they discover and apply their hidden talents. 

Please join in on this fascinating conversation with a truly inspirational woman.


Rocio's Book UNSTOPPABLE - https://tinyurl.com/yy8l47a6


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