Today we have a fascinating show for you as we welcome Laurel Airica, the creator of WordMagic Global, a mind-bending, paradigm-shifting re-introduction to the English language that brings to light the ‘hidden’ philosophy in the ordinary words we give voice to everyday. 

By revealing the Secret Spells of the English Language with witch we write our own Life Sentences, and the Sacred Path Words pointing toward our liberation, Laurel shows in verse and prose how young and old around the globe can collectively, creatively, and quite rapidly Take Command of the English Language and upgrade it to facilitate our essential evolution from humankind to Human Kindness. Sit back and enjoy as Laurel shares with us her work through prose and rapture and we discuss:

  • The power of the spoken word;
  • The decline of the English language;
  • Inter-dimensional awareness and
  • Self-condemnation

All this and more in episode 096!!

You may reach Laurel here:



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The Secret Spells of the English Language: HERE

Taking Command of the English Language: HERE

The Language of the Birds: HERE


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